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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  December 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:41pm EST

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sunday, january 1, a live discussion on the presidency of barack obama. we are taking your phone calls, tweets and facebook questions during the program. ryan,nel includes april and author of the presidency of black and white. ,his university professor author of democracy in black, how ray still in place the american soul. , author ofarinus "barack obama: the story." watch on sunday on book tv on c-span2. >> now, president-elect donald trump speaks at a victory rally in mobile, alabama. this is just over an hour.
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>> ♪ sweet home alabama where the skies are so blue alabama lord, i am coming home to you
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thank you. thank you. thank you very much. >> [applause] mr. trump: thank you. >> [applause] mr. trump: thank you very much. this is where it all began. remember that incredible rally we had? people came out and it was packed and incredible. people said, something is going on there. that was the beginning. and you remember, even though you don't have to vote for me, maybe four years we will take a look, right?
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but i said i am coming back to see you in alabama. >> [applause] is our lastnd this rally, our last stop and i want to thank the people of alabama and i want to start by wishing you a very merry christmas. >> [applause] mr. trump: but i am here for one reason, and that is to thank the incredible people that i recognize. i have so many friends from alabama. but to thank the people of alabama. we are really the people that love this country. we have so many people that love this country all over. i went to a little victory tour rst there were thank you tou in pennsylvania and all of them, but if you don't mind, we are
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thanking the people of alabama and the people of the south because boy, did we do well. did we do well in the south. you noticed, i added that on. the people of the south. if i lost, i think i'm going to move to alabama or someplace in the south. because we won. we didn't win just ok here. we won at a record setting. i just want to thank you. this is our last stop. i will tell you what. there is no better place to celebrate than right here. thank you. >> [applause] mr. trump: you propelled to victory a grassroots movement the likes of which the world, frankly, has never seen before. and if i was saying something that is slightly off, these very dishonest people up here would be correcting us, they would be
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correcting us, right? they would be correcting us. because of the weather, the buses are still pouring in. i think we should wait. do you agree? we're just going to wait. you will explain as they walk in, we are having a great time. but the incredible patriots of this stadium defied the pundits and the pollsters and the special interests and delivered a historic win for the american worker and the american people. totally. i want to thank so many great people. but having franklin graham, who we oncestrumental, obeyed big with evangelical christians. we won so big -- where is franklin? there he is. look at him. .e worked so hard
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thank you, franklin. . thank you, franklin. anybody that has anything to do with the great billy graham, i love. that is the son. so thank you. billy is doing well. he is 98 years old but he is doing well. also want to give a special thank you to the men and women of the united states military. [applause] mr. trump: because not only did we win with evangelicals by but we won with the military and we won with law enforcement, bigly. down.l never let you we will honor your service and sacrifice. it begins with restoring respect to the american flag. >> [applause]
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mr. trump: which has been taking abuse lately and i can only speak for myself but i don't like it. i don't like it. and we are going to finally take care of our great veterans. that is another group. so amazing. we are going to be naming somebody very soon to head up the v.a. we are going to get it taken care of. it is time. people that come into the country illegally, people who come into the country and cause problems, they are taken care of better than our vets in many cases, so, yeah. time to take care of our vets. still -- >> build that wall.
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build that wall. build that wall. mr. trump: do not worry. we are going to build the wall. don't even think about it. >> [applause] are also going to rebuild our badly depleted military. we have the greatest people on earth. our military is depleted. but we will be smart with how we spend our money. we are not going to spend $4.2 billion on air force one. is that ok? we all like beautiful aircraft but boeing is going to do a much less expensive job than that. they ordered a new plane and they are in the process. they said there is not going to be cost overruns. we got in towards the end but that is ok. we got it in time.
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but no $4.2 billion plans. -- $4.2 billion airplanes. america will be a strong nation again but we will also be a fair and just nation. there is a very very special guest. guestwant to bring that on stage in a moment. he is someone who cares deeply about justice, who believes all people are equal in the eyes of the law. he is a great, great man. he is in alabama native. he could have run for the rest of his life. nobody evil wants -- nobody even wants to run against him. he served as the alabama state and represented you in the senate for 20 years, including 20 years on the judiciary committee.
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people don't even know him because we think of him as a senator. , legendaryeat prosecutor. a lot of people forgot that. he appeared at this stadium 16 months ago and put on a "make america great again" hat. senator tofirst endorse me and the first major endorsement i had. and he never endorsed a candidate before, very few candidates. but he so what i had to say and he saw the response from the people of alabama. he is someone i'm proud to call a friend and a man i chose to be -- and this is a great honor for the state of alabama, remember to be the next attorney general of the united states.
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jeff sessions. come on up. >> [applause] sen. session: thank you, mr. president-elect. is to havet honor it you back in my hometown, mobile, alabama. i do remember that event, 16 months ago. how many of you were here on that day?
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an eye-opening event for the entire world and it has thrown the political establishment. i don't think there is any doubt that mobile played a historic role in the momentum that dealt. .- that built no doubt about it. that, i think, is when people begin to see that this was more than a normal campaign but a movement. i think the american people have spoken in so many ways in the election. opportunity tohe have a different role in my life. i will give my honest and best effort every single day to make you proud, the american people proud. you, this to tell
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country needs hope. they believe that you have the ability to lead us in a new way. i think a are encouraged by the assembling,you are putting people in there that have determination and dedication. i want to say thank you to mayor stenson and his team and all of those who have helped to make this possible, now and last time. this has been a great thing. president-elect, thank you so much for the opportunity to see you develop as a candidate, the opportunity to participate in a movement that i believe could help make america great again. god bless you. >> [applause]
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mr. trump: he is an amazing man. .> trump, trump, trump, trump mr. trump: jeff is an amazing man and working with him, i know we will make these incredible strides the country has to make in restoring safety and justice to all of our people. i get so many letters from the people of alabama and every other form of communication, including tweets. they are so proud. they are so proud of them. we are proud of them. thank you.
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it is fantastic. so great. aboutalked a little bit the election and his endorsement, and if you want, do you want me to discuss that evening one more time? should i? yes or no? i could give you a beautiful rhetorical flowing speech and we could all fall asleep together, right? or we could discuss it. this is our last stop. i promise you, during that wild day that we had in august, a of thingsago, a lot came out of that day and opened up the eyes of the media, even the media that dislikes us all. it opened up their eyes. to a certain extent, here on june 16.
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remember coming down the escalator with melania? i talked about crime, i talked about borders, i talked about trade. nothing much has changed. frankly, things got worse. it made more of an impact. we had a bigced primary, we had a total of 17 , i remember they did a report one time and it was interesting. they did a report three or four months into the campaign and they said "trump has four months of experience doing this." my opponents had 236 years. right? >> [applause] mr. trump: you add up 25 years, 30 years, 20 years, and it is going to start -- i will stay out here. to hell with this.
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rain is good luck. i never liked this suit anyways, so we will throw it away. an amazing thing, we did that and we got into the general and we know what happened in the primaries. they say it was the meanest primaries in the history of elections and they were nasty. i generally got ben carson and chris christie supporters, a lot of other people supporters. most of them came around. a few came around right after the election but that is not quite the same thing. but we started off and it was amazing. that evening, we were set up incorrectly by the media. they all said texas was in play. they said georgia was in play.
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they said utah was in play and they were not in play. i never thought they were. he shouts out "liars." only in alabama can we do that. >> [applause] mr. trump: but what happened is we tend to believe the media. we believed walter cronkite years ago. there is no walter cronkite anymore. this is not the great walter cronkite. i go out with crowds like this -- you want to see the crowd we had in pennsylvania -- always a massive crowd. this is the thank you from me to you and the folks. >> [applause] crowds -- but to have we had a crowd last night that the manager said was 30,000 people. , thed the palm beach post
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one that just came out, and there was a line in the second paragraph that it was one of the biggest crowds that i have seen. field.a last night, orlando. donald trump spoke before hundreds of people. that was very dishonest. hundreds of people is not 25 or 30,000 people. do you agree with that? that they know what they are doing. they know what they are doing but i guess it didn't work because we are here together, folks. >> [applause] mr. trump: but i have been hearing -- when i go to texas, we have these massive crowds. we had one that filled up the stadium. the line was so long and those are the people who didn't get in. it went totally back to a
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highway in houston and i said, how are we losing texas? they said texas is in play, and that means we are doing bad. and as soon as the polls opened, they go breaking news. donald trump wins the state of texas. right? .onald trump wins this is like, immediately. we win georgia, we won utah. did you see my competition in utah? this guy came out of nowhere. my wife said, "trust me, he is not doing well." they had him even with me and maybe not winning utah but as soon as the real polls came out in a massive landslide. that guy, what was he trying to prove? ok, so let's assume the race was
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closer because we won by a lot. needed utah,ume we which frankly, we thought we needed. let's assume we didn't win utah. so what does you gain? do you know what he gains? i won't say the name of the magazine guy who work so hard. so many people misread us for two years. they are still miss reading us and i love it. they are still miss reading us. in and weohio came were almost 10 points up in ohio. we were more than 10 points up never wind iowa, you like that -- the republicans, certainly. florida came down to and florida was even. florida was even the whole night. i love florida.
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then all of a sudden, we hadn't hit the panhandle. anybody live in the panhandle? >> [applause] mr. trump: oh, i love the panhandle. you had to see the people. they were so devastated. they were the anchors. they have been saying, for months and months that trump is going to get absolutely killed. three weeks before the election -- i won't say the name -- he said "how is he going to lead the rest of his life? this is one of the most devastating defeats. he will suffer so badly." -- his whole career, which is good, like a football team, how there are they? they do well, right? guy, how is -- they
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were talking about this three and a half weeks before the primary. i said that was bad to hear. in his whole life, this has been based on winning. and he is going to suffer one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics. right? that is what they are saying. i was going to take down, with me, the house and i was going to take down the senate. theas going to go down as single greatest defeat in the history of politics. and three weeks later, we had the single greatest victory in the history of politics. >> [applause] i don't know if you know this, , -- made in the usa -- we will put that sign up. it was this terrible kind of
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thing. he was saying he was very happy but we then went back and i went back to work. i went really down to work and i didn't give into -- i didn't do interviews. they would cut it in half and make a beautiful statement and all of a sudden you say "i didn't say that." they talk about the other half of the paragraph is not so good. quote" me you want a from the speeches. s.w i get quote i will give you an example of what happened today. one of the papers ran a story and i was talking a lot of fun over the last couple of days. prior to the election, you people were strong and vicious and violent. i'm saying it kiddingly. you are as vicious as i had ever
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seen. we were laughing and having fun. election,d after the meeting last night for the night before, in places like pennsylvania, i said, now, you and justw and low key sitting back. you are chilling out. everybody laughed. today, a couple of the groups -- i won't tell you which station -- they said "donald trump is calling his people vicious." so bad.ople are so we can't have a little humor because if we have humor they are going to take it. when you write it out it sounds that way but when you see it you know exactly what they are talking about. but we understand, we shouldn't change.
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we can't change. wese people get it because one 2700 counties. where is our great telly and? -- where is our great kelly -anne? she didn't know i was going to do this. where is hope? hope, get up here. she is always on the phone talking to the reporters trying to get the reporters to straighten out their dishonest lorries. ne.e and kelly an have you seen her on television? the history of politics of this country, she is the first campaign manager to ever win as a female.
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she did a fantastic job. >> hi again. won overident-elect 2600 counties. states won 31 of the 50 360 let orals votes -- electoral those and had any of graphics on tv said "road to the popular vote" we would have been in illinois and new york. but every graph said road to 270 so we figured we would get 306. [applause]
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>> and there is one thing that doesn't get us out of coverage, which i think is incredibly impressive about the victory. 200 countiesturned across this country from president obama in 2012 to president trump in 2016. >> [applause] mr. trump: now, hope hicks is a tremendously talented person who start off with us from day one. she used to be in my real estate company and i said, what do you know about politics? she said nothing. and i said you are hired. she was fantastic. i will just say a couple of words. she is really talented. hope?
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say a couple of words. >> [applause] , merry christmas everyone and thank you, donald trump. mr. trump: we had a great team. side, when we won so big in ohio and we won so big in iowa, we were not supposed to win like that, and we had those horrible exit polls. they did that to depress the vote. in places like california and other places, they say there is a three-hour cap. and myxit polls came out daughter and her husband called
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and they said, "it is looking really bad." i just left we had 31,000 people. inside and out. i said what is looking bad and she said those exit polls are horrible. and it is not looking very good. i went to my wife and said do you know what? i said i don't feel badly about this because i worked as hard as you can work. don't forget, that last month i , did two and three speeches a day like this. a crowd. i don't know, maybe i am round -- maybe i am wrong about it. maybe to say i did work hard and you lost. but i did, i worked as much as you can possibly, physically do. i don't think anybody, and they have written this, i don't think anybody has ever worked harder in the last month of a presidential campaign than i did.
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nobody. [applause] states and i 17 went to maine i needed one. , they said you cannot get to 270. remember? toy said there is no path 270 four donald trump. i said i will win 270. i got a two by the way. i got that one vote, right? [applause] vote,it, i got that one but i went to maine and that is , the beauty of this electoral system. if you go with the popular vote, i go new york state, california, back-and-forth, and it would be much easier. the problem is that every other place you should stop in florida and texas, you wouldn't see any place else. it would be so much easier, i
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think i would do better. but you would never see most of the country. the electoral vote. i never appreciated it until now. how genius it was. what they had in mind. because at the time, they deny one everybody going to boston and new york -- because at the time, they didn't want everyone going to boston and new york. everything else would be forgotten. it is genius, i am telling you. it is genius. i went to 17 states. i went to states that you just would not go to. and they were just great. i went to places that normally, you wouldn't be thinking about too much. and they were incredible, and they came through for me. most of them really came through. so then, you had the hillary people, saying that -- [booing] "] ock her up, lock her up
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mr. trump: we one -- we won, right? you had the hillary people on. they said that we would win the state of thought. we have information, we are going to win. maybe that information was how many people voted illegally. they would say that is a terrible thing that he said. isn't that terrible? you got to look into that, folks. but the problem is when you win florida by that much, there is nothing much they can do. you cannot have people and numbers that is bigger than the number of people. so they said, you can't win. breaking news, ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won
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the state of florida. [applause] guy, iber they had one guess he was mid-level, and he was saying, we are going to win the state of florida. he said we will win north carolina and florida but florida is looking strong. and the announcer says, excuse me, we have breaking news trump , has won the state of florida. happened?id, what then they said that i can't win north carolina. by the way, they raised $10 billion. they spent so much more money than me. i spent like peanuts compared to what they spent. under budget and ahead of schedule. does that sound good? [applause] under budget and ahead of schedule. like we will have our roads built and our planes built. and are f-35s.
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we are going to straighten things out. under budget. in the old days, you had some people here that would tell you, when you spend less money and when, that is much better than the other way. and i had cases where i was tied up in a poll a, but she had spent -- where i was tied up in , and she had spent, in a state like and i had spent about $50 million, $2 million. and they sent him trump is not spending the money. i said that is a good thing. if i can do that. if i can do that. [applause] i remember in the primary in new ,ampshire, i love new hampshire and i spent almost nothing. and another person who i cannot say anymore because we are not i spent nothing and
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won. they said that before i want, this person was doing great because he was spending much won money. i said yet but i will win the state. so remember for all the young people here, when you spend less money, and you went, that is a good thing, not a bad thing. all right? so the next state was north carolina. which is great. they outspent me 5-1 at least. i had my sons there and we had incredible people there. we had incredible people there. and they came out and again, breaking news, donald trump as won north carolina. that was unbelievable. [laughter] and in pennsylvania, we were doing so good in pennsylvania, but every republican for like 38 years has lost pennsylvania. some large, ridiculous number. and they always call it the prize that got away. -- the bride that got away. i don't even know if that is politically correct when the press as it.
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if i say, it will be politically correct but if they say it is fine. you thought every republican for years thought they had won, but they did not. i said we will win pennsylvania. we have three congressmen who will win. i did want to tell it to everybody because everyone thought they would win anyway. so, we are looking and there's 1% last, and i'm leading by a lot. even if i lost 100% of the 1%, there was no way i can lose the state, that they would not call the state. i started accepting victory. if i win pennsylvania, then i win. the other side is said that they will win pennsylvania. when they look at the numbers, they understood. then we had a surprise. breaking news, donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. [applause] right? n, and people were saying, where
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did that come from? what happened? we thought we would do well there. but we won it. now they are in trouble. they are really in trouble. i don't know if you saw that they have the most beautiful stage. i wanted to swap stages with them midway through. they had that beautiful picture of the country, it was magnificent. they spent $7 million on fireworks. they knew something was wrong. one of their people, with a high level guy, said he made a big mistake. we made a big mistake. we are going to lose. he was telling that to people. and i felt like we were going to win. all of a sudden, they canceled their fireworks that weekend. i found fireworks just don't work well when you lose. you agree with that? [laughter] [applause] page you ever see one of your football teams when they lose half fireworks?
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no. it's called depression. but they canceled their fireworks, and just to be cute, we set an offer to buy their fireworks for five cents on the dollar. thathad a great company was going to do their fireworks. at fiveed to buy it cents on the dollar, and we never heard back from them. then they took the convention center. if i lost, i want to get out. this would've been the case. and i would have came up and said ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, i really appreciate it. my supporters, i love you. but it was a movement that didn't work. right? and i would have said, i want to thank my wife, my family, bye-bye, i'm out of here. right? i di i did not want to have this huge
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, expensive thing. i had a ballroom in the city. all the sudden, we said we would win. we knew we would win because we won pennsylvania even though they wouldn't call it. i called it at 3:00 in the morning when it should have called at 11:00 in the evening. if you look at the ratings, they were so high that they are making a fortune by not calling it. then we won before pennsylvania and the state of michigan. everyone said -- [applause] then they started to have the cameras. i said it last night, we had one guy who was really good on the maps, you know who i am talking about. that amount was so red, it was so unbelievable. that used to show it and it was really depressing. everything was blue, blue, blue. they had the blue wall. remember the blue wall that was unbreakable? did we shatter that wall? that wall was shattered. that wall will never be the same.


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