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tv   United Nations General Assembly  CSPAN  September 30, 2012 9:45pm-11:00pm EDT

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the god, the comp on behalf of the general assembly, i would like to welcome his excellency, the president of the arab republic of egypt. i invite him to address the assembly. [applause] >> in the name of god, the compassionate, the compound -- the merciful, peace and prayers be on his profit, muhammed, a profit whom we love and follow. -- pitcairn a prohet who and we love and follow. the we respect him and we stand opposed to those who oppose him. the prayers of my god be upon him. daud described him in his koran as a man of great morality. also, it is said that we can have mercy of those who honor god. our peace and prayers are on him, his soul, and all those who followed him until after doomsday. may god give me the correct word to address you, you people who have been created male and female, peoples and tribes, to get to know each other, that the most dignified a view -- of
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view. and mr. president of the general assembly, mr. ban ki moon, the secretary general of the united nations, presidents, heads of government, ladies and gentlemen, i salute you in the name of islam. peace and prayers be on you. mr. president, it gives me pleasure to congratulate you
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and your friendly country in assuming the presidency of the general assembly in its current session. i wish you success in your mission. carter also like to express my sincere appreciation to your predecessor, and to the brotherly state of qatar. i would also like to pay tribute to the secretary general of the united nations for his convenient -- his convening efforts to preserve the organization and enhance its effectiveness. i assure your of egypt support to all of the efforts you make in this endeavor.
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mr. president, my presence here today before the general assembly has multiple significant. i am the first egyptian civilian president elected democratically and freely, following a great peaceful revolution hailed by the entire world. through the revolution, we established a legitimate presidency through all egyptians. inside and outside egypt. and with the grace of god. today, every egyptian shares a sense of self confidence, allowing all of them to claim a
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higher moral ground. we have taken several steps on the road toward establishing the modern state that egyptians aspire to see. one that is in tune with the present, based on the rule of law, democracy, and respect for human rights, a constitutional state that does not compromise the values of family embedded in the souls of olli egyptians -- all egyptians, a state that seeks to justice, in truth, freedom, dignity, and social justice.
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the egyptian revolution that was founded on the legitimacy that i represent, in legitimacy that i represent before you today but was not a product of a fleeting moment or a brief uprising, nor was it the product of the winds of change of spring. rather, this revolution and all those preceding it and following it in the region were triggered by a long struggle of genuine national movement that saw a life of pride ending defeat for all citizens.
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it is thereby reflecting the wisdom of history and sending a clear warning to those attempting to place their interests before those of their peoples compact -- peoples, mr. president, the vision of the new egypt that we strive to realize that for our nation, god willing, also constitutes the frame of action we present to the world. and should guide our cooperation with the nash -- the international community in a spirit of equality and mutual respect entailing nonintervention in the affairs of other states, as well as the implementation of international principles, agreements, and
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conventions. today, we it -- we reiterate our commitment to them, particularly the united nations charter, which egypt took part in drafting. through continued work to settle problems and dealing with the root causes without women wishing the principles of law or well-established by use, which the compromise of can lead to grave consequences for the international community if those more rational and reasonable and the world do not pay heed. mr. president, the issue which the world must make all efforts to resolve on the basis of justice and dignity is the
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palestinian cause. long decades have passed since the palestinian people expressed a desire to restore all of the rights and the independent state of its capital. the struggle of its people draw legitimate means to obtain their rights, and despite the acceptance of their representatives of the resolutions of the international community in resolving its problems, despite all of this, this international illegitimacy remains unable until now to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the
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palestinian people. these resolutions remain far from being implemented the fruits of dignity and freedom must not remain far from the palestinian people. it is shameful that the free world would accept that a party in the international community may continue to deny the rights of a nation that looks to independence over decades, no matter what justification. it is also a shameful that settlement continue on the territory of these people, the palestinian people, and prevarication continues over implementing international resolutions.
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from the premise of defending truth, freedom, and dignity, and from my duty to support our palestinian brothers and sisters, i placed the international community before its responsibility, which requires comprehensive justice and peace, and putting to an end to all forms of occupation of arab lands and the implementation of relevant resolutions, i call for a serious and to colonization and occupation and the occupation of the colonized israel. i call for a peace that would establish a sovereign palestinian state, a piece that
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would achieve a security and stability long sought by the peoples of the region on the same basis, i assure you, of the aegis full support -- egypt's full support. i call upon you all, just as you have supported the resolutions of the arab peoples, i call on you to lend your support to the palestinian people to give them the right to establish an independent state. an independent state of palestine based on the inalienable rights of the palestinians. we will continue to work next to the palestinian people, supporting them until they get all of the rights with their feet will -- they're free will -- with their free will and in
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the constituency of their people. mr. president, we have to address in this forum the question there remains a concern for the whole world, namely the blood shed and the human tragedy in syria. the bloodshed must be stopped immediately. that is our first concern. the blood that is being shed on the land of beloved syria is far too der to continue to be shed -- too dear to continued to be shed day and night. the syrian people are dear to our hearts and to the hearts of every egyptian. we hope for a future of freedom and dignity.
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this has been the essence of the initiative i proposed in the holy city of mecca. during last ramadan. and i have reiterated on subsequent occasions to avoid the worst, to avoid the worst, and to prevent the continued suffering of the syrian people and the conflict turning into a full-scale civil war, god forbid, with negative affects extending beyond syria and its immediate neighbors. egypt, along with the three other countries involved in our initiative, has held meetings that have shown there are many areas of commonality.
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we will continue to work to bring an end to the suffering of the syrian people, and provide an opportunity to choose freely their regime that best represents. after this current regime comes to an end, the regime that killed eight people day and night, after this regime comes to an end, the syrian people will choose with their own free will a regime that places ziarat in its right place among democratic countries -- places syria in its right place among democratic country so that it may continue to present its arab march in the region toward solid foundations. i would like to implement this
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idea, this initiative. it is open to all. it is not just the purview of its four starting parties, but open to all who wish to impact the steering crisis. -- the syrian crisis. this suffering, we all have to move the world over to put an end to this tragedy. it is the tragedy of the age and our duty is to end the tragedy. egypt is committed. to pursuing the sincere effort. it has been working to put an end to the tragedy in syria. it has been putting together an international framework that preserves the unity of this brotherly state.
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it involves all sections of the syrian people without discrimination based on race, religion, or sex. it will spare syria the danger of a military intervention, which we oppose, of course. egypt is also committed to supporting the mission of the special representative of the u.n. and the league of arab states to syria, and confirming current efforts aimed at unifying the opposition and encouraging its to propose a comprehensive, unified vision, to encourage the opposition to propose a unified vision, a comprehensive vision of the steady, a democrat, organized transfer of power in a manner that preserves the rights of all constituencies in syria and
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remains in the essential places in the new syria. the new syria, after the new egypt, god willing. i cannot stay here, to reiterate that egypt will work with these irrigation's for syria to -- with this arab nation to occupy its place in this world, an integral component of national security, of a larger home land that extends from the arab gulf to the atlantic ocean. there is a huge field of opportunity for cooperation and interaction with the countries of the arab world.
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egypt also considers the extremely valuable contribution of the arab world within the wider islamic sphere is of vital necessity to promote joint action within the organization of islamic cooperation. egypt will make every effort to make sure that the next oic conference due early next year in egypt, egypt will make sure that it will strengthen understanding between egypt and the countries of the arab world and precipitate dialogue and eliminate the causes of misunderstanding. employed by fanatics on both sides to improve the differences between us -- to prove the differences between us are great and to achieve
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political goals completely unrelated to the noble ideals of religion. or human values and ethics. mr. president, our brothers and sisters in sudan need more than ever your support. this country needs to achieve stability and development. and work on building healthy relations with south sudan. this nation state, which we believe is qualified along with our brother, sudan, to come into cooperation with the arab world and african countries. sudan has made great sacrifices
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in its quest for peace and stability. it has committed itself to the comprehensive peace agreement, otherwise known as cpa. it was also known as the first country to ignite the nation state of south sudan. but let me be frank. sudan has not receive the support it deserves. it is now high time for international effort to rally in support of sudan and work on settling differences between sudan and its neighbor south sudan to resolve all outstanding issues. mr. president, the success of the difficult transitional phase the somali people have come through by electing his
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excellently muhammed shaikh mahmoud as the presidency is a positive step after a difficult time. i call upon the united nations to continue supporting the efforts made by the somali government and to fend off those who seek to hinder the efforts and to achieve stability within public institutions and achieve the aspirations of the somali people for a better future. mr. president, the principles of justice and righteousness are linked to achieving stability and security in the world, particularly the middle east. over many years, some have wrongfully sought to achieve
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stability through oppression and tyranny. some of us, alas, applauded their bad deeds. but now the people of the region, they will not tolerate and they will not allow being deprived of their rights, whether by their own leaders or outside forces. the will of the people, especially in our region, no longer tolerates the continued movement of any country to be nuclear non-proliferation treaty and to the building of a nuclear facility, especially if it is coupled with a response will -- irresponsible
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policies, or arbitrary sets. in this regard, the acceptance of the international community of preemptive this or the attempt to legitimize it is a serious matter to avoid of the prevalence of the law of the jungle. cognizant of the danger that the status quo represents to the security of this important region with its natural resources and trade corridors, egypt stresses the need to mobilize international efforts to hold a conference on declaring the middle east free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction before the end of the current year, 2012, with
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the participation of all concerned parties without exception. let me say it perfectly clear, perfectly clearly, the only solution is to get rid of nuclear weapons. there is no other alternative. all weapons of mass destruction. meanwhile, we also emphasize the right of all countries of the world and all countries of the region, of course, including egypt, they have the right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy within the framework of the bt. and with the commitment by all of these countries provided the necessary steps with the countries of the region so as to remove any suspicion around a peaceful intentions of these
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programs. mr. president, the conflict of justice, truth and dignity, encompassed in our view the frameworks of government and international relations. there is no debt that in this view of international relations, undoubtedly, in justice has been inflicted on the african continent. i do not think i need to go through the previous commitments made in this hall to both the development and economic growth of africa through aid and investment. the world has a responsibility to support africa's efforts. through providing assistance
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needed to restore the treasures of african countries taken over consecutive eras, the last of which was under the thought that supporting an unjust regimes would assist in achieving a fake stability to achieve a fake justice, while these regimes were spreading corruption and smuggling the wealth of these countries outside the homeland. i'm aware that achieving the desired goal can only be done through the active participation of the peoples of this continent, and the resumption of responsibilities. this is something that we, as africans, are ready and willing
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to do. in our quest for a better future for our country's, they, we as africans, how to achieve for our continent a new set of ambitious goals that will ensure africans are on the right track toward sustainable development, and achieve aspirations for a better future, and day participation again forever in the international economic order. i assure you that egypt will continue to work to support its brothers and sisters in africa. egypt is ready to cooperate with any stakeholder or party within or without the continent through the exchange of expertise and best practices.
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>> we look at the current international system and feel that we need to work seriously to repair this international order based on the principle of a renewed urgency and to maintain its credibility. this is on the mind of the peoples, the nations that have expressed themselves and would like to participate in a new
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world for a new future for its sons and daughters. the effective role of the general assembly as a democratic forum, it will express the will of the international community and the change in the structure of the security council, which still represent an era that is completely obsolete as far as our conflict is concerned. both the general assembly and the security council must be reformed as an outpost -- but most importantly that has to be done with the necessary seriousness. i would like to emphasize the need for the united nations to give special attention to supporting issues of women and youth. i have proposed during the
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underlying movement a youth body solely dedicated to youth -- issues, giving particular attention to the issues of training, employment, education, and improving issues particularly related to young life. and to help them achieve their aspirations mr. president. mr. president, egypt stresses that the international community will not be fixed unless we expect from others as they expect from us that they respect our cultural specificities and religious references and not to seek to impose a concept or cultures
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that are not acceptable to as, or politicize certain issues and use them as a pretext to intervene in the affairs of others. but muslims and migrants are going through a number of countries in a number of regions in the world in terms of discrimination and violations of their human rights, and this is campaigns against what they hold sacred is unacceptable. -- a vicious campaign against what they will take is unacceptable. this is unacceptable, the behavior by some individuals, and the insults hurled on the prohet of islam, muhammed, caot be accepted.
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and those who would do this, we must not allow anyone to do this by word or deed. this runs against the most basic principles of the organization where we meet today. and unfortunately, today, it has now acquired a name, which is islamaphobia. we all have to work together. we must join hands and working against these issues that work against us. we must confront extremism and discrimination and incitement to hatred on the basis of religion or race.
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the general assembly as well as the security council has a main responsibility in addressing this phenomenon that is starting to have implications that clearly affect international peace and security. the obscenities that i have referred to were recently released as part of an organized campaign against islamic sentiment and practices are unacceptable. we have responsibility in these international gatherings to study how we can protect the world from instability and hatred.
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egypt respect freedom of expression. freedom of expression that is not used to incite hatred against anyone. not a freedom of expression that targets of a specific religion or a specific culture. a freedom of expression that tackles extremism and violence, not the freedom of expression that deepens ignorance and disregards others. we also as we have said before, and we also stand firmly against the use of violence in objection to these sentiments. mr. president, before i conclude, i must say that the severity of the financial and economic crises must lead us to review the economic decision
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making process on behalf of people that do not participate in their preparation. they are the first to bear the negative consequences in growth and trade and environment, as well as on the social fabric of society. as a result of unfair trade rules and conditionality is imposed on the transfer of technology. and access to finances and development. and access to -- [inaudible] there is a need for a new, global, economic governance. i say there is an urgent need
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for a new economic global governance is centered on people and aiming at consolidating cooperation between partners in development on the basis of mutual benefits and interests. mr. president, i have laid before you are vision. a vision shared by the egyptian people. i have also attempted to briefly outline egypt's views on the main issues, the vision of the young and the children, the women and the men in egypt on all important questions in the middle east and the rest of the world. in the middle east, africa, and the world, i am sure the united nations is capable of addressing
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all global and regional challenges through dialogue, understanding, and joint cooperation in accordance of the principles of international law. egypt post-revolution will spare no effort in dealing sincerely with all the members of this organization. we will always remain at the forefront of international endeavor and achieving the freedoms and dignity of all people, as well s social justice for all peoples, including security and stability for all our countries. i look forward with optimism, great optimism. and i see the piece that we call for prevailing all over this world. peace that is based on justice, a peace that will give all the
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rights on diminished, a peace that does not discriminate between one and another for any reason. this peace will never prevail until we all cooperate, until we all realize that we are all equal. and that we share many aspirations and ambitions. a peace whose message i bring to, a peace of right and justice, stability and development, interdependence, love and a mutual respect. i do not believe this is difficult for all of us if we extend our hand of cooperation, a sincere intention, and i read his work. god is our witness.
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we are all hopeful that we will see a better future, a better future for this world. i thank you all and peace up on you. is be a pione [applause] >> in his address thursday, palestinian authority president abbas claimed the of thought -- the israeli campaign was reading a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the palestinian people. his comments are 30 minutes. [applause] >> i have a great pleasure in welcoming the palestinian organization and president of the palestinian authority, his presidency mahmoud abbas to
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address the assembly. >> in the name of god, the compassionate and the merciful, president of the general assembly, ladies and gentlemen, i wish to begin by extending appreciation to the heads of all delegations. we stressed the urgency for progress toward the realization of a just peace in our region and for the fulfillment by the palestinian people for the national rights.
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ladies and gentlemen, developments over the past year have confirmed what we have persistently drawn attention to and warned of the catastrophic danger. during the past month, attacks by terrorists have become a daily reality. we are facing relentless attacks against our people, our monks, monasteries, and schools. they are unleashing against crops and properties. our people have become targets
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and abused with occupying forces and the israeli government. the settler is attack should not surprise anyone, for it is the inherent code on the continuation of occupation anti-dormant policy that deems the satisfaction to be the absolute priority. it is that isreali curriculum and extremist opinions that are ripe with hatred and are rooted in discriminatory laws created
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and enacted over the years against the palestinian people, as well as by the security apparatus which provide excuse after excuse for the accelerated -- release should one of them happen to be arrested. the fabricate excuses for soldiers who have committed what are clearly considered crimes and acts of murder, torture, and abuse. over the past year since the convening of the general assembly's previous assembly, the occupying insisted -- it is a campaign aimed at altering the history's mankind.
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it is a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the palestinian people via demolition of their homes and prevention of their construction and residency rights and the denial of basic services and schools. they took the city and prevent millions of palestinians from 3 accessing its schools, churches, hospitals, and markets. the occupying power has continued its construction and expansion of settlements in areas throughout the west bank
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and continued suffocating locals -- its suffocating blockade and raids against people who continue to suffer from the destructive aggression committed against them years ago. nearly 5000 palestinians also remain captive as prisoners and detainees in isreali jails. we call on the international community to tell the government of israel to respect our conventions and to investigate the conditions of the detention of the detainees. we ask for their release. they are soldiers in their struggle for freedom and peace. at the same time, the occupying
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power continues to fight and besieged and to influence severe restrictions on movement, preventing the palestinian authorities from instrumented vital infrastructure projects and providing services to its citizens. they are being prevented from cultivating their lands and water from being irrigated. in vast areas of the occupied palestinian territory which are classified as serious subject to the absolute control of occupation encompassing approximately 60% of the west bank territory. the occupying power continues to deliberately demolish what we are building. they are destroying the projects involving building
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roads and homes for its citizens and agricultural facilities. in fact, over the past 12 months, the israeli occupying forces have demolished a 510 palestinian structures in these areas, displacing 770 palestinians from their homes. these measures have caused great damage to our economy and impeded our development activity. the compound our people under occupation and from by financial institutions.
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is a real policy is leading to the weakening of the mining and ability to carry out its functions. it threatens to undermine its very existence or threaten its collapse. all of this is taking place in the context of an isreali political discourse that does not hesitate to brandish an aggressive extremist positions. it is in sight and religious conflict. this is something we firmly abject based on our principles and convictions. due to our understanding of what it means to fuel such fires in this very sensitive area full of explosives and how it can fuel the action of extremists
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from various quarters, especially those trying to be tolerant. ladies and gentlemen, as proof of our seriousness and sincere intention to create an opening conducted [indiscernible] exploratory talks at the beginning of this yerar upon the initiative of jordan.
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we have also encouraged the expressed desires of several countries to contribute to efforts to break the cycle of deadlock. we have also undertaken an initiative to have favorable conditions. unfortunately, the result of all of these initiatives has been very negative. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, there can only be one meeting of debt is a of -- meainaning of the government actions in our homeland. a permanent status agreement to end the conflict and achieve peace. when understanding leads to one conclusion. the isreali accepts the two state solution. the two state solution, namely the state of palestinian coexist
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with the state of israel, represents the spirit of this for a compromise in this declaration of principles signed 19 years ago. it is a compromise in which the palestinian people accepted to establish their state and only 22% of the territory of historic palestine. there is an intensification of isreali measures in the emptying the course -- emptying the oslo accord of
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their meaning. they're making it the extremely difficult if not impossible. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, isreali government -- the israeli government has large areas in the occupied palestinian territory. they continue to occupy a large area of the territory. it refuses to engage in any serious discussion of the palestinian refugees. it wants to continue its occupation of palestinian warfare and its control over the most across the areas in our land, air, borders, and our life in its entirety. the border can be done in
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accordance with isreali show as the following -- there are checkpoints and vast security along roads devoted to people being subject to the full dominance of military occupation and package under new names for a so-called state with borders. i repeat, a state with provisional borders. we categorically reject this because it should not bring
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about peace. mr. president, if we refuse to allow the palestinian people to attain their rights and freedoms and reject these establishment from the state of palestine, israel is promising the palestinian people a new catastrophe. a new setback. i speak on behalf of an angry people, and people that feel while they fight for their right to freedom and adhere to the principles and rules of international law, rewards continue to be logically -- isreal continues to enjoy impunity.
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some continue to obstruct the adoption of a position regarding isreali law and covenant. this represents a license for the occupation to continue its policy of dispossession and ethnic cleansing to entrench its system on the palestinian people. ladies and gentlemen, despite our genuine feelings of anger, we in the name of the palestinian organization and the sole representative of the palestinian people, the sole legitimate representative of the palestinian people will not accept to be divided into two.
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we are the sole legitimate representative of the palestinian people. i reaffirm that we are as committed to peace and international diplomacy in this covenant as much as we are equally and by the same measure upholding our inalienable rights and aspirations. we reaffirm the we are committed to non-violence. we reject terrorist in all its forms. despite our feelings of disappointment and our despair, we continue to sincerely extend our hand in peace to the isreali people. we realize that the two people
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must live and co exist each in their respective state in the holy land. further, we also realized that the way to make peace is through negotiations between the palestinian organization and israel. despite the complexities of reality at all of the frustrations that we face before the international community, there is still a chance to save the two state solution and to salvage peace. however, this urgent fact must be pursued by a new approach. to repeat and experience that is futile. this would result in failure and provide a cover for occupation and deal the final blow to a dying peace process.
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those who advise us to wait, the festering situation us in our country has its own timing. it cannot stand further procrastination or delay. the approach requires for salvaging the chance of peace. it must be predicated on the understanding [indiscernible] this approach also requires a reaffirmation and adherence to the terms and basics of the
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solution to the concept which had been endorsed by all of you. the core component of it do not require -- what is needed is the will to implement these components. merit the negotiations are not required to define them. rather what is needed is the sincere intention to reach peace. of those components are by no means intractable riddles. they are clear. this includes the establishment of an independent state of palestine with east jerusalem as its capital over the entire territory occupied by isreal and -- by israel since 1967 and
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the realization of a just agreed solution to the palestine issues in accordance with resolution 194.3. indeed, the fundamental components of the solution to the conflict exist in the documents and resolutions of the united nations. you have it. it is also endorsed in the resolutions of regional organizations beginning with arab states and islamic cooperation and the african is union. it can be found in the statements of the european union and in that international quartet. however, what is the use of those documents if is encouraged to continue to oppose the terms of reference? the international community embodied in the united nations
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is required now more than ever before to uphold its responsibility. the security council is called upon to are gently adopt a -- to urgently adopt a resolution comprising the basis and foundation for a solution to the palestinian and israeli conflict that would serve as a binding reference and guidance for the two states of israel and palestine if to prevail in the land of peace, the birthplace of jesus, peace be upon him, the profit mohamad, peace be upon him, and abraham, peace be upon him. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, all things considered, the establishment of the free and independent
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state of palestine is a right to the people that must be realized. it is long overdue for too many decades. it is a right. the palestinian people are entitled to this right. [applause] at the same time, the palestinian national authority has affirmed new implementation of its state building program. it will have an effective modern state through the development of the performance of its execution and finance management to the adoption of
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transparency, accountability and rules of good governance. these achievements have been deemed by the liaison committee, the world bank, and the imf to constitute an impressive undertaking and success story. the latest report confirmed a full palestinian authority for the transition to an independent state while at the same type stressing that the isreali of -- the israeli occupation -- the picture remains the only obstacle at
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this time. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, a year ago during the previous session of the general assembly, we submitted our application for consideration by the security council to allow the state of palestine to assume its rightful place among the community of nations as a full member in the united nations. and up for it was voiced by some -- an uproar was voiced by some against this political and peaceful step by a certain its basis and foundation. however, our endeavor was aborted despite the fact that a majority of the countries of the world have endorsed as and continue to support our application. i do not see a single reason for opposing this request. yet when the countries of the
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world have the opportunity to declare their stance without any restrictions or veto last autumn, they voted. they voted despite enormous pressure in strong support of the acceptance of palestinian as a member of unesco. a year has passed and palestinian is playing the role in unesco with high professionalism. in order to advance of detectives of the organization. in order to enhance the chances for peace, ladies and gentleman, we will continue our
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efforts. we will continue our efforts to maintain full membership of palestine at the united nations. [applause] >> and for the same purpose, we have begun intensive cooperation. we are confident that the vast majority of the countries of the world support our endeavor aimed at salvaging the chances for a just peace.
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in our endeavor, we do not seek to delegitimize an existing state, that is israel, but rather to assert the state that must be realized, that is palestine. [applause] we are not attempting to delegitimize them. they are trying to delegitimize us. mr. president, more than 64 years have passed is a nackba. a large portion of those who were immediate victims and witnesses of horrors have died with their memories preserved in their minds and hearts about
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the beautiful world that was devastated, their warm homes that were demolished, and their peaceful villages that were erased from existence, and about the renaissance that was undermined about their loved ones, the men women and children who were killed in wars, massacres, attacks, raids, and about the beautiful country that was the beacon of coexistence, tolerance, progress, and a crossroads of civilization. they died in the camps of displacement and refuge to which they were expelled as they awaited the moment which they would resume their lives
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and complete their journey that was interrupted and repair their shattered dreams. they died while they clung to their legitimate human right to justice and freedom. has the time not come to undo this injustice? 77% of the palestinian people are under the age of 35. they did not experience the horrors, but they know very well all the horrendous details from the accounts told to them by their parents and grandparents who endured it.
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they are suffering from the ongoing effects as a result of the practices of the occupation and the settlers on the land that is diminishing and the horizon before them that is blocking their simple, ordinary dreams. they see their homelands and they say firmly, we shall not allow a new nakba to happen. i say to you, ladies and gentleman, that the brave palestinian people will not allow themselves to be the victim of a new nakba. we will stay in our land. my people will continue their epic steadfastness and their eternal survival journey in their beloved homeland, every inch of which carries the evidence and landmarks
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affirming their roots and unique connection throughout ancient history. there is no homeland for us except palestine. there is no land for us but palestine. we shall not accept an alternative homeland nor an alternative land. palestine is our homeland and shall remain so. our people will continue to build institutions and will continue to strive to achieve natural reconciliation to restore the unity of our nation, people, and institutions by resorting to the ballot boxes which will confirm our people's democratic choice. our people are also determined
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to continue peaceful popular resistance, peaceful popular resistance, consistent with international humanitarian law, for the sake of freedom, independence, and peace. mr. president, ladies and gentleman, prevent the occurrence of a new nakba in the holy land. support the realization of a free, independent state of palestine now. let peace be victorious before it is too late. peace be upon you. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012]
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>> see the first of the presidential debates wednesday night live on c-span, c-span radio and watch and engage. next "q&a" with allan sloan and geoff colvin of "fortune." after that, un general assembly if speeches by president obama, the president of iran and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. tomorrow, journalist and political communications scholars and discuss how best to watch the upcoming presidential debates. the discussion is designed to offer a citizen's guide for watching in understanding the debate. it is live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> there is a lot of research
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out there that in fact mobile usage is even higher among minority communities and then it is among white communities. i have seen some pretty startling research that in some of these minorities communities, 70% to 80% of broadband is your mobile applications. i am not a critic of mobile broadband. after the verizon wireless transmission. the emirate -- no reason for me to be critical. so my comment is not a platform, and it is more a device comment. and that is if you are going to do mobile on a laptop and you are going to get real broadband -- speed, i do not have any problem. but if you go into the educational context and you are talking about a smart phone, and


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