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tv   Hillary Clinton Speaks to Reporters in Ashland Ohio  CSPAN  August 1, 2016 5:12am-5:20am EDT

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one of their stops was a family-owned business about 80 miles outside of columbus where they were headed for a campaign rally.
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>> i will let others draw their own conclusion about the language used and the approach taken by donald trump. >> do you think he crossed the ine with his comments? >> he has throughout the course of his campaign consistently insulted and demeend individuals, groups of americans, people around the world. and one doesn't know where the bottom is. it's hard to imagine anyone who
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has ever run to be president of the united states saying any of what he said and the accumulation of it all is just beyond my comprehension. >> what do you think it says about his character? >> well, i'm going to let others comment on his character and his motivation and his behavior. but i've said for months now that he has already demonstrated and does so every day that he is temperamently unfit and unqualified to be president of the united states and commander in chief. nd the latest attacks on the kahn family, on general allen just reinforces the doubts that any american should have about s campaign and the potential candidacy that he is offering
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to the american people. >> do you think americans -- what happened ve to mr. kahn is essentially a turning point? >> well, he called mexicans racists and criminals. he said a federal judge was unqualified because he had mexican heritage, someone born in the neighboring state in indiana. he's called women pigs he mocked a reporter with a disability. any one of those things is so an nsive and then to launch attack as he did on captain kahn's mother, a gold star mother, who stood there on that stage with her husband honoring the sacrifice of their son, and
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who has in the days since spoken out about the overwhelming emotion that any mother would feel as her son was being honored. and then to have trump do what he did. i don't know where the bounds are. i don't know where the bottom s. >> have you reached out to mrs. kahn? >> we have reached out. i spoke about captain kahn many months ago and i was aware. and i did it at the time because of trump's continuing offenseive comments about muslims, which i thought were so inappropriate. and then to have someone like captain cannes -- kahn, a brave american muslim serving our country being in effect looped
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into all of trump's vitriol, but i have -- there's no way i could match the eloquence and the courage of his parents. >> the totality of what you've said. why do you think the republicans are continuing to stand by him given what he said about john mccain, and so forth. are they picking party over him? >> i want tim to respond, too. but i think this is a time to pick country over party. and a number of republicans have said that. we as you know had republicans at our convention. we've had endorsements from republicans who have analyzed his behavior and his rhetoric in this campaign and have made it very clear where they stood. >> the popular republican governor of ohio has made very plain that this comment is just completely unacceptable. he didn't beat around the bush about it.
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he didn't qualify. he called it straight up. if you could not show empathy for a gold star mom and dad there's something missing in your personality. >> do you worry that americans are becoming desensitized to this kind of rhetoric? >> i think the uproar from americans across our country in response to a number of the comments that trump has made but in particular to his derogatory comments about the kahns shows to the country that the vast majority of americans are people who are decent and caring and looking for ways that we can come together, not to be divided by fear and hatred. >> can you comments on -- >> we've got to go. [inaudible] >> let me just say this because this came up, for the first time i saw it today.
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there's a nonpartisan independent commission that sets up the debates. right? and i was told they set up a schedule last fall. and neither campaign -- because we didn't know who the nominees were going to be -- >> were involved. i'm going to be there. >> now, a rally with hillary clinton and tim kaine. this is the final stop in their bus tour. it's 40 minutes. ♪


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