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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  January 12, 2015 7:00am-7:46am EST

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later, john roth, inspector general for the homeland security department has details on the support that says the use of drones for border protection has been expensive host: good morning. it's monday, january 12. of this is week two of the 114th congress. 28 democrats voted for the keystone pipeline. the white house is issued a veto threat. first, we want to begin with your thoughts on the world leaders gather he did in paris for that unity march. what did you make of the images.
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you can contact us through twitter or facebook. it you can also e-mail. we will get your thoughts in just a minute. the phone lines are open. the front page of "the new york times." the piece from paris reports that one million people joined over 40 residents and prime minister's on sunday. this was the most striking show of support against islamic terror strikes. 17 people were killed in france. jews, muslims, christians and people of all races swarmed central paris. they called for peace and an end to violent extremism.
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the demonstration was described as the largest in modern french history with as million as 1.6 million people. many raved -- waived the french flag. four others were killed in a jewish supermarket on friday. thousands points did black and white signs. they said i am charlie in french. of we are getting your thoughts on that. what did you make of the world leaders that showed up and marched arm in arm? the richmond times dispatch, they featured "the washington post" on their paper. 4 million people nationwide mobilized with sister generation -- demonstrations. sydney australia to washington.
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take a look at that picture. those gathering in central paris to honor the 17 victims of last week's terrorist attacks here it "usa today" post a question, who represented the united states yesterday. president obama was not at the rally. the ambassador was there. eric holder was there. the debbie terry of homeland security -- deputy secretary of homeland security will not attend the march. the white house said no official comment.
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what are your thoughts on this? joseph is an independent. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to talk to c-span for a minute. how can you go to paris and televised something and then we had nothing about the riots in new york and ferguson. you never have independents. this is not equal opportunity. this is bullshit.
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host: the images you see are not c-span cameras in paris. what do you make of the attendants? president obama was not there. "the wall street journal" writes .
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host: mark, you are up. it caller: yes, i was calling about the march that they had in paris. we have hundreds of young black children being killed in the united states. the president denounced the killing of two city workers that work for the police department. he did not denounce the police that have killed unarmed children. why should we worry about paris
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and all of these other places? we have terrorists working for the united states government. david duke ran for president. host: harry is in pittsburgh. caller: i find it curious that obama didn't go. holder was there. he was the one who called people cowards in america. your first black caller was a typical black caller. host: we are talking about the world leaders marching arm in arm. eric holder was there, but he did not go to the march. the two brothers who attacked the satirical newspaper had ties
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to al qaeda. at least one of them had traveled had traveled to yemen. eric holder is talking to french officials about security in their country. there was a series of appearances on a sunday talk shows. they would be pressing the obama administration to keep closer tabs on u.s. citizens and others to travel overseas to train with terrorist groups and return home. this is from the papers this morning. eric holder on sunday announced the white house will host a
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summit on countering extremism and highlight how local communities curb violence before it takes place. the white house did not release a list of expected attendees. officials from boston, los angeles, and minneapolis will discuss how leaders can help root out violence. bob is in pennsylvania. good morning. caller: i wanted to comment on your inconsistency. about a week ago you had reports on steve scalise speaking to a david duke rally. you didn't say anything about freedom of speech there. now we have this attack in paris and all you people in the media do is talk about freedom of speech. what a double standard.
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we have freedom for jews but no freedom for david duke. why the double standard? in paris, we are all about freedom of speech. host: ron is in wisconsin. what do you think? caller: i would love to see this much solidarity in this country with our own president as they had in paris this weekend. why can't we join hands? why does washington have to join -- divide our country up between two political parties that are meaningless as far as i'm concerned. i would like to see a rally in the spring that would support our country. it just seems like divide and conquer.
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that is the situation that we have. if we don't stand as a nation, and that includes standing up for the current president, we are doomed to fail. thanks. host: we are talking about the world leaders meeting in paris. mike, what do you think? caller: thank you for taking my call. i have two comments. it was disappointing here the first several collars. i'm not clear why the president did not send anybody to attend. i think i will take him at his word.
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it's not going to be garnered from the demonstration, it's the attacks themselves. that's a forebear of what we will expect here in america. hopefully, we are preparing for that. host: you are worried about that happening here in the united states? caller: absolutely. i think they are too easy to pull off. that's a much greater threat than airlines going down. host: mike is talking about lone wolf attacks in the united states. that reflects a rasmussen poll. 65% of american adults believe that it is somewhat likely. that was put out yesterday. nancy is in new jersey. what are your thoughts this morning on seeing all those world leaders marching arm in arm in paris? caller: i think it was just a
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big show. maybe you can read some articles about how at the same time they had a terrorist attack in nigeria and nobody cares about nigeria. they didn't save the girls. that magazine had cartoon about the girls in nigeria. they wrote a cartoon about them. i think it's a big farce. it's only because they were white that they did that. they don't care about black people dying around the world. that is why we don't have a unity march here. it's all to promote white supremacy. host: bbc has the headline, the
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west is accused. host: good morning, andrew. caller: i am a first-time caller. my opinion is that was a good support large. it's time for france to stand up because we have their back. put troops on the ground in
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syria. let's go ahead and wipe out isis. the united states will be supportive. thank you. host: tommy is in tennessee. caller: hello. i want to apologize for my brothers who are using rude language. the situation in france is very serious. there is a lot going on. i think we to concentrate on all people being mistreated. right now, all people of all races are being mistreated in some anyways. we had a one-year-old handling a gun that he shouldn't then handling. i do believe that we must spread
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up the coverage. i'm not holding c-span responsible. all media needs to step back and say let's not romanticize this. let's not do anything to entice more violence. we to have coverage that spreads the gamut of the planet. our planet is in serious trouble. our women and children are being slaughtered. it's very depressing to me. i know that you will do your best to try and be as fair as possible and the rest of your employees. host: tim is in hawaii. caller: hello. i want to make a comment about the march and the president not being there. i understand the situation with
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security. that is what they have a vice president for. eric holder was over there and did not stay. the president should have maybe called hillary or maybe jimmy carter. that would have helped hillary's campaign. it looks to me like the united states is showing the world that we don't care. that is an international embarrassment to this country. that's all i have to say. host: tam is a republican in hawaii with those comments. world leaders locked -- walked arm in arm with others gathering
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in central paris to honor the 17 that were killed. we are getting your thoughts on that this morning. the phone lines are open. you can keep dialing in. some other news for you this morning, "the washington post" says this about the keystone pipeline. the house approved the measure with the help of 26 democrats.
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strike a deal we will talk about that coming up. but the senate is expected to do as well as the agenda in both the house and senate area we will focus on not only keystone but what is going on with oil and gas rises as well. this is the front page of the washington times this morning. terrorist attack seen as a real threat. violence in paris only deepens fears. dianne feinstein flatly stated that she believes cells are in europe and the united states way to be activated.
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michael mccaul was on the sunday talk shows. he said i -- this is what he had to say. >> this is a different style of attack. you had people who went to yemen to train in the art of warfare and brent -- brought that back home in france. that could happen here in the united states. we can have thousands of these travelers. they become foreign fighters and pose a threat and risk of returning to where they came from and do the same thing we saw in paris. we hear about the homegrown of violence. we were lied about that in rat a lot -- radicalizing people over the internet. we don't have a good handle on who is on the ground in syria
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and iraq and it yemen. we should put them on no-fly list so they can't get in the country. they were on a no-fly list and still traveled to yemen and back. we had the female terrorist leave and go to syria and she is on a no-fly list. i think europe needs to strengthen its travel restrictions. we to look at protecting this country. host: texas republican mike mccall on "face the nation" yesterday. also, this is from "the hill" newspaper. the incoming chairman of the intelligence committee from north carolina says terrorist attacks can happen every week.
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that is the new chairman of the senate intelligence committee with that. dianne feinstein yesterday on the sunday talk shows voiced concern about the visa waiver program posing a security threat. we'll go to gary in north carolina. good morning to you. what do you think of the world leaders gathering in paris? caller: what i think is, i am looking at the daily news headlines. we were calling them names
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because they did not agree with us after 9/11. we were going to stop traveling there. host: steve is in brooklyn it. caller: the unity march was really nice. there in lies the problem. look who was on the front line of the march. this is the problem france has. he is one of the great facilitators terrorism. his organization gives untold funds to terrorist families. this is the irony. france thinks it can be an appeaser and get to all of these terrorist groups. that is the point.
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when you make excuses for terrorism it's not going to help. it's going to hit your country. that's what happened to france. they should stop making excuses for terrorists. they should stop trying to create a terrorist state in the middle east. host: guy in alabama. caller: host: let me move on to alan in maryland. good morning. caller: hello? host: i wanted to make sure that you were there. you are on the air. caller: i agree with some of the other callers that it would've been nice if someone from the united states would have gone to
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the parade yesterday. i think it's great that paris is showing a united front. that we will not tolerate this terrorism. i wish we would have a parade like that in this country soon. i know there were a few going on in a few cities. i am sorry for the first couple of callers that were disrespectful to you. i just don't understand i don't know how they expect the police to handle people who are breaking the law. host: can i get your reaction to the news?
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none of these men showed up. you let the world down. the you think the united states but the world down by not having the president or vice president or secretary of state there? caller: not really. we have so much going on on our plate right now. i know the american people, our hearts are with the people. we have been through it. we have lost so many young american lives. we are feeling their pain. i just miss -- wish some elected vice president would have gone. you know this country, we feel their pain. we are in support of them.
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we would like to have a united front against these horrible terrorists. they are slaughtering and murdering people every day. it's got to stop. host: keith ellison is a democrat from minnesota. congressman nadler of new york. this is peter king from new york. lindsey graham tweeted
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scott is in florida. good morning to you. what do you think about the leaders gathering in paris? caller: my point is nobody showed up from the united states. let's go back to the boston bombing. we had to at large. obama showed up for a memorial over there. my point is, do they have inside intelligence about who is where and who's out there? he did not show it in france but he showed up in a boston. it was considered a hot zone. that is my point. host: samuel, hi. caller: that was a terrorist on
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the front lines of that march and his name is benjamin netanyahu. he is a huge oppressor. 14 years in the world on terror and it's been a complete failure. it hasn't stopped radical islam at all. host: i guess we won't find out his opinion about the leader of israel. he was there. you can see him in this picture. benjamin netanyahu is there with angela merkel and mahmoud abbas. there were 40 world leaders that gathered in paris and marched along with 1.6 million people. the gathering was so large that
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it almost paralyzed the whole city. there is this headline. egypt's leader urges an end to terrorism. they write about a speech given by the egyptian president recently to a bunch of islamic leaders. this was a cairo university. that is on the front page of "the new york times." this is breaking news this morning on twitter. the secretary of state was in india yesterday and arrived in
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pakistan on announced for a counter terrorism visit. that is happening now. john kerry is in india because the president is traveling there. the secretary of state a head of that visit. he is working with indian officials and talking about business ties and that upcoming meeting for the president. right is in virginia. go ahead. caller: my feeling is that they should -- the people that stood up in paris should have done that. we can't stop all the terrorism that's going on around the world. we could have another type of 9/11 attack.
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all these leaders, it's great. you don't have the united states'presence. our president should have done more than sent condolences. he should have sent a representative. host: our ambassador was there. caller: you can't stop all terrorist attacks. they are afraid something is going to happen. host: you are on the air. caller: i was just going to follow up on the previous caller. i can't understand how you can have the against terrorist in the world benjamin netanyahu out there in the front of the line. host: why do you call him a terrorist? caller: he killed 2000 palestinians.
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he should have been arrested. he is the biggest terrorists out there could host: some people think that it's the same about abbas. caller: he's got an army and air force and drones all funded by the american government. he is the biggest world terrorists out there. host: they are taking issue with having benjamin netanyahu as one of the leaders. they were walking arm in arm with the french president. they were marching in central paris. lawrence is in florida. caller: good morning. there is a word in the english language that describes to a t our president and his administration. i'm sad to say we have a feckless leader.
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i have no answer as to why. he is incompetent. i look at the competition of feckless. please read the definition of feckless to your listeners and viewers. host: isaac is in new jersey. caller: i think the unity march was great. i think the world leaders being there was great. when we put 100,000 men in the field, why do they only put four or 5000 in the field. they should field as many men as the united states. i would like to make a comment about peter king. as an african american male who travels new york city, who is
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going to protect me from the police? host: the new york times rights he that is "the near times"
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editorial. jeffrey is in georgia. caller: the president, he is the head of the free world. these people expect him to go over there in a weeks time. that shows that security is it right. i don't see why the president has to go over there on such short notice and stand in a line with a bunch of people when there are 5 million muslims on the other side of town. that's what i've got to say. host: steve is in virginia. caller: i can understand why the president would not go. a lot of the world leaders converged on paris really in a self-serving way.
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they wanted to promote their own agendas or clean up their own images. the president presence could have been an overwhelming security risk. making it more of a problem, i do think it's unfortunate if we are going to be holding a summit of countries talking about this issue. i am not confident in obama's understanding of the issue of terrorism. they seem to take great lengths to avoid some of the obvious issues. host: you are talking about the february 18 summit. they are going to invite countries to participate in that. you don't think that should be led by the united states? caller: unfortunately, i feel like it's being led by the country that seems to be going out of its way to deny some of
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the basic issues. if you look at the leaders that were on that front line, they are all dealing with issues of assimilation, rejection of values such as free speech. our country seems to be the country that goes out of its way to willfully else understand this issue. we are leading the summit. i hoping that they will be willing to learn as opposed to setting themselves up as willing to teach. host: david is in georgia. good morning to you. caller: it was good that eric holder went over there to represent us.
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he needs to clean up his own backyard. they are experimenting with federal inmates. they've been doing this for a number of years. he talks about terrorism when they are doing the same thing here under the guise of the federal bureau of prisons. host: we will keep taking your thoughts. we've got about five minutes left. i also want to show you some other headlines. this is from "the new york times." the president is going to push for laws on data hacking.
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those announcements came from the president today at a speech in washington. also from the "wall street journal."
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willthat is the story about 2016 in the papers. there is also this one in "the wall street journal" about potential hopefuls emphasizing policy prescriptions to address the poor and the middle class.
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this is a picture of marco rubio at a rally in october calling for increasing the child tax credit. that is a senior going to see from republicans. speaking of politics, i wanted to show you this tweet that was sent out yesterday by paul ryan who ran for vice president with mitt romney. he tweeted this. that is a tweet by paul ryan this morning. we will go back to your calls. charles is in colorado. good morning. caller: i think we should
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clarify the palestinian issue is the west bank is not a terrorist. he has been working with israel, trying to get a two state solution. a lot of the news we don't even hear from over there. after this latest conflict, israel took over 1000 acres of the west bank. this is what i see as they don't want the two state solution. they only recognize the lebanese order. one other point. with this march i think it's great. were not going to cure terrorism by going over and dropping
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bombs. we are going to cure it by coming together and having the imams and the muslims stand up and say you are not us. you are not part of this. we are all charlie. that's when it's going to start. what america has to do, what is the rallying cry? we had bases in saudi arabia. that is what osama and ladin was arguing about. we can't have guantanamo. we can't who i would grade. we can't be supporting israel blindly toward the takeover of the palestinian land and the decimation of their people and then say we want to fight terrorism. it's not going to work with homeland security. it's not going to work. you are not going to cure the lone wolf with all of the arms
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in the world. they are even training in basis. they are getting their information off the internet. i hear people freaking out about the lone wolf. that's it. host: we will he the conversation there for now. coming up we are going to talk about the congressional agenda on capitol hill. we will be talking with ed o'keefe. but first, last week the council on foreign relations held a discussion focusing on global conflicts and instability. we covered that and i want to show you a little bit of the conversation. we will be right back area >> it's the return of competition


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