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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  January 24, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm EST

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independents. caller: i have been watching and what bothers me is that there are two votes taken. one wasone was taken to keep the pipeline here in the states. the other that really bothers me is they wanted all the steel to be used to be for america. that got voted down again by republicans. as far as steve king goes, i thought it was very mean-spirited of mr. king to say something about a young girl who has never done anything to him at all. the other comment he made his mexicans -- i can't understand
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why we are going to have a supposedly freedom summit with this guy. i appreciate your time. >> the politico newspaper story on this event from steve king and the democrats looking to highlight some of his views on immigration talks about some of the issues you bring up across the street from today's event. a press conference to call on republicans to condemn king's statements on immigration. they note that king is compared to undocumented immigrants -- king has compared undocumented immigrants to dogs. some of his statements on immigration. office of left -- bob is up next on the line for independents. good morning. caller: i wanted to make a comment about the summit today. i am an african american
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independent. i have been watching the republicans on some of the cable networks. i have been watching some of the republicans that come on some of the cable networks, and it seems like to me that republicans -- i'm sure an assignment today is going to be dealing with bashing the president and his policy as opposed to telling us what they are going to do. >> the freedom summit is now underway. we want to take our viewers underway to the sherman place in downtown des moines. >> there is nobody that is qualified for that job area as i'll wince -- that job. we do get the first to look. i'll wince -- iowans like to
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take a hard look. i was watching the iowa press last night and they were interviewing some high-profile national journalists. they were asking what to expect to hear from us today. they expect to hear a whole bunch of species -- of speeches criticizing immigration and lots of pandering. the word i like to use is all hockey -- is bull hucky. nobody in iowa cares a sliver about immigration. what we do care about is illegal gatecrashers, as steve would say. this is about rule of law.
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the teleprompter things are not working. imagine a really nice hotel on a saturday morning like this. outside the hotel is a very -- is a ring of their noisy protesters. they are chanting unfair, unfair. the manager goes outside to find out what the problem is. >> we don't like the room service in your hotel -- what the problem is. well, we don't like the room service in your hotel. a we borrowed of the keys and we are not happy about the maid service. the tv doesn't work and we can't eat the continental breakfast because they are saying we are not really paying customers. that's unfair.
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we are dreamers dreaming about that breakfast. that's the same argument protesters outside are using. they haven't checked in, they are using property not of their own, they are demanding room service and now kids have been born in that room. those dang republicans want to make eating an illegal a crime. we have a very star-studded lineup today. for the record, let the pandering begin. before we get started, just a few housekeeping items to cover. feel free to come and go during the day.
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you will need to get your id. make sure you have your credential to get that again. -- get back in. there will be a boxed lunch served, delivered to your seat. tipping is encouraged. we appreciate you helping to keep everything moving. we are going to experience the presentation of the colors by the trail life usa group mason city, iowa. a after the presentation of the colors please remain standing for the pledge allegiance. -- for the pledge of allegiance.
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>> the freedom rock is a 60 ton boulder located in world iowa that is repainted every year with a different thank you for our nations veterans to honor their service to our country. please help me welcome the freedom rock painter, who is going to lead us in the pledge of allegiance. since i am the mc and there is nothing they can do now that i am out here, when you say the
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pledge today -- we usually say we pledge to the united states of america. just for me one time, instead of saying the united states of america, say these united states of america. it annoys all the right people. >> thank you for that introduction. if you are not standing already, please stand. i pledge allegiance to the flag of these united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you. >> thank you, sir. please remain standing as we are going to hear the nations national anthem, sung by leah
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mcintyre barnett. >> ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming. and the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night
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that our flag was still there. o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ as [applause] >> please remains standing. that's what you get when you actually spend your voice lessons money on voice lessons rather than on doughnuts. pastor terry will open with the
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word of prayer. i went to a trip to poland and england with him. when you see him later in the hallways ask them to explain how well he slept. he will know exactly what you mean and you will hear a great story. >> i want to thank jim for acknowledging -- we can't do this alone. heavenly father i begin with scripture from psalm 34. let us exalt his name together. i saw the lord and he heard me and he delivered me from all my fears.
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see that the lord is good. blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. father god i asked today that the spirit of truth be spoken with old miss, that it would resonate in the hearts and minds of those gathered here. they would take it out of this building to the byways and highways of our great city and beyond, that this experiment in self-government would be preserved for this generation and the generation that is to come. heavenly father, we ask that you use this time to bring out the best in us to help us to serve one another, to encourage one another, and to consider others more important than ourselves. heavenly father, we ask that you give us a strong work ethic and humble hearts that we may tackle the multitude of challenges that are set before us. heavenly father, we remember our servicemen and servicewomen as
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they stand ready to pay the ultimate price. they lay it down that we may lift up high freedom and democracy around the globe. we pray psalm 91 over their lives. heavenly father i ask that all who speak your today would have a passing for justice -- a passion for justice and righteousness. they would seek to do your will in all things and they would fear you as they lead out. father, i ask that together in unity we may take both sets -- bold steps so that together we may step up to the higher ground. it is a place where life in all stages has the opportunity for light itself in the pursuit of happiness. we economic we cannot do this alone. so we humbly ask your help today. we do it in the name above all
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names, that says one day every knee will bow and every tong will confess jesus is lord to him. -- every tongue will confess jesus is lord to him. >> i would like to say amen. on facebook the other day i posted a children's joke. the little granddaughter climbs into the lap of grandpa. grandpa, do you know the difference between a post office and rhinoceros? no, honey, i don't. well then i'm never going to ask you to mail any of my letters. here's the updated version. congressman steve king -- president obama, do you know the difference between a law and an executive order ?
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well there isn't any. well, that's why we won't be sending you any money to implement your constitutional backdoor amnesty. [applause] congressman king says a lot of stuff like that. sometimes it's even to members of his own party. that's why we like him. [applause] and that's why when he invites us to stuff like this become. it is my honor to introduce one of iowa's finest and favorite congressman a man who always puts the national best interest and especially the constitution over any type of political gai n, congressman king. [applause]
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>> what an outstanding welcome. good morning. thank you all so much. thanks for the welcome, thanks for coming here, thanks for coming from all over america to join our friends and neighbors the people of new hampshire, south carolina, texas tennessee, we get to do this the whole day. this is the iowa freedom summit. i wanted to put up a ships a la peer and get out a bottle of champagne and break it over it so we can launch -- a ships bow and get out a bottle of champagne and break it over so we can launch this era together. it is what we must do. it is what we must do after we
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watch the degradation of that american exceptionalism over the last six years and two long years ago. they are going to go a lot slower than the state of the union address last tuesday night, and that was tedious. four years ago we held an event in des moines. it was called the conservative principles conference. he had a number of presidential candidates, a lot of opinion leaders, and the place was jammed all day long. the reward for that was great and the ideas for this group from the success of them. david bassi and i sat down about six months ago and decided we need to do this. let's imagine all of the possible presidential candidates would come. that would be a big event. that was too big of an imagination. so we dialed it down to practical application, began to go to work and his planning and his organization are excellent.
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and his staff are excellent. hats off to david bossi and his team, citizens united. they have done the lion's share of the work. so we took reality and went to work on that and it grew and it is noble. do you believe the next president of united states is going to be speaking to you from the stage today? [applause] as do i. i am hopeful that as this process goes along and iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and beyond, we are able to have conversations with these potential candidates. i would like to hear them take that pledge. on january 20, 2017, are you ready from the podium of the westport coal of united states capitol, are you ready to take your oath of office and do so with pen in hand echo -- in
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hand? ready to sign the repeal of obamacare. that is what is at stake. we elect a president with that conviction. that is one of the planks for the platform we want to offer each potential candidate. i wrote the bill and introduced it again and this conference. it ends up as if it had never been enacted. -- nds obamacare as if it had never been enacted. we can rip out 2700 pages of legislation and tens of thousands of pages of regulation with forty-year words -- 40 words. now we have a president that --
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as an agile professor at the university of chicago -- that as an agile professor at the university of cause -- of chicago, lectured on the constitution. he said, i don't have the constitutional authority to make law. the courts decide what the law says, they interpreted it, and his job is to execute it. i think you must've been -- must have misinterpreted that does he want to carry out the laws as they were designed? through obamacare and several dozen times he has decided he can change the law that has his name on top and signature on the bottom. the starkest of which when he decided he would delay the employer mandate.
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each month after 2013, he decided to change that to 2014. america was not nearly enough outraged. we do not rise up enough to defend our constitution. and he stepped across the line into article one and took on legislative authority. that has happened multiple times. it happened on recess appointments, on enforcement issues. we must defend this constitution and we must restore the rule of law. [applause] by the way that's another potential plank for the platform for the next president of the united states. we need to elect a full spectrum constitutional conservative, who makes the pledge to america and austerity -- and posterity, from the oval office his task will be to restore that separation of powers between the legislative executive, and judicial branch of government. [applause]
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and in doing so, our next president can unleash the greatness of america. we're great people. we are. we have a vitality that is unequal on the planet. we come from every possible continent -- they are across the street, those people that come from another planet. every donor civilizations that sent illegal people to come to america, we have the vitality of their civilization. the people had an imagination. they wanted to take this god-given liberty and turn it into the development of their potential and contribute it to the country they -- to the country. they got the pillars of american exceptionalism to build on and strengthen and refurbish it. and we have a president who has
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eroded them, and it has to turn around. one of the issues that does concern me is our national defense. i watched as around the world i challenge to some people. is there any country in the world that we have a stronger relationship with today than we had six years ago? i said that too. somebody said iran, somebody said cuba. it's that bad. while back i was in egypt and they told me 98% of the threads that hold together our relationship have been severed by this president. there are moderate muslims. the strongest statement from the muslim world i have ever heard -- that's a piece of what we need to do to put america back into safety and security. i will challenge the folks that speak from here today and aspire
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to the oval office, lay out a plan for us. lay out a plan to do feet radical islamic -- two defeat radical -- to defeat radical islamic jihad. lay out a plan so it isn't some kind of struggle that will go on for the next 100 years. lay out a plan that of eats them in the next eight years -- that the feeds them in the next 18 -- that defeat them in the next eight years. i have another plan to move a balanced budget amendment to the united states constitution, get our spending back in line. [applause] perhaps it could be a plank in the next platform for the next president of the united states. here's another one, abolish the irs. [applause]
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right now the federal government, uncle sam has the lean on productivity in america. we can free everybody to earn save, and invest all they want. we have a policy to do that. this is an election to lay the foundation. and then as i look at this -- ronald reagan laid this out for us. he described a shining city on the hill. it was strong and had pillars that went down into the granite. it's never was a destination that we could arrive, bring ourselves into that shining city, wash our hands and put our feet up. it was always a struggle to continue beyond. that ascending destiny for america is going to be determined by who emerges as president of the united states and how the culture here in
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iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and across this great country, how we support the planks, the policies and the presidential candidates we nominate. the destiny of america is in our hands. let's get to work and do this together. [applause] and i will ask you to do what i do. on a daily basis i would ask you to do this, to identify that individual who he will use to restore the soul of america. will you stand with me on that? let's stand together. we will stand together and we will ask god. i'm going to inject this prayer
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right now. our gracious and merciful heavenly father, you've watched this nation struggle, you've listed us to greatness, you've watched the suffering and blood that has been spilled to give us this god-given liberty. i pray out of this process you will identify and lift up the individual whom you will use to restore the soul of this great country. thank you lord, god bless america. [applause] i have the privilege -- thank you for joining me. that was impromptu. [applause] i have the privilege of making an introduction. this introduction is -- there are two people in iowa who
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compete for who loves iowa the most. so you don't know which one of the two are going to come out to next unless you saw the show. i will take you back to his service in the united states army from 1959 to 1971, where he guarded arlington cemetery and the pentagon. he was based at fort break where there was -- at fort bragg, where there were war protesters who cross the line. one of them was jane fonda. this individual was tasked with putting her under arrest. nice job. she was deployed to north vietnam. i will never forget that picture. this individual also had the wisdom to be married on june 17, 1972 at the same day steve king and his wife were married. i was a ditch eger.
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he was elected to the house in 1962. in 82 he was elected as governor and serve up until 1999, in which case he thought -- i don't know what he actually thought. he went into the private sector and became the president of des moines university, where he lifted that university up. after 12 years again -- i didn't think government was serving well enough. a lot of good things that come from the private sector need to be brought into government. and this individual walked from the private sector -- he didn't need to do this for iowa. back into the governor's office and was in -- and was reelected in 2010. on the wake-up of december 15, 2015, this man will become the longest seated governor in the
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history of the united states of america. please welcome governor terry branstad. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. good morning. congressman king, thank you for that very nice introduction. and thank you for inviting me today to address this iowa freedom summit. it's an honor to kick off this day. we're going to have a lot of great speakers today. today's summit begins the 2016 iowa caucus season. we embarked on a path to get america back on the right track. [applause] over the next year, iowa republicans will welcome candidates, many of whom may be
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in attendance here today, to their coffee shops homes diners, community centers all across the state. while democrats are looking to clear the field for their chosen candidates look at how that worked for them in the senate race this year, that's their strategy. republicans are prepared to assess a strong field of candidates who are poised to take america back in the right direction. america is on the wrong track. when president obama took office our national debt was $10.6 trillion. today it is over $18 trillion. rather than working with the new republican congress that was elected by the american people the president is spending his time threatening vetoes and offering partisan rhetoric. this is not leadership. instead of recognizing the threat of isis terrorists,
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whether it is in the middle east or in africa or in europe, we see a real threat. this is dangerous underestimating your enemy. america is in dire need of new leadership, america needs solutions, not rhetoric. that is our responsibility as republicans. a we must offer americans real solutions to restore leadership to put freedom on the march instead of terrorism on the march. eliminate our debt, spur job growth, and provide sustainable health care that makes americans healthier and doesn't bankrupt the country.
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[applause] we need a leader who brings americans together instead of dividing us along partisan lines. we need a leader who recognizes threats from abroad and leads from the front, not from behind. under president reagan, freedom was on the march. we saw the breakup of the soviet union, we saw a whole bunch of countries gain freedom. under obama it is going exactly the opposite direction. we see isis on the move, we see russians in the ukraine and crimea. simply put america cannot continue on this disastrous course. we need do direction, we need new leadership. -- need new direction, we need new leadership. i want you to know that over the
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next year, we look forward to welcoming all of these republican candidates to iowa. my advice to all of the candidates is this, share your visions and your goals for a renewed america that restores freedom. offer these solutions and travel to all 99 counties throughout our state. i believe that is the secret to success. senator grassley has proven that. that's the way we need to choose a leader for this country. thank you all for being here. god bless you, god bless iowa, and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. [applause] >> please welcome former iowa
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state representative and current chairman of the iowa republican party, jeff kaufman. [applause] >> it's a beautiful day in america, it's a beautiful day in iowa and boy oh boy am i proud to be a republican this morning. and i always love to face my boss. you folks are the ones who are in charge. you are going to be in charge of this caucus process that we have and iowa and i'll was great citizens are going to be in charge of the person that is going to the white house and they are going to clean up this mess and they are going to make the last eight years a distant memory. [applause] i have the distinct honor of introducing an icon. not many people can say that about lawmakers.
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in this state, whether it be governor arrested or senator grassley, we have living legends that serve us. -- governor branstad or senator grassley, we have living legends that serve us. we send them to all 99 counties we send them to des moines and washington dc, and they send back to us our wishes and prayers and desires that take us right to the people. that is what living legends do and that is what senator grassley does. [applause] when i was in washington dc about a year and a half ago, i got to spend two days with senator grassley. absolutely amazing. the man that you know in your counties, the man you see on those commercials during election time, that's the man that represents us in the capital. there is no washington dc grassley, there is only alert
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county iowa grassley. -- only butler county, iowa grassley. this is a man who job to six miles and did he asked if i wanted to jog with him. i said i can't jog 500 feet. he jogged six miles and was waiting for me when i got to the capital. i saw him go in and face national media over and over and over again that day. he never took a note card with him. he even talks to media with his heart the same way he talks to us with his heart and the country with his heart. i would say there is not another state in this union that has a senator with the integrity, with the intelligence, and with the iowa values. that is the reason why we are proud, every single one of us are proud, that there is a farmer on the judiciary
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committee, and that's our farmer. [applause] i will not belabor the point anymore. i want to introduce to you the embodiment of iowa, the embodiment of republicanism, the embodiment of this great state i wanted to bring out a farmer from butler county who is the chair of the judiciary committee, senator grassley, on out. -- senator grassley come on out. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. i am chuck grassley, and iowa
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farmer. and i don't think i have to tell you that it is such an honor to represent iowa in the united states senate. it's quite obvious that i am not running for president, but i will chair the judiciary committee. [applause] i know some people in our economy get hurt. -- gets tired of me saying this, but i'm not a lawyer. let me suggest to you that you have heard a lot of reasons why we need a new president. if i don't repeat those don't hold it against me because i think it questions the common sense of iowa, because it is so obvious that we need a new
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president. i'm going to bore you with some other things. we need a new attorney general. [applause] and i'm going to chair the confirmation hearing for a person that i hope does a much better job than william holder. i want to assure you that during that long day we are going to have next wednesday, and i have pledged to my republican colleagues as well as it applies to the democratic colleagues, i am going to sit there until every question that wants to be asked orally will be asked orally. my colleagues and i will ask the president's nominees questions to hold her accountable.
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we will find out where she stands, even though i met with her for a short period of time. that happens too often, i'm sorry to say. hopefully this person will be less political than holder, this person will be less transparent than holder come of this person will be more accountable than holder --then holder, this person will be more accountable than holder, and this person will enforce the laws more than holder. you heard me emphasize the constitutional role of congress not just to pass laws but to make sure those laws are faithfully executed by any president, republican or democrat. what they tell you accountability has been sorely missing in the department of justice.
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my intent is to make sure that the department is held more accountable by congress or the judiciary committee doing its constitutional job of oversight. that includes ending its stonewalling and getting to the bottom of fast and furious. [applause] my agenda is big. as new chairman, it includes passing a balanced budget amendment out of our committee and hopefully through the senate. because we have to control federal spending. too often we think of that as accounting. an economic issue. it is also a moral issue, not to leave this tremendous debt to the next generation. that means that we are very secular. we have to consider the moral issues of deficit spending as well.
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we will work to protect the constitution, not just the constitution but according to its original intent. now it shouldn't be necessary for any of us to say that, but it is. because this administration, the obama administration, has repeatedly violated the column's the tuition -- the constitution. a pen and a phone cannot replace our elected representatives. [applause] the president pushed through the biggest violation of federalism in our history in the supreme -- in our history, and the supreme court said that. the epa is proposing to order states to enforce epa regulated emissions standards, and even be
10:44 am
right all the water loss in our country. that would violate the 10th amendment to the constitution. he made a recess appointment to the nlrb wall the senate was in session. the supreme court rejected that unanimously. -- unanimously by saying the plain reading of the constitution is such that only the senate can determine when we are in recess, not the president of the united states. the constitution grants congress the power to enact uniform rules of naturalization. but the president unilaterally decided that he could enable millions of people who entered the country illegally to remain here without congress having anything to say about it.
10:45 am
the right way is to adhere to the constitution, to follow the oath of office. the wrong way is to violate the constitution and not uphold that oath. the president is not above the constitution. congress is a co-equal branch of government. the constitution establishes checks and balances precisely to check abuses of power. we remember george the third. one person told 13 colonies what they can and cannot do. so we made sure that one person did and run -- didn't run the united -- didn't run the government of the united states. for the last thing protection of individual freedom. with our new conservative majority in the united states
10:46 am
senate, i sure hope we do that job of checking as we are supposed to of president acts too often against the constitution. today, a day to hear from presidential hopefuls. nothing less than the constitution is at stake in this 2016 presidential election. it is about the constitution, or whether a pen and a phone can replace it. many important supreme court rulings protecting our rights are decided by a one-vote margin. if the next president appoints justices who appoint the constitution as they hope it should be, as they desire it should be, rather than original intent those cases will go the other way. we all know our bill of rights protects individual rights.
10:47 am
we value, as is demonstrated here today free speech with emphasis on protecting the most important of all speech in a democracy, political speech, as much as any other rights in the first amendment and more so. [applause] but it is scary to tell you that for justices are already on record saying that freedom of speech is a collective right and somehow not an individual right. four liberal justices have an upside down understanding of the constitution. they would vote to allow the congress to limit your right to participate in the political process by limiting speech. the constitution has to he amended to do that after the supreme court has gone a long ways in that direction. do you know there are liberal
10:48 am
elements in the united states senate. in almost all of them have introduced a constitutional amendment that would start amending the first amendment. that is a slippery slope that could lead us to the abolishment of the bill of rights as we have known it for 230 years. we can't let that happen. [applause] so, as i close, the stakes are very high. 20 or so people are going to to you the same thing. i want to leave here by telling you i intend to let you know that i understand that the stakes are high. and even though it is not the most significant role in the congress of the united states being chairman of the judiciary is an important role. and i will be fighting with you and for you.
10:49 am
[applause] [applause] >> i have another privilege here, and that's the privilege to introduce an individual that i met about two decades ago. she was a little girl them. she became the clark county treasurer. she was reelected three times as treasurer when there was an open seat in the iowa senate. kim reynolds was the one who
10:50 am
gave a look to that race. ira member it was a tough primary and she stopped in and we sat down in creston. get right into the middle of the places that look like maybe they aren't a's friendly to you and let them get to know you. one of the things she did, she went down to the sale barn in creston and when they introduced her as a candidate for state senate, kim reynolds jumped up and hit her head on a beam. that day she sat there, that is the first time i noticed there is something about her. she was taking notes, she was listening, she was commenting, and she was telling me what she would do. and i saw and heard the eye of the tiger. that look that you know she is going to follow through and she is going to succeed. that is something that has followed through all along.
10:51 am
so the privilege of watching kim reynolds develop her political career and be finally elected to the iowa senate, the privilege of nominating her at the state convention back in june of 2010 and seeing her elected as governor alongside terry branstad -- this is not somebody who is just going off to be a formal type of lieutenant governor. this is a working lieutenant governor that is engaged in the state policy, side-by-side shoulder to shoulder with governor branstad. this young lady is a friend. she is not afraid to go to the sale barn. she showed that the governor's celebrities -- the year before sheela -- she ran a lap around the ring. she would not let that wild steer gopi and she's a fighter she has the eye of the tiger. i tried to compete against her once at the celebrity stair showdown at the decatur fair.
10:52 am
she came away the grand champion from that show. i know where i placed, i place class -- placed last because i had a heifer. this is one terrific lieutenant governor. lieutenant governor kim reynolds. [applause] >> good morning, and thank you congressman king for that very nice introduction. congressman king is a great friend. what he didn't tell you is i did jump up at the sale barn. i think it brought me a little sympathy because i did leave with a few checks after that travel. i was pretty proud of is able to hold onto that steer as we
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walked into that arena and took off at full speed. it is an honor to be here this morning. i want to give a warm welcome to all of you who traveled to our great state today to share and be a part of the iof read them summit. it really is such an honor to have -- iowa freedom summit. it really is such an honor to serve with -- serve as lieutenant governor. i said as i drove in this morning, to spend a day listening to leaders talk about why they think it is so important to get this country back on track, certainly it is a strong testament to all of you in this room, but to iowans as a whole in our commitment to get something changed. we must restore america as a
10:54 am
global power and later, we must respect and restore our commitment to our core principles both domestically and abroad. we must stand to defend the constitution, our liberties and the right of the american people over their government. america needs a chafe -- a chief executive who understands that leadership is not a political speech, it is not a title or afterthought, or being liked but rather with someone with conviction. a true leader who is willing to roll up his or her sleeve, make the tough decision, take on the complex issues, and create an inspiring vision through the uncertainties that we face today as a nation. a leader with the capacity to unite us as a nation, rather than terrorists a part through class warfare.
10:55 am
it can be done, it must be done. simply put, leadership matters. just look at what strong leadership current, and vision has done here in iowa. when governor branstad and i took office in 2011, the state was in trouble. we faced a $900 million projected budget deficit. money that had been used for ongoing expenses, unemployment was high, and poor budgeting had led to a kite, which triggered automatic tax increases. even with a divided legislature we worked across the party line and we put iowans first. we led with discipline and focus on a clear path to financial stability, economic growth educational excellence, and a responsible government. today iowa has a $700 million
10:56 am
budget surplus. new jobs have been created in our state. [applause] unemployment has been slashed by 30%. and we passed largest tax cut in iowa's history. [applause] we've made historic investments in iowa's schools and our greatest asset, our children. and we did all of that without raising taxes. [applause] without question, the interests of went has been at the center of each decision, each policy, and every initiative implemented. and the cares and concerns of
10:57 am
iowans will continue to drive and determine our success. indeed iowa is on the right track for an even brighter future. we laid a great foundation and i am so optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead. that certainly is in stark contract to what is happening to our country under this president. i am confident that we can grow the economy, not our government that we can free up capital and empowered individuals create an environment where opportunities exist for all. we can and we will get our nation back on track. so over the next year i encourage all candidates to come to iowa and to come often. visit all 99 counties.
10:58 am
iowans just like today are eager to hear your ideas. we are eager to hear your solutions. and we are willing to work to elect the right leader to restore america to greatness. [applause] so again i just want to commend you for being here. again, it is an honor to serve. have a great day. bless you, god bless the state and god bless this amazing country. thank you. [applause] >> please welcome someone you all know and love, the conservative leader sam clovis. [applause]
10:59 am
>> what a glorious day. what a glorious day to be an island. what a great day to be here. -- an island. -- an iowan. what a great day to be here. i haven't done anything in the past 18 months or so. then out and about here. i do want to let you all know that my wife found me as a person of interest again. my dogs have stopped barking at the when i come into the house. we are here today to talk about the next president of the united states. we have quite a lineup of people who are here to tell you why they think they should be the next president. i'm here because i have the honor today to introduce one of the cohosts of this event, a person who represents something that i think is so lacking in the american political landscape today, and that is the courage
11:00 am
and fearlessness and dedication to principal that allows people like you and me to enjoy the freedoms that we have, and in particular, the freedom of speech. celebrate the anniversary of the creation of citizens united. this week we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the supreme court decision that allowed us to preserve freedom of speech. this is one of the greatest events that we have had a occur in recent history. and we had the fellow -- we have the fellow who was at the head of this that i will be introducing briefly. he has led the documentation of 25 different films that are critically acclaimed. he is the person who is the president and ceo of citizens united a former congressional investigator. it is my honor, my privilege and my private -- and my pleasure to introduce my mentor my friend, a person whom -- a
11:01 am
person with whom i love spending >> wow. i owe sam a little bit of money for that. thank you. welcome to the iowa freedom summit. i hope you all are enjoying it so far. it's going to be a wonderful day. we are just getting warmed up. i'm so honored and proud to be here with you. i'm the president of citizens united. we are so proud to be cohosting this important conference. thank you do congressman steve kane. this event would not have been
11:02 am
able to be possible without him. he is a dedicated and thoughtful public servant and is really an important conservative leader. it was he and his staff really helped put this together. i want to say thanks to steve king raid. as the cohost i get to take time to thank folks. i want to thank my family for putting up with the stress these types of events cause. my wife, susan, and one of my children isabella, is here. this is a great day to be able to share with family. i have family here from alabama as well. i want to recognize a couple folks who really helped make this possible.
11:03 am
my good friend al moore is here from st. louis, missouri. al was inspired to become the primary financial sponsor of this historic event as a tribute to the memory of his dear wife betty who just passed away in april. thank you, al for your continued service to america. in the defense of liberty, we could not have made this happen without you. somebody else i want to recognize is bob and rebecca mercer, who are here from new york. they are tremendous patriots who spent a lot of time supporting conservatives and organizations all across the country. i want to thank our lunch sponsor, tea party patriots, for providing our lunch today, and townhall media red state, sean mccutchen, american legacy pack,
11:04 am
are all sponsors for the day. i want to thank them for all they do for the conservative movement. [applause] ronald reagan said freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. we did not pass it on to our children in their bloodstream. it must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. that is why we are all here today. as patriotic americans and conservative activists, to ensure that freedom and opportunity that we all grew up with will still be here when our children and grandchildren are grown. this is not guaranteed. we must be vigilant and see to it that the american dream survives for future generations. it was in 2008 that barack obama
11:05 am
told us he was going to transform -- fundamentally transform america. six years later, we all know what that means now. for obama, it all started with slowly but surely chipping away at our god-given liberties, a daily assault on the family, the free market economy, and our men and women in uniform. to defeat him, we must dedicate ourselves to stopping obama's massive government intrusion into our lives. let the past six years have really reuven is that his liberal policy agenda does not work and never will. [applause] president obama has enacted much of his failed agenda, like obama
11:06 am
care, through shady maneuvering. or, like amnesty, through executive fiat. under obama, government has inserted itself into the lives of americans like never before. it regulates more, spends more and takes more of our money in taxes than any government in history. for many reasons, our country is mired in darkness. our left-wing hollywood culture is folder, frivolous, and profane. [applause] it no longer values life or human dignity. it mocks religion and treats our traditional values and those who still hold them as objects of ridicule. it exalts the obscene. our federal government has
11:07 am
become the nightmare that our founding fathers warned us about. but we can reverse it as long as there are patriotic conservatives willing to stand up for the america of our founders, the america that reagan believed in, the america that saved the world from the tall at terry and his him and created the world has ever known -- totalitarianism and created the world has ever known. you must get involved in saving america. as edmund burke said, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. today you are going to get a chance to hear from america's a great conservative leaders on the frontline of defending your individual liberty, from state
11:08 am
houses to board rooms to the presidential debate stage. these men and women believe in american exceptionalism, and that our best days are yet to come, that we still think that shining city on the hill that ronald reagan spoke so found lay of -- fondly of is still there. taxes that will -- leaders that will cut taxes and beat back the crushing burden of government regulation. this unprecedented lineup of american leaders will be the ones who formulate the policies with your guidance that will get america back on the right track. they stand tall for the family and our sacred values. they stand up for marriage. they stand up for the wise -- lives of our most vulnerable citizens, the unborn. these leaders are not afraid to tell the truth, that evil exists in america, in the world.
11:09 am
they believe in the united states of america that leads the world by standing for freedom. these leaders understand that islamic terrorists are on the march, and america must technology it, confront it, and destroy it, period. [applause] but they need you. they need americans from all across the country to join with them if we are going to save america. america's best days are yet to come. if we restore american values and american liberty, we can fix our problems and become that shining city on the hill once again. our values are too strong. our people are too good to be defeated. america's moral compass is not broken. every time we have faced an enemy who would deprive us of our liberties, we had defeated
11:10 am
them, and this time will be no different . [applause] despite obama's rosy rhetoric at the state of the union, the reality of our economy is it is still struggling. obama's economic policies have failed miserably. crony capitalists work hand-in-hand with government bureaucrats to secure special favors and special treatment while hard-working americans lose their jobs and their homes. president obama and the liberal elites in washington don't value an honest days work, and instead think government dependency is the best we can do as a nation. we know better. we know that when we unleash the economic power of the free market, america's economy will be great once again. our national leaders in policies must empower people to succeed.
11:11 am
no government handout can give someone the dignity that comes with earning a paycheck and supporting a family. our hope for a better tomorrow must rest in the free enterprise system and the knowledge that it is the only way to build a lasting prosperity. under president obama, his administration and his administration, our foreign has become a disgrace. america is far less secure and far less respected around the world since obama took office. barack obama and hillary clinton 's record of national security have been abysmal failure. whether it is fighting islamic terrorism, iran, syria libya, the russian resets, or our relationship with israel, obama and clinton have damaged america's national security and
11:12 am
our standing with our allies around the world. restoring freedom, no matter how hard we fight for it, will be meaningless if we cannot defend it. during the obama administration, america has seemed weak, living from one international crisis to another, while our enemies grow bolder. america must provide the moral clarity for the rest of the world to follow. [applause] the tyrants of the world today are no different than the tyrants of the past. they are all at heart cap words to feel -- fear the -- cowards who fear the cleansing of liberty. america must project strength and be a fearless champion around the world. there is nothing stopping us from being great once again. we can and must restore our
11:13 am
economic, social, and religious liberties. let that fight begin here and begin now. [applause] our children and our grandchildren deserve nothing less. let's not let freedom become a memory. liberty is a gift bestowed upon us by god, and government cannot take it away. but we must fight for it. we must reestablish and recommit to our traditional values -- faith, family, and freedom. thank you, and god bless america. [applause] now, you get to see steve king and make quite a bit today because we get to do the introductions. i now have the distinct pleasure of introducing one of the leading conservative thinkers in america.
11:14 am
he is described as one of the godfathers of the tea party movement great he is one of america's foremost conservative leaders heading our movement's most preeminent washington policy organization. he served in congress for 14 years, where he championed causes of limited government, lower taxes, and economic freedom. always ready to fight for principles, and never afraid to take on the republican leaders. as a united states senator, he built the coalition now populated by superstars like ted cruz mike leigh, and the new senator, ben sasse, working tirelessly and fear of -- fearlessly to bring battle ready conservative warriors to the halls of congress. he founded the senate conservatives fund, a conservative grassroots organization that took the fight to obama care, wasteful spending and leaving republican
11:15 am
legislatures itching to compromise. when he resigned from the united states senate, he shocked washington when he went to the heritage foundation. he has transformed it into a major force for truth and liberty in america. ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming a true champion of the grassroots, my friend, senator jim demint. [applause] >> thank you and hello, hawkeye state. [applause] it is great to be with all of you today. i could not help but notice the model of iowa, our liberties we prize and our rights we will
11:16 am
maintain. what a great motto. [applause] it is a great motto it has a determined spirits, it is unlike states like illinois that act like they're motto is spend to the end, or california's new motto is maybe we pledge to live on the edge. [laughter] i'm glad we are here in iowa, where the love of freedom is as vast as all the cornfields. iowa always gets a head start on every presidential race. you already have some of the best prospects for 2016 backstage today. it will be a good day for all of you. speaking of election, there seems to be confusion about who really won the election last november. [laughter] president obama thinks it is those who did not vote who won the election. even worse, the washington establishment, the k street
11:17 am
lobbyists and their government cronies think they won last year's election. they think they defeated the tea party and all the conservatives in the primaries. now they want their payback. they want their amnesty for cheap labor. they want their crony export-import enck, their internet sales tax, there you and treaties -- u.n. treaties. they want more easy money from the fed to keep the stock market going up, and they want more spending, despite our unsustainable debt. they want to continue business as usual in washington. that is what the grown-ups call governing. that is what they call bipartisan compromise, because
11:18 am
the big spending liberals in both parties want to get back to business as usual in washington. the crony capitalists in washington think they have vanquished the conservatives. they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get rid of those pesky patriots who stood in the way of reckless spending bailouts, cronyism, and regulations that benefit big business while destroying small businesses across america. but we are here in iowa today to tell them they are dead wrong. the republicans who won seats in the house and senate last november ran against the status quo. practically every republican ran against executive amnesty and obama care. many ran against big government programs like the export-import bank. they all talked about excessive
11:19 am
spending waste, and that and they were all elected because they promised to serve as conservatives and because conservative voters turned out to vote while the moderates and liberals stayed home. we put them there. our job as conservative leaders and organizations and private citizens is to make sure that these congressmen and senators continue to hear the voices of freedom minded americans, and not be co-opted by the chattering class inside washington. we also must build public support for our ideas, convince all americans are lives will be better and their future brighter if they use our policies. our policies create opportunity for everyone but favoritism for non-. we don't divide america into small groups and practice the politics of the vision like obama and his leftist allies. we don't advocate for corporate handouts while trying to cut the
11:20 am
benefits of the most vulnerable, like some hypocritical politicians. conservatism is much bigger than just a political philosophy. it is a worldview that continues to improve the lives and standards of living for everyone by understanding and building on those timeless principles that have worked for generations all around the world. we want to build a better future for everyone by conserving the ideas that work and applying them to our challenges today. conserving the best ideas from the past is something people do all the time. the folks who build that smart phone in your pocket did not start from scratch. these technological miracles were built by combining centuries of knowledge with innovative ideas today to make your phone just a little bit better this year than it was last year. public policy should work the same way. that is why we devote considerable resources every
11:21 am
year doing research about what policies have worked in the past, what policies are working at the states today and around the world, so we can help develop policies for the future that are based on sound, concerted runcible's and ideas that have proven themselves. this is how we can make real progress as a society and as a nation are at as we head into the next presidential election, let's make sure all americans no that conservative policies will make america better more prosperous, and stronger in the future. we should begin by reminding fellow citizens that a strong and prosperous america depends on three things. a strong society, a strong economy, and a strong defense. these three pillars support the foundation for conservative ideas, and they are interdependent and inseparable. america will not have a strong
11:22 am
economy without a strong society that produces people with the character and capabilities to succeed. we cannot have a strong defense unless we have a strong economy and a federal government that is limited to its constitutional responsibilities, which as you it -- you know, is -- [laughter] primary responsibility of the federal government is to defend and protect our homeland and our people. that is what we need to focus on. [applause] these are not complicated ideas unless they are obscured and made confusing by the media and the politicians. how do we build a strong society? let's change the welfare programs that are supposed to help the poor and make sure they encourage marriage and strong families instead of causing their decline.
11:23 am
[applause] the numbers don't lie. a child grows up in a home with a married mother and father is very unlikely to live in poverty. it is an economic issue as well as a cultural issue. let's also create an education system that benefits children rather than union bosses and politicians. [applause] several states have shown us how to create education opportunity for all children, building on successes from other states or conserving their good ideas, arizona created education savings accounts that provide parents with a substantial amount of money to choose the best education opportunities for their children. it's a great idea. disabled children receive a larger allocation for specialized education. parents can homeschool, hire tutors, joined with other
11:24 am
parents to contract for teaching specialists, or send their children to a traditional public, private, or faith-based school. if parents don't spend all the money in their child's education savings account in one year, the balance passes over to the next year. they even have children going to college now on the surpluses from education savings accounts. it is a simple idea. these two ideas alone, federal programs that encourage strong families and more education opportunities, will build a safer communities, more capable citizens, more opportunities and a stronger american society. these ideas won't cost taxpayers an additional dime. they would actually cut federal spending. these are not hard ideas. a strong society will support a stronger american economy, but we need to stop the federal government from holding our economy back like they have
11:25 am
tried to do with energy development. the energy revolution in america is a golden opportunity to control our own destiny, create prosperity for our citizens, solve the unsustainable debt problem's at the state and federal level, and support freedom minded allies all around the world. practically all the recent energy development has been on private and state lands. the federal government has severely restricted new energy development trade the federal government controls almost 1/3 of the land mass in the u.s. can you imagine the opportunities we would create if the federal government let prosperity happen? it would be incredible. [applause] this is going to really shock you, but conservatives are the real progressives in washington. it's true. i know it's a little
11:26 am
uncomfortable to hear, but it is the conservatives fighting against the status quo. they are committed to ending business as usual in washington and showing americans how we can progress to a better future for everyone. conservatives want to progress to a nimble thomas citizen centered government, government closer to home at the state and local level that is more accountable and effective, where people have many choices in all areas of their lives, not just the one choice offered by the federal government. [applause] common sense. if we can do it with cell phones and computers we can certainly do it with health care and education, and especially values. folks, americans must be free to decide what they believe and what they value without government-sponsored intimidation. [applause]
11:27 am
the ones calling for government solutions -- it is the independent conservatives who are offering the roadmap to real progress. ask yourself, where are the bold, student centered reforms in education coming from? certainly not the liberal leaders in lockstep with teachers unions, working to shut down parent directed choices public charters, and stop more education opportunities for students. it is the conservatives who have introduced enhancing education opportunities for all students act. the plan to return control of dollars and education decisions to families. it is the conservatives who support the hero act, which aims at reforming the accreditation process in higher education to break the liberal monopoly in universities and give students more for their money and more
11:28 am
marketable skills. what about new energy solutions that will lower the cost of living for regular americans and eliminate our dependence on unfriendly foreign countries for oil? look to supporters of the expand act, which encourages a modern approach to energy development and help achieve the goal of american energy independence. ask yourself who is dedicated to shining a spotlight is on corruption. it is definitely not this administration which the associated press has found to be the least transparent in history. it's not going to be the financial giants who are too big to fail, but not too big to bail. if you want to end the secrecy
11:29 am
and cozy relationships between big government and big business, look to conservatives who started and created the path act, which gets government out of the mortgage business, it's taxpayers off the hook tom and allows free competition. conservatives see a problem and say we need to change something. the washington political establishment sees a problem and says we need more money and more of the same. it is obvious who offers the solutions that will bring real progress to america. for us real progressives, all of our solutions have something in common. no matter what the issue is, in order to give people freedom and education prosperity at home, and dignity in society, we need to clear the road blocks of cronyism ahead. they kids of mismanagement in washington have left the path of opportunity blocked by backroom deals and political favoritism.
11:30 am
we must clear out all these obstacles of cronyism to move forward. we must not be tempted by detours just to avoid confrontations with the left. they will fight to hold every inch they have taken from freedom. as[applause] this drive for progress will have many backseat drivers and naysayers. too many powerful people benefit from the current structure of control. equality under the law has been replaced with sweetheart deals. this is neither free market nor responsible government. it is cronyism.
11:31 am
it is the single greatest roadblock to reform, and you can find it everywhere in washington. and heritage and throughout the conservative movement, we are giving notice to those who turned lawmaking into profit taking. whether they walked the walls -- halls of congress, or k street, we will expose those who have bent the constitutions of the common good to serve their own greed. our rallying cry is opportunity for all, but favoritism for none. [applause] i know you and millions of americans across the nation share this great vision. all they want is a fair shot at the american dream. it seems the only place that does not share this vision is washington itself. i ask you to join me in welcoming all the true conservatives who follow me today, the real progressives,
11:32 am
who will be speaking about their solutions for stronger, more prosperous america with opportunity for all. thank you for standing with us for the cause of freedom and supporting us in the fight to save this wonderful country. god bless all of you. have a great day. [applause] thank you. thank you, everyone. >> we have asked our next two speakers here today to discuss the importance of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina in the nomination process for a conservative nominee. our next speaker has been a conservative leader in his home state of new hampshire for over 10 years, taking the fight for
11:33 am
limited government and fiscal sanity right to the liberal left. he has been involved in conservative politics for decades, serving as chair of the new hampshire republican party's platform committee. 10 years ago he won my collection to the house of representatives and in four years he rose to the position of speaker of the house of new hampshire. he pushed through a fiscally responsible budget that sent the liberal unions into a frenzy. in a scene reminiscent of the chaos of scott walker's reforms union activists tried to shut down debate on the new hampshire house floor. he would have none of it. he has been an outspoken critic of obama care as well, pointing out the disastrous law gave the government unlimited power to pursue people who have the audacity to try and keep the health insurance plans that they liked.
11:34 am
his criticism earned him a target on his back with president obama himself attacking him during a speech in defense of obama care. he is still fighting in the legislature. you never know what the future may hold for him. please join me in welcoming all the way from new hampshire former speaker of the new hampshire house, bill o'brien. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. i want to thank dave. i'm honored to be here and speak with you today. i want to thank congressman king and citizens united for organizing this. there are so many distinguished speakers and guests here today i would not know where to start in the balloting them -- acknowledging them.
11:35 am
the iowa conservatives, it is to speak with you that i came from new hampshire today. it is not as the president of the hampshire republican house leader. it is because, just like you that i am an activist, and want to speak to you. in hampshire we have 400 state representatives. they get paid $100 a year. our activists get elected to the state house. i am one of those activists. like many of you ensuring presidential caucus and primary is over the establishment republicans and liberal media tell us who we must nominate for president if we are to win. when they convince us that republicans need to put rents a polls and convictions aside, the establishment thinks it's job is done, and the liberal media goes
11:36 am
to work. the media's job is to promote the latest democrat disaster in the general election, and take away from america the chance to read jane -- regain greatness. i'm here to spread the message to potential candidates and the iowa republicans the new hampshire grassroot activists are committed to republican principles of limited government , individual sovereignty, the inalienable right of self protection, the right of every child born and unborn, to life, and because we hold those convictions, we ask you to join us. join us this time in ensuring that a conservative candidates goes on to the later primaries. [applause] we conservatives in the early
11:37 am
decision states of new hampshire and iowa and south carolina must ensure that the republican party is led by a conservative candidate in november 2016. [applause] we must not fall victim to the quadrennial phase that starts off with establishment republicans and the liberal media telling us to nominate a moderate so we can win, and ends up with a moderate losing. these moderates lose because they cannot draw distinctions between themselves and the real democrat candidates. we in owa, -- iowa, hampshire
11:38 am
south carolina must not again send a republican candidate who either does not have the courage of his convictions, or has no convictions, into a debate with the presidential nominee of the democrats. let us nominate a republican with convictions, our convictions. i don't know what is worse nominating someone because he has been nominated twice before or nominating a liberal supporter of common cause -- common core because he has a familiar name. are we going to do that again? are we going to have the liberal media laughing at us when they fake us into nominating someone who is not liberal enough to gain democrat votes but too liberal for america? republicans win when we directly
11:39 am
and unapologetically present our philosophy of liberty permitted by limited government and founded on individual sovereignty. we lose when we nominate rhinos. [applause] iowa, help new hampshire, help south carolina make sure we win. thank you. [applause] >> iowa does not have the market cornered on committed constitutional conservatives, do we? we heard from new hampshire and we're about to hear from south carolina. congressman jeff duncan is here.
11:40 am
we think the next president of the united states is likely to be speaking from the stage today. i first met jeff duncan on a stage in south carolina, where elvis played. he was in a race there in a crime in south carolina for the u.s. congress, a race that had half a dozen candidates. you can see that jeff duncan was cream of the crop. i made that decision then. i supported him in every sense. he has 100% voting record. we just snapshot at this. -- snapshotted this. a+ with the club for growth. that tells you where jeff duncan is. he's a scrapper. he's a fighter. he's a walk-on football player and wide receiver for clemson university tigers. he's an auctioneer, a real estate man and a good shot.
11:41 am
he sold me a shotgun. we're going to go to the reserve and unlimited that shotgun -- unlimber that shotgun and get fresh air. the voice of south carolina conservatives, congressman jeff duncan. [applause] >> thank you. thanks for that great introduction. he threw in the hunting aspect. that's important to i once. -- iowans. i share the stage was so many great leaders in the conservative movement. i have a prepared speech, but i'm not going to use it. i know what i believe, and i think you know what you believe. let's have a conversation for the five minutes i have. i'm a southerner. my southern drawl may take up to five minutes saying thank you
11:42 am
for being here, god bless all that. 40 years ago this week, ronald reagan told a group of people, we should carry a banner of bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on the issues. america needs boldness again today, probably more than ever. we need at the presidential level, we needed at the united states congress. we need at the state government. and we needed at the grassroots level. just your attendance today shows you agree that we need oldness -- boldness. the presidential primaries are coming up. caucuses in iowa, primaries in south carolina -- south carolina iowa, and new hampshire share a commonality. we get to have all the candidates come. whether there is 10 or six or 20 or 24, they are all going to come to iowa, south carolina, new hampshire. we get a chance to have a conversation with them.
11:43 am
we get a chance to tell them what is on our minds. we get to hear their vision for america. we get to give whoever the potential nominee is some momentum going into that election. that is so important. what do they need to hear? i put it in terms of the founding fathers. what can we do as a nation and me as a congressman to unleash the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that helps americans create jobs? government does create jobs, but government creates government jobs. america creates american jobs. what can we do to help americans create jobs and get back to work? energy. energy is a segue to job creation. if you look at north dakota, louisiana, and texas, the reason they have low unemployment rates is because of the energy sector. energy has got to be part of the platform. we don't need to take our foot
11:44 am
off the accelerator for american energy independence. johnson energy, and then our founding fathers, those constitutional principles of limited government, free markets spelled out in the constitutional documents. jobs energy, and the founding fathers. if you take the first letters of those, they spell "jeff," and that's a great message. i vote no in washington a lot. [applause] i'm often asked, how can you get to a yes? i can vote yes on a secure border. we are a sovereign nation. i can vote yes on a balanced budget, one that does not use
11:45 am
accounting gimmicks and budget tricks, the truly balances. we can't use accounting gimmicks or budget tricks. if you do, lois lerner might come to see you. i can vote yes to spending cuts as long as those are true spending cuts. the entitlement programs are bankrupting this country, and not the spending cuts that hurt and decimate our u.s. military. if you are a veteran in this room, thank you. god bless you. these are the things the presidential candidates need to hear. they need to hear it early. i can get it in their platform and start being your voice going forward in the presidential race. governing is tough. you should not have to govern with thousand page bills that i don't get a chance to read, whether they are nancy pelosi's bills are john boehner's bills.
11:46 am
something is wrong with the process. [applause] we are going to pick a new president. he can use his cell phone, and he can use his pen as long as he uses his pen to sign the bills that the united states congress passes through. i club the other night when the president said he did not have another election -- clapped the other night when the president said he did not have another election. look, we are going to elect a new president. we're going to return the constitutional government. we are going to cut spending. we're going to be energy and dependent. -- independent. thank you for having the opportunity to share your voice.
11:47 am
thank you to all the other folks that are here from iowa. your text messages, your tweet your phone calls, facebook messages, all that works. stay engaged in the process. that is how we are going to turn back america. god bless you here in iowa. thanks for having me. i look forward to talking with you more. thank you. [applause] >> let's welcome the cochairman of the iowa republican party. [applause] >> thank you. it's great to be with each of you here today. i want to say welcome to everybody, welcome to iowa. the kickoff of the 2016 presidential cycle. [applause]
11:48 am
we in iowa are proud of a lot of things. we are proud to be number one in the production of hogs, corn soybeans, and chickens. [laughter] we are home of the iowa straw bowl. we are proud to welcome all candidates to iowa, and we want everybody to know the republican party of iowa will roll out the red carpet, welcome everybody to iowa and bring your message and your vision for our country to iowa. we know that when you do that, when you leave iowa after doing council meetings and meeting with iowa voters face-to-face, you're going to take a little bit of iowa with you forward to change the direction of this country. [applause] we are proud to have elected kerry branstad, our governor said two new --sent two new
11:49 am
congressman to congress great where project have elected the first female, veteran ever to the united states senate, joni ernst -- combat veteran ever to the united states senate, joni ernst. we are proud to be the home of a farmer, chuck grassley. we are proud to be the home of an american treasure. it is my honor to introduce a man who is principled, willing to take tough stands, and is a rising star in the republican party, rod blum. rod is a native i one and small businessmen. -- iowan and small businessmen. he earned his mba from the university of debuted. then rod set off to set his own course of the american dream and began a software company.
11:50 am
he grew his company from five employees to over 300 and five years. for that he was recognized as the iowa entrepreneur of the year. for the last several years rod has met payroll, created jobs, and balanced budgets. i think washington, d.c. could use more of that, don't you? [applause] rod ran for congress because he loves america and he believes that we can, should, and will do better. rod and his wife have five wonderful children and live in the butte. lee's welcome a leader willing to take tough stands, and also a former basketball coach my friend, our congressman, problem -- rod blum. [applause]
11:51 am
>> thank you very much for that wonderful introduction, cody. cody is someone i have always looked up to. [laughter] hello, freedom loving iowans! good morning! i would like to thank tongass ms. steve king and citizens united for making this day possible. during the last campaign i ran for 587 days. my mother, 82 years old, passed away during the campaign. it was a very difficult time. she always told me, rodney, if you tell my political jokes on the campaign trail, you will win for sure. [laughter] my mother had a little dementia and i could never convince her i was not running against
11:52 am
president obama. true tstory. here is one of my mother's jokes. husband and wife are walking along a beach. they stumble across a bottle. the pick up the bottle. out pops a genie. the genie says i will grant each of you anyone wish. the husband does not even stop to think. he says, i wish for everlasting life. the genie says, that is the one thing i cannot grant. you will have to talk to the almighty about everlasting life. he turns to the wife. she stops and thinks. she says, my wish is i wish to die the day after congress balances the budget. [laughter] [applause] based on what i have seen in
11:53 am
washington in the first months of being there, she's going to live a long time, my friends. mom, they liked it. i was one of the 25 of people in the gop house of representatives that cast the first vote. i cast my first vote for change. this was not anything personal with speaker boehner. very nice man, i get along with him well, even today. it was a vote against the status quo. iran for -- i ran for two years across iowa telling people i will vote against the status quo. my first vote reflected that. business as usual is holding back this country, my friends. [applause]
11:54 am
i won in the first district of iowa, one of the immersed democrat -- most democrat districts in owa. -- iowa. my secret to winning was i listened to we the people. my advice to the president shall candidate is listen to we the people. yes. [applause] i have only been there for 4 weeks, but i'm pretty sure the only special interest group not represented in washington, d.c. is we the people. [applause] our presidential candidates need to listen to working families when they tell them their incomes have not grown. they have gone down since barack obama has been president. it's a fact. median household income is down over the last six years.
11:55 am
median household net worth is down over the last six years. my friends, are working families are stressed. we need to listen to them. we need to reignite this economy. this is the worst economic recovery, the worst, post-world war ii. how can we change it? get government off the backs of our small businesses and out of our back talking book. -- pocketbook. let us do what we do, grow our businesses. our presidential candidates need to listen to the people when they say, my wife and i both work we pay our taxes, we are playing by the rules. but a large and growing segment of our population in this country chooses not to work. we need a rebirth of personal responsibility in this country. i can sum it up in one sense.
11:56 am
government should not do for a person that which they can do for themselves. [applause] our candidates need to listen to the people when they say we set around the kitchen table, we make the cuts necessary, we balance our budget, our city and county balance is their budget the state of iowa balance -- balances their budget -- why can't washington, d.c. be balanced? [applause] ronald reagan was right in 1980 and he would be right today when he said no nation can tax and spend its way to prosperity. [applause] our candidates need to listen to the people when they talk about government itself needing to be reformed. for two years on the campaign trail, the number one question i
11:57 am
got asked was how does barack obama and his administration get away with fill in the blank? how does the fbi, justice department get away with wiretapping reporters without a warrant? how does the nsa get away with spying on american citizens without a warrant? how does the president get away with selectively enforcing immigration laws? how does the president get away with providing backdoor amnesty? the message was sent in november. congress needs to send a message to the president that no one including the occupant of 1600 pennsylvania avenue, is above the law. [applause]
11:58 am
thomas jefferson said it best, and i will paraphrase it here he said there are two groups of people that can do harm to the great citizens of this wonderful nation of ours. the first are criminals. the second is government. let us bind the second group with the chains of constitution so they do not become legalized members of the first group. that my friends -- that my friends, is where we are at. [applause] in ending, my message to this wonderful presidential candidates we have -- it is an amazing lineup of candidates -- i have campaigned alongside most of them personally over the last two years -- my message is, it's not complicated. listen to we the people. thank you so much. god bless you. god bless iowa. god bless the united states of america. thank you. [applause]
11:59 am
>> all right. we're just getting started, you know. i first met joni ernst -- she's the only person in america in the last year that has risen to the level of -- she's recognized in every one of the 50 states by her first name alone joni. when i met her she was captain ernst in kuwait, and they were hauling warriors and supplies and weaponry over the road into baghdad. she cared about her men and set up to give each of those who needed it a conversation with
12:00 pm
their congressman. she had a four-year-old daughter she was worried about. she has a great husband. that little girl has grown up to 15 years old. i have seen this family friend long time. i've seen this family for a long time. i've watched joni ernst as she came as a captain and up to lieutenant colonel and was elected as county auditor. it was obvious joni ernst needed to be a state senator. she became a state senator, took a floor, held her ground. i watched her mature as a candidate through the primary for united states senate, then to the general election she matured again. now not only is she getting ready for this job, she is doing this job. she is the joy of all of us in this state who care about our voice going to washington dc. she gave a speech on tuesday night to rebuff the president


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