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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 23, 2014 6:57am-7:01am EDT

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done is ethical and right. i don't consider him to be a traitor because i don't think was toent or his purpose harm his country. i don't think that was his intent or it but he clearly violated the law. there are clearly, in my view, better ways for him to have proceeded. >> many people have very different feelings of what edward snowden did. some people consider him a hero and some consider him a traitor. the most important and that edward snowden did is start a conversation. he started a conversation about what our government is doing and how they are spying on us. it's a conversation that america needs to have because people need to talk about where the balance should be. before edward snowden, all we had to go on was the government saying no, we are not collecting our data. we know that is not true. he started a very important conversation. controversialvery
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and the only way to resolve that conflict is it congress puts this as their number one issue in 2014. winningtch all of the videos and learn more about our competition, go to and click on student cam and tell us what you act about the issue these
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students want congress to consider. host your comment on the facebook page or tweet us. beginshington journal" in a moment we will get an update on yesterday supreme court decision on the use of race in the state college admission process in michigan. a preview this afternoon of the iraqi elections with the iraqi ambassador to the u.s. hosted by the center for strategic and international studies lie that 2 p.m. eastern. later, discussion on u.s.-russia relations and the situation in ukraine with live coverage from the atlantic council at 5:00 eastern. coming up this hour, a conversation on prison sentencing reform. food company general mills announced last weekend it was reversing plans to make consumers forfeit their right to sue the company. we will talk to the consumers
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union. later, as part of our spotlight on magazine series, brian miller of bloomberg industries will discuss his recent article on trends in the u.s. gambling industry. andill also take your calls you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. democrats, (202) 585-388


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