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tv   John Mc Cain Newt Gingrich and Nikki Haley Speak at Kemp Leadership Award...  CSPAN  December 11, 2016 2:08am-2:52am EST

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>> on wednesday, mitch mcconnell pay tribute to the senators leaving. obama.d tribute to this is just over 30 minutes. us two years so we would listen. it is a simple phrase many of us have likely heard before but to senator kelly ayotte it is the best piece of advice she says she ever received and a proverb she has lived by here in the senate. it is how she got her start here
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in the first place as new first female attorney general, kelly listen to the concern of those around her. she listened to their concerns about where the world was going, she listened to the numerous security threats and about out-of-control spending. she could have sat on the sidelines as problems escalated, it would've been the easiest choice. but she jumped in and worked to solve them instead. from day one she rolled up her sleeves and got to work. newspapert prominent put it, she has been a dynamo from the start. i cannot say i am not surprised. the first time i heard about her was from our former colleague joe greg who told us about the rising star. he was right.
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it did not take long for everyone to reach a similar conclusion. tough, she is a problem solver, and she is a fighter. view --tte: is not senator ayotte says it is how you react to the bends in the road that determines your life. thehas made a difference in lives of others as well. as a champion for jobs and the economy. as someone who helped start a small business, she knows firsthand how regulations can stifle growth. she for it to cut through the red tape and burdens and roles. she passed a law to help businesses refinance. she worked to support job
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training. she has helped make a difference on combating opioid abuse. she has been among the loudest voices drawing attention to this epidemic. she knows how devastating it has been in her own state and across the country. with first responders and families to figure out how to address this heartbreaking challenge. she sponsored legislation to help us tackle it. now we will pass critical funding to help our communities begin to heal. the state of kentucky has been among the hardest hit. it has been a privilege working with my friend to help do something about it she has helped make a difference on national security issues. this military spouse did not what iteone to tell her
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meant to serve. she knew what it meant for veterans and families. she mastered the issue almost overnight. she fought for language to expand choice when it comes to health care. she helped dangerous guantanamo terrorists from being moved to she has long spoken about the threat in area. she helped pass them critical last week. it is clear she has been a leader on national security issues from the start. i was front of senator ayotte inn me and other colleagues a congressional delegation to the mideast not long after she took up. it was evidence what a difference she would make on these important matters. she regularly joined in efforts with two other leading voices. senators mccain and graham.
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together, they are the three amigos. or is our former colleague joe lieberman might point out, we should really call them the three amigos to point out -- the 2.0. amigos this partnership strength and our defense policy and i'm sure the senators will tell you it has enriched their lives. i am sure many other colleagues feel exactly the same way. senator a out set out to make an impact. she clearly made one on her state, her country, her constituents, and her colleagues. i know senator ayotte would tell you the most jurors moments are not the one spent in cause wide briefings or on congressional delegation. they are the ones met with her family. with her husband and their two
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year -- and their two children. biggest fans. her they are a constant source of comfort and support, sometimes they would like to jump in on the action themselves. in fact, kate made a cameo alongside her mother in an ad featuring the two shooting hoops and practicing layups. from what i hear, cape may even have her sights on a future in politics. she once advised her mom not to run for president. senator a out was taken aback. such was not planning on it but mentioned it in the first place. kate replied, because i want to be the first woman president. it is true what they say, the apple does not all from the tree. -- does not fall far from the tree. i will say for myself and so
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many others, if anyone can do it all it is kelly ayotte. practices, lego competitions, 5k plus to the largest lake in new hampshire, the time with her kids is what truly brings her joy. know, this job could make you appreciate the little things even more. that is why you will never hear her complain about waiting in the pickup line at school. i she enjoys spending the weekend at the market basket picking up the ingredients for whatever thating is. apparently, it is one of kelly ayotte's favorites. that. take her word for i wanted knowledge what a privilege it has been getting to know senator ayotte and working with her over the last few years. her input in measurable, her french of, i know she is made her family proud as well.
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i will conclude with a much i kelly and joe rely on when facing a challenge. bush the dirt off, get back in the game. each a good reminder for of us. i feel confident saying that senator ayotte will be back in the game looking out for her making our country stronger and safer no matter where her next journey leads. finally, mr. president, as each session of congress comes to a paye, leaders traditionally tribute to the retiring members of their own parties. this year is different with the retirement of the democratic
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leaders so in addition to what i will be saying about him tomorrow i figured i might shake things up just a bit more just this one time. i figured i would tell you about two colleagues from across the aisle who have made their own mark on this chamber for many years. the first colleague i would like to talk about is from maryland. senator mikulski, don't call her barbara. she is tough. it explains how she got here in the first place. barbara mikulski had a lot of joins growing up. she wanted to be a scientist. she wanted to be a nuin.
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she even wanted to be an astronaut, that of not for a be and not wanting to wear a flight suit, she would've been all of those things. and she chose a different path or rather all of them at once. you see, you do not have to work in a laborde tory to champion research. you can be on the subcommittee. you don't have to put on a habit to look up for others, you can service the dean of women and cultivate mentorship among your colleagues. and you certainly don't have to blast into space to blaze a trail. something the member of commerce knows well. it was not an easy road here or when she got here. no democratic woman had ever been elected to the senate in her own right


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