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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> mike gallagher. 26 minutes before
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the hour, we are continuing with the countdown. go, the road to the white house, i am off to philadelphia. after the show today, david clark and i are going to be there, larry elder, my fellow talkshow host, dr. jon voight will join us in selected cities. we will be in philly tonight, ohio in columbus area near ohio stadium at the state university tomorrow afternoon. sunday we will be in tampa at the river church. orlando, inll be in winter springs at the star light. 2016details, go to decision .com. we are rallying the troops, encouraging the vote, getting people out there. at that is what eric trump has been doing. he is an executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the trump organization. he has a dad who is now arguably
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the most famous man in the world. let's welcome eric trump. eric trump: it is great to be back. i gotllagher: it is true, to believe your dad is now the most famous man on the planet. everybody knows who donald trump is, right? eric trump: it is amazing. it is hard to believe, when put in that context. mr. gallagher: the whole year has been hard to believe. right now, when we see the kind of momentum that your dad has. your father right now has, i believe, a really, really good shot. you look at some of these key states. cnn lays out the six ways he can win. we are looking at ohio, florida, new hampshire. incredible turnabout in virginia. that is just no question the cloud that hangs over mrs. clinton and the fbi investigation and all that stuff
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that has been revealed with wikileaks, it has taken its toll and given your dad a very good shot to be president of the united states. eric trump: not only a cloud that hangs over her because of the clinton foundation and the haiti, and deceit, uranium one come all the other scandals the clintons have had over the years. but a cloud hangs over our country. you know this better than anybody, we have $20 trillion worth of debt, broken education system, ranked 30th in the world. 70 -- we have lost 70,000 factories since nafta. not gone up ahas penny in the last 15 years. obamacare, premiums are going up and up. alone, premiums are up 116%.
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that is hitting people in their own wallets. i could go on and on. but there is a cloud that hangs over this country because of those cricket career politicians . that is only reason my father is in this race, to make america great again. he will do such a great job of that for this country. mr. gallagher: his message is resonating, drain the swamp. knocking over the apple cart, not doing business as usual. let's face it, that scares the heck out of people who have made a career out of being an establishment type. people isacy for many pretty terrifying. whofor the american people are not in the beltway, they seem to be saying, it is time to take this country in a different direction. i want to ask you, if i could, dadt the whole idea of your
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, and the difference between his performance on the campaign trail and hillary, and even president obama. president obama yesterday, flailing and attacking and going after your dad in a most epic way. she is doing the same thing. she does not seem to be beat -- be delivering a message about better would be a commander in chief, just hammering your dad. president obama: he spends a lot of time hanging out with the really wealthy folk, but you do not see him hanging out with working people unless they are cleaning his room. fairway on his golf course. guyare going to make this your champion, if you're working class? come on. somebody who has spent his life without ever showing regard for working folks. mr. gallagher: wow.
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if you do not mind, i wonder how many people barack obama has ever had on the payroll? i do believe your dad has employed more than a few people over the course of his at all life, hasn't he? eric trump: we employ well over 10,000 people. i find it ironic when i hear a quote like that. our president, in his hometown of chicago, has had 3000 shootings in chicago alone this year. he has not been back once. he is not been back once to his home state. he does not say, knock it off, we are better than this as americans. he does not try to bring peace to that city. instead, he is in martha's vineyard, the most elitist place in the country, playing golf, flying air force one there on our taxpaying dollars, so he can play another 25 rounds of golf. it is horrible. it is horrible when louisiana was sinking, underwater, people's lives were destroyed, coffins floating down the street.
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all the images we saw all over the news, he did not show up once. he was nowhere to be found. guess where he was? martha's vineyard, playing golf. disturbing that 95 million people -- his policies have drained manufacturing from this country. we have lost so many jobs, we are paying so much in taxes. obamacare is costing people so much money. he has hurt the middle class more than anybody. have 8 million more people on food stamps than before he entered. home ownership is at an all-time low in this country. i could go on and on. more people working 2, 3, 4 jobs just to get by. his policies have been devastating. have been devastating, and we need to put people back to work. no one is trying to win or work
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for this country anymore. mr. gallagher: eric trump is with us here on the mike gallagher show. you encouraged by the way hillary and president obama, and even mrs. obama are hammering your dad on the campaign trail. the otherheir -- on hand, he is sticking to the message and advancing his reason for wanting to run for president? there is a stark difference between these campaigns. is that encouraging to you? bill and hillary came out of the oval office, now they are worth a quarter of a billion dollars. peoplet a big fan of stealing e-mails, but the one good thing about wikileaks, we showed how corrupted these people are, donna brazile getting those debate questions to hillary, it is terrible.
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pennsylvania, she is campaigning in pennsylvania, which has always been a very blue state. why is it she campaigning there? because she is worried we will take it. i think we will win pennsylvania. look at nevada, we will win nevada. we are up six points in the polls. mr. gallagher: how about new hampshire. eric trump: look at michigan, where i am now. it is incredible. michigan has not gone red in 30 years, something like that. allre flipping states across the country because this is not a democrat versus republican race. this is about an insider versus the total outsider. hillary clinton has been a politician longer than i have been alive, and i am not a young millennial. i am at the older end of the spectrum. what do we have to show for it? is gallagher: everybody playing a game, they have to watch one state, look at ohio, florida. from your perspective, is there
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a certain state that will be the key to tuesday night for him? eric trump: i think we will win pennsylvania, michigan, nevada, new mexico. i think we have a really good shot at winning colorado. and those are all states republicans traditionally do not have. and if he holds believes he has everywhere else, it is game over. eric trump: absolutely. youthing i can tell you, see how hard he works out there on the campaign trail. he has the stamina, he is incredible. i called them the energizer not stop.does we need someone working that hard for the country, someone who cannot be bought, sold, bribed, purchased. my father cannot be. he has been incredibly successful, he needs nothing. it is really nice to have someone in the oval office, as isosed to somebody who,
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doing everything they can to line their own pockets. that is why a lot of people will become indicted when the fbi prosecutes. it looks like they are really considering doing that. some bad stuff is happening out there. my father will drain the swamp and fix the problem. and we will make america great again. mr. gallagher: i feel really good about what will happen on tuesday. you are not without your battle scars. you got in hot water over comments against david duke? caught up with a radio host like that. do you look back at that and say, every single word will get scrutinized because i have to be ready for it? eric trump: that is right. honestly, it is great. we put ourselves out there. my father has two people fighting for them, the american family, himself.
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mr. gallagher: and that is it. he is up against the world. that is what makes these poll numbers and the fact that he can win this thing so amazing. you have the whole media machine, $1 billion or more behind hillary, this is his story. no other way around it, it is historic what he has done. eric trump: sometimes even his own party. and the mainstream media. you know why he won the primaries? because the american people were staunchly behind them. if you are at his side, fighting with him. i will fight for him until i am dead, i believe he is the greatest man in the world. if you do not want to get hit, do not enter this process. mr. gallagher: i know how it feels, i have been fighting for him all year. the nevertrumpers and the
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machine, they do not like it. they would rather roll over. eric trump: there are some really ugly people in this business. it is very, very sad. bad, bad people who do bad, bad things. wikileaks andith so many other people. you really have some bad people within the political spectrum. and some ugliness that goes on. we are going to change that, take back our country. and we will make you very, very proud. mr. gallagher: i sure hope so, stay safe. i thank you for the time you have taken from the campaign trail. keep fighting the good fight, and let's hope for the best tuesday. eric trump: absolutely. mr. gallagher: eric trump, on the campaign trail for his dad. wrote it to the white house. we have some calls in, your reactions to all this. four days to go, are you ready? are we going to make it?
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♪ mr. gallagher: a four minute break, and then we are back. [commercial break] mr. gallagher: >> we try to raise money for police officer'' families, they were ambushed in their cars. just devastating. one of our big passions is to try to support families of police officers. gallagher' we try to get financial
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assistance to the families of officers who have been killed in a line of duty, we also have an initiative called the first responders bible. james bible with a physical fitness manual first responders have received over the years. gallagher' that is the fallen officer fund. just something for you to consider, because i know there are a lot of generous people who watch c-span2. show,nt to check out the we have those signs, information about the mike gallagher show. on twitter, ife you want to follow us on twitter. >> this weekend on american history tv on c-span3. tonight at 8:00 eastern on lectures in history, colin galloway, history professor at dartmouth college, native american history colonial
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through westward expansion. >> they presented themselves as allies and friends of the future, there occupying lands with troops. that is the one thing we were fighting against. at the same time, by cutting off and refusing gifts, limiting trade with us, that was a declaration of hostile intent. >> later at 10:00 on railamerica, we look back to the 1966 campaign between governor pat brown and challenger republican ronald reagan. mr. reagan: my experience has turned me toward the people for the answers to problems, instinctively. i believe and put my faith in the private sector of the economy. to believe in the people's right and ability to run their own affairs.
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>> every single solitary category of business tells us whether or not californian economy is good, shows us we have done a good job. >> sunday morning at 10:00 eastern on road to the white house. >> next tuesday, all of you will go to the polls, stand there in the holding place, and make a decision. make thaten you decision, it would do well if you ask yourself, are you better off than you were four years ago? >> our proposals are very sound and carefully considered, to stimulate jobs, improve the industrial complex in this and would be anti-inflationary in nature. >> the 1980 debate between jimmy carter and former california governor ronald reagan. and at 7:00. >> a realist would not have devoted his life to fighting slavery, and would not have said
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this. is, that a disillusion of the union for the cause of slavery would cause a war between the two separate unions, that might be the x -- calamitous and desolating as this course of events in progress must be, so glorious would be its final issue, that -- judge may, i cannot say it is not to be desired. "john quincy adams, militant spirit," debates the question, was john quincy adams a realist? they also talk about foreign-policy views and the legacy of the six president. for our complete american tv schedule, go to [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> in his weekly address, the president talks about open enrollment and urges americans
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to sign up for coverage. addresses his agenda and urges those to elect a republican majority in congress. obama: hello everybody. america has been fighting for the idea that health care is a right and not a privilege since the second to the last time the the world series. i am talking about the 1908 cubs, that is a really long time. thank's to the efforts of so many of you, we did it. million more american adults know the financial security of health insurance. on top of that, another 3 million kids have coverage than when i took office. history hasrican the uninsured rate been lower than it is right now. health care prices have been ining slower than they have
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50 years. if you have not gotten covered yet, now is the time to do it. it is open enrollment season. that means you can go to and shop in marketplace where they compete for your business. it is faster and easier to use than ever before. you canew clicks, compare plans to see what is right for you and your family. you can even look up your doctor and medications as you shop. most americans who get coverage isough, it $75 a month, probably less than your cell phone bill. most of us do not get our health care through the marketplace, we get it through jobs, medicare, or medicaid. thanks to the affordable care act, your coverage is better today than it was before.
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there are no more annual or lifetime limits on essential health care. women can get free checkups. and you cannot get charged more just for being a woman. young people can stay on a parents plan until they turn 26. seniors get discounts on their prescriptions. no one can be denied coverage just because of a pre-existing condition. that is because our goal was not to just make sure people had more coverage. it was to make sure more people have better coverage. continue working to make the system better, there is something you can do to help yourself in the country. go to and get covered. if there is someone you care about who has not signed up yet, help them get covered today, as well. right now,is open but only until january 31. if the senate by december 15, you will be covered by the beginning of the year. as ago check out or call and someone will
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personally help you find the plan that is right for you. ideaance is based on the that we are all in it together. that is what makes it work. same idea that always made america great. a thanks, everybody. and have a great weekend. >> for the past 17 months i have traveled across this nation and met the amazing people of our country. their hopes of become my hopes, their dreams have become my dreams. this is not just the campaign, it is a movement. it is a once-in-a-lifetime our country back from the donors and special interests and return the power to you, the american people. i propose my contract with the american voter, and a 100 day action plan to bring real change to washington. we need change it so badly. if we win on november 8, and elect a republican house and senate, we can deliver the
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change the american people deserve. my contract includes a plan to create 25 million new jobs, cut taxes on middle-class americans by 35%, and repeal and replace the total disaster known as obamacare. it does not work. we will also fix our terrible trade deals and stop jobs from leaving our country. my contract includes a pledge to end illegal immigration and and it rapidly. cancel federal funding for sanctuary cities, and suspend the admission of syrian refugees into our country. they're coming in by the thousands, and hillary clinton wants to increase that by 600%. will rebuild our badly depleted military and take care of our great, great veterans. parents have the right to send kids to the school of their choice, including millions of low income african-american and hispanic children who have been failed so long for generations
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by the democratic politicians like hillary clinton. they just have not been able to do the job. they have treated african-americans and hispanics horribly in so many ways. we will undertake a national effort to reduce crime and poverty and bring jobs and safety to our inner cities, finally, at last. the constitution and nominate supreme court justices that will do the same. contract,ter of my ending government corruption. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person to seek the presidency of the united states. if she were to win, it would create a constitutional crisis like no other. she is under multiple federal investigations, has committed including perjury. and she is now facing the prospect of a federal indictment. it is time to close the history books on the clintons and open a bright new chapter, focused on the great citizens of our country. i am asking for your vote and
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your help in electing a republican majority in congress so that we can finally change this broken system and make america great again. when i say great, i mean great for everyone. thank you very much. >> i did research information. this is definitely the case with a lot of pieces that will be done for this competition, mental illness especially. it is a complicated issue, it is not black and white. it is so multifaceted i had to research to get a base knowledge of what i wanted to talk about in this piece. it is so complicated that i cannot talk about it in five to seven minutes. >> i thought it would be nice to have a focal point i wanted to focus on. i started interviewing my .arents i researched this topic
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extensively. went to my dad's pharmacy and spoke to the pharmacist there. i talked to my mom, her colleagues, coworkers. research tointernet find more facts, data, statistics about employment, risk, developmental disabilities, to see what was really going on. most of the information i got from the internet came from government-founded websites, so that is how i knew most of the information i was getting was legitimate. >> at this year same, your message to washington, d.c. what is the most urgent issue for the president and congress to address in 2017? our competition is open to all middle school and high school students, with $100,000 awarded in cash prizes. students can work alone or in a group of up to three to create a
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five to seven minute documentary. the $100,000 in cash prizes will be shared between 150 students and 53 teachers. the grand prize will go to the best student or team. is january 20, 2017, so mark your calendars. for more information, go to "the communicators" is next, with a look at tech issues this election cycle. that is followed by a debate between the candidates running for u.s. senate in alaska. later this evening, we will take you live to philadelphia, where a get out the vote event with hillary clinton and singer katy perry.


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