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tv   Reel America January 1945 United Newsreel  CSPAN  February 8, 2020 10:20pm-10:31pm EST

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>> you are watching american history tv, covering history c-span style with event coverage, eyewitness accounts, archival films, lectures in college classrooms and visits to museums and historic places. all weekend come every weekend, on c-span3. ♪ ♪ narrator: at the white house in washington, crowds gather for the inauguration of franklin d
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roosevelt as president of the united states for a fourth term. invitations admit 7000 guests to the white house ground. -- grounds. ♪ among the guests are wounded servicemen from the nearby military hospitals. ♪ on the south portico of the white house, the crowd lines up. for the first time, an inauguration is held not at the capital building, but here in the president's own backyard. ♪ from the portico steps, 13 grandchildren of the president watch the ceremony. at the bottom of the steps is harry hopkins, presidential
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advisor and aide. government leaders arrive for the ceremony. secretary of war and mrs. stimson, the secretary of navy and mrs. forrestal, secretary of the interior harold ickes. ♪ harlan fiske stone, chief justice of the united states. admiral of the fleet, ernest king. edward r. stettinius, secretary of state, and mrs. stettinius. general of the armies's george c. marshall and misses marshall. war, the grim year of shortest and simplest inaugural on record begins. former vice president wallace swears in harry truman, new vice president. ♪
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[applause] president roosevelt takes the oath of office. >> i, franklin delano roosevelt, do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and protect the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. [applause] narrator: the president delivers a brief inaugural address. [applause] >> we americans of today, allies, areh our passing through a period of supreme test. it is a test of our courage. of our resolve. of our wisdom. of our essential democracy. if we meet that test successfully and honorably, we
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shall perform a service of historic importance, a historic importance in which men and women and children will honor throughout all time. as i stand here today, having taken the solemn oath of office in the presence of my fellow countrymen, in the presence of our god, i know that it is america's purpose that we shall not fail. in the days and the years that are to come, we shall work for a peace, ahonorable durable peace, that today we work and fight for total victory in war. [applause] ♪
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narrator: over lake michigan, a coast guard demonstration of a new technique of rescue by helicopter, especially meant for aviators forced down at sea. the air man is taken aboard. airman is taken aboard. ♪ the helicopter proceeds to chicago, where the rescued flyer is lowered to the ground. them a shot -- the flying machine has taken him from far out on the water to a destination on land. ♪ liberator bombers crack down on -- puertocess seta
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island, bombardier's dropped bombs on the island. [explosions] enemy airstrips are battered into uselessness. unceasing support from landon carrier-based aircraft in the battle for the philippines -- support from land and carrier-based aircraft in the battle for the philippines. ♪ against then, elements. to the frozen great lakes, the new united states coast guard icebreaker mackinaw carves a vital path, behind her, cargo vessels from duluth to chicago and the earliest midwinter crossing on record. the mackinaw cuts three solid inches of ice at eight miles an hour.
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♪ urgently needed in the war effort, these newly-built ships would normally be marooned on the great lakes for two more months. .ow they are delivered on time ♪ infantry landing craft in-store-tossed atlantic sees on the way home from so silly, -- from sicily, salerno and normandy. these are small ships, but seaworthy. after hundreds of landing missions throughout europe, they are still fit for new assignments in the pacific. anhoon off the philippines, american carrier plows through raging seas and a grim, 48 hour fight with a savage tropical
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storm, men battling wins threatening to sweep them overboard and tiedown planes which have broken loose on the carrier deck. wind velocity reaches 75 miles per hour. some craft in the tax forced -- the task force are lost, but the ship is safe and the ship and the men when a battle with the weather. ♪ burma, the road back, a tough and bloody road as allied troops move in against the japanese. from the chinese 30th the vision cross a river junction. chinese and american officers plot the attack as chinese .rtillery opens up [explosions]
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[machine gun fire] during 28 days of fears fighting, the ring around the town is steadily tightened. dive bombers pave the way only a few hundred yards ahead of advancing infantry. bomber] [explosions] northernresistance in burma begins to totter. yard by yard, the chinese push forward. machine gun fire]
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and fighter-bombers have devastated the city. the japanese garrison has been annihilated. the united states commander inspects the city. over the city flies the chinese flag. ♪ >> 75 years ago in early 1945, the u.s. marines invaded the pacific island of iwo jima and fought japanese forces in one of the bloodiest battles of world war ii. hershel 'woody' williams recounts his experience as a marine in the pacific, including at iwo jima. his actions earned him the medal of honor.


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