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tv   First-in-the- Nation Presidential Town Hall Carly Fiorina  CSPAN  January 26, 2016 6:21am-7:01am EST

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senator bernie sanders meets with members of the united states steelworkers union. clinton makes a stop in marshalltown, iowa. watch that at 9:30 p.m. eastern. announcer: c-span's campaign 2016 takes you to iowa for the caucuses. it begins on c-span and c-span2 at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we will be taking your phone calls, tweets, and tech. -- and texts. see the event in its entirety. stay with the conversation on c-span radio and announcer: new hampshire's first in the nation primary is just two weeks away. over the weekend, republican presidential candidates took part in a town hall in nashua, new hampshire.
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this is about one hour. [applause] warm newgive a hampshire are welcome to miss carly your enough. cheering] nd >> hello. great to see you all. nice to see all this energy after lunch.
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ever notice how politics gets covered like sports? who is up? it was down? maybe that is become politics -- maybe that is because politics has become a game. people have been playing it all their lives. people like hillary clinton who sit inside theever notice how ps covered system, raking in dollars by selling influence. and people like donald trump, buying offions by people like hillary clinton. that is the game that has been going on for a long time. the cronyi and capitalism. that is a game most of us cannot lay, unless you win powerball or something. working for most of us. this has been a country of limitless possibility for me. i have traveled and worked all over the world. every country for decades. i am keenly aware that it is only in this nation that day a young woman can start out the way i did, typing and filing a
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hand in answering the phone for a nine-person real estate firm in the middle of a deep recession in the mid-1970's, go on to become the chief executive of what he turned into the largest technology company in the world and run for the president of the united states. that is only possible in this great nation. [applause] fiorina: i have to tell you though, a lot of people have told me to sit down and be quiet. settle. do not challenge the system. i have heard that my whole life. want to here because i challenge the system. i do not think we can sit down and be quiet any longer. [applause] we are being told to sit down
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into be quiet about our god, our guns, and the abortion industry. we are being asked to settle for existed fort have decades. spending out of control, our unwillingness to care for our veterans. why are we settling for this? why are we settling for this? haveis nation today, we record numbers of men out of work. record number of women living in poverty. wages haveilies stagnated for decades and meanwhile the rich get richer, the powerful get more powerful, the well-connected get more connected. cronyism capitalism has gone on and on with republicans and democrats alike. accepting this? here's the truth. government has grown bigger and
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bigger. for 50 years. at the same time, it has grown more inept and more corrupt. [applause] why are we settling for this? i checked out my older granddaughter's new boyfriend on facebook, if i can do that, the government can be more confident. election after election, ask yourselves this, how many presidential cycles have politicians stood up your in promise to cut government down to size. to care for our veterans, to secure the border. we hear about the same issues election after election and nothing changes.
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they promise us much in deliver abouttle. i don't know you, but i am angry and i am frustrated and i am fed up. are losingthough we power in our lives, power to control our future, power to hold the government accountable and cut it down to size. angie at, all of these problems can be solved. but we have to remember who we are. be awas intended to citizen government. we were not intended to have a professional political class or a government growing out of control. i will not sit down and be quiet and i six and -- suggest you do not either. it is time we take our future back. ours time we take government back. citizens, it is time. we must take our country back.
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[applause] ms. fiorina: it is why i have rolled out my blueprint. it is not the only things we must do, but it is the first and most important. we can get it done together. i am putting it in writing, calling it a blueprint, because i want you to hold me accountable. i am used to ring held accountable will stop i come -- heldused to being accountable. byeople's character is known what they do, not by what they say. we know that talk is cheap and results matter. do you know how you go from secretary to ceo? you produce results over it over. you do what you say you are going to do.
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youask people to hold accountable. together we can have this done and solve these problems. now, you may not have read up your mind to you want to support. but you cannot wait to see me debate hillary clinton in your heart of hearts. applause] you know it is true, you know it is true. i know. i know. it is true. do you know white is true, ladies and gentlemen? as you know i am going to win. you know i am going to win. and, winning is actually very important. mrs. clinton has escaped prosecution more times than el chapo. perhaps sean penn should interview her. she will not be held accountable until we have a fearless fighter who will face her down on the debate stage and remind her
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although she has accomplished nothing. [applause] remind her that she has gotten every single foreign-policy challenge wrong. remind her and the american people, when she is famously asked what difference it makes, mrs. clinton, this is what difference it makes. when our embassy is purposefully terrorists and for americans, including our ambassadors killed and the next day you lie about it instead of saying, the united states of america has been attacked by terrorists and we will seek retribution. say to every you adversary and terrorist organization in the world, open season on america. that is what difference it takes, mrs. clinton. that is what difference it takes. [applause] be to mrs.going to clinton or whomever else they come up with, bloomberg, sanders.
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beat the going to ultimate insiders with yet another insider s, donald trump. we are not going to beat them was someone who has talked a good game but never made a tough decision. a tough vote is not a tough call. we will not win unless we have a fearless fighter who will throw the punches. but once we are done winning, and i will win, then we have to think out what it actually takes to restore the character of this nation. to restore possibilities for every american regardless of circumstances. tocut this government down size and lead once again in the world. i would suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen, i am the most well if i person to win this race and you this job. we need a president who actually understands how the economy works. how to create jobs, save jobs, protect jobs. jobs areakes and how destroyed. we need a leader who understands
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the world and how it works. is, i have more foreign-policy experience than anyone running. i have met almost as many adversaries and friends as mrs. clinton has. but i did not do photo ops. i have held the highest clearance is available to a citizen. nsa,e advised the cia, the two secretaries of defense, a secretary of state, a secretary of homeland security. i know our intelligence and capabilities very well and i know when the station is not leading, the world is a very dangerous and tragic place. [applause] it is kind of important that we have a president now who understands bureaucracy, because the government has become one giant, bloated, and after bureaucracy and it has to get it down to size and held accountable. that is what the first two items on this blueprint are about.
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we need a president to understands technology. technology is a tool i will use to harness your power as citizens. that isso a weapon being waged against us by our enemies and we need a president who understands that and understands what to do about it. most importantly, we need a president to understands leadership. leadership isk about whoever has a big office. a big title. a big airplane. i got older and wiser and learned with people with big offices and take titles and big egos were not leading. you see, leadership is not about the size or the shape of your office. it is most definitely not about the size of your ego. a leadership challenges the status quo, because that is the only way we solve festering problems. a leader is a servant. the highest calling of a leader is to unlock potential in
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others. [applause] fiorina: the highest calling of a leader is to unlock the potential of leaders and serve others. my highest calling us to restore citizen government to this great nation. notes and gentlemen, i will sit down and be quiet and neither will you. so do not sit down, do not settle, do not accept a system that will longer works for us. instead, stand with me. bike with me. -- fight with me. vote for me. it is time to take our politics and government act. citizens, it is time. we must take our country back. [cheers and applause]
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so, ladies and gentlemen, questions? yes or? then i will come to you. >> my name is jason. i am an iraq war veteran. fiorina: thank you for your service, sir. year serving with sometimes brutal tactics. i see police here using the same weapons the same way on black communities here at home. what would you do too and the militarization of our police and stop cops from killing every day americans? fiorina: thank you for
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your service, first of all. what a tragedy that this brave veterans served that hillary clinton and barack obama iraq,ed victory in withdrew every tree against all of the advice of the military generals. they did so for political expediency, permitting isis to gobble up territory and weaponry. and now, with all due respect mrs. clinton and barack obama and michael bloomberg, climate change is not our most pressing national security threat. isis is. real we have examples of wrongdoing in the police force, unders we had in chicago rahm emanuel, amazing how the democrats have been absolutely silent about what happened in chicago. silence because it was a cover-up either good friend rahm emanuel. we have cops have done the wrong thing, they must he held
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accountable. that is why i have advocated for a long time that every single cup on the street needs to be equipped with a body cameras said that we can see what is going on. that needsvestment to be made. and i must tell you that i think we have to start by lifting up and honoring and respecting and valuing and listening to everyone who served, from the cup on the heat all the way to the soldier in afghanistan. and i do not inc. are doing a very good job of that right now. because while i cry for the parents of that young man who was slain in chicago and a year-long cover-up when on, i do not hear a lot of tears for the cops assassinated in their cars on the corner. [applause] carly fiorina: i will promise you as commander-in-chief, i
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will tell you, support, invest in, listen, lift up and to honor --ryone who served and has everyone who serves and has served. we will reform the veterans administration and we will lift up and honor everyone who serves from the cop on the heat to the soldier in afghanistan. if someone has done something wrong, they must be held with account. let us start, please, with some of our politicians. [applause] running willfor stop i am pro-life. we put as not ok that price tag on babies and body parts. what will you do to land parenthood?
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carly fiorina: i hope all of you who are here know there has not in a more outspoken advocate for life and against land parenthood than carly fiorina. [applause] : i spoke at the march for life in washington, d.c., before they shut the city down. and, the reason i now have been the most effective advocate is because frequently at my fence, planned parenthood protesters show up, they throw condoms at me. they shout and scream. it get what -- but guess what? i am not going to sit down and be quiet. i would say what i'm going to do. the american people a found common ground on this. other the left does not what you to know this, the majority of young people, women, men, americans. the majority of americans now understand that abortion for any
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reason at all after five months is wrong. to get thee're going pain-capable unborn child act passed and put into law. second, everyone would like you to believe that plan canada's notice about women's health. it is not. the democrats will not fund community health centers. there are many more of those. they do not agree to fund through tax payer money busy centers. land parenthood is a political operation. it spends millions of dollars contributing to pro-abortion candidates. in a president fury in a budget, there will not be a dime of funding for planned parenthood but there will be plenty for women's health. [applause] >> ok, so, the best way to stop
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abortion would be to educate young women with comprehensive sex education programs. republicans very often once to have abstinence programs which often do not work. to would you convince people engage in responsible behavior so they will not have a pregnancy that results in abortion? of the things one i think is interesting, i don't know how many of you have ever visited a pregnancy center. but pregnancy centers are funded by private donations. they exist all over the country. and, they are providing education. all kinds of education, by the way. they will help new fathers or fathers-to-be with skills and education, as they will help new mothers to be. is in issue, perhaps i should explain.
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most people, when i first started running for office, they did not believe i was pro-life. they thought, she is a silicon valley ceo, she must be pro-choice. i think science is proving us write every day. the dna and the zygote are exactly the same dna as the day you die. my husband frank who i have been together with for 34 years, his mother, yes. i candy. he is my eye candy. i will injure do some, he is renters summer. when i met his mother, i learned she had been told to abort him. and she was a woman of great courage and faith and she chose to bring her son into the world , was, the joy of her life india's been the rock of mine. i was not able to children of my own so i learned in a different way how precious life is. we buried a child. ladies and gentlemen, that is why i am pro-life.
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let me say something. politics uses these issues to divide us. we do not all have to agree on everything, but know this. the real extremes in this debate are not republican. they are democrat. , democratsho believe whose policy is that it is not a life until it is born. democrats whose policy is that a 13-year-old must have from others permission to go to a tanning salon, but not to get an abortion. the mccarthy's policy it is that it is ok for a planned parenthood clinic to be less regulated them a tattoo parlor. them a kratz who consisttly -- democrats who consistently resist having birth control of available over-the-counter or so it is cheap and available to anyone. we have found common ground. let us take the common ground on the pain-capable child
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protection act, the funding for planned parenthood, and let us go from there. not finish there, start their. [applause] -- y fiorina: >> i had a chance to speak earlier. i am a comment-wounded veteran. i was in a coma for two weeks. i was shot and then hit by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. has got a bunch of questions, i would like to know if i can get two minutes with you afterwards and my final question is, when is the republican party going to stop attacking each other and when are they going to start going if youillary clinton? need a combat-wounded veteran to stand with you and go after that girl, i will be with you. [laughter into cheers and
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applause. [laughter, cheers, applause] carly simon: first of all, thank you for your service. -- carly in this fiorina: first of all, thank you for your service. who has consistently gone after hillary clinton in this race? carly fiorina. you have watched me debate after debate after debate take this where it has to go. let me just say you, and i hope i can spend a few minutes with you but i have a bunch of interviews, but i will be around. let me just say this. the veterans administration of an exemplify much power you have. also an example of why we cannot settle for what we are settling for anymore. do you remember the scandal in the veterans administration and arizona when we learned veterans
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had died waiting for an appointment and bureaucrats cooked the books so nobody would find out? outraged as citizens of this great nation that we flooded congress with tweets and post into e-mails and phone calls. because of that enormous pressure from the citizens of this great nation, this congress, this do-nothing congress did in three weeks. record time. a bill flew out of the house. it passed the senate 99-0. we could fire the top 400 executives at the v.a.. it was precedent-shattering because we do not ever hold anybody accountable and government. firehis bill says we could 400 senior executives in the veterans administration. that was because of the power, the protest you registered. didy, we all moved on in so the politicians and despite all the pretty speeches they made during that three-week time, we
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have learned 300-7000 veterans have waited for health care. meanwhile, the veterans administration handed out bonuses for superb performance. ladies and gentlemen, we cannot settle for this. it is a stain on the nation's honor and we have been talking about reforming the v.a. for 20 years. it is also an example of your power. when i say i will lift up and value and support those who serve and those who have served, what i mean is, we are actually going to get the v.a. reform. i spent a lot of time with veterans, ladies and gentlemen. and every time i do, i take what?because guess i'm going to take 15 veterans and put them in a room and ask how they want to be served. betterll come up with a blueprint of then all of the bureaucrats and washington, d.c., combined. then we will move forward. in the meantime, i am going to take that lesson from your
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power. the items on this blueprint radically simplifying the tax codes, finally, 73,000 pages today. it is crushed in the economic engine of growth in this nation. am i going to get that done? we ought to have a three-page tax code. is pundits say it impossible. there has been a plan for a three-page tax code lying around for 20 years. we can't get it done. just like we can get the next one down. zero-based budgeting. it means the government needs to budget the way you do. we have to examine every dollar. cut any dollar. move the any dollar. it is the only way we will ever get control because the way the isernment budgets now, how it possible they spend more money each and every year as they have for 50 years under republicans and democrats alike with spent more money and yet they never have enough money. they never have enough money to
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serve veterans, secure the border. why? the money is spoken for. once you get a budget you never have to give it back, all you have to do is ask for more. we have got to go to zero-based budgeting. at the government down to size. get control of your money. either way, they are spending your money. get thate going to done? how will we going to get that done and what does that have to do with the power of citizenry and the veterans administration? you have enormous power but we do not use it. i will. every week, i am going to go into the of the law office and say weekly radio address and ask you to take out your smartphones or maybe your ipads or pcs. youou have a flip phone, might want to upgrade. just a suggestion. in any event, i'm going to ask you to take out your smart devices of choice and save you, ladies and gentlemen, my fellow citizens, do you agree with me it is finally time to pass that
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20-year-old three-page tax code? do you agree it is finally time to pass that bill, and there is a bill that has been languishing on the united states house floor 40-based budgeting. press one for yes, two for now. seriously, there is an for citizen government. technology is in incredibly powerful tool. i am going to use it. you have enormous power but when you do not use it, you lose it will stop i will channel your anger, your frustration. i will channel your common sense and good judgment because we can't fix every problem we have but we have got to start by restoring citizen government in this great nation. [applause] carly fiorina we are out of time. i did not see the red light will stop one more with that young lady. one more, right quick.
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>> where do you stand on lowering the maximum sentence for non-violent crime? carly fiorina: a i know i am overstaying my time but it is an important question. my husband in and i buried our younger daughter, lori, to the demons of addiction. problemhis is a great here. i can remember standing in front of a judge and pleading with him not to send our daughter back to jail. he was sympathetic, but his hands were tied. to treat mental illness and especially of addiction. we cannot criminalize it. that calls for criminal justice reform, which is a federal government responsibility. we have the highest incarceration rate in the world. of the peoplerds sitting in jails are there for nonviolent drug related, addiction related illnesses.
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criminalize this, we are not treating people. i know this all too well. yes, we have to invest in mental illness, drug prevention and treatment, i have seen somebody great program starving for money while the federal government is awash in it. we have to finally undertake criminal justice reform. ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for having me. stand with me. vote for me. it is time to take our country back. god bless you all. [applause] ♪ during presidential campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidate on c-span, c-span radio, and
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announcer: with michael bloomberg drawing up plans for a presidential bid, what are the chances he will enter this race. joining us is reporter annie karni from politico. what are those chances? annie: i would say low. yesterday i spoke with one of his advisers who put it at 30%-50%. i am sure that changes based on his mood and based on who he is talking to, but the idea here, i think, for people who have spoken to him, he is looking at the race. he is seeing donald trump as the front runner in 2016. no one thought that would be the case. he is saying, anything is possible in this race. he is looking at hillary clinton as someone who could be strong governing, but she is not
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necessarily as strong as a candidate with bernie gaining on her in iowa and new hampshire. he is saying, let me take a look at this. anything is possible. we know he has thought about it before. would like to be president. so i think it is a realization , that this field is very strange this year. the rules do not seem to apply to donald trump, he is thinking, maybe they would not apply to meeither. but, yes. 30%-50% is where it is right now. set march as the deadline, vowing to spend up to $1 billion if he is a candidate in this race. but as you have been reporting, it is very hard to run as in independent. you basically have 50 different rules in all the states. annie: it would be a lot of work getting on the ballot in all the different states and he would have to collect signatures. this is huge. it would cost at least a million
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dollars. he is running his company now. i really think that he is taking a look at it because, why not look? and, i think that most likely it is evaluating where the democratic field is after march stage.the is hillary clinton going to get the nomination? if she is, the 30%-50% i think goes down lower. if it does, it is an extreme on the left in an extreme on the right, he can occupy that middle lane. he and secretary clinton have a good working relationship when she was senator and he was mayor. they have a lot of mutual respect for each other. he got along with her better than he got along with senator chuck schumer or even bill clinton. i think that if she is looking viable when they get closer to march, i think that there will be pressure from her people for him not to run because he would take more votes from democrats they and republicans.
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i think that would be a less likely scenario. >> as she told chuck todd on meet the press, she is basically saying, he won't have to worry about that she will be the democratic nominee. but why the trial balloon now? why now? why did he leave this to the new york times? leak this to the new york times? annie: i don't think it is necessarily a leak. when we were reporting out what was going on here, the aides did not seem to think it was like last time. i think that he -- [indiscernible] they are not really -- they seem more hesitant about it being out there this time. it's -- i am not sure what went on with that i it is more based -- last time they wanted it out there. this time, they seem to be not sure that it is great for them
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that day got out, at least now. maybe they were planning to put it out later. >> why now? it is a tight race between bernie and hillary. new hampshire, basically, the people of just signed off on it, saying bernie is going to win. donald trump is still in the lead as front runner in iowa. everyone thought that was like the summer of trump was going to end. now we are in january and it is still going. why now? it is still crazy and anything is possible. if we are all looking at the saying anything is possible into -- into our mike bloomberg and have these millions of dollars, why not? >> writing how bloomberg covers bloomberg, he is now back running his media empire. where does this put people like mark halperin and john heller men, who have become the face of bloomberg politics as they talk about the potential of their boss, former new york mayor
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michael bloomberg, running for president? annie: that is a good question. it has been a question for reporters working at that outlet a while. at city hall, there was a bloomberg reporter that covered him the entire time he was there. it is often an awkward thing to have your paycheck cut by the person you are covering. i do not think it is a situation any journalist wants to be in. [indiscernible] a memo was put out, saying anything referring to his potential run has to go through standards. she had a quote saying, we have a holding stories that should cover many eventualities. a holding story. that holding story is, clinton confident there will be no need for bloomberg to run. so, it seems like the message from the media site of his operations is, we are going to play down -- this is part of why am talking about i don't know if they wanted it, now.
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the media side seems to be downplaying that this is actually going to happen. they have one holding story saying no need and their reports -- reporters are not enough unleashed, like to wrap this up in any way. >> michael bloomberg, who has contributed to democratic campaigns, ran first as a republican, now thinking of a possible independent bid for the white house. any carney joining us from new york city. thank you for being with us. annie: thank you for having me. >> washington journal is next. then, we will take you to des moines, iowa, with bernie sanders. then hillary clinton in marshalltown, iowa. in 45 minutes, we talked to sean higgins, senior writer with washington examiner.
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at 8:30 a.m. eastern, we talked to the editor of the nation magazine about progressive politics and 2016. you can call us with your comments and also, and to on facebook and twitter. ♪ week before than a candidatesucuses, discuss their strengths and the weaknesses of the opponents. we'll hear from their couldn'ts shortly. in this segment, we want to hear from the democrats. we want to discuss, articularly, what do you like most about your candidates, whether it be a policy you hold, he experience, personality, all us this morning


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