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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 6, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EST

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our choice. making everyone other than minimum of taxes giving everyone of us a chance to help support -- in a sense to vote with the dollars. a candidate whose ideas appealed was whether not they have billions of their own, the ability to run without needing billionaire support. i wondered your thoughts on a bill like that? jim gilmore: we probably don't know enough to know what that would work. let me give you the benefit of my experience. my experiences a lot of people, regular people won't donate. tax break they won't donate. by the way, you may now that in today's america if you contribute a political campaign it is not tax-deductible. right? it is not tax-deductible. what that means is if people are
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having problems with that and making those kinds of donations. here is the answer -- i think an organization like this -- frankly our educational system needs to begin to talk to the american people about their duties as citizens and their responsibilities as citizens. if we can get into the society's that every citizen has a duty to be jimmy to the political process, there may be summit like that could work. we don't have that system today. we don't have that culture. to the contrary, people are disenchanted with politics. they're frustrated with politics. many people come with a don't want anything to do with politics or politicians. they hate politicians, they hate the democracy which i think it's a disturbing problem here in the country today. >> why do you think that is so? 9 why do i think that is so? i believe it is so because of the 20th century we altered the country. a countrye live in
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governed by the declaration of independence and the notion of people having rights that are given from god and not from the state. once world war i was kicking in italy began to put in an income tax, at that point to begin to control people. it still does to this day. after the great depression came and there was a sense that we have lost all control of everything. there was a sense of frustration with everything was out of control and the new deal came in. became a regulatory society that began to govern people's conduct. people began come as a result, to become dissociated from their own democracy. if i become the president, over the eight years that i would i thinkbe the president we need to start new dialogue with the american people about
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not being controlled a regulation, not taxed to death. not dominated by big power to the gross media. how do we live again as free citizens, a man in a tri-cornered hat? that is a challenge lifted face going forward. >> over here. is notuestion for you just only media corporations influencing politics but also the defense industry. my question for you is what steps will you take to end crony capitalism and make sure policies are ship for the public good and not by defense contractors or corporations? [applause] jim gilmore: in the interest of full disclosure i serve on the board of directors of a defense contractor. , lobbying is control.
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it should be controlled, we should have more disclosure. i think we have to have better scrutiny about how lobbying actually influences legislation. we are seeing a disassociation of the american people from their elected representatives because there is a suspicion and a fear that it is crony capitalism and lobbying. full disclosure, it seems to me this would be an pressriate place for the to actually begin to probe and get information out there to the community so that the public can do what is in fact going on. we don't savory much -- don't see very much of that. i believe that the defense contractors offer services that are essential in a world in which we are basically in a guerrilla international war. the ability to oversee that and decide that while it is done through some regulatory bodies in fact the best thing to do
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would be to have the citizens have the maximum possible information. sometimes we don't see that the mass media today. i hope that is a response, i don't have a great depository answer. >> another question. jim gilmore: james madison. a virginian, i might add. >> james madison the fourth president of united states it would be a great honor to have another virginian in the in the of fairfax,resident virginia for a number of years. the commonwealth is close to my heart. fundamentally, i believe what everyone here is talking about -- the whole reason we are here is because we want fundamental democracy. we want the will of the people to be done. it is not happening.
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in so many different fashions we look around and the say this is what the people clearly want and the government does something else. i work on taxes, i can tell you a third 20imately half of the total tax expenditures are tax deduction for our wealthiest individuals and biggest corporations. in essence, we, the common people, already pay for free tuition for universities. it already pay for universal health care. we already pay to eliminate student debt. all of these things we pay for but we don't get it because the government now gives that money away to our richest citizens and greatest corporations. i am sure you know, ge pays no taxes on their profits. of course, that means we're paying them instead. my reason for joining the new hampshire rebellion is because i want the will of the people to
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be done. the number one place i always see it is money, money, money, taxes, taxes, taxes. i want to get my tax money to do what i want to do. [applause] spoken like a true virginian. thank you very much. look, wed gentlemen, have a tax system right now that is in place that is very problematic. tax fored the income the purpose of financing the government. itewhere in the 20th century stopped being for the purpose of financing the government. it started being for the purpose of controlling the behavior of people. what is tax-deductible, what is not? what is encouraged in investment come what is not? what money is going to be taxed, what is not? do you think you will do get profits offshore because they're trying to be cheats?
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they do it because of the highest corporate tax rate in the world. we just do. as a result, if you are dealing on a global economy where american companies pay 40% and a company in the middle east is paying 15% you can't compete. you can't offer a reasonable price for your product under those conditions. our companies pay an average of 11%. [indiscernible] i am willing to examine your statistics. i can only give you the benefit of my own experience. oferved on a corporate board a company that had to go buy an overseas company to find a way to compete. that is a reality that i saw. the bottom line is this -- we
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need to have a corporate tax structure and we need to know what it is intended to do. it is to stop financing the government and stockman at letting people. friendly, control and the economy. i think that is what is going on. i talked to you whatever started i will give you an answer to this -- when i first started i told you that i was interested in handling the international crisis to keep america safe. deal with the betterment issues as the only veteran in the race and to support second amendment rights as a principle of individual liberty. item, that isrth the economy of this country. i believe that we have to have a growing economy to address these issues. it means that to supercharge the free enterprise system. in order to get more investment, better jobs, better opportunities, and better growth of companies. i think this organization thinks
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of company's as the enemy -- some are, but the fact is they are a commercial activity and that is what has always made america great. right now we have a government that is trying to stop that. we also have a political party that has dedicated itself to being an enemy for the free enterprise system. when i was an intelligent agent serving overseas, our adversaries with the russians. they report in the idea that socialism worldwide was the answer. that was absolutely ridiculous. never in my wildest dreams that i think that in this particular year i would be running for president against a political party that would profess themselves as a socialist party. i never would've thought that. >> question in the back. >> governor, i am from minnesota. i would be thrilled to have you come out for our caucuses in minnesota. as a taxpayer,--
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when i spend so much money to i am concerned about how it is being used. i spent two and a half years as an ethics lawyer for president bush in the white house. i saw how government works. i saw increase of government spending when we had republicans in control of both houses and the white house. as a taxpayerthat i have a right, i should have a right to help choose that government. why shouldn't i get that? a candidate of my choice, so i can have a role in how that money is spent. or choosing the people who will decide how it is spent. for is what i am proposing the taxation only with representation act. i believe a copy of my book here with a moderator for you. jim gilmore: very good -- [applause] jim gilmore: thank you for the invitation to come to minnesota.
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hopefully there isn't a barrier that would prevent me. my $200 if ive you had it. appreciate that, is that the price of entry in minnesota? [laughter] jim gilmore: if it is, we're on our way. >> i wish i was, the problem is you have to come out that other donald trump if you write of his plane. jim gilmore: i want to thank and you.ison sounds mimic the tea party is alive and well in this organization. it is people that are expressing they and concern because don't feel like a democracy is working. i tried to express what i think some of the underlying challenges are as a candidate. first of all, let me be clear, i think it is a great idea if people in this country wants to donate any amount of money and deduct it.
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that should be done to further the interest of citizen participation in the political process. i think they ought to be deductible. if that is what your proposal is i think that would be moving in the right direction. i think that would be right. as long asourself -- the big media is charging the money they're charging for communications, which by the ways on our airwaves. the airwaves of this country are owned by the public, not by the media. the media has licenses. i can tell you right now when you take a major company that has been bequeathed the power to decide who is going to be able to talk to the public and new isn't through debates and a political party that decided to bequeathed that and decided who would be able to participate in debate or not.
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then that organization controls all of that that is a problem in this country today. right now.elling you people should not have licenses to broadcast over the airwaves of this country when they discriminate against legitimate candidates for president. >> here, here. [laughter] jim gilmore: -- [applause] joan gilmore'sen president we will look of a license is being abused by the big media in this country. >> question right here. >> i will ask the question. >> this part is from -- my name is emily and i'm representing independent media from boston. regarding -- on your side you say you support treatment for veterans with ptsd. i'm wondering -- you also mention that you are for
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involuntary institutionalization for people who have mental illnesses. until they are "safe" for society. i'm wondering, what would you -- would you be doing to apply the two veterans who have ptsd? i appreciate that question, i have about of experience with the as governor from virginia i worked hard to get more mental health services taken down into the communities. that is where they could be closer to their families and their friends and they can get that kind of community support. not so that people could be institutionalized that they could be freer. i favor that. as for -- you asked two is whats together, ptsd many of our veterans are experiencing. what i was trying -- what i am communicating -- i care very
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much about the specific problems that veterans are experiencing and the families are experiencing. if there is danger, i think we have an obligation to address that and be aware of that as we go along. that i continued to address is the mental health issues and where we are. whatis the answer -- people want to do today is to remove firearms from the community. they just don't believe that we can have a safe society as long as the public is entitled to exercise their firearm rights under the second amendment. people on the left just don't believe that. we believe that americans should be disempowered as citizens and should not have that right which was recognized by the bill of rights. so, it doesn't work. silly thing to say. anyone will commit these kinds of crimes -- they will get their hands on a firearm.
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or in boston a pipe bomb, or in jerusalem a kitchen knife or stick or stone. human nature of people that has to be a giraffe particularly worry -- a jihadist -- addressed when it comes to a particular worry. address the concerns that are being raised we have to be more to the concerns of people that are unstable. i am thinking what this tragedy in my own state but it was an attack by a person there. we have an obligation as it is i didn't recognize number friends and relatives and children and daughters become dangers. i think we go and obligation to them because we don't want them to die or to kill. we have an obligation to our fellow citizens to try to be alive to this. i don't believe you take everybody that has a problem and
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put them into an institution. i think that as a community best to be more alive to these dangers to prevent these problems and stop people from the left by this empowering the people of the united states under the bill of rights. mr. madison. >> one has question. i appreciate a lot of the things you said and i believe in a lot of the things you said. i think you really mischaracterized the view of the gun issues. i don't have any evidence to support that except my left-leaning friends who are not trying to get guns out of the hands of average people. we simply want to control the distribution of guns that have no background checks associated with the people buying them at gun shows and don't think people semi automatic weapons to do hunting. i think most of my friends agree that we should be able to have .uns
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our historical protection said we should have them to prevent ourselves from being overrun by our own government. i think he really missed it on that point. most my friends aren't trying to take guns out of the hands of people. we want to make sure that the background checks are done appropriately and that people can't buy guns without registering them so that we know who has got what. [applause] jim gilmore: thank you. 75% of my opinion of people on the left wing i think. i appreciate your goodwill and your good wishes. the fact of the matter is these rights are independently exercise by the american people. andr right our god-given they don't come from the state. -- second point is that there are background checks being done across this country.
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firearms people are quite specific about it. the evidence is that if a person is either unstable or other criminal bent it will have an opportunity to get their hands on a lethal insurance including a firearm. -- instrument including a firearm. that hasn't been stopping. that makes a person like me who stands for the rights of people on the bill of rights suspicious. when the president says we will have to eliminate all of this, we see all these terrible things that are highlighted, we rational people know that you can't. that makes you really wonder what it is that really is at work here. i will tell you now i believe the culture is an attempt being made to change the culture of this country to eliminate firearms from the body politic. i will not do it. stand for the right to people under the second amendment. for that matter, all 10 of the amendments under the bill of rights.
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>> thank you so much, governor. would you just take a picture with james madison. the two virginians. we like to invite you this is a to a 19,000 names of citizens around the country who signed onto this agenda to fight the big-money politics. sureilmore: i want to be this is james madison and not aaron burr, you're sure about that? >> i am quite sure about that. he has earned his stripes marching across new hampshire. thank you so much for coming. with a new hampshire rebellion had to raise these last few days of the new hampshire primary. jim gilmore: i will use this. xation onlybook "ta without representation.:"
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jim gilmore: thank you for the invitation. [applause] >> on the next washington journal, host of new hampshire radio show the attitude talks about tuesday's and have your primary. and what is important to me after voters. and jack heath host of new hampshire today gives his preview of the primary. and we take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. washington journal is live at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> is a caucus is the crest of a candidate organization which is always we saw in iowa, a primary is really a test of his message. a priority is different because you go in and cast her ballot and then leave versus a caucus we have to spend a couple of hours in a room hearing speeches
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and making decisions. we will see in new hampshire and in the past that the field really begins to winnow out on the republican side. a question of expectations list of expectations. which candidate able to meet or exceed those expectations. we see that a new hampshire because it is the first real test of voters who go to the polls. if you saw coverage right before the iowa caucus, the one thing we were able to do the no other network it was take you to the campaign rally and to the venues as the candidate tried to close the deal before the iowa caucus. we will do the same thing right before the new hampshire primary. if they crisscrossed the state, whether it is a smaller or larger campaign rally a campaign bus will be on the road as well. it gives you a flavor of what is happening. it is the first in the nation primary. new hampshire has a rich history.
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for those not in new hampshire a chance to watch it all unfold. >> democratic presenter candidates for liquid than a bernie sanders were speakers at hunter6 mcintire shaheen club celebration in manchester new hampshire. the state holds its first in the nation primary tuesday.
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>> thank you, let me thank the democratic party for all they do.
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spend considerable amount of time and energy trying to make this country a better place in which to live and work. thank you all. [applause] let me also say to every person in this room that on our worse today we are 100 times better than any other scanner public again it on their best day. let me say a special thanks to the many thousands of volunteers
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will work so hard on our campaign. we started this campaign quite far behind. we have made great progress. i appreciate all that you have done. many unionsto thank and organizations, too many to name for their support. i mention among many others the communication workers of america. and the american postal workers union. in the new hampshire state
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employees association. i want to thank for their support. democracy for america and many other grassroots organizations. we are talking about the issues that working families and the middle class are concerned about. we are talking about ending a corrupt campaign finance system. [applause] [cheering]
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american, american democracy is not about wall street and billionaires buying elections. american democracy is about one person, one vote. that is what new england is about. [applause] so, here is a promise i make to every person in this arena. if elected president, no nominee of mine to the supreme court will get that position unless he or she is very clear. they will vote to overturn citizens united. [applause]
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[cheering] sen. sanders: and we will address the rigged economy that so many people are suffering under right now. [applause] it is not acceptable to me that, at the same time we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth, we also have more income and wealth inequality then any other major country on earth. [applause]
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so, i say to the billionaire class, we are to create an economy that works for working families. not just the people on top. [applause] if elected president, we are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage -- $15 an hour. [applause] we are going to end the disgrace of women making $.79 on the dollar, compared to men. [applause]
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and we will have pay equity for women workers in this country. [applause] we are going to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and create millions of decent-paying jobs. [applause] we are going to reform our trade -- our disastrous trade system. and we are going to tell corporate america, start investing in this country, not just in china. [applause] [cheering] and in the year 2016, we are going to say that public colleges and universities should be tuition-free.
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[applause] i want every child in this country, kids who grow up in families like mine, where my mom and dad never went to college, i want those kids in manchester, new hampshire and burlington, vermont to understand -- to understand that if they do their schoolwork seriously, if they do their homework, and if they are serious students, yes, they will be able to get a college education. regardless of the income of their families. [applause] [cheering]
12:34 am
and, and to all of those people in our country, some young and some not so young, people who are now being crushed by outrageously high levels of student debt, relief is on the way! [applause] [cheering] we will give, we will give those millions of people, today sometimes paying 20-25% of their income in student debt, we are going to lower interest rates to make your debt more bearable.
12:35 am
[applause] and to the senior citizens of new hampshire, and of america many of whom are trying to get by on 11, 12, $13,000 of social security, you understand people cannot get by on $11,000 of social security. now, my republican colleagues, they say we should cut social security. [booing]
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we say we should expand social security benefits. [applause] [cheering] and we are going to do that by lifting the cap on taxable income. [applause] and to the large, multi-national corporations, who continue to believe that it is ok for them to put their billions of dollars in profits in the cayman islands and in bermuda and and other tax havens, we have news for you. [cheering] you are going to start paying your fair share of taxes.
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[cheering] [applause] and so, the ceos on wall street, the people whose greed and recklessness and illegal behavior drove this economy into the worst recession since the 1930's, who were bailed out by the middle class of this country, who were bailed out because the countries were too big to fail -- but today, who are bigger than when we bailed them out -- we will establish a 21st century glass-steagall. [applause]
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and when six major banks have assets of almost 60% of the gdp of this country, yes, we are going to break them up. [applause] [cheering] and to the pharmaceutical industry, which charges us the highest prices in the world for the medicine we need, who have created a situation in which 1 out of 5 americans are unable to buy the medicine their doctors
12:39 am
prescribe, we say to them, your days of raising prices off the charts are over. [applause] [cheering] and to the 11 million people in our country who are undocumented, who are living in the shadows, who are fearful about being deported, we say we share your pain, and we are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform. [applause]
12:40 am
and when this country shamefully, shamefully has more people in jail than any other country on earth, we say there will be real criminal justice reform. [applause] [cheering] we are going to invest in education and jobs for our kids, not jails and incarceration. [applause]
12:41 am
and when we talk about criminal justice reform, we say that we are tired of seeing unarmed people shot down by police. [applause] what we are saying is that a police officer who breaks the law, like any other public official, must be held accountable. [applause] that we must demilitarize local police departments. [applause] and that we must make police departments all across this country look like the diversity of the communities they serve. [applause]
12:42 am
now, i have been criticized because i believe that all of our people in this great country are entitled to health care. [applause] so, let me be, let me be as clear as i can. i confess, i believe that health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. [applause] [cheering] sen. sanders: i believe that the
12:43 am
affordable care act, which my committee -- the committee i am on -- did some extraordinary good things. we should be proud of that. but i believe we can go further. and i believe that we should move toward a medicare for all, single-payer program. [applause] now, what leadership is about, it is not just swimming with the current. it is not just coming aboard ideas when there is majority support for those ideas. [applause]
12:44 am
way back before it was fashionable in the early 1990's, congressman bernie sanders opposed nafta and other trade agreements. [applause] i want corporate america to invest in this country, create jobs in this country, not just in china. [applause] in 1996, when it was not popular, i voted against the so-called defense of marriage act. [applause]
12:45 am
that was not a popular vote, at that time. but i believe then, and i believe now, that people have a right to love whomever they want, regardless of their gender. [applause] in 19 -- late 1990's, when all kinds of people in this country, republicans and some democrats, said we should deregulate wall street, what a great idea it would be if commercial banks and investment banks and insurance companies could merge. i did not think it was such a good idea. i helped lead the opposition to deregulation. [applause]
12:46 am
in 19 -- in 2002, the most important debate in recent history on foreign policy, george w. bush, dick cheney -- [booing] donald rumsfeld, they said -- [booing] they said it was a good idea to invade iraq. [booing] i listened very carefully to what they said. i did not believe them. i'm not only voted against that war, i helped lead the opposition to that war. [applause] [cheering]
12:47 am
sen. sanders: leadership, leadership is about standing up and being counted when the times are rough, even when you are in a minority situation. [applause] but leadership is also producing the goods, passing legislation that impacts the people of new hampshire, vermont, and america. and i am very proud that a few years ago, as chairman of the veterans committee, i helped pass the most comprehensive
12:48 am
veterans health care legislation passed in the modern history of this country. [applause] [cheering] that legislation not only helped millions of veterans all over this country get better access to v.a. health care, it was a particular benefit to the veterans of the state of new hampshire. [applause] because we put some special language in that bill to benefit new hampshire veterans. and i am, i am proud that as part of the affordable care act, we got $12 billion in it to expand community health centers
12:49 am
in new hampshire, and in vermont, and all over this country. [applause] i am proud we passed one of the most significant pieces of environmental legislation, putting billions of dollars to help communities become more energy-efficient and move to sustainable energy. [applause] let me conclude by saying this. no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else, can bring about the changes that the middle class and working families of this country desperately need. and the reason for that is that the powers that be, wall street, corporate america, the corporate media, the koch brothers, the
12:50 am
large campaign donors, are so powerful -- so powerful -- that the only way we create the change that we need is through a political revolution. [applause] [cheering] and that means, that means, that means that millions and millions of people throughout our country, including many who have given up on the political process, many who think their vote, their voice no longer matters, those people have got
12:51 am
to reengage politically. working people, low-income people, young people. and with a loud voice, a loud voice -- [cheering] [applause] and with a very loud voice, heard on tuesday in new hampshire and heard all over this country, the voice which says that this government of ours, fought and offended by so defended by so many men and women prepared to put their lives on the line, this government of our's belongs to all of us. not a bunch of wealthy campaign contributors. thank you very much. [applause] [cheering]
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♪ there's a starman waiting in the sky he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'd blow our minds there's a starman waiting in the sky he's told us not to blow it cause he knows it's all worthwhile he told me let the children lose it let the children use it let all the children boogie ♪ ♪
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♪ there's a starman waiting in the sky he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'd blow our minds there's a starman waiting in the sky he's told us not to blow it cause he knows it's all worthwhile he told me let the children lose it let the children use it let all the children boogie ♪ ♪ there's a starman waiting in the sky he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'd blow our minds there's a starman waiting in the
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sky he's told us not to blow it cause he knows it's all worthwhile he told me let the children lose it let the children use it ♪ >> our potential isn't something you just see, it is something you feel. >> the governor announced her decision to run for senate. >> we spoke to the governor. have you talked to her? >> she says she will take the bipartisan approach. >> she wants to take her experience to the senate. >> the democratic governor taking on republican senator. >> i believe we can do better.
12:55 am
the granite state deserves a senator who leads the best light -- who leads like it. >> please welcome, governor maggie hassan. ♪ governor hassan: good evening. thank you, new hampshire democrats. before i begin, i do want to take a moment to remember our dear friend marty gross.
12:56 am
marty dedicated his life to helping people from all walks of life. he exemplified the spirit of service and collective problem solvers that distinguishes us as a state. he will be deeply missed. [applause] i want to thank our chairman, ray buckley and the hard-working staff. as the eyes of our nation turn towards new hampshire this week, this event was such -- with such a huge turnout, reflects the great pride we take in our critical role in the democratic process. i would like to thank the
12:57 am
governors for ensuring the voices of our state are heard in washington. and wasn't it great to see the great governor john lynch and susan here tonight? thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for our state. and i would like to recognize all of my great partners in the statehouse. our democratic or presented as our senators, and executive counselors. thank you for your continued dedication to our communities and state. while i am sure he is getting well-deserved rest right now, i want to acknowledge governor martin o'malley, and thank him for his strong record of public service, and his deep commitment to our country. [applause]
12:58 am
i also want to thank senator sanders for his service in the senate, ands engaging in new hampshire's first in the nation primary process. it is always a great pleasure to welcome back to new hampshire, my friend, secretary has -- hillary clinton. [applause] hillary's strong record of leadership has proven that she is the right person to lead our country, and get things done. and that is why i am so proud to support her for president of the united states. [applause] and most of all, thank you, new
12:59 am
hampshire democrats, everyone here tonight is united in a common purpose. to keep new hampshire moving in the right direction. thanks to each of you in this room, and many more throughout the state, we are making progress to build a stronger, more innovative new hampshire. where education and businesses drive job creation. working across party lines we passed two fiscally responsible, balanced budgets that invest in critical, economic priorities. we froze tuitions at our state universities for the first time in 25 years. and we lowered it at our community colleges. [applause] more than 46,000 hard-working granite stators now have the health and economic security
1:00 am
that comes with quality health coverage because we expanded medicaid. [applause] we are providing a strong and comprehensive approach to the substance abuse epidemic. we're fixing roads and bridges across the state and finishing the expansion of i-93. and we are seeing the progress all across our state. our unemployment rate continues which and is now 3.1%, is the fourth lowest in the country and the lowest level in nearly 15 years. [applause] gov. hassan: and for the third year in a row, new hampshire was ranked as the strongest state in the union based on more than a dozen measured of our economy, the safety of our communities, and our quality of
1:01 am
ife. we made progress for our people and our businesses by solving problems and bringing people together to get things done for hard-working families and it is long pastime for washington to take the same approach. [applause] the people of new hampshire work together to solve problems every day in their own lives and they expect their elected representatives to do the same. that's why it is so frustrating to see what's happening in washington and why it's time for us all to stand together right now and say enough, enough to washington special interests that prey on our seniors' hard-earned social security and benefits while
1:02 am
claiming special tax breaks for themselves, enough to politicians restricting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. [applause] >> and enough to our juneo senator who puts corporate special interests ahead of new hampshire. so despite her effort to rewrite history with expensive legs, we know the real washington record. in washington, she has voted 90% of the hers time. she has repeatedly voted for deep cuts in pell grants which would make college more extensive for new hampshire
1:03 am
students and voting against young people's ability to refinance their students loans. she voted to turn medicare into a voucher program while protecting social security from benefit cuts. while it comes to our environment, she has repeatedly sign account koch brothers while our beautiful natural resources and places pay the price. she has fought to protect tax breaks for big oil and just recently she was once again the only new england senator to oppose critical clean water protections. she voted against the ipartisan bill to expand background checks for gun purchases. and she even opposes closing the loophole that allows known and suspected terrorists to buy guns and explosives.
1:04 am
he has voted repeatedly to defund planned parenthood and sports allowing employers to deny women coverage for birth control and preventive care. and she has said and these are her words that she certainly v wade should oe be overturned. i'm ready to change that. as your senator, as your senator, i will work across party lines to support job creating businesses and expand economic opportunity. i'll fight to make college more affordable and reduce the burden of student alone debt. when it comes to our nation's defense, we must defeat isis and make our country even stronger in the eyes of our enemies and allies working with the international community to
1:05 am
keep us safe while insuring that we use our military might s a last resort. and i will always, always stand up for a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. [applause] >> but i need your help. i can't do this alone. with your help i'll be a senator who fights back against the koch brothers special interest agenda. with your help, i'll be a senator who knows that new hampshire's family and small businesses come first and leads like it and with your help, new hampshire will finally, finally have two senators who always put new hampshire first. together we can keep new hampshire moving in the right
1:06 am
direction. thank you all so much for everything you do. onward to victory, let's move forward! cheers and applause]
1:07 am
sec. clinton: tonight the people of new hampshire chose to put new hampshire first. member of he ranking the committee on small business. bringing health care closer to ur veterans and -- >> this is something the people .romised us for years >> real stories and real helping seniors, taking on the big banks so people can keep their homes. expanding health care for our kids and families, protecting every woman's reproductive right, a leader in helping wash. we can count on it.
1:08 am
>> gaining passage of bipartisan legislation to increase energy efficiency and lower costs. working to lower rates on student loans to make college more affordable. putting new hampshire first. i am so proud to once again be able to represent the people of we new hampshire in the unit states senate. >> please welcome senator jean shaheen. cheers and applause]
1:09 am
sen. shaheen: thank you, thank you! hello, new hampshire, democrats. what a great turnout. and you're not tired are you? all right. i want to thank ray buckley and the great team at the new hampshire democratic party for doing such a great job tonight, aren't they terrific! [cheers and applause] sen. shaheen: you know, in four days, granite staters will host the new hampshire primary. it's our moment in the spotlight and when the country and the world turn their attention to new hampshire, they get to see democracy at its very best so let me start with a very special thank you
1:10 am
to the staff and volunteers who are here tonight. you are what makes this primary work. democracy thank you. thank you. now we have heard already from our wonderful congresswoman, we need her in the house of representatives fighting for us. and let's send carol say porter back to the house to represent the first district. and wasn't it great to see governor lynch here tonight? [applause] sen. shaheen: and of course, our great governor, maggie assan.
1:11 am
i'm getting there, just wait a inute. i don't like to complain, but i'm really tired of having my vote canceled in the united states senate, so can you send maggie hassan to join me in november? [applause] she will be a great senator, don't you think. and speaking of the senate, i have to give a shout-out to two of my colleagues who were here earlier today and here tonight. nator debbie from michigan d senator amy klobuchar from minnesota. as amy said, today we were the sisterhood of the traveling
1:12 am
pants suits. and i also want to acknowledge martin o'malley and all of his supporters in new hampshire for their contributions to this ampaign. now, i think you all know that bernie sanders is a colleague nd a friend. and i admire the passion that he brings to the issues that he cares about. but hillary clinton is my hoice for president.
1:13 am
moss [applause] sen. shaheen: thank you, you're etting warmed up, right? i know hillary, i know her head and i know her heart. i know that there is nobody who cares more about families. . know there is nobody tougher anybody who watched her 11 hours of testimony before the nghazi he can knows -- ommittee knows that.
1:14 am
now in the democratic primaries and caucuses, we're focused on many of the domestic issues that are so important to us like increasing wages and aking the economy more fair. you know, one of the things that i really appreciate about new hampshire is that we are respectful of other people's points of view. cheers and applause] >> and so i hope everybody here will be respectful of whatever choices each of us make in this primary election because we need each other come november.
1:15 am
so i was talking about our focus on the economy, on how we increase wages and make this economy fairer, but based on what i see in the senate and i serve on the senate armed services committee and the senate foreign relations committee and i can tell you that the republicans intend to make the general election in november another national security election. they're already stoking people's fears and prejudices and unfortunately we know that too often that can work. we saw it in 2002 here in new hampshire. e saw it in 2004 and we saw it
1:16 am
in 2014 when my opponent, scott brown, talked about terrorists coming across our southern border and we saw that he almost won that election because he made people afraid. well, we can't let them do that in 2016 and they won't be able to do that with hillary clinton. cheers and applause] sen. shaheen: she will be a sure-handed commander in chief and a president who knows how to build alliances around the world because hillary knows how to get things done and she will build on the progress of the obama administration. cheers and applause]
1:17 am
she will make pay equity a reality once and for all and protect planned parenthood, raise the minimum wage and make college for affordable. she will stand up to the climate deniers. she will build international alliances to take on a cyst and work to expand obama care and she will take on the gun lobby .o pass sensible gun laws so there is a lot at stake in this election. just think about president trump and vice president scott a cabinet .ecretary sarah palin
1:18 am
you know, we may laugh at the antics of donald trump, but it's no laughing matter when he proposes a special registry for muslim americans and sadly, it's not just trump. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, their attacks on immigrants and minorities are attacks on every american. they are insulting to the very foundation of our great democracy and we will not let that stand. we will elect a president next fall who will build on the progress of many obama. precedent obama.
1:19 am
no matter what candidate you're supporting, everyone has helped engage voters and helped communicate the difference between democrats and republicans and in doing so, you have laid the groundwork for a democratic victory next fall, so thank you all very much. cheers and applause] sen. shaheen: thank you. now, i have the honor of giving the mcintyre shaheen award. and in doing this, i would like to invite my family to come to the stage. you all know my husband billy. [applause] >> my daughter stephanie and my son-in-law craig. my daughter molly and my
1:20 am
son-in-law hue, my daughter stacy is not able to join us tonight. i asked them to come on stage because we are all very honored to have this dinner named after our family. and the macintyre shaheen award was established to honor a new mpshire democrat who has spent their life working on economic and social justice. this year's honoree has fought for the families of new hampshire and the new hampshire state legislature for 35 years. she is the one who year after year fought on the house finance committee to make sure health care and other critical services get decent funding. she has been the biggest defender in the statehouse for early childhood education and the importance of making sure
1:21 am
that children have quality child care. she runs a child care center that serves the neediest children in concord and so it is my very great press our, our whole family's pleasure to be able to recognize and present this year's mcintyre shaheen award to my friend of 30 years, the friend of every struggling family in new hampshire, mary jane wallner. cheers and applause]
1:22 am
>> even though i have been in the legislature 35 years, i'm not really a public speaker and a crowd this big and i want to say raymond, you know how to give a party. there is no doubt about that. so i love being in a room with this many democrats, 6,000 democrats in one room. email used to being in a room where there are 400 state
1:23 am
representatives and not even half of us at this point are democrats. come november, we're going to make a big difference, we're going to take back the majority. [applause] >> we're going to need all of your help. i think the most important thing is that we all work together in november to elect democrats at every level, from state representative right up to the president of the united states. so thank you, i appreciate this. i want to say thank you to my family. i feel like this is sort of like the academy awards. thank you to my family who have always supported me. thank you very much, i appreciate it. cheers and applause]
1:24 am
♪ ♪ cheers and applause] >> the average person who gets
1:25 am
elected president is intelligent, hard-working and honestly tries to do what they said they're going to do when they get there. there is a difference between who can do and who can't. here is what i know about hillary, the single best changemaker i have ever met in my life. we need a changemaker, not a change talker. i'll tell you a couple stories. a court said our schools weren't properly financed in arkansas and we had to relocate the money. i put hillary in charge of getting new standards. she presented to the legislature, the crusty old head of the legislation committee, it was so good he thought that maybe we had elected the wrong member of our family. there is something to be said for that. nine years later i come to iowa running for president telling you the two most improved school systems in america were
1:26 am
in arkansas and south carolina. she did that, not me, she never been elected to anything. she always made something good happen. she went to south carolina to see why all these african-american teenagers were being jailed as adults, 13, 14, 15 years old being kept for years in adult prisons. changed ack and they that, too. she wasn't elected to anything, she was making change. that is just the beginning. i could keep you here until tomorrow morning telling these stories. it's hard work. it's policy, the country needs somebody who can actually get something done. comes in one day jumping up and down happy. i have been so worried. we had six of the 24 most poorest county in america. there is no kindergarten, prekindergarten or preschool. i found a preschool program in israel that teaches people to be their children's first teachers even if they're
1:27 am
illiterate. i think it would work here. she said i called the woman who started it, she'll be here in 10 days and we'll start this program. here is what happened. next thing i know, i'm going to these little graduations for preschoolers. the next thing you know, it's in 26 states. it's still thriving. there are thousands of people in this country today who have etter lives and learn more and grew up just because of her. they have no clue. she wasn't elected to anything. she just made something good happen. you're entitled to give all of these remarks to discount if you want. everything that i have told you, i believe in my heart, she is the best person to win the election, implement the changes we need. mostly, i want you to do what is best for you.
1:28 am
most of the people in this audience have more tomorrow than yesterday. those of us that have more yesterday and tomorrow believe it or not spend our time thinking about the future. i believe it's a gift that keeps on giving because she made everything she have touched better. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> please welcome hillary clinton! cheers and applause]
1:29 am
sec. clinton: oh, wow! thank you! thank you so much! cheers and applause] sec. clinton: thank you. thank you all so much! cheers and applause] sec. clinton: thank you very much! , i , i have to tell you
1:30 am
knew that here in the granite state, a little snow wasn't -- wasn't going to dampen the spirits of democrats. it's impossible to express how grateful i feel for everything the people of the state have done for me and my family, for our country over the years. to paraphrase your native son daniel webster, new hampshire is a small state that there are those who love it and i am one of them. [applause] secretary clinton: he opened your homes and your hearts to us.
1:31 am
lifted me up and gave me back my voice. have taught me again and the only direction that matters in life is forward and , somehe past few days people have looked at the polls that shows sanders with a lead and suggested -- yeah -- that is a fact. lookuggested i should just past new hampshire and focus on the next day. well? hampshire has never quit on me and i am not going to quit on you. [applause]
1:32 am
i am so proud, i am so proud of the campaign we built here. thank you. thousands of volunteers. hard you are working across the state, pouring your dreams and determination into this effort, knocking on doors in the cold, going to, contribute in whatever you can, because you want a president who will roll up her sleeves and make a difference in your lives. [applause]
1:33 am
and this enormous support that you have demonstrated ranges across the state, many different people, many different walks of life. i want to start by thanking your extraordinary united states senator, jeanne shaheen. [applause] i like saying this because it is just a small way of recognizing her historic achievements, but she is as of now, the only woman in american history to have served both as a governor and a senator. [applause] and i hope -- i hope next november, you will send the second woman to have served as a governor and senator, maggie hassan to the senate. [applause]
1:34 am
the support and the advice of these two remarkable leaders means the world to me. i have worked with them. i have supported them. i have watched what they have achieved in their public careers. i am just so grateful to new hampshire for lifting them up, and for giving them the chance to lead and to serve. i also want to thank you for electing, and i know you will send back congresswoman and a custard to represent you -- annie custer to represent you, and i certainly hope you return carol shea-porter to congress. but in addition to these
1:35 am
well-known people who support me, who have been truly at my back and side, there are so many others. like ava, and overachieving high school senior in berlin,'s who also works most nights at her family restaurant. she still makes time to volunteer for my campaign. why? because she is seen so -- how much the affordable care act has meant to her family and their small business, and she does knowledge of the that progress ever ripped away. [applause] or another young woman, samantha, who works three jobs in belmont, including a lot of night shifts. she still finds time to
1:36 am
volunteer for me. she is absolutely determined, she says, to elect a progressive who gets things done. and if it means -- if it means also breaking the highest, hardest, glass ceiling -- that sounds pretty good too. [applause] i also want to thank every elected official, every local leader, all of the members of organized labor, planned parenthood, the human rights campaign, the league of conservation voters, and every other progressive organization who are working so hard for my campaign. [cheers]
1:37 am
now one thing i know for sure, is how seriously the people of new hampshire take your responsibility as the first in the nation primary. i know that a lot of voters are still shopping. you may have a favorite, but this is new hampshire. everyone takes a second look. maybe even a third or fourth look. i hope you will give one of those looks to me in the next couple of days. [applause] i am going to compete for every vote here. i will answer every question. i will work my heart out to earn your support. in this campaign i have listened to people across new hampshire, and the country. share the problems that keep them up at night, and seem always to stack the deck even more for those of the top. prescription drug cubbies are jacking up the price of drugs for no reason other than greed.
1:38 am
i have met people whose bills have doubled, even tripled overnight. powerful corporations are heading overseas, for no reason other than to avoid paying u.s. taxes, including an auto parts company that lobbied for the rescue of the auto industry back in 2008. all of us, all of us taxpayers, we help to save them -- helped save them. now they want to turn their back on america. they call it an inversion, i college it a per version, and we have to stop it. [applause] think of this -- a governor in state government in michigan allows children in flint to drink poison water just to save
1:39 am
a buck. as if their lives were were not worth that much. as i said some weeks ago a,sk yourself, would it have happened if they were rich and white, instead of poor and black. we know the answer, don't we. senator sanders and i agree, we have to stop bad things from happening. but i believe we have got to start good things happening again in america. [applause] [cheers] we need -- we need a bold national mission to get jobs growing, and incomes rising so working families can get ahead
1:40 am
and stay ahead. we need to pull our country together so there is more justice and dignity, and opportunity for all of our senate -- citizens. when he to measure our success by how many children climb out of property, and how many families work their way into the middle class, not how many ceos get bonuses at the end of the year. [applause] i'm running for president because i believe that america cannot reach its full potential when you are held back from reaching euros -- yours. i want to break down all of the barriers holding americans back from achieving their dreams. economic barriers of course, especially those put in place by greed. reducing inequality. the problems in america cannot the reduced to wall street and
1:41 am
washington, as important as the czar. -- as those are. we also need to break down a barriers of racism and sexism and dissemination against the lgbt community. immigrants and people with his abilities -- disabilities. [cheers] we need to take on those quiet, devastating challenges of addiction and mental illness. we need to help families struggling to care for loved ones with alzheimer's and autism. i want to remove the obstacles standing in the way of people and communities that have been left out and left behind from cold country -- coal country to inner cities. when every child has the chance to succeed, america exceeds.
1:42 am
you saw -- succeeds. you saw in the video when bill said something that really stuck with me. he has a way of doing that. he was talking to young people and he told him -- them -- you still have more tomorrows in your life than yesterday's. and those of us who have more yesterdays than tomorrow's believe it or not spend most of our time thinking about the future. i certainly know that is true for all of us who are grandparents because that really focuses your mind on the future. as -- if i have the honor of serving as your president, i will spend all of my tomorrow's doing everything i can to make your tomorrow's better. to give every one of our children the possibility and prosperity they deserve. [applause] [cheers]
1:43 am
so, please, imagine with me, imagine a tomorrow where your heart -- hard work and rewarded with rising income. where the minimum wage is no longer a poverty wage. we know yesterday, republicans and concorde said no terror raising the minimum wage. -- said no to raising the minimum wage. well i know how to get it done. imagine a tomorrow where we produce enough renewable energy to power every home in america, and create millions of good jobs doing it. i know how to get that done. [applause] a tomorrow where education list
1:44 am
you up and student -- lifts you up and student debt does not drag you down. where young people have the opportunities and choices you deserve, and where more entrepreneurs can start and grow new small businesses. imagine, imagine a tomorrow where parents have paid family leave so they do not have to choose between a paycheck and caring for those baby -- or a baby or a sick relative. a tomorrow where we overturn citizens united and finally get big unaccountable money out of our democracy. [applause] and, imagine a tomorrow where gun violence no longer stalks our country. [applause]
1:45 am
and the gun lobby cannot stand in the way of every commonsense reform. that is the tomorrow i want for us. for a kids. for a country -- our country. i know how to get that done. we democrats face a big choice on tuesday. i want to take a minute right now to speak to all the young people who are here. whether they are supporting me or senator sanders. [applause] now of course i still hope to persuade those who are supporting senator sanders to give me another look, but, i want you to know that i am truly glad that you are involved in this process and in the democratic party. you are bringing energy, ideas, and urgency to our shared causes.
1:46 am
[applause] and i cannot help but think about how i felt when i first came to new hampshire in 1968 to campaign for my presidential candidate, gene mccarthy to end the war in vietnam. [applause] in the following years i went all over our country, trying in my own way to make things better. i went undercover in alabama to expose racism in the schools. i drove throughout south texas, registering latino voters. i even shocked my friends by moving to arkansas with my then boyfriend because we were in love and so fired up to do good work there. and i learned what you all are proving everyday.
1:47 am
you can make change without being elected to anything. you just need to go do it. so i respect -- i respect not only your enthusiasm, but also your seriousness about helping to make our country what it can and should be. that is why i want to take just a few minutes to make my case for why i believe that this -- at this time i am the better choice to be a president -- your president. senator sanders and i share big, progressive goals for our country. i believe i have laid out stronger plan for how to achieve them, and how to make a real difference in people's live soon -- lives soon. [applause] i have heard some of the pundits say that the differences between our approaches comes down to
1:48 am
head versus heart, will i don't see it that way. for me, it is both. we have had a worthy debate about health care in our campaign. we have had substantive disagreements over issues, as it should be. compare that to the campaign of insults going on on the republican side. when we draw these contrasts we do it within the context of both of us understanding, we have to go to the american people, we have to explain what we want to do, and how we will come push it -- accomplish it. i have fought my entire career to get quality, affordable health care for every single american. [applause] i know, i know how hard that is.
1:49 am
the insurance lobby and the drug companies spend tens of millions of dollars to stop us. it was disappointing. i had traveled to so many places to meet with so many americans who are so hopeful that finally they would have health care for their families. i have a million stories that tugged at my heart and my brain. one in particular that summed up for me but was so profoundly wrong. it was from a visit i made from -- to the children's hospital in cleveland. i was sitting in a conference room, talking with parents of very ill children.
1:50 am
they were telling me how difficult it was to get the medical care their children needed. one man said, look, i am successful. i provide health care for my employees of the business i started. nobody will sell me a policy to ensure my two daughters with cystic fibrosis. i don't understand, i have gone from place to place, i asked him, what did they tell you what you say you have the means. he said, will the last person i spoke with listen to me -- listened to me and said, you don't understand. we don't ensure earning houses -- insure burning houses. this man got tears in his eyes. he said, they called my little girls burning houses. we didn't get everything we want to, but i got back to work, went to work and we got children's
1:51 am
health insurance that insures 8 million children today. [applause] that program -- that program came a lifeline for those a million kids -- 8 million kids. and a sense of some security for their families. let me be clear, i never gave up on the dream of universal health care not for a second. 8 million kids was certainly not everything we wanted, but it was real. i could not bear the thought that we would leave children without health care, even a single day longer than we had to. [applause]
1:52 am
i think, based on the work i have done over so many years that when you see people hurting, you see them being treated unjustly, discriminated against, and you want to help them to do something that demonstrates that you care, that maybe you can make their lives a little better, try to do it. if that means a quieter success, that is fine. that is why i say with all of my heart, let's build on the affordable care act right now. let's get those out-of-pocket costs down. let's tackle the price of prescription drugs. let's not start a new divisive debate about the shape of our whole system that will just lead to gridlock, and will not help anyone in the health care they deserve. [applause]
1:53 am
you know, the people i have met in this campaign cannot wait. they shouldn't have to wait. the young waitress who spends all day working in a restaurant and all night working in a factory needs a raise. she cannot ways -- wait. the window i met who had lost her home because her social security aim it did not go far enough deserve better. she cannot wait either. the young people i meet who want to start small businesses. the entrepreneurs who have dreams, they need our help and support. people to believe in them. they cannot wait. women across our country deserves equal pay for the work we do. they can't wait. [applause] i don't think any of us can wait.
1:54 am
you deserve a president who will listen to you. and i will make promises i can't keep. this is the biggest job interview in the world, my friends, and you should hold us accountable. i am a progressive who likes to get things done, and i have learned you have to be both a dreamer and a doer. you have to push forward every single day for as long as it takes. and i also know a big part of the job i am seeking is keeping our family safe, our country strong, and our troops out of four. -- out of war. so, you're not just picking a president. you are choosing a
1:55 am
commander-in-chief. and i know sometimes foreign policy might seem a little remote. that's understandable with the events taking place on the other side of the world, but things that happen overseas can directly impact your life, your job, and your family. there is terrorism, obviously, but that's not all. just in the past few weeks, we have seen problems in china sending stock markets plummeting. that can affect your retirement savings. as we sit here tonight, north korea is working on missiles that could reach the united states. we need a president who understands how to deal with that threat. as we sit here tonight, our troops are still in harm's way in afghanistan. we need a president who can give them the support and the strategy they need. russia, iran, isis, these are
1:56 am
not issues that we can put to the side. they cannot be an afterthought. we have to be just as present on the desk in the oval office as all the other work we need to get done here at home. i am very proud of the experience and judgment i would bring to this job. i have worked hard on diplomacy. i have spent countless hours advising president obama on the hardest choices and the toughest calls a president ever has to make. if president, any president, has to be able to do all parts of the job. the american people need confidence that you can keep them safe, get the economy moving again, and build on the progressive accomplishments we have made under president obama.
1:57 am
and with your help, that is exactly what i will do. and let's not forget, the real goal here is to defeat the republicans, whoever they nominate. and let's face it, they all disagree with pretty much all of us believe in. they won't do anything to give women equal pay or hold wall street accountable. they will do a lot to turn back the clock on your rights. and i want you to know where i stand. i will protect our rights, civil rights, voting rights, workers rights, women's rights, gay rights, the rights of people with disabilities. i will always defend planned parenthood and a woman's right to make her health. -- make her own decisions about
1:58 am
her health, and whenever i say this, some republican will say i am playing the gender card. well, if standing up for women's rights, women's health and equal pay is playing the gender card, then deal me in. i will defend marriage equality and work to end discrimination against the lgbt community. i will stop the republicans from privatizing social security, medicare, or the v.a.. and i will stand up to the gun lobby, the most powerful lobby in washington.
1:59 am
but here is the truth. no candidate for president has all the answers and no president can do this work alone. i know what it's like to be knocked down. i doubt there is anybody who hasn't had hard times in their life here tonight. but i learned from my family and my faith but it's not whether you get knocked down. it's whether you get back up. and i believe that not only do we individually have to get back up time and time again, because as long as there is work to do and people to help, we can't stop, i think our country has to get back up. i think we have to once again have the kind of confidence and
2:00 am
optimism that is part of the american dna. we set big goals. we summon the best of our natures. we work together again across all the lines that divide us. every day of my life, i try to practice what has been called the discipline of gratitude. now, that means not just being grateful for the good things, because that's kind of easy. but be grateful for the hard things too, grateful even for our limitations, because in the end, they can make us stronger. they can give us a chance to reach beyond our grasp. they can also teach us that we are better together when we work to find common ground.


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