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tv   Weekly Presidential Address  CSPAN  January 31, 2015 6:20pm-6:31pm EST

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in to work with them. i will keep doing everything i can to help working families make ends meet and get ahead. not just because we want everyone to share in america's success, but because we want everyone to contribute to america's success. that's the way the middle class thrived in the last century and that's how it will thrive again. thanks everybody. have a great weekend. >> good morning. i'm lynn jenk ins, congresswoman from the second district of kansas and vice chair of the republican conference. this is the time of year when high school seniors are putting fime touches on college applications. that means it is also the time when families are preparing to start paying for that education, whether it is a four-year college, community college or a technical school. as a parent with two children in college, i know this can be one of the most rewarding and at the same time challenging aspects of being a parent, particularly at the same time when costs are going up or wages -- and wages
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stay about the same. all told americans now owe more than $1 trillion in student loan debt. republicans are working to lower cost for middle class families and empower folks with bottom-up solutions to help you prepare for the future. that's why this week i introduced a bipartisan plan to expanded popular 3529 college savings accounts. as you know, these 529 savings plans were provided to help middle class families. many parents opened them not long after their children are born and every since conga lowed people to withdraw tax free one million have turned into 5 million. instead of expanding 529, the president proposed raising taxes
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on college savings. if implemented, his scheme would have turned back the clock on middle class savings and taken money from your savings to pay for more government. that would have discouraged families from using 529 shalls, meaning less savings, more debt, and more government dependence. it was a terribly misguided idea, but it took a public outcry for the president to realize it. just days after proposing this tax on 529's, he agreed to drop it from his budget. with hardworking families struggling abandoning his proposal is not enough. first, the president should put his full weight behind our plan to expand and strengthen 529 accounts. we can remove 0 common paperwork problems and use the money to pay for computers and make it easier for families to send their kids to the college of
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their choice. because we should be rewarding people who work hard and play by the rules, not punishing them. secondly, the president should reconsider his threats to veto our common sense jobs bill. when he voted to stop the keystone pipeline, which would have led to 42,000 jobs and we think bureaucrats should have to regulate with more transparancy and less cost. that's just common sense. expanding opportunity protecting middle class savings, molding government accountable, these are your priorities which means therp republicans' priorities. when we saw this week, when the people speak out, government has to listen. now we need president obama to
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keep listening. it's the best thing he can do for our families and our future. thank you for ligsening and enjoy the super bowl. on the next "washington journal," l philip klein. afl-cio representative richard trunca talks about the minimum wage debate and the state of labor unions. as always we'll take your conversationed on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> this sunday on "q & a".
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p >> don't forget, a lot of hormones are changing in young men and women, and the brain hasn't seen this in life until you hit teenage years. sco the brain is trying to learn how to respond to these new hormones rolling around and locking on to receptors. so it is trial and error. i think it contributes to this rollercoaster experience that we watch as parents. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern c-span's q & a. >> here on c-span, "the
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communicators" is next discussing net neutrality as the f.c.c. plans to vote on the plan this month. then talking about national security threats. and later, a discussion on how the media covers race issues in the u.s. >> this is "the mommunicators"
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on c-span from las vegas. >> now joining us on "the communicators" we will introduce you to chris riley. what is mozilla and how is it structured? >> we are most known for fire fox web browser and fire fobblings mobile phone. we are structured differently in that the corporation mozilla is owned by the 5013-c foundation. at the end of the day, we are driven by our mission, and our mission is to advance the open web. >> funed founded by netscape originally? >> yes. there was a donation of money that started the original mozilla foundation which was
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netscape navigator and later became fire fox. >> so this is the product you are best known for. how do you make your money? >> through licensing deals primarily, but the bulk of our money comes from search licensing deals. when you install fire fox for the first time, there is a default provider of search that is there. you downlone fire fox, there is a search querrey, and that takes you to a specific preengined de -- pre-arranged fault -- default search engine. in the beginning it was googling -- google. we discuss at the end of our
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agreement with google we discussed with google and yahoo and then we decided to go with yahoo. >> what is your background? >> i spent three years and change at a nonprofit called free press and then several years at the u.s. department of state l and then came to mozilla. >> what is your philosophy when it comes to the internet? >> my individual philosophy, the thing driving my career, is the belief that the internet is an amazing place and that a big part of that is the capacity to be disruptive, and that disruption to be a huge source of innovation as a boon for consumers, society, the market, economic growth. i have worked on a lot of things around that from censorship to net neutrality. >> what is mozilla's position on
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net nutrality? the fcc will address this soon. >> we weighed in on the 2010-2011 cycle. we have engaged in this debate much more. we believe at the end of the day, the internet needs strong, enforceable, protective rules for the developers on the web. those need to include reasonable network management. they need to be effectively enforceable. >> is that, in fact, the status quo today? why yes. net neutrality is about protecting and preserving the internet status quo. if we don't develop stave guards in place we have lots of reasons to believe that won't be the world of the future. that it


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