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  President- Elect Donald Trump Holds Thank You Rally in Mobile Alabama  CSPAN  December 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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find ways to listen to one another. one of my most enduring memories of john as a friend and mentor -- when his opponent called him a liar, he pressed his hands on my shoulders to keep me in my seat. he said, not now. time,as a man of his never was that more obvious to me than when he encouraged me to keep writing and sharing my opinion. i once joked with a john and annie that i had flunked political training. annie grabbed one of my hands and john grabbed the other.
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to me, you are who you are, and that is why we love you. squeezed my hand and said, never stop speaking your mind. i will never forget how he turned and locked eyes with annie. he said. my annie, he loved his wife, he left his .nnie -- he loved his annie martin sheen was there. he was excited to see john glenn, who it recently won the he held out medal his elbow for annie, but she had other plans.
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annie, may i escort you, martin said. hislooped her arm around and smiled at john. we will see when you get there. [laughter] >> john and turned it to me in a said, did you see that, she dumped me. the last time we spent time was atith john and annie their apartment here in columbus. as soon as i sat on the couch, he said, she is sitting where hillary sat. moment, none of us knew that hillary had stopped by to visit. we talked about the presidential race in the future of our country. we also swapped stories that our children and our grandchildren.
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only in slower, but movement. his mind was as sharp as ever. as he prepared to leave, he made that he knew time was running out. partsn only replace the so long he said, putting his hand on each of our shoulders. eventually, you need a new chassis. we were quiet on the elevator ride back to the lobby. once again, our friend was answering the question, this one unspoken. as honestly as he could. one last time, john glenn was leading the way. annie, i am here is your friend,too, and is a fellow political wife. how we haven't left over the years at that silly definition of who we are. we did not marry politics. we married the men we love.
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you once told me that john was , but for reasons far more personal and meaningful than the public whatever new. knew, annie. once at a dinner i mentioned to john how inspiring your marriage is to me. he leaned in and with soft eyes connie, i am who i am because of annie. we love you, annie. >> a little over 75 years ago,
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annie was a set to give her senior organ recital at the college. a the way there come 20-year-old john glenn was listening to his car radio and learned that the bombing of happened.or after the concert they sat together and talked. the attack andut about his plan to enlist. 1941, the pieces of their life came together and they mapped out their future. one of the pieces of music that became ad that day very important piece of music for her and her soon-to-be husband. seeing bewill now still my soul.
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>> someone goes up to jesus and asked him, what is the most important thing? what matters the most? with answers, love god everything in you, and love your neighbor in the same way. throughout his life, john glenn never lost sight of what mattered the most. he loved to serve a god. he loved and served his neighbor. him, that that for category of neighbor got bigger and bigger, until he saw the whole human family as his neighbor. that perspective, that way of seeing the world is very biblical. if you listen to the deep rhythms of the bible, you cannot overwriting concern
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for the public good, for creating a just and merciful society, for protecting the rights and welfare of those most vulnerable. and god has a special fondness for those willing to promote the common good, people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the hard, messy work of helping our community work better. of creating just laws and societies. this is complicated, hard work. highert sure there is a or harder calling. throughout his adult life, senator glenn shared his gift to ask toward that common good a pilot, astronaut, senator.
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to create the john glenn school. but his legacy is not limited to students enrolled in the school. his legacy is available to all of us. far, whoho traveled so soared so high, he never left the rest of us behind. he always took us with him. this week i asked glenn about her husband's fate. she answered, we did not talk about it much, because it was in us. are of a generation that rarely spoke about their -- lived it.ifted. it got to john glenn at a young age and took root.
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he had a deep, lifelong connection to god in the church. that connection shaped the trajectory of his life, giving him the courage to dare greatly, and the wisdom to live humbly. in the life and in death, he belonged to god. senator glenn did something that is rarely done. any oft talking about the accomplishments that have been talked about today. did, he lived he a life that fully and completely reflected his deepest values. his priorities were in his bloodstream. , embedded in the synapses of his brain. passage thethe
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family chose for today is so appropriate. his life embodies those words. finally, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever whatever is coming whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, and if there is any thing worthy of praise, think about these things. keep on doing the things you have learned and received and heard and seen in john glenn. peace will be with you. the tradition i represent, the tradition john glenn was baptized into, makes the claim that today, at this very moment, he is all right.
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he is not lost, but he is found. is whole,ry moment he complete, well. , god isw cradled holding him tight. and god will never, ever let him go. god for give thanks to the life of john glenn. let us pray. our strength and our redeemer, giver of life and conqueror of death, we open our we give thanks for your servant john glenn, and for his life among us. we give thanks for all the ways in which he shared his life with the world, and stole our hearts.
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we celebrate his sense of wonder, how he met challenges with quiet joy. today, we give thanks for his deep commitment to his family, and we remember his faithfulness to you. compassion, bes with all who are mourning. we praise his cherished wife, his beloved children and their families, be with all who are missing him in this day. help us to know that nothing, including death, can separate us from your love. give us such faith that by day and night, at all times and in all places, we may, without fear, in trust of those that are dear to us to your never failing love. in this life, and in the life to
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come, amen. our prayers continue as the choir sings the lord's prayer. ♪
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our father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. give us today our daily bread forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil
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for the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and for ever amen ♪ >> high flight, i have a slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the skies on laughter's silvered wings. d i have climbed and done 100 things you have not dreamed of. soared and swung
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silence.he sunlit hovering there, i have chased the wind and slung my craft through halls of air. up, up. the long, delirious, burning blue and windswept heights with easy grace. flew.never lark or eagle and while with silent lifting mind i have trod the high, i'm trespassed immensity of space, put out my hand, and touched the face of god. let us pray. hands, merciful savior, we commend your servant, john. pray, a sheep of
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your fold, a lamb of your flock. receive him into the arms of your mercy, into the blessed and of everlasting peace into the glorious company of the saints and light, amen. bless you andord keep you. may the lord be kind and gracious to you. may the lord look upon you with favor and peace. amen. now please rise as we render military honors, and remain in place until the program is complete.
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since you went away the days grow long and soon i will hear old winter's song
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but i miss you most of all, my darling leavestumn start falling
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>> donald trump is continuing his victory tour today. -- his thank you tour. president-elect is running about half an hour late. we expect to hear from them shortly in mobile, alabama. he -- it is one of the many rallies he has scheduled across the country. in the meantime, his conversation with the republican presidential elector from texas who will not be voting for mr. trump, from today's washington journal. supoining us now is chris rin, a republican elector, who has publicly stated he will not be voting for donald trump when the electoral college meets on monday. they do so much for joining us. >> you said you will not vote
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for donald trump. tell us why, and how you came to that conclusion. >> with great difficulty i came to that conclusion. i came to that conclusion fully after the election. i had concerns prior, but i was dropping off his literature and trying to get him elected. things that alexander laid out for us, we do not want a president who is a demagogue. he has been yelling at his protesters from the pulpit, so to speak. last night he came out and said, some of my audiences have been rude and violent. but they used to be, and he acts like they are not still. he has made us the divided states of america. part two, 15 of my colleagues experts.ign-policy they also signed a letter explaining donald trump would be a danger to us if he were elected president. the last thing, most objective for us, he will violate the
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clause -- and that will be unacceptable. is the house of representatives willing to start impeachment hearings for someone in violation of the constitution? you wrote an op-ed piece in the new york times explaining your views on the last point. you wrote, mr. trump does not understand the constitution expressly forbids the president to receive payments or gifts from foreign governments. we have reports that mr. trump's organization has business dealings in argentina, taiwan, and elsewhere. mr. trump could be impeached in his first year, given his dismissive responses to federal conflicts of interest. played fast and loose with the law for years. there are many reports of improprieties regarding his foundation and actions against minority tenants in new york. you supportedrst
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him. a lot of these things were known before that. what made you change your mind at the point you did? what change my mind was the attacks on the election itself. mr. trump and governor pence said there were 3 million illegal votes that occurred, but neither asked for a recount and there is no good evidence that occurred. they keep citing that, but recount shows they had more votes. if that is the case and you think there are illegal voters out there, you should've done that. but the fact that he has attacked our institutions, we were promised he would become more residential and deal with conflicts of interest. this past thursday he was going to hold a press conference to talk about how he would deal with those matters. he has canceled it and put it off to some unknown date. there comes a point when you have to make a decision, will i make the easy decision that is politically expedient, or will i stand up for mine values and make it tougher decision?
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>> we're talking to chris suprin, a republican elector who says he will not vote for donald trump on monday when the electors vote. republicans can call --2)748-8001, the mcgrath, republicans, (202)748-8000, democrats (202)748-8001, and independents (202)748-8002. >> i think there were three of us that attended it after the primary. there was a secondary process to confirm that decision. at the state convention, i threw my hat in the ring. i do not think there were other candidates. i was recruited by the trump campaign to run as rnc delegate. i did not want to be in cleveland in july with the humidity.
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i was a shaking hands and making calls, it was that simple. ofdid you sign any sort pledge that binds you in any way to vote for mr. trump? >> you can watch washington journal live every day at 7:00 a.m.. we take you live to mobile, alabama, and president-elect donald trump. ♪
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sweet home alabama where the skies are so blue sweet home alabama i am coming home to you ♪ mr. trump: thank you, thank you. thank you very much. thank you. this is where it all began. remember the incredible rally we had.
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it was packed and incredible, that was the beginning. though remember, even you do not have to vote for me, maybe in four years we will take a look. i said i was coming back to see you in alabama. this is our last rally, our last stop. i just want to thank the people of alabama and i want to start by wishing you a very merry christmas. merry christmas. but i am here today for one reason, and that is to thank the incredible people. i recognize them, so many from alabama. i want to thank the people of alabama, we are really the people that love this country. we have so many people that love this country all over. went to a little victory tour,
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but really they were thank you tors in pennsylvania. this is alabama. if you do not mind, we are taking the people of alabama and thanking the people of the south. because boy, did we do well. [applause] mr. trump: boy, did we do well in the south. i do not know if you noticed, the people of the south. lost, i think i am going to move to alabama or someplace in the south. because we won. just ok here, a record. nobody ever had the numbers that we had. i just want to thank you. this is our last stop. there is no better place to celebrate than right here. so thank you. you propelled to victory a grassroots movement the likes of , frankly, hasd
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never seen before. and you know of i was saying something that was slightly off, these people would be correcting us, right? they would be correcting us. theuse of the weather, buses are still pouring in. i think we should not wait. -- i think we should wait. you will explain to them we are having a great time, right? the incredible patriots of the stadium today defied the pundits and the pollsters and the special interests, and delivered a historic win for the american worker and for the american people, totally. i wanted to thank so many great people. having franklin graham, who was so instrumental. so big with evangelical christians.
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we won so big. where is franklin? there he is, look at him. he worked so hard. thank you, franklin. anybody that has anything to do with the great billy graham, i love. and that is the son, and that son is great. , 98billy is doing well years old, but he is doing well. i also want to give a very special thank you to the men and women of the united states military. [applause] because not only did we win with evangelicals by massive numbers, not just two points, by many, many points. but we won with of the military and we won with law enforcement, big-league.
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we are in your debt and we will never let you down. we want your service and sacrifice, that begins with restoring respect for the american flag, right? which has been taking abuse lately. i can only speak for myself, but i do not like it. i do not like it. and we are going to finally take care of our great veterans. and that is another group, so amazing. so amazing, the veterans. we are going to be naming somebody very soon to head up the v.a., we are getting it taken care of, folks. it is time, it is time. people that come into the country illegally, people that come into the country and cause problems, they are taken care of better than our vets, in many cases. vets.o take care of our
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>> [chanting] mr. trump: do not worry, we are going to build the wall. we are also going to rebuild our badly depleted military. our military is depleted. but we will be smart with how we spend our money. spend $4.2going to million on air force one, is that ok? i mean, we all like beautiful is going tot boeing do a much less expensive plan than that. they ordered a new plane, they are in the process.
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we gotgoing to see it, it toward the end, but that is ok. we got it in time. no $4.2 billion airplane. america will be a strong nation again, but we will also be a fair and just nation. there is a very, very special guest, ok? and i want to bring that guest on stage in a moment. he has someone that cares deeply about justice, who believes all people are equal in the eyes of the law, he is a great, great man. alabama native, he could run for the rest of his life, nobody even wants to run against him. he spent 15 years as a header a
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prosecutor, served as the alabama state's attorney general and represented you in the united states senate for 20 years, including 20 years on the judiciary committee. no -- do not even mow -- aople do not even know, he is legendary prosecutor, many forgot that. he appeared at the stadium 16 months ago and put on a make america great again hat. he was the first senator to endorse me, and really the first major endorsement i had. and he never endorsed a presidential candidate before. but he saw what i had to say and he saw the response from the people of alabama. he is someone i am very proud to call a friend and a man i chose
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-- this is a great honor for the state of alabama. generale next attorney of the united states, alabama senator jeff sessions. come on up, jeff. [applause] >> thank you, mr. president-elect. what a great honor it is to have you back in my hometown, mobile, alabama.
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event 16mber that months ago. how many of you were here on that day? eye-opening the united states political establishment, there is no doubt that for your effort in your campaign, mobile played a historic role and the momentum built. there is no doubt about it. i think where people begin to see this was more than a normal campaign. it was a movement. i think the american people have spoken in so many ways in the selection. thank you for the honor you have toen me, the opportunity have a different role in my life.
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i will give my honest and best effort every single day to make you proud, the american people proud. i want to tell you, this country needs help. they believe you have the ability to lead us in a new way. i think they are encouraged by the new and fresh cabinet you are establishing, putting people in their that show determination and dedication. i want to say thank you to mayor simpson and his team, to the county and all those who helped make this possible. it has been a great thing there. mr. president-elect, thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you, the opportunity to see you develop as a candidate, the opportunity to participate in a movement that i
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believe could help make america great again. god bless you. [applause] mr. trump: he is an amazing man's. -- amazing man. trump]ting mr. trump: jeff is an amazing man. working with him, i know we will make these incredible strides that our country has to make in restoring safety and justice for all of our people. alabama, i know because i get so many letters from the
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people of alabama in so many forms of communication, including tweets. they are so proud. they are so proud of him, and we are proud of him. so thank you, thank you jeff, fantastic. so great. jeff talked a little bit about the election and his endorsement. do you want me to discuss that evening one more time? should i? [applause] mr. trump: yes or no? i could give you a beautiful, rhetorical, flowing speech, and we can fall asleep together. or we can discuss this. i am really here because i during that while today we had in august a long time ago, seems like a long time ago. a lot of things came out of that day. it opened up the eyes of the media. even though the media dislikes us all.
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it opened up their eyes. began to a certain extent, june 16. i remember coming down the and itor with melania talked about crime and borders and i talked about trade, nothing much changed. we just got more severe, and frankly, things got worse. things got worse. and it made more and more of an impact. we had a big primary, a total of 17 people. i remember they did a report one time and it was interesting. they did a report, it was three or four months into the campaign. monthsid, trump has four of experience doing this. had 236 years, right?
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236. you add 25 years, 20 years and 25 years -- i will stay out with this.ell i did not know it rained in alabama. but rain is good luck to my right? rain is good luck. and i never liked this suit anyway, i will throw it away. was really an amazing thing. so we did that and we got into the general. and we know what happened in the primaries. they say they were the meanest primaries in elections in this country's -- country. they were mean and nasty. but i got good support, ben carson and chris christie, and a lot of others. ultimately, most of them came around. a few came around right after the election, that is not quite the same. we started off and it was
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amazing. if anything, we were set up incorrectly by the media. they all said that texas was in play, they said georgia was in play, they said utah was in play. and iey were not in play, never thought they were in play. they were liars. only in alabama can we say that, liars. but what happened, we tend to believe the media. we believed walter cronkite years ago, right? this is not the great walter cronkite. we tended to believe them, we have crowds like this. you ought to see the crowd we had in pennsylvania, ohio, iowa. election, this is just a thank you to me and you and the folks.
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we had a crowd last night that the manager said was 30,000 people. and i read the palm beach post, the one that just came out. there was a line in the second paragraph, it was one of the biggest crowds that i have seen, you cannot see the end of it, it night,ually a field last orlando was incredible. i read the palm beach post and is said, donald trump spoke before hundreds of people. right? very dishonest. very, very dishonest. people is not 25,000 or 30,000 people, can we agree with that? but they know what they are doing. but i guess it did not work, because we are here together, folks. we have been hearing, i go to
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texas and we have massive crowds. we had a crowd in math -- texas that filled up the stadium. long, and those were the people that did not get in, it was 30 blocks long and when all the way back to a highway in houston. i said, how are we losing texas or how are we tied in texas? they said texas was in play, like we were doing badly. opened,as the polls they go breaking news, donald trump wins the state of texas. donald trump wins. this is like, immediately. utah. georgia, we won did you see my competition in utah? this guy came out of nowhere. my wife said, trust me, he is not doing well. with me had him even and me maybe not winning utah. as soon as the real polls came it in a massive
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landslide. and i do not know what that guy was trying to prove, all we could do is potentially lose the united states supreme court. by a lot, it was not even close. but let's assume that we needed utah, which frankly we thought we needed. we really thought we needed utah. let's assume we did not win utah. you know what he gains? i will not say the name of a magazine guy who works so hard. so many of these guys miss read us for two years. they misread us and are still miss reading us, and i love it. they are still miss reading us. -- misreading us. then ohio came in and we were 10 points up. we were more than 10 points up and iowa, you never win like that, the republicans. so we won by big numbers.
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the mccain came down to florida, and florida was even. florida was even that whole night, that big, beautiful state. and it is even. the panhandle. anybody live in the pres.-elect donald trump: i love the panhandle. devastated, they were the media, the anchors. they have insight or months and months that trump is going to get absolutely killed. i remember three weeks before one of them asked how trump will lead to rest of his life. because this is one of the most devastating defeat that he will suffer. -- which isreer