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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  December 16, 2016 12:48am-1:14am EST

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>> president-elect trump's victory tour continues tomorrow in orlando, florida live at 7:00 p.m. eastern. today the president-elect announced his latest cabinet pick, montana congressman ryan zinke to be secretary of interior. he is a first-term congressman and former navy seal. we heard from transition team advisor kellyanne conway about the pick earlier today. >> we have two more cabinet positions to fill. classic trump project, ahead of schedule, under budget. >> [inaudible] >> ivanka and jared will make their own decision and announcement. i think we would benefit by having them in the administration. ivanka is incredibly committed to women in the workplace.
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she's had a wonderful platform during the campaign. certainly she and her father announcing the childcare and elder care plan was a big highlight of our campaign, and her outreach to women. >> [inaudible] >> i was not in the meetings and i wouldn't disclose it anyway, but congressman pete king has been a tremendous asset and he's offered his counsel on a number of occasions. you see him on tv, you see he's very emphatic about keeping america safe. we know he's got an opinion about the latest cia information
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and he's always welcome here. >> is it because he's a new yorker as well? >> as you can see, basically the president-elect is entertaining people from all over the country, if not the world. i think they are up to 90 or 92 meetings with men and women from all over the country and 50 or 55 world leaders on the phone. it is a very exciting time. he's leaving soon for his thank you tour in hershey, pennsylvania, the same arena where we were the friday before election day. 18,000 inside, 5000 outside, i know that because i paid for the jumbotron. to go back there is incredibly exciting for him. tomorrow he will be in florida and the next day alabama. >> [inaudible] >> he has made that promise and he has showed his commitment --
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[inaudible] he's not going to do anything like that until he's actually the president. generally, he's a man that is going to accomplish many things very quickly. that is why his 100-day plan is so ambitious. when you are a successful billionaire businessman and brilliant real estate developer, you can't waste time thinking about it or having a commission or blaming other people who are in charge of the issue. you are used to producing and delivering. >> [inaudible] >> i have no insights on that. i wasn't aware. >> [inaudible] >> we have a number of wonderful qualified candidates. i know you are all fascinated to know who that will be. that man or woman will have my full support. it is not a job i can take at this point in my life.
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>> [inaudible] >> it certainly could. i think the plan is to get the remaining two cabinet positions locked down and then start announcing some of the senior staff positions. possibly. that is up to the president-elect. he's been a flurry of activity up there. maybe this week or next. we're just really happy that we are way ahead of schedule. even the last 40 or 50 years, even a sitting vice president knew who his qualified cabinet would be, and we are ahead of that schedule. >> [inaudible] >> his job will be in washington, d.c. we really haven't discussed his travel plans, when he's not in
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the oval office. >> [inaudible] i was kidding. everybody is so humorless. any free time he has, he works. i promise. i'm not going to answer that question because i would rather talk about his 100-day plan. >> [inaudible] >> the president-elect is very happy to meet with the tech titans from silicon valley. he credited them on the record in that meeting. he said, you are some of the most innovative minds and important people, job creators, and innovators from across the country, if not the globe. we are happy they got to talk
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about -- sorry, really happy they got to talk about repatriating funds from abroad, getting more serious about cyber security, increasing educational vocational opportunities for those who want to learn more about technology, and working together to know that there is a steward, the private sector and the public sector, the stewards of our country. he appreciates the fact that they are job creators, economic stimulators, investing in research and development. he said he would like to reconvene that group or a group like that quarterly if possible. we are glad they came. they, by and large, have different politics. >> [inaudible] >> i haven't discussed that with him.
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where will the president-elect be when the electoral college -- >> on december 19? he's expected to be in mara lago. actually he will be in mobile, alabama for his final leg of his thank you tour in alabama, seems stadium where he was -- probably some of you were there -- that's right. he will be there with senator sessions and some others. >> [inaudible] >> it depends when the vote happens that day. he will be in alabama, then later back in florida. we are not worried about it. >> [inaudible] the president-elect is open to discussing -- [inaudible]
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you have women choosing suicide over rape. you have major populations dying and destroyed. saying --hn kerry [inaudible] we need more action. >> thank you very much. >> work continued today at the presidential campaign headquarters. the president-elect met with a delegation of the u.s. conference of mayors. he spoke to reporters after the meeting. my name my name is matt cornet.
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steve benjamin, mayor of columbia, south carolina. tom cochrane, elizabeth, the mayor of burnsville minnesota. , my vice president, mitch, the mayor of new orleans. we had a fairly interesting meeting with the president-elect. it lasted about 15 to 20 minutes and he showed great interest in , helping cities progress. our priorities are based around infrastructure and public safety and he has pledged to be a , partner in those efforts. we gave him a little information about past funding streams and past histories with administrations. mayor cornett: we have a meeting coming up next month in washington, and we are hoping to meet with cabinet members there and get to know this administration better. this is just an introductory meeting. not a lot of substance went on, but we feel, at least i will speak for myself, pleased that he was willing to meet with us at this very busy time and he
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showed great respect for our organization. did the transition team reach out to you all at the conference? mayor cornett: i have been engaged with people in the transition for quite some time. the meeting took a couple of weeks to put together. we asked for the meeting the day after the election. reporter: mayor benjamin, can you talk a little bit more about what you thought of the meeting? mayor benjamin i thought the : meeting was very productive. it was very productive, the president-elect listened to our issues and concerns, our desire to see a significant investment in infrastructure and the production of the tax exemption of municipal bonds as a key part of that plan. we also had a great chance to meet with the price -- ivice president-elect. we are excited about what we are going to -- the relationship we are going to build with the u.s. council of mayors and the new administration. there is a lot of work to be done and we are going to focus
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on investment, american infrastructure school, bridges, , hospitals, sewer infrastructure, and making sure we build strong, reliable, responsible police force across this country. we have men and women who are doing great work on the ground and we want to make sure the best of the rest are supported -- of the best are supported and this relationship goes to that ultimate goal. reporter: who will be the point person for mayor? >> he did not. reporter: do you know who the liaison to congress -- [indiscernible] >> we gave him our input that we hope that the former mayor and present mayor was elevated to a position of interest inside the white house who could guide the administration on intergovernmental affairs. as it applies to local governments. reporter: joe biden under obama has been open -- [indiscernible] mayor cornett: we generally dealt with jerry abramson, the former mayor of louisville in the intergovernmental office.
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that is the key position for us. mayor benjamin: cabinet secretaries as well. reporter: thank you. >> thank you. reporter: -- infrastructure coming from exactly? mayor benjamin: the president-elect had indicated he wants to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. most infrastructure in the u.s. since 1913 or certainly over the last 10 years, $2 trillion have been spent using municipal bonds and protecting the tax exemptions. the bonds have been there since 1913. it is sacrosanct to us, delivering on infrastructure. 75% of america's infrastructure is built using this tool. so it was an important , discussion for us to have here. obviously the president-elect is , a builder. he had some innovative and creative ideas. we want to make sure that all of those ideas get on the table. he was clear that his support of the tax exemption was there and that was wonderful to see.
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reporter: all right thank you. , >> also stopping by trump tower today with nigel farage, the british lawmaker who championed the brexit effort in the united kingdom. new jersey congressman scott garrett, who lost his reelection bid in november and new york on -- congressman peter king. mr. king and several gop chair john j lavelle spoke with reporters after meeting with the president-elect. reporter: did the cia ever get back to you about russia? rep. king: i have not heard anything from the cia, and to me, what happened has been disgraceful. whatever conclusion they want to come up with is one thing. there is no cia conclusion. the cia has repeatedly told us they have no idea what the intent was. they think if there was an intent, it was to disrupt the election, create completion, and cast a cloud over the winter, and right now, certain elements
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of the media, certain elements of the intelligence community, and certain politicians are really doing the work of the russians because they are creating this uncertainty over the election. this is several days before the electoral college. i have been in briefing after briefing and even in the public statements, the director of national intelligence, director of the fbi, they have all said that they don't know what the motive is. if there was a motive, it was to disrupt the election, not to put one candidate over another. to have appeared in the washington post, the new york times, the intelligence community, the cia has concluded toit too! is it some rogue person behind a desk somewhere? people in the intelligence community are using this disinformation tactics against the president-elect of the united states and that is his
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graceful. the fact that they would even show up today, and intelligence committee briefing, to tell of who was saying these things and who is not is disgraceful. we met with president-elect trump, a very productive meeting. i was there primarily to discuss different ideas i had at homeland security and combating islamist terrorism and fortunately for us, vice president elect mike pence was also there. it was a productive meeting. reporter: are you interested in a job or just giving him advice? rep. king: no, no job. [laughter] rep. king: i made that clear, upfront. he's trying to have a very active agenda as far as islamic terrorism and combating it. i wanted to give some ideas as to what to do with the house and tell him i would be there. mr. lavalle: and advice and counsel like we did on day one of the campaign.
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it was important, thinking with you today congressman king was , here today talking with president-elect trump. i could not concur more that what is going on now is an injustice to the american voters. donald trump has been elected president of the united states. he will be sworn in in january and i look forward to, honestly, when i believe will be one of the best presidents in the history of this country. he is off to a great start. i'm proud of the job he is doing. i'm proud of my congressman, too. national security and international security all the are the number one issues this country faces right now, and we have the right men and women on the job, and it was a great meeting, very productive. as i was making said, we look forward to more in the future. reporter: [indiscernible] mr. lavalle: we discussed national security issues and other issues, and like i said, from way back in the early months of this year, i have been coming in and out of trump tower, a little less confusion in the lobby when i used to come in here. and mr. trump has always been that type of person. you know, i'm a local county chairman, and he likes to hear it from the street.
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he likes to hear what is really going on in america. that is why he has his finger on the pulse, and we have continued to have an awesome relationship, and i'm very fortunate that. i hope he feels as fortunate for my advice and counsel as well. so it was very productive today. reporter: what areas are you first intackle january? what issues are you tackling? rep. king: actually, the main issues that i discussed are what we have to do to have the justice department and the fbi be more leaning forward when it comes to investigating islamist terrorism. i suggested a program similar to what commissioner kelly did here in new york and we cannot worry about political correctness. i also focused on the fact we have to still be on the lookout, obviously, for attacks from overseas. it is the attacks like san bernardino, orlando, boston marathon, those are the ones
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going to be attempted to be carried out and we had to be aggressive in trying to stop them. we also, he has a mind when it comes to understanding politics. he wanted to know every block and corner of my district and how they voted, who voted for him and did not, and i told him that my district, which sort of leans democrat, president obama carried it by four points each time, and donald trump carried by five points. it was a nine point turnaround in a district which has a democratic plurality, so anyway, but it was a combination of right down-home politics and also talking about world issues. it is, you know running the , world, you get tired after the meetings. you are all different directions. in the middle of it all, mike pence comes in, vice president pence who i have known for many , years. he is a good friend. it could not have been better. my daughter also joined us. she is a councilwoman and she spoke -- reporter: what are you referring
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to when you talk about the program? rep. king: ray kelly, here in new york. basically, how it was very aggressive and forward leaning when it came to trying to estimate and determine where terrorism is going to be coming from, whether it was various programs that commissioner kelly had, which unfortunately, the civil liberty union and the new york times did not like. but they were very effective in stopping terrorism and they should be a model for the country. reporter: [indiscernible] do you believe vladimir putin is connected to the hacking in any way? rep. king: my own? i do think the russians were involved as far as hacking the democratic national committee. i'm not certain where they were in terms of -- that's not clear. all the intelligence committee says was that they don't know what the motive is other than -- was other than to just
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disrupt the election and create doubt on the american people so that no matter who won, it would be a cloud over that person. the russians hesitated because right now, the media and certain democrats in congress, certain elements of the intelligence community are doing in effect what putin wanted them to do, and that is to put a doubt and a cloud over the president-elect. i would say the same thing if hillary clinton had been elected. are you concerned about the secretary of state elect's ties to russia? rep. king: we discussed that briefly. no, the fact that he has ties to russia, he was head of one of the leading energy companies in the entire world. he has to have dealings with russia. the fact that he was able to build a relationship with putin, that can be used to our advantage. he knows how to deal with the russians. that in and of itself, if anything, that is a plus. we discussed that with the foreign relations committee, but if we are going to do with russia, and i think we should, and i don't trust putin at all
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but i do think there could be , weaknesses they have that we could use to further our interests, and again, working with the russians, having someone like tillerson who understand the russian mentality, understands the russian economy, will be a big plus to the united states. reporter: are you worried about the senate process? rep. king: i have no problems in the house. the senate, it will be fine. once the americans are out there, yeah. i was talking last week with a leading diplomat from one of our very closest allies. it was not like russia or like -- who does not like russia and is not like putin. he thinks this is the time, vis-a-vis the russians, we can make progress with the russians to our benefit. mr. lavalle: absolutely. if i may say, you know, donald trump said from day one in this campaign that, you know, he wanted to bring the best and brightest minds from the private sector into government to help solve our problems. and whether it is in homeland security, whether it is as secretary of state, rex
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tillerson fits that bill. this is someone who has a tremendous education. -- tremendous reputation. he has dealt with world leaders from corner to corner of this globe, not as a politician, but as a businessman. and you know this is what donald , trump said he was going to do, he was going to professionalize our government. that is what he is doing right now. and i think a lot of people are overflowing the relationships. of course he's going to do business with putin and russia. he's in the oil business. you know, the quality of this man can be second-guessed by no one. he will be for america pro america, i'm absolutely sure of that. reporter: [indiscernible] if they were to make more direct ties, would that give you confidence? no, listen. is this somebody under him? and why didn'


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