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tv   Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Commemoration  CSPAN  December 8, 2016 5:59am-7:01am EST

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to clean up after me. look, i don't know that i want o go out and reassure anybody. i don't know what president-elect trump is going to do. i don't think president-elect trump knows what he is going to do. but i don't mean that in a shallow way. this is a very, very smart man. remember, after amassing somewhere between 4 and $10 billion he then defeated 16 people for the republican nomination. and john and i can both tell you this is not the easiest thing to do. he then defeated the elite news media and hillary clinton simultaneously. so to assume that this is some casual shell of a guy is totally wrong. but he hasn't been through the process of planning. the people planning and the people he is turning to surround himself with, i feel pretty good about. i think it will -- i think nikki haley will be a fantastic
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ambassador and is a great choice. i think mattis will be as prepared as anybody else for secretary of defense. i once had somebody cannot to me -- donaldat all trump trump is going to use the apprentice model and call vladimir putin and say you're fired. said that is not what he is you quote -- what he is going to do. he is going to call him up and say i would like to work something out. if you really want to play competitively, i have the bigger economy, the bigger military, the greater capability, so if you want to tell general mattis
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we have to crowd the russians for a while, i can do that in your aircraft carrier will lead the mediterranean because you cannot sustain it and you will find your supply lines in real trouble. together -- we should be able to work together. talked to i have donald trump, he never operates from weakness. i suspect he would like to find a way to have a healthy putin.nship with agent andgo to a kgb say i am really weak and stupid, please take advantage of me and then be shocked that he takes advantage of you. they could not resist.
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>> a tough act to follow. i forgot those two of my role models have been this individual and jack kemp. individuals were probably the prime reasons why to the astonishment of one at all, we became a majority in the united states house of representatives. jack kemp, when you get a bunch of egos in a room in a republican conference and people don't pay much attention, he stood up to speak and we all listened because we knew he had a vision for america that is thanks to this foundation. that is why i wanted to be here.
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there is a line about ignoring the lessons of history and being doomed to repeat them. when ronaldistory reagan came to office were made clear, a statement of peace through strength. theas not an accident that day he was inaugurated, the hostages came home from tehran. his attempts to divide up the ukraine, his attempts to overthrow the freely elected statesents of the baltic , his attempt to assassinate the prime minister of montenegro. vladimir putin is acting with wild abandon. russia is a mafia run gas
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station masquerading as a country. he's playing his cards in the fashion,edibly clever where he is now a major influence in the middle east. where -- whatubt his ambitions are. was a poll in sweden. the swedish people believe they ought to consider joining nato because wimer putin has scared the hell out of them in the arctic -- vladimir putin has scared the hell out of them in the arctic. i talked to a group of baltic leaders, today. they want to know if they can depend on the net states of america -- united states of america.
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these countries were part of the soviet union for 50 years. what we need, and i believe that the people around president-elect trump, have that kind of inner strength. ,, but if just mattis or john mitt romney bolton. he would shake up the state department in a way that is long overdue. general kelly, nobody that knows more about our own hemisphere. there is a manufactured mexican heroin that is a epidemic in the northeast and midwest of this country. the distribution point is phoenix, arizona. he is assembling a team that i believe should be listened to. life is full of anecdotes.
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during the campaign, he said he would do waterboarding and worse, and the other day, he ,aid he asked general mattis and he said he could do much better with a pack of cigarettes and a sixpack of beer. word, and ikes his think he will. the message has to be sent that the united states of america is not interested in conflict. the lessons of history show that you have to show a steadfast, strong position, which then your potential adversary does not want to run the risk. if your adversary and my best lately, it wakes me up, honestly. vesselstwo american
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manned by american sailors, put on their knees with their hands behind their neck in the most gross violation of international law by the arabians, -- by the iranians, and what does our secretary of state do? he waits until they return and then thanks the iranians. don't think it does not have an impact. if these people think we are weak, they will take advantage of it. i believe it is time that the united states return to the days our role model, ronald reagan, who won the cold war without firing a shot. [applause] mentionedirman, you jack kemp, and i recalled
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hearing him say so often, freedom must be won a new by every generation. the current generation is no exception to that rule. my question is, are we postured to do that? we understand the biggest lesson of pearl harbor to, -- pearl harbor, to be prepared for surprise. say in beingto prepared for surprises, for the known unknowns that donald rumsfeld would call them, or even the unknown unknowns. it was a moment because a majority of the people of the united states did not want us involved are engaged in japan or germany. that event galvanized american public opinion.
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that united america. we were not ready. all during the 30's, we did not ill ships or airplanes. the pilots they did launch that 1941, theymber 7, were meat on the table for the japanese zero. they were outmaneuvered, outgunned and out piloted. i am sorry to tell you that because of this crazy thing called sequestration, we are now cutting into the most important part of our defense capabilities , and that is readiness and training. whenever you cut defense budgets, the first thing that goes is the operations and training and maintenance because it is the easiest. i can tell you that our service treats -- service chiefs testifying before the armed services committee have said the following, because of
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sequestration, we are putting the men and women in uniform at greater risk. is it our job as members of congress and leadership to put our -- but the finest of america at greater risk? of course not. i applaud president-elect trump because he told me personally and many times publicly, we will rebuild the military. he said it on many occasions, and i am encouraged by it. i can also tell you there are members of congress, both republican and democrat, who are simply not aware, nor do they realize the urgency and challenges that america faces. newt? agree, >> this is why we have to have a great national debate. there is no signal you can send to the chinese or the russians more powerful than rebuilding the american military.
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want anything close to parity. you want overwhelming capabilities so the other side knows they will lose. you are least likely to have a war at the other side understands they cannot win. you are most likely to have a war if they can think of some clever way they can offset you. of seeing howcept it works out, we have to profoundly reinvest in virtually every aspect of the american defense system in order to be back in a position where we are relatively safe in a very dangerous world. >> one last question before we conclude. i wonder if you might have some advice you would like to offer to governor haley as she prepares for her new job in new york. >> i think she is going to enjoy the russian ambassador. he is a really neat guy. spending time with him, not to
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mention the chinese. could i just mention one thing? newt and i have painted a pretty tough pitcher. i would not bet against the united states. like to mention, we are now energy independent. some of us in this room remember waiting five hours at a gas line because the middle eastern nations had cut off the oil supply. energy exporter, and if we can do that, we can get natural gas to the living rooms of the eastern ukraine so that they can not be dependent on vladimir putin. for 40 years, the chinese had a one child policy. they have a demographic challenge the likes of which are going to be gigantic.
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you see this device? i have to buy a new one every six months. this is not invented or china -- in china or europe. this is a device that is changing the world. it is information and knowledge and knowledge is power. when i get a little depressed trying to do the lord's work in the city of saying, i go and meet with men and women in uniform, their leaders. they are the best. there is nobody that can match up to them. you give them the equipment they need, and the training, american pilots are flying less hours per month than the chinese and russians. we give them the things they
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need, and there will be no one that can match up with them. newt'ss appreciate thinking, and his ideas. a lot of the time, he is dead wrong, but i do have the greatest appreciation for his intellect, and he will go down in history as a leader who really changed the way that the republican party governance -- governance -- governs. semi-endorsement from my friend who i admire so academyit has been the for our generation of public service at every level -- has me for ourpito generation of public service at every level.
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essentially, bureaucratic incompetent, corrupt, and stunningly hard to perform, i have seen you at work in columbia, and i know that you are a great, natural politician. peopleerstand bringing together and listening to them and getting things done. remember, cheerful persistence. you are going to a place that is not used to having an effective american ambassador. behavior, itaily is like sending donald trump to the new york times or msnbc. the natural bias is tough. as we emerged as the leading country of the world, there will be a lot of folks who want to talk to you. learn, help and lead.
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in peopleal interest to connect with every single delegation and ambassador, you will have a remarkable reach into the u.n. and you will be able to serve your country and the president with remarkable effectiveness. i was thrilled when the president-elect not -- nsa was nominating you, and i cannot imagine anyone who would do a president-elect was nominating you, and i cannot imagine anyone who would do a better job. i would look at the way jane kirkpatrick conducted herself and represented our nation. do you agree? >> i would. >> on that note and that wonderful tribute, thank you both for being here, and please join me in a round of some -- round of applause.
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[applause] >> please take your seats. let the servers finished the coffee and get the desert down. we want to respect everyone's time. i want to agree with something that speaker gingrich said while he was a peer -- while he was up here.
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it is an incredible opportunity to focus on equality of opportunity, to have dr. ben carson as the incoming hud secretary. i am fortunate enough to be able to work on the transition team hud issues.s -- some hud employees reminded me when you walk in the building, you are in 10 floors of basement. inpite that fact, the people there care deeply about equaly and fighting for opportunity for all. these are the types of camp on ume events -- kemp for
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events we have been holding. one of the things that many of you remember my father saying is that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. introduce governor nikki haley, we are going to bring up someone who cares. at the kemp foundation, we have been fortunate to ask to political leaders -- asked for political leaders to -- ask for political leaders to reach out to us. he has invested his time, not only in his home state, but also across the river in anacostia. i have been doing a lot of work with ron bothe.
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are you out there? i would like you and all your young people to stand up. [applause] thank you. those young people are going through a program. ron is working with those young people in a program that is training them for jobs and getting them ready to achieve all that they can be. bob, would you stand up? [applause] many of you know, bob and my dad were good friends. foundation, athe large part of it is encourage politicians to get in their
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communities, go to the places where people know the answers. bob talks about joseph, that there are a bunch of joseph's out there, and if we get out of our ivory towers and stop thinking about thierry -- theory, and go to these places, that is where the solutions come from. he is a joseph in d.c., a return to citizen, and he is investing in young people's lives. said i want to meet some young people in d.c. who are trying to overcome challenges. i want to hear from them. this was in the last spring. tim has welcomed them to the capital. 12 senators and congressmen who sat around listening to them for
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an hour. tim cares. young people care what he knows. his constituents care what he knows. i am more than thrilled to be able to welcome to the stage one of our great young leaders to introduce governor nikki haley, senator tim scott. [applause] >> good evening. wow. it is a great day in washington, d.c. good evening. you would realize that when governor haley stands up and says it's a great day in south carolina, everyone says it's a great day in south carolina. d.c., i that we are in
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have the privilege of introducing my governor, one of the greatest leaders in america to you. i thought about some things that would be funny to say. you would realize it is best for i didnot tell any jokes, think about the one joke i thought would be funny that you would not find funny. -- i can tell by the silence that i am the only fan. at six and six, there is not much to celebrate. to clemson. went we are not in south carolina at all. work outsideon't
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of south carolina, got it. our governor is a native who started working at 13 years old, keeping the books in our family business. she learned very quickly the importance of hard work. one of the reasons why i know that she is a person who deserves the award, tonight is because she embodies leadership. not only is she a clemson graduate, when you think about the success we have seen in south carolina, think about this, 46 counties and we have created in,000 jobs all 46 counties in south carolina. [applause]
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that is one of the reasons why it is always a great day in south carolina. they can about some of the jobs that have been created in expanded under her leadership. the bmws of the world, the michelin's of the world, the mercedes-benz of the world. the boeings of the world. volvo, the first plant in the country, south carolina. there is a reason why south carolina is the number two growing state in the country per capita, it is called good leadership. some of us would focus on many of the positive things under her perhapsip, but i think the most important form of leadership we see when times are hard.
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when everybody is running in the opposite direction. hand man-made has and natural disasters. i think about less than two years ago, the flood. the 1000 year flood. not all the coast, but in columbia, and the middle of the state. our governor rose to the occasion and lead our state through a very traumatic situation. year, hurricane matthew comes through the middle of our state. again, parts of the state most impacted were not the coastal parts. she stood up, rolled her sleeves up and led the people who were disillusioned and did not know where to turn. positive, her
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powerful leadership keep our state moving in the right direction. enough, aso were not toernor, she led the charge remove the confederate battle flag from the capital of south carolina. [applause] made to decision was take on that fight, not that many people were clapping in south carolina. she had the vision to know that sometimes you do the right thing , even when it is not popular. give her time to clap back there, by herself. god bless you, ma'am.
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there is no doubt that the trigger for the removal of the confederate flag was an incident that no governor, no person should have to live through. we are all familiar with the murders at the ame church. showedr haley, who tremendous leadership as our governor, it something i thought was far more important during those funerals. i was there with her through every funeral. she was not just there as a governor. she was there as a mother. she was there as someone who with a state and people that were broken. if you ever want to know what leadership looks like, don't
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look at her record as a job creator, don't even pay too much attention to the response to natural disasters. look specifically at the crisis of mother emanuel, and her being, as aa human mother, as a governor. but most importantly, as a bridge to a better future. south carolina remains south carolina strong because of the leadership of our governor. it is no question that president-elect trump saw the on nationalatched and international tv, the leadership of governor haley. he chose her to be our next ambassador to the united nations. please help me welcome our governor, nikki haley.
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[applause] >> thank you very much. this is a surreal night on a lot of different levels. i have to tell you, when i heard about this award, i thought really? just one of those that i could not even comprehend or imagine. as the wife of a combat veteran, to even hear john mccain talk roaming -- isnly overwhelming. we cannot thank you enough for your service and i am forever in your debt. [applause]
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where newt gingrich is, or if he is still here, but when he was running for president a few years back, that will go down as one of the best dinners that michael and i had, was with him and his wife. the man is a great dinner companion, because he can talk and talk. it is really cool things that he talks about. it was neat to hear him talk about that. as we were planning for this speech, i said i don't know what i did not know it was tim scott, i just knew it was some guy named tim who is going to introduce me. governor, and you are elected to lead, you make a lot of decisions, and some decisions you go back and say i wonder if that was right and i will tell you one of the best decisions i met -- made was
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.ppointing tim scott tim for thatmuch, great introduction. entire kemp the family and the entire cap foundation -- entire cap foundation -- kemp foundation. i am truly honored by this award. i regret that i never met jack kemp. i was reading some of the things i came across, and i came across this quote. there is a kind of victory in good work, no matter how humble. my mother made me start doing the books for our family business when i was 13. i know those words have meaning. beyond what secretary kemp said,
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and beyond what he did in his life, i am in awe. congress, inll, in the executive branch, as a national leader of the conservative movement. his accomplishments go far beyond any words. it is not just his accomplishments that stand out. what is the most significant about jack kemp is his compassion. the compassion he always showed that those who had been left behind, and the courage he showed in going against the grain of republican thinking when our party was wrong. --k cap was often return referred to as a bleeding heart conservative. i love it because it is important to be conservative because our way of thinking is the right way for our country. [applause]
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important to have heart for people who might not always share and our experiences or perspective. some in our party still miss that. kempcamp never did -- jack never did. we cannot afford to miss it now. we have an incredible opportunity in front of us, to remind america that our approach will deliver freedom and opportunity to all citizens regardless of race, gender or where they were born and raised. that is what drew me to the republican party and what drew my parents to america. my parents left they let -- wealthy lifestyle in india with just eight dollars in their pocket to come to america to start over. why would they do that? 1969, theyn in
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understood that no amount of money, no lifestyle can compare to the opportunities we have in america. only here, can you be anything you want to be if you are just willing to work hard. only here to the circumstances of your birth not define your future. only here is anything truly possible. kemp's jack republican party, and that, at its core is the american ideal. i am not an academic, i am not a philosopher. mother, and the governor of a state who took a chance on me more than six years ago. to me, that means making sure that every south carolinian has
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the same opportunities i have, the opportunities that allowed and it -- an indian american girl from a tiny town to one day grow up to be governor. when i took office six years ago, south carolina was struggling. jobs were scarce, economic anxiety was real, and the american dream felt out of reach. i remembered not knowing where to start. then i came across the quote from one of my predecessors, who was a contemporary of secretary kemp. she said if you can get a person a job, you can take care of a family. while governors do not create jobs, we can do a lot to make sure that when a business wants to grow, it can. we got to work. taxes, we white our regulatory board clean. i replaced the chairman of our
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largest and most bureaucratic permitting board with the president of a construction company. look at us, now. boeing, planes with cars with bmw, mercedes-benz and now volvo. we have five international tire companies. the first american flatscreen tvs. said bicycles would never again be made in the united states, we brought back a new jersey bikes manufactured were from china and they are now carolina -- south manufacturer from china and they are now operating in south carolina. most of that did not exist six years ago. more than 82,000 jobs in $21 billion in investment. we have moved more than 35,000 people off of welfare and put them to work.
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[applause] unemployment has been cut in half, and more south carolinians are working than ever in our history. we have been asked how we have done it, is this -- as if there is some secret. my answer is that like most things in government, it is not as complicated as some people think. it's about common sense, and a willingness to get creative and challenge norms. a belief that all things are possible if you free people to pursue their own dreams. jack kemp understood that better than almost anyone. as vital as job creation is, lifting people up is more than just about finances. it is also about education. that is an area where our state
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has lagged behind for many years. we are still behind, but not for much longer. i started a conversation about education. i met with principals and teachers, superintendents, university deans, business leaders and clergy. i listened, i learned, and we change things. we now provide reading coaches in every elementary school. we have ended social promotion. we are aggressively recruiting rural teachers and are changing the districts and incentivizing them. technology,ting in getting every south carolina child up to speed in the world as it is, today. we did it all without raising taxes. [applause] we have made an immense changes
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to the way we teach our kids in south carolina. these changes are happening because of two things, a willingness to a knowledge of problem, and the willingness to move outside of our comfort zone to find a solution. for a out of the ordinary republican governor to go to the teachers to talk about education reform. those conversations helped me understand where they were coming from, and that helped them begin to trust me. that build relationships that allowed us to push these changes through our legislature. everyone wants to feel heard. in this nation, everyone deserves to be. for too long, the leadership of both parties have written off large groups of our fellow americans. outreach and honest communication can have enormous positive effects. i have seen it in real policy changes in our state.
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i have also seen it with a change that goes much deeper than that. i think of last year's mother emmanuel shootings and the removal of the confederate flag. when i first got word of the shootings, i knew this was going to be unbearably painful. nine shooting deaths, in a church, at bible study. a state senator and a leading figure in the local black ministry, shot to death. we never imagined something so horrifying. the next morning, we capture the killer and it immediately became clear that this was the act of a racist, motivated not by mental illness, but by pure hate. the first thing we need to do was lift up those families and celebrate the lives of the victims. i decided to attend each funeral. i met the families. i heard their stories.
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through it all, i had the privilege to get to know nine amazing souls. after each funeral, i would head home and sit down with my kids and show them the faces on the program. i would introduce them to the person i met that day. i introduced them to ethel lee lance who despite losing her daughter to cancer two years prior, was a woman of love and joy who constantly sang her day at a time one sweet jesus, that's all i ask of you, give me the strength to do every day what i have to do. i introduced them to -- our youngest victim, a 26-year-old budding entrepreneur, anxious to open his own barbershop that night stood in front of his 87-year-old aunt susie and said you don't have to do this, we mean to -- we mean no harm to you.
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i introduced them to cynthia heard, whose life motto was to be kinder than necessary. every opportunity i had, i mentioned the nine we lost. those 12 who took in someone that night who did not look like them, did not act like them, and did not sound like them. they did not call the police. they did not throw him out. instead, they pulled up a chair and they prayed with him for an hour. i did not want just the families to know the love and greatness of these amazing people. i want the world to know. the second thing that needed to happen was removing the confederate flag from our statehouse grounds. there are many wonderful, decent
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honorable people in our state that revere that flag. they are not racists, they're the same people who twice elected african-american u.s. senator and twice elected an indian american governor. intention,ced in my this was a debate that did not need to have winners and losers. those who revere the flag for reasons of ancestry and heritage retain every right to do so. charleston shed a different light on an issue our state had long struggled with. what we saw in the extraordinary reaction to charleston was people of all races coming together. we did not have riots, we had vigils. we did not have violence, we had hugs. the state house belongs to all people, and it needed to be welcoming to all people. that was not possible with that flag flying. when it came to the removal debate, we have legislators who
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listened to each other and allowed all of us to see each other in a way that does not always happen, with love, in grace and compassion. it is a love we learned from the emmanuel 12. the flag came down, and south carolina moved forward. i would like to think that jack kemp would have been proud of that. i guess you have heard that i am up for a different job. it is an incredible challenging time for our country. both here at home and internationally, but it is also an exciting time. we will have a new president. to put have opportunity our conservative principles into action. when president-elect trump asked me to be his nominee as ambassador to the united nations, i was honored to accept. i will not get into the details of our international challenges, but i will say two things.
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first, jack kemp was a guiding light for us, not just in the areas of economic growth, empowerment and civil rights, he was a guiding light in foreign affairs as well, with the passage of time, it is easy to forget some of the battles that raged three decades ago. we should all remember that secretary kemp was a outspoken critic of the racist government in south africa that was often a lonely position in the republican party. he did not child away from it. history -- he does -- he did not shy away from it. history has proven him right. i will and my speech the same way i begin every speech. i am the proud daughter of indian immigrants who reminded my brothers, my sister and me every day how blessed we were to live in this country.
6:47 am
that declaration is just as important today as it was back then. i never try to hide my background from my fellow south carolinians, most of whom do not look like me. immigrant parents' experience. on this day, the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, it is more important than ever to remember what unites america, not what divides us. it says something about our future. no matter where i go, the matter what i do, those are the values i will proudly promote. i will never run from them. with god's grace and the senate confirmation, i hope -- [laughter] i hope to represent our country well and do my part to keep america safe and keep our
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country the greatest beacon of freedom the world has ever known. thank you very much for honoring me, today. [applause] >> how do you all feel? what an opportunity, what a wonderful message. thank you governor haley for your work in south carolina. thank you god for providing leaders who care about the truth and the goodness that this country and this world can be a part of. we are grateful that you are
6:49 am
here, governor haley. kemp year, for the leadership award, we try to do something personal. when my father passed away in 2009, my siblings and i went through many of the wonderful awards he had been given at dinners unlike -- not unlike this. they were not personal. we tried to come up with something, this year. governor haley has already seen it. father,a picture of my the iron lady, margaret thatcher and the u.s. ambassador to the united states, ginny kirkpatrick. there is a description on it that says to jack kemp, all good wishes, margaret thatcher. reads the 2016
6:50 am
kemp leadership award, presented to governor nikki haley. mom, i would like you to come up and thank everybody. [applause] >> governor haley, thank you so much. baton you are passing the -- lieutenant governor >> it's henry mcmaster. i hopes going to say south carolina will continue to be with good leadership, and obviously -- >> henry mcmaster was my dad's 88 campaign chairman. there is a weird cycle. i think it is in good hands. to look at this photo of jean kirkpatrick and margaret thatcher and jack is a signal
6:51 am
that people of substance and common sense really do make a huge difference in this world, and you are one. we are so grateful that you are going to be -- [applause] >> you can all sit, we are almost done. the kemp foundation is privileged to have paul ryan's chief of staff to give some closing remarks. >> i thought i would start with
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the scariest statement you can make. i am about to make my last point. for those of us who worked for laughing, small group you know that meant you were in for 45 minutes of uninterrupted listening pleasure because his last point lasted 45 minutes. i would like to go back to a dinner honoring jack in 1988. the speaker was president ronald reagan. he said what motivates jack is the cause. indeed, that is what jack fought for. that is what the foundation stands for. is thendation really keeper of the cause. i am very honored and privileged to work for speaker ryan. ahave to tell you, i have little fun because having worked
6:53 am
for jack and for paul, and there was nobody else in the country who can say that, i can watch the imprint of jack on paul as he does certain things. it, andsure he knows the thing that was most important to paul wood he became speaker was that he would lead the republican conference -- when he became speaker was that he would lead the republican conference with an agenda for the country that the republicans could run on, because he believes that ideas are the most important thing in politics. does that remind you of anybody? i cannot tell you the number of times jack said that to me. with his republicans colleagues -- republican colleagues, he developed an agenda, and the cornerstones of that agenda, our growth, peace through strength, hope and opportunity.
6:54 am
that agenda is one that will be -- by our republican members in a unified government, by the trump administration and house republicans and democrats and we will take that it can do -- take that agenda and provide growth and provide jobs and make a strong again. foundationob of this to hold us to that promise. we have a duty and responsibility to do these things. the conscious behind us, the conscious we need is the jack kemp foundation, what they stand for, what you support, what jack stood for. that vision is what we need on capitol hill. we will need it in the administration. it is the purpose of this
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foundation to be one of the leaders in providing that conscious for the people. i want to thank you for all of your help. thank you for coming, tonight. i would like to introduce bishop holloway for the benediction. [applause] >> we are at a close of another home run hit out of the park by the jack kemp foundation. an elegant evening, informative, good food and great music. with thought-provoking messages. jimmy, joanne, stacy, scott andrew and all of the kemp family, and the jack kemp
6:56 am
foundation team. to the honor marie, nikki haley, how could you not love her? she is so down to earth. attendance, wen want to do the benediction as this. love, buto fear in perfect love tries out fear because fear has to do with punishment. the one who fears is not made perfect with love. us the has not given spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind. as we do the benediction, would you please stand to your feet? love is greater than hate. hungry, loved the will house the poor, love will
6:57 am
teach the uneducated. lovebill, love unites -- uilds, love unites. love is not frightful, love is not arrogant. love is peace, not war. love is not rich, nor is it for. love is not black, neither is it white. let love be the policy. let love be the programs. let love be the representative. let love be congress. let love be the supreme court. let love the justice. let love be the president. as i speak the benediction over we the people, as the bishop of the lord's church, as an apostle of the kingdom of god, may we ourselves,ay we love
6:58 am
our families, our neighbors, abroad and at home. love is perfect when it has no fear. may god love -- make god's love reading your heart as we leave this place. love will cause the blind to see. love will cause the lame to walk. love will cause the death to -- to the messages we have heard here will carry us into the new year. it will lead to a greater america. the enemy cannot stop what god intends to do with us through us and for us. as an apostle of the lord, jesus christ, i release you to be an agent of the servant of love. god bless you and have a wonderful, safe arrival at home.
6:59 am
put your hands together as we celebrate and get got all the praise -- and give god all the praise and glory for what he is about to do in 2017. [applause] >> coming up next on c-span, washington journal is live. house continues to work on a bill to fund the government through april. republican senator james lankford talks about this years federal bumbles report which highlights unnecessary spending across the federal government.
7:00 am
congressman mark desaulnier looks at donald trump's financial interests. "washington journal" is live. ♪ host: good morning, everyone come on this thursday, december 8. house lawmakers are preparing to vote on a continued resolution to fund the government until april. it continues the current level of spending for the first four months of 2017, the senate likely to take it up as early as friday. we will talk about the stopgap spending bill. first, we want you to give washington your ideas on where you would cut federal spending. here are the phone lines,


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