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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 30, 2015 6:30pm-8:01pm EST

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earlier and i think that's my -- the main thing i regret. >> have you approached any of the republican or democratic presidential contenders to ask them to make the crisis in puerto rico a campaign issue, especially since the latino vote is crucial to both parties in next year's election? governor padilla: yes. i have to say i don't want to miss anyone. secretary clinton addressed the issue in favor of puerto rico. governor martin o'malley addressed the issue in puerto rico. senator bernie sander addressed the issue in puerto rico. senator marco rubio addressed the issue in favor of creditors. i don't know of any other. jeb bush addressed the issue of i think for the restructuring process.
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former governor bush. yes. i can't think of any other. and marco rubio knows better. senator rubio, other than schummer and gillibrand, they are the ones that represent more puerto ricans in what is called a battleground state. >> do you think voters in that state and other battleground states will remember that issue when they go to the polls? governor padilla: let me tell you, if we have an issue, with puerto rican voters in the states, is they are attached to the island.
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they -- what they see on tv, puerto rico tv, what they see on the internet, the local newspapers, wapa, the local news, they are not into american politics. with inaction, congress is bringing puerto ricans to american politics because they know the crisis. they know the real thing. of course, they will be an election day in the united states, they will not look to puerto rico in the 11 months. i will do my best for them to register, you bet. [laughter] i'll do my best. everything within my powers. >> why has the government of puerto rico been unable to produce the 2014 audited financial statements that senator hatch and other republican members have requested? has kpng made an auditing mistake?
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governor padilla: the fact is puerto rico will not release the statement. it's the private company we contracted. we provide every information they have asked. everything they had asked. they are following their process. we requested them to do it, to finally do it, but we have done our part. but let me go further. that's an excuse not to act. that's an excuse. they know the numbers. mckenzie did the support. an independent report. i commissioned for the first time in the commonwealth's history chief executive -- economic chief from the
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international of monetary reform, ian krieger to do an independent study on puerto rico liquidity so congress has more information today of our puerto rico finances has ever before. that's an excuse. they have the numbers. they know the truth. economists they brought to the hearing, mark, told them that they do not need to -- they will have it as soon as kpng releases it. they have the numbers. they are looking for excuses, they don't need to say anything. they just do whatever they want. >> you mentioned all the people leaving puerto rico and coming to the united states. what are you doing or can you do to stem the tide of people leaving, and what can you do to entice people who have left to come home to puerto rico?
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governor padilla: very good question. the unemployment rate -- the average unemployment rate between 2009 and 2012 in puerto rico was 16.5%. right now it's 11.4%. so we are doing better, but to bring them back we need to do a lot better. and to go to single digits from 16.5%, you need to pass by 11.4% at some point. so we are on the right direction. but to keep -- we need to do more. that's why bringing our economy back is the key, is the single most important issue for puerto rico right now.
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second, 2010, 2011 and 2012 were the years with the highest crime rate in puerto rico's history. puerto rico's 100 miles and 35 miles and each of those three years we have more than 1,000 murders per year. right now we are -- we have a little less -- a little more than half of what we had in 2012. we have more than the half that -- what we had in 2011. so we have been able to reduce 50%, more than -- a little less than 50% of the crime rate in puerto rico.
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you reduce unemployment rate and you reduce crime rates, that's what everybody looks when they move to someplace to be a safe place and to be able to have a decent job to bring food to the table for their families. what do we need to do? keep working on the unemployment rate, keep working on the crime rate. both [indiscernible] back up and we will be part of the humanitarian crisis that will cost a lot to american taxpayers because of the inaction of congress. >> this questioner says, last month i visited san juan and was shocked at the number of restaurants and mid-sized hotels that had closed. could you comment on these business closures and how the tourism industry is responding to this crisis?
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governor padilla: well, so sad you didn't go there three years ago because then you would be crazy. tourism is the -- is the only sector of our economy that is already out of recession. no -- the only hotel that closed during my administration is already working to reopen. the others that you saw closed closed more than five years ago. we have been able to break records on cruise ships. during the last 30 months, there have been no single moment where we have a hotel reopening or in construction, a
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new one. so you will see some -- there's still some closed and restaurants. but they are back again. just to give you an example. 1986 was the first time that the international airport received eight million visitors . in 2010, for the first time since, we've received less than eight million. i was working to get back to eight million in december, 2014, and we went to 8.5 million in 2014 -- in december, 2014. so tourism is -- i may say, we are growing in manufacturing, we are growing in agriculture, we are growing in tourism but tourism is out of recession. it's way ahead the others.
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but there's -- as anyone can see, with the hotels that closed in the past, we are trying to reopen -- i can name a few. the renaissance, the normandy, the intercontinental that closed many years ago. we are working to reopen those. there's still work to do. a lot of work to do. >> will you call a special session of the puerto rico legislature to consider the prepa revitalization legislation? governor padilla: yes. that's something i am working on with the president of the senate and speaker of the house in puerto rico. that's a possibility. >> will you wait for a supreme court decision to submit creditor settlements to the legislature? governor padilla: no. that will happen in june. and if we should not call for a session, the new session will begin in january.
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so it makes no sense to wait until june or july. >> how do you expect your decision not to seek re-election will affect puerto rico's negotiations with the creditor regarding the debt restructuring? governor padilla: well, creditors will have no one to bet against. [laughter] sorry, guys. [indiscernible] sorry. puerto rico politics is not like the united states politics. it has nothing to do with it. i have been hearing rallies. you should go to a rally in puerto rico. puerto rico is a latin american country. that's the truth. we are latins that are american citizens but we are latins.
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this is a latin american country. and we are very proud of it, and we want to remain latins. i will give you some clues. only 30% of the population is fluent in english. counting me as fluent -- [laughter] [applause] you know the a.t.m. machines ask puerto ricans -- puerto rico, anyone, you go to an a.t.m. machine in puerto rico, if you want the instruction in spanish or english. 96% request the instructions in spanish.
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puerto rico is a latin american country, so we do campaign as a latin american country. it's very intense, very, very intense. rallies are thousands of people . we do something we do carawanas which is hundreds of thousands of cars with flags and boom boxes, wagons with huge boom boxes and we like it. we really like it. we enjoy it. we are that. we like it. and i think it's a way -- it's the best -- the best way to get information to the people. because you go -- house by house and i like to be with people. imagine that from january to november and at the same time with the other hand trying to fix the fiscal crisis.
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there's -- there will be a -- there will be no chance of doing both things, fixing the crisis and preventing those that created the crisis to come back to power again in puerto rico. so i choose to be faithful to the future more than to the present of the island. and i think that will allow me to address all and to use all my energy to the more important thing and that is to fix the crisis other than to be re-elected. >> governor, before i ask you the final couple questions, i have some housekeeping so you can catch your breath for a moment. the national press club is the world's leading professional organization for journalists, and we fight for a free press worldwide.
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to learn more about the club, go to our website,, and to learn about our nonprofit journalism institute and to make donations to the institute, visit i'd like to remind you about some upcoming events at the national press club. estonia's minister of foreign affairs will appear at a national press club newsmaker tomorrow, december 17, at 3:00 p.m. anastasia lynn, a canadian human rights activist, who was denied a visa to compete in the miss world finals in china this coming saturday will address a national press club luncheon on friday, december 18. and the chief of naval operations, admiral john richardson, will address the national press club luncheon on monday, january 11.
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i'd now like to present our guest with the greatest prize of all at the national press club, our traditional mug. [applause] governor padilla: thank you. >> and we hope at a time when you can be gaining some rest back in puerto rico you enjoy a nice warm drink out of that mug. governor padilla: coffee, of course. >> so who do you think should be the next governor of puerto rico? [laughter] governor padilla: i already chose. but being the president of the party that i was elected for, i think it will not be fair if anyone wants to run knowing that the president of the party and the incumbent will try to tilt in favor or against any of the members of the party.
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so i think that we have talent. i think we have more people that can do the job, and i will be glad to help any liberal candidate. >> and what will you do with your -- governor padilla: progressive. so we will be progressive here. sorry. >> what will you do when your term ends? governor padilla: i have three kids and a wife and we need to move forward. we need to work. i'm a lawyer. i like to farm. i'm a lawyer but very good person. [laughter] so i will go out and work. i -- practice of legal profession prior to the state senator or consumer affairs
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secretary. and i like to go to court and represent clients. something i like very much. and i like to farm too. so i'll probably do both. >> you, unlike most previous governors of puerto rico, grew up on a farm. what did you learn down on the farm that has come in handy or have been helpful to you as governor? governor padilla: that's a very tempting question. [laughter] but i will avoid any reference to capital. cattle, horse and animals -- no, i will avoid that. my grandfather, who was my everything, i was most of the time with him, taught me how to drive standard, manual in a tractor.
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when we were breaking the ground -- arrando -- plowing. plowing. and he always told me, look to the front. never look back. because we need to make this. if you look back inevitably, because the metals that break the ground are pulling to the side, you will get confused and you will steer. so look to the front. forget about the ground. and that was -- that's something i have been trying to do in the last three years, keep my eyes focused on the end
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line and try not to look back and not to blame people for where we are. and that makes it harder, as i said before, because people sometimes want someone to blame. people know. everybody in puerto rico knows we didn't create 100% of the crisis. but they are right in wanting us to solve it.
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that's why i ask puerto ricans to just look to the front and to try to keep the work in line and to -- to keep focused on our goals which is to bring puerto rico out of the recession. what will really solve the issue that's hurting our economy. >> final question, governor. do you expect puerto rico to ever become a u.s. state, and if so, when? governor padilla: the answer is no. e pluribus unum. we are not part of unum.ibus we are puerto ricans. and every time we have been asked and a fair question about the commonwealth and independence and statehood, we had never been -- sorry -- an answer. over 47%. the last time they did some kind of math of more than one question with more than one answer, we -- i called puerto
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ricans to both blanks because the commonwealth wasn't on the ballot. and they said they have more than 50% because they do not count blank ballots. and the opposite party called for a blank ballot. if you add the blank ballot, again, 46%. but let's get real. first, we -- we are puerto ricans. and second, let's go to the facts. progressive people will tell you that will not work. pro-statehood people will say it works. let's go to a government accountability office. g.a.o., they issue a report in march, 2014. last year. go there. statehood for puerto rico, and you will see that statehood will destroy puerto rico's economy. it's not on significance, it's a government accountability
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office position, that we will lose every competitive advantage we have today. >> you can see all of this online at later on in our program schedule as well. -- this is just crazy, and i will tell you a secret. never mentionrs that part from the gao. never. they don't like it. there's the answer. from a sociological reason, we are puerto rican.
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second, it would destroy our economy, so the answer is no. the second question was when -- never. [laughter] >> ladies and gentlemen, how about a round of applause for our speaker? [applause] >> i would like to thank all of you for coming today, and i would like to thank our viewers and listeners. i would also like to thank the foronal press club staff helping us organize this event. if you would like a copy of this program, go to our website, thank you so much. we are adjourned. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> republican presidential candidate donald trump held a rally in hilton head, south carolina, today. he discussed a number of issues including immigration, terrorism, and the economy. this is just over an hour. >> so, so incredible. we have had, no matter where we go -- you know, it's a movement, folks. this is a movement.
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no matter where we go, it is amazing. we go to dallas, oklahoma, all over. we went to iowa -- packed. every place, new hampshire -- packed. every place we go to it is like this. it's amazing. and just great, great people. [applause] mr. trump: and they actually had to tell over 3000 people go home, we will come back, we will do another one. would you like to leave and we will let them come in? >> no! mr. trump: i didn't think so. but we turned away a lot of people, which is too bad. maybe next time. i don't know -- i think this is the largest room. i know it's a record or the room. it has to be a record because every inch of the room is taken with people and they are standing, they are not sitting. so that's great. we love setting records. we want the country to set records, right? [applause] mr. trump: i do this and i love to do it and i talk about our success because ultimately that is what it is all about.
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i think we are going to do fantastically well in iowa. i really think we are going to do great there. i could say, if we came in the top four or five, i'm looking to win everything. we want to run the table. we want to run it. because that sends a signal. we had to response to hillary. [booing] mr. trump: remember? she said, he has demonstrated a penchant -- i demonstrated a penchant for sexism. can you believe that? me. nobody respects women more than donald trump. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: when she said that, i had no choice. i did not started. i did have to mention her husband's situation. that is now the biggest story on television by a factor of 10.
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we have to do it. you can't let people push you around. you can't let people tell lies. you can't do it. it is interesting. one of the polls came out from cnbc and they said that if it is trump against hillary in the election, it will be the greatest voter turnout in the history of this country. i can see that. i can see it. they said all of these people that are going to come in new, they never vote, they don't care. they are going to vote for trump. they are so fed up with the system. this corrupt, horrible system. they are fed up with it. they are fed up with those guys back there, the media, they are the worst. [cheers and applause] [booing] mr. trump: they are fed up with the media. they are not all bad, but there
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is so much dishonesty in the media. i like to call it out. one of the things that has been amazing to me and it is so beautiful to watch -- the level of genius in the public. they get it, they really get it. they want to marginalize us, do all of this, they want to make everybody look like oh gee, the level of genius -- they fully understand, they know they are crooked, dishonest. otherwise, who gets worse publicity than me? [laughter] mr. trump: and yet i see it: 42%. you are talking about 15-16 people. started with 17 people. i would be happy with 42% if we had three. not thrilled. i would like to be over that 50% mark, but we are doing really well. but the debates, ok? i love you too, darling. i do, i love you. you know what? the rooms, no matter where, stadiums, big ballrooms -- it is
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amazing. there is love in the room. ' you know what? the rooms, no matter where, stadiums, big ballrooms -- it is amazing. there is love in the room. the other night i said, a friend of mine who was very successful, who i would love having negotiate against china -- not these hacks that we have. i have guys. carl icahn endorsed me. i have great business people that want to be involved. we are the best. we don't use them. we use political hacks, we use special interest people that don't care about the country, they care about their deals. this is going to change so fast. last year, $500 billion trade deficit with china. think about it. you know what $500 billion is? you do $100 bills, you would fill the room to the ceiling. $500 billion deficit with china. what are we?
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i guess the answer is, let's not blame us. our leaders are stupid. and or -- you have to say and or -- they have deals. what has happened is all of this money is being given to them by special interests, by all of these people, including lobbyists, and these lobbyists make our leaders, can you believe our leaders? they make the leaders of our country do things that they don't even want to do. because they have given them tens and tens and tens of millions of dollars. i look at jeb bush, he spent $59 million on his campaign and he is down in the grave. he is nowhere. think of it. it has got to be much more than that. it was actually $59 million a while ago. every time i turn on an ad, it is about trump. it is not that bad of an ad, either. [laughter] mr. trump: if you are going to
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do an ad, do an ad. he is a low-energy person, let's face it. we don't need low-energy, we need lots of energy. [cheering] mr. trump: he spent $59 million. i spent nothing. nothing. [applause] mr. trump: i'm going to be spending. i'm going to spend a lot of money because i don't want to take chances. i love getting up -- and for the last couple of months -- i have been leading from practically the time i announced -- i'm leading a lot, and i'm going to go over that because i love polls. but if they turn negative, i don't like them. [laughter] mr. trump: if they turn negative, i will not be talking about them. i get criticized all the time, what are you always talking about the polls? one of these guys at 2% said, "he always talks about his polls."
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i wouldn't either if i had 2%. [laughter] mr. trump: i swear. i wouldn't do it at all. i love to tell the story where i have spent nothing and bush has spent $59 million. much higher than that. since then. you can't turn on the television without these these commercials. on fox, every two minutes it is a commercial on trump. it is false advertising. i killed him in the debate. according to reuters, according to everybody, drudge, an amazing guy, by the way. if you don't know matt drudge, he is a great guy. but drudge, 46%. 46%, you have 15 people. now you notice, a couple have dropped out. time magazine, 49%. think of it. slate, 51%. u.s. news & world report, 69% said i won the debate. [applause] mr. trump: i won the debate, right after -- right?
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pbs, public broadcasting system, 69% said trump won. [cheering] mr. trump: it is amazing. we have "washington times" at 62%. cbs, 59%. fox las vegas, 62%. then i go back home after the debate. how did i do? did i look good? looking good is very important, right? [cheering] mr. trump: sometimes, it is not as much what you say as it is how you looked. i looked good, didn't sound too good, but that is ok. [laughter] mr. trump: i go home and i watch and the pundits will say -- they can't totally kill me because we know it is happening -- well, mr. trump was ok tonight. i won every single online poll , i won. and here's bush. does an ad. add -- he was talking about something and then i killed him.
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by the way, i'm at 69% and he is at 1%. he came in last. i shouldn't even talk about him. he is down to 2% or 3%, but it bothers me when i see a guy spending $60 million on ads against me, a lot of it. i say, why is he doing this? doesn't he have something better? he should go home. just relax. [laughter] mr. trump: honestly, he should go home and relax. he should not be wasting his time. i say, why is this guy spending all this money? now he is spending it against a couple of other guys who were also very weak. he made a statement and after that, his spin people said he was great. he took on trump, he took on trump. i'm standing here, he's over here. he made a statement that was written by his pollster. he said, "mr. trump, why don't you" -- i gave him an answer. met -- i am at
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42% and you are a 2%. it is a simple answer. you started off here, right next to me, and then you were there, then you were there, but the next time, you are going to be off the stage. [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: it's true. and then, that was it. i responded. he asked me a question. the question was fine, professionally written. i gave him an answer, i blew him away. everyone says trump won the debate. everybody. that is it. the ad is him asking the question and i'm standing there like this. in one of them, i'm just about ready to open my mouth. but he does not let me respond. that's almost false advertising, isn't it? hillary is a disaster. [booing] mr. trump: she is controlled by her money. so is jeb. by the way, i am the only one self running my campaign. -- self funding my campaign. [applause] mr. trump: one of the things
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that makes me happy, i heard one what -- one of the commentators say, i've been watching this for 15 years, i've never seen anything like trump. i'm special. you're special. i like you. i'm special. isn't that nice? every once in a while, somebody can say something that hits you. where are you? who said that? wow. so nice. thank you. that's a nice comment. every once in a while, there is a statement that is either nice or brutal. i think low-energy was a brutal statement. by the way, low-energy can be applied to hillary. i just don't like to use the same thing twice on one of my enemies. i consider them enemies. we view this as war. don't we view this as war? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: it's war. i hate to give it up. >> mr. trump, how are you going to help my nine-year-old daughter? mr. trump: we are going to help your daughter. we are going to help the
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country. we are in a situation where we have incompetent leadership, our trade deals are killing us, our military is not prepared. general ordeono said that we are less prepared now than at any time he can remember, and i think it was back to the beginning, let's say the second world war. we should be very prepared. the world hates us. she has done a terrible job as secretary of state. think of it. putin comes out and says that donald trump is brilliant, doing an amazing job, leading the pack. that's nice. she and my opponents -- wouldn't it be nice if we could get along with the world? wouldn't it be? seriously. [cheering and applause] mr. trump: wouldn't it be nice? they want me to refute his statement. how dare you say i'm brilliant. [laughter] mr. trump: who's going to do that?
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by the way, if he said it about any one of them, they would have been happy. we have to get along. the world has blown up around barack obama. i don't know if you saw his recent release. they were talking about the department of state, the state department, and they said very strongly, the things that they have done. they could not find it. what have they done that is good? they said bringing peace to syria. did you see that? [groening] aning] o mr. trump: instead of saying they made a mistake, they made a mistake, they are trying to justify it. we meant we are working on it. can you believe it? the world is blowing up. the migration from syria. they say one of their key things for the year is bringing peace to syria and the whole world suffers. it is the level of stupidity that is incredible. i used to use the word incompetent. now i just call them stupid. i went to an ivy league school. i'm very highly educated. i know words, i have the best
7:10 pm
words, but there is no better word than stupid. [laughter] mr. trump: right? there is none. [cheers and applause] there is no word like that. we are going to turn things around. if we have hillary, i've got to tell you -- i just saw that for the last week he has been -- she has been hitting me hard with the women card. really hard. i had to say, ok, that's enough, that's enough. we did a strong number. she is not going to win. by the way, i love the concept, love, love, love having a woman president -- it cannot be her. she is horrible. she's horrible. i will tell you who does not like her -- we will get even good. -- ivanka,
7:11 pm
but i will tell you who doesn't like hillary -- women. women don't like hillary. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i see it all the time. it's always so theatrical, mr. trump said this and that and this. i actually shouldn't do it. i just have to turn off the television. she gives me a headache. [laughter] mr. trump: although i think last night i gave her a big headache. i can imagine. i can imagine those discussions. but, you have to hit back hard. you cannot let them push you around. today she gave a speech and never even mentioned by name. -- my name. in the debate, i was mentioned nine times. all of them. i was mentioned nine times. none of the other candidates were mentioned. then she came out with the sexism, which is so nonsense, but she is playing that card. i hit her back and i talked about her husband and the abuse of women and the tremendous abuse. it's tremendous abuse, if you look at it. i talked about that. and now today, the television is
7:12 pm
going crazy. she gets up and makes a speech and does not even mention anything about sexism. i wonder why. i wonder why. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: remember this. it is really important. a poll just came out where we are tied. another one came out a couple of weeks ago, fox, where i leading am by four or five points against her individually. i have not even focused on her yet. look at the people i have focused on. i don't really want to mention their names, but of those people that are gone, they are all people that attacked me. wouldn't it be nice if our country could have that same thing? you attack and they are gone. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we could do it verbally, that is even better. who wants to use our military? by the way, we are going to build the strongest, the best, the most powerful military ever. ever. ever. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: ever. we are going to take care of our
7:13 pm
vets. we are going to take care of our vets. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: because they are being treated horribly. but we are going to build the strongest, most powerful military ever. let me just tell you a little secret. the cheapest thing we can do -- i don't think we are going to have to use it. don't forget, they talk about my tone. i remember when jeb and hillary trump's tone "mr. is not nice." they are chopping off christians heads in syria and other places and they want me to have a nice tone. isn't life wonderful, ok? we've got to be tough. we've got to be smart. we've got to have heart too, we've got to take care of people. we've got to fix our health care program. this obamacare is a disaster. you people know. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: obamacare is a total catastrophe.
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it's going to be repealed and replaced. it will die in 2017 anyway. i don't know if you have heard what is happening, but it's so bad. all the people that they didn't think were signing up are signing up. the other people that are really paying for it are not signing up. your rates are going up 25%, 35%, 45%. your deductibles are so high, you are never going to be able to use it. so obamacare is a disaster. we are going to repeal it, we are going to replace it. there are so many great things we can do on health care. [cheering and applause] mr. trump: and it will cost you much less money, and it will be great. you are using programs you will never use. you are paying for it. you will never ever use them. we will get that straightened out. we are going to straighten out a lot of things. we are going to straighten out common core. it's going to be dead. [cheering and applause] mr. trump: when i look at parents, i see local parents in iowa and new hampshire and south
7:15 pm
carolina. i went to a school and i saw the parents. they love their children. they want educated children. they don't care about money, they love their children. it is local. they get together and they do wonderful programs. they are smart people. as opposed to getting it done by bureaucrats who are getting big, fat checks in washington. we have such talent in this country and we don't use it. so, obamacare, dead. common core, gone. we are going to get rid of it. department of education, we are going to get rid of it. we are bringing education to a local level. one thing on education. so, in the world, we are ranked number 28. there are third world countries that are ranked better than us in education and many other things. and yet, per pupil, we are number one, by far. there is nobody close. number two is not even close. we spend more money per pupil
7:16 pm
than any country in the world and we are ranked number 28. which is way down at the bottom, essentially. can you imagine we are ranked number 28 and we are number one? that's what i do like saying about my campaign, i've spent less money than anybody else and i have the best result. i'm number one by a lot and i spent no money. i spent no ads. took a little radio ad in iowa. but i did not do that, i think the station is so lovely, if you want to know the truth. but i spent a essentially no money, and then you have all these other guys spending vast -- why will he put a guy like jeb and some of the others? i see rubio on the ads all day long. you know, the black background. he should have put something like that behind him. the flag, right? [cheering and applause] i like him, i think he is a
7:17 pm
nice guy. these ads with the backdrop -- it is just somber. think of it. i spent no money and i'm number one. others spent -- they will have spent hundreds of millions of dollars and they are not even in the race. that's what we need for our country. what? "i've got 15,000," i don't know what he means by that. are you a protester? no. ok, he likes trump. he's not a protester. i love you. [laughter] mr. trump: don't worry about it. the only time the camera's focus on the crowd is when we have a protester. look at this ballroom, packed. i always have the biggest crowds. i go home and my wife said, were there many people? i watched you on television tonight. i said, i had 20,000 people. she said, they didn't show it.
7:18 pm
they have it right on your face. so i have 20,000 people. i had 20,000 in oklahoma, 35,000 in mobile, alabama. nobody knows. , i thinkhose cameras they can't move. i think it might be fixed. except every time there is a guy that stands up protesting, they are on drugs or something, they don't even know what the hell they are doing there, all the sudden, the cameras swerve from their perfect shot. and i like it, because it shows the crowd. sometime, i think i will put in some friendly protesters. [cheering and applause] mr. trump: it's the only way i'm going to be able to get the crowd in. so when we started, i talked about trade. i talked about the border. i talked about a lot of things. i started on june 16 in trump tower. the famous escalator. it takes guts to run for president. it's like, i've never done this before.
7:19 pm
we had the largest debate. we have a largest audience in the history of cable television. then cnn, a couple weeks later, had 23 million. fox had 24 million. the largest audience in the history of cnn. there are cameras on live right now. the largest audience in the history of cnn. if you go back four or eight years, nobody even wanted the debates. i think they were forced to take them for licensing. they drew nothing, but now they are drawing 24 million. now they want to have more. can they go three hours? remember when they had the one go three hours and i said, no, i'm not doing three hours? i could stand up here for 50 hours, but who the hell wants to sit home watching three hours of this stuff? mr. trump, you have 30 seconds, what would you do about isis? oh, great. [laughter]
7:20 pm
by the way, i hate those questions. you know why? because i want to be unpredictable. i don't want to tell isis what i'm going to do. i hate it. [cheering and applause] mr. trump: remember, i said very strongly -- you have been watching. four years, get the oil, get the oil, get the oil. iran is taking over iraq. we made a deal for iran. done by some of the dumbest people on earth on our side. we gave them everything. we won't even get our prisoners back. and now i ran wants to start negotiating. can you believe it? all we had to do was say we want our prisoners back. they would've said no. i would have said i want them back, you don't understand me, i want them back. they would have said, no, we won't do that. i would've said bye-bye and left. food i would have doubled up the
7:21 pm
-- then i would have doubled up the sanctions. and i guarantee you -- [applause] mr. trump: i guarantee you that within 24 hours they would've called back and said, you have got your prisoners, can we talk? i would have never given the $150 billion. i would have never given them the money. they don't have to buy nuclear. they can buy it. why do they have to make it? then they have the self inspections. they don't want us there. i wonder why? so they self inspect. and then they have a 24 day inspection, but the self inspection is the beauty. we think you are making nuclear weapons here. let us go and check, mr. president. no, sir, we are not making nuclear weapons. we would never do a thing like that. these are people that have deceived us, lied to us, they are terrorists. i used to say it is the worst deal that i have ever seen negotiated. by the way, just to finish,
7:22 pm
prisoners -- they come back, we get our prisoners. then when i hear the other day that, now this deal is done, now i hear they want to negotiate. they said very strongly, we are going to want a lot for the prisoners. we are going to want a lot. we have already taken off the sanctions. they are already rich as hell. what is going on there? that's why i say, i mean -- some people say it is worse than stupidity, there is something going on that we don't know about, honestly. i'm not saying that. i'm not a conspiracy person. she said, "we are." we are saying it. half the people in this room are saying it. i'm just hoping they are stupid people, which they are, or there is something going on. because it is inconceivable. did you ever see where some things are so bad that it cannot
7:23 pm
be -- that nobody can do what they did? right, nobody. so, iran now wants to negotiate separately. that deal is done. now we want to start a new deal. and they want a lot. we want a lot. i want to just shoot the television. you know? because they would have had it . and when they asked carrie and obama, the deal was made, everybody knows it is a horrible , they are so rich now. and many of the other things that you don't even know about. most people don't even know what the agreement says. but i will tell you what, when you look at what we are doing, if we keep going like this, folks, we are not going to have a country left. we are not going to have a country. we are like a dumping ground for the world. we are a dumping ground. they want to take these migrants -- and i feel terrible about the
7:24 pm
migration caused by hillary clinton and barack obama. they are the ones that caused it. they go into libya, they knocked the hell out of gaddafi. they backed rebels who end up killing the ambassador and the other young people. the ambassador was riding in a jeep, one of our jeeps, of course, a military jeep, holding the libyan flag, "freedom, freedom, freedom," and he gets killed by the same people. so, we backed people that turned out to be far worse than gaddafi. look what we did in iraq. what the hell do we get? we spent $2 trillion, we have thousands of deaths, and i'm not even talking other side. you are talking about hundreds of thousands, maybe millions. you have thousands of deaths, we have wounded warriors, who i love. these guys are the toughest -- these are the greatest people. [applause]
7:25 pm
mr. trump: these are the greatest people. and then what happens? we leave, and we have a president that announces the date of when we are leaving. so, i said, man, if i'm the enemy, i'm just going to go wait for 18 months. he gave a date, we are leaving iraq, we will be gone by such and such a time. i'm just sitting there watching and i'm saying, man, that's really stupid. [laughter] mr. trump: because, believe me, the enemy doesn't want to be killed. you hear so much they want to go with the virgins up wherever they go. they don't you think their wives -- they don't. they want to live and take care of their families. their families know what's going on. you think their wives don't know what they are planning? you think their kids don't know what daddy is going to do when he is planning to fly into the
7:26 pm
world trade center? they know exactly what's going on. remember that. frankly, i think they have more love for their family's lives than they do for their own lives. but they still want to live. here is obama. he gives an exact date, so they pull back. everyone says, oh, we are doing so well. why should they fight when they know, in 18 months, they can go in and take the place? so what happens? we have isis taking a lot of oil. i said take the oil. remember, i was opposed because i said we would destabilize. because you had iraq and iran. i said they will fight. they are always fighting, for decades, generations. they fight, that's what they do. how we ever got involved in this mess is hard to believe. they fight, and they were equal militarily. they go this way, 10 feet. they go this way, 10 feet. then they rest. they start fighting again.
7:27 pm
good, so the -- then, saddam hussein throws a little gas. everyone goes crazy. back and forth. it's the same. and they were stabilized. and i said, if you go after one or the other, in this case iraq, you're going to destabilize the middle east. and that's exactly what happened. we totally destabilized the middle east. we have no migrations largely largelyve migrations, because of what's happened afterwards. iraq was horrible. it was stupid to go in and we should have never gone in. but we shouldn't have gotten out the way we went out. and we shouldn't have given dates. i would have probably said we would stay forever. and they would have said, oh, man. eventually they would get tired. they would say, this guy is crazy. he's never going to lose. and you make a deal. when you announce you are leaving in 18 months or whatever the hell he said, they just pull back. as soon as we left, they come in. we have the oil. you know who the biggest that a fishy area of the oil is, right back of -- right? china.
7:28 pm
always china. i love china. i love mexico. they are leaders. we have no border. we will build a wall. mexico will pay for the wall, by the way. [cheering and applause] we are going to have a border. and people are going to come into our country, but they are going to come in through a legal process, not just walking in like nothing. they are going to come in, but they are going to come through a legal process. so, with iraq, so we give them the date and they take over. we didn't take the oil. for four years, i have been talking about it. then because of paris, they stop bombing the oil. -- start bombing the oil. i didn't just want to bomb the oil, i wanted to take the oil. so, we are bombing. and we are not really bombing it, because they are still selling it. how could they keep selling -- obama does not want to hit them too hard because he is afraid he is going to pollute the atmosphere. no, this is serious. think of it. he talks about the carbon footprint, and yet he will fly a
7:29 pm
very old air force one, an old boeing 747, spewing stuff. he's got a problem with the carbon footprint. you can't use hairspray, because hairspray is going to affect the ozone. i'm trying to figure it out. i'm in my room in new york city, and i want to put a little spray -- [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: right? but i hear where they don't want me to use hairspray. they want me to use the pump, because the other one, which i really liked better than going bing, bing, bing, and it comes out in globs. it's stuck in your hair and you say, oh my god, i've got to take a shower again, my hair is screwed up. i want to use hairspray. they say don't use hairspray, it is bad for the ozone. i do live in a very nice apartment. it is sealed. it is beautiful. i don't think anything gets out.
7:30 pm
and i'm not supposed to be using hairspray. but think of it, obama is always talking about the global warming -- that global warming is our biggest and most dangerous threat. even if you are a believer in global warming, isis is a big problem. russia is a problem. china is a problem. we've got a lot of problems. by the way, the maniac in north korea is a problem. he actually has nuclear weapons. that's a problem. we got a lot of problems. that's right. we don't win anymore. if i get elected, we are going to win a lot. you are going to win so much -- [applause] mr. trump: we are going to win a lot. we are going to win so much, you are all going to get sick and tired of winning. you say, oh, no, not again. i'm only kidding. you never get tired of winning, never. but think of it. so, obama is talking about all of this with the global warming. a lot of it is a hoax.
7:31 pm
it's a moneymaking industry, ok? it's a hoax. a lot of it. look, i want clean air and i want clean water. i want clean, crystal water. and i want clean air. and we can do that. but we don't have to destroy our businesses. and by the way, china isn't abiding by anything. they are buying all of our call. we cannot use coal anymore, essentially. they are buying our coal and using it. when you talk about the planet, it is so big out there, we are here, they are there. it's like they're our next-door neighbor. in terms of the universe. miss universe, by the way, made a great deal when i sold it. oh, did i get rich. [laughter] mr. trump: it was a great deal. they broke my choppers on that. they said, he talks about illegal immigration. we are not going to put him on television. first of all, univision is being sued like crazy. you wouldn't leave it. nbc, i made a great deal with them. far more than i would have ever gotten if i said i think i'm going to sell it.
7:32 pm
isn't it amazing this can work out? but i love miss universe. and i love the universe. think of it, china is spewing up all of this stuff. and we are holding back. with china, we signed these agreements where we have to do it now. they have to do it within 30 or 35 years. i don't think they are going to be doing it. it's like japan. if somebody attacks japan, we have to immediately go and start world war iii. if we get attacked, japan doesn't have to help us. somehow, that doesn't sound so fair. does that sound good? i ordered televisions, thousands of televisions per year. i order televisions because i have a lot of stuff. they are all made in south korea, most other than sony. sony, in all fairness, has lost its way. a lot of -- samsung, all of them. they are all pretty much -- all of them, right? i think just about. but, i order thousands of televisions, they are all from south korea.
7:33 pm
we have 28,000 people on the border separating south korea from this maniac in north korea. what did we get? nothing. they are making a fortune. it's an economic behemoth. a lot of you don't know we protect germany. germany, mercedes-benz. how many people have a mercedes-benz? we protect germany. it's an economic behemoth. we protect saudi arabia. during the good oil days, they were making $1 billion per day. and we protect them. they pay us peanuts, like nothing. and if we want to buy, move to another location -- well, that's very expensive. they want to charge us rent? look, we are run by people that are so bad, so out of their league. and i see it on the stage. a lot of them are nice people. i a lot of people think i don't like them.
7:34 pm
but they don't have business sense. they don't have common sense. they are politicians. they are all talk. they are no action. [applause] folks, when i say we are going to build a wall, most of them say, you can't build a wall. in china, 2000 years ago -- [laughter] mr. trump: they built the great wall of china, which is bigger than any wall we are thinking about. the great wall of china goes 18,000 miles. we have 2000 miles, of which we really only need 1000 miles, because you have a lot of natural barriers that are extremely tough to get across. we have 1000 miles. china has 18,000 miles or 13,000 miles, and we have 1000 miles. we have modern cranes, we have caterpillar tractors. i want to use caterpillar, made in america. [cheering and applause] even my hats, they
7:35 pm
are made in america. it was not easy to find a guy who could do those hats. i have seen so many knockoffs of the hats. i see them made out of plastic, all sorts of crap. mine are made in america. they don't produce as many as i would like because, frankly -- i mean, it's amazing. those hats are amazing. anyway, but i also knew that as soon as the hats -- we have a website. as soon as the hats came out, i knew the press would be calling. it's true. first hour when the hats were announced, i get a call from "the new york times." mr. trump, where are those hats made? i said, america! [cheering and applause] mr. trump: i knew it. i knew it. as you know, if i would have said china, i would have been in big, big trouble. but they are being knocked off all over the world. they are like helmets. i see them all. but what are you going to do?
7:36 pm
here's the story. we have to build a wall. when i talk and i'm up on the stage with these guys, these people, wonderful people, and a very nice woman, carly. she's a nice woman. when i'm up on the stage with them, they think i'm crazy. we're going to build a wall, it's going to be a great wall. this is peanuts compared to the wall i am talking about. i'm talking about, if they ever get up there, they are never come down, because it is too dangerous. you ever see what they do now with these little walls? they build a ramp. wouldn't it be cheaper to knock the wall down? they drive over it with jeeps loaded up with drugs. do you see this? there was a picture in "time magazine." it's a little ramp that goes over. make money. we get the drugs. think of it. we could build a wall. we get the drugs, they get the cash. not so good, right? we don't like that deal. our politicians don't know. they don't know.
7:37 pm
so, when i say mexico is going to pay for it. these guys on the stage with me, they are not business people. mexico makes a fortune off the united states. number one, we give them a lot of money. but in addition to that, they are taking our businesses. you are talking about a trade deficit. i tell you what, mexico in a certain way, is a mini version of the new china. mexico is making an absolute fortune, peanuts compared to the cost of the wall. let's say the cost of the wall is $10 billion. i can do a great job with that. i think we will have a lot of money left over. by the way, 20 years ago, they wanted to build a wall. people that are opposed to it now, they wanted to stop and build a wall. you know one of the reasons they did not build the wall? because of the environmental protection agency. they could not get an environmental impact study approved. can you believe it? the there was a toad or a snake or something in the way.
7:38 pm
now think of it, and china, in the south china sea there were these these low-level landmasses that were covered by water, but pretty close to the town. china sends in massive excavators and they are building military fortresses in the south china sea. a friend of mine, who is one of the biggest and richest people in china -- they are great people. they are fun. then leaders are too smart -- their leaders are too smart for our people. they won't be too smart when i put my people there. [applause] up, wemp: when they call would like to speak to the donor that is negotiating -- no, the donor now is carl icahn. great businessman. you have so many people that call. all these businesspeople call. friend of mine. i call them and i say, you are actually doing it. jokingly, i said, how long did it take to get started? did you have to get a new
7:39 pm
n environmental impact study approved in order to excavate? he looked at me and goes, i hope you are kidding when you say that. they conceived of the idea and they started digging four hours later. go through 25 years of environmental impact, you are going to hurt the snail. you're going to hurt this. they are doing a big thing. they excavated, they are ripping the hell out of that ocean. they are ripping it and they are taking that dirt and they are building their fields. they couldn't do it. just like i said, they could not an environmental impact statement. that's probably not the only reason it did not happen. i heard the costs were too high. for me, that's easy. i'm doing the washington post office, i'm under budget, i'm headed schedule. look at the campaign. a guy has $59 million and he was -- is down at the bottom. i'm nothing and i'm at the top. it's the same thing.
7:40 pm
[applause] mr. trump: i actually said -- it's funny. the other day, i got this great review. they said, "trump is a great speaker. the crowd is spellbound. but he has one problem." the problem is he speaks through the applause." and you know why? because i'm so excited, because we have so much potential. it's true. i don't want to wait for your freaking applause. we have so much potential. there are so many things to do. i don't want to wait. i just noticed, i did it again. you were getting ready to give a big applause, because you like that, and i'm speaking. i killed the applause. but he is right. except i'm not a speaker. what i am is a doer. i get things done. [applause] mr. trump: so, when the people up on the stage with me -- and
7:41 pm
hillary, hillary doesn't have a clue. you talk about low energy. she has lower energy than jeb bush, which is hard to believe. she does. maybe it's rude, maybe it is not, but it doesn't matter. we have a much bigger problem. we have to save our country. so, if i'm rude, if people think i'm rude -- i'm actually a nice person. i have a big heart. i want to help people. i want to help the migration. i want to do a safe zone in syria. i don't want them coming here. we don't know who these people are. they are undocumented. [applause] mr. trump: we should do a safe zone over there. we should have the gulf states spending. they have to pay. we are protecting them. they wouldn't be there for two minutes if we weren't protecting them. they have to start paying. they are not taking anybody. how about germany, taking millions? can you believe what she is doing to that country? and she was the person of the year and i wasn't. everybody said trump was the person of the year. [booing] mr. trump: hey, what are you
7:42 pm
going to do? i think she has made a terrible mistake. we will find out. time will tell. they have tremendous crime problems. but what i like is that in syria, with other people's money, meaning the gulf states and germany and others -- germany is paying a fortune to accept all these people. we do a massive safe zone. eventually, when this whole catastrophe straightens out, which i will probably be able to get it straightened out. when it is straightened out, they could go home to their country, to their area. it is interesting, i have thousands of people that work for me. thousands. i have people that come from far. and they all here legally, don't worry about it. i use e-verify. they go and check. everybody walking their dog, are you here illegally? they said they found one person out of hundreds and hundreds. i don't believe it. it is possible -- we do have 11 million people in the country. it is probably a much higher number than that.
7:43 pm
but we have to do something about it, and we are going to. so, i just want to finish by saying this. look, we have a situation that is out of control. our country is a dumping ground for the rest of the world. we are laughed at by the rest of the world. and when i started this journey, and it is a journey, and i do love you people. you are amazing people. and by the way, you are so smart. you know, a lot of times they will say, well, mr. trump's people are blue-collar. i love blue-collar. i'm honored by that. but they are not blue-collar. we have blue-collar, executives, and young people. they say the audience is old. it's not older. the audience is young. the other night in iowa, i told that, and i said we have so many young people, the place erupted. we have an amazing thing happening. [applause] it is just -- look, that's their way of marginalizing, not even me, they are marginalizing you. it is disgusting. but, when i started this journey --
7:44 pm
and that's what it is, a journey, and it's a movement that is taking place -- the movement that is taking place. remember the old days, the silent majority? it's not silent. it's a noisy majority. people are angry. i received a call from one of the biggest reporters, who happens to be a liberal, but that's ok. a guy who is really respected, feel? said, how does it i said, how does one feel? he said, what you have done it has never been done in the history of the united states. you are number one, and isis is number two. i want to knock them out and make me number one next year.
7:45 pm
but this reporter, who is a very smart guy, he said what you have done has never been done in the history of this country. newt gingrich was on a television show the other day, he said this is one of the greatest phenomenons i have ever seen in politics. home att 3000 people this venue. can you believe that? more than 3000. it is unbelievable what is happening, beautiful. it is beautiful what is happening, but newt gingrich said he has never said anything -- seen anything like this. but he said to the reporter, it has never been -- the reporter said to me, it has never been done before. what you have done is incredible. even if you don't win, what you have done is incredible. you have totally changed the landscape of politics. [cheering and applause] mr. trump: no, don't applaud. he said, you have totally changed the landscape of politics.
7:46 pm
it is for ever going to be different. there has never been anything like your campaign. he was very nice. i said, you don't understand. if i don't win, i will consider this, and i mean this, a total and complete waste of time. i really do. because we are not going to do anything. i mean, i will have headlines and stuff, but if we don't win, it is a total waste of time. somebody else and there will not be able to do what i do. even if you get one of these republicans. the wall, when i say mexico is going to pay, they all laughed, they think it is funny. they think it is funny, they are laughing. they are making billions and of ours of dollars
7:47 pm
deficit with mexico. the wall is peanuts, they are going to pay for the wall. that i mention it, and they laugh. the other day, ted cruz, a nice guy, said we are going to build a wall at the southern border. didife is sitting -- where that come from, right? ted is a good guy, but he said on fox, being interviewed, we are going to build a wall at the southern border. he did not say mexico is going to pay, he has not gotten that far yet, but it is going to happen. they are all trying to catch up. when i did this stuff, it was very out there, but now i am the one they aspired to. but ted is talking, my wife is sitting there and she says, darling, did you hear that? that's what you say! she hasn't heard that from any
7:48 pm
other candidate. so we are going to build a wall, mexico is going to pay. when i started the journey, it was amazing. i came down, it took courage. i went into the lobby of trump tower, i have never seen -- it looked like the academy awards, the press. we have a lot of press here today. look at all those live cameras. down in theme icalator, we came down and said, we are going to do things, and i mentioned illegal immigration. you would not even be talking about illegal immigration. nobody was talking about it, now it is one of the big subjects. that's why in one of the beautiful polls that came out, cnn came out with a pole a week ago, 36 percent for trump. second is 16%, third is 14%. but on the economy, they gave me 55%.
7:49 pm
that's with 16 people at the time. -- i understand, the budget and economy i win hands down. this, on illegal immigration i am almost at 50%. and on isis, likewise almost at 50%. but -- bewant to be protected, they want to feel safe. they need strength, toughness, smarts. i know a lot of tough guys, but they are not smart. they are the easiest. you have to be tough and smart. the world is trying to take advantage of us. what happens, i came out, started. that first couple of weeks with illegal immigration, mexico, all this stuff, and then kate was killed in san francisco, and jamil was killed in los angeles, jamil shaw, an unbelievable
7:50 pm
young man, was shot in the head by an illegal immigrant. kate was shot in the back. so many great people. ,nd then you have the economy the jobs that are being lost, and people aren't paying taxes, and all this stuff. and all of a sudden, people are coming over. we have to be progressive in our thinking. progressive, i mean smart. i'm not talking progressive like bernie sanders. this guy wants to raise your taxes to 90%. you will have to move. i love this area, by the way, great golfing area. [cheering and applause] mr. trump: no more golf if bernie sanders. you won't have any golf anymore. you will be paying in taxes. this guy is a total disaster. i tell you what, hillary clinton said, oh, i would like to run against trump, believe me. chuck todd on "meet the press,"
7:51 pm
his show is dying. he keeps saying, do it, but i've never liked him. i do his show, he gets the highest ratings he has had in years. the numbers were massive. i saved his life. and then he goes, hillary clinton said that she would most like to run against donald trump. they are looking forward to it. --st me, the last person she's already gotten a dose last night, do you agree? she had a tough night looking at the beauty pageant. [laughter] mr. trump: so hillary clinton said -- and here's chuck todd, and here's a nice guy. she says she doesn't like him. goes, the clinton campaign says they would most like to run against trump, like i am some kind of asap. i called -- some kind of a sap.
7:52 pm
and explain,huck it is reverse psychology. to runy they want against me. first of all, i am tied with her in the polls. look at all the guys i hit, they are gone or failing badly. .nd they will be gone soon but hillary clinton, think of it. i said, chuck, report it properly. trust me, they don't want to run against trump. the last thing she wants in her whole life. i did this in 15 minutes, what them, because the husband wants to, and she wants to accuse me of things, and the husband is one of the great abusers of the world, give me a break. [cheering and applause] mr. trump: give me a break. so the last person she wants to run against me -- here's the story. i was talking about trade, the
7:53 pm
wall, the borders, obamacare, the second amendment will be saved, by the way. [cheering and applause] it will be saved. they are doing everything, they want to get rid of alerts, they are doing everything they can. think of paris, think of los angeles. paris had no guns. they have the toughest gun laws in the world. and france, if you get, the gun, nobody has guns -- if you get, gun,t with a can't w only bad guys have guns. by the way, their police did a good job, and los angeles police did a phenomenal job. but let's say this guy in front has a lousy hat, he
7:54 pm
head of hair, but he is a strong looking guy. if they had ae gun on their waist? somebody. him, him, him. so if they were in paris, get over here, boom. these are people that gave a party in honor of their marriage. there is something going on that is wrong. they gave him a party, they worked there. she came on a fiance permit or was nonsense, and she radicalized. she was probably radicalized by her or was already radicalized. people knew they were already radicalized, and people knew that they had bombs. they didn't want to talk about it. you've got to report these
7:55 pm
people. we've got a real problem, you've got to report them. no more nonsense. they did not report them, and the only reason they didn't is because they disagree with them so much. -- you the one who was thought it was politically incorrect to report them, give it a break -- give me a break. so i was going to talk about all these things, but after paris and california, and there will be others because they have no changed.s, it totally my poll numbers went up 10 points, amazing. did i do good in the beit? did i doid, did it -- good in the debate? people said, no, you are a tough cookie who will not take this cr ap. [cheering and applause] and now i talk about
7:56 pm
protection. i've got the greatest guys in the world who are going to do a great job. i always talk about ford building a plant in mexico. not going to happen with me. those deals are no good. plants inosing michigan and building a plant in mexico, how does that help us? in the meantime, in michigan and other places, there are plants closing all over the place. and then they are going to sell cars, trucks, and parts into the united states, no tax, no nothing. i will say you don't have to pay a tax, folks. and to ford, if you don't want to pay a tax, stay in the united states. it's simple. and two weeks ago, nabisco announced they are going to leave chicago and go to mexico. what's my statement? no more oreos, right? but i don't want this.
7:57 pm
going to make product and sell it into the united states, not going to happen. trader,way, i am a free but we've got to be smart. we don't get anything. we lose on everything. that iran deal was a disaster. by the way, think of the iran deal for one second. i am very -- this came to me two weeks ago, the iran deal is the worst deal i have seen negotiated. i am wrong. you know what the worst deal is? we gave them iraq. that's even better, think of it. we gave iran-iraq. -- we gave iran iraq. is going to have the richest oil. you go to iraq, among the richest oil reserves in the world. we gave it to them by
7:58 pm
decapitating iraq and then leaving. so not only did they make a great deal in terms of the iran iraq.we also gave them iraq for aeen after hundred years. oilow they have the largest reserves in the world. that's even better than the original. whoever is representing iran is doing a hell of a job. if that was a stock, you've got to buy some. deals not going to have like that. it's not going to happen. we are going to become rich again, we are going to become safe again, and we are going to become strong again. [cheering and applause] >> trump ! trump! trump! mr. trump: and you are going to
7:59 pm
remember this moment, this is going to be an important moment for all of us. i have to ask you to go out and vote. [cheering and applause] mr. trump: remember, it starts on february 1 with iowa, we go to new hampshire, then south carolina. we have four weeks to go, and that we have three weeks after we start. no matter what is going on in your life, you have to vote, because if you don't it's not going to happen. you can't sit back and say, trump is going to do well. out and vote. i will tell you this, it has been an honor to be here. i love the people here. it has been an honor, but we will make america great again. i promise. thank you. thank you. [cheering and applause] mr. trump: thank you, everybody. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
8:00 pm
which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] c-span takes you to the white house. we are taking your comments on twitter, facebook, and by phone. and always, every campaign we cover is >> tonight we are remembering prominent individuals who died in 2015. first new york governor mario cuomo and his speech at the 19 94 democratic convention. brady, former senator fred thompson and civil rights activist jill you bond. more of cuomo died this year at the age of 82. father of current new york governor andrew cuomo. here's his speech at the 1984 democratic convention


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