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tv   Robert F. Kennedy Assassination 50th Anniversary  CSPAN  July 7, 2018 6:29am-6:36am EDT

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they were like that to the point that ethel kennedy described the fact -- there is a clichi that people are so close they can finish one another's sentences.
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they were so close they could just pick up one another's expressions and that is why the closest thing -- there is another clichi that people talked about. before people elected and they are on the ticket together they say this will be the closest working relationship we have ever had between a president and a vice president. no president in their right mind ever gives up power to a vice president or anyone else is a copresident. the closest thing america has ever had to a co-presidency was on bobby kennedy was jack kennedys internally -- attorney general. he was is cia director he consulted bobby kennedy more often than the secretary of state on foreign affairs. he was the guy that jack kennedy knew he could go to whether it was the bay of pigs or civil rights were the cuban missile crisis. he could go and bobby would have his back pick he would
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look out for what was best for the country and what was best political leave for jack kennedy. that was an extraordinary relationship. he knew if he was seen at the funeral, he had to be there because he was loyal but he knew if that was published it would hurt jack. trying to have it both ways but he was always trying to help his brother and he did. >> he also wanted to be loyal.>> he did. there was a magical moment and i am not sure when it happened. 1957 where bobby understood when jack was alive that he had a political career himself and they joked that after he done it for eight years, you know joe kennedy had aspirations to be the president and during
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world war ii at the start of world war ii when he was the u.s. ambassador to great britain he not only had the opportunity and that eventually became public and never denied it. the boston globe helped get him fired. the moment that joe kennedy knew it could not be him it was going to be his son and in order of birth. joe junior until joe junior was killed in a cour


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