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tv   Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Plymouth New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 8, 2016 2:51am-4:53am EST

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[indiscernible chatting]
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>> backup. [indiscernible chatting]
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>> sir, we have a lot of people waiting. [indiscernible chatting]
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>> senator marco rubio, you mentioned being concerned about our future. >> can i get one more for my parents? thank you. sen. rubio: thank you guys for coming, i appreciate it.
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sen. rubio: thank you guys for coming, i appreciate it. thank you so much. >> thank you. sen. rubio: i think carolina is going to win.
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>> i'm trying to get into your super bowl party. sen. rubio: thank you so much. thank you, good to see you. what denomination are you? >> catholic. sen. rubio: thank you father, i appreciate it. >> nice to meet you. sen. rubio: likewise.
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thank you for being here. [indiscernible chatting]
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sen. rubio: good to see you, thanks for being here. thank you.
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it? >> my son and daughter gave their lives to this country. i'm supporting you. john stevens knows who i am. sen. rubio: thank you for being here. thank you for being here.
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>> that's a lot of notes. sen. rubio: thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much.
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stay energized. sen. rubio: good to see you, nice to meet you. >> thank you, senator, good luck. >> he taught me everything i know and i'm going to vote for you. sen. rubio: thank you so much.
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thank you so much. >> thank you so much. sen. rubio: thank you so much. sen. rubio: thank you for coming. thank you so much for being here.
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thanks a lot. thank you so much. i appreciate you coming. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you, good luck. sen. rubio: thank you so much.
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nice to meet you. thank you so much. >> good luck to you. >> my daughter is knocking on doors for you. sen. rubio: thank you so much. [indiscernible chatting]
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>> you have an incredible record in florida. sen. rubio: so good to see you. >> we came up to see you. sen. rubio: i need your help up there. thank you so much. >> good luck on tuesday. >> thank you.
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>> i'm also from miami. so glad you're running.
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>> i'm 56 and you are the first candidate i have ever seen. sen. rubio: thank you so much. thank you so much. nice to meet you. thanks for coming.
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thank you so much. >> thank you so much. sen. rubio: thank you so much. thanks for coming.
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thank you so much. how are you? nice to meet you. thank you very much.
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how are you? good to see you. good to see you.
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thanks a lot. i appreciate that. >> everyone compares you to jfk. [indiscernible] >> nice to meet you.
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sen. rubio: thank you. thanks for coming. [indiscernible]
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>> because there is such a disconnect. thank you, thank you for coming. >> i will tell all my friends to vote for you. >> what i like most about you is
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you talk about american exceptionalism. people will only sacrifice for what's special. >> good luck. sen. rubio: thank you. thanks for being here. thanks for being here. thanks for coming. how are you? good to see you. >> you are amazing today, thank
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you. sen. rubio: thank you for what you do. >> i'm an independent voter. i wanted to hear you talk and you won me over today. i appreciate it.
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i know the dolphins are your football team. please don't forget about benghazi. you won me over. don't forget tuesday. good to see you. >> there is reason and one reason only i am not wearing a
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marco rubio t-shirt. sen. rubio: the international trade commission is going to review it. based on the report, if it is a good and fair deal -- it will be in secret, it will be in the open. the insurance companies wrote it. sen. rubio: until they come back with their findings i can't even take a position on it. >> some people are accusing you of supporting it. sen. rubio: i do support fact-checking.
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if it is a good deal i will support it, if it is not i won't. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. sen. rubio: thank you so much. >> we are catholic and we love that you do not hide from your faith. sen. rubio: so you went to mass today?
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thank you. good to see you. thank you so much. good to see you. thanks for coming.
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you get it? we will be there on tuesday. sen. rubio: thank you. good to see you. good to see you. thank you. >> i am so impressed. we stayed to the very end. we have been to several events. sen. rubio: i enjoy it. you.ank
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thank you, i appreciate it. are you in this? thank you. thank you very much. >> we need you for our country. sen. rubio: thank you. >> we love you and hope you win. we hope you when. -- you win. thank you. thank you so much. sen. rubio: thanks a lot.
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thank you. good to see you. thank you so much. how are you? nice to meet you. thank you. thank you. sen. rubio: i've brought accountability to the va.
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benefits to va become affordable. we should allow people to get both college credit and licensing credit for the skills they had in the military. so that service counts for x number of college credits. >> it will be good for the country. sen. rubio: absolutely. i came back with my wife, i wanted to get a picture. sen. rubio: jump on board. thank you.
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thank you so much. >> i want to get your autograph. sen. rubio: thank you. >> will you sign my sign? [indiscernible chatting] >> we are at the marco rubio event as you saw senator rubio worked the room until it was virtually empty, but a few people have a state after to
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talk to us. this is jack and he is 18. this is your first election. what has it been like. since 2004 i've been following the races, and it is cool to finally get involved. it was a little disappointing morese i was hoping to get substance. it was strange to have to deal with such a limited field this time around, but the good news is it has made my choice relatively easy. >> are you an independent? >> yes. belize, mixed set of but in general i am middle right. i think he showed more policy acumen than you see from the
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usual candidate. he showed up more skill and knowledge of the issues that -- then i expected him to have. i think seeing him talk about the issues and beat really substantive about the issues really made my decision for me. from hisbout the rap competitors that he doesn't have the experience? >> well, look at his competitors. you have donald trump who has never held a governmental position. i think he has jumped the most leadership and knowledge. on the florida state level, he showed ability to do things. he has a show knowledge of the ability to do the job. >> last night's debate, did you watch? >> i did and i was a little
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disappointed. >> thank you for talking to us. >> thank you. i am with joann who lives ord. in bed for -- in bedf marco.nted to hear what did you think of how he came across last night? >> at the end i was very happy. i think he fell into christie's trap, i like how he was answering all the questions in the second half of the debate. i think i could go for marco. >> what did you see today? i think he can bring the youth back to the country. he is running a positive
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campaign, answering questions the way i want to hear. i want the economy to grow and i want someone who is not negative. someone who can work with both sides. >> are you a republican or independent? >> republican most of the time. >> what do you think tuesday will be like? >> i'm not sure. about 95% towards marco. i like john kasich and jeb bush. votingdecide in the booth on tuesday. excitement?evel of >> i think this is the most important. i want someone who is going to take care of this country and bring it back to where it used to be. >> thank you for speaking with us. >> thank you. >> we have a whole family who
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came to the marco rubio event so let's meet them. was your name? >> lily. >> what did you think of what you saw? >> if i could vote i would vote for marco rubio because it seems like he would be a good businessman and do a lot of good things, and he seems like he would be a mix of two of the other people i like. >> who are the other two you like? trump. and they seem like they get a lot done and they would help the country. >> what did you think of all the excitement? >> i think it was good. would vote for either rubio or trump if i was able to vote. >> why do you like mr. trump?
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>> because i haven't seen a lot of people like him. >> well, there you go. why did you come today? >> i'm still undecided and we have less than 48 hours to go here i'm a registered independent so i know it is an important vote this year. i wanted to hear what of the candidates and get more than just the soundbites. we have been following pretty closely. i did hear a lot of good points today, and i think that helps me , but i am still on the fence. for me, i think national security is a big issue and i would love to see obama care repealed. my husband is self-employed and so that has been a big issue for us when we lost our insurance. the first year we had to apply for a waiver to have permission to not have coverage just
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because of the finances. it has been difficult for us as a family. i've spent countless hours on the phone with exchange people trying to get things taken care of. i had to prove my citizenship for the three of us. i'd love to see that headache go away. >> are you also undecided? >> yes but i will probably vote republican this time. 2012? did you vote for in >> romney. i have voted republican in the past. but i am undecided between cruz, trump, and rubio. >> what will tip the balance? >> i don't know if there will be a last-minute epiphany. i like what rubio said today,
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what i also feel like trump and cruz seem to be exciting the voters more and getting more turnout. like, in iowa, it was the highest turnout they ever had. but i think a lot of that is the "non-establishment candidates." have the cruz or trump ability to gather more votes in the general election. speaking withor me today. >> thank you. folks these are our final talking to us after the marco rubio event. let's find out what they thought. >> eric anderson. >> natalie anderson. >> and a sylvia anderson.
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>> what brought you out today? >> meeting marco rubio. we really wanted to meet him. he is just a personable guy that we can relate to. he is in a similar age bracket with similar views. he is a pleasure to meet. >> what did you think of what you saw today? >> i think he really cared about the america i am going to live in when i am an adult. he has kids my age and he can understand us, and i think that was a really good thing, seeing as we are the future. >> how old are you? >> i'm 14. -- areinterested you are you in politics? >> not super interested, but i know that is what our country is
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based on, and we need someone who knows what our country needs. >> is this your candidate? ind up?u made your my >> yes. i think he has the best chance to win in november. i just can't see donald trump getting enough people together to win. >> did you watch last night's debate? what did you think of his performance? i think he got hit hard pretty early, but he did come back in the second half and did fine. it is important a person can handle himself under pressure, and he has proven he can do that. >> you have been bombarded with
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ads over the past couple of weeks. what is it like on wednesday when this is all over? a lobby signs will get cleaned up and our client -- our town will be cleaner. it will be interesting to see what happens on tuesday. is it really fun having politics come to your doorstep every four years? >> absolutely. it is a great education for our kids and for me. it is wonderful that we get to meet them. do you think new hampshire should retain its first in the nation status? >> absolutely. >> thank you very much for talking with us at the marco review -- marco rubio event here in new hampshire. this is the end of our coverage, but remember, has coverage for all our >> wrote to the white house
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coverage continues in new hampshire with carly fiorina speaking in manchester. at noon, we are live with bill clinton and daughter chelsea with hillary clinton at a rally also in manchester. see that live on c-span3. the citizens of the granite state are not easily won. it is a hotbed of political discussion. the voters will brave snow and sleet to cast their votes. >> thanks to the people of new hampshire. >> new hampshire. >> new hampshire.
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>> he is from new hampshire. >> it is great to be back in new hampshire. >> the new hampshire primary is the most cherished of political actions in america. >> governor, thank you so much for coming to new hampshire. >> this is a place where you can observe a candidate in the heat of dialogue, in the heat of getting tough questions. new hampshire takes its first in the nation primary status very seriously. >> this is my 20th town hall meeting. >> welcome to our 115th town hall meeting.
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>> republican presidential met with ben carson volunteers at his campaign headquarters in manchester, new hampshire on saturday. he spoke about of the threat of isis, the national debt, the assistance for veterans. on tuesday, new hampshire holds the nation's first primary. [applause] >> without further do, i don't want to take any time away from him. honey, come on in. [applause]
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dr. ben carson: so nice to see you all. i wanted to come by and expressed my great gratitude for all of the work people have been doing. and one of theob things that really kind of disappointed me about some of the events in iowa this week was the fact people would actually think i was the kind of person who, after so many workers, college students who come in and volunteer to work their tails off, one even lost his life, people would say i do not care about you guys, they be some other people would do that. i would never dream of doing something like that. that is absurd. i'm saddened by the fact that so many people just do not really have the kind of ethical base where they understand that concept.
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but that decides the point for me. right now, what we have to do is save this country. [applause] this is going to be a very uphill battle. people obsess over polls. they say, you have risen in than fallen. you have to understand that at that point, i was the flavor of the month. [applause] [laughter] >> you still are! [applause] carson: a lot of things
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happened. along came a lot of terrorist activity. people bought into the narrative but a nice person cannot be tough on terrorism. that is total nonsense. teddy roosevelt said, talk softly and carry a big stick. that is what it is all about. been able to understand the issues. articulate them, and do what is appropriate. i was noticing as i was reading paper today, the president is now getting a lot of pressure to do what i have been talking about for the last several months. look at what is going on in libya. libya is going to be a huge problem if we allow isis to gain control of it. libya is a very large country. it is situated in a perfect location. you go north across the mediterranean. you get into southern europe.
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you go south and you are into sudan, chad, and niger. they have a lot more oil than they have in iraq. we cannot allow that to happen. you know, what it comes to foreign policy, we have be able to think strategically, ahead of time. our foreign policy right now is to wait until somebody else does something and then react to it. that is not what a leader does. a leader has to understand what is going on and lead. they need to create the various situations and control them. that is something we used to do. that is something we are not doing now. as a result, those who oppose us have gained much more prominence in the world. that is going to jeopardize our future. the other thing jeopardizing our future severely is our fiscal irresponsibility. you know, this is the first generation expected not to do
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better than their parents. it is the beginning of a trend. there are those who say to us that it is the new normal. there is nothing normal about it. it is very abnormal. that is not the united states of america. we are an exceptional nation. will we have to stop doing is driving up the depth which has -- what we have to stop doing is driving up the debt which has multiple ramifications. you know, it it keeps people from being incentivize to put money into a savings account, because you do not any money into it. same thing in the bond market. the average person does not have a good mechanism for increasing their money. that was part of the american dream, that the government is destroying with its reckless fiscal policies, the other thing that i think really threats to destroy us is the divisiveness that is going on in our country.
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jesus said, it was echoed by abraham lincoln, a house divided against itself cannot stand. it never has, it never will. one of the things that is causing a lot of division is political correctness. political correctness is into cynical twist founding principle of america. freedom of speech. freedom of expression. it is evil. it keeps you from talking. which is really what allows you to resolve problems while under the covers, they are changing everything. so, you look at all of the social things, all of the moral things that have changed, but you are never supposed to talk about them. you know, it was joseph stalin who really set the map out for
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the destruction of america. he said that to you needed to undermine these three foundational pillars of america in order to destroy america from within. our spiritual life, our patriotism, and our morality. have you noticed that those are the things they have been working, the secular progressives, so hard to destroy and our country? as far as i'm concerned, they are not good people. idealave a very different of what america should be. it started several decades back with the baby and society. fabian society. notice they keep changing their names. progressives, liberals, whatever.
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socialist, what have you. it is all a similar agenda. it is all and agenda of fundamentally change in america. they a different vision of what we should be. the problem with their vision, their utopian vision is that all those places always end up looking the same way. a small group of elite at the top of everything, in control of everything. rapidly vanishing middle class, and a vastly expanding lower class. there's no reason in a country like this that we should have a vastly expanding dependent class. we only have 330 million people. that sounds like a lot, it is not. compared to china with 1.4 billion people. india with 1.1 billion people. those places have a lot of people. we need to develop all of our people. we need to develop pathways for success for all of our people. we certainly have the ability to do that. we have a government that understands that making people
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-- we simply need to have a government that understands that making people dependent is not doing them a favor, but creating letters of opportunity so that people, through their own efforts, can't climb out of dependency and become part of the fabric and the strength of america. that is what it is all about. [applause] ben carson: one of the things that is so disturbing about right now is what is happening to our veterans. -- know, we this country, since it's an has been involved in some kind of conflict at average every 15 or 20 years. we would not be a free country if it was not for our veterans. [applause]
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dr. ben carson: so, we clearly have an obligation to take care of them. the fact that 22 of them commit suicide every day, that is probably an underestimate because not all of the states are involved in the gathering of the statistics. you know, that is a row problem and that is just the tip of the iceberg. obviously, we are not providing them with the support mechanisms that they need. what i would propose is that when people volunteer and are accepted into our military, and that is another issue altogether and i will come back to that in a minute. but, they should have an external support group associated with them which although some throughout their career,ilitary particularly when they are in combat. continues with them after they are discharged for several years. ptsd showst is when up and begins to work on their
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placement back in society one year before they are discharged so that they leave military on friday and they start work on monday. health andhould have empowerment accounts which are subsidized which allow them to go to any health care facility in the country and we should be delighted to take care of them in depth they want to do to a v8 facility they can but they don't have to. the kind ofovide competition for the v.a. system that will provide improvement because nothing approves when there is no competition, generally speaking. those kinds of things, i think, would begin to make a real dent. let me just mention what i was talking about with the voluntary army. voluntary military. first of all, the percentage of people applying is down 14%. that is a real danger to us. but here is what is really
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alarming. 24,tween the ages of 17 and 17 -- 71% of the people who applied for the voluntary military are rejected. either for mental, physical, or educational reasons. the biggest category being educational reasons. so many of them are in capable of passing a basic examination, looking at math skills and communication skills. and, these are people who are all at least graduates of high school. what we have done to hurt ourselves is to dumb down the requirements. everybody is a winner. everybody is spectacular. what about your craft? you know?
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[applause] dr. ben carson: and this really, you know that is really hurting us as a nation. the thing that made america into such an amazing country is the can-do attitude. and now we are replacing out what-can-you-do-four-me attitude. it starts early in our schools. it infiltrates our society. i do not believe it is too late to stop. that is why i'm willing to go through people asking me all the time, is it worth going to everything you have to go through? having people attack your character. attack your family and everything? the answer to that is no. >> thank you. [applause.
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carson: not if you're doing it for yourself. the answer is a resounding yes if you are doing it for others. [applause] >> my entire professional career oriented around saving children. and giving them an opportunity at life. giving them an opportunity for the quality-of-life. that is the reason for doing this now. recognizing that if we continue along this path, that the american dream is going to be extinguished for this coming behind us. -- for those coming behind us. and i do not see anybody, republicans or democrats, doing anything about it, quite frankly. and, you know i am not a highly partisan person, but i had to be either a democrat or a republican, i feel, to run. muchthe republicans were closer to my philosophy than the democrats for because my life is also oriented around saving lights and the culture of life, not death.
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[applause] dr. ben carson: my philosophy was oriented around my role model who is jesus christ. [applause] dr. ben carson: that means i believe the things that are in his words and i do not try to redefine them and change the basis of what morality is. believe, however, that america is a place that is for the people and it is a place where we are to live and let live. i do not think we should never try to force people to believe the way that we believe, but by the same token, we should not be forced to believe the way they believe. you know, that is really the truth. [applause]
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dr. ben carson: so, i say all of that to say i am in this. i am not leaving. i am not going anywhere. [applause] dr. ben carson: you know, maybe i should never go home for another change of clothes. [laughter] i. carson: but the way believe, you don't just throw your clothes away and buy a new set. my mother was the master of thrift and she taught that to us. put me god sees fit to in the presidency, america will learn what thrift is. in the right way. [applause] carson: and, it does not mean that we are going to suffer.
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it just means we will do things in an efficient way. american people deserve that. and they also deserve honesty and integrity. thank you very much. [applause] candy carson: i just want to come in and say, i am candy carson and i approve this message. that our oldest son is here. i wanted to point that out will you very much. -- i wanted to point that out. you very much. many people here going door-to-door with you. they're out here doing do with the phone backs. right after this event, folks are heading out there getting doors today. there will also be working all these phone lines.
3:58 am
just wanted to give you a little time today to talk to them. carson: we appreciate that. do not let anybody. i do not care who it is. do not let them convince you that i'm going anywhere. [applause] haveen carson: they written my obituary every day for the last week and a half. then they say, he is still here? i cannot believe he is still here. you know, it is not about me. it is about we the people. this whole campaign is about we the people. we are supposed to be at the pinnacle and the government is supposed to be there to serve us. not the other way around. and i am going to make sure we restore that relationship. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. [conversation]
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>> it is an honor to meet you and a pleasure. dr. ben carson: thank you. [indiscernible] carson: all right, thank you. hello, how are you? rags these are my children. this is hank. .e want to give you a challenge dr. ben carson: i bet they are good students. >> they are in a montessori school. so they are doing it well.
4:00 am
[indistinct chatter] dr. ben carson: it you have half of the whole groupware. >> i appreciated. dr. ben carson: absolutely. >> good luck. this? i get you to sign dr. ben carson: absolutely. i am going to have to use one of these. >> your wife signed that one. can i get a picture? dr. ben carson: yes. hi, how are you. absolutely.
4:01 am
>> it just knocking on some doors. dr. ben carson: i appreciated. thank you. all right. ok. >> we have to shake cancer. >> how are you? dr. ben carson: nice to meet you. >> i totally think that anybody who does -- chatter] t
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>> i cleared my schedule for this. [indiscernible] carson: thank you.
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[indistinct chatter]
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>> it will make my day. >> thank you very much. [laughter] chatter] t
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[indistinct chatter]
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now a look at some of the campaign ads.
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>> it takes a lot of courage to run for president especially if you're a nonpolitician, which i am proud to say i am a nonpolitician. but the journey has been an interesting one and fascinating. i have met so many great people. so many people that want to be a part of government and want to do such wonderful things for our country. america has been great to me. i want to be great to america. i want to do something that is really going to put us back on the right course and make america great again. >> i am not and never will support ni effort to grant blanket legalization amnesty. >> marco rubio was part of the ng of eight trying to secure
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4:12 am
amnesty. one of the architects of the plan. >> you are giving legal status to people who broke the law. >> marco rubio and ted cruz that wasn't. >> i'm ted cruz. >> i think you want to say hello to somebody. hello. >> he's honest. dependable, loyal. relatively funny. he does not brag like some people we know. >> who are you talking about? >> i can't remember. he's got the same values that america seems to have lost. america needs him. >> what is marco rubio's top
4:13 am
accomplishment? >> a guy who has been able to number one win a tough election in florida. > can you name his top accomplishment? >> my feeling on marco is someone who has tremendous potential tremendous gifts. i guess it's hard to say they're accomplishments. the republican has been in majority for one year and one month which as you know he was running for president. >> just one that marco achieved. maybe a bill that he wrote. >> jeb bush ran florida. donald trump built a company. marco rubio finished a sentence. accomplishment? i'm asking is a simple question. list one accomplishment that marco rubio has achieved in four years in the united states senate. the bottom line is there isn't a whole lot of accomplishments joe. >> i'm chris christie and i approve this message. >> politics has become nasty and desperate.
4:14 am
it does not have to be that way. i have held over 100 town halls talking to you. i've cut taxes, balanced budgets and rejected obamacare without leaving anyone behind. we can stay no to the status quo. >> the citizens of the granite tate are not easily won. i'm ag n village town and city voters brave snow and sleet to cast their vote. thanks to the people of new hampshire. >> good to be back to new hampshire. >> new hampshire. new hampshire. new hampshire. new hampshire. >> he's from new hampshire.
4:15 am
>> it's great to be back in new hampshire. >> one reporter has called new hampshire's primaries the most cherished of america's rights. >> thank you so much for coming today. >> this is a place where you can consider the candidate in the heat of a dialogue, in the heat of getting tough questions about their positions on the issues. it's not just a place where there's a scripted speech. >> new hampshire takes its first in the nation primary status really seriously. >> this is my 20th town hall meeting. >> welcome to our 115th town hall meeting here in new hampshire.
4:16 am
this is over an hour and a half. >> hello everybody. how many folks here are from outside new hampshire? welcome to our state. yes you go shopping in our shops. enjoy the no sales tax. i am cochair of ted cruz's presidential campaign. i have an affection for this area and i hope all of you who
4:17 am
come here we'll see what i saw when i moved here years ago and and also say hi to my neighbors. would you mind joining in the pledge of allegiance? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. thank you. [applause] there are pundits who say that in new hampshire a conservative cannot win. i want to ask all of use that
4:18 am
the case? there are those who say that in legalto show you oppose correctness you have to use rhetoric that is alienating, obscenities, insult people. is that the way we show we are liberated from the constraints of political correctness? cruz about a year ago and i didn't come across a book summary who was clearly correct. i came across a man who is a courageous and proven conservative. argued nine cases in to protect ourrt religious rights. at times he did it without any compensation. i came across a man who promised
4:19 am
to the voters of texas that he would not vote to increase the debt ceiling. he would not vote to allow illegal aliens amnesty. he would oppose obamacare. senaten stood by on the floor by himself for 23 hours and order for us to be able to save from the job killing regulations that are obamacare. [applause] i first met senator cruz was an invited to speak for new hampshire at a freedom summit. it was hosted by congressman steve king of iowa.
4:20 am
i had a chance to talk all the candidates. i want to tell you, i came across a fine group of individuals. i think that the 16 or 17 people that i met her mom the best that america has to offer. they deserve our applause for the time they have put into it. [applause] it is a mark of ted cruz's and his steadfastness as a conservative. one individual who stood head and shoulders above the rest. one individual that you could ask what you think about the 10th amendment? he wouldn't have to turn to a staff member and say what? you who may not be
4:21 am
like ted cruz in may. the 10th amendment is what establishes that the federal government is a government of limits. not the government that barack obama wants when he issues his illegal executive orders. that i knew was informed by the u.s. constitution, informed by his religious beliefs. understood how to bring the country back to what it had been when we were viewed as the strongest and freest republican the world. surveyu noticed that after survey showing america dropping and political freedom. dropping an economic freedom. one survey had us 13th in the world when it came to economic freedom. this has to be reversed.
4:22 am
be a proven courageous conservatives to reverse this. someone who understands that the problem in washington is not a democrat problem or republican withem, it is a problem elected officials forgetting that they are public servants, forgetting that we are the boss. they should go up there and work for us and not their reelection. he calls it the washington cartel. it is people promising to be conservative and then going out there and forgetting about it. i am so pleased to be able to introduce senator ted cruz. thank you. [applause] ted cruz: today i'm announcing
4:23 am
that i am running for president of the united states. [applause] ♪ ♪
4:24 am
>> ted cruz is the most conservative candidate running. >> cruise is the conscience of the conservatives in the senate. rush limbaugh: if you are looking for the candidate who is most opposed to liberalism, that candidate is ted cruz. ♪
4:25 am
4:26 am
>> it is the honor of my life to be able to introduce the next president of the united states, senator ted cruz. [applause] ♪ ♪ ted cruz: god bless the great state of new hampshire. [applause] for your bill incredible leadership of our team.
4:27 am
your passionate defense of the constitution. [applause] how many of you all watch the debate last night? is it fantastic than we have such an array of young talented dynamic republican candidates for president? [applause] what a contrast with the democrats. the democrats have a wild eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous for america and the sanders.d bernie
4:28 am
[laughter] [applause] has anyone else noticed that the democrats tend to schedule their debates at like three clock in the morning on the weekend? surprised that there is not a democratic debate tonight during the super bowl. there is good news. they have announced the location of the next democratic debate. they are hosting at leavenworth. [laughter] [applause] they wanted to make it easier for hillary to attend. we are here today because our countries in crisis. we are bankrupting our kids and grandkids. our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day
4:29 am
and america has receded from leadership in the world. it has made the world a much more dangerous place. believety of americans that our kids will have a worse life than we did. 65%. that is the first time in the history of this country that has ever been true. that may be the most un-american idea you can imagine. in 2016, this election the central issue will be reigniting the promise of america. getting back to that fundamental ideal that our kids will have a better life than we did and their kids will have a better life they did. do that? is very simple. we get back to the principles of the free market and the constitutional liberties that built america. the nice thing about eternal
4:30 am
truths is that there always true. we know what works. we have to get back to the common sense principles that are the foundation of this nation. we bring back jobs and growth and opportunity. my number one priority in the united states senate and as president's economic growth. why is that. economic growth is foundational of everything else. if you want to turn around unemployment, the national debt, rebuild the military, strengthen social security and medicare, you have got to have growth. with growth we can do all of that. without growth we can't do it. the folks here understand cause and effect. every time we do what we are doing now, out of control spending and taxes and regulation, you get what we've got now. misery and stagnation.
4:31 am
what do hillary clinton and bernie sanders promise? more of the same. things only get worse. all the young people show up the bernie sanders rallies. i would just say if you can't how bad you think it would be doubling down on this past. as margaret thatcher said the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money. [applause] reaganomics, start a business and your parents garage. nomics, you move
4:32 am
into your parents garage. time we pursue tax reform and regulatory reform and you pull the boot of the federal government off the next of small see incredible economic growth. small businesses are the heart of the economy. you want to see incredible growth? lift the burden's on small businesses. regulatory reform. we need to repeal every word of obamacare. [applause] obamacare is the biggest job killer in this country.
4:33 am
we need to pass commonsense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. tax reform. now we spent about $500 billion on taxes compliance each year. that is about the budget of our entire military. it is wasted on did weight losses as we say in texas it doesn't produce a single truck or tortilla. we should adopt a simple flat tax where every american can fill out their taxes on a postcard. [applause] when we do that, we should
4:34 am
abolish the irs. [applause] we need to defend our constitutional rights. all of them. we need to defend the first amendment and free speech and especially religious liberty. [applause] look at the little sisters of the poor. charity ofcatholic nuns who devote their lives to
4:35 am
caring for the poor. the obama administration is trying to impose millions of dollars in fines on the sisters under obamacare. toorder to force the nuns pay for abortion inducing drugs. let me give you a simple rule of thumb. ted cruz: you of probably done something wrong. [applause] if i have elected president, on the very first day in office, i will instruct the department of justice and the irs, and every federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends today.
4:36 am
[applause] we need to defend the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. [applause] you know, one of the things i love about the granite state, is in, describe gunned if i'm hit at what you aim at. [applause] we saw just a couple of weeks , president obama signed yet more lawless executive actions trying to undermine the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. if i elected president, the very first thing i will do on the first date in office is resend executiveevery single
4:37 am
action taken by this president . [applause] we need to defend the fourth and fifth amendments, the right to privacy. how many of you have a cell phone? let me ask you, please leave on. seatbelt -- cell phones i want to make sure president obama hears every word we say today. [applause] we need to defend the 10th amendment, or as president obama calls it, "the what?" the fundamental protection that all power is not given to the federal government are reserved to the state and the people. [applause] that means there are certain
4:38 am
things the federal government needs to do and do well. we need to defend this country, which means rebuilding the military and honoring our commitment to every soldier and sailor and airmen and marine. [applause] it means fundamentally reforming the v.a. so that every veteran can choose his or her doctor. [applause] it means finally, finally, finally securing the borders and ending st. mary's city. city. tuary [applause] but there are a whole bunch of other areas that the federal government has no business sticking its nose. chief among them is education. and we need to repeal every word
4:39 am
of common core. [applause] and let me tell you, for anyone who is constitutional, for anyone who cares about the bill, one of the things that is tingling in the balance in this election is the supreme court. we have right now a supreme court of radical activist justices. decisionsking lawless , and get as bad as this court is, we are one justice away from a five justice left-wing majority, the likes of which this country has never seen. from thee justice away supreme court ordering 10 commandments monuments to be torn down from court houses and city hall's and public squares because there can be no acknowledgment of god in the public square.
4:40 am
we are one justice away from the that nocourt ruling individual has an individual right to even bear arms. that is right, but just to show how close we were, the keller case which i represented texas and 30 other states defending the second amendment, before this, their position was not some gun control is not occasionally permissible. their position was the second no individualects right whatsoever. they said it is only "the collective right of the militia" , which is fancy lawyer talk for nonexistent rights. one more left-wing justice on the court, and the court will hold that no individual in this room has any right under the second amendment of the federal government or the state can make it a criminal offense to own a firearm, and none of us would
4:41 am
have the right to challenge that in court. from thee justice away supreme court ordering that veteran memorials across this country be torn down if they have any religious symbols whatsoever. we are not far away from pulling out the chisels to remove the crosses and stars of david from the tombstones on fallen soldiers. we are one justice away from the striking down every restriction on abortion and abortion onlimited demand until the moment of birth, partial birth abortion with taxpayer funding and no parental notification whatsoever. that is so close we are. getthe next president will 1, 2, 3 maybe even for supreme court justices.
4:42 am
on the flipside, if you have a president who you can count on and no is -- his touchstone is the constitution. if we see principle, conservative tourists will be faithful to the prosecution -- 11 give you an example where one guesses away on the other side. many people are familiar with kilo versus new london. kilo was and is look disgrace. which the supreme court upheld the use of eminent domain to take private property and give it to another private enterprise. in the kilo case, a little lady had her family home in the decades for a family. a giant corporation, a pharmaceutical company, convinced the local city government to use eminent come -- eminent domain to condemn her home in order to give it to the giant pharmaceutical companies of the could build a parking lot. they wanted a parking lot instead of her living in her
4:43 am
home. that case went all the way to the u.s. supreme court and by 5-4, the supreme court said they had no problem with that. by the way, the constitution says that private property can only be taken for public use, not for private use. so the constitution allows eminent domain if you are building a road. the city can condemn land if it is building a road or highway because that is entered public use. but as a record is handing it over to a corporation so they can build a parking lot, that is a public use. i know the great men and women of new hampshire, one of the justices who was in the majority was david looter. one of the things i have to admit i enjoyed the most was the aople of new hampshire began movement to use eminent domain to condemn his house. [applause]
4:44 am
to open up, instead, the lost liberty hotel. get thenot ultimately city council to do it, but it was an inspired move. i believe private property is a fundamental right of mankind. i believe because edition protects it. if we have a president that puts principle as additional as on the court, he kilo will be overturned and we will protect the property rights of american citizens. [applause] the third key, the reigniting the promise of america, is we need to restore american leadership in the world. seeneven years, we have america recede from leadership. we have abandoned our friends and allies. and we have shown weakness and appeasement to our enemies. instead of a president who
4:45 am
boycotts prime minister americau, imagine standing unapologetically against the nation of israel. [applause] in january 2017, we will have a commander-in-chief that stands up and says to the world, we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. we will have a president willing to utter the words, radical islamic terrorism. [applause] and we will not weaken, we will not fall apart. we both utterly and completely destroy isis. [applause]
4:46 am
let me say something about the debate last night. you know, it was striking with three different people on that stage came out in support of drafting women into combat in the military. i did not have an opportunity to respond to that particular question, but i have to admit as i was sitting there listening to that conversation, my reaction was, "are you guys nuts?" listen, we have had enough with political correctness, especially in the military. political correctness is danger. the idea that we would draft our daughters to forcibly bring them into the military and put them in close combat i think is wrong. it is immoral, and if i am president, we ain't doing it. [applause]
4:47 am
i am the father of two little girls. i love those girls with all of my heart. they are capable of doing anything in their hearts desire. but the idea that their government would force them in a a 220ll -- hole with pound psychopath trying to kill them does not make any sense at all. it is yet one more sign of this politically correct world where we forget common sense. have got to get back to that. we have got to get back to a president that just says no, that does not make any sense. [applause] some of you may be wondering, can we do this? and it has happened. scripture tells us there is
4:48 am
nothing new under the sun. i think where we are today is very, very much like the late 1970's, the jimmy carter administration. same failed economic policy. same feckless and naive foreign policy. in fact, the very same country, russia and iran. openly laughing at and mocking the president of the united states. why is it that that analogy gives me so much hope and optimism? because we remember how that story ended. all across this country, millions of men and women rose up and became the reagan revolution. [applause] and it did not come from washington. washington despised ronald
4:49 am
reagan. it started right here new hampshire in the granite state, 36 years ago. [applause] the media back then said there is no way this former governor of california could win. he is too conservative. the people of new hampshire will never support someone that actually believes this. and yet, the granite state shocked the pundits, shocked the pollsters. stood up, and because of the leadership of the men and women in this state, they gave america and the world 40 resident of the -- president of the united states, ronald wilson reagan. [applause] why am i so optimistic? because the same thing is happening again. all over this country, people are waking up. , how many of iowa
4:50 am
you know the turnout numbers in iowa? on the pelican side, we saw a 50% -- republican side, we saw a 50% turnout, higher than any time in history with the iowa caucus. [applause] on the democratic side, they saw a decrease of 30% from 2008. [applause] curious, have any of you seen that covered on the new stations? almost makes you wonder what party reporters recognize. people are waking up at an incredible level. havething we go to, and i men and women come up to me and say i am a democrat, i have been a democrat my whole life. two days ago, town hall we were doing in new hampshire, a gentleman said he was a member of the carpenters union.
4:51 am
don't tell my union boss i am here. but i am with you. every day, we are seeing people just like millions of reagan democrats who said, this does not make any sense. our say in what we are doing now does not make any sense either. took jimmy carter to give us ronald reagan. i am convinced the most long-lasting legacy of barack obama will be a new generation of leaders in the republican already who stand for liberty, who stand for the constitution, and who stand for the judeo-christian values that built this country into the greatest country in the history of the world. [applause] and with that, i and happy to
4:52 am
answer or dodge any question you like. yes ma'am? thehat you think about kindergarten company taking our land away -- gender morgan company taking our land away for their profit? ted cruz: it is a very good question. i think we need to follow the law. the law on the pipeline has varied. when it comes to oil pipelines, they are governed by state laws state-by-state. different states have different standards on eminent domain. pipelines have been considered to roads as common carriers. it varies by state for the carriers. forecast, that is governed by pipelines,forecast that is governed by federal laws. we need to follow the standards. part of those standards means that a private cny


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