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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  January 17, 2015 10:22pm-11:01pm EST

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and those kind of questions need to be on our minds at the beginning as well as at the end. >> we are almost out of time. but before asking the last question, we have a couple of housekeeping matters to take care of. first of all, i would like to remind you about our upcoming luncheon. on january 27, chairman of the federal energy regulatory commission will speak about the challenges her agency faces to maintain the reliability of the nation's electricity grid and reasonable prices for consumers. next, i would like to present our guest with the traditional national press club mug. and the last question, on a lighter note, you and your wife laura sterling were known to have taken to the stage while you served as president of colby college, literally. you both appeared on stage in a scene in a musical "annie." do you have a special love for
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broadway musicals and can we see you on washington d.c. stages? >> as to whether i will appear on stage, i know my wife is hoping very much not, that we will not be appearing on this stage. she was a performer in her earlier life, and she put up with me as we did "annie" and a piece from "guys and dolls." there were some others. we did a great jazz song "fever." [laughter] would you like to come up, lau ren? no. my love for musical theater came
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from lauren. she introduced me to the classics. it has been a great part of our time together and it was a gift that was given to me by my wife. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. thank you, chairman adams. i have to say, thank you all for coming today. we are adjourned. >> next, indiana governor gives his state of the state speech. then, president obama and steve russell with the weekly addresses. after that, presidential nominee mitt romney speaks at the republican national committee winter meeting. on newsmakers this weekend
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republican senator of north dakota. here's responsible of a bill currently being marked on that led authorize construction of the keystone pipeline. he talks about the legislation and other energy issues. you can wash the interview sunday at 10:00 and 6:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. on the martin luther king holiday, we are featuring all day programming on the book tv and american history tv. monday morning on book tv cornell west on six revolutionary african american leaders and their impact on their own generation and now. at 4:00, vanity fair printer reading editor on her life and journalism career. at 9:00, allen west on the importance of reserving the core values of emily, faith freedom. -- family, faith, freedom. monday morning experiences
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during the civil rights movement. and state of the union addresses by lyndon johnson, gerald ford, and bill clinton. and, the history of race relations and partisan, missouri and analyst nation of racial conflict. find our complete schedule at let us what you think about the programs you are watching. joining the c-span conversation. like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. >> from tuesday, indiana republican governor mike against his state of the state address do a joint meeting of the indiana general assembly in indianapolis. [applause]
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>> speaker, president, lieutenant governor, senator members of the general assembly, distinguished guests tonight on the of of our bicentennial year, i stand before you as your governor to probably report that the state of our state has never been stronger and a wiki up -- keep up with the big character of our people, there is nothing we cannot accomplish in the next century. [applause] indiana is on a roll. i am not just talking about the colts. how about those colts?
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[ applause ] but seriously, indiana's blessed. we have the best state legislature in america, and together we've made indiana the fiscal envy of the country we balanced budgets, funded priorities you can maintain strong reserves, and still we were able to pass the largest state tax cut in indiana history, a win for indiana taxpayers. [applause] and here in the state that works, hoosiers are going back to work. unemployment has fallen faster here than almost anywhere in the country. when i was elected governor, unemployment was over 8%, today it's 5.7% and falling, we've added more than 100,000 private sector jobs in the last two years, and we're on track to have more hoosiers going to work in this state ever before. [applause]
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now, and while we maintain a strong balance sheet, we'll we've also made necessary investments in education . we have improved the first ever state funding for quality pre-k, and invested more than $800 million in funding for roads in this last budget alone. [applause] the result, graduation rates are up. test scores are up. the doors are already open to our prek program, creating opportunities for disadvantaged kids in the hoosier state. and indiana is now home to the largest educational voucher program in the united states of america. [applause]
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you know, i like to say there's 49 other governors in this country who wish they could be me. but let's be clear, our state has never been stronger. not because of our government but because of our people. they just don't come any better hoosiers. [applause] hardworking, patriotic, modest and generous to those in need. everyone knows the story of indianapolis police officer perry grant, courageous police officer who squared his shoulders in the face of deadly force to protect our capital city, and he paid with his life. what you may not know is the story of two little heroes that followed after that story. jason and ben, 5 and 8. they were the sons of the officer's partner, they were inspired in the midst of that tragedy, to raise money to
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outfit the indianapolis police department with better body armor, those two little boys have now raised more than $20,000 to make our police safer. would you join me in thanks lynn rand and our two young heroes who showed the courage and kindness that makes indiana great? [applause] >> now that's enthusiasm. you know, but nowhere is the character of our people more evident than those who serve in uniform. the evil that came to the streets of paris last week may
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seem far removed but the brutal murder of our own peter kasi, an aide worker killed by isis terrorists, was a stark reminder that we're all part of a global war against barberism. hoosiers should be proud to know that on the front lines of that war are some 300 airmen out of ft. wayne in the largest deployment of the air national guard in the last 10 years. [applause]
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>> to these airmen and their families and their leadership along with the army national guard who are with us tonight, let me assure you of our prayers, let me assure you of the heartfelt gratitude of the people of indiana for your service, and we will pray you home. more than 30 years ago at this very podium president ronald reagan said in words that are carved on a plaque just back in the back of this chamber, that the federal government was still operating on the outdated and arrogant assumption that the states can't manage their own affairs. that day he predicted that it would be states like ours that would come to america's rescue states like ours that would in his words offer the most creative solutions and most
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promising hopes for or nation. well, reagan was right. at a time when public confidence in our federal government is at an all time low, states have emerged as a sources of inspiration on fiscal policy economic growth, education and health care reform and indiana is leading the way. [applause] here in indiana we've been proving every day we can balance our budgets, run our schools choose our health care and serve our people far better than the proverbial elite ever could. to whom much is given much will be required. we have work to do the. last week i submitted my recommended budget to the general assembly, it's a
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balanced budget that holds the line on spending, funds our priorities with no new debt. now, fiscal discipline has been the hallmark of the past decade. our balances budgets have led to economic growth, lower tax rates and job creation, indiana is one of the few states in the country that does not have a balanced budget requirement in our constitution. it's a tribute to the public servants in this room that indiana has adhered to that practice in recent years, even though it's not required. a balanced budget requirement will assure hoosiers today and tomorrow indiana will spend wisely, protect our state from an economic downturn and unlike washington, d.c., we won't bury our children and grandchildren under mountains of debt. let me commend signal david long on a balanced budget amendment and let me call all of us in this chamber tonight. let's begin the process in this
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session of adding a balanced budget amendment to the indiana constitution, and send this historic reform to the people of indiana for ratification. [applause] >> over the past two years we've made lots of progress, great progress cutting taxes. now in this session, let's continue the work by simplifying the tax code and take steps to prevent a rapid increase of property taxes on indiana's family farmers. and let's remember that low cost energy is vital to our economy
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we need an all of the above energy strategy, including energy efficiency and know this, indiana is a pro coal state and we will continue to fight against the epa until we bring this war on coal to an end. [applause] to remain the cross roadses of america, let's end this coming budget invest another $300 million in new funding for roads, and let's give our cities and towns new resources to plan strategies for growth. balanced budgets are a starting point to improving our economy
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the key to unlocking the full potential of our state is not so much going to be found in her factories and fields, but in her classrooms. let's agree here and now republican and democrat alike, that this will be an education session of the indiana general assembly, and we will improve our schools for all of our kids. [applause] >> now my philosophy of executive leadership is simple you set a big goal, offer solutions but you stay open to the other ideas about how to
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achieve them. with that approach in mind and more than 100,000 kids in underperforming and failing schools in our state. let's make it our goal in this session of the general assembly to have 100,000 more students enrolled in high quality schools by the year 2020. [applause] that's 100,000 more kids in better schools by the end of this decade. to achieve this goal, we must fund excellence, expand choices and assure that education in indiana works at the highest levels. i propose more state dollars for k-12 than ever before. building on our historic last i session lets invest $10
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million a year to fund scholarships in our new pre-k program, because every hoosier child deserves to start school ready to learn. now, there are those that think that improving education is just about increasing funding, money alone isn't the answer. everyone knows that it's good teachers that make the difference. i should know, i've been married to a schoolteacher for 30 years this year. in fact, she's with me tonight. would you join me in welcoming the best first lady in the united states of america to this chamber my wife and a schoolteacher.
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[applause] >> how do you get more good teachers like my wife in her career, or my father-in-law, up in the gallery today who is indiana state teacher of the year in the '80s. i think you get good teachers in the classrooms by paying good teachers more, that's what we've been trying to do over the last several years, we were able to award $30 million in bonuses to teachers across indiana, i believe we should provide another $63 million for performance bonuses and refocus resources on the classroom more freedom for our schools and more dollars in the classroom is a prescription for success and will pay dividends for generations. because all honest work is
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honorable work, let's continue to make sure that our schools work for all of our kids regardless of where they want to start in life, and let's come together and continue to work in a bipartisan way until we make career and vocational education a priority in every high school in the state of indiana again. the general assembly embraced that vision just two years ago and together we've begun to improve the career and technical education opportunities for our students. we distributed millions of dollars in grants and seen innovation in schools across our states, like up in la port county where the high schools and a local utility are working together preparing students for careers in electronics and
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energy, they set up an energy academy academy. the driving force behind that effort is with us tonight. the indiana career and technical education director of the year thank you for your great leadership leadership. [applause] >> by providing $20 million more a year to support career vocational opportunities and improving the way we fund those courses, i believe we can dramatically increase the number of students who graduate career ready. the number of students who graduate with an industry recognized credential by 2020. as we open new opportunities within our public schools, let's give parents the choice where their kids go to school by expanding our choice and
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charlotter school programs here in indiana, it will be right for our kids and right for indiana. kidse like nathan. karen and i are friends with nathan's mom, she's a single mom, and he's a wonderful young man, they live right here in indianapolis. but frankly, at age 15, not long ago, nathan was one of those kidses who was falling through the cracks. we heard he couldn't quite find a school that worked for him and his mom and us, we all saw the trajectory he was on. we came along site, we talked to his mom about other choices that are available in our state. my wife managed to point them in the direction of one of our innovative public charter schools. i'll never forget the day karen came home and told me that nathan had visited that school with his mom, after he had gone
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in and scene the individualized learning model where all the kids learn at their own pace. he walked out of the school where his mom was anxiously waiting on the sidewalk ringing her hands, she looked at him and sid, well -- what did you think? he looked back at her and said mom, if i go here, i'll flourish. will if i go here, i'll be a leader. he just started a few days back, and his mom told me just this morning, nathan's doing great. that really is what it's all about kids like nathan, and opening gores of opportunities to more hoosier kids to have more options for the kind of education that will work for them. today some 30,000 low and middle income kids are able to have that choice. to attend the school that works best for them because of their choice scholarship program. let's open more doors of opportunities to more hoosier familyies by lifting the cap on
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the dollar amount, raise the cap on the choice scholarship program. because charter schools receive significantly less, total funding per pupil than traditional schools, let's adjust funding to allow more communities to offer more choices for families just like nathan's. that's a win for them, and a win for indiana nothing's more important than the health and well being of our people. we must care for the needs of our most viller inable. -- vulnerable. the aged, the infirm and our children born and unborn. that's why we advanced a tax credit for adoptive parents and are fully funding our adoption subsidy going-forward. let me take a moment tough thank the speaker for putting reducing infant mortality at the very
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center of this coming session of the general assembly, thank you, mr. speaker. [applause] tomorrow we'll launch a campaign called the labor of love to educate new and expecting moms across our state over the next year. we all need to work together on this, let me say this, if you're an expectant mom or if you have a little one on your lap, help is on the way, together we can and together we will reduce the heartbreak of infant mortality in indiana. [applause] you know, there is an old saying that when oefrn in your family is healthy, you have lots of problems. but when one member of your
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family is sick you've only got one problem. from the beginning of my tenure as governor we've been committed to bringing hoosier solutions to bear on the challenges in health care. we've been saying no to obama care in indiana. no to establishing a state exchange, and no to expanding a broken medicaid system, medicaid is not a system that we should expand. it's a program we need to change. that's just what we've been doing with a healthy indiana plan. the original program crafted more than six years ago on a bipartisan basis is the basis for our new proposal, a proposal that would offer more low income hoosiers the chance to get their own health care. we've been working hard to get it done, to get washington to say, yes, i've gone to our nation's capital, engaged in discussions with federal officials, i took our case to
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the president on the tarmac outside air force one in evansville one day. as our discussions go forward, let me assure all of you of this i will continue to stand firm for the right to expand coverage the indiana way, empowering hoosiers to take control of their health care choices, we will not accept terms that relegate hoosiers to substandard health care or jeopardize the fiscal health of the state of indiana. [applause] >> now, the road ahead wasn't be easy but i'm confident. i'm confident because of the people we serve. hoosiers have always been willing to do hard things. to embrace change to build
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schools of promise and policies that will advance the prosperity and safety and well being of our people. i believe if we act with resolve in this year, if we're bold we will fulfill indiana's promise for this generation and the next, we'll have more hoosiers going to work than ever before. we will have more kids attending high quality schools than ever before, and more kids graduating, ready for college or careers. and we will improve the health and well being of our people by empowering individuals to take responsibility for themselves their families, and we'll do it all the indiana way, based on fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility. self-reliance and the values and common sense that are synonymous with the hoosier state. and when we do this, we will fulfill the promise not just of our time, but we will fulfill
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the promise first forged beneath that constitution elm in 1816 . the promise of a state that would be built on freedom and that would become a beacon of hope and an example to the nation. with boundless faith in the people of indiana, and faith in god's grace to see us through, i say, the best days for indiana are yet to come let's get to work. [applause] thank you and god bless you, and god bless the great state of indiana. [applause] >> in his weekly address president barack obama previews his state of the union.
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representative steve russell of oklahoma discusses the parties priorities. >> hi, everybody. every day, we get thousands of letters and emails at the white house from americans across the country -- and every night, i read ten of them. they tell me about their hopes and their worries, their hardships and successes. they're the americans i'm working for every day -- and this year, several of these letter writers will join me at the capitol when i deliver my annual state of the union address on tuesday night. carolyn reed wrote to me from colorado to tell me she was able to expand her business, thanks to a loan from the small business administration. today, she and her husband own seven silver mine sub shops -- and last year, they raised wages for all their hourly employees. victor fugate, from butler missouri, wrote to tell me that he was unemployed for a while a few years ago, but today he's earned his degree and found a full-time job. victor said that he and his wife
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were able to afford their student loans because our country offered millions of americans the chance to cap their monthly payments as a percentage of their income -- and, because of the affordable care act, they now have the security and peace of mind of affordable health insurance. while serving in afghanistan jason gibson was gravely wounded -- he lost both his legs. when i first met him in the hospital, he was just beginning his long, difficult road to recovery. but last year, sergeant gibson wrote to tell me that with the help of our extraordinary doctors and nurses, he's making extraordinary progress. he just moved into a new home, and he and his wife just had a baby girl. stories like these give us reason to start the new year with confidence. 2014 was the fastest year for job growth since the 1990s. unemployment fell faster than any year since 1984. our combat mission in afghanistan has come to a responsible end, and more of our heroes are coming home. america's resurgence is real.
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our job now is to make sure that every american feels that they're a part of our country's comeback. that's what i'll focus on in my state of the union -- how to build on our momentum, with rising wages, growing incomes, and a stronger middle class. and i'll call on this new congress to join me in putting aside the political games and finding areas where we agree so we can deliver for the american people. the last six years have demanded resilience and sacrifice from all of us. all of us have a right to be proud of the progress america has made. and i hope you'll tune in on tuesday to hear about the steps we can take to build on this progress, and to seize this moment together. thanks everybody, and have a great weekend. >> good morning. i am steve russell, a new member of the house of representative from oklahoma's fifth district. congress has a great opportunity to restore constitutional government and place the american people and their priorities first. as lawmakers, we must never
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forget that our government was designed to derive its power from the consent of the people. sadly, we have seen washington nor your concerns about the economy, spending, jobs, and making our nation secure. republicans and democrats both care, but we hold different views about the ability of the people to make a bright future or whether the government should stand in your way and define that future for you. as americans, we have not lost our capacity for greatness. we can still overcome the odds. take the president's. regulations and obstruction of our energy sector we've seen hard-working americans innovate and transform our economy only to have the president try and take credit for it. we have seen american families work together in their communities to make ends meet paycheck to paycheck, even while a volunteer armed forces sacrifice to keep us safe in a dangerous and shifting world.
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despite it all, deep in our hearts, americans want america to be great and we are. i, like you, refuse to give up on this great country. i'm joined by a wave of colleagues that you sent to congress who believe the same thing. we have the resources to transform our economy, the talents to work together to solve our problems, and the grit to lead in a dangerous world it looks to us for hope and stability. an american beacon that still shines when others provide a dim view. with your inspiration, this new congress is harder for her here are four things the house has already voted to do. lift the burden on small businesses so they can hire more of our veterans without penalty. repeal obamacare's 30 hour work week definition so we can get people working again full-time. build the xl keystone pipeline with its more than 42,000
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american jobs. and safe energy for our children's future. force bureaucratic agencies to regulate with more honesty thrift, and transparency. these measures are only the beginning. now, president obama does not agree with our direction, the one that you do voters asked us to take, and he has threatened to block your progress. but we challenge them to listen to the people instead of standing in the way of your future. as we take these steps, we must do it with the guidance and principles that sounded our nation. you do not build a building without a blueprint. you do not chart your future by taken shortcuts, but do it with fairness and unity. that is why the house voted to stop the president's unilateral action on immigration. it's not about opportunity. it is about the constitution and being fair to those legal
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immigrants who follow the law. on at least 22 separate occasions, the president said he did not have the authority to do what he did. and we are holding him to his word. every time the president makes the playing field uneven, he tramples on the opportunity for all americans. we can and will find solutions to immigration and are happy to do it, but they will be your solutions through the congress not executive actions. as we look to the future, let's your do it together. we have heard your voice and now we need your support. together, we can get it done. thanks. for listening say a prayer for those protecting us, and may god bless this great republic. >> next, mitt romney meets at the republican national committee winter meeting. then the possible 2016
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republican presidential candidates. after, sylvia burwell on global health security. >> the c-span city tour takes american history on the road traveling to u.s. cities. we partner with comcast for a visit to west virginia. >> there are two volumes. the reason i thought it was important to collect these histories, willing transformed into an industrial city in the latter part of the 19th century. it is kind of uncommon in west virginia and that it drew a lot of immigrants from various parts of europe here in search of jobs and opportunities. that generation is pretty much gone.
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i thought it was important to record their stories to get the members of the younger generations and ethnic neighborhoods they formed. it is an important part of our history. most people focus on the frontier history and civil war history. those periods are important but there is this industrial immigration that wheeling had. >> wheeling starts as the front tier prayed that river was the western expanse of the united states in the 1770's. the first project funded by the federal government for road production was the national road that extended from cumberland, maryland to wheeling virginia. when it comes to wheeling, that will give this


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