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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  July 31, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> next newsmakers with virginia governor terry mcauliffe on the presidential campaign. then we will show you some of the speeches from the republican national convention including texas senator ted cruz, indiana governor mike pence, and presidential candidate donald trump. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is our guest this week on newsmakers, a longtime confidant of the clintons and former rnc chairman. he is also now chairman of the national governors association. gabe of politico of the washington
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the remarks on transpacific partnership. were they reported correctly in the press? was was asked on the floor there any way there would be an agreement that hillary could support and if she got everything she wanted could she support it. obviously she doesn't support pp today. there's probably nothing that can be done that would earn her support. she's against it today. the question was if she got everything she wanted changed but it's a moot point. i have also talked to senator kaine and he does not support it either. governor, if i could ask you
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a follow-up. a lot of people saw the comments as reported from you the other that reallygestion in her heart hillary clinton is a free trader and does support the essential idea of the transpacific partnership and deals like it. and that somehow as president, she would return to those positions. what can you say to liberals in , certainly to some republicans supporting trump on the anti-trade message, what she would do as president and how the tpp plays into that? >> she has said she cannot get comfortable with this after she saw the details. i had lunch with the io and theyf the aflc
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said they are for trade deals. and 95% of the world's customers live outside of the united states. if we can get a trade deal text them and helps our -- protects them and helps our economy grow -- we had our best year we ever had last year. if you can get us a level playing field weekend do business with countries -- we can do business with countries. she cannot be supportive of this particular trade deal. all of the governors met last week in des moines and talked about trade and how to open up our markets. but it has to be a deal that
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works for everyone. >> governor, i wanted to bring up someone you mentioned earlier. senator tim kaine. talking about the electoral map, is there any chance secretary clinton made a mistake by choosing a vice president from a state that she was regarded as more likely to win than other ones? , i am not in the business of political suicide. i would never say it was not a great pick. map i thinkat the virginia -- since president obama, we won for the first time in '08. most of the polls had shown is anywhere from six to eight points up. i feel very good about where we
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are in virginia today. i think it is hard for the republican party to win the electoral college without virginia. if we can come out strong in florida and virginia the polls will close early. -- the first thing i have always said when hillary was looking at candidates, she wanted someone she could be compatible with. tim has all the great attributes . he was a great mayor and united states senator. he is what i call a moral progressive. he has fought on fair housing his whole life. i think he transcends the electoral college map and brings so much more. he saw when they did their first event in florida, you can see that chemistry. i feel confident we are going to win this election.
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i feel very comfortable we are going to witness election -- win this election. hillary clinton's acceptance speech tonight. what she have to do? who is she going to be talking to? the emphasis on her biography, her history as an advocate for women and children that we have heard all week -- is there anything americans don't know about hillary clinton at this point? was that all necessary? >> it's a good point. we have heard a lot. going all the way back to her school days. i think it is important framing so people truly understand hillary. this is a woman who has been in the political arena a very long time. they have attacked her for years but she gets out of bed every day and gets right back in the arena.
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what she is going to talk about tonight is where she wants to take this country. there is angst in this country. that israel. real. they see the 1% doing great. i love hillary coming out the other day and saying free college. message will be, here's what i can do for you. i watched all last week. with the message that came out of the republican party. america is in decline, demise. no one is beating us. we are america. we are the greatest nation in the world.
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she has already talked about huge investments in education and infrastructure. framing so wehe can say we know exactly where she wants to take this country. i don't think when donald trump finished his speech the people had any clear idea of what his vision for america was. >> you mentioned senator sanders. do you think he pulled clinton to the left and is that a good place for the party to be positioned going into the general election? i don't know if you look at the ticket in terms of left -- how do we work together, get things done together, i think that is more the framing. tim i would call a moral
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progressive. you can see the chemistry they have. it's going to be about the issues we all agree on. we disagree greatly with what the republican convention talked about all last week. just pivot back to virginia. i just announced our unemployment rate dropped to 3.7. it was 5.3% when i became governor. it is the steepest decline in 32 years. i got elected we had a $2.4 billion deficit that we turned into the largest surplus in virginia history. we put it right into education. to build the skills, do workforce development, redesign our high schools. high schools don't work in america anymore.
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they were built for the industrial revolution. we need an education system matching jobs with the skills needed for those jobs. i have 17,000 jobs open right now in virginia in the cyber field. $88, is we need to fix that. we have just made computer science one of our core courses in k-12. when we talk about successes in virginia is what we need to be doing all over the country. >> when you talk about moving forward to find solutions for working people, i want to have it towards the job tour they are about to embark on. they are going to ohio. they are staying in pennsylvania. do you think the demographic of white working-class males donald
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trump is targeting poses a real problem for her electorally speaking? message -- i'mur very glad they are going to be in pennsylvania and ohio, two key swing states. angst in our nation needs to be addressed. when she travels and meets with these folks who have been out of work or are looking for work today or don't feel like there wages have been increased, that's what we are going to be talking about. that's the folks we need to make sure they understand the message. communitye hispanic is not going to vote for donald trump. his rhetoric as it relates to hispanics, building the wall,
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anti-muslim. we know those communities and communities of color will come out and vote for us. the issue is the demographic of the older white male who has been at his job forever and his income has gone down and he wants his life to be better and is really worried about his children. that's the issue we have to address. >> you are sort of talking about reconstituting the obama coalition. how well do you think democrats have done and does this platform atsented here this week do re-creating that coalition and do you think your mention of increasing hispanic participation, is that going to be enough to compensate for whatever deficits you end up
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having with working-class white men in particular? >> our goal with the working-class white men is this message will be able to resonate and we can bring them to support us in the fall. if you look at the electoral college mapping, we could have more states in play than we have seen in a very long time. you hear talk about arizona. you have heard senator mccain say he is in a very tough race he did not think he would have. in opportunity exists for us north carolina today which has been more difficult recently. georgia is a huge opportunity for us as we move forward. if you watched president obama's ,peech last night and joe biden president obama laid out the vision. here's what i talked about 12 years ago. when i got elected eight years
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ago here at the things we said we were going to get done. i have not done everything i wanted to do, hillary is the who has the skill she is the most scared to do it. -- she is the most prepared to do it. can the democrats win if they lose pennsylvania and ohio? >> that makes the map much more difficult and i think that is what the trump campaign manager trying to figure out. if you look at the electoral college map, virginia is very solid right now. florida is tight but in our favor. if you take ohio and
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pennsylvania, that is the only hope in fairness that donald trump has. they figure they can get those working-class white males, get them angry and get them excited. i was with the governor of pennsylvania yesterday. we are going me, to win the commonwealth of pennsylvania. the only hope donald trump has is to take a couple of those states away from us. messagenk hillary's with tim kaine about economic empowerment and growing the economy and helping middle-class , helping other individuals today -- we can do this. we have done this in virginia. our economy is very strong today. education,ed
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transportation at the state level. this has to be at the national level. i'm very proud in hillary's first 100 days you'll see billions of dollars spent on infrastructure and education to take us to the next level. we do need to fix the infrastructure of this country. >> how well do you know donald trump and what is your relationship with mike pence? >> i have been around. i am old as dirt. i apologize for that. i have known donald trump for probably 20 years. when i first ran for governor he wrote a $25,000 check i believe to my campaign. i played golf with him. i know him. mike pence i have known serving on the governors association. we obviously have different views on social issues. i would say diametrically opposed.
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when the governor's get together, we try to keep as much of the partisanship out of the room. it's important for all 50 of us to get along and share best practices. i have had a good relationship with mike pence. i know him. generally when the governors get together and is not democrat or republican. what are you doing well in your state? cyber security is the big issue i am pushing. we need all 50 states to be in great shape. had 53inia we have million cyber attacks. that's one every four seconds. we all get along. i know mike pence. we are cordial when we get together. we don't agree on a lot of issues. the so-called religious freedom bill like what they had in north
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carolina, i had to veto that in virginia. i had to veto a defunding planned parenthood will. i have had to lean in to make virginia opening and welcoming to everyone, protect women's rights to choose. the gentleman i ran against wanted to shut every woman's health clinic down. he said it should be a crime to begin a in virginia. i stopped that in virginia. open and welcoming helps you build a strong economy for everyone. i want to ask you a question that speaks to your role as governor and former chair of the dnc. what was your response when you saw donald trump encourage russia to hack into secretary clinton's e-mails in response to the wikileaks e-mail dump at the dnc? i have never seen anything quite like this before. as i mentioned cyber security is a big issue.
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we have about five in very good shape. 20 are making progress and 25 states have a long way to go. unless we are all interconnected the weakest link in that chain will break all of us. great work in virginia but if we have a state that is not doing anything you can backdoor into virginia. we all worked very hard on this because it can really affect your infrastructure and hurt businesses. have donald trump actually telling a foreign actor to come into the united states and use their sophisticated hacking tools and hack into our presidential system. that is just plain wrong. it goes contrary to everything. we need to make america stronger. russia may have been behind the dnc attacks. we know other countries like china and others are trying to
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constantly infiltrate. we have to protect our utilities, water. here is donald trump telling russia, come in and hack away. let me be clear. you might want to start with the dnc. the next step, russia would not stop there. they could affect your water supply. the electric grid. they could steal tax information. they could get critical health care information. it was outrageous and he should come out today and totally disavow. sayingare russia you are , the presidential nominee is inviting me to come in and have fun -- i don't know if he can stop them now. hopefully homeland security and cyberwho work on syverson
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security -- it was not a good day for them. >> what is your take on the reaction to the content of the e-mails? given that you have been atop that group what would you recommend they do moving forward in the coming days and weeks and looking to the future? >> i found the e-mails to be outrageous. and were chair of the party i have someone working for me who had written those disparaging e-mails about senator sanders i would have fired them on the spot. when you run for the national in 2004 had a big field when i was chairman. i had a couple best buddies who were running for president but i had to be totally neutral. you have to present that so that people can have faith in the party system. when you destroy confidence in the system it obviously has a detrimental effect on unifying
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the party. i hope they are going through every single e-mail today. the rumors are that they're are going to dump a bunch more. i hope they have gone through every one of them and have done analysis of what exists is in them. people need to be fired for writing those kind of e-mails. you don't make fun of a presidential candidate. a were making fun of donors. these are people who are supporting your party. to do this.ave you should treat them with the utmost respect. volunteering, they are giving their services and you should never demean them. >> do you think because of the e-mail episode that the longer-term project of democratic party unity is going to be set back?
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the mechanics of that primary and the way the dnc ran it were a pretty big issue. it going to be after this convention is over to do that work of making sure the party is on good footing for the next election? if there are people still at the party responsible for these things i think they ought to tender their resignation. we have to send the signal that the party is operating in a neutral manner. i chaired hillary's campaign in 2008. it was a long slog. it went right to the end. once we got to the convention and hillary endorsed early. end women toward the coming up and saying this was
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our time for the first woman president, i will never support senator obama. i'm sure you all wrote about that. but guess what, we all came together and had a very unified convention. i think that's what you are going to see. i apologize to all your viewers who have watched me for many years saying this is the most important election of all time. i really believe it now. the stark contrast between donald trump if you have watched through the primaries -- all these issues. i think it is such a start contrast. greatnders campaign ran a race. people were surprised at the resiliency and the excitement which is great. i have always said that was great to get a lot of new folks fired up. the key is keeping them in the system.
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that's why these days are very important so we leave here as a unified party. the selection is not going to be easy. -- this election is not going to be easy. i'm very proud of the field operations that have gone on. we have a lot of folks on the ground today in virginia. a big part of this is identifying your voters and getting them out on election day. that doesn't happen without a massive ground operation. we have a very substantial ground operation. i don't think donald trump has much of an operation in many states. aroundhave been philadelphia the last few days and you have seen some signs of discord. trumps economic message do you worry that he will be able to pick off enough
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sanders supporters to really make a difference in swing states? >> maybe they are not listening right now to what secretary clinton has said, but i think they are listening to bernie sanders. is nothing but a true champion this week. his speech could not have been any clearer. his message to his supporters, it's time to come together. at some point is there a small percentage that may never come in? heart and soul invested in senator sanders and it is sanders or nobody? that happens in every presidential campaign but the vast majority are going to come over because senator sanders said it was the most important
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election. there are open to listening to secretary clinton and what she has to date. can donald trump pick enough of them off to cost us the election? i have not seen any of that at all. you have a little over a year left in office. what are you going to do afterward? it?t goes fast doesn't i have a very republican general assembly. 66 out of 100 republicans in my house of delegates and a senate majority in my senate. and we have gotten a lot done. we have totally transformed transportation. all of our times rotation expenditures -- transportation expenditures are done through something called smart scale. i inherited a couple of political messes. we fixed transportation and our
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education system. 730 new economic development projects. we brought $12.6 billion of new capital which is a record i am very proud of. the one thing i have not been successful at has been the medicaid expansion. using state dollars to pay for what the federal could pay for. it's disappointing. i'm not shocked. it's political. i will continue to try but they say they have no intentions of ever voting for so-called obamacare. billion dollars of our taxpayer money that went to washington we could have brought it all back and provided health care for 400,000 virginia is in -- virginians. morally it's the right ink to do. i will continue to try to do
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that. sometimes politics gets in the way of good governance. i stood on the steps of the capitol on april 22 and restore the right of 200-6000 island. virginia was one of the worst states in the nation for felon disenfranchisement. they put in a poll tax, literacy test and felony disenfranchisement for the stated purpose of making sure that the whites remain supreme in virginia. i'm paraphrasing. his language is actually much worse than that. i was able to restore those rights. unfortunately the supreme court 4-3 said i don't have the right to do it even though the constitution is very clear. they said i never have to do it individually. be back in richmond and i am beginning the process of restoring those rights individually. it is the right thing to do
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morally. these people have paid their debt to society. i am the 41st state. why are we at the end on all of these racial issues? we should be leading the nation on that. the cause of civil rights is often bumpy and difficult but the fight goes on and we will continue to fight in the commonwealth of virginia. >> governor terry mcauliffe, thank you for being on c-span's newsmakers. what did you learn from the governor? learned that he can turn any conversation to a discussion of what's going on in virginia like a good governor should. president? ning for be running for senate. we did not ask him but he gets to pick the replacement for tim kaine.


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