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tv   Washington Journal Issie Lapowsky Discusses President-elect Trumps...  CSPAN  January 8, 2017 8:02am-8:37am EST

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even pushing back on some of the narratives that there is this perfect magical plan, that the only way we can replace obamacare is a fallible argument from the very beginning. congressman mark walker, republican of north carolina and head of the republican study committee is our guest on "newsmakers," every sunday on c-span. also on c-span radio, tenant :00 eastern time and re-errors at 6:00 eastern time, 3:00 for those of you on the west coast. joining us from new york is issie lapowsky, who has been covering donald trump's tweets from "wired magazine." david: thanks for having -- guest: thanks for having me. what was the tweet and result from the ford motor company? there's been an ongoing
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back-and-forth between president trump and forward the dates back to his announcement that he was running for president. he spoke a lot about mexico, that people may have missed that he name checked forward. and the issue we had with ford -- he had with ford was that they were planning on building a plan to mexico, as part of a plan to move small car manufacturing down to mexico. he said my president, i will impose a 35% tariff on companies like ford, on vehicles and parts made in mexico they want to sell them in the u.s. flash forward to this weekend ford made this big/announcement that they are no longer billing that plant in mexico. going to cost $1.6 billion. and they announced that even though some of those parts are still going to be manufactured in mexico, they're going to do it an existing class. -- an existing plant. with the money they saved, they are investing $700 million in
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the michigan plants. obviously, this feeling a big win for president-elect trump, who said during his first speech that he wanted forward to make cars in the u.s. it's a tricky situation, because ford is investing $700 million in this plant in the u.s., working on a rustic -- on electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. but it doesn't change the fact that the cars that were going to be manufactured in the new plans are still going to be manufactured in mexico. is a public relations when for the president-elect. wint is a public relations for the president elect. host: he wrote thank you to ford for scrapping a new plant in mexico and creating new jobs in the u.s. this is just the beginning, much more to follow. trump's tactics of publicly denouncing businesses, especially via his favorite form of social media, is paying off,
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at least while companies are trying to curry favor with an incoming administration. not only for, and also toyota. forward -- not only ford, but also, toyota. toyotahe tweeted that changed its mind about moving suvsction of its lincoln from kentucky to him mexico. the story is mark obligated. that's more obligated. more obligated. they said they were planning on moving the suvs to mexico. the change that was made was they decided to keep those lincoln suvs in the kentucky plant. once again, it's a situation where president elect trump is accepting gratitude and credit for saving jobs in the u.s. even though forward is saying those
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jobs were never going to be lost in the first place. the headline this morning from the front page of the "washington post," trump's tweets: seismic power, and certain facts. they write often deceptive tweeting has been the central part of trump's tactics and his public identity for years, well before he ran for president. host: your response? guest: i think that is certainly
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true. , called theplatform presidency, which is incredible powerful, but he also has a platform called twitter, which we haven't seen any president before him using the same way. president barack obama was the first president to be on twitter , but he used it as much more of a extension of his existing medication strategy, ruling out policy platforms and seeing carefully constructed tweets that you get the sense have been picked over by many people and thought through the consequences. with trump, you get the sense that he is the only one behind the keys, and that he is really speaking from his gut. that is what is scaring business is a little bit, it is scaring people who are interested in foreign relations, because he could just as easily pick up a phone and tweet something about ford or toyota as he could about china and nuclear armaments. these are sensitive issues that
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we have entire branches of government devoted to negotiating. and he wants isn't really twitter's strong suit and it really hasn't necessarily been the president-elect's. this is what's concerning people , the unmanageability release tweets and also the sheer power they have. we saw just a few months ago, president elect trump tweeted about the price of air force one. criticizing boeing and that tweets. you saw boeing stock price tanked. this can have a big impact on businesses bottom line. i think what forward did this week-- ford did this speaks to that. they don't want to have a big target on their back when it comes to president elect trump who has so much communication power. our guest is issie lapowsky, writing all of this for "wired magazine," her work online at she is joining us from new york.
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we want get your reaction to incoming white house press secretary sean spicer, in chicago during an event at the institute for politics lit by david axelrod informer white house press secretary in the first two years of the obama administration, robert gibbs. he was asked about all caps tweets. trump's tweets. [video clip] >> do you look with a certain sense of dread? >> i don't, but i look there first, because that's what's going to drive the news. thinker,ery strategic about this is where i wanted to end up and he makes backwards. if you look at what he's done in he iss to carrier, gm, actually, if you sit back and objectively look at him, he's been extremely successful in his use of twitter in getting a result achieved. host: the incoming white house press secretary, was that down with him in new york city on
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friday at trump tower. that interview coming up here. your reaction to what he had to say about his tweets and how it's driving the narrative so often. guest: i'm of two minds about this. on one hand come as a tech reporter, i see it is a great thing that a future president of the united states is going to be embracing social media platform about this and communicating directly to the people. that's a really powerful thing in a democracy. the question is what is you say and how is using that power -- what is he saying and how is using the power? you mentioned carrier, this was an air-conditioning heating company talking about shutting down plant and moving it to mexico. indiana is a state where vice president elect mike pence is currently the governor. this is an ongoing conversation between the governor of indiana and carrier. and president elect from inserted himself into it. trumpesident elect inserted himself into it.
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on thanks giving day, he sent out a tweet saying i'm working hard for the murder people to keep these jobs in indiana, and weeks later, carrier announced that it was keeping its plant. and that's a powerful thing. but the question is is that the tweets that are having this impact, was a careful timing on behalf of the president-elect inserting himself in negotiations that possibly were going to work out all along. i will say there's no doubt it's a powerful thing. people who might never have known the carrier was going to move that plant in the first place, now it's become a household name. host: issie lapowsky, respond to this tweet. he said the following. the only entities that have a problem with his tweeting on the media gatekeepers. guest: i would say i see what he issaying, that the media
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used to controlling the narrative and now it is all up to donald trump. every day, sean spicer holds the call with the press, and every day, he cites the most recent tweet.- most recent and that is what they ask about and eventually write about. it's a new world for the media. i don't think it is just the media is concerned. there's concern from the intelligence community and foreign diplomats, who say we don't know what this man is going to say on this usually powerful that form. in the past, there have gatekeepers around the president who would say how a certain comments or policy proposal is going to play. but here again, it's a gut reaction, and so i think there are a lot of people within government and within the business community who are concerned as well. this tweet in response to
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the intelligence briefing with regards to allegations of russia hacking the dnc and influencing the election. donald trump said having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. adding that only stupid people are fools would think it is bad. in newark, newa jersey on the republican line. good morning. now,r: i believe the right the cia and the fbi and the democrats and even some anti-trump republicans are trumpng and trying to get to appear to be incompetence or eliminatedhave him from being president, so that mike pence can be the puppet. this is because he is misunderstood, he's innovative, he's creative, and he's an
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individual instead of being an anonymous secret private type of liken, who is in a group all the groups that the anti-trump's the support. he is an individual instead of military-industrial mercenary complex. he is an individual instead of being a holocaust industry victim and all the other victims, veterans. host: do you want to frame that in a question or just make your comment? caller: the question is, i hope that people will have the individuality to take the risk of draining the swamp and bringing in new leaders. host: thank you for the call. issie lapowsky, response to what
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the caller was saying? guest: i agree with barbara that president-elect trump is innovative with his use of social media. we never had a president who use social media like this before. politicians have grown accustomed to facebook and other platforms, but they sort of use it as this extension of their existing press releases and press conferences, you sort of get that very polite realpolitik way of speaking. and you're not getting that from president elect trump, so i certainly agree that is an innovative and very individual trait of his. comment, people are not stupid, tweets are not jobs, tweets are not policy, tweets are not laws. you must govern decisions about lives. you indicateds earlier, move the media and policy issues and to holding territory when you have a president dictating his random
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thoughts early in the morning, late at night. it does. i agree with that statement that the president-elect has taken credit for the fourth situation and with the carrier situation, and as i said, often times, the story is much more extensive than that. in carrier's case, he still another plant in indiana that is shutting down, that really hasn't been talked about much because president-elect trump went to carrier and celebrated the fact that this one plant was staying, which means so much to the families of the carrier plant, but there is another plant that is shutting down of those jobs are moving to mexico. that is a story that can easily get buried under the rug. -- ford is still planning on doing many factoring in mexico. the vice president says of course mexico is an important part of their future plans. think among a lot of
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people, including this commentor, is that we might be --ing president elect from present elect trump -- president-elect trump take big relapse than a mask policy issues that are happening behind the scene. the company has lost millions of manufacturing jobs, so we are if you hundredse thousand out of time. it doesn't get to the root cause of why we lost so many jobs or for people who lost jobs because of automation. host: from great falls, john is next. caller: i have a comment and then a question. the comment is it's more of an
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attitude change than anything else like come to these jobs that are coming back. you downplay it and say we need more training and more of this. it is an attitude change that the country is going through. it's very positive. not getting to my question. vettes you?- who website whatn your college you went to, who was your favorite professor, are you a socialist or communist? youeed to vet people like coming on these shows, spouting your knowledge. you stated people are concerned about this or scared about this, but you are not the people representing me. i kind of resent that when you throw out these broad assertions . i think it is real disingenuous from someone who professes to be knowledgeable about these subjects. thank you. host: thanks for the call. isn't that what you'rr call was
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just about? a chance to hold our feet to the fire. caller: absolutely. it was holding her feet to the fire? -- did she have who she was? issue liberal? -- is she a liberal? peoplethese liberal either get start saying i'm a democrat, republican, socialist, these are my views, now let's have a conversation. host: john, thank you. issie lapowsky, do you want to respond? guest: i appreciate your call. i would say that people who are vetting the media are people like you. you have a choice of who you are going to read and who you're not going to read. of course, all journalists, myself included, aim for objectivity. i cover the new industries and just like a color just -- just like i covered hillary clinton campaign.
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the public has more opportunity for selecting their own news than ever before. social media has sort of file less -- filed us into like-minded groups where we start to see the news that we most agree with. alluld encourage you to vet media organizations. to beortant, but also sure to cross over and not just read the news you agree with, but sort of see a wide range of viewpoints and information in context. host: her work is available online at joining us from new york city, dave on the republican line. caller: good morning. i just had a quick comment and a small question. likeroblem that we have is when your guest, who i'm really enjoying, mentioned the word wants to. i think being nuanced, that was probably one of the most critical words during the obama administration.
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and what us taxpayers on the street have found is the word nuanced means you are to stupid to ask -- to understand the issues. we are tired of nuanced doubletalk. wikileaks came out and expose that the vast majority of the press are democrat operatives. whether it's giving questions to asking or whether it's or omitting things, one of the things my friends and i talk about is the biggest avoidance of the news is the omission. the press omits so many stories. it's not just the coverage of what they choose, it's what they choose not to do. are sotrump's tweets refreshing to people who go to work, pay taxes, raise a family. talke so tired of nuanced that these tweets are so refreshing for us because we are here in direct talk to the people, going around the mechanisms of the democrat controlled.
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why youlike to ask think that through the presidency, these tweets are a way for him not to give his influence or his ability to communicater -- to over to a conduit of his opposition only? in such a small amount of the media, that even for traces statements accurately when he does speak about the border or what have you, it's always thrown away as racism and bigotry. but these tweets are talking to me and my friends and other americans who are tired of nuance. we want straight talk. i hope that we are all open-minded to the new ways of communication, because there will be negative coverage on him no matter what he says. thank you. host: we will get a response. issie lapowsky. guest: this is a new method of ms. -- of communication, and it's very powerful. this is part of what drew the american people to president-elect trump, he spoke
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to them in the straight, no-nonsense kind of way. it should be no wonder, we've all gotten accustomed to talking that way online, on our facebook posts and tweets ourselves. so why wouldn't we gravitate towards a man who is doing the same? my talk about new wants, it's not so much for language that would obstruct the truth. i'm saying new wants in terms of the fact that in a single tweet that celebrates what ford is doing, you can communicate the fact that they are still keeping jobs in mexico are manufacturing much of its small cars in mexico and the the ford focus will still be manufactured layer -- many factored -- manufactured there. you don't get the additional details that there is still a plant closing. that's what i mean. we can frame anything the way we want to frame it in 140 characters. it takes more than that, more
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digging to communicate the full story. host: with millions of followers, donald trump tweeting about "the apprentice." first, susan on the democrat line. caller: can you hear me? host: we can. caller: i want to go right into the tweets. i was really looking at him the byer day, and i was stunned the way they are -- maybe a 10th grader might have written these. maybe a ninth grader. how do we know that he is actually writing these tweets? because when they come out, there are 20 people on all of these networks trying to explain this thing to you. i'm thinking to myself maybe he isn't even writing these. i appreciate it. that: i would say
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president-elect trump and his team have never been entirely clear about who is writing when. but they have been clear about the fact that sometimes it is his team, sometimes he is dictating a tweet to his team and they write it out. sometimes, it is his team that is developing the tweets, and sometimes, as is the case when you see those middle of the night, early morning, late night tweets, it is president-elect trump himself. it's a mixture. it's a team effort but less of a team effort that was at the hillary clinton campaign, where we know there were teams of people working on every single tweet. the last scholars point was really frustrates a lot of people about politics, people find refreshing about donald trump that they can trust that a lot of this is coming straight from the source. host: in a comment from david, shares your tweets @cspanwj. we should be simply doesn't do instagram. can you imagine the multiple daily selfies? contraire, he does do
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instagram, but the feed is often a picture of him at a rally or a picture of one of his tweets. news breaking as and newsmaking as his twitter feed us. "the the premier of apprentice," with arnold schwarzenegger, now the host. donald trump wrote the following. in anhe ratings are arnold schwarzenegger got swamped or destroyed by comparison to the ratings machine dj t, donald j. trump. he writes so much for being a movie star that was season one, compared to season 14. now compare him to my season one, but who cares, he supported kasich and hillary. guest: that tweet was vintage real donald trump twitter. that is the kind of tweet you imagine he would have tweeted before becoming the president-elect. i think that is what is a little
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jarring to people, that the same platform that he is using to talk about nuclear armaments or to talk about relationships with russia and china, he is also using to talk about "the apprentice," and to compare himself to arnold schwarzenegger as the new host. i think that is a little jarring for a lot of americans. came at six akaka morning. later in the day, arnold schwarzenegger with this reply. -- 6:00 in the morning. later in the day, arnold schwarzenegger with this reply. [video clip] arnold schwarzenegger: yesterday's election, i've been hearing -- i've been thinking a lot about this quote from one of my heroes, president lincoln. readure you will hear me his speeches in my austrian accent. here ago. we are not enemies, but friends. we must not be enemies. though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.
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the mystic chords of memory stretch from every battlefield to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land. we yet swell the cause of our union. surely there will be the better angels of our nature. isn't it wonderful? i love this quote. the campaign is over, the election is over, we are not enemies. we are neighbors, we are friends, and most importantly, we are all americans. and we have a lot of work to do to keep america great. so let's do it. and let's do it together. host: arnold schwarzenegger responding to the tweet by donald trump. issie lapowsky, your comments. guest: i thought that was a really smart way to respond. but we should take a step back is toalize how crazy it be around in 2017, when the
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president elect of the united states and former governor of california are sort of having this back and forth, these are things that in another time, we would never have been privy to. i liked arnold schwarzenegger's response, because i think any of us know how corrosive it can be to get into a fight on social media, whether you post something on facebook and someone leaves a comment that is antagonistic, and then your whole day is ruined and signing onto facebook becomes this anxiety experienced. i like what he did there, where he could have shot back at the president-elect, but really, what would i have accomplished? -- what would that have a compost? -- accomplished? he tried to give all americans a message about coming together in this time on particularly. host: on the democrats line from birmingham, alabama, larry is next. caller: good morning. good morning to your guest.
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with how people 2008a short memory about to the presidency with bush into obama. when the economy was in really , we were, big banks fixing to lose all of that. was i right or wrong? host: larry, thank you. we'll get a response. guest: i think that everyone has been thinking about that. it's a very different time than it was in 2008 1 president obama was coming into office. it's being treated in a different way by the president elect. i think there are stark comparisons between 2008 and now. int: patricia you are next minneapolis on the public in line. good morning.
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caller: i absolutely love the donald trump tweets, and bypasses the very dishonest media. i totally agree with the other gentleman who called him who says they are democrat operatives. does your guest realize that he is not even in office yet and he is saving jobs? of course is not going to be nuanced, it's a tweet, 100 some characters. fire holding him to the like they still are going to be producing cars in mexico, of course. he's not in office yet, for one thing. the tax cuts for businesses haven't been enacted. and also, totally agree with that man, these people, these guests that you have on the to be honest about who they are. who did you vote for? i would bet my bottom dollar was hillary clinton. host: patricia from minneapolis.
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issie lapowsky, did you want to respond to any of her points? guest: sure. andmentioned that on hold president-elect trump's feeds to the fire and he's not in office yet. i certainly agree with that assessment, that he isn't in office yet and we don't know what he is going to do yet with regard to corporate tax cuts or with regard to the regulatory environment for businesses. i will say when i spoke with for theceo, he said part of reason why they are investing $700 million in the plant in michigan is that they have confidence in president-elect administration. they believe he will be pro-business and that he will use regulations and he will cut taxes, and that he will be very devoted to ensuring the manufacturing in the united states goes smoothly. i think you're totally right that there are absolutely up
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sides of the business community sees in president-elect trump's future in this region. the point i'm making is that twitter can complicate things because he can only show the american people one side of the story because of its brevity. you're absolutely right that what can you, the tweet, not much. he has saved some jobs in the u.s. already, that's a great thing. i just want to make sure that the american public is looking at the whole story beyond the tweet. host: how our business is preparing for the possibility that their company, their business might be the next target by donald trump? guest: i think that is the thing. a beasley, mark fields says he is placing confidence in the trunk administration and the policies that president-elect trump has proposed. at the same time, i can see a world in which ford wants to get that target off its back. you hand president-elect trump a public relations win when he gets to celebrate the fact that
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this investment is being made in michigan, and maybe he doesn't tweet about us for a little while. i think all businesses are trying to get in good graces with the president-elect, which could come in handy later on at the negotiating table. host: if people want to follow you on twitter, how can they do so? alebowski --@ issie lapowsky. host: thanks for being with us. guest: thanks for having me. host: when we come back, we turn our attention to donald trump and his governing style. we talk with philip joyce, who will discuss what it's like to turn his business skills into the oval office. and later, robert gallucci will be joining us, former chief negotiator for the next 94 north korean nuclear crisis and discusses the threat that country poses when it comes to
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north korea's nuclear program. we are traveling across the country, and in san diego, this weekend on c-span2's book tv and c-span3's and our history tv, we take you to a number of key locations to see how san diego became the birthplace of enabling administration. -- of naval menstruation. -- of legal -- naval administration. [video clip] >> people would say the first airplane didn't do much, it flew for about 12 seconds. a really, within two years to three years after that, something that could take off and land and do a 360 degree turn, as the years progressed and airplanes became more capable, there was certainly an interest by the services, and especially the united states navy, to get their own.
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glenn curtis, in the progression of development and innovation, sold the first airplane to the navy right here in san diego in 1911. what is now naval air station north island is the birthplace of naval aviation. as a former navy fighter pilot, it's a little bit of our mecca. we have our heritage that comes right back here to san diego. travel to san diego, california this weekend and check out all of our locations in the city's tour online at any .ime at we look at san diego and its history is the birthplace of naval aviation. we hope you tune in. philip joyce's senior associate dean and public policy professor at the university of maryland. thank yor


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