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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 21, 2013 7:00am-9:01am EST

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gowdy, a south carolina republican, chairman of the judiciary subcommittee on immigration and border security. lex breaking overnight, afghanistan president says he supports an emerging deal that could keep u.s. troops in the country until 2024. welcome to the washington journal on this thursday, november 21. beginning with the news out of the senate. harry reid reportedly moving closer to the nuclear option -- saveld save -- senate rules on filibuster.
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what are your thoughts on changing senate rules? contact us. for democrats the number is (202) 737-0001 or republicans (202) 737-0002 and for .ndependent (202) 628-0205 you can also reach out to us on social media. twitter is [video clip] we will start off with a call over the phones. thank you so much for joining us this morning. thank you. host: reported harry reid getting closer about the nuclear option. how likely is he to push that? guest: it sounds like he is
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increasingly likely of taking the action of going down the road of getting rid of the requirement for a super majority of 60 senators to cut off filibusters of executive, and at nominations,dicial probably excluding the supreme court. that action could come as early as today. there has been increasing could be thetoday day this all goes down and could be the last salvo before the thanksgiving break. move thatt of been a has been telegraphed for a while. senator reid although both on an of these nominations to the federal appeals court in
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the district of columbia. what happens along the way was the republicans blocked all three of the nominees he put forward recently to the court, as was widely expected. making the case that the caseload did not need that many judges, and an argument to muskrats reject it out of hand. so we knew we were coming to this brink for a while thomas but i think it has come up faster than a lot of people expect it. it called the nuclear option? what is behind the terminology? guest: it would fundamentally change the way the senate handles both executive and judicial nominations and undermines one of the of
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of theical underpinnings senate about the rights of the minority of senators to stop senate business or to have a bigger voice in the way senate business is conducted. through, youoes could in theory actually see the president, the current president, future republican president nominating people to the federal bench or to positions or what have you who are more liberal or outwardly conservative. you could in theory have a who is openppointee in their wanting to repeal roe versus wade or something of that sort in a way that you are not right have on either side now.
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road, as itwn this seems like senator reid is going the majority will have increased power to govern. it will not be quite like the house where the speaker in the do basicallyee can whatever they please, but step in the direction of the majority very and senate. >> what does harry reid need to do to get the change done, and is it clear how much support he has among members of his own party? question, thend response would be that the boats are very close. i do not expect he would make the move without the votes in his back pocket. -- the votes are very close. those previously relet to do so,
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now seem totein be on board. i asked a few senators. finance chairman max baucus and senator tom carper who have declined to answer the question, although i have not seen if they have come out with positions yet this morning. as for how this works procedurally, what would presumably happen is senator ofd gets a request parliamentary ruling from the you dohat basically says not need 60 votes in order to , which is to say break a potential filibuster on one of the d c circuit nominees,
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the nomination of congressman mel watts to run the federal finance housing agency, or a nominee like that that has a failed cloture attempt already. you would have a vote that depending on the way the chair, presiding officer, obviously democrats, ruled, you would either have a boat to sustain -- vote to return the ruling of the chair, that is a simple majority vote. vote that is the , because a fair majority of democratic senators and would have an effect of changing the way the senate operates. host: have we heard
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anything from the white house at? guest: the white house generally has said they want their nominees confirmed hamas that the president has the right to quality -- nominate well- qualified people he would like. not thecase, there is qualifications of any of these judicial nominees. the white house basic position want to see their people confirmed. they are always, i think , this house and other white house is presumably, two, not wanting to meddle too much internal operations,
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but i do not think they would necessarily be against what senator reid seems to be planning to do. host: the senate today expected to consider the national defense operation act. set the stage for what we might see when they come back. guest: a couple of different ways today could go. one of the things that happened right before the senate adjourned last night was read i yield a cloture motion to limit debate on the defense bill. of course the way that legislative business ms. -- businesses are handled would not be changed by this going forward. the old rules still apply, which means they will need 60 votes to break a possible filibuster.
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will happen is there will be more wrangling over trying to come up with what --y call the find universe defined universe of amendments. that he couldled be amenable to something like 25 amendments on each side. if that happens, that would clearly push consideration past the thanksgiving holiday. i do not know what receptiveness the democrats will have for that. that might be the kind of deal they would need in order to secure republican votes for the bill, because we are at the wherein the defense bill you may well see republicans who are national security hawks who always support the defense bill
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voting against limiting debate on the argument that reid has been to tightly controlled of the amendment process. you so much for joining us this morning. talking about the senate rules change being waived by seri -- harry reid. making headlines in "the wall street journal" -- going now to your calls starting with deborah in california --
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florida on the line for democrats. go ahead. caller: good morning. i do support senator reed's nuclear option, i do think it is about time and the president has the right to nominate potential itple, and there should be is time to end that. going next to rest in the line -- on the line for independence. -- russ. caller: i believe the thetitution says votes in
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congress should be decided by a majority vote. the whole business with 60 votes, i believe actually goes against the constitution. me, it is interesting the republican party is the one that the majorityd over vote deciding things when, as i understand it, that is what the constitution says. that is my comment. i hope senator reid does the right thing and goes ahead with it. [indiscernible] ost: in caller: i support this and doing away with the filibuster. when you have people being paid to read dr. zeus in the capital
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that after suess, i think it is time it is changed. call if you would like to it, the number for democrats (202) 737-0001 four republicans (202) 737-0002 for independence (202) 628-0205. with kerry in north carolina on the line for democrats. caller: hello. with leaving a nuclear option. frankly, everything is for old -- hurld at us and a convoluted way. the question would be, why would we continue with the minority the majority of her problem that has to be solved. we have to have appointees, and
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they have been turned down. the idea is that nuclear option be in place, and we have to get on with our business. in this country, the majority should rule in number. make isents i have to we do not have majority rule. have minority suppressing things for the senate. the senate pushed forth reasonable nominees in the first time in this country we have been turning down nominees appointed by the president in office. question, why can't we have the nuclear option? host: thank you. another headline from journal" --treet
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that is from this morning's "w journal."next democrats. mike in maryland on the line for republicans. [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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caller: good morning. my comment is i to leave regardless of which path senator reid takes, he should remember what goes around, comes around. the democrats will not always be in charge. in light of the disastrous obamacare rollout, they most likely will not be in charge after 2013. i believe that he rereads bad the senate will continue to take up the defense authorization bill. donnelly writes about --
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responding to the pentagon's decision for the band of women in combat role in 2014. another call from chris in new haven, connecticut. on the line for democrats. inler: i'd really believe the nuclear option.
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i believe it must be a majority vote in the senate to end the filibuster, just like we needed in thegerrymandering congressional districts. thank you for taking my call. i really think you should use , 202.mber zero oh is a letter. that will get you the operator. rather it will get you six when you dial it. host: thank you for your call. next is randy intrigue for, louisiana. port, louisiana. are all of these democrats so arrogant to think they will have the senate forever?
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with all of this health care debacle, they will probably lose it next time. they will be widening like little babies. thank you for calling in. another call for ross on the line for independence. good morning. this last caller, we have all of these people fighting for their positions in washington, and not option, butnuclear a lot of other issues. i think the biggest problem we face in congress is we have a lot of the senators and congressmen that have a come lifelong career politicians. that has to stop. they forget who is a anchor salaries. i think we should do term when all -- term limits on senate and congressmen.
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get rid of these lifelong career politicians causing problems. thank you. "the new york in times" that we started out with -- we have certainly had a big change in the story with the afghan president saying he the ap reportsal this morning that the abrupt decision to defer signing the agreement until after the april 5 elections came even as he said he supported the bilateral security agreement in the speech
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to the 2500 member national consultant council. this could be a potential deal ricker. the united states said it wants an agreement as soon as possible to allow for a military presence. again, talking about changes in the senate rule related to the nuclear option and president option of judicial nominees. going now to ralph in new york on the line for democrats. morning, and thank you for c-span. i think we should change the filibuster a little bit. was only used in 1957 and 1964 to block the civil rights act. the democratic party has used it a record about a times.
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think we should limit the use. that is my comment. thank you. your call. you for patty in indiana on the line for republicans. believe we should have the filibuster option available. thatnk with health care did not have enough communication from the other side, you can see what kind of a mess we are in now. not enough debate from both sides. if one party feels this is best for the country, and not let the other side get their two cents in, then we could end up having andsame kind of messes on on and on. they have to be able to hear both sides equally and let them hash it out. and then come to an agreement. just like they do in the states
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with the governors who have a balanced budget. butcrats and republicans, they have to work together and pass laws. i think the more communication they have, the better. tweeti want to read you a coming from " the associated press" -- another development, afghanistan nine hours ahead of the united states. taking another call from arthur in tennessee. on the line for independents. caller: i think they should go ahead and use the nuclear option. they should go ahead and pass it. let harry reid get back down. pass it. next up, gloria on the line for democrats.
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good morning. the republicans are calling in saying the democrats might leave office in 2014. i think the nuclear option is the fair way to do it. whether republicans are in or democrats are in. i think they are counting their chickens before they hatch, just like they did in the 2012 election. down andere and sit stop complaining so much. thank you. goodbye. from northmail in carolina. c-span, he rereads knows his days as a leader are numbered so he is acting like a cornered animal. surely he realizes what goes around, comes around. ofther opinion on the topic the day, which is about the senate rules change.
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if you would like to call in, the number four democrats is (202) 737-0001 the number for republicans (202) 737-0002 independence (202) 628-0205 going out to jennifer and gaithersburg, maryland. caller: hi. the harry reid wanted to do filibuster rule, i think it is a wonderful idea. i do not think we should figure out whether it is a democrat in power or republican. it is the american people being put at risk. i have never seen such terrorist behavior from an elected official in congress. i do not care if a constituent sent them there to squash the health care bill. host: thank you to -- for your call. want to take you to more headlines. richmond times-
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dispatch" -- another sad story out of virginia. another story in " the guardian" -- that is this morning's headlines. taking another call from regina in pennsylvania on the line for republicans. go ahead. i wanted to get a point in. has too muchready unconstitutional power. when he blocks a republican or
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brought in by the majority and decides he does not want to bring into the senate, he continues to run the government on a continuing resolution, which is totally unacceptable. it is unhealthy. this man, along with mr. obama, continues to be a dictator. i am totally against any power given. my senators are sent to office theeflect the opinion of people that send them there. they are not corporations. my senators are to represent their district. they are not to be forced to have a boat on nominations or be stifled from having a vote to represent the people on nomination. for your call.
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yesterday president obama spoke at a medal of honor recipient dinner ends -- and pay tribute to president kennedy. legacy of the man who could have retreated to a life of luxury and ease, but chose to live a life in the arena. sailing sometimes against the wind, sometimes with it. that is why 50 years later john f. kennedy stands for prosperity, as he did in life. daring, and he stays with us in our imagination, not because he left us too soon but because he embodied the character of the will he lead. , fearless resolute and fun-loving. defiant in the face of impossible on, and most of all, determined to make a world of
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new. not settling for what it is, but rather for what might be. , his silverism square jaw idealism come a we are reminded that the power to change this country is ours. host: c-span will have coverage of jfk's assassination anniversary starting tomorrow. you can get the full schedule at i want to read one of your goess -- nuclear option both ways depending on which party has the majority in the senate. a call from illinois on our line for independents. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call.
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my thoughts is the nuclear option is a stretch. the blue ties and read ties are basically the same person. and -- [indiscernible] we've overseas. they're shoving down our throats. host: thank you for your call. in the "washington times" today surface.nghazi photos that deceased diplomatic mission of the freedom of information i. there were only seven photos in june. department released photos showing buildings and vehicles ablaze during the september 11, 2011 terrorist
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attack that killed u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans. ransackedos showed offices, burned-out cars, and arabic graffiti scrawled on walls. indiana, democrats. -- [indiscernible] are you still with us? caller: yeah. host: what was your comment about the rule change this morning? i say go, hairy, go. he needs to do it. you for your call. let's go to our line for republicans, virginia. caller: as a republican, i think we republicans are our own worst enemies by making personal attacks on harry reid. that is not productive.
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as for the rule change, i am not born yesterday, and i remember that each time we get a new talked about, we doing this. i think it is time we do this. for our republican friends who say it is not a good idea, imagine if we had the filibuster rule in the house and how that would affect anything that we might have been so proud of so far. i think it is time for a change. i think it is the right thing to do. whether it is harry reid are anybody else doing it, it is the right thing for the country. william in st. paul, minnesota, line for independents. caller: thank you. just like the last republican caller, and i am impressed she actually said that point of view, i think we should change. these judges can't find a do not think it has been reported a say but some of the judges
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have hearings. these positions are pretty much set by republicans already. mostly appointees from previous republican administrations, specifically three judges. denying this either because they do not like they do notause want a democratic or liberal position on these courts. that is unfair. i think they should use the nuclear option to at least amend this filibuster rule. it is ridiculous at this point. steve ine-mail from illinois -- the filibuster was a good option if used prudently and fairly. but it has been abused and
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overused. majority means one vote more than half. that is an e-mail from steve and illinois. a call from teresa in pennsylvania on our line for democrats. good morning. thank you for taking my call. i wanted to say that the republicans were well aware that if they continued the obstruction of the judges nor any obama appointee, then harry reid would have this option. so it is time for him to use it. theeeds to get some of president's appointees where they need to be. and it is just fair. they cannot be surprised by it. host: more headlines this morning. in the money section of "usa today" -- house committee and 's inspectorartment
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general are looking into a new york post report with national employment data and head of the 2012 election that may have been manipulated. richard in new jersey on our line for republicans. .aller: yeah, hi i am afraid that my republican constituents across the country never paid attention to the fact that our representatives in washington decided from day one to block everything this president has done. has tried over and over to get them in line and agree to something. the agree to nothing, and that is the problem.
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it is not president obama's fault. jamie and lake pleasant, new york on our line for republicans. caller: i think you do remember me. you and i shot guns in west monroe on the campaign trail with rick santorum. i hope all is well with you. anytime the nuclear option is brought up, regardless of partisan, we need to take it as a serious threat. we need to take a step back and they look at the general picture. not so much as who is pulling the strings and who is doing the fear tactics. i just got out of the marine corps last february, active duty , a veteran of foreign wars. so i recognize iran, north korea -- you have got problems if we do not step up and call them out. for yournk you so much
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call. we're going to talk next to michael in pennsylvania on our line for democrats. caller: good morning, c-span. thank you. i do believe that harry reid should enact the nuclear option, because if he does not, the democrats may never have to worry about being in the of ally again because the obstruction, gerrymandering, voter suppression, tricks that the republicans are engaging in which will never allow the democrats to be a majority again. so this may be a last chance that harry reid has to keep the democrats in the majority. thank you very much. have a nice day. in stockton, california on our line for republicans. know, ouru forefathers and the rules they set up in the constitution is so smarter then harry reid, dianne feinstein, and barbara
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boxer, what they could come up with. i think we should stick with the rules of our forefathers and keep with freedom and keep the republic as it is built. host: another headline this morning -- josephet's talk now with in new york on our line for independents. not thinks, i do harry reid has the courage to do
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that. if he did, he would have done it when he first went into office. he is up for a midterm election. and the republicans have totally abused the process. nothing is being done in the senate. this rule has been around for a long time. but the democrats have never abused it to this point or they never used it hardly at all. republicans in the right wings and the tea party that have totally brought down the government, have not get -- have got nothing done in the congress, and if harry reid was a true leader of the american people in which they voted for obama, they voted for the democrats in the senate, he would have done this two years ago. he was just using this as a fear tactic. he does not host: have the courage to do it. host:-- he does not have the courage to do it. host: thank you. a few more headlines this morning --
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host: more headlines -- host: one more headline -- host: we will be talking about the affordable health care act later in the show. minutethis is a 50-
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meeting in the oval office. commissioners say the president was open to their ideas and understanding of the obstacles that stand in their way. regulators in six states have decided against allowing afterers for new coverage december 31. one last headline -- u.s. needs -- it is the latest attempt by mr. rubio to carve out a foreign- fromy posture that differs his potential challengers for the republican nomination. when we come back, we will be joined by representative mike doyle, a democrat from pennsylvania. we will talk about the rollout of the president's health-care
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law. later we will be joined by a south carolina congressman to discuss the health care law as well as immigration. we will be right back. >> today, we salute fierce competitors who became true champions in the sweltering heat of a chicago summer. ernie banks walked into the cubs' locker room and did not like what he saw. everybody was sitting around with heads down and depressed. so ernie said, boy, what a great day, let's play two. [laughter] that is the man who came up through the negro leagues making seven dollars a day, mr. cupp, the first black player to suit up for the cubs and one of the greatest hitters of all-time spirit in the process, ernie 512me known as much for his home runs as for his cheer and
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optimism and his eternal faith that someday the cubs would go all the way. [laughter] and that is serious belief. [laughter] that is something that even a white sox fan like me can respect. but he is just a wonderful man and the great icon of my hometown. speaking of sports, dean smith is one of the winningest coaches in college basketball history, but his successes go far beyond x's and o's. 78% of his games, he graduated 96% of his players. he was the pioneer who popularized the idea of pointing to the passer. after a basket, players should point to the teammate who passed them the ball. with his first national title on the line, he did have the good sense to give the ball to a 19- year-old kid named michael
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jordan. [laughter] although they used to joke that the only person who ever held michael under 20 was dean smith. [laughter] smith cannot join us today due to an illness he is facing with extraordinary courage micah we also honor his courage in helping to change our country. he recruited the first black scholarship athlete to north carolina and helped integrate a restaurant and an neighborhood in chapel hill. that is the kind of character that he represented on and off the court. we salute innovators who pushed the limits of science, changing how we see the world and ourselves. and growing up, sally ride read about the space program in the newspaper almost everyday, and she thought this was the coolest thing around. when she was a phd candidate at stanford, she saw an ad for astronauts in the student newspaper. and she seized the opportunity. the first american woman in space. sally did not just break the
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stratospheric last ceiling, she blasted through it. when she came back to earth, she devoted her life to helping girls excel in fields like math, science, and engineering. young girls need to see role models, she said. you cannot be what you cannot see. today, our daughters, including malia and sasha, can set their sights a little bit higher because sally ride showed them the way. >> "washington journal" continues -- host: joined now by congressman mike doyle from pennsylvania, democrat. thank you for joining us. i wanted to start with an line -- obama hits new low with democrats. a meeting of the house chief of staff monday, the room filled -- anger
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this either gets fixed or it can be the demise of the democratic party. what is your take on how people in your caucus feel about this rollout, and how do you feel about it? that explains the sense of frustration that exists in the democratic caucus. because those of us to believe that it is important that the uninsured get health care and that we reform the insurance industry who cap people's benefits, discriminated against women. people with pre-existing conditions cannot get insurance. it is important that we are able to help those folks. we fought hard for this bill and we defended it for the last three years since the enactment and 2010. to see the website of the problems it is having on this initial rollout is a very frustrating to many democrats who really want this to happen. so i think the white house understands how we feel about it. but we want to get the site
7:48 am
fixed. we want to get it working. that we want people to get insurance. once that happens, a lot of this frustration that you reading about in the paper was sure to go away. host: you mentioned the insurance industry. i want to mention a headline in the "wall street journal." some carriers say they may or may not reinstate policy because of obstacles. others say there could be higher rates. is the fix that has been proposed enough? state regulates their own insurance, and people need to understand that. historically, if you wanted to sell insurance in my state and local pennsylvania, you had to comply with whatever the state of pennsylvania sets as the minimum requirements. states determined by each insurance commissioner. you are dealing with 50 different states with different regulations on what they can and cannot sell in their states. each one will make it decision whether or not to extend the practice of allowing the
7:49 am
insurance companies to sell policies that do not meet the minimum guidelines set forth in the affordable care act. i think many of us feel strongly that the sooner that we get those people who are uninsured or in the individual markets into a plan that meets those minimum requirements, the better off it will be for the structure overall. that ultimately is the goal. host: i want you to join our conversation this morning. for democrats, the phone number is 202-585-3880. republicans, 202-585-3881. .ndependents, 202-585-3882 congressman, what questions do you still have about how the situation with the site, with the rollout got to be where it is today? guest: the thing that frustrates me a little bit and what i hope to speak to your listeners today about is to put this in perspective. 80% of americans give their
7:50 am
insurance from medicare, medicaid, or their own employer. so eight out of 10 americans are not being affected at all by this discussion we're having. the affordable care act and the website is designed to help the 15% of the population that is currently uninsured, and 5% of the population who buys individual insurance policies. that is what this is about. when you hear about glitches in this website and some of the concerns with which providers are on the site and which ones are not, all americans think this is affecting me. eight out of 10 americans see no effect from this. seniors on medicare, the only effect of the affordable care act is to close the donut hole for them and give them free preventative health services. what i see in my hometown in pittsburgh and what i hear from constituents all over is this anxietyexciting -- about what is going on with the
7:51 am
website, how it affects them personally. eight out of 10 americans will not be affected by this. the date for a relaunch for what do you think about the deadline? guest: i think the website gets approved every day. the goal ultimately is to make sure that anyone who goes on that website to purchase insurance is able to get through that process and make that purchase. we are not there yet. it is not 100% perfect. but the key is november 30 mother that system will be working dramatically better than it worked at the rollout, and there will continue to be worked on that site every day past november 30 and delegates to the point that where anyone needs to get access to that site has access to it. those of us that believe it is important for the uninsured to get health care want to see this fixed 30 days ago. we keep the pressure on the and ministration to make sure there are people working around the clock on this. host: to your calls, starting
7:52 am
with kevin in ohio on our democrats' line. caller: good morning, and thank you for your service to america and its people. an investigation about 9/11 and overwhelming evidence building seven was brought down by controlled demolition. are you aware of this, and if not, would you be willing to review the evidence of this controlled demolition? guest: i am not sure that is a health care question and i am not quite sure what the caller is talking about. it is not something we're looking at as i understand. host: a call on our line for independents. you c- hello, and thank span. respect, i do not think the issue is a matter of
7:53 am
simply getting this website functioning. that is going to happen. we realize that. the problem lies in getting ,oung healthy people to enroll which has not been the case to date. what we are seeing, especially in kentucky which has been upted as a success, is that to 80% of the people who have gotten insurance are getting or some or medicare form of assistance from the government. they are not buying private insurance. without the young healthy people coming in, this is a serious problem. as an independent, i want this thing to work. there are serious problems with health care they need to be addressed. i am a person who has had a heart attack so i need insurance . but what i am concerned about is getting youngsters in. i do not see anyone tripping over their feet to come in.
7:54 am
that is my issue. that isctually, i think a very astute observation to date. if you are older and your health is not perfect, there is a real motivation for you to want to get on that site and get yourself insurance. if you are a young healthy person who probably thinks you do not need insurance, it is less of a priority. i will grant you that the early enrollees in the system, and we rolled this out october 1, their have been multiple problems with the website which has made it difficult for people to access the site. i think the marketing campaign tot needs to take place encourage young people to go on the site and sign-up really has not started yet. remember, the enrollment period end of march. i think you will see young people, who this is not their first priority, will eventually come on the site and buy
7:55 am
insurance. i think they will do it later rather than sooner. they will be the procrastinators if we do not get the young people on that, than the plan will not work. it is important that we do that. we are not where we need to be as we speak, but i think it is not a surprise that the older people are getting this insurance. joseph on our line for democrats, virginia. i want to make a comment. i listened to the radio and media and watched tv. i am all over the place as far as what i am hearing about the affordable health care act. i have health insurance. i have worked with many
7:56 am
organizations in i.t.. i have seen what happens in the world world as far as insurance companies. whate is putting out there true americans are actually going through. everyone is trying to fight against the republicans and the tea party as far as their rhetoric and how strong it is out there. that is dominating the airwaves right now. a lot of people do not get a chance to really voice their opinion about what is going on out there as far as regular figuress who make six or, you know, the middle class making money, but they're still finding that health insurance continues to rise and rise and rise. so when people are out there , i wantsobamacare people to start questioning those people and ask them what
7:57 am
type of insurance they actually have and what type of experiences are they actually going through right now. because the insurance was out of control. corporations making a lot of money or for people who could barely make ends meet. no one is addressing that. no one is putting it out there as far as the changes that are actually being done. everyone is responding with what is happening with the republicans and the tea party changing the rhetoric on what this line actually is. host: thank you for the call. your thoughts? guest: the caller made some good points. before enactment of the affordable care act, insurance companies could put caps on peoples' benefits. annual caps on lifetime caps. you wonder why families who had insurance had to hold fundraisers for a child with cancer to raise money to buy that child's the drugs.
7:58 am
a lot of the reason that was happening in the company is the insurance committee would cap the benefit and once you reach that cap, there is no more payment. families were losing everything. have the bankruptcies in america were due to families who had insurance and cannot pay their medical bills. so we wanted to end some of those abuses. women were being charged twice as much as men do get health insurance. these are the things we are trying to end in the affordable care act. in order for that to work, to make insurance companies give up that discrimination in the , we have torkplace have a system where everyone participates. young and old, healthy and sick, rich and poor in the system so we can have a risk will that allows insurance companies to provide health care to a population that is not as healthy and do have young healthy people in the system to help us do that. it to carken insurance. i have been paying car insurance since i was 16 years old. i am 60 now. i have been -- had very few
7:59 am
accidents or run-ins with the insurance company, but other people have had many. good drivers will compensate bad drivers in that system in order for the system to work. if we can get young healthy people in the system along with people who have moderate risk and people who have high risk, then we have a risk pool that can work and we can end discrimination in the workplace. host: another caller mentioned that many people are getting cap. this is from the "washington times" -- an all-time low of 31%. disapproval at 61%, a high for the poll. 46% say they disapprove strongly of the law. obviously this is not about politics, but you have to think with that kind of disapproval -- does that concern you and other members of the caucus potentially looking ahead to 2014? itst: first of all, i think
8:00 am
is all about politics. there has been a concerted effort ever since 2010 the republican party and its allies out there to just a lot of people, a lot of americans say, this is going to affect me negatively. americans will not be affected at all by the affordable care act. republicans, their only agenda in the house of representatives is to look for ways to put stories in front of people to say, this person tried to get on or site and cannot get on this person went on in their premiums were high. there is a barrage of negative stories. until the website starts working properly and people get a chance to see this will not be all of the horror stories are being
8:01 am
told why many in the republican party and their allies in the media, some of that starts to die down. amongis a lot of anxiety americans because they are somewhat confused about how this program affects them personally. until they can understand that and see that on their own, we are going to have this kind of problem in the rollout. the good news is most americans who get their health care from their employers or medicare or medicaid, at the end of the year, you will see a lot of those policies renewed. they will have their health care and they will see that nothing has changed anything more than in changes year-to-year. health care costs are going up every year before the affordable care act. when they see some of these things that concern them do not happen to them, you will see the anxiety wain. season foreak
8:02 am
people to understand what this means to them. host: a tweet. please ask representative doyle how many employer plans do not meet minimum standards and will be canceled next year. employer paidhad insurance before i came to congress and as a federal employee. our planned changes every year. they add new benefits. they take some benefits away. our premium goes up every year and the amount we have to pay in changes every year. some people have this idea that government is telling them what this plan will look like. state government has been regulating insurance policies from the beginning. buy a healtho insurance policy in pennsylvania and you are an employer, you have to meet pennsylvania's minimum standards to buy an insurance policy from a company
8:03 am
in pennsylvania. they have to comply with those requirements. the affordable care act is not doing anything differently than any state does with their insurance commissioners. a viewer.ill go to she has employer coverage. her premium will be going up next year and part of it is due to obamacare. the president said we would see an average of 820 $500 decrease in premiums due to obamacare. $2500will like -- a decrease in premiums due to obamacare. when will i see that decrease? we saw premiums going up annually at double-digit rates. that happened before the
8:04 am
affordable care act and it is probably still happening, but not to the degree that it was. we just saw several articles suggesting that the cost of health care, while it is still increasing, is increasing at a slower rate than it has in the past. the increased this year was the lowest it has been in quite some time. some are saying it is because the economy is sluggish. part of it is because of the cost controls that have been put in place because of the affordable care act. no one is claiming rates are going down. we are trying to then to the cost curve so that race do not increase as rapidly as they have increased in the past. germanyxt we will go to in virginia on our line for republic is. for caller: i would like to take exception to your statement that 8e website is only impacting
8:05 am
of 10 americans. the website is a red herring. getting problem is that arty million people who did not have insurance -- 30 million people who did not get insurance and get them to buy insurance is only going to read the cost curve. we will get higher prices to pay for all of these services. it is not like someone is getting a 15,000 policy for $12,000. it is still a $15,000 policy. the rest of the population is making up the difference. it is more than two out of 10 people affected by it. one other problem with the law is that i was sent an e-mail by
8:06 am
my representative saying if you make less than $94,000 and you are a emily of war, -- a family for ayou are eligible subsidy. that is not true. i make well under $94,000 a year. i went to the website. the best deal i could get is still $1000 a month for a premium with a deductible of around $5,000. that is $17,000 i have to spend before i start to get any benefit at all. that is a real problem. it is the way the law is written. it is something that is being falsely reported. if you are a family of four, you get a subsidy. guest: let me point out a couple
8:07 am
of flaws in what you just said. every american pays for the uninsured. -40 million uninsured in that country. they are not denied treatment if they break a leg or have a heart attack and enter the health-care system. we all pay for that because they are paying nothing. it is reflected in our insurance premiums, the cost of providing care for the 30-40,000,000 people who are uninsured -- 30,000,000-40,000,000 people who are uninsured. idea that we would bring the uninsured into the marketplace and there is a cost-sharing involved. to get thet going policies completely for free unless their incomes are so low that they qualify to go on the expanded medicaid program. those people who go into the
8:08 am
system and get a tax credit will pay some money out of their pocket. that is money they are currently not putting into the system. that is money you and i are paying for them because they into theying anything system. as we start to get the uninsured into the insurance marketplace, there will be a cost sharing involved. some of that money will come from the uninsured. would say isng i that if your employer is providing health care or yours office and your child, you should not get a subsidy. your employer is making a contribution to your health care. there is no free lunch. when the uninsured in this country have no insurance, every american who has insurance is paying for it. host: and question by e-mail. a small businessman claims he
8:09 am
lose his good plan for him and his employees and pay $1600 more. if pennsylvania has its own exchange and does it make a difference? guest: i wish we had our own exchange. unfortunately, the partners decided on whether they were going to take a stake in its change or not. it is no coincidence that in the 36 states that don't have state run byes, 33 of them are republican governors, including pennsylvania, where i live. those governors did not participate in the program. my governor was part of filing a lawsuit to say that the affordable care act was unconstitutional. it takes cooperation for the system to work. in the states where they have
8:10 am
exchanges, the programs are working a lot better than the ones that have to go through the national exchange. i was pennsylvania did have its own exchange. tot: next, we will go virginia and our line for independents. keep saying people with employer-based insurance are not being affected or this law does not affect them. i am a retiree. recentlyd's company canceled our plan. we have to go on one plan with higher deductibles and out-of- pockets. doubled.have it is affecting us. they did that because of the affordable care act, to comply. it is affecting employees.
8:11 am
i would just say to you that every year health care costs have risen double-digit. country in the civilized world that has an employer paid health care system. these costs have become a big burden on employers and they are looking at ways to cut costs. you are seeing many employers owing into the marketplace to cost share, to put higher deductibles or higher co-pays or more employee contributions into their plan to get their costs down. it is convenient for some employers to say this is because of the affordable care act. the a reality -- the reality is lancef the employer-based had to meet minimum standards in their own state -- employer- based plans had to meet minimum standards in their own state. if you are a family that has
8:12 am
someone with a chronic disease, the insurance company is not going to cap your benefit anymore. if you are a woman, you will not be charged twice as much as a man because you are a woman. if you have a pre-existing condition and you lose your job, you're not going to be denied coverage. these are reforms that americans say they like. would you pull the american people and say do you think insurance company should be able to discriminate against you, they overwhelmingly say no. these are the changes that companies are making in their plans because americans have said they want this type of insurance discrimination to and. those are the changes -- insurance discrimination to end. aree are the changes they making to their plans. we are already seeing evidence that the rate of increase in
8:13 am
these policies is lower this year than it has been in previous years. callingt's talk to joe on our line for democrats. whyer: i just want to know the early nine democrats voted 39 republicans voted with democrats. we are going to deal with you. republicansw why are against health care for all americans in this country. it seems like they are being so mean spirited. i wish they would have a change of heart. thank you for all that you do for us. those of us who fought hard for this bill know that it is not a perfect bill. if the republicans had a better way to do this, to ensure the 30 million uninsured to stop discrimination in the insurance marketplace, i would love to see
8:14 am
that plan. it would be a good thing if the republican party put their plan on the house floor for a vote. it could have had a great debate. who knows russia mark -- who knows? maybe the plan they put together would have been better than what we have to date. the republicans have produced 102 bills to reform the health care system but have not put a single one of them on the floor for a vote. they have controlled the house of representatives for the past 2 years. they could put any one of those builds on the floor for a vote and for scrutiny amongst the american people. he cause they have a lot to do that, they lose credibility in this debate when they say they care about people's health care. if they cared about people's health care and they do not like the affordable care act, rather than just repeal it 47 times, what is your resolution for
8:15 am
this? that the american people see how you would do it differently. let's go to caroline in new jersey on our line for republicans. -- good morning. i would like to respect fully agree with you about the program.based i am retired and i am just looted -- still utilizing the of myer health care husband, who is still working. let me tell you how the health care act is affecting us. benefitshave our doubled, we have lost all of our physicians. i have to choose physicians from my employer-based plan. most of those physicians are 2 a half hours away.
8:16 am
that is a major inconvenience. i am thankful that i have health care. the reason this has happened is because of the laws that were set in place around the affordable care act for him lawyers to follow. the 85% oft doing us. my other question is, the president said many times, if you like your insurance, you are not going to lose it. if you like your doctor, you will not lose them. i am living proof that i have lost every one of my doctors. your employer decides who to contract with for their company's insurance. that is not a decision of the affordable care act. each business person that offers health care to their employees makes that call. i was in the insurance business before i came to congress.
8:17 am
i am licensed in every line of insurance. myould go in there with productivity would look at my product up against other company's bids and make a financial decision they stun what is best for their company and their in ploy ease. decision based on what is best for their company and their employees. they ultimately make that decision. that has nothing to do with the rules and regulations around the affordable care act. as far as premiums going up, premiums have gone up double- digit every year long before the affordable care act was even thought about. why was one of the reasons we looked at how we could bring
8:18 am
costs down. it is convenient for employers to say this is the affordable care act. of reality is the decision who they do business with is in their hands. i would suggest your husband speak to his employer about dealing with a company that offers hospitals and doctors closer in the area where you live. host: our last call from this segment with congressman michael doyle is on our line for independents. hi, congressman. i want to thank you for your service to our country. i worked for the federal government for 12 years and i had to retire because i was hit by a semi truck. i am only 45 years old. i worked for 32 years. im not lazy. the republicans think everyone is lazy who is trying to get --
8:19 am
i am not lazy. i suffered from ptsd because i was raped by someone in december of last year. i have been going through hell and trying to get mental health services and seeing my. there's. i could not afford -- and seeing my doctors. i am trying to get retirement disability from opm. i had to go to the state office to try to get medicaid. days and they120 gave me a temporary medical card. i had to go in and out of the hospital because i did not have insurance or medication. as is in all of this negative isff about the aca act really ridiculous. i thank you guys for fighting for people like us.
8:20 am
i am sorry to hear what you have been going through. we wanted to make sure every theican had access to health-care system. that was one of the driving forces to make sure every american had a chance to have insurance. private delivery system. it is off to a rocky start. i will in knowledge that. we hope that system is improving every day and eventually all americans will have an opportunity to avail themselves of health care. segment, we have been talking to congressman michael doyle. next up, we will talk with congressman trey gowdy, a member of the judiciary committee. first, an update from c-span radio. a.m. eastern time.
8:21 am
a suspected drone struck in pakistan, killing six people. struck this morning outside a remote tribal region. they say it could increase tensions between islamabad and washington. detainedean officials a veteran as he sat on a plane set to leave the country. a uniformed north korean officer boarded the plane on october 26 and asked a tourist from california for his passport before telling the stewardess that he had to leave the plane. he has not been heard from since. more on the air force's nuclear missile. findings from the rand operation indications that
8:22 am
trouble inside the nuclear missile force runs deeper and wider than officials have acknowledged. the subject of nuclear safety is the focus of a hearing today. coverage ofh live the senate hearing on our , fromiday marks 50 years the association of john -- assassination of john f entity. rarely seen news coverage from 1960 read when they first reported on the assassination. we will take you live to dallas for a commemorative events from dealey plaza. jfkto boston from the residential library and museum for a musical tribute with james
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taylor and the paul winter sextet, who played for president kennedy. this weekend, american history tv looks back at the assassination of jfk and its aftermath with eyewitness accounts, scenes from the .resident's trip to texas also, your chance to talk to authors and historians saturday at 5:00 eastern and add five: -- 5:45. your questions live with lbj biographer and presidential historian followed at 6:00 p.m. with nbc news coverage of kennedy's state funeral.
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this weekend on c-span 3. we bring public affairs events from washington directly to you. putting you in the room at congressional hearings, briefings and conferences, and offering complete gavel to gavel coverage of the u.s. house as a service from private industry. c-span, created by the cable tv industry and funded by your local cable and satellite provider. now you can watch us in hd. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are joined now by trey gowdy. joining us.r speaker john boehner has said he went not take up the immigration session.ll this
8:25 am
international business times republican house of representatives does not want an immigration reform bill that looks like the senate's. what will we see in an immigration bill? guest: we passed the safe act, which provides internal security. verify -- e-ve rify and a highly skilled visa bill. we had hearings last week on the injury exit visa system. if the affordable care act has taught us anything, it is that there is not much appetite for large pieces of legislation that are not easily understood. all of your viewers would concede that there is a big
8:26 am
difference between high skilled that tech companies might want and the safe act, which law enforcement needs to enforce immigration law. you put those two pieces of legislation together that have nothing to do with one another? host: the bill provides double side of the border control. why do you prefer the piecemeal approach? guest: i am a former prosecutor. s is too many to stay on a path to citizenship. the senate dealt allows for certain misdemeanors to remain on a path to citizenship. carolina, domestic violence is a misdemeanor. i will not allow anyone who has priore convictions for --
8:27 am
evictions for domestic violence to be on a path to anything except jail. all of the interest on the southwestern border i find interesting. we have another one. some estimates are that 50% of the current 11 million did not cross any border. they were invited into our country on a visa and they overstate. you can build whatever fence you want to build and put however many border patrol agent you want at the border. if you are not doing anything about internal security and visa overstays, instead of talking about 11,000,010 years from now, you will be talking about -- 11 million 10 years from now, you will be talking about 6 million. that is still too many.
8:28 am
host: for republicans, the and fors 202-585-3881 independents, your number is 202-585-3882. spoke before the wall street journal ceo council. he said he is ok with the immigration bill coming from a piecemeal approach. here is what he said. i want to get your response. [video clip] the 11re dealing with million people in this country who broke the law by coming here and overstaying their visas. they have to earn their way out of the shadows. back english, get to the of the line, pay their back taxes. we are giving them a mechanism inway they can get rights our society. that is reflected in the senate bill.
8:29 am
number of house republicans, including paul ryan, who agree with that. they are suspicious of comprehensive bills. if they want to chop that thing up into five pieces, as long as all five pieces get done, i do not care what it looks like, as long as it is delivering on those core values we talked about. host: that was president obama on tuesday. your comments. if you say something is piecemeal as opposed to step-by- step, words have connotations and meaning. piecemeal has a negative connotation to it. we prefer step i step. i would say this to -- i prefer step by step. i would say this to the president, you might as well
8:30 am
hold up a sign and say we are immigrationabout reform. there are not 11 million anything who could pass a back round check. when you talk in platitudes about 11 million, let's apply discrete facts and have differing levels of scrutiny depending on those facts. there is a big difference between whether you were brought here as a six year old windy years ago and whether you cross the border as a 19-year-old -- andyear-old 20 years ago whether you crossed the border as a 19-year-old six weeks ago. there is no appetite for comprehensive bills. comprehensive means too big to read. frank, the affordable care act, the senate immigration
8:31 am
bill. we passed a ill several months several months ago. once the bill passed, even those who read it found that there were things in the hill that we missed -- things in the bill that we missed. it is logical to deal with e- verify. if you want to put together similar bills that have e act andy -- the saf e-verify have similarities. bonnieirst we will go to in new jersey on our line for democrats. caller: i wonder how many of those people who came here for -- with visas have applications for citizenship at have not been
8:32 am
a just because there is no funding to handle that situation. that seems to be a large problem in our country. it is not that we cannot. it is that we will not. i would like to also bring up the affordable health care bill and what is going on in the house about that. we know that the system we have now, private insurance with no restriction, is not work. working. the house and the senate has passed bills like medicaid part do at 3:00s pushed in the morning because it was such a wonderful rail. it was a take that chance to pharmaceutical companies -- bigh kiss to pharmaceutical
8:33 am
companies. the need forg at security. we also have something in our country called the welfare of the people. that has not been addressed. host: your response, congressman? her first question is a wonderful question. i do not know how many among the undocumented have applications pending. because i do not know, i do not want to comment. with respect to the affordable care act, you may not know this if you watch mainstream media. the republicans have health care bills. we have had them for the last three years. we did not think the affordable
8:34 am
care act was the route to go. we lost that vote. we lost an election that was a referendum on that. what you cannot argue is that the rollout in the implementation has been and and theted disaster -- implementation has been an unmitigated disaster. the best remedy with respect for the affordable care act is to start over. line -- as take a call from john on our line for republicans. the single-payer system is supported by two thirds of the country. is government for the people, we should have a single- payer system. , i like where this gentle man is going with a lot of the points and looking into the different stuff and how to
8:35 am
mitigate some of the undocumented workers and how to tackle that problem. we are not touching on the biggest problem, which is our trade agreement. our trade agreement is why we are getting a flood of undocumented workers. we have destroyed local economies in central america and south america. this is something that needs to be addressed. with theoincides transpacific partnership, which many people have not even heard about. this is going to undermine our becaused federal laws international law supersedes federal law. this is not being discussed. i really want c-span, if you serve the public, c-span needs to be having some hearings -- not hearings, but some guests on
8:36 am
this. ask for your time. guest: c-span does a wonderful job of educating the public, much better than other entities. you allow people to go into depth. is something that my colleagues in south carolina have been focused on for well over a year. i was not put your viewers to remain awaker may after the first 10 minutes of my talking. i will not put the rest of them to sleep except to say it is very important. we have seen certain segments of our manufacturing base decimated, whether it is the textile business in south carolina, which is rebounding. we saw it impacted. and respect to trade harking back to my previous life, i like fairness. fairness denotes a level playing
8:37 am
field. you cannot have fairness when you are dealing with entries that subsidize utilities and subsidize other costs of their manufacturers. with respect to the single- payer, i have not seen that poll. my thoughts on the health care remedy would be as revolutionary as single-payer, but in the other direction. if you look into the history of why i assume you get your ,nsurance from your employer when we started getting health insurance from our employer, it was the 1940s. we did it because we could not get increases in our wages. i would prefer a model where you own your individual health care policy and you can take it with you even if you decide not to work. that is a pretty revolutionary concept. i do not know that the majority of my sentences are ready for
8:38 am
that even though they own their own auto insurance and life insurance and vision insurance. what is important is for us to have a debate. when you have transformative changes to our culture, whether it is social security or medicare or medicaid, it should he bipartisan. the affordable care act was not. undoing was the manner in which it was passed. host: a national journal poll headlined that most americans opposed obamacare. 5 americans say it should be repealed. see polls like that, how do you square the two? guest: the american people are
8:39 am
extremely forgiving and extremely understanding. remedied,be fixed or that is what they want. say, if youtizens can't fix the affordable care act, fix it. flawed.l itself was it depends upon young, healthy people paying more for health , torance, in effect subsidize our older citizens or our sick or citizens. your previous yes was a guy is a michael doyle, who good friend of mine. i appreciate guys and gals on the other side of the aisle who do not demagogue the issue. people with to see pre-existing conditions not taking care of. the question is, how do you most effectively do that?
8:40 am
the democratic model was the affordable care act. it is not just the website. people are beginning to see that their policies are canceled. those who get on the website are seeing that the coverage is either more than what they wanted or not precisely what they wanted. that gets into a freedom issue, which is a larger conversation. host: we have a call from michael in alabama on our line for independents. caller: good morning. aca.t to talk about the tocy pelosi said you have pass it before you vote on it. you always read before you sign something. that amazes me. has anybody on the democratic sat down and read those 3000 pages
8:41 am
/ ? they want the young people to sign up. parents'n stay on your insurance until you are 26, how young do they want them? they have had three years and $600 million. that is ridiculous. host: congressman, your thoughts? i hope we play alabama in the championship game. we will move on to less controversial topics than sec football. with respect to the rollout, it is implemented of a larger issue that is shared by all of your viewers without respect to clinical persuasion and that is a distrust of government -- respect to clinical persuasion,
8:42 am
and that is a distrust of government. itical persuasion, and that is distrust of government. what do we get for $600 million? i knew there would be problems. i do not know why my colleagues did not figure out sooner that if you look into the camera and say, we made a mistake and we want you to forgive us, they always will. what they can never forgive is lying to them or misleading or deceiving them. if you can tell me why we lost --october 1, you will launched on october 1, you will be the first person who can tell me why we launched on october 1. ae reality is, that was just date that was picked for political expediency.
8:43 am
when you realize the website is not going to work, why not say, we need another nerdy days? days. they will forgive you for negligence or an honest mistake. they will not forgive you for lying to them. in today's paper. health website is improving, but not fast enough. guest: we knew as far back as march that there would be issues. test theynd to end did in september, there were significant issues. the smartest guy in the room knew there would he issues. there was an e-mail produced
8:44 am
yesterday that they were trying to deal with the question you just asked me. what do we do when the public sees this, web page is down prompt? there is no way to argue the administration did not know there would be problems in given the fact you knew it would not be ready october 1, why not wait? will take some more of your calls. richard in pennsylvania on our line for democrats. good morning, richard, you are on "washington journal." good morning, richard. are you with us? in ohio one to john our line for republicans. caller: how are you folks today? i hope, fine. sir, i want to thank you for
8:45 am
your due diligence. i have questions. in the affordable care act there is a provision that allows the government to reimburse the insurance companies and they do not make enough money. i wanted your response on that and i want to thank you for the benghazi investigations you are doing. i hope we can bring that to a successful conclusion. thank you. guest: thank you. even though you did not ask about benghazi, i want to let you know about something since you are from ohio. andressman jimmy jordan jason tate fits and others -- z, and others are going to
8:46 am
get you answers. no insurance company bailout. bailouts were not publicly popular nor were they successful. there will be no bailouts for insurance companies. host: let's take a call from james in wisconsin calling on our line for independents. have two suggestions about the immigration bill. the senate bill would only close the border 25%. what would it take to seal it 100%? maybe they will tell them and they should start there.
8:47 am
25,000 dollars in loans. that would be a lot more realistic. thank you. guest: with respect to the border, i do not think anyone can assure you with certitude that any border will be 100% secure. when you have trading partners, you cannot hermetically seal our ourhern border, our ports, northern border. you can do better than what we are doing. any official that looks at you and says our border is 100% secure, i would not believe much else they tell me. that needs nothing with the sum overstays. overstays. visa at least 40% did not cross any border. border security is absolutely essential to systemic immigration reform. exit securityentry-
8:48 am
system and so is e-verify. yourself, why do folks want to come to this country? family it is reunification, part of it is unrest. ify, whiche e-ver turns off the jobs magnet, all of this working together gives you the level of security that our fellow citizens would find successful. host: turning back to health care, part of the argument is the technical component. let's listen to president obama. [video clip] >> i think we probably
8:49 am
underestimated the complexities of building out a website that needed to work a way it should. that is a larger problem have identified earlier and that is the way the header of government does procurement and does i.t. generally, it is not very efficient. is probably no bigger gap between the private sector and the public sector than i.t. trey gowdy,ssman your thoughts. will surprise you and agree with the president. onm not someone who bangs government. i work with the fbi. i do not make a living banging on government. for $600 million, you should
8:50 am
have a rod up that works a lot better than the website -- product that works a lot better than than the website. there is not a chance in purgatory that this website will be working by november 30. the president has a successful political career in does not need to take advice from me. what would be nice if is for them to level with the american people. we do not know when it will be acceptable or when it will be working 100%. i will not use the word glitches. i do not think this is a glitch. even the best of them have issues from time to time. ?ill this be functioning there is not a snowball's chance in purgatory that that will happen between now and the end
8:51 am
of this month. we have a call on our line for democrats. gowdy, iepresentative appreciate you getting the truth. in everything you do, you seem to get to the truth. we would not have this problem with the health care if we would have just follow the constitution, which i believe the supreme court did an end run around to pass this law. residentis passed, the makes changes to it, which is unconstitutional in my view of the constitution. getting to the $600 million for the website, nobody has brought up the fact that our economy is bad. countryire an outside million and pump $600 into the canadian economy and not ours, which gets my head
8:52 am
spinning on all of this stuff. arek you for being who you in what you do. i will listen to your answer. guest: thank you for what you said. that is the highest compliment you can pay a former prosecutor. you touched on a number of issues, one of which will take the remainder of the time they have allotted me. if you go back and read the supreme court opinion, it was all third chief justice roberts. it did exactly what some of us have wanted for a long time with respect the commerce clause. there are limits on what the federal government can do. that was a breath of fresh air for many constitutional conservatives. the heard part of his opinion said you cannot do it under the commerce clause, but you can do it under the tax and spending clause. that means federal government can do what it wants to do as
8:53 am
long as it uses the tax and spend clause rather than the commerce clause. the other thing he made reference to was how can the executive branch unilaterally change the law? there is something called prosecutorial discretion. your district attorney has the discretion to not prosecute this shey crime because he or wants to spend resources on a bigger crime. we understand prosecutorial discretion. is the do not understand failure to enforce or execute a law. i will tell your viewers who are interested in this issue, there was an opinion all shook -- authored by a judge named cavanaugh that goes through the difference between prosecutors ordo discretion and a failure to follow the constitution and faithfully -- between
8:54 am
prosecutorial discretion and a failure to follow the constitution faithfully. how can one branch of the government not enforce a law that was passed by congress and upheld i the supreme court? how can that happen? whether it is immigration or the affordable care act. if you do not like a law, change it. summarily nott enforce it. that your roads people's faith in the law. we have bob on the line for republicans. caller: i guess i will be the first one to tell you what is going on with the october 1 rollout. a littleare having trouble holding you and we will put you on hold. we will go to georgia and our line for independents. caller: how are you doing?
8:55 am
good to talk to you. the question i have has not been brought up. the affordable care act was supposed to be save money on people's insurance and keep people from going to the emergency room and saving money that way. reduced tooing to be compensate for what individuals are paying over and above on the health insurance? it looks like we are getting hit on both ends, through taxes and the affordable care act. basically, paying twice. thank you very much. the only reason it seems that way is because it is that way. i cannot speak to your state taxes in georgia. your taxes would not go down with the current lyrical structure we have in washington
8:56 am
area unless you are one of -- with the current political .tructure we have in washington what was the purpose of the affordable care act? the purpose was to provide insurance for the uninsured and help lower the cost for the sickest of our fellow americans. the way insurance works is that somebody is going to have to pay more. the notion that costs are going to go down for everyone, particularly when this administration has not seen -- said a single thing about tort reform, the notion that race will go down for everyone is tomfoolery. rates will go down for everyone is tomfoolery. unless you are one of the lucky few, your health care costs are going -- are not going to go down.
8:57 am
host: bob, we are going to go back to you. be the first one to tell you why october 1 was the rollout date. mr. obama has never run any thing. he does not know about running a business. he does not know that is not how the world works. that is the only reason this is going on. host: thank you so much for your call, bob. guest: i probably got every third word. he was offering to explain to me why the october 1 date was picked. the best explanation i have heard -- and it should first
8:58 am
rate all of your viewers regardless of their political persuasion -- republicans were asking for a delay. some because they did not like the bill. minds.t read people's give the republicans a delay and say we are not going on october 1 would be a political loss. when secretary sibelius was in an idealaid world, we would have done more testing. this is the world we are in. i am not familiar with what world she was referring to. you did not do more testing. with a law that has a goal date why not say what
8:59 am
has become manifestly apparent? we were not ready to launch. if you look into the camera and say, we did not do what we thought we were going to be able to do. we are sorry. give us 60 days and we will save you the hardship. people would be mad for 12 hours, but they would say, i appreciate you leveling with me. that is not what they did. not only do you have the frustration with the underlying law, you have the frustration with the website and you may pay a penalty for not signing up on a website that is not running. what questions do you have for the administration on this rollout? guest: the smartest guy in the room was brought in to fix it.
9:00 am
why wasn't he brought in earlier? if you knew in march that it would not be ready october 1, why not level with the american people. more days. fundamentally also, i would love heading now live to the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., november 21, 2013. i hereby appoint the honorable ted poe to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the chaplain, father conroy.


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