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tv   National Medal of Arts and Humanities  CSPAN  August 2, 2014 10:00pm-10:29pm EDT

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through songs that evoke romanticism and wonder, and capture moral dilemmas that persist across generations. [applause] jeffrey -- [applause]
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maxine kingston. [applause] arts013 national matter of to maxine kingston for contributions as a writer. novels and nonfiction examine how the past influence was as a president in the voice has strengthened the and understanding of asia understanding. race.ulture, gender, and [applause] albert -- [applause]
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the 2013 national medal of arts to albert for rethinking and remaking documentary films in america. one of the pioneers of direction and a -- he offered people and communities around the globe for nearly 60 years by capturing raw emotions and revisitation's -- his work reflects the unfiltered truths of our humanity. [laughter] [applause] linda. [applause]
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the 2013 national medal of arts. for whatever one-of-a-kind voice and decades of remarkable brewis -- shen for influences defied expectations and condom american where your ways and help pave the way for generations of women artists. todd williams. [applause]
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[applause] james terrel. [applause]
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the 2013 national medal of arts to james terrel for his groundbreaking visual arts capturing the powers of light and space, he build experiences that forced us to question reality, challenging our perception of not only art, but also the world around us. [laughter] [applause] nationals humanities recipient -- mr. abrams. [[applause]
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the 2013 national humanities medal to mr. abrams for running the study of pleasure as a scholar, writer and critic he extended the perception of the remand to tradition and explore the matter and concepts of artistic self-expression in western culture influencing and inspiring generations of students. [applause] accepting on behalf of american society, ellen dunlap. [applause]
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the 2013 national humanities medal to american antiquarian society for safeguarding the american story for more than two centuries, the society has amassed and am paralleled american documents served as a research center for scholars and students alike in connecting gin and dry -- generations of americans to their heritage. [applause] david brion davis. [applause] the 2013 national humanities medal to david brion davis for reshaping our understanding of history. light on the said
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constriction of the union founded on liberty yet existing half free. his examinations of slavery in abolitionism drives us to keep making more progress in our time. [applause] william theodore. [applause] the 2013 national humanities medal to william theodore. for aligning our view of the
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world. as a scholar v station studies, he fostered the global conversation based on the common values and experiences shared by all coulters, helping the bridge differences and build trust. [applause] darlene clark hine. [applause] the 2013 national humanities arrangingarleen for
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art and human understanding of the african-american inexperience through leadership. race, class,her and gender and showed how the struggles and successes of them african-american women have shaped the nation we are today. [applause] john paul jones. [applause] the 2013 national humanities medal to john paul jones -- honoring nature and traditions in architecture. mind behinde diverse and terrorist
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institutions around the world, mr. jones as design spaces worthy of the cultures that reflective, communities that were served, and what they inhabit. [applause] stanley nelson. [applause] the 2013 national humanitarian medal to stanley nelson for documents in the stories about the good americans through film by using his camera to tell both well-known and lesser-known narratives, mr. nelson is expose injustices and highlighted
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triumphs revealing new depths of our nation's history. [applause] diane ream. [applause] the 2013 national humanitarian medal to diane for illumining the people and stories behind the headlines. probing interviews for everyone between continents and keen insightse and boundless curiosity has deepened our understanding of our culture and ourselves. [applause]
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and mr. scott. [applause] -- ms. scot. t. the 2013 national humanities medal to and scott -- anne scott. kerr exploration of the previously unexamined lives of other women of different races, classes, and political ideologies have established women's history as vital to our conception of the southern history. [applause]
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krista tidbit. [applause] the 2013 national humanitarian for thoughtfully doubling its in mysteries of human disease since -- existence -- she avoid easy answers and dividing people of all backgrounds to join her amortization about faith, ethics, and moral wisdom. [applause]
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>> i think now is a good time to everyone and spend up to give these outstanding winners or recipients and big round of applause. [applause] congratulations to all of you. give of not be more pc everything you have done -- appreciative of more you done. i've been touched by all sorts of these folks. that whend to maxine all is first writing my first
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book and turned to try somehow to write, the women were years was one of the first books i read. after the book was doug, diane was one of you interviews that was granted. [laughter] linda i would crush that back in the day. i know all of you have been touched similarly by these amazing people. we are very grateful to you. on behalf of michelle and myself, it is worth taking pages with these recipients, families, please enjoy the reception. thank you very much, everybody. [applause] >> for over 35 years, c-span brings public affair advance from washington directly to you put you directly in the room of congressional events, briefings, and conferences and offering complete gavel-to-gavel conference of the u.s. senate
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all because of the public industry. we are created by the cable industry 35 years ago and brought to as a public service by your local and satellite provider. like us on facebook, and follow was on twitter. financial is improving according to the new annual financial status report on the boards of trustees for social security and medicare which is medicare's expected to 40ain the same until 2030, years longer as of last year's report. jack glue and board members outline findings on monday -- this is about 35 minutes.
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>> millions of americans rely on them for health care and security. these firms of help to drive back -- drive the vast improvements in a life and to drive poverty by third -- by two thirds and medicare including mortality rates by over 20%. social security and medicare are
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fundamentally secure and will remain that way in the years ahead. the report reminds us of something we all understand -- we must reform these programs if they want to keep them sound for future generations. the projections in this years report for social security are essentially the same as last year. when considered on a combined basis, social security, disablement, it is desiccated funds to have benefits that a nice 19 years. that, the projected that tax income will be sufficient to about three quarters of the scheduled benefit. social security programs have dedicated funds to schedule all benefits for two years.
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the medicare hospital insurance 2030 orl be until project until last year's report and 50 more years than was projected in the last report since the prior the passage. the trustees report underscores the importance of making social security. as a large generation of american history and during retirement, the pressure is growing and we must make manageable changes so we don't have to make drastic changes later. the president is committed to making social security on a stronger footing in is but afforded. conciliator demonstrated, the president is working with congress to make responsible reforms and is preparing to make tough choices.
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the president will not make any choices that will hurt americans and when not support programs that will hurt retirees. of the lights remind everyone that this week marks the 49th anniversary of president lyndon johnson signing medicare into law. johnson declared this new program which i'm a light of hope and realization on those fearing the terrible darkness. for decades, medicare and social security provided dignity and security to millions of hard-working americans. -- itping these american is the strongest are positively -- responsibility. we are focused on creating serous solutions. thank you. >> our work is focused on access
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, quality, and affordability. the last one is the focus for today as we think about the trustees report. as we prepare to mark that 49th anniversary that the sector david just mentioned, medicare is considerably stronger than it was just four years ago. the life of the medicare trust fund has been extended. cost growth is down. the quality of the care is improving. for them to approve -- afford their prescription and obtained an foreign services likely shots and tests. the report we are releasing today adds to the evidence of affordability. the life of the medicare trust fund has been expanded by four years through 2014. it will be funded only through 2026 and in 20,009, that estimate was for 2017.
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the report finds america standing for beneficiaries is growing slower than the overall economy. per capita spending grew at an annual rate of .8% over the last 40 years, significant lower than the growth or cap the gdp of 3.1%. finally, one to highlight the reports finding the premium growth has slowed dramatically. therojection suggests premiums will be the same in 2015 at $104 and $.90 than they were in 2014 and 2013. that is a growth rate of 0%. while we need to continue to focus on the long-term health of these trusts, all of these factors add up to a stronger medicare, one that means we're better positioned for our parents and grandparents at the age of security and dignity. thank you very much.
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i want to do is secretary perez. >> thank you. good afternoon. roughly one in five americans will receive social security benefits and for nearly two thirds of the beneficiaries, the benefits will account for more than half of their income. alderwoman because they live longer and earn less on average during their working lives are particularly reliant on social security. knowledgertant to it -- and to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of legal pay act. hime wage gaps persist as -- as women learn last -- earn less. they receive smaller social security benefits once they stop oworking. putting more people to work is crucial.
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we have made huge strides. wer the lasted two months, have seen a 52 consecutive months of private sector jobs. we have been keeping record since roughly 1940 or so. the first six months, job growth has been the strongest since 1999. 10 milliona roughly new private-sector jobs since early 1975. we will have the next snapshot. has droppednt rate in the last year from 7.5% to 6.1%. these are all critical issues that affect the financial health of the trust fund to get the financial health of the trust fund is inseparable from the health of the labor market. fundealth of the di trust is something that is noted in the report and one thing where doing at the department of labor
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is to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the workplace. we are in the middle of implementing a very important for meditation and that is numberd to increase the of people with disabilities in the workplace. we are working closely with employers and other stakeholders and we continue to work with collies to increase the number of workers with disabilities who confronts their ticket again to the workplace and so the middle class because people with disabilities want nothing more than the dignity of work, live in an economic mainstream, and the feeling of good evening to the community. they want to pay taxes and that is why we are working hard to ensure that we help them do so. our skills and training agenda bethe agenda is could helpful in strengthening the social security and medicare trust fund because a strong economy means a strong social security and medicare system. limits are to my colleague and
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friend -- and let me turn to my colleague and friend. >> the social security and medicare programs are crucially important for the millions of americans received benefits. roughly 95% of americans are receiving or expect to receive benefits of the program in the future. we are responsible for overseeing and annually reporting on the status of the two programs. the trust fund reserves are projected become depleted in 2033 unless changes are made. will betime, income sufficient to support a 77% of scheduled benefits. provides ishe year unchanged. lawmakers should ask him to adjust his imbalance and gradually phase in changes.
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so give workers, employers, if an beneficiaries time to adjust. funding thise year's report as represented by the deficits is slightly less favorable than those of by 2013. thed on the interception, deficit for the combine the social security fund increases to 2.80%% of payroll of taxable payroll on this year's report. this change can be attributed to 2014 ande from 2013 to changes in methods of assumption and starting data values. is disability insurance projected to be depleted much sooner than the combined social security funds. this used reports


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