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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 7, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EST

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>> we are going to leave the last few minutes of this rally to go live to do your born, michigan for a rally with bernie sanders. -- dearborn, michigan. >> coming up in just a few hours from now, we need everybody here to show up, to bring your friends, to bring your relatives, to show the country, to show this whole nation that we are ready for real inclusion, economic justice for all, right here. let's start it right here. [applause] so proud tell you i am to be worn right here in the state of michigan. i lived here for the first 22 years of my life mma dragged me
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to minnesota. you guys here got an extra congressman in may. as i served in the u.s. congress with my good friend bernie sanders, he has been there for the american worker, he has been there for the american family, he has never stopped fighting for us, which is why i'm so proud to support bernie sanders, everybody. [applause] thatt want to let you know everybody in this whole country is a part of this thing. when the anti-muslim hate was raging real ugly back in december -- you remember when trump was talking all that stuff? we had to explain to our kids that no, your neighbors don't hate you. your neighbors actually do like you, it's just that one weird guy over there. let me tell you what bernie sanders did. he said let's go to a mosque and
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sit down in the mosque in washington, d c and we will have , a jewishn priest rabbi and we will all sit down there and talk about how we are all part of this american family. let's do that. and you know what? that is exactly what we did. andaid -- we denounced it talked about how this country is matter americans, no what your religion is, we are not going to let nobody divide us because you know what i mean? we need everybody. everybody,g to need everybody to restore real economic justice for all in america. the fact of the matter is the money has gone to the very tip top of this economy and a lot of people have been
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struggling and the only way to overcome that is to get vast numbers of people just like here in good old dearborn to come , to say we are not going to be divided, we are going to fight for prosperity for everyone in this country. it doesn't matter if you are mexican or muslim or jewish or christian or catholic or if you don't practice any religion, or maybe you are hindu or whatever you are, we are welcome. we say welcome to you. we see peace be unto you because we believe this is what we believe this nation is all about. bernie sanders, whether it is domestic policy or foreign policy, bernie is always for the
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people. i was so proud when bernie said we don't need to invade iraq. he voted no on invading iraq. enough he was not the secretary of state or nothing, but he is still smart enough, he was smart enough to know a country that had been under a no-fly zone for 12 years and for two thirds of its landmass was not about to attack the united states. when george bush said let's attack iraq, he's that i'm not going to do that. he said no on that and we need that kind of judgment in the white house. what do you think? ,ernie sanders, when they said when obama said we are going to try to work out a deal with the iranians to make sure we don't have any wars or spread nuclear weapons.
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bernie said i'm for that and i backed that 100%. you remember that? his instincts are for peace in this world and dignity for all human beings, no matter where they live. domestically, right here in the good old united states, right here in flint, bernie has been against these bad trade deals that hit michigan so hard. when i was working as a councilman in the city of detroit and every day we would see 100 laid-off year, 100 laid off there, all these companies laying off workers here in opening plants all over the world as american's right here in michigan were losing their jobs, bernie has been against -- he was against the peruvian trade agreement because he knows we need fair trade, not just free trade, everybody. [applause] a bigws if you tell company, you could reduce sure supporting by
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someone abroad. we have to set the rules up to put american workers in a position where they can make a good, honest living. open the doors for the lowest wage in this world. i think bernie is someone we can trust in this area. i want you to know i'm the chair of something called the progressive caucus in the u.s. congress. let me tell you about the progressive caucus. the progressive caucus was started by bernie sanders. before i ever became chair, bernie sanders with their organizing people, bringing us together. it doesn't just mean standing for the right thing because bernie stands for the right thing but it means getting the win together in the right way,
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involving the grass roots union, that masses of americans, young people, old people, people in the sandwich generation, masses of americans coming out and that is how bernie does business. contractor doing business with the federal government, they were doing food service and janitorial service and different kinds of services like that. survive one can't seven dollars and $.25 an hour no more. so what they did was they came out and demanded to be paid more money. workers hand those to hand, shoulder to shoulder. the lead person out there was bernie sanders. [applause] the person standing with the workers, standing with the cooks, standing with janitors, standing with security guards
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that was bernie sanders. bernie was the one who was not afraid to come out of that ivory tower, that capitol building and stand with the people who were struggling hard to make ends meet. bernie not only stands for people fighting for a better wage but for the young people of the united states. in sure, bernie believes debt free college, but it shocks me when bernie says he wants tuition free college, they say it is not possible. just like they've got in france, germany, denmark -- who believes that we can get that if we fight for it? win it if we buy for it's going to require all of us in this room to stand up and fight and stand with bernie sanders as he makes his demand.
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you tell them we don't ever give up on our dreams. we don't give up on our dreams. in this country of ours some of their was a time in our nation's somebody wasit if black to sit on the front of the bus -- some of you may have just read about it, some people said it was unrealistic but there were dreamers out there who believe in the best of america but stood for it and fought for it. time in this nation's history when for a woman to cast a vote was considered ridiculous and unrealistic. it had to be people like susan b anthony and others that demanded if women are equal in god's eyes, they've got to be equal at the ballot box and guess what, they wanted because they fought for it.
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what i am saying to you is don't let anybody tell you we cannot have free tuition and our nations universities, that we cannot have that free college. foreign policy in our nation. it is in the grass of all of us if we only stand together and believe in it and we need a candidate who's going to be the standardbearer demanding we when these things. do you think that is my man bernie sanders? [applause] that is bernie sanders. you know you can trust bernie sanders because in the 1960's in this country, bernie sanders can be found fighting for his country, even get arrested doing it. most politicians don't put that on their resume.
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was a man to risk arrest because he believed in what they were fighting for. he knew it wasn't the reality of 1961 but it could be the reality of 2016. if there were some proud people who were going to tell people just be realistic. campaign.patriotic we -- if we fight for what is right, we blew them out in maine. did you see what happened there. we blew them out in kansas as well. news from you good minnesota where we beat them something. we blew them out. that same victory is right in our grasp. right here in michigan. [applause]
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that same win is in our hands if we only reach for it and grab it. campaign with bernie, you see the people, the energy and the fire is on his side. it.can see it, you can feel but there's a whole lot of other folks who got other plans and maybe they are not at rallies. what does that mean? that means you and i have to go out and get our friends, get our neighbors, we got 24 hours to do it. we've got 24 hours to grab your name -- your neighbors, your coworkers -- you've got 24 hours and there's a whole lot of people here in the state of michigan who won't make a decision until they get to the ballot box. know bernie stood for $15 an hour minimum wage.
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if you tell him, bernie actually believes we can fight climate change and when and has been standing against keystone since before other people got around to it. you know what i'm saying? if you will get in there here if you will knock on those doors, we can win this thing. will, will to is win. who has the will to win? [applause] because i'm telling you now, i got on the flight early this morning to come back to my hometown because i was sure the people of dearborn, the people of flint, the people of detroit, all over the great state of michigan are ready for some real change and we are not going to lower our sites.
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we know it has already begun and that is why i am so proud to introduce to you my friend and yours, bernie sanders. , on out. -- come on out. [applause] ♪ [applause] let me begin by thanking mr. gilroy for his remarks but this is what i want to say about the guy. this guy is one of the great members of the united states congress. [applause] political lifes
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taking on special interests, fighting for a peaceful world, fighting for economic justice, racial justice, environmental justice. thank you so much for what you are doing. [applause] i want to tell you something keith and how the real political world works. throughout this campaign, we have taken on the financial establishment and all of the big money to all of the big-money interests, we have taken on the political establishment. minnesota, they didn't mention this but we took on the two united states senators who supported secretary clinton. we took on the governor who supported secretary clinton and we took on almost everybody in the legislature who supported secretary clinton. sided keith ellison on our
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and we won by a landslide. [applause] keith basically told you everything i was going to tell you so i am going home. [laughter] the point.s keith made the most important point that i commit to you. it's that real change never takes place from the top on down. it always takes place from the bottom on up. [applause] and if you think back historically at the struggle for workers rights, you remember that workers came together, some of them were beaten, some are jailed, some were killed but they said workers are entitled to collective
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bargaining and entitled to negotiate a contract. we will form a union. it took place from the bottom right on up. [applause] as keith indicated, you remember, we often forget that women4, in 1924 is when got the right to vote. it's less than 100 years ago. how did that happen? did it happen because some president signed something? it happened because women and their male allies struggled for decade after decade, some died, somewhat to jail, some went on hunger strikes and they said, in america, women will not be treated as second-class citizens. [applause] civil rights movement -- it has been going on for hundreds of
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years. african americans before slavery and their white allies said in the united states of america, racism and bigotry and segregation are not acceptable. and hundreds of thousands and millions of people stood up and fought back. we have a still of a long way to go but that's how change takes place. [applause] when people tell you we can't do this or that, all they are saying is that they don't have the guts to take on the powerful special interests who are preventing that change from occurring. we do have the courage. [applause] before i go any further, i just
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had the honor of meeting with a number of arab-american leaders here in dearborn. that ifant to say is there is anything we are going to accomplish together, we are going to end bigotry in this country once and for all. [applause] the donald trump's and his friends are not going to prevail in scapegoating minorities in this country. [applause] they are not going to be successful in attacking and denigrating our muslim friends and neighbors. [applause]
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o'er our mexican friends and neighbors. [applause] they are not going to divide us up. what we all know when i speak as somebody who has personal experience in this -- my dad was an immigrant. my dad came to this country without a penny in his pocket and could not speak english from poland at the age of 17. he never made much money. but he loved this country because of the opportunities it gave him and the ability to raise two of his kids, the first in his family to go to college. that's what america is about. we will not let tromp divide us up, we will come together and create the america [indiscernible] [applause]
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what this campaign is about is about doing something very, very radical in american politics. it is called telling the truth. [applause] and the truth is not always pleasant. i wish i could tell you wonderful things but it is important to understand reality because if we do not understand that reality, it is in fact impossible for us to go forward. [applause] let me tell you about reality. reality number 1 -- no president of the united states, not bernie sanders or anybody else can do what has to be done to deal with enormous
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problems facing the middle class and working families of this country. no president can do it alone. [applause] that is not just rhetoric. that is not just words. that is reality. you know why that is true? no other candidate for president will tell you this -- the people who have the power in this country, the billionaire class, wall street, corporate america, the corporate media who determine what we see and what we hear, the large campaign contributors who have so much influence over the political process -- no one can defeat this group of people because they have so much power alone. no president can do it. we defeat them and create an america that works for
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us all rather than the few is when millions of people stand up , fight back, and demand to have a government which represents all of us, not just the 1%. [applause] [applause] i will tell you a story which is very gratifying. this is what i've been trying to do from day one in this campaign people,ing working young people, bring people who have given up on the political process back into that process so they can stand up and fight for their kids and their own lives. yesterday, i saw something that was enormously touching to me. it was a caucus in maine. there were photographs on the a line half a mile
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long. half mile long of people waiting hours to get into cast their vote. we won maine with 64% of the vote. [applause] in the largest voter turnout in the history of maine caucuses -- we had similar results in kansas. in other words, this is what is happening -- if we allow the same old same old to continue, you will get the same old, same old result. those same old, same old results will be the rich get richer, the middle class continues to disappear, and too many of our people live in poverty. if we want to change that same old, same old, we have to understand that politics is not
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a football game. football is a spectator sport. we watch rate out please do their thing. politics and democracy means that every single one of us has to be actively involved in determining the future of america. [applause] tomorrow is a very important day here in michigan. it is your primary. if there is a large voter turnout, we will win. [applause] as keith said, bring your family members, bring your coworkers, bring your neighbors. establishment
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that we are not satisfied with the status quo, we want real change. [applause] obviously, my opponent on the ballot will be secretary clinton. speak for a moment about some of the differences that exist between secretary clinton and myself. number one, in this country today, we have a corrupt campaign finance system. [applause] as a result of citizens united, what we have seen is the emergence of a whole lot of super pacs into which billionaires, the wall street corporate america are putting huge amounts of money. secretary clinton has several super pacs.
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the largest recently reported that in the last filing period, she rate $25 million including $15 million from wall street. [boos] secretary clinton has also gone with some of doors the major wall street financial institutions. she gets paid $225,000 per speech. not bad for a days work. i kind of figure that if you're going to get paid $225,000 to give a speech, it must he a brilliant speech. if it is such a brilliant speech, surely, you want to share that brilliant speech with the people of america. [applause] we have chosen -- secretary
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clinton also said she would release the transcripts. here it is, i'm ready to release my transcripts, are you ready? here it is, you got it. nothing there. no speeches to wall street. [applause] we, on the other hand, have taken a different approach and how we raise funds. to how we do it is to go working families and middle-class people. what has happened over the last 10 months has been absolutely amazing and mind blowing. millionave received 5 individual campaign contributions. [applause] that is more individual campaign contributions than any candidate
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in the history of the united states of america. [applause] anybody here know what the average campaign contribution is? i love that. i love that. $27. to quote abraham lincoln at gettysburg, this is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. [applause] now, there is another issue that separates secretary clinton from myself. that is all of you are aware that in america today, our middle class is shrinking. almost all new income and wealth go to the top 1%. you are aware that many of the
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new jobs being created pay wages that are just too low. there are a lot of factors for that but one of the major reasons is that, for the last 30 years, we have had a series of disastrous trade policies written by corporate america. these trade policies whether it's nafta or cafta or trade relations with china or others, the basic principle was the following: corporate america helped write these trade agreements and they say why should i pay a worker in michigan or vermont a decent wage with decent benefits , negotiate with the union, and have two ove environmental legislation when i could go to peopleor china and pay pennies an hour? that is what they wanted. that is what they have
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accomplished because of these disastrous trade agreements. last 15country, in the ofrs, we have seen the loss 60,000 factories in america. 60,000 factories and millions of decent paying jobs. while not all of that is attributable to trade, a lot of it is. all of you know factories and communities all over this country shut down, workers were thrown out on the street, factory went to mexico or to china or some other low-wage country. hillary clinton has supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade policies. [boos] one ofopposed every these disastrous policies. [applause]
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last night, there was a debate and in order to kind of hide her positions on trade, secretary clinton announced that i was an opponent of the bailout of the automobile industry which is so important here in michigan and many other states. that is absolutely untrue. vote in terms of whether or not we bailed out the automobile industry in the senate area it was december 11, 2008. bailout in that support of the workers in the automobile industry. [applause] to say otherwise is to not say
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the truth. there is another area of huge consequence between difference of opinion between secretary clinton and myself and that has to do with foreign policy. the congress debated the most important foreign policy issue in the modern history of this country. i listened very carefully to president bush and vice president cheney and what they had to say. about going to war in iraq. end's that war, i helped lead the opposition to going to war in iraq. [applause] it gives me no pleasure to tell you that much of what i feared would happen is exactly what did happen in terms of the chaos and
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instability in that region which has led us to where we are today. secretary clinton heard the same evidence that i heard. she voted for that disastrous war. [boos] is very easy when you were a politician to point out what is true. dayhere a lot of terrible tatars and demagogues all over this world? could duffy libya certainly is one of them. of libya is circling one of them. he isot an enough to say a tyrant and dictator. before you overthrow him, you have to think about what happens the day after he is gone. regime change does not always work out quite as smoothly as some people think it does. [applause]
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a series of articles in the new york times recently made a point that the president was not sure what to do about libya. secretary clinton was one of the more aggressive people to say we've got to go in and overthrow mo market duffy. -- qaddafi. there is massive instability in libya and isis has a foothold in that country today. the point being that regime change is more complicated and often has unintended consequences. we've got to be careful about that. [applause] on foreign policy, there is another issue and i wish i could come before you and tell you that i have a magical solution, i don't.
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that is for decades now, there has been hatred and warfare in the middle east. everybody knows we have had some presidents like carter and clinton and others who have tried to do their best to resolve it. all i can tell you is i will make every single effort to bring rational people on both that together so hopefully, we can have, through a level playing field, the united states treating everybody in that region equally, hopefully. [applause] i know that there are people of goodwill in israel and the arab communities, this is not an easy task. but it is a task that we must pursue. to have, fortinue another 60 years, the kind of hatred and conflict that exist in the middle east. [applause]
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this campaign is doing as well as it is winning caucus after we are listening to the american people rather than just wealthy campaign contributors. we are listening to workers who tell us they cannot make it on nine or $10 per hour. that's not enough money for one person let alone to raise a family. big is why, when we think and when we determine that in america, no worker working 40 hours per week should live in poverty, we know that we have to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, $15 per hour. [applause]
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listening to is senior citizens and disabled veterans. noteat nation is judged right how many millionaires and billionaires it has but i how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us. that's what are great nation is about. [applause] there are millions of seniors and disabled veterans in this country who are trying to get by on $12,000 per year social security. you know what? nobody can get by on 11 or $12,000 per year on social security. unbelievably, there are republicans out there who actually want to cut social security. i've got some very bad news for them.
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to cuty are we not going social security, we are going to expand social security benefits. [applause] this campaign is listening to young people and what young people are telling me is how up 50, happen that i end 60, $80,000 in debt because i simply wanted to get the best education that i could. [applause] again, this is what keith ellison was saying. we've got to think out side of the status quo. we all take it for granted. millions of people in this country are deeply in debt for the crime of getting a higher education. you know what? that's pretty crazy.
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that is not right. what we want to do is to encourage every american to be able to get all of the education that they need, not punish people for getting an education. [applause] that is why we will do three things. again, this may seem radical but women's rights were considered radical. gay rights were considerable radical -- were considered radical. [applause]
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[laughter] [applause] this a radical idea? it is absolutely common sense. the world has changed, new type of education is needed to deal with the new technologies that are complicated. people need different types and more education. -- got companies like
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countries like germany and scandinavia, that's what they are doing. the third thing and this will shock some of you, 50, 60 years ago, guess what? public colleges and universities in the united states of america were virtually tuition free. this is not a radical idea. it's exactly what we should do. the second thing we should do is that people are tarrying have a student debt, we got to lower that debt i allowing them to refinance their loans. [applause] after wall, 2008, and illegalkless behavior drove this economy into the worst economic downturn since the great depression, the congress bailed out wall street.
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they bailed out the wealthiest and most powerful institution in america. i think that now, what we need to do, is impose a tax on wall street speculation [applause] which will raise the money we need to lower student debt and make colleges and universities tuition free. [applause] you helped bailout wall street. now it is wall street's turn to help the middle class. [applause] this campaign is listening to women. what women are saying is how does it happen that they sit in an office or factory and they and up making $.79 on the dollar compared to the guy in the other room? [applause]
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man in thisevery room will stand with women in the fight for pay equity for women workers. [applause] this campaign is listening to our brothers and sisters in the african-american community. what they are telling us is that we have a row can criminal justice system. [applause] which ends up having more people in jail then any other country on earth. shamefully, absurdly, we are spending $80 billion per year to lock up 2.2 million americans
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disproportionately african americans, latino, and native americans. that ishe reasons for that youth unemployment in this country is outrageously high. are high whites, 33% school graduates, latinos 36%, african-americans, 51%. you want to hear a radical idea? here's the radical idea. we will invest in education and jobs for our young people, not jails and incarceration. [applause] this campaign is listening to our latino brothers and sisters. thatthey are telling us is they are tired of living in fear
3:01 pm
, living in the shadows and i agree with them when they say we need comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship. [applause] this campaign is listening to native americans. these are people who have been treated shamefully for hundreds of years. [applause] we owed the first americans so much and it's time we started paying back that debt. [applause] there is a lot of anger out there today in the united states and i will tell you one of the reasons why there is so much anger.
3:02 pm
in my state and in michigan, throughout this country, you've got millions of people working longer hours for lower wages. you will have families where mom and dad islong hours working long hours and kids are working long hours. marriages are being stressed and destroyed because parents don't have quality time to spend together. kids are not getting the attention they deserve because everybody is working. [applause] meanwhile, despite the fact that we work so hard and here in america, not a lot of people know this, we worked the longest hours of any people in the industrialized world. the japanese are hard workers, we work longer hours than they do. that,t, despite all of
3:03 pm
58% of all new income created today goes to the top 1%. [boos] today in america, we have a grotesquel and more level of wealth inequality than any other major country on earth, worse than cents 1928. in america today, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. the wealthiest 20 people own more wealth in the bottom half of america, 150 million people. job is and what we can do together is to create an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. [applause]
3:04 pm
real unemployment in this country is not 4.9%. real unemployment is double that. youth unemployment is off the charts. i was in flint, michigan a couple of weeks ago talking to people who have been impacted by poison the water. we had a town meeting there as well. the conclusion that i reached is that it was, in talking and listening to these people and their pain i don't want to speak out out what i heard because it is so painful about children being poisoned and the implications of that and what it means for kids lives -- that was happening in the united states of america in the year 2016 was literally hard to believe it it was like a was talking to people
3:05 pm
in the third or fourth world country, not the richest country in the history of the world. in the richest country in the history of the world, our infrastructure, our water system, our wastewater plants, roads and bridges and rail system and levees and dams should not be crumbling. that is why we have got to rebuild our water systems in flinton all over this country, rebuild our infrastructure and when we do that, we can create 13 million decent paying jobs. [applause] republicans go around the country and they talk a lot about family values. i want you all to know what they mean by that. what they mean is that no woman in this room, in this state, in
3:06 pm
this country should have the right to control her own body. i disagree. [applause] what they mean is that our gay brothers and sisters should not have the right to be married. i disagree. [applause] but when i talk about family values, it is a little bit different than republican family values. this is what i talk about -- i talk about ending the international embarrassment of the united states being the only major country on earth that does not guarantee paid family and medical leave. [applause]
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there is a woman today in michigan or vermont, throughout this country, who is having some beautiful baby today and that is a great day. but if that woman is working income, you know what happens to her relationship to her baby? what happens is that in a week or two weeks after birth, she is forced to separate herself from that baby and go back to work and earn enough income to take care of her family. that is wrong. a mom and a dad have the right to stay home with their newborn baby. [applause] and that is why together, we will pass legislation now in the
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congress guaranteeing three months paid family and medical leave. [applause] when we talk about what goes on and billionaires buying elections and wall street putting all kinds of money into super pacs, you and i know that is not democracy. that is oligarchy. [applause] why we are going to overturn this disastrous citizens united supreme court ruling. [applause] i am a member of the u.s. senate committee on the environment and on energy.
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i have talked to scientists all over our country and all over the world. the debate is over. climate change israel. -- is real. it is caused by human activity and is already doing devastating harm in our country and around the world. [applause] we have a moral responsibility to make sure that this planet, our only planet, is left to future generations in a way that is healthy and is habitable. what the scientists are telling us very clearly is that if we do not get our act together and in a short time, this planet, by the end of this century, will be between 5-10 degrees fahrenheit
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warmer. you know what that means? it means more drought, more flooding, more extreme weather disturbances, more acidification and distraction of our oceans. it means more rising sea levels and the flooding of coastal communities. it means more international conflict as people around the world fight over limited natural resources. courage to take on the fossil fuel industry and tell them we are going to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [applause] leaving this planet in a way
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that is healthy for future generations is a heck of a lot more important than the short-term profits of oil companies or coal companies. [applause] let me connect to some dots for you and tell you what a corrupt campaign finance system means to sensible policies. you may have noticed tv does not talk about it but you may have noticed not one republican candidate for president will go before you and say i've talked to the scientists and read the literature and climate change is real and we got to do something about it. not one. that onon for that is the day that republican comes forward and says that climate change is real, on that day, that candidate loses his funding from the fossil fuel industry. [applause]
3:12 pm
that is what a corrupt campaign finance system does. symbol from the fact that all of you are paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. do you think it's an accident that the pharmaceutical industry pours huge amounts of money into campaign contributions and huge amounts of money into lobbying? that's what happens when you by congress. you get the ability to charge the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs in this country. street, whatll your campaign contribution brings you is the ability to overturn legislation like toss-steagall, the ability make sure that wall street can do it wants to do. that is what money buys.
3:13 pm
that's why we have got to change this campaign finance system. [applause] there have been many issues i have been attacked on but one may be more than any other. recognize that in every major country on earth, whether it is the united kingdom or france or germany, italy, holland, scandinavia or our neighbors to the north in canada, all of those countries managed to provide health care to all of their people. [applause] the united states today is the only major country on earth that does not do that. i think that is wrong.
3:14 pm
it is my belief, let me say it again to be as crystal clear as i can -- in my view, health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. [applause] when we think big, we have got to ask ourselves, how does it happen today despite the good gains of the affordable care act, 29 million americans have no health insurance? many of you in this room and millions of americans do have health insurance but you are underinsured with high deductibles and copayments, am i right? haveof you, i'd bet, $5,000 and a doctor bills, right? some of you have more than that, right? what does it mean if you have a high deductible and not a lot of money?
3:15 pm
it means you don't go to the doctor when you should. prices in thehest world for prescription drugs. meanwhile, despite all of those problems, we are spending far more than any other major country per person on health care. we are spending almost three times with the british spend and 50% more than the french and for more than the canadians. that's why it is my view that this country must move toward a medic care for all health care system. [applause] i have been told -- my critics say this, my opponent says ernie is a nice guy but just can't win
3:16 pm
a general election. he just can't beat those republicans. let me just say the polls go up and down and sometimes they are not always reliable bureau the fact -- virtually every national poll of has taken place has bernie sanders defeating donald trump. [applause] and almost all of those national polls and many state polls have bernie sanders defeating donald trump by a much wider margin than hillary clinton. [applause]
3:17 pm
here in michigan for example, there was a poll out the other day. hillary clinton did well against donald trump and beat him by 16 points, we beat him by 22 points. [applause] that is true in state after state after state. that we will together defeat donald trump if he is the republican candidate is not complicated. people that the american are not going to elect as president somebody who insults muslims [applause] one of the largest religions in the world, that's not the kind of guy they will elect as president. somebody who insults mexicans, our neighbors to the south [applause]
3:18 pm
the american people are not going to elect a president who every day is insulting women. [applause] who insults african-americans, let us not forget, people sometimes do -- president obama what known for many years has been subjected not only to more obstructionism on the part of republicans, unprecedented legislative obstructionism but it has gone further than that. president obama, as you go, donald trump a few years ago led the so-called birther effort. what that effort was about was a very significant thing. what he was trying to do is to de-legitimize the president of
3:19 pm
the united states. what he was saying is this guy's not really the president because he really was not born in the united states of america. absolutely blatant lie. the interesting thing is that president obama's father was born in kenya. my father was born in poland. nobody has ever asked me for my birth certificate. [applause] do you think it might have something to do with the color president versus obama's skin? i think so. [applause] defeat donald trump because the american people understand that bringing people
3:20 pm
together trumps dividing people up. [applause] the american people understand that community helping each other trumps selfishness [applause] and most importantly, the american people understand what ,very great religion on earth christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, whatever the religion trumpsthat is that love hatred. [applause]
3:21 pm
tomorrow michigan has a very important role to play in the fight for fundamental change in america and a political revolution. we will win if there is a large voter turnout. please, make that happen. thank you all. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:22 pm
♪ ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> bernie sanders fresh off weekend caucus wins and wrapping an appearance in dearborn, michigan ahead of the michigan primary tomorrow. we are setting up our phone lies to get your thoughts.
3:29 pm
you can send us eight feet as well. tweet asn send us a well. we will get those on the air as well. we will be covering hillary clinton tonight in detroit coming up tonight at 7:45 p.m. eastern. we will tell you about that in our coverage plans tomorrow night with the michigan primary happening. the primary is also happening in mississippi. let's go to bernie sanders supporters. caller: yes, first time caller. i want to bring to light a couple of issues. there is the constant reporting of the superdelegate total with hillary clinton's total of delegates she has amassed which is not correct. the delegates are not committed totally to her until she is at the convention. many say would take and a to jackhammer them away from her.
3:30 pm
last night in the debate, bernie did well and brought to light a lot of issues. he should've gone harder on that earlier on the trade issues, specifically on the gun manufacturers. hillary set him uphillary set hn her initial comment, and then failed to rebut or point out the immunity of the manufacturers that protect the gun sellers, they are not responsible. he argued point for her own follow-up, he biased his response on that very heavily. it was not a fair debate, even though bernie did cover the issue and point out the correct answer. host: have you been fallen most of the democratic debates? caller: pretty much all of them, as they have been airing them. that was the seventh time
3:31 pm
that hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head to head we were talking about the delegate counts. we give you the total the weekend wraps up. here is where the democratic delegates stand is so far. of the 2000 383 needed for nomination, clinton with 1129, and vendors with 498. republican delegate count, here is the breakdown. this is a graphic from bloomberg news of the democratic delegates, their numbers are just one off. they say hillary clinton with 1130, but they say the superdelegates are not bound by popular vote.
3:32 pm
charge pointing out that hillary clinton has about 458 superdelegates so far. in southr from john bend, indiana. who are you supporting? caller: i am still looking for the candidate i can really say this is who i will support. i cannotides of thing, believe some of the stuff that she ignored. she think she is above the law. this is the same family that took the silverware out of the white house. on the republican side, donald trump is -- his demeanor is not right. between the two, i am really toward. 300 million people in the united states, that we can't come up with better candidates on both sides? and it has me really irritated.
3:33 pm
host: your neighbors to the north get their chance tomorrow. indiana has more than a month away. who do you hope is still in the field by the time indiana gets to cast their vote? caller: the republican side or the democrat side? host: articles on the same day? bernie has offered to the young people free college education. it was going to pay for it -- who is going to pay for it? from --this coming where in the world is this money coming from? two, i would rather see bernie wind, because we do not need another clinton in the white house. they havely history,
3:34 pm
shown their five or in their moral are down the creek as far as i am concerned. host: let's go to our other life. who do you support? caller: clinton, myself. one thing i can say is i do not know how they will get anything done without getting more senators in the house, because they can't do anything without congress behind the. guys, bernie sanders is going to this, and do that, the only thing they can do is start some senators in thei for bernieay to pay sanders proposals, says a ays a tweet.send
3:35 pm
caller, go ahead. caller: i think that bernie's ideas make sense, about education, society itself, and understanding of who we are. to the economy right now we are in a big recession, and the only way to get out is for those who are actually hoarding most of the money to pay their fair share. we as a society can and those in the middle class are paying more in tax than those at the top. i do think that the top 1% should be paying more in taxes. i am not saying an overall amount of taxes, like 90% like the eisenhower era, but i do think a little bit more and people think that the top 1% would just go off to some other country or something like that.
3:36 pm
that is not going to happen. they will be rich, but they will be a part of society. they need to get out of their bubble, their fancy clubhouses and the import of society. to work with us, instead of working against us. the: let me ask about economic issue, because the jobless numbers came out last week, and a quarter of a added inobs were february, and the job rate stayed about the same. does that speak more toward continuing with the obama administration economic policy would be, which is what hillary rather thanroposing bernie sanders approach. i actually do think that obama did some great things, but of course we need to at least keep doing more than just
3:37 pm
keeping on this slow, steady path obama promised so much, but did not get out anything. a lot of it has to do with the fact that he was being literally forced into a box. whereas bernie sanders does not seem like that kind of person that will be forced into a box. he has people to get behind him. internet, there are huge amounts of people that are rallying behind him. you can see this stuff. i live in washington state and there are a bunch of supporters. we have people who are actually discussing outside of the bernie about what weure need to do to change the system and things like that. i appreciate your input. we will be covering a rally tonight with hillary clinton in detroit, coming up at 745 p.m. eastern tonight.
3:38 pm
we will have live coverage here on c-span. the primary is coming up tomorrow. we will have coverage of the results, not only in michigan, but the primary company in mississippi. our coverage gets underway at 8:00 p.m. eastern. back to michigan for a second for a chart from the wall street journal. showed preference among likely michigan voters, hillary clinton 57%, bernie sanders 47%. on the republican senate and is donald trump over ted cruz. 17% for marco rubio. , whichad to head massive is one of the questions they asked, hillary clinton versus donald trump weekly voters, 52% or hillary clinton, donald trump 36% rate skip down to bernie sanders versus donald trump, about the same, a little bit more.
3:39 pm
bernie sanders 56 him and donald trump 34 in today's wall street journal. bernie sanders supporter in raleigh, north carolina, welcome. caller: thank you. i would like everyone that has not voted yet to listen to the words i'm going to say, because they are extremely important. when you look at hillary clinton, and you way out what is going on, it is just about equal as if you played in a cool tournament to nu shook hands with your opponent, and they say my high -- my name is roger, and i'm going to cheat. what i'm trying to say is when bernie sanders is president, he asks the american people, i think we should have free health care, what do you think? they say yes, and then he tries to put it in place. if hillary clinton was the president, she cannot ask the american people what do you
3:40 pm
think, it is not up to them, it is up to wall street it is up to big corporations. she starts off with them in mind first, because they ate the lanes and millions of dollars. everyone in michigan who is thinking i wonder who i should vote for vote for the person that it doesn't have other perverted financial obligations. that is 1.i wanted to say. other calls we want to say. the house will gavel in in about 20 minutes. let's go to chris in tennessee. who do you like? caller: i'm still undecided right now. narrativeearing this -- [inaudible] listen to your phone, and
3:41 pm
not your television, see you don't get confused. caller: you keep hearing this narrative of how is burning going to pay for this? gotteny way things have done is people standing up and fighting back. you got a protest, you have to let people, you have to do this over over again and put pressure on politicians. that is how stuff is done. we're not going to get it done actually have a revolution. do you think the bernie sanders campaign and the donald trump campaign speak to you in that regard? trump is not a koch brothers like all the other republicans. donald trump is independent, and bernie sanders is in everyday person. host: we appreciate your work.
3:42 pm
let's hear from a bernie sanders supporter in monticello, indiana. caller: thank you. i just wanted to say i love ernie, i have been watching him for the past 20 years. he is always taking the side of the people. he has always been for the people, for everybody. it does not matter what your background is. it does not matter if you are rich, if you are poor, he tries to think things properly, and accordingly, and make it fair for everybody. top thing that everyone is concern about, he's going to make sure that the poor will get tax relief, and the release -- rich will get taxed more. he will take the money and use it for infrastructure projects. he will tax wall street on their trades, and he is going to take that 3% text and use that to pay for national education. one of our viewers on
3:43 pm
c-span radio saw between that we sent out about one of the comments bernie sanders mate was saying that we will not let donald trump divide us, we will he says that, and he is after isis. another bernie sanders supporter, litchfield park of arizona. the afternoon. caller: hello. inas watching, and i have sanders, and just enjoying the things he is saying. independent, and i'm usually one of those everyday ofple, a single divorced mom three. i am an african american woman. i have two sons and a daughter. i am one of those people that did not have college funds saved
3:44 pm
my three children just graduated from college. i have a lawyer, a dentist, and a teacher. we do not have college funds saved, so we are in debt, unbelievable debt. we are not sure we will get out in this generation or the next i really appreciate the things that i hear him saying that help us normal, everyday people. the people that we don't have the resources, the money to better ourselves, but we are still making the effort to host: [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, wiich is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit effort. host: we will go to another caller. to go in there now and
3:45 pm
say he did not like any of this stuff makes me sick to my stomach. let me -- the college thing, are they kidding? will -- millennials are parentsn their basement. $55,000 a year for tuition. you guys never talk about her daughter. she used to work for a hedge fund manager. before mona started running, she quit and bought a $16 million apartment in manhattan. in the son-in-law is the head -- host: chelsea salafi $50 million apartment? caller: yes. and her son-in-law is the hedge fund. host: a couple more calls.
3:46 pm
a senior political writer for those fees -- for those feet, looking at the week ahead. poll.w florida another quick call, austin texas . thank you to c-span for covering all of the rallies, and giving people the opportunity to hear the candidates firsthand. for hillary clinton and it was not a vote against ernie. i have been a follower of bernie many years. i am enthusiastic about how the young people have gathered behind him, and i encourage him to do so until he makes a decision to go forward or sees his campaign. has openedt bernie
3:47 pm
up people's eyes to issues we are all concerned about, including secretary of state clinton. i am hoping that as this proceeds, if bernie decides to his away, the followers of will follow him to the election. i know bernie, i know he will stand by hillary. i hope these young people will trust him as much as they do now. host: thank you. let's go to sarah who is in sun city, arizona. caller: hello. host: who do you support? bernie sanders, i apologize. caller: i am a bernie supporter. i also a first-time voter. i'm a pretty young voter, but i'm excited about senator sanders. host: what is your number one reason for supporting bernie sanders? caller: there is a lot. i am just sick and tired of the
3:48 pm
income inequality that is going on right now. there are so many people that are suffering, and it is absolutely atrocious. it. sick of that money needs to be used for something else. the policies that bernie has him a lot people are talking about how he is not going to be able to get things through, and you need to remember that there are millions of us versus not many -- sorry, irolling am nervous. first of all, if you go to bernie, all of his policies are there. if people really want to know how he is going to get things through, there is that. but there are also millions of us. if we stand up and say what we want, we will get it through. we have the power. we need to stop letting --host host: one quick question for
3:49 pm
you. the woman from texas that she hopes that bernie does not get the nomination, that bernie supporters will follow hillary to the election. , it hillaryhe case clinton gets the nomination, which is for hillary clinton? caller: at this moment, i don't think i will, just because of how much i have seen over the last couple of months. i have been following sanders campaign since may, and i've seen her views from the past bridges now. i do not want to see someone change their views because of what i want. host: we appreciate you voting, and thank you for sharing your story as well. the house comes in briefly in just a few minutes at 4:00 p.m. eastern. we will have it live on c-span. ahead of the michigan primary hillary clinton in a campaign rally in detroit. until the house comes in we're going to show you a discussion this morning's washington journal, looking at presidential
3:50 pm
politics and independent candidates. >> "washington journal" continues. talk joining us next to about the history of independent and third-party candidates, larry sabato, the director for the center politics at the university of virginia and crystalf the "sabato ball." larry, good morning. guest: good morning. host: so, with the talk of michael bloomberg potentially jumping into the presidential race, it's brought up the issue of third party and independent candidates. but this is not new. talk a little bit about the perfect climate and how things might be different than past runs. i'm not sure they will be different than past independent runs in the end. we don't know for sure that there will be any beyond the
3:51 pm
usual third parties, such as the libertarian party, which will probably be on all 50 ballots. the reason people are becauseing clearly is of the trump phenomenon on the republican side. if donald trump the republican nomination and is the favorite -- we're not there yet -- but if he gets the nomination, you are going to have a lot of institutional opposition to him on the republican side. mitt romney is i think just the tip of the iceberg. so, it's entirely possible to you will have some establishment republicans and big donors sponsoring a ticket, maybe you call it the real republican .icket you try to get it on as many state ballots as possible. maybe you get it on 50, maybe you get it on 45 or whatever. what does it do? composed ofuld be
3:52 pm
republican figures who are well respected and likely at the end of their careers and willing to take a lot of abuse and know that they won't be running for anything else because they certainly won't win the election. that they would attract millions of republicans who might not be able to for one reason or another back donald trump. those votes, they will ensure that the democratic nominee wins the presidential election. there is a secondary effect that will be important to republicans. let's say that the ticket wins 7 million or 10 million votes. those votes are probably transferable in large part. in the case of the senate, of course, it's a highly competitive battle. the senate can go either way because of the seats that are up
3:53 pm
and competitive. those could be critical if republicans are to maintain control of the senate. that's what republicans would get out of it. you mentioned bloomberg. let's talk about one other possibility there. it's marked in the elections in november. a lot of things can happen between now and then. i have no idea what he will end up doing. if you force me to guess, i would say that he would not run simply because there really is not a path to victory for him. anyway that he can accumulate that many electoral votes. i could see him getting a lot of votes. they would come from all over the place, but disproportionately it would hurt the democratic nominee, but i
3:54 pm
don't think that's what he wants to do given his record on gun control and lots of other things. this could go in a million different ways. it will be interesting and exciting. the campaign so far has broken every rule that i know of in terms of third party and independent candidates. we want to bring our viewers into this conversation. if you want to come in and talk about independent candidates, call -- host: you talked about some of the reasons that michael bloomberg may or may not get into this race. 2008 about his concern, let's take a look at that. [video clip]
3:55 pm
it's been twisted out of any semblance. the declaration of war authorities done with. it's been shrunk to an invisible level. the claws of eminent domain, there are no limits in the government on that. other than what the executive decided to be. the bill of rights has been violated seriously. talk about the kinds of issues that independent candidates we have seen in recent history, what drove them to that decision? lyrical -- guest: they feel the
3:56 pm
republican candidate may not be sufficiently conservative. some are on the left, like mr. nader. they believe the democratic candidate is insufficiently local. then there are centrist. ross perot was essentially a centrist when he ran in 1992 and ran less successfully in 1996. john anderson was a centrist when he ran in the great reagan carter presidential contest of that year. then you have the libertarian to have a different philosophy, a bridge philosophy including some republican and democratic components. are very different. let's take ralph nader as an example. back in 2000 he ran as candidate for president.
3:57 pm
that's not much in the context of candidates who have an impact on races. if you think back to teddy roosevelt, he got 28% of the vote, incredibly, in 1912 when he broke with the republican party and ran as a bull moose candidate. that 2.7% that he got actually had as great an impact, you could argue, as the 28%. roosevelt essentially elected woodrow wilson president. he got about 47% of the november wrote -- vote. anduse president taft roosevelt split most of the additional 60%, woodrow wilson got a massive electoral college landslide. what happened in 2000? -- i have to be
3:58 pm
careful here, i've artie got a long letter from him over the years. it's a good letter, i don't need another one. had al gore appealed more fully, better to liberal voters, the votes for ralph .ader wouldn't have been there you could make a strong case that had ralph nader not been on the ballot, al gore would certainly have carried florida in the election. 537 votes separated george w. bush from alrge w gore. i believe it's pretty clear that al gore would have carried new hampshire as well. because of the split on the democratic side.
3:59 pm
those electoral votes in new hampshire would have been elected president. even a small but minor independent candidate, if the votes are distributed in a certain way, can influence the results of an election, totally turn the election on its head. you have to look at every third-party candidate and independent candidate seriously. look at where they will be drawing from, disproportionately. how it affects the candidates. it is all part of an interesting calculus that reduces precedents. guest: -- host: ok, we are talking live "the next america: boomers, millennials, and the looming generational showdown -- ok, we are talking with larry sabato. gary, you are on with larry. caller: yes, thank you for
4:00 pm
taking my call. the real problem is that the democrats and the republicans have run people out of their party. there is no place for the people to go. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., march 7, 2016. i hereby appoint the honorable thomas j. rooney to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, reverend katrina sulter from st. patrick's episcopal church in washington, d.c.


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