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tv   Rep. Peter Welch on Vermont Economy and Agriculture  CSPAN  November 19, 2017 11:11pm-11:16pm EST

11:11 pm >> always can long, american history tv is joining our comcast cable partners to showcase the history of burlington, vermont. to learn more about the cities on our current tour, visit we continue with our history at the lookup furling to. 10 is unique in vermont. it is really attractive to young people. of the the center vermont economy. what has happened recently is that a lot of these businesses have come in. we have artisan cheeses. they have a big presence here. when the burlington area have some of the finest craft breweries. burlington has a bright future. but is so important to us in vermont because our state is
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largely rural. we have enormous challenges in our rural economy. rural america is a challenge. the strength we have in burlington helps us in vermont to build our rural communities. two major parts of vermont history to affect the whole state and burlington are our agricultural tradition and town meetings. there has been an enormous sense of citizen participation and activism ever since the founding of the republic of vermont. it has had -- the agricultural tradition, where our farmers have had the view that if we take care of the land, the land will take care of us. even though the farms are in decline, it is not like it used to be. that ethics of being an environmental steward that we inherited, has been important to the state of vermont. and our tradition of town meeting where we talk about
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everything from weather to get a new school bus or firetruck to sometimes having a nuclear freeze initiatives on the ballot. that citizen participation has been very important to vermont. >> vermont has always had two things. one, there has been a fiscal conservatism here. we pay our bills. with our state, we do not have a balanced budget amendment but we always have a balanced budget. that has been true whether we have had democratic or republican governors. there has always been a sense of social liberalism. it is your business how you lead your life. to some extent, that has to do with this engagement we have a town meeting where people who have chosen to live it lit -- a different kind of life you live, you get to know them. your kids are on the soccer team
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that you coach. or they are on the volunteer fire department with you. they spent a mutual response of respect and an acceptance that people make their own decisions on how they want to live their life. we have seen that with vermont passing civil unions in the legislature, and then the legislature passing marriage equality. other states, it was often a court decision. we have seen it with a very inclusive approach to life in our community. >> are city tour staff recently traveled to burlington, vermont, to learn about its rich history. learn more at /cities tour. american history tv, all weekend, every weekend, on c-span3. 34th annualfrom the winston churchill conference, a historian talks about winston
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churchill in the development and use of nuclear weapons. this event from new york city is about 45 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome back, and to introduce our new speaker of the morning, we have another very special lady, please welcome her. [applause] >> good morning. can you hear me all right quest mark there is a bell, i hope. it is lovely to be here for another conference. each one i come to seems to be even better than the last. here, who has ,ritten this very good book churchill and the fall.


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