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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 22, 2015 7:00pm-9:01pm EST

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many of our citizens have not found their place in this new role. travel to bethlehem or yorke or redding. from rural counties dinner cities, the story is the same -- to inner cities, the story is the same. we used to know what schooling we needed to get good jobs, we used to know what skill they took to start a business and be part of the economy. now we are not so sure. we need new skills for this new era. we need to compete in a whole new way. because of that, pennsylvania, our state, stands at a crossroads. the industries we used to rely on to create good jobs are struggling to survive. paychecks are not keeping up with the cost of living. an ordinary family cannot afford college. too often, when we have looked to our leaders for answers, we have been disappointed and
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frustrated to the point where we feel cynical about our government. i ran for governor because i refuse to be part of the first generation of pennsylvanians forced to tell their children they need to go summer else to succeed. -- somewhere else to succeed. [applause] i read for governor because i believe with all my heart we can rebuild the middle class and get this state back on track. after all, remember who we are. like you, i have been proud of many things in my life. above all, i am proud to be pennsylvania, proud i was born here, raised here, that i call this state my home. that is why i want to restore the believe that pennsylvania is not just another place, another state. pennsylvania is something bigger, something much better. it is an idea. pennsylvania is an idea that all
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things are possible. it is that idea that brought william penn here. the holy experiment where religious minorities but draper's seclusion or prosperity -- could trade persecution for prosperity. it is the idea that on one summer day in philadelphia 56 patriots can sign an extraordinary declaration that could create a remarkable new country. it is the idea we can create new things. pennsylvania was the state that gave pennsylvania -- that gave the first stock exchange, commercial oil well, computer and art museum. we are amazing. we have always pursued the ideas that all things are possible with boldness and courage. i refuse to believe that we are any less innovative, any less
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entrepreneurial, any less committed to building a better future today than our ancestors were yesterday. [applause] now, to create new opportunities, we need to be bold. we need to work together and get started. we have to respect each other's ideas. we have to respect each other's values. we have to believe that none of us alone has all the answers. but together, we can find an approach. i have worked with all kinds of people. i have to get everybody to buy into the powerful idea that in that context, all things are possible. i'm going to bring that same mindset do this leadership position i'm taking on today. so how do we do it? how do we get pennsylvania back on track? how do we help the
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people of our state make their lives better? as you know, i laid out a plan during the weekend had to give pennsylvania a fresh start. we will debate that in the days and months and years to come. i want to do know that for the next four yours, my administration will be dedicated to three simple things. first, jobs that pay, second schools that teach, third, a government that works. [applause] that is what the wolf administration will be about. getting back on track means we will have to start with jobs that pay. as a business owner, i know the free market requires a constructive partner. that means our government should not do everything. it cannot do nothing either. one thing it candid crew -- can do is to make smart, strategic
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investments in public goods, education, health, transportation infrastructure -- rings that set the table for private sector growth. another thing it can do is create the conditions necessary to bring manufacturing jobs that your state. that is what i did in my job and my business and that is what i had to do here. we are also blessed with an abundance of natural resources -- gas, timber, coal son freshwater, open spaces, agricultural land, beautiful scenery, and an opportune location. to fulfill our potential, we must take full and absolutely responsible advantage of these resources. to the protesters here today, i say help me develop his opportunities in a way that is clean, safe, sustainable. [applause]
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thank you. if we want to be a state or the next animation can envision a bright future, pennsylvania has to offer a level playing field where all entrepreneurs can be offered in their risks will be fairly rewarded. the companies thriving entities global economy are those omitted to diversity -- committed to diversity. all of pennsylvania families deserve those same opportunities to matter what their race, sexual orientation, where they started life or who they are. [applause] that is important. my company has a profit-sharing plan. i believe that everybody working for me deserves a chance to share the benefits of their hard work. it also makes my company a lot better, a lot more successful. being inclusive, fair, saying
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good wages -- those are not just the right things to do, they are also the smart things to do. acting smartly is out we will grow this economy. that is first. second, getting pennsylvania back on track also means we need schools that teach and provide all of our young people with these skills they need to find good jobs and compete in the global economy. [applause] and this limited government free market system, our collective future depends on the next generation. our state will never be as strong as it these are the a schools have all of the resources they need while other schools are cutting band and football to keep the lights on. nothing is more essential than working together to make sure every child in pennsylvania -- every child -- has access to a good education. and, all teachers have the resources they need to deliver that great education. [applause]
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from early childhood to college and apprenticeships, we must strive to provide our kids and education -- an education that is affordable and second to none. our schools must be our highest priority. finally, getting pennsylvania back on track means creating a government that works, one that is worthy of our trust. we have to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, i get that. we also have to be good stewards of a grant democratic tradition. we need a government more efficient and less wasteful. we need a government responsive to the concerns and needs of the people it serves. by all means let's get rid of the things that make no sense. outdated laws, silly regulations. let's focus on leveling the
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playing field and making sure all businesses, all pennsylvania have a chance to get ahead. let's work to put the interest of hard-working families ahead of actual interest -- ahead of special interests. that is the kind of government i intend to leave -- lead. [applause] with a large deficit and a shrieking middle-class, our challenges are great. let's remember the last time america went through a great information, it was pennsylvania that led the nation through that great transformation -- the industrial revolution. we led them, weekend we today. it will take -- we can lead today. it'll take everyone working together to create a better future. i understand indifference some people feel, why fewer than 42% of its opinions -- of pennsylvanians turned out in the recent election. we cannot allow cynicism to deflate our democratic spirit or
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destroy our capacity to self govern. over the last three centuries, every generation has been called upon to write a new chapter to carry the idea of pennsylvania for it. now -- forward. i will do everything in my power to make pennsylvania a place where jobs pay, schools teach, government works, and where every pennsylvanian can believe in the fundamental notion that our democracy works. [applause] i hope that the elected officials from both parties from all across this commonwealth will join me in this effort. it is up to all of us, citizens of pennsylvania, to reclaim our government. ion asking for your ideas, passion, your hard work. i know if we come together with the sense of shared purpose, we can build a better future we all deserve.
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let's get started. may god bless us and as noble task and may god bless the commonwealth of pennsylvania. thank you very much. [applause] >> on the next washington journal, mark a ginsberg talks about the recent terror attacks in paris and the resignation of the government in yemen and how it might affect the u.s. fight against terrorism. after that, edward kleinberg on his new book. plus, we are looking for your phone calls, facebook comments and tweets. i'll on washington journal, live
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at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. this saturday, live coverage of the i was freedom summit begins -- iowa freedom summit. it includes rick perry, scott walker and chris christie. former governor mike activity, donald trump and -- mike huckabee and donald trump. the iowa freedom summit this saturday on c-span, c-span radio, and >> andrew king, author of the internet is not the answer on how the public is being used by internet companies for their own profit. >> and the industrial age, people went to work in factories. they were paid for their labor they worked on :00 until 5:00 and they went home and did what they want with the money. today, working in these
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factories is unpaid labor. we are working for 24 hours a day. it is not acknowledged we are creating the value for them. worse than that, we are the ones who have been packaged as the product. because of what is companies are doing is learning more about us from our behavior, from what we publish, from our photographs, ideas, what we buy, what we say and do not say. they are learning about us creating. then, they are transforming us, repackaging us as the product. we are the ones being sold. not only are we working for free, then we are being sold. it is the ultimate scam. >> sunday night, at 8:00 eastern, on c-span's q&a. >> last week, idaho republican governor delivered his state of the state address.
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he talked about additional education and infrastructure investment, protecting traditional marriage rights, and ways to make health care more affordable. this is 45 minutes. [applause] >> governor, on behalf of the joint session, we welcome you to the house chambers and we look or do your state of the state address. the time is yours. >> thank you.
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mr. speaker, mr. president honorable justices judges, and my fellow constitutional offers, distinguished legislators members of my cabinet, honored guests and friends and of course, my family --before i begin, i would like to divert and invited my mother did this chamber. -- to this chamber. mom will turn 100 years old on february 9. all of us plan on being there for that celebration. welcome. [applause] allow me also to first comment
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briefly on two men who were with us throughout my first term. superintendent of public instruction, top, and secretary of state ben. during my time in government, i have seldom been privileged to work with two individuals more devoted to public service and motivated by the better angels of public service. please join me now in showing appreciation for their work on the legacy and friendship -- their work, legacy, friendship. [applause]
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that is sufficient. i do not like you to get more applause than i got. [laughter] god bless. to our newly elected legislators and constitutional officers, congratulations. welcome. i applaud your willingness to serve, i respect and appreciate your civic virtue, and i encourage your attention and patience and commitment to the processes and purposes of our state government. like you, i am beginning a new term. it is an honor and privilege to once again have received and garnered the support and confidence of the citizens of idaho. like you, i think very seriously that responsibility. i know public confidence must be earned a new each and every day. let us begin our work together
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with a sure understanding of her limitations and potential -- of our limitations and potential. i look forward to advancing. i'm committed to continuing our efforts to make idaho what america was meant to be. we are blessed to live in an interesting time. there is interest and uncertainty all around us. that is nothing new to the human experience. there has never been a shortage of issues among well intended people who actively disagree in an amex aside a -- in a dynamic society. we are blessed to live in a nation where there is order, and civil processes for addressing those issues. our processes is not designed satisfy everyone. it is designed to do more than stimulate public discussion and debate. ultimately, it must inspire
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resolution and progress. however imperfect or incomplete, that is the star on where we find ourselves and bind our way forward and these days ahead. that has not been the hallmark of our national government in recent years. from immigration to energy and environmental protection to budgeting, there is neither rhyme nor reason to lobby federal government does or does not do his job. -- it's a job. in idaho, we are not only the opportunity about the responsibility to set a higher standard. i read for governor in 2006 because my six years in congress. to me that the states are -- in congress taught me that the states -- that is just as true today and even more apparent. i am more determined than ever
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for i know to embrace is opportunity. it -- than ever for idaho to embrace that opportunity. this will require all of us working together, rather than across purposes. we must not allow ourselves to emulate the federal government's politics of division procrastination, and misdirection. we are all paying the price. in some cases, we have already put off making some tough decisions. that cannot continue. today, i will outline issues on which i believe we must act. not in careless haste about with all appropriate dispatch. perhaps the most important message i want to leave with you today is this -- idaho learns.
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we learned the value of being more frugal and accountable with taxpayer resources during the great recession. we learned the value of preparation and consensus building. we learned the value of process and inclusion during our efforts to improve education. we have learned that even the best intentions and plans must be carried out with equal attention to detail and public perceptions for our contract experience with the idaho education network. those lessons run deep. as a result of our experiences we move forward confident in our abilities, certain of our goals and prepared for the challenges. future generations will benefit from our efforts. i am not here to insist that
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liberations proceed in a particular direction. we are separate but equal branches of the government. instead kimye care to offer my view on what our state priority should be and where our resources -- instead, i appeared to offer my view on what our state priority should be. that list against education. -- begins with education. [applause] thank you. last year in this chamber, i laid out a five-year plan for sustainability and responsibly investing in public schools. i appreciate your support for achieving those goals. i encourage your continuing help in seeing this process through as we welcome our new superintendent of public instructions. [applause] idaho public roles are the most
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proper care of government. they are central to our economy. in addition to the choices parents are afforded with homeschooling, charter schools a world-class public school can set the bar higher for individual achievement. they are the key to our prosperity. as you know, our school improvement plan is based on the recommendations of my broad-based bipartisan education task force. it was facilitated by the state board of education. the goal is to build a public school system focused on student outcomes from responsiveness -- outcomes, responsiveness, and more accountable to the parents and taxpayers. the executive budget i am recommending today provides funding for teacher training and
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professional development and a significant infusion for teacher compensation under the new licensure and career ladder proposal. to support continued improvement, rhyme-- my recommendation. i am calling for another $20 million in discretionary operating funds for 2016. [applause] my recommendation also includes funding to provide more career and college counseling for students. as we implement our career goals, i want students and parents to have the best information available in making important decisions about programs and post secondary opportunities that will give them a leg up toward success in the workforce will stop my total
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-- workforce. my budget request represents a 5.2% increase but my proposal for public schools calls for a 7.4% more funding. that is almost $60 million more than we allotted for schools during the great recession. beyond the numbers, i am also calling on the state board of education to work together to develop a comprehensive plan for improving literacy, reading proficiency, reading at grade level by the end of the third grade is a major foundation praised in its education. it enables their success in every other subject. we must prepare our students by doing more to achieve this critical benchmark. anything less is unacceptable. [applause]
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i hope you consider this request as we work together to continue assessing the impact of our current years investments and seek to advance those policies and processes that work best for i know students. we know one of our initiatives to improve the quality and equity of public school experience for our students is the idaho education network. it enables students to get the same kind of advanced instructions. it enables idaho to overcome geographic and social economic areas -- barriers. it allows us to realize the kind of opportunities for progress that not only years ago were unavailable. the time that -- the quality is staggering. i believe in its value. the ien is an asset that must be
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maintained. i am confident committed to fulfilling the vision and promise of the ien, which will start with rebidding the contracts as soon as possible. also, it do include a strong recommendation for full funding of the ien operations in 2016 to ensure the service is continued for i know students. one of the best -- benefits network continues to be the ability to bring college-level courses to the high school classrooms. that in turn helps ensure that more of our students are prepared for the academic rigor of college life. our colleges and universities have been spending too much time and money and energy on media programs to bring idaho graduates up to a post secondary level of competence on such
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critical subjects as a science math, reading apprehension. many of our employers are having trouble finding workers with the skills they need to enable those businesses to remain competitive. i'm not just talking about computer science and engineering. we have businesses struggling to find enough well trained and qualified welders, technicians, and all other trade positions. the current levels of economic growth we are going to be tens of thousands of employees short of the industry demand it is golden level of post secondary training and education they need in the coming years. that is why our efforts to better prepare students to be contributing members of society now extend beyond the k focusthrough 12. education must not end with high school. we had a responsibility to use our tax dollars margin tediously
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and -- more strategically. if we are to meet our goal of at least 60% of the idaho citizens between the ages of 25 and 34 having a postsecondary degree or professional certification by 2015 -- 2020. that is just five years down the road and we had a lot of work to do in order to achieve this goal. the board of education is working more closely then they ever have with the department of labor and the department of congress. that includes more pronounced targets and sustainable investments in programs like computer science.
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those are my be top priorities that each of our schools --and i am asking for your continuing support to help us succeed in building a conference of system of education and workforce training opportunities so idaho learns applies to all citizens of our state. [applause] >> i am pleased to report some good news from the efforts of our leadership in nuclear energy commission. at the center for advanced energy studies, that girded and extending -- outstanding job of highlighting the strengths of our national lab. one of the recommendations bogus don regional lysing -- focused on regional lysing.
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this basketball, my friend at the university of this is but the first step in a continuing effort to fulfill the promise. let me talk for a moment now about something you will not find in my budget report. i believe it is a potential to improve the lives and enhance opportunities of many idaho citizens. i believe that because we have already seen it happen in this valley. in 2007, my first year as governor the treasure valley was one of the last interpol is in areas in america -- metropolitan areas in america without a community college. that year, i requested to provide a state incentive for startup funding.
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canyon county soon stepped up to the challenge and voted to establish a college of western idaho. what a tremendous success and has been. it has changed the way education is delivered and idaho. it is hard to imagine this now without cwi playing a significant role in our future prospects. thanks to the incredible efforts that president bert, the leadership of the board, and the collaboration with boise state university, the college of western are no joint as a full partner with the college of southern idaho, north idaho college, in fulfilling the promise. they are providing affordable accessible resources for both students and employers to meet
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their education and career training goals. through them, idaho learns is taking on a broader definition providing that opportunity for our citizens during the economic downturn was critically important to recovery. we find ourselves faced with growing demand for services that committee colleges are able to provide. i challenge the underserved communities of idaho one no broad-based community college programs now exist to canvass their citizens and businesses on the value that can be added to their economic development public enrichment, by establishing a community college that will meet their local needs. those needs and my challenge for local leaders to address them will be part of a discussion in each of the towns i conduct capital for a day.
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we did that with cwi and we can do it again. preparing idaho for the workplace is the primary focus of the department of labor. it is not just about sending out unemployment checks will stop the experts -- of unemployment checks. we have a picture of where our people will be working in the years ahead. we now expect to outpace the national employment growth rate by 15,000 job opportunities a year being created for idaho workers through 2022. many of them in the health care and construction fields all stop that is why director ken edmonds and his team have developed a plan for returning employees to the state of idaho to help meet the demand for skilled workers. the idea behind to his idaho initiative is to bridge the
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labor shortage by keeping the best and brightest in idaho. here at home. an encouraging former idahoans to come back home. my budget recommendations includes a transfer of $5 million or industry sector grants. that will help build partnerships between industry and our education system to more effectively address a growing shortage of skilled and trained employees, a key element for our goals. at the same time, i am now pleased to announce the department of labor was able to announce just last month that idaho's economic recovery and job growth will allow unemployment insurance tax rates to fall for the third consecutive year. [applause]
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this time, by another 16.8%. that means tens of millions of dollars in savings that will be able to capitalize additional idaho growth. i appreciate your support over the years for dissing the tax burden on idaho citizens from increasing the grocery tax credit to lowering income taxes and providing personal property tax relief. we are keeping almost $157 million in the hands of idaho taxpayers. that will grow to more than $169 million during the year that begins july 1. director jeff sayre is working hand in glove with education, labor, transportation, agriculture, and other state agencies to leverage market driven economic growth and to
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improving how employers see idaho. their goal is nothing less than to make idaho a global leader in growth and prosperity. we have some great resources to help accelerate idaho, including the tax reimbursement incentive you approved last year. this performance based tool is attracting great interest from businesses ready to create thousands of jobs and invest billions of dollars in idaho's future. thank you for recognizing that idaho learns extends to the lessons we have learned from other states where governments are mortgaging their future to ante up on attracting new businesses where we are not. the dri -- tri requires employers to commit with jobs and capital investments before a dime of their tax payments are reimbursed. [applause]
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most importantly, the tri is getting just as much attention here from our own homegrown businesses than it is from outside. in fact, those employers are all looking for a new tool in the toolbox and they have found it with dri -- tri. we need to improve our infrastructure. my budget recommendations includes an additional $3 million infusion for the ideal opportunity fund -- idaho opportunity fund. that is used for grants to help communities provide water, power, wastewater treatment other infrastructure necessary for expanding their businesses. a great example of the return on investment is still. -- steel.
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when one of the nation's largest steel fabricators was looking for a place to establish, they found a home just north of idaho falls. one factor in particular helped seal the deal. yukon was able to secure a 400,000 dollar opportunity fund grant to support infrastructure needs. so far the employee owned company has invested about $10 million in facilities and equipment right there in yukon. that figure is to grow to about $32 million as they create more than 150 career opportunity jobs. you know as well as i do that every idaho community that has been passed over by a new our growing company understands the value of those grants. they only help address a small fraction of our statewide infrastructure needs. the biggest ticket item in our
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infrastructure inventory is our long-term multibillion dollar investment in idaho's roads and bridges. if idaho learns means anything at all, it is time for us to address that elephant in the room. our own circumstances and the realities of our national government require us to seize the opportunity to become more self-reliant, to become the architects of our own destiny rather than after positive federal funding system that could be skewed to our disadvantage. there is a possibility that congress will try to pass a transportation funding bill in the coming year. an assessment of the politics involved indicates we might rather risk of getting left hind -- behind. we wind up paying more than we are allotted for our needs.
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a survey last winter showed that most of our citizens believed our highways and bridges need attention. that is one benchmark to consider. the maintenance backlog we already have makes it more important to figure out how now to pay for the hundreds of millions of dollars in improvements needed to protect idaho lives. ladies and gentlemen, we know that after education, investing in infrastructure is among the smartest, most cost-effective and essential uses of taxpayer dollars to promote the public's general welfare and sustain economic vitality. that truth is being embraced by the voters. it is interesting to note that roughly half of the survey respondents said that transportation funding should be the legislature's top three issues. even though most are satisfied with the conditions of our roads and bridges right now. they get it. building and maintaining
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infrastructure is not an overnight opposition. -- proposition. whether it is highways electrical transmission lines, or water treatment facilities, it takes time and commitment to long-term investment. we already have 785 state and local bridges and idaho that are over 50 years old and considered structurally deficient. that number will go to 900 bridges by 2019 even though we already have the money to pay for 68. this is not a matter of any telling us the sky is falling. it is a real problem. we know how to fix it and we have the resources. major highway projects have been funded by federal spending -- stimulus money. they have reduced the accident rates on those rates -- roads by 35%.
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under german jerry white is leadership, the transportation department is making the significant strides in effectively using highly resources. they have a limited and more than 100 full-time positions since 2013 by reducing layers of management. it is now recognize amongst the best transportation agency in america. i understand the misgivings of some about tyler transportation cost and making those cost -- highway transportation cost. there is something to be said about being penny wise. every dollar we invest in our roads and bridges will save the taxpayers $14 later on. legislative leaders, i'm not going to tell you how to swallow this elephant. that would be contrary to all
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that i have learned and we have learned about each other. we all know it must done. i welcome financially responsible legislation that addresses study, ongoing infrastructure in idaho. however, i will not entertain proposals aimed at competing for general tax dollars with education and other required public programs. [applause] that raises the big question of taxation. allow me to reflect for a moment on our idaho tax system and its conformance with basic tenets of equity, certainty, simplicity. i mean taxation must be fair in its policy and administrative across the taxpayer cost vacation. it -- taxpayer classification.
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it must be predictable. it must be understandable for the taxpayers have a fighting chance for making sense of the tax code and its impact on them. as it stands today, idaho unfortunately has become a confusing hodgepodge of taxing authorities that undermines public confidence that those eclectic taxes are accountable to the citizens for how the revenue is used. with that in the benchmarks of equity, certainty, simplicity in mind, i am asking for your help today in ensuring that over the coming four years, we can make idaho's tax system one of the best in the nation. i believe that work can start now by enacting some of the recommendations of the task force i assembled last year to consider improvements on how i know talk to mission -- idaho tax commission operates.
7:46 pm
that includes refining the role of the commission itself what is the addition of a director over day-to-day business. most of you know that i would like to see further reductions in the marginal tax rate for idaho individuals and corporate income taxes. to below 7%. from their current 7.4%. [applause] i would also like to see the complete elimination of personal property tax. my budget -- [applause] to that end, my budget recommendations set aside the first of a five year approach to reducing our income tax brackets on 7.4% to 6.9%. this effort will provide tax relief to 44% of the taxpayers this year and up to 51% of the
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taxpayers by 2018. i believe it is the right thing to do. [applause] i also believe the time has come for idaho to prepare for a potential change in federal law to adjust the issue of tax equity. it is called the marketplace fairness act. as many of you know, that legislation now would clarify the legal authority of states like idaho to impose and enforce the sales tax on edited purchases of goods online. not only is this a fundamental matter of fairness for businesses in our communities, it is a matter of securing our own long-term prosperity. simply put, every dollar of sales tax from all my purchases is the better part of a dollar that is not going to support the
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necessary and proper functions of state government, especially the education and infrastructure needs. the legislation already enjoys the support from within our own delegation. [applause] on the topic of congress, i believe the chances now have improved if only marginally. i have studied the recommendations of my many redesign workgroups and agreed with its findings up to a point. i especially appreciate the work groups strong focus on personal responsibility and requiring payments and managed care.
7:49 pm
more importantly, idaho learns should apply to these findings and their experience. the work group did its homework and deserves an opportunity to share what they have learned. ion asking you to hold hearings this -- i am asking you to hold hearings and listen to their findings, educate ourselves on the work they have done and possibly take action. we work together collaboratively and with great success on creating your help idaho. after initial trials idaho is successfully running its own insurance exchange with less staff and with better service than the national system that overpromise and under load -- under delivered. and utilized insurance agents and brokers working in the free market in idaho. the marketplace is the key to how idaho is advancing our goals of making health care more affordable and accessible for
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all citizens. many people in this state have gone about the business of putting idaho at the forefront and changing how our health care landscape looks. by building public right of it partnerships -- i building partnerships, we are changing the way we pay for, deliver health care services, including medicaid. those working diligently and both the public and private sectors to include health care overcomes in idaho, they all deserve our thanks. [applause] my thanks also goes to the legislature. those advocates enabling us to more aggressively address a local challenges of behavioral health.
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less than a month ago, i was in idaho walls -- falls, to cut the ribbon on the first crisis center. people with substance abuse issues can get short-term help without going to a hospital emergency room or jail cell. it is important to the broader improvements needed in our committee-based services. we know the best practices across the country show that local facilities reduce law enforcement, and hospital related cases, while at the same time providing for sustainable support and better access for vulnerable citizens. that is why i am once again requesting funds for an additional behavioral health crisis center in the coming years. [applause] another decision for which i am
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proud to have worked on with our legislature, courts and with the executive agents these -- agencies and acting the justice -- this is an effort started two years ago by the good chairman's of the house and senate judiciary committees. last year's overwhelming legislative support for senate bill 1357 and the hardware down in the past by our courts, the department of corrections, as resulted in a set of administrative rules to consider during this session. they spell out in detail how we can improve public safety and lower the cost associated with locking up offenders by prioritizing and refining our post-release supervision efforts with graduated sanctions.
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i appreciate your continued support for our justice reimbursement efforts. we move from careful planning to an effective on the ground implementation. i hope you will consider critically important to cont inue artwork work for the challenge we face in our public defender system. the courts have made it clear that our current message of providing legal counsel does not pass constitutional muster. this must necessarily be a dirty for us -- necessarily be a priority for us. it is undeniably our responsibility to take care of and measure on the phrase due process of law. [applause]
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which now brings me to another constitutional issue. the defense of traditional marriage. last year, we found ourselves in the position of defending an amendment to the idaho constitution that was approved only a few short years ago. i believe truly representing both the intentions and values of our citizens in idaho. it defines marriage between a man and a woman as the only domestic legal union valid in idaho. it is incumbent upon those of us who 40 level and defend the constitution and to do so based on his content now, not on changing societal values since it was enacted or how any of us would rewrite it today. therefore, i will with my partnership with the attorney
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general do what i can and defend idaho's constitution article three, section 28. [applause] i have total but our recent request for the u.s. supreme court to review will be accepted and we can look forward to confirming idaho's constitution. it is unfortunate that so many of our differences with the national government end up in court but in the absence of any federal consensus on a multitude of issues too often. the courts become the last refuge for both public policy and resolving those disputes is safeguarding our freedom. that may well be where such questions such as the protection
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of safe grounds or the deciding of electricity for admission core doors. i hope not. we are working hard with landowners, federal land managers, and other stakeholders to find common ground throughout measured processes so that those issues and others can be resolved. during the past year, we completed the historic snake river basin adjudication process. the largest single stream adjudication and the united states took over 27 years and covered water right on about 87% of idaho's landmass. there is no question who owns the water in idaho now. we advanced our efforts to adjudicate all northern idaho water claims so that they too can be protected. we made great progress on our efforts to preserve, recharge, and manage our water throughout
7:57 pm
the state. in addition and with gratitude to your help and support, i'm proud to announce that now there are five rangeland management protections throughout idaho. [applause] they are organized and prepared to launch initial attacks when wildfire threatens any of the three point 5 million acres of state, private and rangeland and our state. i would also tell you those great ideas are borrowed by other states. there are four other states along with the department of interior that are in courage and her establishments and other states on the rangeland problems as well. ladies and gentlemen, look high above you. in this are noticing chamber, so beautifully renovated just a few
7:58 pm
years ago, you see an idaho sky. this chamber, this building this spot has all the room anyone would need to accommodate the biggest and most meaningful of ideas and actions. in fact, i would measure that the entire church used in the summer of 1787 to create this great republic would fulfill this chamber. as a beginner deliberations -- as you begin deliberations, do not limit yourself. act decisively. reflect the idaho values you were sent to represent. as you consider the magnitude of the work ahead and how it will benefit the citizens, keep looking up toward higher aspirations. he looking up and apply what idaho learns so best intentions
7:59 pm
will lead us to better tomorrow for future generations. join me in putting our people first in our minds. now with a deep-seated faith and our founding others vision and empowered by the collective talents that we enjoy in the legislature, this judiciary, and this executive, i enjoy an unbridled confidence that with the lords continued blessing, i don't will strengthen our republic as an example of what america was meant to be. god bless you and thank you for your time. [applause] >> this saturday, live coverage of the iowa freedom summit begins at 10:00 a.m. speakers include potential potential -- residential candidates.
8:00 pm
the island freedom summit this saturday on c-span, c-span >> thousands of antiabortion protesters were in washington dc today for the march for life valley for the anniversary of the supreme court's roe v. wade decision. republican leaders hold that legislation last night i replaced it with a measure that blocked federal funding for abortion. democrats argued that federal funding for abortion is already banned by the hyde amendment. here's is a look from the march earlier today. >> with the annual march for
8:01 pm
life taking place in washington, the house set to take up an abortion bill. but not the one they originally planned to debate. joining us from capitol hill. why the switch out, what happened? >> the house committee met last night to decide on a new measure on abortion. once it became apparent that there weren't enough votes to pass the original measure that they plan to pass, they put a 20 week t bill on the house today. >> didn't this past the house last year? >> that is correct. it was not considered in the senate. it was considered more likely to pass once it became apparent that there was not enough republican support. there was a gop holdout led by mostly women, who started to
8:02 pm
express concern about the 20 week than bill that would require the exceptions for rape and incense -- incest to be reported to authorities. they realized there was enough support at their meetings. they are anxious to get about on some type of abortion built that coincides with the march for life taking place. >> gop leaders pull the abortion ban on female leaders revolt. >> we know for sure that to cosponsors, both female, have both withdrew their cosponsorship of the bill sometime in the last week or so. they have expressed concern of a gop return last week as well. this has been knocking a significant number of women in the gop who have expressed concern. this cannot happen without them.
8:03 pm
>> you tweeted some of his comments ahead of that. sagan that he said that the 20 week abortion ban bill will eventually be considered "just working through some bits." what are those bits they have to work through? >> the issue is that provision for rape and incessan 00-- incest. the exception for incest would have to be committed by a minor. >> what about other conservatives in the house? what has been at their reaction to the polling that original bill, at least temporarily? >> there was some disappointment that this was not going to be considered today after antiabortion groups have touted it. conservatives are still happy that at least this bill is now being considered on the floor as an issue. it also came up last september in a gao report and take some of
8:04 pm
the money under the abortion law were used to cover services. >> is this a sort of measure that these abortion bills really have to the past by the house? >> they are pretty much messaging. in the senate it will be difficult for them to pass. obama has issued a veto threat last year on this federal funding for abortion bill. >> you can follow her reporting on twitter at mzanona. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> house republicans dropped a bill banning abortion past 20 weeks and replaced it with a measure to block federal funding for abortion services, which passed. that debate next on c-span, and
8:05 pm
some of the march for life rally ndc, followed by health -- followed by house minority leader nancy pelosi. here is some of today's house abortion debate. >> madam speaker i come to the floor today in strong support of h.r. 7, the no taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion insurance full disclosure act. legislation that passed the house almost one year ago with bipartisan support. this bill affirms what a majority of americans believe that no taxpayer dollars should be spent on abortions and abortion coverage. h.r. 7 establishes a permanent governmentwide prohibition on taxpayer subsidies for abortion. this bill is all the more necessary because of the
8:06 pm
president's health care law and its attack on this long-standing tradition of taxpayer dollars. the bill before us would simply how to fight the -- would simply codify the hyde amendment. h.r. 7 also requires that information regarding abortion coverage, as well as the amount of the abortion surcharge, be displayed where consumers can easily identify which plans cover abortion. consumers should have the right to know whether the plan they are selecting on an exchange includes abortion coverage. while the affordable care act included some notification provisions, many of our constituents are simply unable to find out whether their plan is paying for abortions. in fact, this inability to find out whether exchange plans
8:07 pm
provide abortion coverage seems to extend to the secretary of health and human services. as former secretary civilians killed to hold up her commitment after testifying twice before the energy and commerce committee, promising to provide the congress and the american people a full list of exchange plans providing abortion coverage. today, over a year has passed, and this commitment is still left unfulfilled. the self-appointed "most transparent administration" in history is simply unwilling or unable to comply with this request. in fact, it took the government accountability office months to find out that taxpayer dollars went to pay for over 1000 health insurance plans that included
8:08 pm
abortion. even though the affordable care act required through law that separate payments be made to pay for abortion surcharge, the gao also found that none of the insurers they interviewed actually collected a separate payment. in fact, the report reveals that the administration informed insurance issuers that they didn't need two separate payments. this bill is about protecting taxpayer dollars and detecting life. it also ensures we have at least some transparency under the president's health care law. i read my colleagues to support the bill and reserve the remainder of my time. >> the gentleman from colorado is recognized. >> madam speaker, i yield myself
8:09 pm
one minute. i have good news from the other side of the aisle. there is no taxpayer funding for abortion. let me say that again -- there is no funding for taxpayer abortion. there hasn't been for many decades because of the hyde amendment. under the affordable care act, that prohibition did not change. some of us may disagree with the hyde amendment, but it is the law of the land and it is a carefully constructed cover my under the affordable care act. -- compromise. this bill would be a vast restriction of a woman's right to choose what type of insurance she can purchase under the consultation of her doctor. it would prevent women from purchasing insurance with their own money on the exchanges.
8:10 pm
that would be a restriction on their rights. i am going to urge my colleagues to vote no on this ill-conceived piece of legislation. let's talk about some things that really matter like jobs, child care, and pay equity. with that i reserve the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> madam speaker, i am pleased to yield one minute from the gentlelady from kansas. >> the gentlelady from kansas is recognized. >> i rise today as a supporter and cosponsor of h.r. 7, the new taxpayer funding for abortion act. as a cosponsor of this legislation, i continue to support it after hearing for my situation time and time again that they do not want their taxpayer dollars funding abortion. in fact the majority of americans and kansans oppose tax
8:11 pm
dollars used toward abortion. the sector of taxpayer funded abortion has been exacerbated by the tax care -- health care law. these subsidized plans through the health care exchange caused taxpayer funded abortions to occur. this creates confusion, blocks transparency, and opens up additional loopholes. long-standing provisions are reestablished under h.r. 7 which would apply uniformly across programs, including the president's law. i urge bipartisan support of this law. >> the gentlewoman's time has expired. the gentlewoman from colorado has been recognized. >> the gentleman from california is recognized. >> i think my colleague -- i th
8:12 pm
hank my colleague for yielding. we should be working on better pay and infrastructure instead of working on abortion. >> i am pleased to yield to the gentlelady from california, ms. napolitano. >> thank you madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent to insert my statement into the record that we should vote for bigger paychecks and better infrastructure instead of attacking women's access to all health care. i yield back to the lady. >> madam speaker. >> without objection. >> i am now pleased to yield to the gentlelady from new jersey for purposes of unanimous consent request. >> i think the gentlelady for yielding to me. i ask unanimous consent to insert my statement to the record that the house should not vote for bigger paychecks
8:13 pm
should vote for better infrastructure, instead of attacking women's access to health care. >> the gentleman from colorado. >> the gentle lady from california ms. loretta sanchez. >> i thank the gentleman from colorado and ask unanimous consent to insert my statement in the record that the house should vote for bigger paychecks and better infrastructure instead of attacking women's access to health care. >> without objection. >> i yield to the purposes of unanimous consent to the gentleman from illinois, mr. gutierrez. >> i insert my statement that the house should vote for bigger payments better infrastructure, instead of attacking my daughter's access to health care. >> madam speaker i am now
8:14 pm
please deal for purposes of unanimous consent to the gentleman from texas. >> madam speaker, i asked you in this consent to insert my statement in the record that the house should vote for bigger paychecks and better infrastructure instead of attacking women's health care. thank you. >> madam speaker, i am now pleased to yield for the purposes of unanimous consent request to the gentlelady from new york, mr. maloney. >> the gentleman is recognized. >> i ask unanimous consent>> to insert my statement in the record that the house should be voting on proposals that create jobs and help accelerate economic growth. instead the only thing the republicans have accelerated is there a tax on a woman's constitutional right and health care. >> i advise never said that although the unanimous consent request to insert march in debate may comprise a simple
8:15 pm
clarity of statement of the members'attitude towards the member embellishment constitute debate, and could become an imposition on the time of the number who has yielded for that purpose. the chair will entertain as many requests to insert as may be necessary to accommodate numbers, but the chair also must ask members to cooperate by confining such remarks to be proper form. the gentlewoman from colorado is recognized. >> i am now pleased to yield for the>> democratic leader for the purposes of unanimous consent request, ms. pelosi. >> thank you madam speaker. i ask unanimous consent to instruct my statement in the record that the house, instead of acting women's access to health care, should be voting for bigger paychecks and better infrastructure. i yield the remainder of my
8:16 pm
time. >> madam speaker, i note yield for purposes of unanimous consent request that the gentle made of --gentlelady from california. >> i ask unanimous consent to insert my statement on the record that is dead of attacking women's access to health care we should vote for bigger hx and better infrastructure. >> without objection. >> i have no pleased to yield for purposes of consent request. >> i ask unanimous consent to insert my statement into the record that the house should vote for bigger paychecks and better infrastructure instead of constantly attacking women's access to health care. >> i'm now pleased to yield for purposes of unanimous consent request to the gentlelady from california, mrs. spear. >> i think the gentlelady from colorado. i to ask unanimous consent to insert my statement in the record, that instead of attacking women's access to
8:17 pm
healtcare, this house should vote for better paychecks for women. >> i am now pleased to yield for purposes of unanimous consent quest, the gentlelady from alabama, ms. sewall. >> i ask unanimous consent to insert my statement in the record that the house should vote for bigger paychecks and better infrastructure instead of constantly attacking women's access to health care. >> i have no pleased to yield for purposes of unanimous consent request the gentleman from california mr. hoffman. >> madam speaker i ask unanimous consent to insert my statement that the house should be voting for better paychecks and infrastructure incident these limitless attacks on women's access to health care. >> i am now pleased to yield for purposes of unanimous consent request, the gentleman from california, the house of caucus chairman, mr. becerra. >> i think the gentlelady for
8:18 pm
yielding. i want to insert my statement into the record that this house should start to concentrate finally, on better paychecks for people that are working instead of attacking women's access to decent health care. >> without objection. >> i'm no pleased to yield for purposes of unanimous consent request the gentleman from michigan. >> the gentleman is recognized. >> i ask unanimous consent to insert my statement into the house record that the house should vote for bigger paychecks and better infrastructure instead of yet another attack on women's access to health care. >> i am pleased to yield for purposes of unanimous consent request to the gentleman from maryland, mr. cummings. >> madam speaker i ask unanimous consent to insert my statement into the record that the house should vote for bigger paychecks and better infrastructure instead of attacking women's
8:19 pm
access to health care. >> without ejection. >> i am pleased to yield for purposes of unanimous consent request, the gentlelady from texas, ms. jackson lee. >> i want to insert my statement into the record that the houseboat for bigger paychecks instead of attacking women's access to health care. >> now madam speaker, i am pleased to yield to the ranking democrat on the judiciary committee, mr. conyers. three minutes. >> the gentleman from michigan is recognized for three minutes. >> thank you madam speaker. i advise in strong opposition to h.r. 7 the so-called no taxpayer funding for abortion act. today, on the 42nd anniversary of roe v. wade, the majority is
8:20 pm
launching yet another attack on women's health and constitutionally protected right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to erm. -- to erm. most importantly, this bill will make it ritually impossible for a woman to obtain abortion services, even when paid for with purely private, nonfederal funds. through its novel tax penalty provisions departs radically from existing law, taking away women's existing health care and placing their health and lives at risk. despite the claims of its sponsors, h.r. 7 does not codify current law and it is not about the regulation of federal funds. there is no federal funding of
8:21 pm
abortion due to the hyde amendment. the affordable care act maintains that policy and law. for more than 30 years, congress has prohibited federal funding of abortion except in cases of rape incest, or to save the life of a mother. these revisions in the hyde amendment, or in appropriations bill. nothing in the affordable care act changes this. it strips the district of columbia to make authority of the district citizens. what is h.r. 7 really about? plain and simple, it is an assault on women's health and freedom. it permanently blocks abortion
8:22 pm
coverage for lower income women civil servants, d.c residents and the military. no committee has considered this legislation. the text was not even available until last night, when they met in a so-called emergency meeting. only in emergencies that the majority didn't have the votes to pass another mean-spirited anti-choice bill, so that rushing to the floor with this bill in time for the anniversary of roe v. wade. isn't it time to stop playing politics with women's lives and start governing? i urge my colleagues to oppose this egregious ill and i reserve the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from colorado reserves. the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> i am pleased to yield one
8:23 pm
minute to the gentlelady from indiana. >> she is recognized for one minute. >> i rise today because i believe that all human life is worth protecting. each one is worth saving, it deserves respect and protection. for years now pro-life americans have been forced to watch as their tax dollars subsidize a portion procedures that are morally opposed to. this prohibits tax funder abortion, no matter whether you occur. in fact, 56% of americans are opposed to taxpayer-funded abortions. later today, i will join a half-million people who join who believe that life is a gift. the largest ongoing march in american history. we have a responsibility as the elected audie representing our constituents to protect the most vulnerable among us and ensure
8:24 pm
that women facing unwanted pregnancies do not face judgment or condemnation, but have positive support structures and access to health care to help them through their pregnancies. this bill is an important step in the right direction to protecting life. thank you and i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentlewoman>> from colorado is recognized. >> thank you. i asked my colleagues on the other size to please give an example where federal taxpayer dollars have been used to pay for an abortion. except for the hyde amendment exceptions. with that, i am pleased to yield to the renting democrat on the sub committee, two minutes. >> the gentleman from tennessee is recognized for two minutes. >> thank you madam speaker, i appreciate the time. i too am against this bill.
8:25 pm
this is the second bill brought in the last few days to show the republican side's intent to repeal roe v. wade.that is what they want to do . this majority party has made this historic hollowed hall into. today is the march for life lots of pro-lifers here. they wanted to give them something. so they gave us a bill when we could be legislating on jobs, and on wage, infrastructure -- they wanted to give them something so they came with a bill called fetal pain to get around the viability of the requirements of the supreme court. they are caucus found that built ill too extreme to get their vote. even that caucus. they didn't have the good sense it would make them look as they
8:26 pm
are, anti-woman and out of step with reality. it took some women, and maybe a few men, but mostly women in the caucus to go no. so they brought up a retread of a bill. a substitute bill. they had to have something to give as a gift to the march for life pro-life caucus. this is theater, this is trauma. -- drama. women's rights should not be theater. women's rights should be preserved. if there is any question about them, it should go through regular process. don't have 72 hours of the bill brought this floor. that's what you were going to see for the next two years. the american people will be very disappointed in this congress because it is become the theater of the absurd. i don't back the balance of my time.
8:27 pm
>> the lady from pennsylvania is recognized. >> i am pleased to yield three minutes to the distinguished chairman of the judiciary committee, the dominant from virginia. >> the gentleman from virginia is recognized for three minutes. >> however start americans the fringes of opinion can be on the matter of abortion, generally there has been high partisan agreement that federal taxpayer funds should not be used to destroy innocent life. the hyde amendment has prohibited the federal funding of aborted since 1976. when it passed a house and senate that were closed overwhelmingly of democrat members. it has been renewed each appropriation cycle with few changes for over 37 years. supported by congress is controlled by both parties, and presidents from both parties, it is probably the most bipartisan
8:28 pm
relay proposal sustained over a longer. of time than any other. it is time that the hyde amendment is codified in the state code. h.r. 7, sponsored by chris smith of new jersey, would do just that. it would codify the two core principles. namely, a ban on federal funding, and a ban on the use of federal funds for health benefit coverage that includes coverage of abortion. as hundreds of thousands of people from across the country come to washington to express their love of unplanned children at the in home march for life, is a marvelous time to reflect on what could be what could be a coach today if it were enacted to law.
8:29 pm
probably millions of innocent children and their mothers have been spared the horrors of abortion. the congressional budget office has estimated that the hyde amendment has led to 675,000 fewer abortions each year. let that sink in for a few precious moments. the policy we will be discussing today has likely given america the gift of millions more children. and consequently millions more mothers, and millions more fathers, millions more like times and trillions more loving gestures and other human gets in all their divorce forms. what a stunningly wondrous legacy. the bill before us today continues that legacy permanently. i encourage all my colleagues to support this vitally important legislation and yield back the balance of my time. >> x i please to yield to the gentleman of new jersey.
8:30 pm
thank you madam speaker. today is a sad day for this institution. they pulled the switch and turned to another extreme anti-women bill. in this attempt to restrict women's access to abortion care is an unprecedented radical assault on women's health care. tens of thousands women -- tens of thousands of women and families will be harmed by this policy. the bill sponsor claims this codifies the hyde amendment. this takes unprecedented steps far beyond the hyde amendment. this bill places restrictions on how women private insurance can spend private dollars in purchasing health insurance. the build is not stop there. it also prohibits washington d.c. from using its own medicaid funds to make health care decisions. the goal behind this bill is to
8:31 pm
effectively get rid of all comprehensive health care coverage in this country. anti-choice republicans want to turn back the clock on women's rights. it is critical that we protect the right of every woman to make her own personal and private health care decision. women in consultation with her doctors should remain in control of these choices and not congress. i strongly urge my colleagues to vote no on h.r. 7. i yield back the balance of my time. >> the general and from pennsylvania is recognized. >> madam speaker i'm very pleased to yield for three minutes to the general men from new jersey, the pro-life leader in the house of representatives for many years. three minutes to mr. smith. >> the gentleman from new jersey is recognized. >> thank is a very much. >> madam speaker on september 9 2009, president obama stood six feet from where i stand now,
8:32 pm
right at that podium, and told lawmakers and the american public and especially called joint session of congress that i ", no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion". passage of obamacare legislation the president issued an executive order on march 24, 2010. it said the act maintained current hyde amendment restriction. that is absolutely untrue. despite an appalling degree of non-transparency we asked it to be looked into. last december they came back and said 1036 obamacare exchange plans covered abortion on demand. they also found separate billing
8:33 pm
of the abortion surcharge required by the act is not being enforced by the administration and the abortion prior -- abortion funding premium in 2015 is being illegally lulled into the cost. consumers are therefore unaware that when they buy health insurance whether a not they are paying for abortion on demand. if the hyde amendment had been applied to obamacare, the you -- the number of obamacare plans covering abortion on demand would be zero. at its core, i believe my colleagues should know this by now, some don't. some do. the hyde amendment is to indisputable parts. it prohibits strict funding for abortion and funding for any insurance plan that includes abortion except in the cases of race -- rape, interest, or to save the life of the mother. h.r. 7 speaks to a coverage
8:34 pm
three goals. makes the hyde amendment and other current prohibition current. that includes the d.c. writer -- d.c. writer permanent. it provides full disclosure, transparency, and prominent display of the extent of 20 -- of any health insurance plan funds abortion. h.r. 7 was passed. it languished in the senate for one year. never took it up. hearings have been held as well as mark up three the american people oppose taxpayer funding for abortion. the poll that was just released yesterday found 68% oppose taxpayer funding abortion. of whopping 69% of women are
8:35 pm
against taxpayer funding for abortion or it 71% of millennials are oppose. we live in an age of ultrasound imaging. the ultimate window to the world. that precious child that resides there. we're in the myths of interventions designed to your the precious lives of these children. abortion dismember's, chemically poisons, shots to the heart to stop the heart from beating. my friend from new york is next to speak. a doctor said the baby can be in any position in the uterus, you just region with a silver clamp and grasp whatever you can. you pull out an arm, he went on to say. you region again and again, you tear out the spine, you test --
8:36 pm
in testan's, heart, and spine. that is what abortion is all about. h.r. 7 will save lives, there is no doubt about that. the hyde amendment. i remember when henry hyde was told that maybe more than one merit -- one million children have survived because of the hyde amendment. tears came down his face knowing that those kids are now in the world, going to school, having families, playing soccer, and doing other great things. ex members are reminded that they should direct their comments to the chair. -- >> members are reminded that they should direct their comments to the chair. >> the gentleman from new york is recognized for three minutes. >> i think the gentleman -- i think the general and for yielding. the name of the bill is a lie.
8:37 pm
there is now no taxpayer funding for abortions. i wish there were. the right of women to decide whether to become pregnant, to decide to continue pregnancy, or even to make the difficult decision to terminate pregnancy is protected by the constitution. the supreme court has to turn -- has determined that neither congress nor state can place an undue burden on that right. government funding available for other medical procedures should be considered an undue burden. that is not the law, unfortunately. taxpayer funding of abortion is prohibited by the hyde amendment. this bill goes beyond that. this denies tax deductions and credits for women who use their own money who pay for abortions or to purchase insurance that covers abortions. this bill for the first time denies the itemized medical text adduction that is otherwise available for medical expenses.
8:38 pm
if the medical expenses for abortion. this bill, for the first time treats as taxable income any distribution from a flexible spending account or health savings account that is used to pay for abortion expenses. this bill denies small employers the ability to use or supply coverage. the bill also denies income eligible women premium issues. in voting to reveal if herbal care act, my republican colleagues have complained that government should not meddle in the insurance. this is designed to do just that. it seems many republicans believe in freedom, providing no one uses that freedom in a way they do not approve. that is a strange understanding of freedom.
8:39 pm
this will increase taxes on families, businesses, and self employed if they spend their own money. let me repeat that, their own money on abortion coverage services. this tax increases into tempe and by republicans, all of whom have taken a pledge not to raise taxes on individuals or businesses. the intent of the bill is to end insurance coverage for abortions for all women whether or not they obtain their insurance on an exchange or even if they used their own money to purchase insurance. my colleagues in the majority believe that if you like your insurance cap -- coverage you to get unless it is for choices they don't like. then they have no quarrels about taking your insurance away. currently the vast majority of insurance policies cover abortion services. but insurance companies will respond to the tax penalties this bill imposes by dropping coverage for abortions from all of their plans. this will have a significant effect on all women, not just low-income women who of long felt the brunt of federal
8:40 pm
restrictions. h.r. 7 is a radical departure from current treatment of medical expenses and insurance coverage and it is neither justifiable or necessary to prevent federal funding for abortions. it should be roundly rejected. i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized. ask the hyde language does not apply to obamacare. there is not one sentence in here, in this 2700 page bill. read the bill. it applies to medicaid and appropriated programs. 10 seconds? quickly. >> one of the things obamacare both appropriates the money. the president promised he would apply the hyde amendment, but he has not.
8:41 pm
>> i yielded to another champion of life from pennsylvania. minutes. >> the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized for two minutes. >> arise in support of h.r. 7. we know from science that everyone's life begins at conception. described in our declaration of independence that means inalienable, something that cannot be taken away. the right of life to everyone in this country and everyone in this chamber, even those opposed to this legislation. this bill helps promote a culture of life. it reflects the overwhelming opinion held by americans that taxpayer dollars should not be used to pay for abortion. it also holds president obama accountable for another one of his broken promises. when he assured us that his health care law would not allow taxpayer funds to be used for abortion. we know, madam speaker from a
8:42 pm
report on health instruments -- health insurance exchanges but taxpayer funds are you being used. i have to the gao report be added to congressional record. on the anniversary of the roe versus wade decision i urge my colleagues to defend the sanctity of life and vote yes on this bill. >> the gentleman from pennsylvania reserves. the gentleman from colorado is recognized. >> i am pleased to yield to the gentlelady from texas. >> the gentlelady is recognized for two minutes. >> i think her for her courage and i stand her today for refusing to surrender on behalf of millions of women of all economic backgrounds and racial
8:43 pm
ethnic and religions. rely upon the supreme court of the united states that indicated through roe v wade the right to choose is a viable and important law of the land. how can we undermine the constitution and its premise and its articulation? so today, let me say that i know there are millions who are here to disagree with me. i respect that disagreement. but i am saddened that we would take advantage of this day to misrepresent the law and pass a law that would do damage to millions of americans. this is a face of republican women who decided that hr 36 was too extreme. even republican men said that they could not vote on a bill that asked women to report a rape before they could be able to benefit from an abortion. how sad in trauma of rape that
8:44 pm
you should require someone to go to the police department before they could get assistance. that extreme bill was pulled. but in order not to leave us without dramatics, we come again to do what is hurting millions of women in texas where they cannot even get health services because of the laws passed in texas that completely shuts down good health care clinics that deal in abortion and other women services for health care with a lot requiring those clinics to be within a certain mile of hospitals, never having any problem before. now we come with another masquerade in h.r. 7 which prohibits federal funds for being used for health care coverage including abortion. making existing federal policies. prohibiting abortion and interfering with women in the district of columbia and
8:45 pm
prohibiting individuals from receiving refundable tax credits. individuals interfering. this is a bad bill, and i ask my colleagues to vote against it. >> time has expired. the metal -- the gentleman from pennsylvania. >> the principal sponsor of the partial-birth abortion ban. >> the gentleman from ohio is recognized for two minutes. >> i thank you. a number of my colleagues from the other side of the aisle a while ago came down and made the i believe ludicrous allegation that this bill is an attack somehow on women's health care and we are to beef spending time on the infrastructure and a whole range of issues. you want to talk about an attack
8:46 pm
on women's health care, it's called obamacare. it's an attack on health care of women, men, and children in this country. deductibles, up. premiums up to the quality of health care, down. in most of the folks that came down to the microphone, i can't say all of them, voted for obamacare. the american people are having to live with the results of that. that's an attack on the health care of american women. this legislation simply says that there ought not to be taxpayer dollars going to pay for abortions in this country. that one person shouldn't have to pay for the abortion of another person whether it is on moral grounds, conscience the religion, it shouldn't make one person pay for another person's abortion. it is pretty civil. and the american people overwhelming -- overwhelming
8:47 pm
agree with this point of view. through insurance or otherwise you should not force one person to pay for another persons abortion because they are opposed to it. today happens to be a day that is important to me, it is the day i was born, it is my birthday. it also happens to be the date that the roe v wade decision came down. my birthday is 1953. roe versus wade came down in 1973. i can't help of think that those millions and millions and millions of americans who do not exist today because of that decision. this obviously is related to that but it mostly is about the choice that a person has to make. if they make that choice, should somebody else have to pay for it? the law says no, and i agree with a lot during support this bill. >> the gentlewoman from colorado
8:48 pm
is recognized. >> i am pleased to lead -- to yield to the gentlelady from california. >> recognized for one minute. >> once again, women's rights are being attacked on the floor of the house. the decision about health should be made by a woman and her doctor and distant -- and is instead being made by politicians with an agenda. despite their claim about women's health, this bill would deny women access to medical care and drive out abortion coverage from private health plans once and for all. what would be the effect western mark women would be denied access to abortion, especially low income and minority women are buying health insurance through the marketplace. for some it would be a setback before roe versus wade when women were driven to unsanitary conditions often suffering infections, hemorrhages, and at
8:49 pm
sometimes death. we should not be in the business of and danger in women's health and safety. this is why i introduced the women's health protection act which would prevent restriction from abortion if they cannot demonstrate a benefit to women's health. personal decisions belong solely to the people they impact and the medical professions they trust. we must oppose this bill. lex the gentlewoman's time has expired. the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> mountain speaker, i am pleased to yield two minutes to the gentlelady from tennessee another pro-life spokesperson, diane black. >> recognized for two minutes. >> madam speaker, today is a somber occasion. on the anniversary of the supreme court's tragic decision of roe v wade our hearts ache for the 56 million unborn lives that have been lost through this
8:50 pm
shameful practice of abortion. today there is hope, because we have an opportunity to make a difference by passing the no taxpayer funding of abortion act. this legislation will protect conscious rights by ensuring that hard-earned tax dollars are not used to fund the destruction of human life. as a mother, a grandmother, and he nurse for over 40 years this measure is especially meaningful to me. during my years in the health-care industry i saw the joy in the young parents eyes when they met their newborn child for the first time. i held the hands of grieving spouses and children as they said their final goodbyes to loved ones. and sadly, i witnessed a young woman loser life due to the effects of a botched abortion. these experiences informed my life that all my life that all
8:51 pm
life is a precious gift from god. i pray that in time this truth will be reflected in our nation's laws. until then, can't we at least do this much? i urge a yes vote on the no taxpayer funding for abortion. i think the sponsor -- i think the sponsor for his work on this deeply important legislation. i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentlewoman from colorado is recognized. >> i am pleased to yield to the gentlelady from florida two minutes. >> recognized for two minutes. >> >> thank you. i rise today in solemn -- in solemn opposition to the bill falsely advertised as profamily and supporting american value. if they actually care about defending the value of american valley -- american families.
8:52 pm
instead of a bill that the republican leadership just threw on the calendar at the last minute because their original abortion goes to extreme, even for them. today we should be discussing ways to ensure every woman should be able to put food on the table by raising the minimum wage and passing equal pay for women. we should be discussing how to ensure that every person who dreams of a higher education has access to it by working with president obama on his community college proposal. we should be discussing legislation to allow 43 million workers to take time off when they are sick and to make sure parents can take time off with their new babies. these are the priorities that reflect the values of the nation. these are certainly the challenges my constituents in florida sent me here to tackle. instead we're attacking -- where tackling a bill. banning taxpayer fortune for worship -- taxpayer funds for abortion.
8:53 pm
the president said we may not agree on choice, but we can agree that the best person to make decisions for women are not politicians. this bill goes even further by tying a woman's health options to her income. a strong majority of americans agree including 62% that identify abortion is the wrong issue for congress to spend its time on. i agree with them. when colleagues are prepared to work on legislation addressing the american people, we stand ready to work with them. listen to your members who sounded the alarm bell on the original bill pulled off this floor and get your priorities straight. i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentleman from colorado reserves. the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> i am very pleased to yield one minute to our distinguished majority leader in this congress mr. kevin mccarthy.
8:54 pm
-- recognized for one minute. >> thank you for yielding. taking a step forward towards a simple goal, to save innocent lives from abortion and make sure no one in ever has to make a decision to end the life of her title. we all know this is more than just some debate or social disagreement. these are human beings we are talking about. this is about pregnant mothers facing hardship and tough choices. it is about a culture telling people that human life is expendable. most important, this is about human beings. within 56 million children since roe v wade who have been denied a chance to live. we are here today for them to make sure every person has the most fundamental right of all, the right to life. today on the anniversary of roe v wade and during the march for life, the house will vote on a bill to stop of federal funding from being used to pay for
8:55 pm
abortion. at the very least american people should never be forced to pay for abortions or abortion coverage with their tax dollars. i urge my colleagues to stand with the hundreds of thousands of people out on the mall right now. by voting for this bill. stand up and commit to creating an america that values every life especially lives of innocents who cannot stand up for themselves. i yield back. >> the gentleman from pennsylvania reserves. the gentleman -- >> i am pleased to yield to the gentleman from florida one minute. >> the gentleman from florida is recognized for one minute. >> thank you. i think the gentle -- i think the gentle lady. today on the anniversary of roe v wade which changed history for women in america by allowing them to control their own bodies , i rise against the effort to roll back these rights. the we have come a long way in
8:56 pm
the last 42 years, some politicians want to undo this progress and restrict access to critical medical procedures women may need. why have we been debating why the government should seize control over women's decisions when the american people want us to work together to create good paying jobs, balance the budget, and raise the minimum wage. instead, this chamber is wasting time with a divisive issue about whether the government should have access to women's medical procedures. we should not deny a woman the ability to make her own decisions with those she trusts the most. i ask my colleagues to focus on the economy instead of spending time on bills that divide this house and this country. i yield back. >> the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from pennsylvania recognized. >> i am pleased to yield three minutes to the gentlelady from missouri.
8:57 pm
>> recognized for three minutes. >> i thank the gentleman for yielding. i thank him for his leadership on this very, very important issue. that and speaker, i rise today in support of life. today is a very joyous and hopeful day on what is a very sad anniversary. today is the 42nd anniversary of the supreme court decision roe v wade. hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates from across the country and many from my own hometown of st. louis, missouri will be on the mall as we march in honor of over 56 million precious angels we have lost over the last 42 years. madame speaker, i believe in the sanctity of life. i believe life begins at conception and that every life is a gift. there is an area where most americans agree and where
8:58 pm
unelected officials should all come together. that is on the federal funding of abortion. the majority of americans do not want their hard-earned tax dollars going to pay for abortions. congress has consistently worked together over the years by attaching the high amendment to appropriations bills to prevent tax payer funds from going towards abortions. that is why i am a proud -- i am proud to cosponsor and support h.r. 7, the no taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion insurance full disclosure act. there is no more appropriate day than today to consider such important legislation. the bill does exactly what the name implies. it permanently ensures that no taxpayer dollars go to pay for abortions or abortion coverage. this bill codifies the hyde amendment and also addresses taxpayer funding for abortion
8:59 pm
that unfortunately the hyde amendment does not cover. for example, obamacare expressly allows funding for plans that include abortion through taxpayer subsidies. during the health care debate the president assured the american people that no federal dollars would be used to fund abortions under obamacare. it was yet again another broken promise. however, a no taxpayer funding for abortion act not only events taxpayer funding for abortion under obamacare, but it also requires transparency to assure the consumers are fully informed about which plants on the exchanges contain abortion coverage and surcharges. madame speaker, throughout my life i have worked to draw attention to the pro-life movement, to change hearts and
9:00 pm
minds and to approach this issue with love and compassion. i will continue to work throughout my time in congress towards the day when abortion is >> i urge my colleagues to support this legislation. >> the gentlewoman time is expired. the german from colorado is recognized. >> i am pleased to yield to the distinguished general lady from california two minutes. >> the gentle lady is recognized for two minutes. >> thank you, madam speaker. i want to say to the other side of the aisle that i am grateful that some members of your caucus recognize that, indeed extremism on this issue has got to come to an end.


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