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tv   Question Time  CSPAN  July 21, 2014 12:00am-12:32am EDT

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teach? wisconsin atn appleton college. then at cal state. hen i returned to new i returned to new york. until 2005 i was a distinguished professor at queens college and the graduate center. >> the name of the book is "john quincy adams." thank you, fred kaplan. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] >> for free transcripts or to give us your comment about this program visit us at q& q&a programs are also available on podcast.
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>> next, british prime minister david cameron takes questions from the members of the house of commons. interview the buzz 11 astronaut aldrin. hen we'll take a look at the presidential candidates. > "washington journal" interviews william pomeranz and then we'll have david drucker . the 2016 g.o.p. to help fight drug trafficking and organized crime. as always, we'll take your calls and you can join the
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conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> we are tracked ubiquitously, intimately and all the time. like i think it's easier just to assume there are very few times that we're not tracked and by that most people will say to me, a lot of times they will say to me, you know, i read a lot technology magazines like "the guardian" and stuff and they say it doesn't affect me because i'm not on facebook or my grandmother's not on facebook. first of all, there are 45 million people who's photos are on facebook and can be identified by tagging and they may not even be on facebook. to say that my activity and my behavior that i know about means that i'm not being tracked is in general factually
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untrue. john havens on how your personal data is tracked and used and how to secure your digital footprint on "communicators" on c-span2. in the last question time before the summer recess british prime minister david cameron answered questions on reshuffle, on the referendum and his hiring women. this is about 30 minutes. >> order. uestions to the prime minister . >> thank you, mr. speaker. this morning i had meetings -- and in an others addition to others, i'll have other meetings. given his commitment to
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equality will he explain why 70% of his cabinet are still men? >> i think the honorable lady is being a little bit childish when the government before -- the government before my one had four women cabinet ministers and three additional women attending cabinet. we have five, four members of the cabinet. and we have more people attending. in terms of the conservative party, i am leading a coalition government. when it comes to conserve tiffs sitting around -- conservatives sitting around the cabinet table i'm proud to say 1/3 of are now women. let me rightly reaffirm this transfer in the council secretary, can i urge -- my honorable friend to urge him to give early priority to the mprovement of the railway line
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serving them? >> i'm well aware of the problem and of the campaign and i know the transform minister now in fact by a larger team of ministers in the transport department will give that their rgent attention. >> mr. speaker, we've always said that we will support the government when they do the right thing. so can i join thousands of parents across the country in congratulating them on getting rid of the education -- why did he demote him? >> i have answered the question. i have the whole house come which in this way means the right honorable
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member for northwest hampshire has served for over 40 years and he'll be retiring for the next election. and so when it came to replace an extraordinary politician and so much has given so much to the country, i wanted to find the very best candidate and i'm proud to have done so. >> you obviously have a short memory, mr. speaker, because this is what he used to say about the education sector three. i want to trust theer education secretary to get on with that job for many years rather than saying i'm now going to shove you over somewhere else. so why did he do it? is it a shortage of primary school places, the unqualified teacher or the failure of the free school? let me tell you what the chief did, a record of academies, new
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free schools, rising across the country and reforms that will endure. but sint extraordinary that the day of a record increase in the umber of work in our country he will do anything about deficit forming, numbers in rising. i'm not surprised he doesn't want to talk about people in work. i own job look as bit shaky must say before being such a great success, i still don't know why he is the education secretary. and let's take about the figures today. we have welcomed him. but his real problem is that this recovery is not benefiting working people. there are seven million people
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that are paid so little they're in poverty. not even the economy working for them. >> first of all, let me bring you up to date on the unemployment figures that have been released this morning. we see employment up by 254,000 this quarter. we see women employment up. we see youth employment up. and we see the unemployment count falling by 121,000. and we have reached an important milestone in our country which is more people in work in our country than ever before in our history. we cannot say that since this government came to office there are 1.8 million more people in work. that is a record that we can be proud of. and something that the labor leader has raised week after week long term youth unemployment that is now lower than when this government came into office. now of course -- of course, it is disappointing.
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pay isn't rising faster but let me remind you what the professor of educational study said. we've had the biggest recession we've had in 100 years and it will be astonishing if earnings haven't fallen. that is what's happened and we know who's responsible for great economic reception because extraordinarily that's een in their jobs. nd he just doesn't get it we saw shocking figures from the cost of living prices. millions of young people whose earnings are falling faster than everyone else, one in four of them living with their parents because they can't afford to buy a house or rent one. does he honestly think they're seeing the benefits of the
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recovery? of course we want living standards to recover faster and there are two things that you need to do to make that happen. first of all, getting people into work. and secondly cut spending so you can cut taxes which is exactly what we're doing. now, yesterday, labor announced that an important announcement that it is now the policy to put up taxes on middle income people. he can now get to his feet and tell us which taxes on which people. answer them. and the reality is, he has the worst record on living standards of any prime minister in history. but there is one group -- there is one group that are a terrible -- it's saying a month ago, he's happy with his team can he confirm that
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while average pay is down 16 hundred pounds a year lost the last election. the top 1% took over $15 billion pounds after the tax cuts? >> i'm happy with my team. and looking at charles, i'm pretty happy with his team too. let me explain, mr. speaker, one of the things that you -- that wasn't noted. i want to quote it very precisely. i think people of middle incomes should contribute more through their taxes. that is what she said. they do -- they should. there we are. that is their policy. the squeezed middle will be squeezed more. now he needs to tell us which people are going to pay which taxes but both on this side of the house we've canceled tax. e've got the jobs tax.
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labor will put a tax on your job on your mortgage on your home and on your pension. so tell us where are the middle income taxes coming. >> mr. speaker, this is totally desperate stuff. he has nothing to say about the cost of living prices that is the reality. and it had nothing to do with the country and everything to do with his party after four years of this government, we've got a recovery people can't feel, a cost of living crisis people can't deny and a prime minister people can't believe. five years under this government we got record numbers in work. the economy growing, record numbers of businesses, record numbers of women in work, health services improving and mr. speaker, everyone can see the contrast in the party the leader reshuffles the candidate.
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nd the cabinet the speaker wants to desperately reshuffle the leader. > kennedy is just like the old days, mr. speaker. [laughter] >> >> mr. speaker, as the prime minister is enjoying the week in which he's making a lot of new base friends. when he gets to the brussels summit will he give a particularly one meeting to the an who might be his best certainly his newest who yesterday called for more european reform and warned african states who want to join the european union face a complex, difficult and drawn out period of up to perhaps five years. and we don't meet before the scottish referendum calling a
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recall, shouldn't they spare those? >> well, mr. speaker, this is a remarkable moment where the honor rabble gentleman has said something which i whole heartedly agree with. that there wouldn't be more members joining the european union in the next five years and i think that's important for the scottish referendum debate. he said we're not going to meet again. the house of commons will be meeting in september. >> can the prime minister explain why he's giving more knighthoods than he's given cabinet jobs to women? it's always interesting to take a lecture from the party that gave a knighthood to frank goodwin. >> i have appointed more women to cabinet on the basis that they deserve those jobs and i want a team that reflects
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modern britain and can be everything that modern britain is needed to be. i make no apology for saying i think in public life we should recognize public service, people who are worked hard, people who contributed to our nation, contributed to our government. i think that is is a good thing to do. >> mrs. sheryl gibbon. people with autism has specific central and communication needs that can cause distress particularly when they're admitted to hospitals for routine or emergency treatment. will the prime minister join me browning ng paula who tomorrow they will launch the hospital for people with ? tism >> she has worked very hard on this issue for many years.
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-- as have my honorable friends which has made a huge difference for the way we helped these young people with these conditions. and i join her to make sure these services are properly put together. >> mr. speaker, the pay gap is increasing again. can the prime minister confirm the excellent news that any woman not receiving equal pay for equal work will have their salary from -- [laughter] >> under this government the pay gap and those below the age of 40 have all but disappeared. so we are making progress. in terms of the leader of the house of lords, i'm happy to confirm that she will do the same job as her predecessor and will sit in the same cabinet as the predecessor and receive the same money.
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>> thank you, mr. speaker. charlotte healey is seeking to establish a link between the d.n.a. of anorexic sufferers. it is coming to parliament seeking to obtain d.n.a. samples including my honorable riend. >> i thank my honorable friend for raising this issue. i'm sure nench this house has friends or family that have been affected by this condition and who desperately want to see a help that we provide as country. it's not an easy thing to do. we need to learn more about this condition so we can provide the right kind of support. and in that context i think what the government is doing for mental health conditions is important as well. >> mr. speaker, we now know for
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certain that taxpayers last year were robbed of $8 billion pounds because of the basement fire sale of royal mail. will you now as the select committee have asked and publish the list of those preferential investors and when will somebody be held for this account for this royal fiasco? >> i just completely disagree with the honorable gentleman. for year after year royal mail have lost money. the taxpayer had to back it up and in this government we've achieved what no previous government has achieved which is a successful privatization of the mail. is taxpayer has received money from that sail and we now receive the tax on the profits of the mail rather than the losses and the mismanagement of he labor year.
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>> it's the key to help -- in terms and provide thousands of obs for my constituency. rolling out super fast broadband is great for jobs not just for -- help those have a wonderful economic legacy of the tour de france. >> i want to thank the honorable friend for the warm welcome he gave me and the tour de france and the completion of that stage only by mark caven dishes with a terrible accident and he showed his constituency in the best light. he's quite right about the importance of super fast broadband. we're putting $190 million pounds. 've got half a million premises connected. and i think frankly everyone in
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this house has a duty to get out there and help to advertise what's happening with broadband. >> jack straw? >> thank you, mr. speaker, it is fundamental, is it not, that the holder of the office of attorney general should be seriously independent defend the rule of law and be ready to speak legal truth? given the distinction and spect with which the undredth of that office what happened that you dismissed him? >> it's the government legal advisor. but i also believe in government when someone is served extremely well for four years there are oftentimes when it's right to bring on new talent and to make the most of
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all the talent you in your party. that is the approach i take as prime minister and i explained that very clear to my team. >> the number of young people coming off the unemployment register is the at a record high. would you agree that the small business bill conservatives inspired is yet another boost to the women and men who are creating the jobs to make this happen? >> i think the honorable for for his question. it will make the united kingdom the most attractive place to grow more business, that is our ambition. he's absolutely right about these unemployment figures. the claimant count has fallen by 37% in the last year, by 51% in the -- since the election. and the long term youth claimant count has been the most important thing is to make sure that young people are getting those opportunties but long term use is down 60% in
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the last year. and her predecessor helped train her. could i ask the prime minister what hopes does he help to secure for his nominee lord hill as the consolation prize for the failure stopping the employment of mr. yunker? >> i think it's a first thing for everyone to pay tribute to kathy ashton and the very good work that she's done as the high representative over the last four years in what is a grueling and exhausting job. i think there is an opportunity and we'll be discussing these issues and whether there will be a resolution, i don't know.
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but there is an opportunity to make sure that britain has an important portfolio one where we can maximize our influence in the areas that we care about most and those are areas to do with our economy and we will look and work very hard to do that. i think that lord hill with his experience in the previous conservative government and in this government holding as it is the equivalent post that baronness ashton hill that he did for our country. >> as you know my constituency is very dependent on the oil and gas industry where the unemployment rate is now half of the percent. you will understand that there is some shuffle with the treasury minister and the energy minister responsible for that industry has changed yet again. will you take this opportunity to reconfirm the commitment to implement the review in a written statement today? >> well, i think my honorable friend makes an important
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point, it is absolutely vital making sure we have the tax regime appropriately in place and implementing the work review. i thank my friend to do an excellent job and i'm happy to welcome him in the treasury. >> people are across the country will come together to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the first world war. it's an important opportunity to commemorate what changed the country forever. lights out port the now campaign. -- campaign? so as a country we can pay fitting tribute for those who sacrificed and served our country 100 years ago? >> i think the honorable gentleman is absolutely right to raise this excellent campaign, a campaign inspired by his famous remark that the lamps are going out all over europe. it is a way to get young people
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engaged in what happened a century ago and to understand the consequences for europe and for our world and for our society. there are a lot of events that are going to take place this year to commemorate the first world war. one of the most significant will be tomorrow when the imperial war museum an absolutely superb museum has a major investment and is reopening for the public. i'm sure that many people and children will enjoy going there. many people will make the most of it. >> with the northeast chester's -- would you agree that fracking is to boost our country but also in the northwest to be a significant contributor to our future and welfare? >> now, i think my -- makes a very important point. it is good news that obviously in the northwest we've seen the claimant in his constituency come down 40% in the last year.
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if we want to sustain the increase in our employment and economic growth and we should not hold ourselves back from new source us of energy ncluding unconventional gas. it is strikes that they have 100,000 gas wells in the united states. where in europe there is 100. we have a quarter of it that is in america. it could help to deliver more competitive energy prices. it will help to keep our economy competitive and our industry competitive and i think it's vital for the future of our country. >> jane worley. and emergency career on the nhl. , can i light of this
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have a word with him and make sure that the treasury is going to fund the changes to health services that the university hospital is going to provide and which has to provide at no extra cost to the people? >> i certainly take into account what the honorable lady says. i'm following the progress closely. changes do need to take place. it's absolutely vital. where we have problems is to properly address them. and today bruce kio is reporting a year on from his report when he took 11 hospitals and what his report will show is that all 11 of those are making improvement. we need to make sure we see improvements in all our hospitals. >> i thank the prime minister for supporting the country
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particularly in railway and in broadband. does he agree that -- the house needs to be matched by a fair of funding formula for councils like -- for the government longer economic? >> i think the honorable lady makes a an important point. i think we must continue supporting transfer infrastructure in the northwest. the work is being done right it n terms of making sure is more resilient. there are announcements about road and rail schemes. look very carefully about what they say about funding. because it is important that these sishwations are fair. >> -- situations are fair. >> the government's new system will ask $15 billion pounds more than expected to the
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government debt by the owned this parliament. he got it all wrong when it came? >> what we were told is that no one would take up these lones and no one would go near to university and the numbers to university would collapse. record numbers are going to universities. record numbers from low income backgrounds are going. obviously we need to make sure -- obviously we need to make sure that the system is cost-efficient. but i'm satisfied it's working and the chancellor in his recent budget that far from having problems we are uncapping the numbers that can go to university. that is the aspiration society we're building in the country. > unemployment has more than urt my constituency.
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it's starting to become a world class center in excellence in agricultural. would you not agree that this clearly demonstrates our commitment to the north-south divide and delivering a northern-led long-term -- but i'm delighted to share with my honorable friend and the claimant and his constituency is down by 61%. they don't want to hear about falling unemployment numbers, the numbers of people at work. but the fact is every single one of these people getting a job is about someone having the livelihood and the chance to provide for their family. this is that is what this is about. he's absolutely right no raise the importance of the agricultural industry and linked industries. i'm sure that the new agricultural environment secretary will want to make an early visit to yorkshire.
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> special spinal cord injury -- why is it that from the prime minister watch specialist beds, spine injury sensors are being used for people who do not have spinal cord injuries? >> obviously the decisions are for individual trusts and the clinical groups themselves. we make the decision to fund it nd second to apolish the bureaucracy that has build under labor. both those decisions were opposed by the labor party. but we can see 7,000 more doctors, 4,000 more nurses, more patients treated and an n.h.s. is doing well. >> mr. speaker, in the recent case of


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