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tv   Interview with Representative-elect Andy Biggs R-AZ  CSPAN  December 17, 2016 7:48pm-8:01pm EST

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any other questions? if not, i think we owe both speakers a round of applause. [applause] and we especially want to thank the audience here. you've been wonderful. >> we have copies of the report. >> hello. how are you? thank you. [indiscernible]
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"washington journal" live every day. coming up sunday morning, news media alliance president and ceo david shattering on what the media industry could look like under the trumpet administration -- donald trump administration. yes it talks about how the media can help stop the spread of fake news. j b vance discusses his book.
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it is a memoir of a family and a culture in crisis. details of the struggles of the white working class. a new york times washington correspondent takes a closer look at russia's cyber hacking efforts during the presidential campaign. journal,"washington live, beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern sunday morning. join the discussion. >> i do think you can learn from failure. i think that if the next president wants to aspire to be like somebody, they probably want to aspire to be washington or lincoln. you cannot re-create the country, and you cannot have the civil war. what do you do next? you aspire to be james monroe? i don't know. you can aspire not to be james buchanan. q&a,nday night, onto robert strauss talks about james
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buchanan in his latest book, "worst president ever." differentiation presidents,bad washington, lincoln, fdr are always at the top of the surveys . they were decisive men. you cannot come to the top of the ladder and not be decisive. buchanan was a waffler. james polk hated him for being a waffler. always back and forth. that is how he was as president. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's "q and a." ♪ [applause] ♪ >> the presidential inauguration of donald trump's friday, january 20.
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c-span will have live coverage of all of the days events and ceremonies. watch live on c-span and and listen live on the free c-span radio app. ♪ >> we have been meeting and talking with some of the new members of the 115th congress, here's is an interview with one of the incoming freshman. elect andytative biggs representing arizona. a republican, replacing matt hammond, a republican who has a long history in the house. what advice to give you? andy: he is a good friend, he represented the district well for five terms. his advice to me was to be myself, represent the constituent interests, and remember where i am coming from.
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i have lived there for 30 years, ima arizona native -- i am an arizona native. i think i know the district. matt is right there, still, if i need help he will respond. >> what is your background? andy: i am an attorney. i am retired. served the last 14 years in the arizona state legislature. the last six in the state senate. i was majority leader for two years. for the last four years i have been a state senate president. i guess that is the immediate background. >> what about that experience do you think will help you in this job out here in washington? andy: for one thing i am familiar with the legislative process. we just went to a meeting on rules. the rules are somewhat different, but the process remains the same. i think that is helpful. beingher thing is,
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essentially the author of the arizona budget for the last years one thing i know is how to , work with people from divergent viewpoints to get something done. believe me looking at congress , and my constituency, people want to see things get done in a positive way. that does not mean i will go into an isolated shell. i need to work with people and get something done. >> what is on your agenda? rep.-elect biggs: the most important thing for members of my district would be regulatory reform. we have small and large businesses in my district and they would like to expand though they are being hampered by regulations. it is a drag on my district economically. everything from epa, clean air regulations am a shutting down one of our power plants -- that impacts the district. it is a drag on my districtthe e really talked about was budget. everybody is very sensitive to
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the fact that we have a massive national debt. they are concerned about what the direction of the country is going to be. the third thing would be wrapped up in the idea of national security and order enforcement -- border enforcement, being on a border state. >> our viewers know there are factions within the republican party out here including the house freedom caucus -- that is a name they know. would you plan to join that group and if so why? , rep.-elect biggs: i would be honored if they asked me to join. they have not. but if they do, i would be happy to join. myt, my presidents -- predecessor was one of the cofounders of the freedom caucus. the other thing my legislative experience tells me is that i know where i am and i know what my belief system is. it is good to have others that share that believe system. -- belief system. in a place were there are so many people sometimes you need , to leverage that up a little bit.
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at the same time, going back to my previous point, i know how to get things done, and work with anybody that will help me get this stuff done that i believe is important to the nation and to my district. >> you also are a lottery winner. the clearinghouse winner with a $10 million jackpot. is that right? rep.-elect biggs: there were two sweepstakes at the time. the one you hear about on tv with the prize patrol. and then there was another one called the american family publishers with ed mcmahon and dick clark. that is the one i won. it was $10 million. they did not come out with balloons and a check. they notified me by fedex. i have been very blessed. >> did that experience change you? what do you think that -- how does that impact you if it all in this job? rep.-elect biggs: i will be honest with you, i don't think anyone can go through that without being impacted.
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it did impact me and my family. but really, it did not change us too much. we still live in the same town, we have the same friends. we eat at the same place as we used to eat. we have the same places of worship. i guess i would say that i know how to stay grounded when people are really looking at you. believe me, people were really looking at me for a while after we won that sweepstakes. i think i have learned how to stay grounded with the family. >> tell us about your family. rep.-elect biggs: i have been married to cindy. we met on a blind date at a political event, believe it or not, and we have been married for 35 years. we have six children. only one left at home. the other five are all out of
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the house, doing their thing, and four of them live on the east coast, doing different things. we have four grandchildren as well. >> will your wife and your remaining child join you here in washington? rep.-elect biggs: my remaining child is a junior in high school and she is really reticent to , leave behind the friends that she has made. and she loves her school. my wife's and my daughter will stay there. wife and my daughter will stay there. my commitment is to get back every weekend if at all possible and when i am here, i will be working as long and as hard as i need to to get the work done. >> where would you be living here in washington? rep.-elect biggs: one of my kids and i will probably bunk together in one of the suburbs of d.c.. >> no sleeping on the couch in your office. rep.-elect biggs: no plans to do that. not now, anyway. >> what committee would you want to work on? rep.-elect biggs: judiciary at this point.
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foreign affairs, is also -- i think i have an expertise in international relations and foreign affairs. i have been recruited to be on the science committee which i think might be interesting. natural resources are hugely important to arizona. but my wheelhouse is really judiciary. >> in your times out here, your short time out here with these orientation meetings and setting up an office, what have you been told that may have surprised you or stays with you as you serve -- start this new job? rep.-elect biggs: we have been told a lot. i am not sure how much has stayed with me because we have had a lot. i think what is really important and we find it at every level. , i found it in my experience at the state. is how you treat people and the relationships that you form and
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that you must always be honest. 100% honest in everything you do. if you do that, you will be in good stead. >> representative elect andy biggs. we appreciate your time. >> next, the memorial service for john glenn. then president-elect trump speaks in mobile, alabama. now the memorial service for .ohn glenn kaaba wh among those speaking, joe biden and john glenn's sons. this is about two hours. ♪


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