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tv   The Communicators  CSPAN  February 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> we will leave the last few minutes of this to take you live to an event. bernie sanders about to make a concession to hillary clinton who has won the nevada caucuses. [applause] [chanting] bernie! bernie! sen. sanders: thank you. for your support that we are able to be here today.
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we were 25ago, points behind in the polls. we have made some real progress. a little while ago, i called up secretary clinton and congratulated her and her staff for their victory here in nevada. they ran a very aggressive, and effective campaign. i applaud them for their efforts. [applause] what this entire campaign has been about is the issue of momentum, the issue of bringing more and more people into the political process. when we began in iowa we were 50 point behind. in new hampshire, we were 30
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point behind. we were way behind here in nevada. ist i think is happening that as people hear our message, it speaks to the truth of an american society today. have a campaign finance system that is undermining american democracy. [applause] we will not allow billionaires and their super pac's to elections in the united states of america. the american people are catching on that we have a rigged
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economy. people, people, working working two to three jobs, longer and longer hours. and all new income going to the top 1%. together, we want to create an economy that works for all of us and not just the top 1%. the american people are catching broken we have a criminal justice system. if a kid in nevada gets picked up with an ounce of marijuana, that kid will have a police record it stays with him his entire life.
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if you are a wall street executive, and your behavior destroys the lives of billions of people, somehow nothing happens to you. [booing] bring justice back to the system. [applause] i want to thank all of our supporters here in nevada. ofant to thank our thousands volunteers for working .irelessly staff forthank our the great job they have done. [applause] that hereially proud
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we are bringing working people into the people political process we have not seen for a very long while. soon i will be on a plane to and will bena competing in 11 states all across this country on super tuesday. i believe that on super tuesday we have an excellent chance to win many of those states. [applause] know that on super tuesday, and before, we are going to be taking on a very
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powerful and well-funded super pac. receivesac that significant amounts of money from wall street and wealthy special interests. [booing] tuesday, weo super very much appreciate the support of the american people who have been so kind and generous. we have received over 3.7 million individual contributions . outeople want to help us they can do that at [applause] lastly, as i think that everyone knows, taking on the isablishment, whether it
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the financial establishment, or the political establishment, the media establishment, is not easy. we have come a very long way in nine months. it is clear to me and most observers that the wind is at our backs. .e have the momentum [applause] that wheneve democrats assembled in philadelphia, in july at that , we are going to see the results of one of the great lyrical upsets -- great political upsets in the history of united states. [applause]
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so to our volunteers, supporters, and staff, thank you very much. now it is on to super tuesday. thank you! [applause]
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>> senator bernie sanders in henderson, nevada. the results of the caucuses and the upcoming south carolina primary results available on our website at we will continue to watch the scene in henderson, nevada as bernie sanders concedes to hillary clinton. and much closer when and some of the polls even a month ago. you can see some of the numbers on the screen with hillary 82%ton getting 52.1%, with -- 82% reporting. our phone lines are open for
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republicans. 202-748-8921. 202-748-8920. we also have a line for 748-8922.nts, 202- we will get your calls and comments momentarily.
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[inaudible] >> [singing] power to the people!
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>> henderson, nevada, which is just outside las vegas in clark county. that aboutoint out three quarters of the democratic vote are in clark county. there were three counties where hillary clinton was able to win by 10 percentage points. burnet was doing better in elko and reno, nevada. 47.8% for senator sanders. the numbers you are seeing are not actual votes, but delegates being awarded to the statewide convention. they will then be whittled down to the national delegates going to the democratic convention which will take place in july. ar from hillary clinton later this evening. kathy is joining us from east
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grand forks, minnesota. good evening. caller: i was very interested in what bernie sanders had to say. it was a pity that he lost. host: can he win in the minnesota primary? caller: i hope so. host: why do you like senator sanders? caller: he believes in the working-class. he believes that it should be hired and i hope that it would be. i am one of those who suffer from not having enough. struggling month-to-month. i know what it is like to be on disability and not able to work. jacobthis is a tweet from
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who said, according to the exit polls, 45% of south carolina voters say it is very important that candidates share their religious beliefs. resultst to get 7:30, or at about 7:45. welcome to c-span's coverage of the nevada caucuses and the south carolina primary. graces joining us on the republican line. reaction to nevada and what you expect to hear in south carolina later tonight. teder: i hope to hear that and is in the polls ultimately that he will defeat trump. host: why do you like senator
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cruz? caller: because i think he is a person of morals. honor. i think he would make a good leader. i think he has a good grip on what is good for the country. host: let me give you a sense of where the candidates are this evening. hillary clinton was in las vegas and is and root to houston -- and is en route to houston. travelingders will be to greenville, south carolina. carolina republican primary is today and the democratic primary is next saturday. the democratic caucuses are --ay, the democratic
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republican caucuses are next tuesday. we will see marco rubio, ted cruz, and donald trump in las vegas coming up to this tuesday. governor kasich is in massachusetts tonight. we will also hear from donald trump in south carolina and the other republican candidates donald trump, ben carson and jeb bush all in south carolina tonight. in the meantime we were to get your reaction to the numbers in south carolina. -- acally hillary clinton four point difference between the two democrats. caller: you want to know how i
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feel about clinton? host: you can talk about clinton or what we expect in south carolina. caller: i will have to clean up if i start talking about them so we had better talk about south carolina. host: it is still family viewing time, so clean it up, thank you. [laughter] caller: i have already voted in early voting here in arkansas. i voted for ted cruz. host: why? -- i votedeally wish for ted cruz because i do not want trump in there. i am a little -- i hope i did not waste my vote. cruz is about the best. i think he is an honest man with good morals. host: diane, thank you for the call. let's go to phyllis joining us from wichita, kansas.
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you are on the air. caller: i am happy for clinton. i have always wanted her, because she has been so -- through so many steps with a have not turned down and stepped on her. -- where they have knocked her down and stepped on her. they always say a woman cannot do a man's job but she can do it. there are a lot of smart women out there and hillary will do her job. i am really happy for her because she has been through so much. i don't know how she could ever stand all of the accusations. i don't know how she is that strong to hold up to all of that. host: thank you for the call. one other point? caller: she had to have been through a lot of pain to go through all of that. she has not fallen down. host: thank you, will go to
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grace from maryland. caller: i say a prayer every night for mrs. clinton. i think that what bill clinton did should be done and over with. i think that she should be able to prove that she can do the job. i wish that i had as much knowledge as she does because i think she is one smart, god-given woman. host: hillary winning the nevada caucuses and onto south carolina. as we move into mid-march for -- democrats, the demo delegate process will continue to be proportional. starting march 15 for the republicans, it is winner take all. ed is joining us from corrigan, texas. caller: i am a republican.
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[indiscernible] hillary persuaded me that trump doesn't know what he is talking about. but trump is out in the open with everything. make a think he will good president. i think hillary will. i want to tell you that i appreciate what you guys are doing. i think she would make a good president. thank you. host: ed, thanks for the call on the republican line. replay ofere in the the funeral of associate justice antonin scalia, hillary clinton come out and spoke with supporters.
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it was supposed to be an event with president bill clinton. houstonow on her way to in advance of the march primaries, but she did stay and speak to them -- supporters. here is the event in its entirety. ♪ clinton: thank you, nevada. thank you so much. >> [chanting] hillary!
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hillary! hillary! clinton: thank you, so much. gratefulhrilled and so to all of my supporters out there. us, but weve doubted never doubted each other. this one is for you. i want to congratulate senator sanders on a hard-fought race here. i want to thank each and every one of you. in every corner of this state with determination and purpose hotel and casino workers who never wavered. [applause] students with too much debt, and small business owners who never go off the clock. tens of


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