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  Ted Cruz Town Hall Meeting in Windham New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 3, 2016 3:31am-4:21am EST

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in the iowa caucuses monday, behind texas senator ted cruz. receivedmr. trump the endorsement of scott brown at a campaign rally in milford, new hampshire. this is an hour. >> thank you very much, everybody. welcome to milford. we are in the final year of a failed obama administration. people are working couple of part-time job to set of good full-time job. businesses are nervous about the future. there is no tax or regulatory certainty. obamacare's crushing those businesses and hurting individuals as well. also, the world has changed. america is no longer feared by
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our foes or trusted by our allies. isis and al qaeda are fighting for terror bragging rights. the terrible deal with iran, we could talk about them forever. russia is expanding, and moving again. china is poking and prodding its neighbors. africa is falling into the hands of thugs. this is because of the leadership under the obama/clinton presidency. our military is the most amazing men and women serving. i want anyone serving presently or who has served to raise their hand right now. [applause] serving presentlynyone or who has served to raise their hand right now. [applause] >> thank you for that service. those military men and women are being asked to do more, much more with far less.
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putting their lives in danger, under this administration there shirking our military to levels that are dangerous. not only for national security, but for world security. and women were serving so valiantly. and not only come home after serving, some dying in order to get medical care. they also have to fight to get homes and jobs. is what is happening under this administration. it is wrong. there is a very stark difference between the republican message in the democrat/socialist clinton andillary bernie sanders. i will say it before and again, any one of the candidates right now in the republican primary would make a better president than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. [applause]
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>> i have said it before, the strength of our nation is its people. as an elected official i never took my order to many special interest or the so-called establishment. i always was guided by what i thought was in the best interest of the people of this country. has the privilege to serve, whether in local state or federal office, that they serve the interest of you, the people of this great country. i was a consummate outsider and ran for senate. i was not one of the so-called "crowd, the establishment, or the democratic machine in massachusetts. i did not a band, and i do not now oh anybody anything. mind,ree to speak my whatever the issues may be. i can challenge our elected officials to do better. [applause] >> this summer i was honored to people runningg
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for this highest office come to our host events. came, grab actually a chair in a hot dog and a beer and you came down and grill the candidates asking them what you feel about border security, national security, what do you feel about our debt deficit? you were there, unbelievable. i had an opportunity to meet these great people. i am proud of each and everyone one of them. that being said, the vetting process for me is over. the decision process has been exciting, but also difficult. iwever, as i discussed, learned about each candidate and my decision became clearer. when i served in the senate i noticed there were some amazing leaders there. honest, hard-working people. however, there are also incredibly selfish people,
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working solely for their personal, petty, partisan interest. putting their interest and our country's interest. as a result, there is tremendous gridlock. hardly anything gets done. nothing of substance gets done. the world hasn been diminished. our economy is suffering. dysfunction in washington must the jibey must stop into these problems. washington needs when i call -- washington needs to stop these problems. it needs when i call an agent of change. it is clear to me that in order to shake up the status quo, and cross boundaries to get things done, that change agent is somebody who is here tonight to see all of you. what, you need to be an outsider to be a change agent. i believe it takes someone who
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has had a private sector job, run a business, and assigned the front of the paycheck to get things done. to actually create jobs. i am looking forward to that person having new and different ideas in order to reduce and eliminate our $19 trillion national debt. deficit, getllar that economic engine going against a we can be leaders in the world stage. get our fiscal and financial house in order. to me, there's only one person that can do that. that is donald trump. [applause] >> i have been a republican tent i was 18 years old. for ronald reagan because he was the person who told me that when my mom and
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never married and divorced four times each and my mom was working her tail off to put a roof over our heads -- he said you work your ass off and fight hard and join forces and work you can create jobs, you can actually save and maybe form a corporation and hire some friends and other people. they can ask fulfill the american dream, ronald reagan was the person who told us we were a country of opportunity. i believe that. we may not agree on everything. news alert, i believe right now the best person to help us address this dysfunction in washington, the gridlock that permeates the halls of washington, get our economy moving again, to change that status quo, is donald trump. [applause] >> i believe that we do live in
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the greatest country in the world. i believe that in my heart. notso believe that we are feared by our foes, not trusted by our allies. we can do more, we deserve better. together -- here's the challenge -- get out and vote. get 10, 20, 50 people out to vote. you better. [laughter] it is critically important. if you stay home and watch tv it is a big problem. i want to get this country moving again. i want to get our economic again.going i want to get america back to the point where our allies trust us and our foes fear us and we will continue to be the leader in this world. ladies and gentlemen, but me a husband, father, businessman and job creator and problem solver.
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the next president of the united states, donald trump. [applause] ♪ donald trump: beautiful, tremendous. amazing. [applause] donald trump: we love you. amazing, it is amazing. one of the reporters just asked me, why don't you do town hall meetings? we have 5000 people,
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there is another room the size packed also. if we do town halls, we will be doing about 200 day and still will not be able to catch up. i want to thank everybody. special people, special place. we have had such an incredible 16, thesince june famous escalator ride. we just got back from iowa. i want to tell you, they are great people in iowa. and i love them. you know what? i will tell you. i started off, and it was very interesting. a very interesting little thing. it is a caucus system, a much more difficult system. i don't say better or worse, but certainly more difficult. when i announced on june 16, there were 17 people. i had not registered. i have not been put in polls. i did not know what was going to happen.
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in iowa, they said don't go to iowa. you don't play in iowa. me. i said why? they said it is not going to work. i said i have to do it and i want to go there. i went there, and i think we did really well. we did really well. [applause] they said if you get in the top 10, you would be lucky. the first time it came out, it was number 10. and then it went to eight and five. we finished number two. and frankly, had i know we could finish number two, maybe i would have spent more time there. i would have taken a day or two off from here, but that would not have been good. it is sort of interesting. i'm very proud of this. i skipped the debate because i was not treated properly. i wasn't. [applause] donald trump: i wasn't treated properly. when our country is not treated properly, we have to the hate that we also.
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just so you understand. when you are not treated the way you are supposed to be treated, you have to remember that. that is all right. stats i wanted to show you. air blowing down there, i will tell you. what happened is i did the debate,,= and then i said you cannot do that. . we could have broken the world record. we did it the first one. they had 24 million people. i think it was more than that after final count. i think this thing would have had probably 26, 28, 29 million people. but you could not tell -- do it. i will tell you why i'm happy we did not do that. in one hour, we raised $6 million for the vets. 6 million. we raised $6 million for the vets. [applause] trump: if you told me i
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could have finished first if i did the debate were second plus $69 for the vets, i will take the $6 million for the vets all day long. [applause] trump: i am looking at statistics. we got the biggest vote ever in the history of a primary in iowa by like 60,000 people came out extra. i'm not going to say it was me, but we -- believe me it was me. two or three night ago, one of the candidates i am against, highly respected, was here. and they had 250 people. we have 5000. that should be a good sign. that is like an automatic poll. [applause] donald trump: the vote i got because we had so many people was the biggest vote in the
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history of iowa for a republican caucus. i mean the biggest in the history of iowa. [applause] donald trump: for a republican caucus. when you think, the amazing thing is the press, not all of them. some are great. some said he started off 10th and came in second. i don't like to hear second that much either, to be totally honest. one poll came out said i was leaving for five points. trump comeses were " in second, he is humiliated." there were 17 people when we started. now you have 11. i come in second. i am not humiliated. think of it. [applause] donald trump: these people are the most dishonest people ever,
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ok. marco is a nice guy, marco rubio, nice guy, and he comes in third. he comes in third. he is a senator, does this do for a living, professional politician. he comes in third. i come in second. trump no good. rubio, unbelievable night, unbelievable victory. [laughter] donald trump: you have to think of this. and then they said, "he is very close." it is about a difference of almost 3000 votes. that is a lot! that is a lot of votes. for iowa, that is a lot of votes. i think it was like some large amount of votes. it was not really close. but he came in second. the headline is "winner of the night: marco rubio." humiliated."
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they did not really use that word. they did not do that well. i'm saying, how come the guy that comes in third, and he is a professional politician, i beat him by a lot, how come the guy that comes in third --isn't this typical reporters, media, -- the worst people ever, the worst. [applause] donald trump: how come the person that comes in third on many of the networks is being covered like it is one of the great victories in the history of politics in this country, and the person that is not a professional politician -- i am a job creator, i build great companies, i build great buildings, i do a lot of great things -- [applause] donald trump: i don't do this crap.
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i have employed tens of thousands of people over the years. i am so proud of the company. i have built an unbelievable country. company. when i did the filing with the federal election committee, see all of those cameras back there? triple them. i will neverid run, right? and then they said he will never filed for may. that is where you sign your life away, you give up everything could the family, the dog, the house. you give up the world. they said he will never filed for maine. oh, he announced. they did not believe me. they said he will never file his financials. if you did, you will get an extension because you can get an extension goes forever. i did not want an extension. i told one of the best firms in the world, i said you've got to get these done. i filed almost 100 pages.
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bigger than anything ever filed with federal election by far. these politicians put one page in and need five extensions. you know why? they are afraid somebody knows about the cash they have been taking. they want to be careful. they want to be careful. [applause] donald trump: politicians, all topped, no action -- all talk, no action. i love you too, darling. what happens is i go in and file. they come back and say, i don't believe it. the company is much bigger, much better. some of the greatest assets in the world, buildings in manhattan, bank of america building, a big chunk in san francisco, some of the greatest assets,s, so many great hundreds of acres of miami beach, so many. they are looking. very little bit, almost no debt. low debt.
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tremendous cash flow, and some of the greatest assets in the world. the number is through the roof. i am not saying that to be braggadocio is. needaying that is what we in this country. our country is going to hell. [applause] donald trump: the press goes down and they see it. it was such a dud. they would never say it. they also i would not file and i would not run because maybe i am not as rich as people think i'm a right? that is what they said. [laughter] [applause] trump: i am wondering if this can only happen at a trump rally,. that could be the way we get them to turn the cameras, right?
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what the cameras don't have and what the press will never report is the crowds. they don't do it. they report it for bernie. recently, i had 12,000 people he had 3000 people. they said bernie sanders had an amazing crowd of 3000 people. i had 12,000. when it is my turn to go, "donald trump made a speech today in front of a crowd." unbelievable. [laughter] donald trump: it is so dishonest. i have friends that are reporters and they tell me they cannot report the truth. they cannot report the truth. they are told what to do. on o side of the equation, for the most part they are very dishonest. what i do like is when that man holds up that sign -- oh, by the way, i should reprimand him. remember when i took a lot of heat? somebody said something that was not that nice to our president. "donald trump did
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not defend the president." do you think he would defend me? they said donald trump did not defend the president. i said, oh, ok. they said i should have defended him and i should have done something. sir, you are reprimanded, ok? [laughter] [applause] donald trump: but we are not throwing him out, folks. [applause] so i put in the statements, and they have been great. i probably would have filed them even if i did not run. it takes guts to run for president. it really does. it takes guts. it takes guts. if you are a politician, you run, you run, you lose, you run. that is all they do. with us, it takes courage. but we needed one of us. we have to do it. there are so many things that are wrong. so, i wanted to just tell you -- and i feel so good.
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while i have the cameras going, i have to take care of a couple of things. ir the veterans, carl icahn, will put him in charge of negotiating with china. we will stop their $500 billion trade deficit, i can tell you right now. [cheers and applause] donald trump: but i have to say this. good guy, tough guy, smart guy. that is the kind of people we want. he is worth millions of dollars. does not want anything. he would love to represent us. let's put him in charge of china, japan, one or two countries, probably one because we have great people. we have the greatest negotiators in the world. we have the smartest business people in the world. we don't use them. we as political hacks, we as people that don't have a clue. we use people that got their jobs because they give campaign contributions to these guys. that is how they get their jobs. they don't give a damn about the country. they care about themselves.
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that is not the way it is going to work. carl icahn, great businessman, gave $500,000 to the vets. [applause] now this was when i was supposed to be debating. big deal. this is when i was supposed to be up debating. we have steve roth who gave $50,000. the fisher family gave $75,000. richard gave $100,000. did you ever hear of donald trump? [applause] donald trump: donald trump gave $1 million. [applause] we have a rich guy from new york city. a friend of mine, i can't believe it. this guy was the worst braggart i have ever seen. if you gave money, he wanted his name up in lights. all of a sudden, he became please, don't tell my name. i'm saying why, the guy is loaded by the way, he said
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because i have changed. see, people can change. i have changed a little bit. people can change. i said if you don't want me to name it, i want. city,"uy from new york $1 million for the vets. [applause] donald trump: one of the great businessman in this country, mr. fill rough and, and his gave $1le lwife million to the vets. isn't that great? [applause] trump: ike from marvel, a great genius, his wife is incredible, $1 million to the vet. -- vets. ok? [applause] donald trump: isn't that great? and there are many more.
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i want to tell you it was such an amazing thing. i told these people. could you give half a million? these are really successful people. i said, could you give half a million? he goes no, i won't. i will give $1 million. i said i will take it on behalf of the vets. we have a lot of good things happening. the whole experience in iowa was great. the only problem was the press did not treat me right. i'm focused here and have been focused here in south carolina very much. instead of saying "unbelievable did alley said trump right. a little disappointed. third-place was fantastic but a little disappointing. it was one of those things. i learned a lot and made great friends in iowa. they are great people. a lot of us are business people. we want to make our country great again. [applause] donald trump: such a great
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theme. is that the greatest of all themes? somebody said what are you going to do for the country? this is a radio person. where is howie? where the hell are you? is he a great guy? we love howie carr. who else do we love? we love tom brady. we love tom brady, right? [cheers and applause] donald trump: and we love coach belichick. i'm telling you, he is the greatest coach. don't ever lose him. tom is a great friend of mine, a great guy. he has said the nicest things about me. in massachusetts, my poll numbers went up 25 points because tom brady said trump is great. that is good. [applause] donald trump: you don't often
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get many people that say something nice when it has a positive impact, but tom is in that category. where is how a car -- howie carr? he has the radio going. he has been so nice to me. thank you, howie. we love you. he is a great guy. here is the final on that whole thing. in terms of money spent per vote, stats, money spent per vote, i was almost the last in iowa. there is something nice about that. campaign, ie on the am self-funding. can you believe this? let me tell you because i said it before. i told it to the press. they will make it a big story probably and then change it. [laughter] donald trump: we had a press conference. i said i will be honest with you. i don't think i have gotten the proper credit for the fact that
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i am self-funding. i don't think it means anything to anybody. [laughter] donald trump: really. bush has $128 million he got. wouldn't he have been better off just taking the money and throwing it out a window or something? [laughter] donald trump: but if you look at ted cruz, he has got tremendous money from the oil companies. he is going to take care of the oil companies and wall street. if you look at some of these people, all of them, they all have money. it is all from wall street, oil, different things. 100% like a are little puppet. they will take care of those interests. with me, i have nobody. i just want to take care of you. i just want to do the right thing. [applause] donald trump: but i said something at the press conference. i don't think they knew what i was talking about. some are smart, but some of these guys are dumb as a rock.
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[laughter] donald trump: you know, when this man lifted up the sign, i liked it for one reason -- because they had to move the cameras around to see the crowd. the only way they see the crowd -- if we have protesters, i love it. i'm thinking about doing it. i'm going to set my protesters up and corners of rooms because those cameras never moved from my face because they don't want to show how we people i have. they don't want to show the movement. we have a movement going for us. we have a movement. [applause] donald trump: and i have to be honest. i want to thank them before it is too late. scott brown, for him to come up and say i love what you are doing, i love where you are going. he loves this area, and he loves you people. for him to endorse me is a very important thing. [applause] donald trump: wherever scott is, it is very important.
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--ave other great, important jerry falwell junior, who is fantastic, sarah palin gave us a tremendous endorsement. tremendous. you know who gave me a great endorsement that you people are really going to like? cheryl joe from arizona. [applause] donald trump: ok? sheriff joe. you know when sheriff joe gives you an endorsement, and you know you are the king of the border, right? all of these other guys i am competing against, they are all coming up and saying when i originally announced, i talked about illegal immigration. and did i take heat. if i did not bring it up, it would not even be a subject right now. i said this cannot be like this. you cannot go on like this for months and months. no human being can take this amount of incoming. no human being.
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they were just going after me. they said it is terrible. after two or three weeks, people started saying trump has a point. he has a point. now they are coming. four or five weeks go by. you see the tremendous crime committed by the people come into our country illegally. tremendous crime. then you have the killing of youthful kate in san francisco. then you have the killing of jamil. you have the killing of the woman, a 65-year-old veteran who was raped, sodomized, and killed by an illegal immigrant. that is three people. you have to see what is going on. you have to see how bad it is. not only that, the economy. i want people to come into the country. but i want them to come in legally. they have to come in legally. [applause] donald trump: they have to come in legally. so, we have all of these
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endorsements. they are incredible endorsements. but i do have to say, one of the gentlemen i am competing against, my wife was watching television the other day and listening to this guy, boring, falling asleep. it is like a sleeper. he said -- i want use the name because i don't want to embarrass anybody. he said, "and we will build a wall." she said, darling, come here, listen. he just said we are going to build a wall. whoever heard of building a wall except for me? they don't give us credit. in iraq, take the oil. for four years, i've been saying take the oil. then after the horrible paris attacks, all of a sudden they said, "we'll take the oil." the problem is they are four years late. when i said take the oil, i mean take it. they mean blow it up. i say take it and give some of
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the profits to our wounded warriors, to the vets, and the families that have lost people in iraq. [cheers and applause] i have been saying that for four years. "take the oil." and you know it. but they are not doing it right. they don't want to bomb the oil because it would be a pollution event. it would be an event of pollution, as they say. it will add to the carbon footprint! this is the way we fight our wars. do you think general douglas macarthur is to have the carbon footprint in mind when he bombed? right? how about general patton? did he think, uh oh, the carbon footprint? general patton, if you mentioned the carbon footprint, he would smack you in the face.
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i'm not sure i believe it, but i think i believe it. they said one of the reasons we are not bombing the oil is because they don't want that pollution going up into the atmosphere. the whole thing is ridiculous. don't forget. we have a president that thinks global warming -- now there are many names. this global warming. that was not working so well. right? climate change. extreme weather. the new one is extreme weather. how can you miss the extreme weather. say it it is nice, you is extremely because it should not be this nice. global warming was just not working. then they went climate change. that was better, but extreme weather is like perfect. we have a president that talks about the biggest enemy of the united states. the number one enemy is -- he calls it global warming. global warming. climate change. one of those things. he doesn't know. any meaning mining the -- eeny
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meeny miney mo. he doesn't know. climate change and the carbon footprint. he said before christmas -- by the way, don't you want to go, merry christmas? merry christmas. we are going to bring christmas back. merry christmas, happy holiday. we are going to bring it back. you can't say merry christmas anymore. you will say merry christmas again very quickly, believe me. [applause] donald trump: but for christmas or whatever he celebrates, he old into a boeing, a very -- it is called air force one -- a very old boeing 747 with the old engines spewing carbon and every other thing. i don't think it happens to hit -- hurt the air personally, but
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that is ok. these old engines are spewing into the atmosphere. think about the carbon footprint. but he's only going to hawaii. he's going from washington to hawaii. these going to play golf. he plays more golf than people on the pga tour. you know that, right? they say if they could play that much, they would be even better players. 747, taking the boeing flying to hawaii. you know how long that is? old engines, these are the big, old engines spewing fumes. these over there for two or three weeks playing golf. he flies back to washington. then he comes back and talks about global warming is our biggest problem. isis, russia,k radical islamic terrorists -- right? china! [applause] donald trump: this maniac from
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north korea. somehow, i think that is a bigger threat than global warming right now. ok? [applause] the only global warming we should be fearing is global warming caused by nuclear weapons. and if we are not smart, that is what is going to happen. we better get really tough, really smart, really vigilant or we are going to have a problem. we better stop playing games, believe me. we better stop playing games. [applause] so, we have become the policemen to the entire world. we take care of the world. they pay us peanuts. we take care of japan. a lot of people don't know that. here is the deals we make. if we are attacked, so many attacks us, wouldn't you rather have trump as president if we
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are attacked? we will be the -- out of them. if anybody attacks us. [applause] donald trump: you know, speaking of potential, because he hates obama so much. putin. he said donald trump is a genius and he is the real leader over in that country. these people i am negotiating with all the time. they said you should disavow what putin of russia said. i said i am not disavowing he called me a genius. are you crazy? [laughter] donald trump: don't worry. i cannot be seduced. but wouldn't it be nice, if you think about it, wouldn't it be nice if we got along with russia and others and we can use them to knockout isis with us so that maybe we don't always have to pay for it? out of it but let them drop some of their bombs that cost $1 million apiece? let them use some of their weapons that cost billions and
4:10 am
billions of dollars. let them beat the -- out of isis also. right? [applause] donald trump: so crazy. way, i have to say thank you. look at al, my number one vet. is al taking good care of you? if he does not take care of you, i will say "al, you are fired, get out of here." al is a great guy. he has become my friend. we are going to build our military so strong nobody will mess with it. jeb bush and hillary clinton on the same day said i don't like donald trump's tone. that day, three heads were chopped off in the middle east and they are worried about my tongue. don't forget this. this is important. i am the one that did not want to go and rate iraq.
4:11 am
i said you will destabilize the entire middle east. that was reuters in 2004 and before that. , you're goingo it to destabilize. that is exactly what happened. the middle east is totally destabilized. iran, which made one of the great deals ever with $150 billion, they're going to make nuclear weapons, they are going to self-inspect. how about that? presidenthere is our -- we hear that you are making nuclear weapons. please check the area and call me back tomorrow. [laughter] donald trump: president obama, i give you my word, we just self-inspected, we are not ever going to make nuclear weapons in those areas. , right? the guys going isn't it sick, isn't it crazy?
4:12 am
then they have the other 24-day period. if we think they are making nuclear weapons, we have to inform them, the clock starts ticking in a month, five months, before the 24 days kicks in. this thing could go on forever. in the meantime, they clean it up. they say 24 days would not be enough to clean up anything. and paint the floor battleship gray so when we walk in, we say nothing is happening here. they get 24 days. this is the dumbest agreement i have ever seen done by your man kerry, from this area. is he the worst negotiator? i hear he wants to run for president if hillary gets put in prison. [laughter] donald trump: that is what i hear. he can't run for president. that deal is so bad. i would love to run, i don't
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even have to talk l.l.c. he has messed up -- talk about how else he has messed up. we paid $150 billion for four prisoners. the most amazing thing. started. not have 95% in this audience would have walked in and said we want our prisoners back. this is like four years ago. this is the longest run the -- running deal i have ever seen. they would have said no. you would have double the sanctions. they would have called you back on most immediately and said take your prisoners. we have our prisoners. you make sure the prisoners have landed. the prisoners have landed. this is the art of the deal, by the way. now you go and say -- my father used to say, son, you are too tough, try taking the lumps out. be nice. instead of saying, "we are not young you $150 billion" --
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don't want to say it that way, too tough, too challenging. you want to say it this way. "fellows, we have got a problem." [laughter] $19 billion, our stupid people in washington just approved a budget three weeks ago. how about that budget? they are getting everything. obama is a horrible negotiator except when it comes to negotiating with the republicans. he is a genius at negotiating with the republicans. he is horrible with a ran, russia, china, japan. but with the republicans, he gets everything he wants. mind the democrats because we know where they're coming from. but we send the republicans in, they are going to get rid of obamacare, 100 different things. they are going to cut the budget, balance the budget, do all these things. they go there. what happens?
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i tell this story. they walk into the beautiful halls of congress and they see the capitol building. and they look up and see the beautiful ceiling. and they see the columns that go so hard, beautiful marble. jim, let'slice or use alice for this one. alice, we have arrived. now we have made it. ofyou approve an extension obamacare? do you approve an extension of obamacare? yes, sir. yes, sir. it is disgusting. by the way, i have been opposed to obamacare from the day they conceived it. ted cruz comes out with an ad that i'm in favor of obamacare. can you believe this? just like he did with carson.
4:16 am
with carson, he said left iowa, he is out of the race. vote for him. did you hear about this one? he said he left iowa. carson is a nice guy. ben is all of a sudden getting calls that he quit the race. these guys said he quit the race, he is gone, he is out. send your votes to him. what kind of people are we dealing with with these politicians? honestly.-- a liar made up stories. many of you know me. from day one i have been talking about we are going to repeal and replace obamacare, from day one. we are going to do it. [applause] donald trump: if you remember, so important, from day one i have been saying repeal and replace obamacare. the $5been talking about billion website that never worked for years, right? all of a sudden i see an ad or something, "donald trump is in
4:17 am
favor of obamacare." people are calling. i thought you were against it, that is too bad. these politicians are dishonest people. they are worse than real estate people in new york. [laughter] donald trump: these are truly dishonest people. then he said ben carson has quit the race the day of the election. carson has quit the race! race.dn't quit the in other words, ben carson quit and let me have your vote. what kind of crap is this? then he makes up a thing like it is on a government document. "followed her violation -- "voter violation" on top. it gives grades. f, you haven't voted. it says you can go vote, but you have to vote for him. people are afraid. i am in violation.
4:18 am
i have to go vote. what kind of people are these people? and then the attorney general in iowa is investigating, but by that time the election is over. what kind of people do we have running for office? it is honestly, really dishonest. and i think i know why. you know why? because he was born in canada! [laughter] donald trump: he was. happens to be a problem, folks. you watch. the democrats have already said they will sue him. if he gets the nomination, they will sue him. actually, they will sue the country, but they will sue them. that is a big problem. iowa,we are talking about price per head, provoke, leading how did you know? bush got 1% or 2%. leading the pack, the man that
4:19 am
spent the most money per vote, the legendary jeb bush with a number of -- this is per vote -- no, but you are not far off. $2884 per vote. you know, you could have won the election just promising everybody $1000 and you would have saved money. you would have won. you would have saved a lot of money. jeb bush spent almost $3000 a vote. that has got to be a record. would you check the guinness book of world records? you have others with tremendous numbers. marcus spent almost $3000 a vote, but at least he had a good result. he came in third. [laughter] donald trump: no, he had a fantastic result. unbelievable, he came in third. the guy who came in second, terrible night. [laughter] donald trump: dishonest people. [laughter]
4:20 am
dishonest people. look at these numbers. hundreds and hundreds of dollars. jeb paid close to $3000 a vote. who is one of the lowest? i am just about the lowest. the lowest? the great donald trump. the great donald trump. [applause] donald trump: by the way, i'm very proud of the fact that i have spent less money than just about anybody else on the campaign. i'm going to start spending a lot for two reasons. number one, i don't want to take any chances. number two, i feel guilty because when jeb has now spent $119 million or some ridiculous number and much of it is theyrked to me, ads, cannot be very good because every time he takes an ad, my numbers go up. it is a crazy deal.