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tv   March 15 Primaries Results and Speeches  CSPAN  March 15, 2016 8:28pm-12:01am EDT

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in which it is in this coming. guest: marco rubio had a rough campaign. he did outlast his onetime mentor jeb bush. after a strong third-place finish in iowa, he had a devastating debate in new hampshire where chris christie of being accused rubio a robot. up to memorized talking points. rubio ended up fifth in new hampshire. that was the beginning of the end, he has a decent showings but was nevere, able to catch fire. he tried to out trump trump at the debate, but can only be described as a childish move. the following debate, the last debate, was more congenial. at the same time, marco rubio is a brightold, he has
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future. but he is leaving the senate, he is not running for reelection. some speculation he may run for governor in 2018. but losing tonight is a blow that possibility. he is also not wealthy. many think he will go in the private sector for some time. he cashed out to help pay for his kids education. without a doubt, marco rubio did not sound like he would be endorsing donald trump in that speech. he would also say don't give into the fear. he is a very critical of trump and where the party is headed under a trump nomination. also evident that marco rubio new this was coming. he had this speech ready, even though the last several weeks he said the polls were wrong. i think he knew he was going to lose and had that speech ready. it was a pretty gracious speech.
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will we see marco rubio back on the political stage? i think so. but we may not see them for quite some time because he'll be out of the public eye for a while. host: hillary clinton has a win in florida. >> the networks also declared north carolina a win for hillary clinton. just two victories out of five primary side. joining us now is debbie wasserman schultz, the chair of the democratic national committee. guest: great to be with you. host: the real battleground continues to be in the midwest. we received an e-mail yesterday from the clinton campaign saying they were hoping to close the deal tonight. is that appear to be the case? i fully expect that the democratic primary will continue into april. although, reaching this evening we have 50% of the delegates
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that are available up to this point have been cast, the votes have been cast for those. we certainly don't have a candidate that has gone over that number. the campaign will go on. seeing various numbers unfold tonight. secretary clinton has won florida and north carolina. but the other races have yet to play out. i expect this race will continue. scenariosme put two on the table. we are keeping an eye on the clinton campaign and the sanders headquarters. if sanders were the nominee, how does he run against donald trump other republican nominee? what is the strategy? guest: the playbook if we run against donald trump -- i'm sorry? host: if bernie sanders is
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running against donald trump, what is the democratic playbook? guest: the democratic playbook is going to be the same running against donald trump matter who our nominee is. we are confident that americans do not believe that you should ban an entire religion just because of who they are. do not believe that mexicans are drug dealers and rapists. not believe that in the misogynistic statements that have really degraded women. in aalso don't believe candidate who condones violence at his political events. we are confident that in preparing to make sure that we continue to move this economy forward, and build on the 72 months of job growth in the private sector, and the 50 million people that now have jobs. to continuell want to go in that direction. they will not want to be dragged backwards by an extremist
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republican nominee like donald trump. host: donald trump says he can but states like pennsylvania, new york, ohio, illinois, in play for the republicans. guest: at the end of the day, i think that is a pipe dream. that thosestrongly states that have been consistently blue will continue to be supporting the democratic company. those are states that understand they want a president that wll and-- will have their back, make sure they can fulfill the cornerstones of the middle-class life, having a roof over your education,d jake -- making three can keep your health care, and have a retirement safety net that isn't cut so full of holes that you faltered. and every single one of those things all those elements that help people reach the middle class, donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich would roll us
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when george a time w. bush was president that caused to the worst economic crisis since the great depression. that is the direction anyone in the state wants to go. we have an opportunity for a number of states to be put in play because of how extreme and off the rails republicans have gone. host: what state would they be? guest: i think arizona, for example, is a state given its growing hispanic population where we already have arizona on the periphery of a targeted state. certainly, there will be a case to be made if donald trump is the nominee. arizonans could support the democratic nominee because he certainly had a population that theot off the deep end as republican party seems to have
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gone. host: we are seeing some activity, but some of canada to the hillary clinton campaign headquarters in miami. very quickly, the republican national committee same air out raising the democratic party. is that a concern to you? they always outweigh to the democratic national committee. that isn't even the standard that we compare ourselves. it is important to be on track to raise the money we need to be able to support our nominee. will have the, we resources we need to do that. good for the republicans, we are on making sure we can raise grassroots.he our average contribution is other like $50. we are very proud of the low dollar contributions we received from grassroots activists all over the country. republicans are focused on super pac's, opaque special interests controlling the governmental process and driving policy
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decisions. we believe the people should make those decisions. election should be driven by voters. represent of debbie wasserman schultz scum of the chair of the democratic national committee joining us live on the phone. thank you very much for being on the phone with us. let's go to some result. at,ohio, all eyes on th governor john kasich still holding on with 44% of the vote. donald trump second, and ted cruz coming in third. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is up with 60% of the vote compared to 31% percent of bernie sanders. a very small percentage reporting right now. and north carolina, donald trump with nearly 40% of the vote compared to 35.1 percent for ted cruz. a distant third for governor john kasich. side, hillarytic clinton has been declared the winner in the north carolina primary.
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in florida, the winners on the republican side are donald trump, with 45% of the vote, ,arco rubio coming in at 27% and hillary clinton is the winner in the democratic primary. is eight feetthis from the washington post, donald trump spent the day on the golf course. he is tweeting, and watching the fox news channel saying dump fox news. he was also going after megyn kelly. host: thanks for a much. is with us. i'm interested in the last week from donald trump. analysis done by an organization was put out today that watch the media coverage. our trump far outpaces -- donald trump for outpaces the
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candidates for media coverage. he is always criticizing the media. what do you think of that? guest: i think donald trump know how to deal with the media. he has done it much better than other candidates in the race. we have seen other candidates criticize the media for their donald trump coverage. at the same time,, a lot of these candidates don't sit down for interviews. donald trump does. . fair amount of them didn't for candidates to complain about trump getting a lot of media coverage while also not sitting down with the media and perhaps being scared of city ballot media -- sitting down with think that flies. dr. ben carson was also a media friendly candidate who would talk to a media outlet.
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trump sits down with a number of publication. that is free media. when you look at the republican side, many can did not take advantage of a hungry media. you can't win the white house by playing safe. you have to go for it. i think that will be the case in the general, as well./ host: some of the states are having congressional primaries. wonder if there are important primaries. guest: one is john boehner's seat, number of candidates are running in that race. one candidate is backed by the house freedom caucus. basically, it is a tea party candidate. wins, thatdidate would be interesting development in ohio where you have a
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speaker's seat, and john boehner is not gotten involved. a tea party candidate replace him, this is the primaries they would have to win come november, but would be the overwhelming favorite. then i think that would be a telling thing. otherare a numbver of primary challenges. it is unlikely we'll see incumbents lose tonight. you have a number of texas republicans that were up in primaries a little while back, including kevin brady, the chairman of the ways and means committee. primaryble to stave off challenges. members are very nervous about this year. that is why at the member level, lawmakers have been very careful not to criticize trump. host: we will return to telephone calls for stud next up
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is raymond and waco, texas, a democrat. caller: well, marco rubio sounded like a democrat therefore little bit. during his party under the train. anyway, this republican party for the past half-century, it amazes me how americans still vote for this party, has twice brought us into economic recession and breakdown. theparty has caused majority of so many wars, and the corruption causes so much havoc around the world. people don't realize, we have to look at ourselves in the mirror. corruption, our
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corruption goes through wall street. it is everything that we consume. we then sell it, and then when you have this human migration and disasters and massive genocide, we go to war then raise prices even more. harde having even a problem living right here in our own country because of the corruption that this republican party has left us with. sople don't know why life is crazy. host: let me jump in there and get a response. guest: you are hearing from voters like the caller that they weary of both politicians and wars as well as wall street. we saw donald trump go after the bushes in south carolina, where
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these to be popular. during a allegations that bush knew there were weapons of mass destruction. he back tracked from that the following day. but if you have done that in prior election cycles then basically you were congressman rand paul. or his father ron, who was attacked by others running back then including rudy giuliani. take on the trump pharmaceutical industry, health ensurers, things that befor establishment republicans would not touch. that was viewed as untouchable. at least for now, trump is writing that wave of success. ust: sarah butler tweets to
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andook for closed borders rule of law like cruz once did. by bothear is used sides, and it is an effective tool. trump has said we would not have a country without borders and we will build a wall. it says mexico is going to be paving for it, -- paying for it, that has been criticize. but those of really dismissed him from the beginning. he ended up taking the lead in late july, and has been a phenomenon. whether it is fact checkers going after donald trump, or candidate saying his ideas are ridiculous, the voters are going to the polls and like his ideas. they're going -- put him as the front runner on the gop side. host: we are waiting for hillary
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clinton to come out, she is in florida at west palm. are anticipating a success for canada. we go to coverage of her speech when she goes to the podium. until then, taking your calls. next is a call from joe, from arizona, a republican. caller: thank you for taking my call. cusak'sly enjoying mr. commentaries. i'm a constitutionalist with a historical background. conservative with the goldwater, and reagan upbringing. i don't believe the litmus test politics. i could've gone with either wanted to this weekend. with the protesters they can they get to decide who has first amendment rights. i was disappointed at ted cruz's
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reaction to it. he just wanted to blame trump. he did no effort to defend constitutional rights of assembly. you might disagree with what you say, but will defend your right to say it. and my vote come come i will be 44 donald trump. we know he won't be able to do other things he talks about. he will be able to get things done. that is something that we need away from sound bites. a doer and a closer. ours also like forefathers, a citizen outside of politics and does the job. on the other side, with the sanders, want to warn the historical illiterates out there and learn about socialism and the ideas behind it. and the effects that it has
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especially in the middle part of the century. be sowing the seeds for another round of national socialism. finally, not like romney at all. mitt romney four years ago cannot even make a layup. but this year will definitely be fun as long as we can keep it civil. host: thanks for a much. there have been some indications that the protests have helped donald trump on the republican side. going into the general, he knows he will have to pivot. heald trump is a dealmaker, said he's willing to negotiate and get things done. i think most voters are very frustrated with that. we've seen bill clinton talk about hillary clinton as someone
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of the work with republicans and to work with them in the senate. i know that she viewed by some as polarizing, but she did work with republicans in the upper chamber. it is interesting that donald trump and hillary clinton's candidate sees -- candidacies are saying we will get thing star man strike deals. clearly, the chances are there will be some type of split government. the house select with the republican, the senate is up for grabs. if donald trump wins he might have to work for the democratic senate. regardless, there will have to be some compromise. donald trump has shown that he's willing to compromise. voters are ok with that. when john boehner compromise, that was viewed very badly by the republican base. that is why he is a former speaker now. host: next up is michael,
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watching us in dallas. caller: i wanted to mention that i thought over the last couple months i have been watching, donald trump is probably the most interesting candidate. thisof, he is breaking up sort of bush compassionate conservatism mentality where you have to be a holy roller to make the nomination. businessman. justnk kasich and -- he is so boring. anyone wouldwhy vote for him or anyone from congress because something has been happening. that was my comment.
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host: before you respond, that has been some results called in ohio, but find it what they are. host: ohio governor john kasich has been declared a winner, it was a must win state for him. based on all of the results, the networks have declared governor kasich the winner. donald trump at 34%, and senator ted cruz at 14.5%. on the democratic side, hillary clinton the winner in the ohio democratic primary, this is a -- theotry for three for her. her.ctory for donald trump is ahead in north carolina over senator ted cruz. governor john kasich is a distant third. the democratic primary, hillary clinton has been declared the
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winner there as well. in florida hillary clinton and donald trump of the winners of their. one county, in cleveland, all of these results on our website. why did she win in ohio? q1 significantly in cuyahoga county. we're keeping and nine south florida, and will go back to you. for john kasich in ohio. guest: that is a big win for john kasich. you would've had to bow out, he did very well in new hampshire, and finish a strong second-place. he really disregarded iowa, which was a strong move. in new hampshire, and has been saying all along wait until ohio, he is popular in his home state. he was able to win it. on strong. coming
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this was close between trump and kasich. john kasich is a former house member, and chairman of the budget committee and served on the armed services committee. won?if ted cruz he has been saying it should be a two man race. but he is so behind in the delegates he must make of so much ground, now john kasich will remain in the race. we're effectively down to three. john kasich claims he can catch momentum in states like pennsylvania, and other neighboring states in the northeast. john kasich has no chance of getting the 1237 delegates that he needs. he needs to that momentum going into the convention and hope for a broker convention and at the
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party establishment rallies around him with marco rubio out. i think rubio and kasich were taking votes from one another. this is john kasich first win. he has a long way to go, but he is stil in this. his best result has to be at a brokered convention. it is interesting, mitt romney saw an opportunity. had a big speech against donald trump is that the donald trump kept a winning any momentum seemed to be shifting. i think, anytime you can ge t headlines, anytime you get free media, and john kasich was getting free media today. you're just waiting for election results. you really don't know what is going to happen until results come in. in iowa, that was a big turnout. thatyou didn't realize
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actually didn't help bernie sanders go over the top. during election day, pickup the turnout was great. we don't know, and he was able to attract some attention post a some votes because of that. i also don't think that mitt romney is moving the dial very much. they said before, he didn't win in 2012, he didn't hit it very well in the general election. when, henald trump will pivot more effectively than mitt romney did. you have to go to the right in the primary, then move back to the middle and the general. you will see probably hillary clinton move to the middle should she win the nomination bust up on the did not do that for a well. the republicans were frustrated with him. donald trump says that was a winnable election in 2011, barack obama called himself an underdog because the poll
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numbers weren't too good for him. he was an underdog at the time. he ran a very successful campaign, and mitt romney did not. good day for john kasich come without a doubt. spent theald trump night not having a rally. he is once again having a press and a ine at his home west palm, florida. he tells us it will be at 10:00. it may be delayed as of the candidates make their remarks. let's go next to a call from state college, pennsylvania. hi, here is the deal, i met donald trump many times. host: you are supporting him? he is aactually, no, flawed character. he is a flawed candidate. $50ll admit that i donated
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to president obama's campaign eight years ago. host: ok, well thanks, going to move to a color watching us in ohio -- caller watching us in ohio. who did you vote for? caller: donald trump. how do you call an election with only 4% reporting? i never really understood that. host: bob, do you want to talk about that? guest: many media organizations to exit polling. over the years, the networks had to backtrack on that. but they have been a lot more careful on that. what they do is compare their exit/entrance polls to the early .esults that have come in i'm not an expert on it, but they're able to make a projection. so far in this election they have been 100% accurate.
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i would imagine john kasich is the winner. caller: i'm keeping my fingers crossed, that is the winner. said, the republican voters iespecially ones for trump, don't know people are just blind or stupid. everybody knows the 1965 immigration reform act push through by democrats promised the united states would not change the face of america. most people worried that was pushed through with conventional results that many of these immigrants are voting for the democratic party. without that, the democrats not the winning many elections. the majority of americans, at their core, are conservative. when you look at the people committing the violence in chicago, it was obvious leftist groups.
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that communist flags, all the bernie signs. you never heard hillary, or bernie sanders apologizing for their violent conduct in disrupting the first amendment rights of trump supporters. if the trump people did half of the shenanigans of the bernie sanders people did at an event, they would be called neo-nazis, radicals, terrorists. my final point, is for the gop leadership, outrageous and embarrassing. that tells us that the gop is just an enemy as the democratic party. will let that caller stand, hillary clinton is making her way to the podium. i want to thank you for being with us tonight on this election night. ♪ the repentant: --
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hillary clinton: thank you so much. [applause] hillary clinton: thank you. thank you all so very much. this is another super tuesday for our campaign. [applause] clinton: thank you florida, north carolina, thank you ohio. [applause] clinton: although we're waiting for final result in illinois, and misery, we know we will add to our delegate lead to roughly 300 over 2 million more votes nationwide. [applause]
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clinton: we are moving closer to securing a democratic party nomination, and winning this election in november. [applause] [applause] because of all of you and our supporters across the country our campaign has earned more votes than any other candidate, democrat or republican. [applause] and, i want to congratulate senator sanders for the vigorous campaign he is waging. today all of you in the states where contests were held they voted to break down the barriers hold us all
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back. you voted. you voted for our tomorrow to be better than our yesterday. tomorrow, where all of us do our part at everyone has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. [cheers and applause] because, that is how america can live up to its potential, too. we need you to keep working, keep volunteering, keep contributing at hillaryclinton. com. please and applause] join the 950,000 supporters who have already have contributed. most less than $100. our campaign depends on small
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donations. we cannot do this without you. if you have been waiting for the right moment now is the time to join us. [cheers and applause] know, tonight it is clearer than ever that this may be one of the most consequential campaigns of our lifetime. the next president will walk into the oval office next january, sit down at that desk and start making decisions that will affect the lives and livelihoods of everyone in this country, everyone on this planet. [cheers and applause] that easy decisions don't make it to the president's desk. only the hardest choices and thorny is problems. wrestledsident obama
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with the decision to send navy seals after osama bin laden, the decision to rescue the auto industry, to fight for the affordable care act, and so many more. our next president has to be tasks.o face three big first, can you make positive differences in people's lives? can you keep us safe? can you bring our country together again? [cheers and applause] differences in people's lives comes first because americans everywhere are hungry for solutions. they want to break down the barriers holding them back so we
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can all rise together. ask any parent. nothing is more important than making sure their kids have a good school and good teacher no matter what home they live in. they deserve a president who understands when we invest in our children's education we are investing in all of our futures. young people across america struggling under the weight of student debt find it difficult to imagine the futures they want. they deserve a president who will help relieve them of that burden and help future generations go to college without borrowing a dime for tuition. [cheers and applause] grandparents who worry about retirement deserve the president who will protect and expand
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social security for those who need it most, not cut or privatize it. [cheers and applause] families deserve a president who will fight for the things that priorities at home art priorities in washington. affordable childcare, paid family leave area and something we have waited for, equal pay for equal work. [cheers and applause] and above all, hard-working americans across our country deserve a president with both to ideas and the know-how create good jobs with rising incomes right here in our country. i am absolutely convinced that
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we have the tools to do that. that is why i have laid out a program to do what can be done. more good jobs in infrastructure. more good jobs in manufacturing. [cheers and applause] jobs in small businesses. more good jobs in clean, renewable energy. good paying jobs are the ticket to the middle class. we are going to stand up to the american middle class again. we're going to stand up for american work or's and make sure no one takes advantage of us. not china, not wall street. not corporate executives. look. candidate makes promises
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like this. every candidate owes it to you to be clear and direct about what our plans will cost and how we are going to make them work. that is the difference between running for president and being .resident [cheers and applause] i will tell you. chanting " hillary"] hillary clinton: we live in a complex and dangerous world. protecting national security can never be an afterthought. our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not
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embarrass it. engage our allies, not alienate them. defeat our adversaries, not embolden them. when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states -- [crowd boos] hillary clinton: when he embraces torture that doesn't make him strong, that makes him wrong. [cheers and applause] yes, our next president has to bring our country together. we should be breaking down barriers, not building walls. .e are not going to succeed
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to be great we can't be small. we can't lose what made america great. just about donald trump. all of us have to do our parts. we can't talk about economic inequality. we have to take on all forms of inequality and discrimination. have to defend all of our rights. the civil rights and voting rights. , lgbt rights, rights for people with disabilities. by standing with president obama when he nominates a justice to the supreme court. [cheers and applause] our next president will face all of these challenges and more.
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running for president is hard but being president is harder. it is the hardest, most important job in the world. no one person can succeed at the job without seeking and finding common ground to solve the problems we face. a real difference in people's lives. if we reach out to treat each other with respect, kindness and even love instead of bluster and bigotry, if we live each other up instead of tearing each other down, there is nothing we can't accomplish together. join me in this campaign. every vote counts. counts.lunteer hour eight years ago on the night of the ohio primary i said i was running for everyone who has ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out.
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for everyone who has stumbled but stood back up. for who everyone who works hard and doesn't give up. our campaign is for the steelworker i met in ohio sunday but hopings laid off to get back to work. for the mother i met in miami whose five children haven't seen their father since he was deported. she dreams of a day when deportations end and families are reunited on a path to citizenship in america. [cheers and applause] and, it is for the mothers i stood with in chicago yesterday who have lost children to gun violence. they are turning their sorrow into a strategy and their morning into a movement. let's stand with people who have
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courage, resilience. let's stand with everyone who believes america's best they are ahead of us. for all of our challenges, i have never had more faith in our future. if we work together and go forward in this campaign, if we win in november i know our future will be brighter. all so very [cheers and applause] ♪ this is my fight song i've still got a lot of
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fight left in me a lot fight left in me this is my fight song songback my life prove i'm all right song my powers turned up starting right now i'll be strong i'll find my fight song i don't care if nobody else believes i've still got a lot of fight left in me a lot of fight left in me this is my fight song songback my life
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prove i'm all right song my powers turned up starting right now i'll be strong i'll find my fight song and i don't really care if nobody else believes i fightill got a lot of left in me ♪ >> ♪ this is my fight song prove i'm all right song turned up starting right now i'll be strong i'll find my fight song i don't really care if nobody
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else believes i've still got a lot of fight left in me ♪ hillary clinton with her supporters in west palm, florida. also donald trump's hometown. clear win in three states and leads into others, you have more results. are an eye on john kasich headquarters. we just gone e-mail saying the strategy, no candidate will win that the fieldow has narrowed. they will go toe to toe with donald trump and the math is shifting in john kasich favor. he will be out in misery on the republican side. cruz coming in second
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with 33% of the vote. governor kasich at 11%. hillary clinton is ahead with 50% -- 57% of the vote. in illinois on the republican side, donald trump is ahead. this is with 20% reporting. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is ahead with 53% of the vote compared to 45% for senator bernie sanders. in ohio, john kasich is the winner with 43% of the vote. inlooks like a may be coming in just a moment. this is in ohio outside of cleveland. >> governor john kasich. [cheers and applause]
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[crowd chanting "kasich"] [cheers and applause]
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[crowd chanting "usa"] [cheers and applause] better believeu it is about america. it is about pulling us together. not pulling us apart. -- it is about bringing us together not pulling us apart. it is about the usa. "kasich"]nting john kasich: hey. listen. -- hey.
9:19 pm
[cheers and applause] john kasich: when you went to college in the 1970's you appreciated a peaceful protest every once and a while. first of all, when you are in you area, and struggling and leave your family to go on the campaign trail and deliver a message to america because you believe that you are the best qualified person to be president of the united states , i you put it on the line
9:20 pm
want this crowd here tonight to verya great response to a great, talented and find united states senator, marco rubio for the effort he has done. [applause] john kasich: tonight we arrived in cleveland. we went to a restaurant. we thought we could sneak in and grab a quick meal. when we walked through the restaurant, people started to cheer. , please don't do that because you're going to make me cry.
9:21 pm
people believe in canand to believe that you bring people together and strengthen our country, i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you. [applause] [crowd chanting "kasich"] kasich: when i became governor of ohio i went to new york and met with some of the rating agencies. things were bad. we were $8 billion in the hole. our credit was in the balance. we are about to cut up your credit card and give you a new one where you cannot by asthma -- as much. youdon't understand ohio,
9:22 pm
don't understand ohio wins. i can't wait to go back again. we are now up 400,000 plus jobs. we are running a $2 billion surplus. our pensions are secure. we've cut taxes by any governor in this country. onewe are leaving no behind. not to the mentally ill, the drug addicted. [applause] i don't know whether you can actually serve a meal of words that i would like to go back to the credit rating agencies where they could learn to eat their words about doubting ohio. [applause] , my whole gentlemen life has been about trying to
9:23 pm
create a climate of opportunity for people. as my father carried the mail on i was told by my cousin, i didn't realize this. my mother was the only one to graduate from high school. the other three barely made it out of the eighth grade. they were poor. as i have traveled the country and i look into your eyes, you want to believe. you want to believe again that we can have job security. you want to believe again wages can rise. you want to believe that your children are going to have a better america than what we got from our mothers and fathers. that is the great american legacy. that our kids will be better than we are. [applause] i want people an ohio around
9:24 pm
the country to know that i understand these tough issues. i grew up in these situations in that blue-collar town. is the need eye, it to forget the politics, forget the focus groups. i represent you. it is my job to look at these situations and these problems and listen to you. it is my job to go and fix them. if that means i have to take some heat that is the price of leadership in america. [applause] i want you to know the campaign goes on. i want you to know that it has
9:25 pm
been my intention to make you proud. it has been my intention to have young people across this country watch someone enter into politics, even though i have labored in obscurity. people counting me out. people in ohio saying why don't they ever call on him. [laughter] we get all that. we put one foot in front of the other. i want to remind you tonight i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. [applause] you know, the challenges we have
9:26 pm
, we can go to washington in the first hundred days and fix these problems with shock and agenda that can pass. we can rally the people in washington. i'm going to remind them we are americans and we have an .bligation [applause] , really believe this and want you to know this. maybe in many respects this is why i have been given the chance to stand here tonight and i have earned a victory. the lord has made everyone here special. i have been telling people this across the country. nobody has ever been made like you before and no one will be made like you before. -- like you again.
9:27 pm
you are here in a moment in time. your job is to find the purpose you have. your job is to live life a little bit bigger than yourself. your job is to be a center of healing and justice and hope in whatever way we can. if we are a school teacher we give up money to change lives. if we are a nurse, we work 15 extra minutes when we are dead on our feet because we want to assure a family that things are going to be ok. [applause] if we are a neighbor, that means that widow who was married for 15 years, you want to change the world. you take her to dinner saturday night. she will wear that dress she hasn't worn in six months.
9:28 pm
learned as a boy, from my mother and father, the spirit of america rests in us. it doesn't rest in big-time politicians. you hire us to do the job. to create an environment economic growth and opportunity. that is not where our spirit is. our spirit is in us believing through our efforts in which every part of the world that we we can change the world, that we can carve out a better future, that we can realize the special gifts given to each of us in here are something that we can use to heal the world. we are part of a giant mosaic. a snapshot in time. all of us here. , ass our job as americans people who want to be decent and
9:29 pm
live good lives, to understand that purpose and never underestimate our ability to change the world in which we live. [applause] guess what, tomorrow i am going to philadelphia. going all over the country. many of you have traveled around this country trying to help me. this is all i've got. from can say is thank you the bottom of my heart. i want you to know something, we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the
9:30 pm
republican nomination. [applause] [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "kasich"] kasich: i also want to thank -- my father was a democrat all of his life. he was. we had a lot of democrats that said they didn't like the socialist agenda or a left-wing agenda or big government. i want to thank them for coming over in this election and putting their confidence in me. i think we all know conservative principles can work.
9:31 pm
common sense can work. shifting power and influence from washington and moving it to where we live that empowers us, that is the direction for our country. [applause] finally, i want you coming out on the road. i want you to continue doing we have been doing around this country. over the mountains, to california. .ere's what i want you to know we have one more trip around ohio this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states. thank you all very much. thank you. god bless you. [cheers and applause]
9:32 pm
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9:35 pm
♪ host: governor john kasich savoring his victory in his home state tonight. we still have to hear from donald trump, bernie sanders, and ted cruz. we are waiting for donald trump to come out to cover that life for you. we will tape bernie sanders and
9:36 pm
bring that to you later. we said donald trump playing golf today in the kasich campaign, sending out a tweet of him playing basketball. this is a photograph that was released. pointing out that pennsylvania's primary is in late april. we are going to hear more about that in the next few weeks. john kasich went to the ohio state and graduated in ohio as a member of congress. .his is from rick klein he needs to win 56% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. ken vogel with coverage of the hillary clinton campaign. messaging, running for president is hard but being
9:37 pm
president is harder. contests int the missouri. here are the numbers pre-donald trump winning with 38,000 votes compared to 35,000 votes. the missouri primary has not been called. illinois, donald trump is ahead with nearly 99,000 votes compared to 60,000 votes for senator ted cruz. in north carolina, donald trump with 255,000 votes compared to 230,000 votes for ted cruz and governor kasich. a quick reminder, all of these resorts -- results are on our website at host: thank you. we're going to be taking your telephone calls and getting your reaction.
9:38 pm
i would like to hear what you think about it. we are waiting for donald trump coming up next. senator bernie sanders a little bit later ron. rom tedawaiting word f cruz's campaign. let's go to calls. barbara and alexandria, you have been waiting. are you there? i apologize. we have lost you. chase, liberty, texas. guest: first of all, i don't understand, john kasich voted for nafta, that he gets up there and espouses how his father was a democrat and cared about the working man. i have an issue with that. i just don't understand what,
9:39 pm
how anyone can think at this -- we have reached a crescendo in this country that someone is going to save us if we don't have a coalition, if there is not a logical thinking group of democrats and republicans that can put aside believes. that is not a conspiracy. these people think in one world terms. for america in large-scale projects, we are not going to get anywhere. hillary clinton, she does not there. business being up she has too many skeletons in her closet. i do not want her if she is president listening to that horrible voice. could you imagine listening to her tell you what to do? that would be a nightmare. hi senatorteful to
9:40 pm
cruz. at this point, as a libertarian, i'm holding my nose and going in with donald trump. the trump steaks are outstanding. int: next up is shannon tallahassee, florida. you are on the air. how did you vote today? guest: i voted for bernie sanders. host: what you think about the results in your state? guest: i'm feeling disappointed right now. money is being captain politics with hillary clinton. i think that people just can't handle the radical change that he wants. radical change, i believe bernie could change the political landscape for good with his speeches about campaign finance reform, income inequality. i think the same people who vote for clinton who think that they
9:41 pm
can't vote for bernie because he is too radical seem to be unaware they are voting for a person who has taken all of the issues bernie has talked about and adopted them for her own use. i don't think that clinton would have spoken about income inequality, black lives matter or have not attacked her democratic opponent if bernie had not done it first. she flip-flops so much. you can tell she is disingenuous by what she says. he has adopted sanders' rhetoric and only cares about black people when it is convenient for her. her first internship was with a known segregationist. i don't think it's fair she can pass it off as her own as something workable and she gets the vote. people can't handle the change that other developed countries have enjoyed a great amount of success with. look at where the youth voted.
9:42 pm
it is with bernie sanders. my generation, that includes me, we're tired of the same allowsal machine that rich people to control our political system. host: how old are you? guest: i'm 23 years old. stop you.going to thank you for participating tonight from tallahassee, florida. a quick look at the ted cruz headquarters. flags at both locations. no candidates yet. we will keep watching. next, an independent. >> hello. thanks for taking my call. michigan i think the democratic party went the giving bernie sanders the win with an upset. i think it was one that bernie
9:43 pm
supporters were not surprised with. when i listen to what he has to save -- to say, he seems to have a vision and you want the next president of a vision. i don't really like secretary clinton. she just doesn't have the message and she doesn't seem to have the energy that he shows. at his age, it is a little surprising but it is comforting preview want somebody to fight country inmove the progress. not making america great again. it has always been great. there is no going back. we can only go forward. aret of the ideas he has quite frankly overdue. wage to ahe minimum
9:44 pm
livable wage, making college affordable. a lot of infrastructure around the country. these are common sense ideas. i don't really see other candidates talking much about them. or what they plan to do to be successful in these projects. host: thank you we appreciate your call. next up, lorena a. who is your candidate? guest: i was actually going for marco rubio. hewas heartbreaking to see has given up. -- [inaudible] because i felt like i was in a reality tv show. hope for america, that
9:45 pm
is all i can hope for. a better day for us. , who with senator rubio will you support going forward? would vote for ted cruz. hopefully he stays on. clown, not vote for the donald trump. nation want to see our turn into a jerry springer show. host: why do you think senator rubio was not successful? that it really think our generation and expectations of people being tired of hearing the same old politician. donald trump has a way of votersg attention of new
9:46 pm
. that is my perspective. host: are you a millennial? guest: yes. host: how old are you? guest: i'm actually -- host: you are how old? guest: 30 years old. host: thank you for participating. marvin in independence, missouri. guest: hello. want to thank c-span coverage. inust turned 62 years old january and i have been a straight ticket democrat all my life. i voted for my first republican for mr. trump. host: why did you do that? guest: he has the leadership qualities that we need and reminds me of harry truman who
9:47 pm
was a neighbor down the road from where i live. i feel like he can do the right thing. advisers and people to question. i just feel he is the candidate i would like to see in their. even reagan, people talk about how great he was but at the time there were many people who used to talk about him being the actor, the cowboy. now he is praised to the skies. i don't think always what you see in a campaign is what we would see as president. mr. trump is looking more presidential as time goes on. i don't think he is the radical he is made out to be. the republican should be coming in line to win the election and not -- it looks like the
9:48 pm
establishment is trying anything to get him out and it makes me suspicious. is that muche competition just to get him out. so that is the first time i have voted republican. i am proud to say i have voted for mr. trump. votingne of five states on march 15. >> marvin will be happy. donald trump winning in north carolina and illinois. let's go through the results. donald trump with 40% of the vote compared to 36% for tenants are -- for senator ted cruz. this is a winner takes most of the delegates, not all of them. in illinois, donald trump is declared the winner by the networks with 40% of the vote compared to a second-place finish for senator ted cruz.
9:49 pm
in missouri, the one state senator cruz is hoping to pick up a win, he is currently behind. that is with 16% of the vote reporting. website and to our indicate what happened in ohio. if you want to look at two counties where john kasich did that is area traditionally blue-collar. an area donald trump one with 52% of the vote. if you moved to sandusky county along the lake erie shoreline, ohio.asich one host: few people on twitter are giving us a bit of grief about
9:50 pm
bernie sanders. senator sanders was 15 minutes into his remarks. he came out one another candidate was speaking. we did not want to give you partial coverage. you will see it in its entirety as are not progresses. we did not intend to deny you bernie sanders. we cannot bring you to people at one time. donald trump is coming soon, a few more calls. >> as a moderate voter i know how divisive politics are across the nation. donald trump and bernie sanders will be bad for the nation at this time because it would tear the nation apart to have either one of those be elected three i am a green voter because i believe either bernie nor trump could do the job in changing
9:51 pm
party politics. poly -- way to change party politics is bringing in a new party. democrats and republicans did to remember what matters most is the president. what matters is the congressional legacy they leave the hind. republican president would leave behind a democratic legacy in congress. so, therefore, the congressional people who vote and get the decisions would be the most important factor in the future. host: marco is up next. a republican. who was your candidate? say i amwould like to disappointed. my candidate was marco rubio. i thought he was going to unite republican party.
9:52 pm
i thought he was important and played an important role. i am more upset he suspended his campaign then lost in florida. i do want to say i think it is important now that the republican party unites behind john kasich. i think a great example of that is simply how he handled the protester. as commander in chief you are going to be protested. more so than anybody on the planet. you have to know how to handle these situations without violence. violence is only going to cause negativity and endanger our children. a lot of middle-class people voting for donald trump, donald trump has never been a middle-class citizen in the united states of america. do you think that he cares about you? or how it is for the middle-class man? i think that is important. i think we need to unite behind john kasich. host: thank you.
9:53 pm
next up is ken. who was your candidate? guest: clinton. host: you must be happy with her victory. guest: of course, yes i am. host: why do you support her? guest: i have always liked the clintons. bill clinton. he did a lot for the country. hillary has a lot of experience. she has been in the white house, she has worked in washington. she has the experience and expertise to get things going. is inly other thing i have don't understand why people assume that when politicians make promises that once they get to the white house they can go in there and do it? it just doesn't work that way. it is like when they say they are going to help jobs here in
9:54 pm
veterans, and it's a process. you can't walk in to the white house and make changes. that is the one thing we have to do. we have to work together. nothing is going to be done if democrats and republicans don't work together. you can vote to the highest hill. if they don't get office and don't do anything it defeats the purpose. what is the use? host: thank you. kristen in connecticut. thank you for taking my call. i am an unaffiliated person. i work in the legislative branch in connecticut. i wanted to start off with a quote by an american political scientist.
9:55 pm
there's only one way we're going to change our climate and assure we establish respect, to show fore is a price to pay being a partisan idiot. i think it's important to understand where a political climate is. we have a deep distrust by a lot of people in this country. when have candidates like bernie woulds and donald trump never receive the resort -- the asked the question how is this possible? it's possible because both the democratic and republican parties continue to blame each other for decisions that have been created in this country. ones to blame for what is happening. both parties have been hijacked from extremists. they cannot get anything accomplished.
9:56 pm
, theyderates, centrists are disappearing in both parties. that is causing division. i believe this country needs a centrist. , on theillary clinton republican side he have john kasich who has moved to the center during the campaign. to go forward in this country, parties are going to continue blaming each other for what is going on. they have to blame themselves what is going on. they have allowed extremist to take over both parties. we need to get back into the center otherwise things will not get accomplished. 4 thank you freight -- host: thank you for your call. donald trump is coming out to the podium. [cheers and applause]
9:57 pm
donald trump: thank you. thank you. thank you very much. this was an amazing evening. this was a great evening. they just announced north carolina. [applause] i don't know if they have announced illinois yet but we are leading by a lot. i think they are going to announce it. florida is so amazing. thank our friends. we picked up nine delegates this morning. i heard very early in the morning. that is a lot. i just wanted to thank the governor, ralph hall as, a, that was a nice
9:58 pm
start to the day. many things have been happening over the last short period of time. the poll said 49% to 14%. we just had one from the economist who just came out. 53%. i was watching the news and one of the commentators i'm not particularly fond of said donald trump doesn't get over 50% because i met 43. 45. now i met 53. i have to explain to these people they don't understand basic physics, basic mathematics. when i don't get over 50% we have four people. we have four people. do you understand that? when i get 53 percent, that is with four people.
9:59 pm
achievementmazing mathematically when you can get over 50 percent. [applause] someday they are going to understand when we take it all. they will understand. . want to thank my family they have been working so hard. [applause] ivanka is home right now. she is ready to have the baby. we have been thinking about that for a little while. she has been so helpful. jarrett has been amazing. want to thank baron for thing up with the fact that i never see him anymore. i never see him. it is his birthday.
10:00 pm
he says when you coming home? a half weeks,nd it is pretty tough when you're traveling all over the place. i went up to youngstown, we had justcredible crowd naand amazing people in this country. if so many great people. we will, someday in the not-too-distant future, otherwise is not going to these, but apple and all great companies will be making their products in the united states. not in china, vietnam, and all over -- [applause] trump: we're not going to be losing our country -- our companies are leaving rapidly. whether it is ford, eaton, i was in cleveland, and eaton corp is leaving for stuff, i'm disgusted with it. i am tired of it, there is no reason fort. at theross incompetence
10:01 pm
highest level. we should not allow it to happen. great company, they're going to ireland. more, your many corporate inversions. they can get the money because the politicians can't get along, can't make a deal for the everybody agrees, democrat and republican, that the money should come back. point $5 trillion outside the country. everybody agrees that the money should be here. [applause] trump: we can make a deal, there is not example of do if ig that you can sat down with a few the senators, and the congressman, you can make it back in 10 minutes if he knew you were doing. everybody wants to do it. companies are leaving our country to get there money. not only because our taxes are too high -- which will lower, by the way -- but they're leaving
10:02 pm
in order to go and get money that is their money because there is no way of bringing it in. way to at some point, it is going to get done. this whole process has been very exciting. i was one of 17 people when we started. senators, governors, i've had such great support. dr. ben carson the other day endorsed us. great guy, great guy, wonderful man. and chris christie endorsed us, that was so incredible. [applause] today pam camend up and endorsed us, that was great. woman,a truly wonderful and the job she has done in florida is incredible. so many, we've had such incredible support. other day,alled many he tremendous call. i spoke with mitch mcconnell today, and many great
10:03 pm
conversation. we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. [applause] trump: with something happening that makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. everybody is writing abou tit, -- about it, all over europe everybody is talking about it. many more people, looking at the polling booths and different polling booths over the country. the lines are 4, 5, 6, blocks long. luminous been in the for 40 years and said we would have 2 people here, now look at the line. but like it was long, it was really long. fice de -- five deep, and long. that are voting -- democrats are coming in,
10:04 pm
independents are coming in, and people that never voted before. it is an incredible thing. [applause] donald trump: i want to pay mars becks to todd palin, sarah's husband. she was making a speech of my behalf and it was fantastic was that everybody loves her. accident, it is tough, but he is going to be fine. i want to pay my respects to todd. we started,e, when everybody,own please. we give you seats, reader have to stand. [laughter] [applause] trump: i'm looking at all these people. good job. our whole squad, right?
10:05 pm
began, i said you have to do it. she was so supportive. she has been so supportive, and we have to do it. we came down the escalator, and it was about trade and borders. critically after that, and we shot right to the top of the polls. we have been leading him was from the beginning without fail. we went up in june, most people he justould never run, going to have fun. i mean, i'm having a good time. i am having a very nice time, but i'm working very hard. there is great anger. [applause] one of thep: broadcasters were saying is there anger? a person supposed to say no they're not come with love the things are working -- the way things are working.
10:06 pm
we love all the deals, the trade deasl ar -- deals are wonderful. 58 billion dollars a year in terms of imbalance. it is a total imbalance. we don't make a good deals anymore, we don't win anymore. they ask is there anger? i saidf there is anger. they want to see the country properly run. they want to see things properly taken care of. they want our military rebuilt, our militaries in a very bad state. they want it rebuilt. [applause] theld trump: they want second amendment protected, and protected strongly. that is going to happen. you know what they want so badly? they want our veterans taken care of. our veterans are treated so badly. [applause]
10:07 pm
trump: so, we started and something happened -- paris happen. paris was a disaster. there have been many disasters. then we had a case in los angeles where it was in california -- where the 14 young people were killed. it just goes on and on. what happened with me is this whole run took on a hold of meaning. not just borders, or good trade deals, will make the best radios you ever seen. we've had endorsement from the smartest people in business. these people are going to be negotiating our deals. they're the best in the world. we will have such a great deals, we will do so good with trade, and the border, but it took on a whole new meaning. the meaning is very simple. we need protection in our
10:08 pm
country, and that is going to happen. all of a sudden, the poll numbers shot up. i think they're going to go and the nextof trips over couple of months. i think we'll have a great victory. more importantly, we're going to start winning again. this country is going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. [applause] trump: we don't win with our military, we can't beat isis. we're going to knock the hell out of them. we don't win and trade, china, everybody. japan, mexico, vietnam, india, name the country. anybody we do business with beats us. our country rich again, and a great again. rich to make the grade, i'm sorry to tell you.
10:09 pm
[applause] donald trump: i'm going forward, we had a fantastic evening. would've never thought this could happen. we are waiting for one result which could be very successful also. to win the states that we won, and by the margins. this is my second home, florida. numberby that kind of a is incredible. [applause] trump: i have to say it, i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he is tough, he is smart, and is a great future. [applause] trump: i have to say, nobody has ever, and history politics, received the kind of negative advertising that i
10:10 pm
have. record, record, record, mostly false post on that wouldn't say 100%, but about 90%. [laughter] ump: mostly false, vicious, horrible, they said was 18 million the first week, meeting last week. million up to over 40 dollars. you explained it to me, because i can't. my numbers went up, i don't understand it. nobody understands it. my numbers went up. [applause] trump: it has been an interesting experience. scott, one at a golf tournament recently. i'm watching family with television screens all over. we are down at this gorgeous commercial comes on. the worst commercial.
10:11 pm
i am with these wonderful people from cadillac, and the stop executives. when i say look over there, don't watch it, you don't want to watch this. isn't the grass beautiful? look, don't watch. came in waves, one come after another, after another. then adam comes and is this handsome kid from australia. he made an unbelievable shot on the 18th hole. he is a great champion, just before we break for a commercial -- we will be right back mark rate check from australia, adam scott. and it was the commercial, and i said no. and it was two of them. what a day that was, what a disaster. [applause] donald trump: unbelievable.
10:12 pm
so again, i want to congratulate everybody. this is a really interesting process. it is an amazing process. by the end ifgh, you get to the end you can handle a lot of things, including pressure. that i can tell you. there is nothing like it. lies, deceit, viciousness, horrible things. some are nice. some are nice. some are really disgusting people back there. i want to say, we will go forward. we will win, but more importantly we will win for the country. win, and we'ren, not stopping. i give everybody. -- thank you very much, everybody. [applause]
10:13 pm
host: live now heard from donald trump at his place in palm beach , florida. the so must hear from ted cruz and bernie sanders. he also continue to take your telephone calls and your tweets. you can treat is at c-span, the phone numbers are on the screen for your reaction to the five states that voted today, and this primary overall. eye for donald trump, and hillary clinton john kasich who won his home state of ohio. still waiting for results from one state -- missouri. ted cruz is fairly close to numbers and donald trump, so we will keep an eye on that.
10:14 pm
let's hear from you, nicole is watching us in illinois, a democrat. who did you vote for today? guest: i'm proud to say even though i've and the millennial i voted for hillary. host: why is your candidate? guest: i think bernie sanders is a great candidate, but i think hillary has more realistic plans for our country moving forward. she stands for more that i believe in. host: what are some of the issues that are most important to you? guest: women's rights, education, dealing with my college loans. those are some pretty important issues for me. host: thank you for coming in tonight. next up is christie in florida, and republican. who is your candidate? guest: that would be donald trump. host: why did you put for donald trump -- vote for donald trump? caller: as a single mother, and very low income, no president has given me anything.
10:15 pm
obama has made me pay $80 a month for health care, or be penalized. i believe -- my father was always a businessman. i do believe that putting a business mind instead of a political mind would probably be a great thing for our country. because, it is a totally different frame of mind. side of the that page is going to bring more than a political aspect. taking partyou for in our phone conversation pleasant next up is darlene, and asheville, north carolina. who did you vote for? caller: hillary clinton. host: you are an independent? ave voted fori h both in the past. i primarily have been a democrat
10:16 pm
. the last two terms of voted for obama. see it, mean, as i it.ary just has -- has whatever it takes to be president, she has that quality, over and above the other candidates. , overk she had more votes all, than any -- then all the candidates put together. i think that is a true statement. like toust, i would talk to the kids who don't seem to get her. now, she's the same age that i am. she's 69 years old. hillary, orwatching with hillary, since day one, going back to those hippy college days.
10:17 pm
she was at the law center, all these things with kids, all the health care, she is always been for that. that has always been her agenda. as the liar see her that speaks to wall street. she has to make a living somehow. host: thanks. ,n the phone with us right now covering politics for the cincinnati enquirer, how did your governor pull off a win in his home state? guest: this is the first state what we have seen the stop trump movement gained some urgency and -- there are many republicans and democrats who came out to vote not just because they like
10:18 pm
the john kasich, they do, many tell me they don't think he is a chance of winning the nomination. they came up to vote because it think there's a chance they could deny trump an outright victory. they want to send a signal this is the kind of candidate they think should be running in this party. paper finddid your out about the issues that matter the most? about,they talk a lot there were many people are talking about meeting a candidate who would stand up and fight back. those people that footage for donald trump, there were many people that like to john kasich as governor. a swing state for a reason. we have a lot of different kinds people here. a lot of centrists. this is a state that is looking
10:19 pm
for somebody to be quite so divisive. host: speak a little bit more about the democrats. it was a state that bernie sanders that he might do well in. there's been a lot of manufacturing lost overtime in ohio. guest: this is clinton country. whenever they run, they elected hillary clinton or chose her over barack obama even as he won the nomination. always considered to be a state that she was favored to win. there are pockets of progressive manyrats, and we also have blue-collar democrats who are dissatisfied. of things.riety some of those people probably voted for donald trump that bernie sanders was hoping to have. of, we also saw that a lot
10:20 pm
in major in ohio and metropolitan areas that are heavily african-american. that tends to vote for hillary clinton. in the end, this tends to elevate more centrist democrats. (202) 737-0002 guest: was also a date for candidates were chosen for the senate race. that will be quite a contest in the fall. will be ahink that close one. that, tedwe can see strickland is very close to hillary clinton on many issues. -- they could run on a ticket.
10:21 pm
is a really nice guy, but is not that well known. that is the problem. has -- his son is gay. he is a moderate on some issues. ted strickland is a moderate on some issues as well. he was endorsed by the nra over john kasich one was facing them for governor in 2006. you have two candidates were pretty centrist. but it will be uphill battle because of ted strickland's name recognition. return to the presidential race, what is governor k-6 strategy -- kasich's strategy
10:22 pm
going forward? guest: he will have to hope to get a lot of money tonight and over the next couple of days. he has been running on a state-by-state campaign. going to hope to win some states on the east coast, and the north. he is spending an awful lot of time in utah. i'm not show what they think is going on down there. in to win the problem with kasich going homerd is he won his state. i do believe that was more than he was just the governor here. he would need to wrap up some wins to justify this. the next two weeks will be very challenging for him. host: utah is the head of the
10:23 pm
next gop debate, it will be held in salt lake city. it is the first time utah has had a presidential primary debate. let me close by asking you about preparations in cleveland. the are hearing more about possibility of a contested convention. people plan and the convention changing and their preparations as the discussion heightens? heavy talk to city officials about a change in plans? guest: i haven't particularly, but i know that others have run stories about the cleveland police requesting 20 riot gear suits. they are anticipating what might happen in a contested convention. for ohio republicans, this is something they're hoping for.
10:24 pm
it is john kasich best shot. he doesn't have much shot of winning the nomination outright. and could a majority, sway people to bring the delegates over to his side. from the national party standpoint, this is a little bit of a nightmare. can you imagine when donald trump comes in with the most delegates, but doesn't have a majority. these folks have risen up around the country and to the kind of candidate they want. with the new working together to elevate a different candidate than the one that most americans voted for. intense.ld get that is sort of what is happening here in ohio. governor kasich at borders are trying to use this time to him to someegotiate
10:25 pm
sort of victory here in cleveland. we will see what happens. is always an important state in elections. the state'sr sitting governor, john kasich. thank you for helping us understand ohio's perspective. guest: thanks so much. steve scully for more results and a delegate count update. host: it all comes down to the delegates. first a tweet of donald trump congratulating marco rubio. trump says of the men he once called "little marco." we are still waiting to hear from senator ted cruz. the reason we have not is because of the results in misery. two races still close to call. donald trump is a narrow lead, with 44% of the book reporting.
10:26 pm
here are the raw numbers, 160000 votes compared to 7000 votes approximately four senator ted cruz. john kasich a distant third. side, this istic split because senator sanders is now ahead very narrowly over hillary clinton. that is with 44% of the book reporting. let's take a look as it stands right now. florida and ohio are both winner take all states. donald trump with 568 delegates, 1237 forhe needs nomination on the first ballot. ted cruz's second at 370 delegates, marco rubio, who suspended his campaign but will for the moment keep his delegate 163, and john kasich
10:27 pm
winning 66 delegate in ohio. his number now moves up. under the democratic side, we look at the delegate and superdelegates as well. you can check it out at viewer whoone, a goes by the handle heavenly lamb26, saying donald trump has my vote. nobody get anything for free. say who you like to voted for in one of the five primary states night, call us and tell us what you think. next up is wayne in cincinnati. who did you vote for today? guest: i voted for sanders for sanders. i'm just devastated by this.
10:28 pm
like arting to feel character in mr. smith goes to washington. you look at what is happening here. outsiders, one at each party. the one in the republican party is taking the lead. you can see of the efforts to stop them. wholes concerning in a different sense. and you have bernie, and there , orbeen a very nuanced whatever, way of attempt to stop them also. it on how many times i hear democratic socialism is equivalent to communism. it just burns me up. beginning,he very when they were starting to say how, that he will never win. all the commentary come all the new shows. i must say one thing about c-span. don't take this the wrong way,
10:29 pm
you guys are boring. [laughter] caller: it is good to be boring because it's the facts. that is what the facts do. they're probably boring, in some sense. -- what look at some of pbs -- that could be boring as well. .ut it is the facts it is what is driving the thing. it is not new ones, like having the star-spangled banner flashing in the background behind the commentators had. are spewings they their demagoguery. ability tong our have that type of attitude and attention span to be able to congeal that. instead, we are buying stories. we are all becoming characters
10:30 pm
in "mr. smith goes to washington." you see it in all the stupid things such as the background of the emails, and whatever. there, there is nothing for bernie. bernie has these plans, but hillary now almost has the identical same plans that bernie is giving out. i would rather have the gun was able to create and come up with those plans than the person was able to mimic it. she has such a much more sophisticated and locked up network of getting through a message. it doesn't even have to be her own. one thing that also really bothers me is that with all of sorry, i'ms being --
10:31 pm
nervous here. upeo of the issues that come with mr. trump, and everything. how many of those things are actually of his doing? versus things that are built up demagoguery, bank, of the media. i'm so distraught over this. it seems like it is ruining our country. mr. sanders at think it's a very unique individual with a unique set of skills and a very unique demeanor. it would be a shame if we did resource, orhis him as a resource. to help us get our country back. josh, int up is berkeley heights, new jersey. what is on your mind tonight? caller: it is going to be my first time voting in an election
10:32 pm
in the june primaries. for a while, i've been debating whether to book for -- vote for trump or cruz. i think i'm leaning towards trump. it is really appealing what he is saying. cruz, i'm not sure if he can win. needs tpoeds toin, -- o win, and america needs to win. caller: it means making america great again, honestly. host: next up is a call from paul who is in bunker hill, illinois. who did you vote for? caller: i voted for cruz. host: why? toss-up.t was a because so many
10:33 pm
people tend to think of themselves as a democrat or republican. and toldes for years us what our choices were going to be. he and cruz both go against that. cruz fights the republican party. mr. trump is a non-politician. refreshing to a lot of people. they made a lot of -- a lot of fun about how the were 70 people in the republican side. all the heavily democratic side is a socialist and someone known for lying. at least we had someone to choose from. the best tcruz are choices because they aren't the standard. it will do what is best for the country, i believe. host: next up is a color from
10:34 pm
dearborn, michigan. this is matt, an independent, which are candidate? caller: i picked sanders. i think we're behind the rest of the world on health care. the fact thato hillary will probably be the democratic candidate. she will probably go all the way. they seem to be content to have a buffoon leading the republican party in mr. sanders seems to be -- while mr. sanders seems to be ignored on the other side. to show how both potentialth this broker-deal coming up on the republican side, seems like both parties lost touch with the american people.
10:35 pm
it is disheartening to me. for america's likes myself that fall in the middle. host: thank you, matt. host: you talk to chrissie thompson about some of the primaries in ohio. want to share this tweet from matt fuller. lauren davidson wins the gop primary for john boehner seat. this is a number of house freedom caucuses. mention the democratic delegates, we could not show you on the screen but we want to share that with you now. both with pledged and superdelegates, keep in mind you 2383 delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot. right now, hillary clinton has 1488 delegates including the pledged and superdelegates. senator sanders has 703
10:36 pm
delegates. decidedway still to be remains is missouri. host: next up, kenny in normal, illinois. caller: i wanted to call and talk about the problem of money in politics. i voted for bernie sanders today because he makes that his key goal. he really picks up on that issue, it hasn't really been talked about. there have been efforts going state to state because state governments are more likely to the message. the representative don't get the money from national politicians. but, now that he has been talking about it and it is come up more, and hulu clinton is
10:37 pm
begun to talk about it, i think it is a really important issue because the american voters are being drowned out floods of money coming from the wealthy. made speeches, and it has basically been a megaphone for corporations. can, bring politics back away from that money. politicians with more receptive to the voters voices. right now, the establishment politicians support what they do mostly because they get so much money from these private interests. i think it is really important to that we, as citizens, get our voices back. thank you, democrat in
10:38 pm
normal, illinois for the speculation on social media along a report a group that the president will announce his supreme court pick tomorrow. tomorrow could end up being an unusual day and washington, d.c. the entire metrorail system, december system that serves the entire washington dc area is closing down tomorrow for the first time in a non-snow emergency for repairs. it's worth the whole city into a different mode. many people depend on that for transportation. it affecsts a lot of events that go want. we are waiting for senator cruz, we are told that carly fiorina will be doing the introductions in houston, texas. a bit of activity in his headquarters tonight. we will wait for him to go to
10:39 pm
the microphone. few more of your calls. who is your candidate, mike? caller: my candidate is mr. trump. for 40 years until very comfortable saying you are a lovely lady. and a respected professional. host: why, thank you. caller: pardon? host: i said thank you. caller: absolutely. i'm going to put you on hold. senator ted cruz is going to come out. carly fiorina: we heard an uplifting and gracious speech for marco rubio. john kasich won his home state. hillary clinton now is clearly
10:40 pm
the nominee of her party. i have to tell you what halfway through hillary clinton speech, my husband texted me and said i can't take it, turning on "the big bang theory." [laughter] then of course, we heard from donald trump. the pundits have been assuming that hillary clinton would be her party's nominee for some time now. so,about the last week or every time i got in on television, or the radio, someone has asked me this question. if donald trump is our nominee, will you support him? here is the answer i have been giving since the wiki get into the race. donald trump does not represent me, and he does not represent my party. [applause]
10:41 pm
carly fiorina: the truth is, if you listen to hillary clinton and donald trump back to back, as we got the opportunity to do tonight, when you listen to that, you know that they're just two sides of the same coin. hillary clinton has made her millions selling access and influence from the inside. donald trump has made his billions buying people like hillary clinton off. they are the system. [applause] fiorina: for all the people that hope donald trump will be there champion to fight the system and no longer works for them, he will not. he will continue to take advantage of that system as he has his entire life. there is only one fearless fighter against the washington cartel. we know who that is. .
10:42 pm
having one for president myself, i know it is hard for supporters who have fought hard for a candidate. it is hard for the supporters, particularly when someone has won one or two. it is hard for the supporters to say it is time to unify behind someone else. but it is time to unify now. behind the one candidate who can beat donald trump, save the soul of this party, and go on and challenge the establishment and washington, d.c. [applause] carly fiorina: people ask me how i came to endorse ted cruz. before i ever had a conversation with ted cruz about endorsing him, i walk into a voting booth in virginia, in my home state. ballot and ihat
10:43 pm
saw all these names. i saw my own name on the ballot. that was a thrill. i thought of it all the supporters would fought hard for me. then i thought about why i ran for president in the first place. we need ause i know real constitutional conservative in the white house. [applause] fiorina: iran because i know we need a fearless fighter who will challenge the status quo. ran because i know we need someone was the courage of their convictions. for me to check the box for ted cruz. [applause] carly fiorina: so is he to all of you that worked so hard for ted across the country, now is behind anify
10:44 pm
constitutional conservative who represents the best of our party, and the best of our movement. it is time to unify behind the can both be to donald trump and hillary clinton. it is time to unify behind a man that we can trust in private as well as in public. ladies and gentlemen, please join me, give it up, for the next president of the united states, and the next first lady, ted and heidi cruz. ♪
10:45 pm
[chanting] >> ted, ted, ted. ad cruz: thank you so for much, god bless each and every one of you. you, for leading our team in the state of texas. [applause] carlyuz: isn't extraordinary? [applause] cruz: such a tremendous leader. she terrifies hillary clinton. hillary tosses and turns in her jail cell. [laughter] just thinking about her. tonight, was a good night. [applause] cruz: tonight, we continue
10:46 pm
to gain delicate and our march to 1237. [applause] cruz: after tonight, america now has a clear choice going forward. let me say a word about marco rubio. friend, and a colleague. he ran a strong, optimistic, positive campaign. the sum of a bartender, the son of a made who fled cuba seeking freedom. it is powerful, inspirational, , inspires his passion me. marco can paint a picture, can weave a tapestry of the promise of america like nobody else. his presidential campaign inspired millions across the nation. on theatulate marco
10:47 pm
tremendous campaign they ran together. [applause] ted cruz: to those who supported marco, and worked so hard, we welcome you with open arms. [applause] ted cruz: with gratitude, and hope, and a positive vision together for our great nation. alongcome you to join us with remarkable leaders like carly fiorina, like governor rick perry, and like all the republicans who are uniting behind our campaign from mike starting tomorrow morning. every republican has a clear choice. only two campaigns have a
10:48 pm
plausible path to the nomination. hours, and donald trump's. nobody else has any mathematical possibility whatsoever. campaign is beaten donald trump over, and over, and over again. [applause] twice,z: not once, not not three times, but nine times all across the country -- from alaska to maine. [applause] ted cruz: going forward, the choice is straightforward. to you want a candidate who shares your values, or a candidate who has spent decades opposing a values? the mainstream media, the who make the
10:49 pm
decisions want to donald trump. have given himy hundreds of millions of free advertising because their partisan democrats ready for hillary. they know that donald may be the one person on the face of the earth that hillary clinton can beat [laughter] in the general election. cruz: but the media will not decide this election, the voters will. [applause] ted cruz: here is our vision for america, and america with a brighter future. it is in america with greater opportunities for our kids come and grandkids with more liberty, safety, and security. it is america that is a greater tomorrow than it is today. this election will focus on
10:50 pm
three critical issues, jobs, freedom, and security. as president, my number one be jobs.will turning around the stagnation, the misery of the obama clinton economy. it is easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. [laughter] the critical question is whether you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place. [applause] ted cruz: the heart of our economy is in washington, d.c. the heart of our economy is small businesses all across the united states of america. [applause] ted cruz: if i am elected
10:51 pm
president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause] will pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. [applause] reign in thewill epa killing small businesses. [applause] stop amnesty,ill secure the borders, and century cities and and welfare benefits for those here illegally. [applause] cruz: the result of millions of high-paying jobs, wages rising, young people coming out of school with 2,3,4,5 job opportunities. [applause]
10:52 pm
ted cruz: far too many politicians focus on washington, d.c. to those like donald trump who buy influence, and those like hillary clinton who sell influence, washington is the center of the universe. but we understand that isn't right. together, we will make a washington less relevant in all of our lives. [applause] ted cruz: we will fire government regulators, and repeal job killing regulations. bootther, we will take the
10:53 pm
of the federal government up the back of the neck of small businesses all across this country. [applause] ted cruz: it is not about the cronyism of the bailouts that far too many republicans and democrats have done over, and over again to benefit the rich and powerful. instead, less government is more freedom. [applause] ted cruz: higher wages, and a better standard of life for all of us. the second critical issue in this election, is freedom. ago, donald trump promised all of us that he would andromise with harry reid chuck schumer on replacing antonin scalia to the united states supreme court.
10:54 pm
our rights hang in the balance. let me be very clear to the people of america, i will not compromise away your religious liberty. [applause] ted cruz: i will not compromise away your second amendment right to keep, and bear arms. [applause] cruz: every justice i appoint to the court will be faithful to the law, and will ferociously protect the bill of rights for your children, and for mine. [applause] ted cruz: the third critical issue in this election is security. for seven years we have abandoned our friends and allies, and shall weakness and appeasement. two debates ago, donald trump promised to be neutral between
10:55 pm
israel and the palestinians. clear, as president, i will not be neutral. [applause] : ted cruz: america will stand come on apologetically, with the nation of israel. [applause] -- on apologetically, with a nation -- unapologetically with the nation of israel. raisesthat doesn't, that questions about the fitness and judgment to be commander and chief -- commander-in-chief. donald trump says he will keep in place this a rainy and nuclear deal and try to wean ago -- iranian nuclear deal and try to change it.
10:56 pm
i will rip up this deal on my first day in office. over seven years, president obama has weakened and undermined the military. we've seen this before with democratick president, jimmy carter, who did the same thing. in 1981, ronald reagan came into office. what did reagan do? he cut taxes, lifted regulations, we saw millions of high-paying jobs, it generated trillion to new government revenue, he used that money to rebuild the military and bankrupt the soviet union and win the cold war. [applause] ted cruz: i intend to do the same thing with a radical islamic terrorists. we will repeal obamacare, passe
10:57 pm
tax, and-- pass a flat lift regulations. we will see trillion to new revenue, a new set to rebuild this military so that it remains the mightiest friday for -- fighting force on the face of this earth. [applause] ted cruz: tomorrow, we have a choice. enough for the washington corruption. enough for the deception, with using government to benefit the rich and powerful. together, we can turn things around. if we stand together, if a member the common sense free market principles that built america. the constitutional liberties that built america, once again standing together.
10:58 pm
we can have morning in america. [applause] ted cruz: now is the tiem f -- and for republicans independents and libertarians to unite and stand as one. starting tomorrow morning, there is a clear choice. a clear, and direct choice. for everyone who wants to see brighter tomorrow, we welcome you to our team. we welcome you with open and welcoming arms. thank you, and god bless you. [applause] ♪
10:59 pm
[chanting] ted, ted.ed, ♪ ♪
11:00 pm
seen nothing yet"] ♪ ♪
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11:02 pm
host: ted cruz with his supporters in houston, texas, tonight. it is a close race for him with donald trump in missouri. both candidates hovering around
11:03 pm
the 49% mark. missouri is also close on the democratic side and also closed to the democrats in illinois. a couple of races still to be called. we will continue to take or cause. later, bernie sanders' speech tonight which is one hour and two minutes long. we will bring you that in its entirety. ary is in glasgow, kentucky, a republican. go ahead, please. you are on the air. go ahead, please. caller: yes, my name is mary garman. i'm worried about trump getting to be president. i feel it would be a disaster for our country. i am registered as republican, but i'm going to vote for sanders. you are registered as a republican. why are you voting for sanders? caller: because i don't trust
11:04 pm
anybody, especially trump and that is the way it looks like it is going to go. when it comes to the issues on the debates, there was lots he was going to do but he could not explain how he was going to do any of it. i would probably, a lot closer -- i would probably come a lot closer to having a new car in my driveway with trump fixing the country. he is into it for making money. that is just the way i think it is going to stay. host: thank you. appreciate your call. int, jack, watching us batavia, ohio, a democrat. who is your candidate today? caller: i am voting for hillary clinton because i think it is time for a woman to be president. i think she is the most qualified candidate for the job and will continue the great, progressive things obama has done for our country. i originally supported bernie.
11:05 pm
while i agree with most of the issues he is focusing on, i think the american society is not ready for the radical change he is proposing. i don't see the political revolution happening. i just wanted to say for all of the millennials and everyone saying they will not vote for hillary if bernie is the nominee, that is coming from a choice of privilege because you're comfortable not voting when you don't get exactly what you want because you don't have to worry about your rights, their families, or your jobs being taken away from you if a republican is elected. i think it is time to stand by hillary and support whoever the nominee is. host: is this your first election? caller: it is. host: what issues are most important to you? caller: right now, honestly, the economy and immigration. host: thank you for your call. next, michael in michigan, a republican. caller: yes, hello, and thank you for taking my call.
11:06 pm
few comments to make about the current situation. feel ita lot of people, may take at least a generation to change this, country back to what it used to be and what it should be. movie whered of a openf the characters said your window and scream i am mad as -- and not going to take it anymore. that is the way i felt and still feel. i don't know who or what can change what has happened in the last few years. lady ono reminded of a one of the commercials that said, "where is the beef?" trump says don't worry, i will fix everything.
11:07 pm
leave it to me, i will do whatever has to be done. don't worry, i will fix it. but where is the beef? we don't hear any particulars. nothing about how you are going to do all of this great stuff you say you are. mexico has made it very clear using some of his own language, some of trump's on language, we are not going to play for your blanking wall. don't worry, i will make them pay. he has a big surprise. things don't work like they do in business when you are dealing in politics and with other countries. i am afraid of him. i hate to call people names, but he is -- i am scared of what he may do. he is just too much of a reactionary. you never know what is going to happen with him.
11:08 pm
i am concerned about him being the nominee. i frankly don't know who i am going to support. i don't want to support him. i am not crazy about hillary either, so i don't know what i am going to do. but i would like to hear more andre's the beef" from him maybe he could convince me to vote for him. but until i hear some particulars, it looks like cruz is the only guy that has something particular to say. host: thank you, michael. an undecided voter after the results of the primary season so far. donnie is in kansas, a democrat. who is your candidate? caller: i like bernie. host: why do you like bernie? what is most important to you? caller: he tells it like it is to a very good to great. host: is the economy the number one issue for you?
11:09 pm
caller: it is kind of hard to have one issue with all the things going on now. host: ok. thanks, a supporter of bernie sanders. next is brenda in lakeland, florida, a democrat. who did you vote for today? caller: i voted for hillary clinton. host: why do you support hillary? caller: the very first time i voted, i voted for bill. hillary gives enough information and insight on what the democratic party is looking for. she is the most well-rounded politician in the race right now. he is bernie sanders, but just not cutting it. he is not there yet. --needs to get over the help hump and he is not getting over with voters right now,
11:10 pm
particularly african americans. we like him, but he is just not there. as far as what concerns me the most, i am in the military as well. what concerns me the most would be the economy. past withk on the what bill did for the economy. i look at what bush did for the economy. bill took it from red to black. bush took it from black to read. has been in office, it has been up and down. as far as i am concerned right now, the economy is going great. as far as the fabric of the immigration,ar as that is what makes america great. small businesses, whether black, white, hispanic, cubans,
11:11 pm
it is whatt makes -- makes this country great. i think we all need to realize and come together. america would not be as great as it is if we did not have people of different nationalities and backgrounds to make us who we really are. host: brenda, what branch of the military are you in? caller: army. host: combat or support? caller: support. host: have you been overseas? caller: i have not been overseas. host: national security rates where for you on your list of priorities? caller: very high. i support the war, the continued efforts we are dealing with right now. host: thank you for calling in tonight from lakeland, florida. brenda who is in the army. next up is bobby in old hickory, tennessee, a republican. what is on your mind tonight, bobby? caller: i am a republican.
11:12 pm
becauseporting trump the people are speaking. the american people is what makes this country great. the people are speaking, and they want trump to run as president. i think trump will make a great president. host: what do you like about him? caller: everything. he knows business. he knows how to get this country back on its feet. sheton, hillary clinton, has already been showed as a liar. she lies about everything. her husband was not much better when he was in office. i was a democrat for a long time. i was a vietnam vet. i enlisted as a kid. i was 17 when i enlisted and went and fought for my country
11:13 pm
because i thought this country was great. this country and been great -- this country ain't been great in a long time. obama took this country down. thanks, bobby, from tennessee. next, jim, is in ohio. who did you vote for? caller: i'm voting for someone who is not my candidate. i voted for kasich. but actually i am a hillary voter. host: you crossed over today and voted in the primary? caller: yes. i did not vote for hillary because i finished -- figured she could win in ohio without my vote. i voted for kasich to get some votes away from cruz and trump. host: as an ohio voter, what do you like about what governor
11:14 pm
kasich has done for your state? caller: well, you know, he took ohio, he got jobs, a lot of jobs. he lowered taxes. he has done just about everything to bring ohio together and upward. ohio is a tough state to do it in. but he did it, and i think he can do it for the country. if you watched the other the other republicans stood there arguing back-and-forth and forth about who would get the lollipop. theyh stood there and when asked a question, he told him what he wanted to do and how he would do it. there has not been a republican that has said how i will get you $15 an hour. if you get $15 an hour, you will pay five dollars a for a mcdonald's hamburger. you cannot get free education. for is the money coming from? ist: if the strategy
11:15 pm
successful and governor kasich gets the nomination, he started out by telling us you were a hillary clinton supporter. hillaryit comes down to clinton and john kasich? caller: i would vote for john. -- a lossllary has for words. people have been talking and now they have to listen to me. that is terrible. hillary has a lot of foreign policy for the country. you got to be able to handle foreign policy. you cannot go over there and bomb them. you have to negotiate. host: thanks, jim, for your call. salem, ohio, a democrat who crossed over today to vote for his governor. steve scully, what do you have for us? host: it was interesting hearing the earlier caller about
11:16 pm
"where's the beef?" in the earlier debate. two interesting tweets to share. it says the trump campaign after a politico reporter he published a tough story on the trump campaign manager. countlook at the delegate because it comes to the delegates for the conventions in cleveland and philadelphia. on the republican side, the number you need for the nomination, 1237. donald trump right now has 619 delegates. senator cruz, 394. senator rubio who suspended his campaign tonight, 106 to seven. ohio governor john kasich who won the winner take all in ohio now with 136. on the democratic side, let's
11:17 pm
break it down between pledged and superdelegates. hillary clinton with 1480 delegates. more than halfway through what she needs for the number necessary for the nomination great of the pledged, just over 1000. 467 superdelegates. senator sanders has 703 delegates in total. 678 pledged and 26 superdelegates. joining us on the phone is ben brody who is covering all of this for bloomberg politics. thanks for being with us. guest: thanks for having me, steve. host: let me begin with on your , what happened to senator marco rubio? what was the turning point in his race? guest: it is not clear there was ever a turning point. marco rubio came in. a lot of people in washington and the media liked him. he had a lot of loyal supporters. but what he did not do is bring home the bacon.
11:18 pm
he did not maintain his relationships in florida. he did not bring home projects. he did not ring on legislation to them. he continued to act as a person who was incredibly optimistic and may represent in some form or another the future of the not bring home did the message as an organizing force or home state representative. in some ways, he was treading water and moving down for a long time. we just it not see it. host: a lot of talk about the tone and tenor of this campaign. senate leader mitch mcconnell cautioning donald trump and his words. i want to share what the president said earlier today. here is a portion of the president's speech. physical remarks on our website at obama: i know i am not the only one in this room more
11:19 pm
than a little dismayed about what is happening on the campaign trail lately. we have heard volcker and divisive rhetoric aimed at women and minorities. lookmericans who do not like us, pray like us, or vote like we do. we have seen misguided attempts to shut down the speech, however offensive it may be we live in a is one where free speech of the most important rights we hold. in response to those attempts, we have seen actual violence. and we have heard silence from too many of our leaders. speaker ryan, i appreciated the words on this topic that you shared with us this morning. but too often we have accepted this is somehow the new normal. and it is worth asking ourselves what each of us may have done to contribute to this kind of
11:20 pm
vicious atmosphere in our politics. i suspect all of us can recall some intemperate words we regret. certainly, i can. and while some may be more to blame than others for the current climate, all of us are responsible for reversing it. cycle that is not an accurate reflection of america. and it has to stop. i say that not because it is a matter of political correctness. it is about the way the corrosive behavior can undermine our democracy and society and even our economy. host: ben brody, the comments by the president coming on what may be the eve of his announcement of a supreme court replacement to justice antonin scalia. the overall tone of the campaign and politics in washington, can you address that? guest: absolutely. i think within washington, it is
11:21 pm
very clear the tone is troubling to a lot of people. people who agree with trump on some issues and perhaps not others. people who disagree with him on everything. they really believe something has gone wrong here. either that this does not represent our best or this possibly truly dangerous. you hear things like what the president said from democrats and republicans alike. that was an interesting storm. it is not usually a political forum. the irish-american forum is about friendship. the comments were striking. they grabbed us a little bit and at the highest corridors of power, people are worried about this in washington. host: what is the story coming
11:22 pm
out of tonight's primaries for the democrats, senator sanders? guest: for senator sanders, he has to recapture some of the momentum he got with his surprise win in michigan. that was big. that was a bit messed -- midwest state, a swing state. labor democrats. that was a big win for him. coming out of there, to have hillary clinton win ohio and north carolina which can check those boxes in much the same way. it really robs them of momentum. the story for him is having to regain some surprises and make some big marks on the delegates side going forward in big states. that will take a little while for him to do, if you can do it at all. host: arizona is next week, utah, alaska. into april after the easter holiday, there are primaries in
11:23 pm
wyoming, new york at the end of april, connecticut, pennsylvania. the republicans, what is the story tonight? guest: i have trouble seeing it as anything but the confirmation donald trump will be the republican nominee or at least will go into the convention with a large delegate advantage. if you does not have that majority, we could see a contested convention. we could well see a contested convention. rubio was considered a formidable challenger if you could make it to the general election. he kept ted cruz from getting anything back on the board. i have not seen the numbers. they were neck-and-neck when i got on the phone. he may have stopped ted cruz from getting anything tonight. john kasich essentially has no mathematical way to come into the convention with a big delegate count. he would have to rely on those
11:24 pm
relationships at the convention. seeing is the absolute confirmation donald trump will be the leader going into the convention. whether or not he comes out of that the nominee is something we will be watching. host: ben brody of bloomberg politics, his work available online at thanks for joining us. you mentioned the results. let's begin with missouri. we have been watching the numbers go back and forth. right now, donald trump with 86% of the vote reporting in. is can see how close it isween donald between donald trump with 41 from 5% -- 41.5%. on the democratic side, senator sanders is holding on to a narrow win, it may be his only win tonight with about 50% of the vote compared to 48% for hillary clinton. in illinois, another state
11:25 pm
called for the republicans, donald trump winning with nearly 40% of the vote. senator cruz coming in second. governor kasich third. on the democratic side, a race not yet called. hillary clinton in her home state, she grew up outside chicago, with 815,000 votes. senator sanders at 772,000 votes. that is with 74% of the vote reporting in illinois. north carolina, donald trump winning in that state. 93% of the vote reporting. he has just over 40% of the vote. senator cruz's second. governor kasich is third. hillary clinton the winner in the north carolina democratic primary with just over 54% of the vote compared to about 40% for senator sanders. in ohio, estate governor kasich said he had to win and did with what he 6% of the vote. it is a winner take all state so he will collect all those delegates. donald trump coming in second
11:26 pm
with 36% of the vote. for hillary clinton, this is a state bernie sanders hoped to win since he won michigan. hillary clinton winning with nearly 65% of the vote. breakdown by county also available on our website and all the results at host: thank you very much, steve. it turned out to be interesting with one fewer candidate in the republican race.
11:27 pm
john kasich on to fight another day. donald trump having a strong night. senator ted cruz continues to be his biggest antagonist for the republican nomination. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, a strong lead for secretary clinton. but bernie sanders still in this race. that is a quick summary of what happened today. thank you for all of your calls. as promised, one hour in two minutes long, a speech by bernie sanders tonight. senator sanders is in arizona and has been in arizona tonight for his speech. the primary is their next week. he was at the convention center in phoenix. we will bring that to you next. [cheers and applause] ♪
11:28 pm
"bernie"]nting [cheers and applause] bernie sander: phoenix, thank you! phoenix, thank you. [cheers and applause]
11:29 pm
bernie sander: this is a huge crowd. [cheers and applause] bernie sander: and this is a loud crowd. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: thank you, thank you all very much for being here this evening. romero.hank gilbert [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: let me thank bueno, a youngro
11:30 pm
woman who saw her parents arrested on television. and what this campaign is about is making sure those types of things never happen again! [cheers and applause] i want to thank miranda.d jose phoenix, are you ready for a political revolution? [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: are you tired of a handful of billionaires
11:31 pm
running our economy? [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: well, if you are, you have come to the right place! [cheers and applause] know, whaters: you excites me so much as i go around the country is to see the incredible energy of hundreds of thousands of people who love know that webut n can do so much better. [cheers and applause] we started this campaign at 3% in the national polls. way in 10me a long months. [cheers and applause]
11:32 pm
bernie sanders: and the reason we have done as well as we have, allreason we have defied expectations is that we are doing something very radical in american politics. we are telling the truth! [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and the truth is not always pleasant. it is not always what we want to hear.
11:33 pm
but we cannot go forward unless we deal with the reality of american society today. and that is what we are going to do! [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: truth number one is that today we have a corrupt campaign finance system. booing] bernie sanders: with wall street and billionaires spending unlimited sums of money which is undermining american democracy. to my mind, democracy is not complicated. it is one person, one vote. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: you want to vote
11:34 pm
for me? great. if you don't, that is ok. but what i don't want to see is billionaires spending unlimited sums of money buying elections and undermining the democracy which made our country so great. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and that is why together we are going to overturn this disastrous citizens united supreme court decision. [cheers and applause] whyie sanders: and that is we are going to move to public funding of elections. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and that is why we are going to take on,
11:35 pm
vigorously, those cowardly republican governors trying to suppress the vote. [cheers and applause] and i say tos: those cowardly republican governors, if you are afraid of getee and fair election, out of politics. get another job! [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "bernie"] bernie sanders: when in our country today we had the koch brothers and a handful of other billionaires -- [crowd booing]
11:36 pm
bernie sanders: spending hundreds of billions of dollars to elect candidates who represent the wealthy and powerful, that is not democracy. that is oligarchy! applause]d peoplesanders: and the of our country will not tolerate oligarchy! [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: but it is not just a corrupt campaign finance system. economy, aned which we have today a grotesque level of income and wealth inequality which is unsustainable and un-american!
11:37 pm
[cheers and applause] bernie sanders: now, the congress may not talk about it much. the media may not talk about it much, but it is unacceptable to me and the american people when owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: it is unacceptable to me that the wealthiest 20 people own more wealth than the bottom half of america, 150 million people. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: i want to give you one idea, one example, of about.rigged economy is turns out the wealthiest family in this country is the walton
11:38 pm
family of walmart. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: turns out the wealthiest family in america who owns walmart pay their workers wages that are so low that many of those workers have to go on medicaid and food stamps in order to survive. rigged economy is about is that the middle class taxpayer pays more in taxes to subsidize the employees of the wealthiest family in america! that is a rigged economy! so i say to the walton family, the wealthiest family in america, get off of welfare, prayer workers a living wage --
11:39 pm
pay your workers a living wage! [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: the united is theof america today wealthiest country in the history of the world. but almost nobody knows that. and the reason for that is we have people working two or three jobs. mom is working, dad is working, the kids are working. marriages are stressed out. parents don't have time to spend with their kids. that, 58% ofll of all new income generated goes to the top 1%. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: you know what we are going to do together?
11:40 pm
we are going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%! [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "bernie"] bernie sanders: and we are going andell the billionaires corporate america that they are going to have to start paying their fair share of taxes. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and when we talk about a mood -- a rigged economy, we are going to end the absurdity of millions of our $8 or $9 andg for hour because you cannot make it
11:41 pm
on $8 or $9. [cheers and applause] why we areers: is going -- that is why we are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, $15 an hour! [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and when we talk about a rigged economy, we are going to end the absurdity of $1en making $.79 on the ne for the men. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and i know that every man in this room will stand with the women in the fight for pay equality.
11:42 pm
[cheers and applause] bernie sanders: a few weeks ago, i was in flint, michigan. there and observed what i heard there was literally beyond my comprehension, and it shook me and upset me enormously. is thatbserved there children in that city were being poisoned by a water system that had very heavy amounts of lead in it. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: it is incomprehensible that this is happening in the united states in the year 2016. but it is not just flint. all across this country, our
11:43 pm
infrastructure, our water systems, our wastewater plants, our bridges, our roads, our rail system, is falling apart. in the united states of america, we should have a first-class infrastructure. and that is what we are going to build! [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: we are going to put $1 trillion into building our infrastructure. when we do that, we create 13 million decent paying jobs. [cheers and applause] this campaign is about asking the american people to think outside of the box, outside of the status quo.
11:44 pm
nation not where our children are being poisoned by lead in the water but where we have a cutting-edge infrastructure in roads, bridges, rail, and air transport. that is where we have got to go! [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and this campaign in terms of the rigged economy is telling corporate america we are going to end these disastrous trade policies which are destroying the middle class in this country. [cheers and applause] no, you cannot continue to shut down plants in america and move to cheap labor countries all over the world.
11:45 pm
[cheers and applause] wante sanders: all of us to help poor people throughout the world. we can do it without destroying the american middle class through disastrous trade policies. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: so i say to corporate america, you want us to buy your products? start manufacturing those products here in america, not in china! [cheers and applause] this campaign is about fixing a broken criminal justice system. [cheers and applause] once again i ask
11:46 pm
you, think outside the box, outside of the status quo. america should not have more people in jail than any other country on earth. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: should not be spending -- we should not be spending $80 billion a year locking up 2.2 million americans, disproportionately african american, latino, and native american. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: all over this ratesy, we see very high of youth unemployment.
11:47 pm
the white kids, 33%. latino kids, 36%. african american kids, 51%. what we will do is create jobs and education for those young people -- [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and not more jails and incarceration! [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and we are going to create a criminal justice people,here unarmed often minorities, are not shot by police officers. [cheers and applause]
11:48 pm
[crowd chanting "bernie"] bernie sanders: now i have worked with police departments all over my state of vermont at all over this country. the vast majority of police officers are honest, hard-working, and they have a very difficult job. [cheers and applause] but like anys: other public official, when a ,olice officer breaks the law the officer must be held accountable. [cheers and applause] we need to end the militarization of police departments. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: police
11:49 pm
departments should not look like occupying armies. they should be part of the community they serve. [cheers and applause] and we need to make police departments look like the diversity of the communities they serve. [cheers and applause] in my state of vermont, neighboring new hampshire, and all across this country, we have a major crisis in terms of heroin addiction and drug overdoses. to address that issue of substance abuse and addiction as a health issue, not a criminal issue. [cheers and applause]
11:50 pm
bernie sanders: we need to rethink the so-called war on drugs. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: over the years, too many lives have been negatively impacted through arrest for possession of marijuana. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: right now at the federal level, marijuana is considered a schedule one drug -- [crowd booing] bernie sanders: under the federal controlled substance act, right alongside of heroin.
11:51 pm
[crowd booing] bernie sanders: the scientists disagree about the pluses and minuses of marijuana, but all of you know heroin is a killer drug. [cheers and applause] and that isanders: why i have introduced legislation to take marijuana out of the federal controlled substance act. [cheers and applause] i want to tell you a brief story, a brief story mean when i talk about a rigged economy, a corrupt campaign finance system, and a broken criminal justice
11:52 pm
system. i want you to hear this. one month, goldman sachs, of the large -- booing]d bernie sanders: you know goldman sachs, ok. last month, goldman sachs paid the federal government a settlement fine of $5 billion. they paid that fine because they were selling worthless packages of subprime mortgage loans. paid a $5 billion fine. now all of you know that eight years ago, this country was plunged into the worst economic downturn since the great depression. as a result of wall street greed and illegal behavior, we lost millions of jobs.
11:53 pm
people lost their life savings. people lost their homes. that took place because of the greed and illegal behavior on wall street. today, this is the broken criminal justice system. today, some person in arizona or vermont gets picked up with a small amount of marijuana. that person has a police record for the rest of their life. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: but if you are a c.e.o. or an executive on wall street whose illegal behavior you get athe economy, salary increase -- not a police record. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: what we have got to do, it is not going to be
11:54 pm
easy but we will do it. we are going to restore justice to a broken criminal justice system. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: what america is supposed to be about is justice, equal justice under the law. your poor, you break the law, you are rich, you break the law. you both pay the price. that is what we are going to do. [cheers and applause] this campaign is doing well because we are listening to the american people and not just wealthy campaign contributors. [cheers and applause] i am very proud that our campaign does not have
11:55 pm
a super pac. [cheers and applause] receivednders: we have 5 million individual campaign contributions. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: anyone know what the average contribution is? that is right. $27. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: my opponent raises money in a slightly different way. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: she has a super pac, which among other special interests, has received $15
11:56 pm
million from wall street. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: she has received money from the drug companies and the fossil feel industry. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: she has given speeches on wall street for $225,000 a pop. now to my mind, if you are going $225,000,speech for it must be a really great speech! [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and if it is such a great speech, all of america should be able to read it. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: our campaign is
11:57 pm
listening to senior citizens and disabled veterans. applause]d bernie sanders: and here is a principle, a bedrock principle of my campaign. and that is we will be judged as a nation not by how many millionaires and billionaires we have, but by how we treat the weakest and most vulnerable among us. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: while we have seen in recent years a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires, we have millions of seniors and disabled it onrying to make $11,000 or $12,000 a year,
11:58 pm
social security. you know what? nobody can make it on $11,000 or $12,000 a year social security. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: my republican colleagues in the senate, they want to cut social security. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: and they want to give huge tax breaks to billionaires. [crowd booing] bernie sanders: well, i have some bad news for them. cutwe are not going to social security. we are going to increase social security! [cheers and applause] no, we are not
11:59 pm
going to give tax breaks to donald trump and the other billionaires. they are going to start paying their fair share of taxes. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: this campaign is listening to the latino community. [cheers and applause] and what thes: latino community is telling me is they are tired of living in the shadows. [cheers and applause] tired sanders: they are of living in fear and being exploited.
12:00 am
[cheers and applause] they want, i want comprehensive immigration reform. applause]d and a path toward citizenship. applause]d "bernie!']ting bernie sanders: when my father came to the united states from poland at the age of 17, i know a little bit about the immigrant experience. and let me just say this. we have 11 million undocumented people in this country. if


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