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tv   Justice Antonin Scalia Funeral  CSPAN  February 21, 2016 5:00am-6:31am EST

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>> my dear friends, please be seated for a few moments. >> dear friends, as we come mass,er for this funeral for justice antonin scalia, i want to offer a word of welcome in the name of the archdiocese,
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personally, and together with the bishop of arlington, the home of the scalia family, and monsignor walter rossi, the director of the basilica of the immaculaterine of conception. to expressed all of you here, marine, your children, to all of your family, to you, father paul , our heartfelt sympathy as a loss of your husband, your grandfather, and friend. and, pledge once again our prayers that god will grant him eternal rest, and you, comfort and consolation. in keeping with your desire to have a simple parish family mass. [laughter]
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>> i will confine my remarks to these few words of greeting and welcome to the many, many people magnificent in this basilica, simply to show their respect for the extraordinary man, justice antonin scalia, and expressed their faith. their faith in god's abiding love and all embracing mercy. however, before proceeding with the welcome, i want to apologize for the condition of this area of the basilica. the floor covering and the ,emporary seating arrangement as well concealed as they may be, is the result of a major project underway to complete the renovation and the final greattion of this great,
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basilica. the great dome will be faced preparationnd the is already underway. i'm grateful for your understanding and patience. it is a pleasure for me to welcome to this funeral liturgy , and our holy father pope francis's personal representative, also bishop paul of arlington. also, the honorable chief roberts and the other justices of the supreme court. the vice president of the united states joseph biden. former vice president richard cheney. former speaker of the house new
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wt gingrich, and so many other distinguished guests here present. priests,mer deacons, brothers and sisters under the lord, and friends who have come here to show their respect. as i extend this warm welcome to each of you, i also expressed gratitude to all that are here as i now ask justice scalia's son, father paul, to lead us in the church him.turgy for us
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we humbly implore you for your servant antonin, whom you have called to journey to you. since he hoped and believed in you, grant that he may be led to our true homeland, to delight in its everlasting joys. through her lord jesus christ, reigns with you in the unity of the holy spirit, one god for ever and ever. amen.
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>> a reading from the book of wisdom. the souls of the just on the hand of god. no torment shall touch them. their passing away was thought and affliction. they're going forth from us a distraction. they are in peace. for, that they be punished, yet, it is there hope for immortality.
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chastised, they shall be greatly blessed. got found them worthy of himself. as golden the furnace, he proved them. as a sacrificial offering, he took them to himself. they shall shine and dart about in sparks through stubble. they shall judge nations and rollover peoples in the lord shall be their king forever. those who trust in him shall understand truth. the faithful shall abide with him in love. grace and mercy are with his holy ones. his care is with his elect. the word of the lord.
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♪ >> the lord is my shepherd there is nothing shall want. >> the lord is my shepherd there is nothing i will want ♪
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>> the lord is my shepherd i shall not want. >> the lord is my shepherd, there is nothing i won't want. he guides me for his name stake.
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walk in the dark valley. ♪ quirks he went before me.
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>> of the lord is my shepherd. nothing i shall ♪ >> almighty my goodness and kindness upon me. all the days of my life. ♪
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>> a reading from st. paul.
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"hope does not disappoint, because the love of god has been poured out into the holy spirit which has been given to us. for christ, while we were yet died at the appointed time for the ungodly. , only with difficulty does one die as a just person. oneaps, for a good person might even find the courage to die heard. .od proved his love for us as christ died for us. , since we arethan now justified by his blood, will we be saved by him from the laugh -- rough.
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while we were enemies, we were reconciled to god. reconciled,e, once will we be saved by his life. .ot only that we also boast of god through our , through whomist we have received reconciliation. the word of the lord. >> amen.
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>> praise to you lord jesus christ. king of mercy.
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>> lobby with you.
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a reading of the gospel of matthew. at that time, jesus answered. i give praise to you father. for though you have hidden these things from the wise and learned , you reveal them to the childlike. father, such has been your
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gracious will. have been handed over to me by my father. no one knows the sun except the bother. no one knows the father except the sun. and anyone to whom the son wishes to reveal him. come to me. all you who are labored and are burdened. i will give you rest. take my yoke upon you. learn from me. meek and humble. you will find rest for yourselves. -- my you'll -- yolk is easy. my burden is light. praise be to the lord.
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>> of your revenues and excellency. bishop higgins, my brother guests.deacons,
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dear friends and faithful gathered. on behalf of my brother and the entire family, want to thank you for your presence here, for your words of consolation. and for the prayer and mass you have offered at the death of our father. in particular i think cardinal world for reaching out to console our mother. it was a consolation to her and to us. usnk you also for allowing to have this parish funeral mass here in the basilica dedicated to our lady. what a great consolation where we were able to bring her father through the holy doors and
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gained those entered in faith. arlington. bishop of a shepherd our father liked and respected a great deal. .hank you bishop for our visit for your words of consolation, for your prayers. the family will depart for a private burial immediately after mass. they will not have time to visit. i want to express our thanks at this time. i want you to know our profound appreciation and thanks. you'll notice that in the program, we have a memorial held on march 1. we hope to see many of you there. world willt the reward your great goodness to us.
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we are gathered here because of one man. a man known personally too many of us. known only high reputation to even more. a man loved by many. scorned by others. a man known for great controversy. and for great compassion. that man, of course, is jesus of nazareth. it is he whom we proclaim. father,rist, son of the crucified, buried, risen, seated at the right hand of the father. him, because of his life, death, and resurrection that we do not mourn, but in confidence we
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commend antonin scalia. jesus christ the same yesterday today and forever. that sets a good course for our father -- thoughts and prayers here today. in effect, we look in three directions. thanksgiving,and to today and petition, and into eternity with hope. we look to jesus christ yesterday, and thanksgiving for the blessings god bestowed upon that. week, many have recounted want dad did for them. whatere, today, we recount god did for dad, how he blessed
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him. we give thanks first of all for the atoning death and life-giving resurrection of jesus christ. rose not onlyand for all of us, but also for each of us. at this time, we look to that yesterday of his death and resurrection. died andhanks that he rose for dad. further, begin thanks that jesus brought him to and back is him. nursed him with the eucharist. and healed him in the confessional. we give thanks that jesus bestowed upon him 55 years of marriage. to the woman he loved. a woman who could match him at
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every step. and, even hold them accountable. god bless dad with a deep catholic faith. the conviction that christ's continues inpower the world today through his body, the church. he loved the clarity and coherence of church teachings. he treasure the church's ceremony. especially the beauty of the into worship. he trusted the power of sacraments as a means of salvation. as christ working within him for his salvation. although, although, one time, one saturday afternoon, he did scold me for having heard
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confessions that afternoon, that same day. i hope that is some source of consolation if there are any lawyers present, that the roman collar was not a shield against his criticism. the issue that evening was not that i had been hearing confessions, but that he had found himself in my confessional line. he quickly departed it. later, i would not be confessing to you. the feeling was mutual. god bless dad, as is well known with a love for his country.
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he knew well what a close run thing the founding of our nation was. and, he saw in that founding, at the defenders themselves, a blessing. a blessing quickly lost when faith is banned from the public square, or when we refuse to bring it there. is he understood that there no conflict between loving god and loving one's country. the 20 faith and public service. he understood that the deeper he went in his catholic faith, the better a citizen and public servant he became. desire tod him with a be the country's good servant, because he was god's first. however, it give thanks for particular best -- blessing god bestowed. with a love for
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his family. we have been thrilled to read and hear the main works of praise and admiration for him. for his intellect, for his writing, his speeches, his influence and so on. him important to us, and to , he was dead. he was the father that god gave us for the great adventure of family life. sure, he forgot our names at times or mixed them up. there are nine of us. he loved us. he saw to show that love. he saw to share the blessing of the faith he treasured. he gave us one another.
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to have each other for support. that is the greatest wealth parents can bestow. right now, we're particularly grateful for it. past, took to the jesus christ, we call to mind all of these blessings. we give our lord the honor and glory for them. is there his works. , andok to jesus today petition, to the present moment here and now as we mourn the one we love. the one his absence pains us. today come we pray for him. we pray for the room puzzle of his soul. -- the retrieval of his soul. we know that although dad
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believed, he did so in perfectly. like the rest of us. he tried to love god and neighbor. like the rest of us, he did so imperfectly. catholic,racticing practicing in the sense that he had not perfected yet. christ was not yet perfected in him. christ is in whom brought to perfection can enter heaven. we are here to lend our prayers to that perfecting. to that final work of god's grace. in freeing dad from every encumbrance of thing. don't take my word for it. himself, not surprisingly, had something to send the matter.
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ago to thears minister his funeral service he admired, he summarized quite nicely the pitfalls of funerals and why he did not like eulogies. , "even on the deceased was an admiral person, especially when the deceased was an admirable person, praise for his virtues can cause us to forget that we are praying for and giving thanks for god's inexplicable mercy to a sinner." he would not have exempted himself from that. we are here then as he would , to pray for god's inexplicable mercy to a sinner, to this sinner antonin scalia. loves not show him a false
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, and allow our admiration to deprive him of our prayers. we continue to show affection for him, and do good for him by praying for him. that all state of sin be washed away. that all wounds be healed. that he be purified of all that is not christ. let him rest in peace. finally, we look to jesus, forever, into eternity. or better, we consider our own place in eternity. whether or not it will be with the lord. dad to enteray for swiftly into eternal glory, we should be mindful of ourselves. of justneral reminds us how thin the veil is.
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between this world and the next. between time and eternity. between opportunity and a moment of judgment. so, we cannot depart here unchanged. it makes no sense to celebrate ,od's goodness and mercy to dad if we are not attentive, and responsive to those realities in our own lives. when must allow this encounter with eternity to change us. to turn us from sin towards the lord. father put dominican it beautifully when he prayed. "oh strong son of god, will you prepare a place for us, prepare us also for that happy place, that we may be with you and with those we love for all eternity.
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christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. alsoar friends, this is the structure of the next. the greatest prayer we can offer for dad, it is not our prayer, but the lords. the mass looks to jesus yesterday. it reaches into the past. it reaches to the last supper, to the crucifixion, to the resurrection, and it makes those mysteries and their power present here on this altar. jesus, himself, and present today under the form of bread and wine so that we can unite all of our prayers of thanksgiving, sorrow, and petition with christ himself as an offering to the father. this, with a view of
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eternity. stretching towards heaven. day to enjoye one that perfect union with god himself. again, and with him, rejoice in the communion of saints.
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>> god, almighty father, with confidence, we ask him to save all of his people living in dead. for antonin, when baptism was given the pledge of eternal life , he may now be admitted to the company of the saints. >> lord hear our prayer. antonin, who ate of the body of christ, the bread of life. that he may be raised up on the last day. we praise the lord. lord, hear our prayer. for our deceased relatives and friends, and for all who have
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helped us, they may have the reward of goodness. we pray for the lord. >> lord hear our prayer. >> for those who have fallen asleep in the hope of rising again, that they may see god face to face. >> lord hear our prayer. >> for the family and friends of our brother. wept at thed who death of his friend lazarus, making our console them in their grief. we pray to the lord. >> lord, hear our prayer. >> for all of the assembled here to worship in faith. that we may be gathered together again in god's kingdom. we pray to the lord. >> lord hear our prayer.
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>> god, our shelter and our strength, you listen to the cries of your people. antoniners we offer for , cleanse him of his sins and granting redemption. through christ our lord. >> amen. ♪ ♪ g]inging] (202) 748-800
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>> pray brother and to the almighty father. glory.the praise and for the good and the good of all. >> as we humbly present to you the sacrificial offerings for the serving of your son, for he may findbe sued in you a forever judge. forever and ever. lord be with you. let us give thanks to the lord our god. it is truly right and just, our
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duty under salvation -- and salvation. always and everywhere to give you things. lord holy father and paternal god, through christ our lord. blessed the hope of resurrection. by theose saddened certainty of the highest might be consoled by the promise of come.ality he to indeed, for your faithful lord, life has changed, not ended. replete turns to -- and eternal dwelling is made ready for them in heaven. with angels and
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archangels, with the minions, and with all the powers of he hymn we sing t of your glory. ♪ singing]d
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>> to you, therefore, most merciful father, we make humble petition in jesus christ that you accept and bless these gifts , these offerings, these holy and unblemished sacrifices that we offer you. ,e pleased to grant her piece together with your servant, francis, r polk, and donald, our bishop, and all those holding to the truth of the catholic and apostolic faith, remember lord, your service. here, whose faith and devotion are known to you, offer their sacrifices of praise for the
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redemption of their souls in the being. health and well incomin communion with those whose memory we commemorate, especially mary, mother of our god and lord jesus christ, and joseph, her son, james, thomas, matthew, simon, john andus, paul, damien, and all your saints. we asked through their merit, all saints be defended. therefore, lord, we pray, graciously accept this and that of your whole family. command that we be delivered for maternal dem nation and counted among those flocks who have chosen. we pray you approve this
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offering and every respect. make it spiritual so that it become the body and blood of our lord,beloved son, jesus christ. on the day before he was to suffer, he took bread in his venerable hands, and with eyes raised to heaven, to you, almighty father, giving thanks, he gave the blessing, and broke the bread, and said to his disciples, take this, all of you, for this is my body which will be given up for you. [bells] >> in a similar way, when supper was ended, he took precious chalice in his holy and venerable hands and, once more,
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said th blessing and gave the chalice to his disciples and said, take this, all of you, and drink from it because this is the challenge of my blood, the blood of the new and intern eternal covenant whil remembrance ofn your sins. do this in remembrance of me. [bells] the mystery of faith singing]d
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>> therefore, oh lord, as we celebrate the memorial of the blessed, the resurrection of the dead, and the glory and ascension into heaven, christ rur lord, we, you servants offer you this holy victim, the holy bread of maternal life and the chalice of everlasting salvation. be pleased to look upon these offerings with the serene and kindly confidence and accept them, as ones who are pleased to accept the gifts of your ofvants, the sacrifices abraham, and offerings of your sacrifices. a holy in humble prayer, we ask you, almighty god, command that these gives he commanded by your holy
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angels to your altar on high, in the site of your divine majesties so that all of us received the most holy body and blood of your son may be filled with every grace and heavenly blessing. we remember also, your servants who have gone before us with a sign of faith and rest the sleep of peace. grant them, overlord, we pra ou. their your sinners open abundance and share with the peter, with ignatius, felicity, perpetua, agnes, and all your saints. admit us, we've the seat you and
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their company, not laying our merits, but granting our pardon through christ our lord, through whom you continue to make all these good rings. you sanctify them, fill them with life, and bestow them upon us. through him, with him, and in him, oh god, almighty father, holy spirit. forever and ever. singing]d >> ♪ amen amen amen ♪ andthe savior's command
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almighty teaching, we say >> ♪ our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name by kingdom come by will be done heavenh as it is in give us this day, our daily bread trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation evileliver us from ♪ >> ♪ deliver us our lord, we pray from every evil, gracious
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ly grant peace in her days that by the help of your mercy we be freed from safe and say from all the stress as we face the coming of our savior jesus christ. for our kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever ♪ who said tos christ apostles peace i give you. graciously grant term peace and unity in accordance with your will who live and reign forever and ever ♪ men.l lord pumaeace of the with you always >> ♪ and with her children.
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gan] [singing] ♪
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god.e hol behold the lamb of blessed are those who are called to the supper of the land. >> lord i am not worthy that you enter into my room.
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.ather paul: ♪ let us pray
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lord god whose son left us in the sacrament of his body food strengthourney, grants that our brother and to then may come to the paternal table of christ, who reigns and lives forever and ever. .> amen >> with faith in jesus christ, we must there is a body of our brother. let us pray to the confidence of god that he will raise up in body of and power the
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our brother, and command his soul to be numbered among the blessed. may god grant him a merciful judgment, deliverance from death, and pardons from sin. may christ the good shepherd carry him home to be at peace with a good father. forever in the company of all the saints. ♪
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>> into your hands, father of mercy, we commend our brother antonin in the sure and certain hope that together with all who have died in christ, he will rise with him on the last day. we give you thanks for the blessings which you bestowed life.nd spent in his they are signs to us of your goodness in our fellowship with the saints of christ. merciful lord, listen to our prayers, open the gates of paradise star servants, and help
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us to remain to comfort one another in the sureness of your faith. lord.h christ our >> amen. >> in peace, let us take our brother to his place of rest. ♪ [organ]
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