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tv   Interview with Representative-elect Jack Bergman R-MI  CSPAN  December 23, 2016 6:50am-7:01am EST

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begins at 7:00 eastern on c-span and, or you can listen to it on the free c-span radio app. >> a number of senators are retiring this year. tonight, we will bring you senate tributes and farewell speeches, starting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell .n his colleague harry reid then senators barbara boxer and kelly ayotte reflect on their careers. later, senator reid reflects on the legacy of president obama. on saturday night, it is a look at christmas at the white house including the tree arrival and the tree lighting ceremony with the obama's. begins at 8:00 eastern. elect jackive bergman spoke with c-span for a house freshmen profile interview . a retired lieutenant general in
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the u.s. marine corps, he represents chickens first congressional district. it is in the northeastern part of the lower peninsula, and includes the entire upper peninsula. bergman,l jack representative elect for michigan's first district, republican. -- you are here in washington for orientation week. how has it been going? >> great. it has been busy meeting all the new representatives and the staffers, who are going to do most of the organizational work that allow us to do legislative work. >> talk about your military career, when did you begin it, and talk about moving through the ranks? >> i graduated from college in 1969 and joined the marine corps through an officer candidate program.
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went to flight training, flew helicopters in vietnam, and then got out from active duty but stayed in the reserves. while i was a reservist in the i flewand 1990's, airplanes for northwest airlines and started a few small businesses in the medical equipment arena. i moved up the ranks by just doing what other good marines and service people do, which is take on the tough missions and get them done. >> you were a commander in the -- marinees reserve forces reserve for how many years? was given that job after spending two years in washington, d.c., promoted to lieutenant general and moved to new orleans two months before hurricane katrina. it was a fantastic experience. we have sites all over the country, 100,000 people
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responsibility, and we were very involved in the mobilization of reserve and guardsmen for the operation iraqi freedom and enduring freedom. it was a busy time. >> talk about how that experience will help you representing michigan. one,had a chance, number the lead at the highest levels, and was importantly, to work with all groups. with different countries, different coalitions. different groups may have different viewpoints but if they are all coming together for a common purpose, to get something mee, that will greatly help here in working with all of the congressmen from around the country. i am only one of 435, but we will come to consensus on the tough decisions to move our country forward. >> what are some of the issues you want to work on? >> we have got a whole lot of
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debt and the debt is one of the biggest challenges. we have to tackle the debt and make some tough but wise decisions on behalf of the american people. we have unprecedented national security issues we have not had previously. we will have to do without to make sure we keep our people safe. we just have to make sure that andpeople have jobs opportunities so they can raise , family like my parents did after persevering through the great depression and world war ii. in the world they handed us, we have to ask the question, what inthe world we are handing my case, our eight grandkids? next -- do you think your grandparents impact had on you? >> i was raised by depression era parents, met in 1938.
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my father was in world war ii in the south pacific. i was raised in a small town, middle-class family where we had all the love and discipline we needed. we had values and faith, but my parents always expected outcomes . it was not good enough for them for me to come home within a. -- with an a. what do you do with it? that will serve me well. >> why? thehen i promised constituents of the first district is that we are going to talk about outcomes. it is not just coming here to represent them, it as what have we act accomplished? >> when did you decide to come here and why? wife anda year ago my i were here and realized our representative was going to retire, so it was an open seat. we were orbited talking about what is the world we are living our -- we were already talking
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about what is the world we were leaving our grandkids so we threat we would throw our hat in. >> what do you hope to accomplish in your first year or two? >> representing the constituents in the first district, they elected me and are writing my paycheck and will write my report card. never i can do to make sure they can raise a family, have a job, ine where they want to live some of the most beautiful geography in our country with all the natural beauty we have, if i can accomplish those things that they say at the end of two years, he did not get it all done but certainly had a good start. arenyone or anything you looking forward to doing in washington? >> just working. as a marine, give me the mission. disney some basic tools and i will figure out the way. -- give me some basic tools and
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i will figure out the way. i am just looking forward to the challenges. >> anything that has surprised you so far? >> not really. .aybe one thing i always knew the staff would be good and professional out here, but the interaction with the staff from all different arenas, all different areas, i know we are going to have a lot of good work we get done and we are going to have some fun in the process, and we are all going to learn. >> thank you very much for your time. >> my pleasure. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's public -- cable television companies and is brought to you today by your satellite or cable television provider. this holiday weekend on
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c-span, here are some of our featured programs. a lookrday we will take at farewell speeches and tributes for outgoing members of congress and the white house, starting at 12:30 p.m. with barbara mikulski. at 2:00, tributes and speeches for joe biden. then, christmas at the white house. michelle obama receives the official white house christmas tree. and see thete house decorations. the tree lighting ceremony on the national mall. p.m., hear from former house speaker john boehner on the trump presidency and his time in the congress. at 9:40, attend the portrait unveiling of outgoing senate minority leader harry reid. speech errors -- speakers include hillary clinton, joe biden, and charles schumer.
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we will hear from representative charles wrangle of new york. at to: 10:00 p.m. from the shakespeare theater on capitol hill, we take you to the romeo and juliet wrongful death walk trial where samuel ito serves as presiding judge. a look at the career of vice president-elect mike pence and his new role as vice president. watch on c-span and, and listen on this -- on the free c-span radio app. >> "washington journal" is next. ,e will take your phone calls and a look at the life and career of vice president elect mike pence. obama issued 78 pardons, and commuted the sentences of 153 prisoners this week. will get some perspective from attorney samuel
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morrison who specializes in presidential pardons. then a conversation with professor kathryn cramer about the 2016 campaign and the role of rural voters. her new book is "the politics of ♪ host: good morning. president-elect am calling on the u.s. to restore nuclear capabilities. and the new york times right -- writes, putin and donald trump . he wrote, the u.s. must greatly strengthen and expand nuclear capabilities and the time the world comes to send this -- its senses regarding


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