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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  January 4, 2015 7:00am-7:46am EST

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ries in 2015. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: good morning. present obama and the first family returning to the white house. they are flying overnight from hawaii after two_week christmas break. on tuesday, president obama will meet with mexico's president. then, he will hit the road. the focus, jobs, the economy, and homeownership. president obama and vice president biden will be in tennessee.
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all of this, you can watch on c_span. it is sunday, january 4. the start of a new week, and the start of a new congress. the flag will be at half staff, to honor senator brooke, he died this weekend. the senate leaders want a productive congress. we want your calls in congress __ calls and comment on whether the gop can lead a successful congress. you can also join the conversation, already many weighing in on facebook.
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orson __ or send us a tweet. this is a legislature preview __ showtime for gop. in a 114 congress, there will be 246 republicans. this is the largest republican majority since post_world war ii. in the senate, 54 republicans, and 21 independents to sign with the republicans. a piece from the "washington post."
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there's a story this morning from george hill saying one of the most important members of the new congress is the chair of the foreign relations committee. coming up on c_span, or conversation with ken buck, the incoming republican class presidents. among the issues that the new congress will be facing is spending of that department of homeland security. one area that they held out on
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is the department of homeland security because of the present executive action on immigration. [video clip] >> etiquette will be __ i think it will be a contentious debate. i think what the present day and was poorly designed. whether ends up in some sort of agency shut down, i hope not. i hope we can work through the issue, and make sure we defund the parts of the executive order that the present has issued, and move on, and make sure the functions of the government are funded, and the transition as smooth. host: our conversation with ken buck, from colorado's fourth congressional district, you can watch it in its entirety following the "washington journal."
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we talked about the 114th congress, and how republicans believed as they take on both a majority in the house and the senate. that is our question this morning, can the gop lead as they take over on tuesday? on the front page of the "new york times" saying the gop turns to the courts to aid its agenda.
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that from the front page of in __ the "new york times." if you are a republican, we'll get your calls in a moment. the president, in an interview with npr __ [video clip] >> is anything that you personally intend to do in your approach to congress in hopes of getting better results in your final two years? >> i can always do better.
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in every aspect of my job __ congressional relations is not exempt from that. i think the circumstances will have changed though. i'm obviously frustrated with the results of the midterm election. i think we have a great record for members of congress to run on. i do not think that we, myself, the democratic party made as good of a case as we could have. as a result, we had a lot of turnover, the results were bad. now, you have republicans in a position where it is not enough for them to simply grind the wheels of commerce to a halt, and then blame me __ they will be in a position in which they have to show that they can responsibly governed given that
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they have significant majorities in both chambers. i've said repeatedly __ i want to work with them, want to get things done. host: a postelection interview with president obama taking place last month. on her facebook page, many of you are already weighing in. this is from lee mix __ they will try to undo all the good that democrats and president obama. kenneth robinson says __ heck no, they seem to not be able to agree on anything. we'll get your calls and comments. first from the democrat line.
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caller: their purpose is retrieving everything that the american values are. we need to have an understanding __ i am a vietnam vet. i have an understanding about what life is about. we are really in a turmoil, if people see what is happening around the world. president obama is a great presidents. host: thank you for the call. on her twitter page, saying __ for democrats it is spend, spend, spend. for republicans is __ no, not now, no. who is right?
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john from philadelphia's next. john, are you with us? caller: good morning. thank you. what we are discussing here __ the executive, the prerogatives of congress. the one way under the current constitution is to impeach the present, __ impeach the president, and move on. congress has the power to change things. otherwise, things __ the courts will not change things. host: we will get to more calls and comments in just a moment. first, joining us is the
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secretary of defense kevin bear. what can we expect with republicans now in control? caller: i think you will see a couple of things. a little bit of an aggressive tone. a good example is guantánamo. obama pledge to close before he was elected, but he could not do much about it because of congress. what you've seen over the last few months is the emptying of guantánamo __ he cannot close it. from my perspective __ the big change is the senate armed
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services committee. they have already pledged a couple changes, including cyber. a lot more of a more belligerent tone toward american military intervention. host: in your piece, you point out there will be a battle over the nomination to replace chuck hagel. what obstacles you think potentially they will face? caller: it will be a battle. it is about using the confirmation hearing to attack the president's policies. you will hear as carter forced
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to defend why the u. s. has not had more airstrikes sooner, like in syria. why we not be more overt that the u. s. is getting involved in iraq war, because some members feel we should. instead of pulling the wool over the people's eyes saying no boots are on the ground. host: also iran __ you mentioned syria, afghanistan. we're trying to normalize relations with cuba, and new sanctions towards north korea. caller: you have a whole list of areas. president obama talked about having the open hand, instead of a fist.
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he was criticized for that. cuba was the latest example of a surprise. i've been reporting and discussing with a lot of people. there is a sense that iran is next. it is going out of time now that we normalize relations with iran. it could happen within this administration. that is the kind of thing that you will see. host: we're talking with kevin baron, hhis work is available online at wwe will hear from the president. sequestration will kick in on october 1 of the year.
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on that front, what can we expect? caller: i wish i knew. i will make a guess __ i think it will go away. this seems to be a sense on both sides of the aisle that we have had enough, let's move forward. that said, the people saying that are in the defense community. they want some clarity of their budgets to come. on the national security __ the members of congress that are in charge of oversight have resignation. it has never filtered up to the political bosses __ to baynard, pelosi, reid.
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no, they say, we will play this budget game, and let it play out. i do not think you will have a huge fight over the budget. there only a few small issues that are being fought over __ like aircrafts, or military health care costs. beyond that, there is a sense that __ we all thought awards were ending, we could save a bit of money, retool the forest, get back to training __ that has been gone. this last year with ice is taking over to countries, airstrikes from somalia, everything going on. not to mention, the nuclear
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force, nato realignment, china. there's so much going on. there is a sense that the pentagon and congress need to get together and retool. host: speaking of spending priorities __ you point out in your story that there will be a gathering in southern california in early june. has the army moved closer to a robotic army? caller: we love our robotics stories. people do not know __ this is where the internet came from __ the space age, futuristic stuff. dark _ darka is focused on
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creating autonomy. autonomy __ systems like drones, to systems built to process all the information that drones gather. if the pentagon wants to solve this problem once and for all, it is autonomy. is this something to fear, like in the movies, or something amazing. there is no shortage of initiatives that the pentagon is involved in to push forward on this technological fronts. host: i appreciate you being with us.
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we want to continue with your phone calls. some of the issues that kevin outlined, and some of the issues that congress will be dealing with. can the gop lead? karen left this on our twitter page __ of course they can, but lead to what and where is the real question. george will saying __
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again senator george corker, ffrom george will in the "washington post." brad on the republican line caller: the president is a very arrogant man. american voters have spoken. it should be a very different two years now because the republicans will not be backing down. this liberal reality that obama wanted to create, it has backfired on him. you can see that in the riots going on now. people are sick of it. host: we'll go next to melissa. caller: good morning. i believe the gop will not be able to lead.
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the areas of stuff going on that side of the fence. they need to understand that this country is multinational, multicultural. we have over 2000 ethnic groups in this country. they need to see all sides of the american life, whether it is domestic policy issues or foreign_policy issues. the focus on one particular person __ the president is only one person. i would love for our gop to breathe the same air as we do in america __ that they are compassionate and understanding, and their legislative moves will help to better people's lives and not crush it. host: thank you for your call. rashad is next from atlanta.
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caller: yeah __ my comment is __ limiting how __ let me think how to say this __ i do not think this administration will end well. with republicans being anti_obama, they're promoting separatism. republicans talk about obama being a weak presidents. obamacare, all the stuff about obama __ rush limbaugh they're
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promoting all this separatism indirectly. most of these people are multimillionaires. they do not have to worry about the choices of hospitals because they have supreme coverage. host: rollcall is writing about the present, who, by the way, will be hitting the road. the president not waiting for the state of the union address to outline some key policy proposals. the president is scheduled to travel to michigan, arizona, and tennessee to focus on the economy. the proposals announced next week will be a mix of executive actions and legislature proposals. the president is eager to get to control.
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the terms of the new members started at noon on saturday, though businesses delayed until tuesday. let's take a quick look at some of the headlines from outside of washington, d.c. front page of the l.a. times __ governor brown first elected in 1964, he is now the oldest governor, in his fourth term. some speculating whether or not he will run for present in 2016. from the boston globe __ the patrick legacy. he received the congressional medal of honor in 2009. he was first elected in 1966.
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the passing of brooke, this morning on the front page of the boston globe. bob mcdonald is not alone on the convicted governor's list. there aare 12 on that list. the front page of the richmond times, as mcdonald may face 10 years in prison. going to the republican line. as the gop plans to take over, can they lead? caller: i think they can. i ddo not know if obama can work with people. he is too arrogant, he was everything done his way.
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if he works with the republicans, i think we can get this country back on track. host: he says he will work with the republicans. caller: he said that since day one. but the truth is, he does not even spend time with his own party. we rarely see him bring people into the white house from his own party, let alone the republicans. all of our great presidents have worked with congress. it is all about the people. what i see is a president __ everything he does is about growing the democratic party. host: we will move on to linda, on the independent mind. caller: good morning. i would like to comment about healthcare. from 2002 to 2012, before the
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affordable health care act, my husband's insurance had changed six years __ well before the affordable care act took place. on c_span, another commentor directed some viewers to an interview with the insurance companies __ nine interview, it was where obama was shaking hands with the head of the insurance companies. the insurance companies were promising they would work with him. as soon as the affordable care act came in, they stabbed him in the back. they were the ones who canceled the people's policies. it was not obama. i surprise that the democrats and republicans do not put more on the insurance companies. that is all i have to say.
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host: by the way, from politico __ writing that the gop searches for elusive obamacare fix. let's go to the democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. i'm very upset about the senator in the republican party who has some affiliation with david duke. anyone who is 60 or over definitely knows that he was and is kkk. in a world that we live in
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today whether so much hatred for people who are not pure white aryans, and who do not believe in tea party believers are being ostracized. i do not know why this man is allowed to be in politics. host: you mentioned the senator, i think you're referring to the congressman. i just want to point out that we talk to ken buck on "newsmakers" program, and we asked him about the congressman's remarks back in 2002. please go on. caller: the other thing is __ the reason obama is having such difficulty with the camaraderie
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with republicans is because the day he was elected __ it was announced by republicans that they will not do anything to help him. their goal on that day was to get him out of office. host: thank you for your call. let me share with you a statement from baynnard __ he said, more than one decade ago, representative scalise made an error in judgment.} he was right in acknowledging it was wrong and inappropriate. he has my full confidence as our whip. you can watch the full program,
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"newsmakers", at 10:00 pm. are you with us? caller: yes. the gop has the ability to function as a cooperative movement to a more conservative base in our community. the problem is __ we have a present who is not willing to assist them, and work with them to get the problems of our country corrected. host: thank you. on her twitter page __ it is the gop's job to pay the bills, ask them. this from the "new york times. "
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a photo from the effort to find the air asia flight. the washington bureau of the daily news has a story on the speaker of the house and this senate republican leader. the story from michael pittman. those close to both men say that there is a lot of common ground. stylistically, they are different. mcconnell is more __ the gop is hopeful that in january, they
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will be to a more productive congress and the nation has seen in recent years. you can see that story online from the dayton daily news. we'll go to read on the republican mind. caller: good morning. i would like to say that i agree with the caller from pennsylvania. i disagree from the caller from florida. when they had their shock and office, about 80% of what obama wanted to pass __ my intention is __ can my side lead? in terms of the affordable care act, they should remind america that this is a republic, set up with state exchanges. most of the problem is, most
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people like myself who are conservatives, do not agree with the federal government dictating this. the last thing __ i think we should get rid of the veto. i think the present should not have the power to veto 535 members of congress. thank you. host: this point coming from our twitter page. i do not want the government to lead, i wanted to get out of my way. the gop setting its goals. that is available online from the "washington post." we'll go to the republican line. caller: hi. hey __ i wanted to start off by saying one thing that has been all over the house sharpton show, and democrats trying to already disrupting.
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this guy scalise __ he spoke to a group called euro, as if european americans do not have rights to organize __ they do have rights. interesting enough, he probably did not even know about this group. just an observation __ in the first term of obama, obama and clinton spoke of the eulogy of robert byrd. robert byrd was a 20 year long member of the klan. he recruited people to go out and terrorized blacks. he was fourth in line to be present at one time. the double standards are amazing to me. as a conservative, i am like
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that one guy who wants the government to get out of my way. the affordable care act, aat my textile plant where i worked up until november, the job was outsourced. my hsa, i had never had that before, they put $1400 in my account. under obamacare, the plan was cut in half. now, that lost my job, cobra is something like $460 per month. now, looking at the exchange, being a single male, i have to pay for abortion, contraception __ i cannot afford it. a conservative is a person that conserves. we believe in conserving tradition.
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i look at all the democrat places where democrats run things __ inner cities, california __ i see people fleeing. businesses fleeing to texas, north dakota. democrats do not have a good track record of running things. i do not think anything will get done. host: as republicans take over statehouses around the country. good luck on your job search, by the way. this is from the front page of the "washington post." the piece points out that the president plans to advance policy goals by working with congress. the president has taken some of the most significant executive action, thinking that some of his top goals would be more easily achieved without working
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with congress. the present returning to the white house around 10:30 eastern time. we will go to mark. caller: i just want to respond to a gentleman who called about five or six calls ago. he said that the public has spoken in the midterms. republicans kill me. they never mentioned __ 36% of the people voted. after __ half of that is 18. let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say they won with 21%. that shows you that 21% of the
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public voted these people in. it boggles the mind how they think. host: week will go next to jolt joining us from louisiana. caller: good morning. please don't hang up, sometimes you don't like to hear the truth. number one, i have been here for 37 years. this guy claims __ david duke he was harming his campaign __ i do not believe him. according to david duke, he claimed that __ was killed by russians.
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just because he does not believe in the holocaust __ i cannot believe this. host: next is joyce from houston, texas. caller: i think the gop can lead. i started to hang up __ i called in to address this democrat lady that was talking about scalise. i called her to remind about robert byrd, but two or three callers behind me talked about that. i hope that all these democrats talking about scalise, remember byrd, he was way up in the klan. get rid of it and __ rid of the insanity, and get back to the facts.
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get off scalise's back. host: jody has this point __ the next two years, we will find out if the tea party is, or isn't, the problem in the republican party. the "new york times" talking about the nation's private coffer in chief. the president has spent over 1000 hours on the golf course. this story talking about obama's little_known but improving game. next is david from pontiac, michigan. caller: good morning. i am really disappointed that
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the republicans are taking over the house and senate. i do not look forward to any more insanity. and the lack of cooperation with the present. i want to go on record __ the president is not arrogant. he is very classy. he is a good presidents. he just has a group about people you have to work with. host: many of you weighing in on our facebook page. we are asking whether or not the republicans can lead in the 114 congress. technology has changed, but one thing has remained a constant __ your calls and comments on "washington journal". it was on the state 20 years ago that brian lamb began the very first "washington journal". [video clip]
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>> good morning and welcome to this "washington journal" on january 4, 1995. there is the first page from the "usa today". there is a caricature of __ that is the paper you can buy all of the united states on this wednesday. in washington, where the temperature is about 30, we welcome you to this new start time everyday __ 7:00 am on the east coast. host: the very first "washington journal".
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among our guests, barney frank, and then senate leader bob dole. that program, and all of our programming, on our website, some of the comments on her facebook page __ there's this from andy. saying they will not do anything while obama is office, they worry that he will get all of the credit. tony has this on our twitter page __ for the caller concerned about turnout in the midterm elections, do the math on the president obama winning with about 28% of votes. join in on the conversation. a couple more calls. first from thomas.
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caller: the question is not whether the republicans can lead, the question is what will they lead us to? host: where will they lead us to? caller: they cannot lead a horse to water, and the water is 6 feet away. not leading anything. host: john you get the last word. caller: i just wanted to make a comment about how the republicans __ i do not understand. i've always said that the common white man, it is the common man's problem. most white people unfortunately vote for republicans.


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