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  Super Tuesday Primary Night Coverage  CSPAN  March 1, 2016 9:37pm-10:11pm EST

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, what is the difference between them? host: i'm going to jump in and we are going to go to west palm florida where governor christie has taken the podium. >> the win is important for our country. donald trump has one george in massachusetts. alabama and virginia. he has won the great state of tennessee. beginning of donald trump bringing the republican party together for a big victory this november. tonight, the beginning of donald people of our the nation together to help america win again. [applause] tonight, in those states who supported mr. trump today, although once devoted across
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this country, message is to begin to get ready for the fight coming this fall. the fight this fall is to make sure that he united republican party and united american people , make sure hillary rodham clinton never gets back in the white house. [applause] since june 16, he has shown himself to be tough and strong and bold. he has shown himself to be a fighter, a leader who speaks .lainly to the american people he has listened to the american people, the american people are listening to him. he is bringing the country together. that is not a campaign. it is a movement. america wants to come together.
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america wants to be strong and successful again but they know they need to have a strong bold tough decisive leader back in the oval office. they have that man after tonight. the next president of the united states, donald trump. [cheers and applause] donald trump: this has been an amazing evening. we have 15 major states. we could win six or seven or nine. it has been great.
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i congratulate ted cruz on that win. we are going to make america great again. i watched hillary's speech. she is talking about wages have been poor. everything is doing badly. she has been there for so long. if she hasn't straightened it out by now she is not going to straighten it out in the next four years. it is going to be worse. she wants to make america whole again. what is that about? again isica great better than make america whole again. this was an exciting evening. it is great to be in florida. it is great to be with friends in the press. i know it was a tough night for marco rubio. he worked hard. he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight. but you know what, we are going
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to go to florida and spend so much time in florida. we have a 20 point lead. a lot of the special interests and lobbyists, the people that want to have their little senator do exactly as they want, they're going to pay $20 million into it over the next two weeks. frankly i think that is fine as far as i am concerned. if he wins they will have total control. he is not going anywhere anyway. we are going to spend a lot of time in florida. virginia was a great win. it is a place we have big investments. thousands of employees and florida. it has been an amazing place to invest. it has been amazing to have so many wonderful employees, urging us on. thousands of employees all over the country, all over the world.
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it has been just so beautiful to watch this company grow and watch it grow so strongly. recent articles came out talking about how great a company we built. we want to put that same ability into doing something for our nation. our nation is in serious trouble. we are being killed on trade. absolutely destroyed. china is taking advantage of us. i have nothing against china. i have great respect for china. their leaders are too smart for our leaders. the trade deficits at $400 billion and $500 billion are too much. no country can sustain that kind of trade deficit. it will not be that way for long. we have the greatest business leaders in the world on my team already. believe me we are going to redo those trade deals. you look at countries like mexico where they are killing us
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on the border. absolutely destroying is on the border. they are destroying us in terms of economic development. carrier air-conditioner moving into mexico. ford moving to mexico. nabisco closing up shop in chicago and moving into mexico. we have to stop it. we are going to create jobs we will create jobs like you've never seen. we're going to lower taxes. i have a plan that so many think is the best plan they have seen. we going to lower taxes substantially. the middle class has been forgotten. it was the predominant factor in making our country into a country that we love so much. the middleotten class. we are going to lower taxes. we are lowering taxes on business. moving toee pfizer ireland and you see so many other companies constantly
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leaving. they used to move from new york to florida. now they are moving from here chris understands the problem. we can't let that happen. .e have lost manufacturing jobs millions and millions of jobs, thousands and thousands of plants. manufacturing plants, warehouses. we are losing so much we can't let it happen. i tell the story about a friend of mine who was in the excavation business. he always orders caterpillar. he ordered tractors from japan because they have cut the end. .hey have devalued the yen i don't want that to happen. that is not going to happen.
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doy should not be able to it. we have tremendous power. we are the source. we have great power. ,e have politicians who truly truly don't know what they are doing. we are going to work hard. i am so honored by this. lookswith my wife, it literally like this. you have a lot of cameras here tonight. it looks literally like the academy awards. i never saw so many cameras in my life. it takes a lot of courage to run for president. i have never done this before. i have been a job producer. i have done a lot of things. this is something i have never done. income when the it's of the iran deal we get absolutely nothing. when you look at all of the problems our country has, you look at our military which is being depleted rapidly, we are going to make our military
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bigger and better and stronger than ever before and nobody, nobody is going to mess with us, folks, nobody. [applause] -- so it is an amazing honor to have you with me tonight. it will be ok if you want ask questions. question] >> there is pressure within their publican party. ,ome strongly worded statements if donald trump inns up as the will need to find a third-party option. donald trump: they can always do that. then they will just lose everything. let me explain something. seen whate see
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has happened, where we had a tremendous victory in new hampshire, tremendous in nevada, you look at what has happened and tonight is the best of all. projected 6. we could be 7-8, 9, major states, georgia, massachusetts, -- [cheers] tennessee, virginia. these are amazing states. we are going to probably get a lot more. we are projected to have good additional numbers. i will say this. we have expanded the republican party. when you look at what has happened in south carolina and you see the kind of numbers we have in terms of extra people coming in. they came from the democratic party, the democrats. their long-term democrats. they were never going to switch and the all switched. they were independents.
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we have expanded the party. look at the number of votes in that area as an example. four years ago they had 390 thousand votes. we doubled it. we were almost 800,000 votes. the democrats went down. there is much less enthusiasm. i am a unifier. i know people will find that hard to believe. i am a unifier. once we get this finished i'm going to go after one person, hillary clinton on the assumption she is allowed to run which is a big assumption. [applause] i don't know she is going to be allowed to run. that is going to be an easy race. i beat hillary in many polls. i don't think marco is going to be able to beat her. i think ted is going to have a hard time. ted cruz has a shot because at least he has one a little bit. much finerg to be a party. a much -- a unified party. to be honest with you. we are going to be a much bigger
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party. our party is expanding. look at the primary states were i have one. that hasn't happened in many decades. be more inclusive, more unified. we are going to be a much bigger party. we're going to win. [applause] [inaudible question] donald trump: i'm just doing what is right. doneed parenthood has die good work. i will say it. the so-called conservatives say that is -- i am a conservative.
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i'm a commonsense conservative. millions of women have been helped by planned parenthood. we are not going to allow and fund as long as you have the abortion going on at planned parenthood. we understand that. we will see what happens. planned parenthood, millions of writing letters. i'm going to be good for women. the for williams -- women's health issues. it is important to me. maybe that is not a perfect conservative view. i can tell you i more conservative than anybody on the military, taking care of our veterans, on the border on the wall, on getting rid of obama care and coming up with something much, much better. anding rid of common core bringing education to a local level so that you have good education for our children.
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so, i mean come you can call it what you want. i am a truth teller. i will tell the truth. ok? go ahead. i feel awfully good. i'm watching your people. i'm going to be very nice. i'm watching your people on cnn. i'm watching the msnbc people. i'm becoming diplomatic. they are being very strong. they are declaring marco the loser of the night. he hasn't won anything. i have to tell you, he was very nasty. a right to be nasty. he has not won anything.
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i do congratulate ted cruz. i know how hard ted cruz has worked on texas. that is a big get. i did very well in texas. one of the things my son told me which i didn't realize is that not only do i win most of the states, some are coming in, i came in second, no worst than second. it wasn't like i won and then i disappeared. the worst i had was a second. so i am very honored by the turnout. ok, yes, go ahead. [inaudible question] donald trump: right, right. i disavowed. -- he gave me the honor of joining the campaign.
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what you have is a movement. we spoke. they had to be 20,000 people inside that convention center. every place we are thinking. if we have 10,000 people it is a small group. when chris called he said this is a movement. they have never seen what is happening now. when chris joined we had a news conference. right after the program we are talking about, we are groups, groups. who knows. , i put out a tweet and i put on facebook that i disavowed.y i disavowed them. . disavowed today
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how many times are you supposed this about? i disavowed. hopefully it is the final time i have to do it. if you look at facebook and twitter i put out a statement because i wanted everyone to be sure. [inaudible question] donald trump: there is going to be renegotiation. it's going to be a good negotiation. not a bad negotiation. hopefully i will make a great deal and lots of great deals to the american people. can't go around just signing notices the president signs all the time, executive orders. don't event like i know, does he deal with congress anymore? does he speak to the sin that? does he speak with congressman
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and get them in a room and get things done? a good example is something that i think is important to me. corporate inversion. , a great businessman who endorse me, where we are losing companies. the taxes are too high. we have the highest taxed nation in the world. ,mportantly they have trillions trillions of dollars outside of this country. the democrats agree it should be brought back in. the republicans agree it should be brought back in. everyone agrees it should be brought back in. i could sit in a room or the oval office for literally half hour and i believe i could get everybody, every single person. agree on common core, or other things.
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these trillions and trillions of dollars should be brought into he doesn't know how to make a deal. he probably doesn't care. you are talking tremendous amounts of money. if you can't make a deal there is something going on that is wrong. you have the wrong leader. [inaudible question] donald trump: we are going to have a wall. i watched the ex-president of mexico. the arrogance of this man. i get along with hispanics. i won in the poll, the hispanic vote. i have thousands who work for me right now that are hispanic. i've had thousands of thousands over my lifetime free these are great people. the mexican leaders are too smart for our leaders. you saw it. foxce and fox -- vincent a
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no one even talked about the word he used. he was angry at the concept of somebody saying they were going to pay for the wall. we have a trade deficit with mexico. $58 billion. the wall is going to cost $10 billion. it is so easy. i've had these guys. you don't really mean next quiz going to pay for the wall. as sure as you are standing there, 100% mexico is going to pay. [applause] i'm a businessman. i know how to do this. politicians are all talk. except for chris christie, of course. it is not going to happen. when you think of that, and they say you are never going to be able to build a wall, it is 2000
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miles but we need 1000 miles. the great wall of china is 13,000 miles, folks. they didn't have caterpillar tractors. i love john deere. they didn't have tractors. they didn't have cranes. they didn't have excavation equipment. the wall is 13,000 miles long. materials. of the this is going to be a serious wall. we are one stop trucks will -- from coming into -- we are going to stop drugs from coming into new hampshire. it is so beautiful. you look at the field. it is so beautiful. problem, heroin is pouring in. they have so many young people
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and other people addicted. i told them i'm going to stop it. i'm going to stop it. we are going to have a strong border. they are going to come in legally. he is a friend of mine and i have a lot of respect for rick scott. [inaudible] donald trump: we have a big problem. mr. trump: we have a big, big problem. we have to figure it out. islamic terrorism, big, big problem. not just for us. you look at germany, sweden, brussels. it is a disaster. peoplenot going to allow
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to come into our country who we have no idea who they are, no idea where they come from, they have no paperwork, they are young and they are strong. you look at that migration a line. they are young, strong, powerful. and you asked why they are not fighting for their country. i feel strongly, i have a bigger heart than anybody. we are going to build a safe center in assyria. moree will take those with money than anybody, and loosen up their wallets. we are going to get the gulf states to pay for it, because they should. reporter: i am talking about your plans. mr. trump: i gave you the answer, you heard what i said. what are you going to bring back --
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mr. trump: we are going to bring them back. we are going to do great with the african-american. you see that in the polls, one poll i am 25%. and one of the commentators, who i think is standing in the back of the corner said, if donald trump gets 25% of the african-american vote, this election is over. you watch. the reason i am getting that and i will do great with hispanics and virtually every group. the reason, i am going to bring jobs back. build of theirle computers and iphones on our land, not in china. how does it help us when we make it in china? [applause] rubio cannotmarco win florida -- mr. trump: i like marco until about a week ago.
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he decided to become a don rickles. but don rickles has a lot more talent. honestly, i did. is losing very badly. the only way you can possibly mary, it has hail hurt him. in fact, one of the newscast said he went down 50% or 20%. 15% or 20%. he had a bad night. they said of the loser of the night was marco rubio. he has not won anything. marco has not won. you got to be able to win, you cannot talk. you have to be able to win something. he actually has not come very close. we will see what happens. go ahead.
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reporter: there is a criticism [inaudiblean question] let's not say it again, who are you? good job. look, i don't want to waste a lot of time. i am going to get along great with congress. know him, i do not well, but i'm sure we will get along. and if we don't, he will have to pay a big price, ok? [laughter] mr. trump, you say what you will do for the united states -- mr. trump: we have a country that is in big trouble. our infrastructure is going to hell, our hospitals and airports -- i go throughout the
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world. ar, you go to so ,any places, in china, asia different places in the middle east. you look at some of the airports they have, the roadways they have, the transportation systems they have and the trains. we are like a third world country. so i am going to be very good for the world and get along with the world. me,will be very proud of even you will be proud of me as a president. we have to rebuild our country because our country is going to hell. and hillary clinton does not have a clue. really bothered me, the reason i have such great support, is that people in the middle income groups are making less money today than they made 12 years ago. are making less money, she has been there with obama for a long. been there with obama
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for a long period of time. why haven't they done anything about it? then you look at her record as secretary of state, it is abysmal. you look at what goes on with syria. it is a disaster. we are going to have an interesting to read bank -- period of time. if she is allowed to run i will be surprised. run, ithe is allowed to will be a sad day for this country. because what she did was wrong. [applause] what she did was wrong, and other people have done far worse than her and paid a very big price. ok, one or two coup more questions. yesterday you said you
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would test negotiations -- mr. trump: where did you say this? take two feet off the wall. would you allow them to stay in the country? mr. trump: at this moment, absolutely not. we either have a country or we do not. we have borders or we do not. [applause] one quart -- or two more questions. reporter: there is a monkeywrench at the state level -- mr. trump: ok, go ahead.
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reporter: should they commit to honoring their agreement with you? rnc, imp: i like the don't know if i have been treated fairly or not. but i do respect them. what i do have is a great number of people. i have millions and millions of people. when i was watching those of broadcast a little while ago before i wanted to exactly where we were before i started speaking, i was amazed at the numbers. republicans have enormous energy, the democrats don't. there are numbers are through the roof. people are making statements they have never seen in modern times, a party that was so energized. i think if someone is doing as well as i am doing, and i am not just speaking for myself, but if i am going to win 5 -- i already 15 -- it could be nine.
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if i am going to win all of states, and at- it is awfully hard to say that is not the person we want to lead the party. question, is a great because i really think that one of the biggest things everyone it sees happening, is the republican party has become more dynamic and diverse. we are taking from the democrats and the independents. we have a lot more people. take a look at south carolina. look at the numbers from four years ago. then -- i was there, you had it lines a mile long. it virtually more than doubled. we have a very, very dynamic party. and i think we will be able to
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unify the party. i think we will get along with everybody. i don't know paul ryan well, but i hope to get along with it. i do know mitch mcconnell a little bit. this, i have millions and millions and millions of people. this is not a close match. it is too bad winner did not take all, because this thing would be over, and we would have a celebration. [applause] look, i want to end by thanking everyone. periods been an amazing in my life. my daughter will be having a baby's, she is a special person. that could certainly be within the next week. this has been an amazing period of time, even from an educational standpoint. almost nobodyg
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thought could be done. and i am very proud. unifier, i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify. when we unify, there is nobody that is going to beat us. thank you very much everybody. [applause] host: donald trump with governor chris christie of new jersey, in florida after his big successes tonight on super tuesday. you're watching live coverage here on c-span. thank you for being with us. we have been monitoring the feed from the ted cruz event, and it looks like they were also watching donald trump, so they could organize their schedule around it and not overlap. you can see the pictures from there. comes tos senator cruz
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the microphone, you can listen in. we have been getting calls and all night. it we would like to weigh in. here is a democrat from georgia. how did you vote? i voted for bernie sanders. host: how do you think he did? right now, a very low percentage of reporting. it does not look good in some states, but in oklahoma and his homes eight vermont, there was a good turnout. agree with earlier collars, there is misinformation. people do not know the facts.