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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  December 14, 2016 1:04am-1:16am EST

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my people said, are you crazy? i said i don't care. this is the presidency. [cheering] we wentt-elect trump: to michigan with no notice, with a tweet. we went up. i do have between facebook and twitter and instagram almost 40 million people. that is a lot. with a tweet -- we get there and it is very late, it is like 12:30. our vice president-elect was there. morningt 12:30 in the -- i started speaking at 1:00 in the morning. we had in michigan, 31,000 people inside and outside. 31,000 -- [cheering]
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president-elect trump: and i said to mike and everybody, we are going to win michigan. it hadn't been one in 31 years -- it had not been won in 31 years. i got the bad news for my daughter. i said that is too bad. i see my wife and i said, baby, we are not going to win tonight because the polls have come out. i always used to believe in those exit polls. i don't believe in them anymore. you know what? i am ok because of the fact that i could not have work any harder. i could not of done it. if i lose, i lose. [applause] president-elect trump: if i lose, i am going to have a nice, easy life. -- you don't feel good if he did not put out and you lose. if you put out every single ounce of energy in your blood,
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you feel like, ok, there's nothing more you can do. [cheering] i'd told her -- president-elect trump: i told her, she looked at me and she has seen these rallies piercy said you are not going to lose. my wife. i said this is a nice wife who is trying to be nice. she is a great person. so what happened, melania, right? we love melania. [cheering] president-elect trump: they love melania. she is great. now the polls are closed and they start announcing numbers. i said this is going to be embarrassing. i'm trying to figure out what i am going to do. i have this ballroom, it is not that big. if i am going to lose i don't want a big ballroom. i go up and say, latest and
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gentlemen, i love you folks, good night everybody. i'm out of there. she had this massive convention center with a big fireworks display. they were paying $7 million for the fireworks. it was a big deal, and they knew they were going to win until the final week. they knew bad things were happening. i got a good sign when four days before the end i called up mike. they just canceled the fireworks . it was a front-page story. usually you cancel fireworks because you don't want fireworks if you are going to lose. did anybody ever use fireworks if they were going to lose? in the history of elections, if you lose, you don't set off works, right? they cancel their beautiful fireworks. i wanted to be a wiseguy so i offered them five cents on the dollar for their fireworks [laughter] .
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president-elect trump: we never heard back. we never heard back. that was a good sign, do you agree? it is election and we are going to lose but i had never done this stuff before. did we all do a good job together, right? it is a movement. the real numbers started coming, and we started ohio. i was expected to win ohio by two points are three points. i am talking about the two amounts -- the two of us. it comes in. we have breaking news, donald trump has won ohio in a massive number. [cheering] president-elect trump: we won ohio very close to 10%. 10%.% was now close to i said that is good.
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then, we have breaking news, donald trump has one the great won the iowa -- has great state of iowa. that was supposed to be close. we were off by one point. we won it by more than 10 points. these are different than the exit polls. what is going on? the exit polls had me tied in ohio. they were surprised by the numbers, right? these people that are standing back there. two or three of them i see. i see three of them. four of them are hiding in the back. then they go to florida. they are doing pretty well in florida. they forgot to count our votes. all of a sudden they get to areas that we just dominated. we are sort of tied and we haven't gotten to the panhandle yet. she loves the panhandle -- i
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love the panhandle. networks,ne of the yes, we feel good about florida. florida is going to be hours. north carolina will be hours. that is the firewall. ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news. donald trump has won the state of florida. [cheering] now, theyelect trump: spent 10 to one in north carolina. i love that state. we won south carolina easily north carolina was supposed to be something that is very hard to win. ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news. and you see these people, they go -- one of the networks was going, ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news. they are like in a state of
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absolute -- like they are getting sick. [laughter] one ofnt-elect trump: them, they say, broke down and started to cry, but i do not think she did. they go, ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state of north carolina. we are running up the east coast, like a marathon. and now we hit pennsylvania and they do not want to call it, right? we are left with 1% and if they got 100% of that 1%, they still get killed in pennsylvania. every republican forever thought they were going to win the great state of pennsylvania. the bride that got away, that is
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always the expression. pennsylvania, great state. i just felt so good, we are getting these massive crowds. we are going to hershey, pennsylvania, to celebrate. pennsylvania, they do not want to call it. they do not want to call it. 1% left and there is no way they can catch it and i am starting to do interviews because i think, this is fun, this is great. i can't lose pennsylvania. they refused to call it because they are dishonest people. [booing] president-elect trump: then we go up the coast and it happened, right? before pennsylvania, even though they should have done
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pennsylvania about 11:30 p.m. in the evening. the audience they had that night was massive. the debates -- did i win those debates, folks? [cheering] president-elect trump: the debates had over 100 million people. by the way, did mike win his debate? [cheering] president-elect trump: that was not even a contest. it actually got boring. then it happened, out of nowhere, and they got sick, they were, like, he was throwing up. with a map being -- that map was getting red as hell. that map was bleeding red. [cheering] president-elect trump: florida,
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south carolina. before that, remember, texas, for three months, texas is in play. that means we are even and republicans win texas. even if you are a lousy candidate, you win texas. texas is republican. i had these massive crowds and for three months, they said, texas is in play and next week is very close. and remember georgette? georgia? r georgia is in play. can you imagine if i lose texas or georgia? i am saying to my kids and my wife, this is going to be a disaster. utah, i do not think of republican has ever lost. utah is in play -- against some guy, i looked at him -- my wife looked at him and said, you will not lose to him.
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[laughter] president-elect trump: i am telling you, she is good at this stuff. they say he is tied with me. you will not lose to them, do not worry about it. now it is, whatever time, 8:00 or 9:00, the numbers were so great. donald trump has won the state of texas. that means it was a slaughter. donald trump has won the state of georgia. donald trump has won the state of utah. and this guy that was put up there to fight me, he was -- hillary even beat him, ok? we won utah by 25 points. all of a sudden, they are saying, what happened?


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