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tv   Vietnamese Prime Minister Discusses Relations with the U.S.  CSPAN  July 11, 2017 2:09pm-2:38pm EDT

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it never stopped. we're still campaigning for the right to drive. for us, the right to drive is more act of civil disobedience. women are not supposed to drive. we show that we are able, we are capable of driving. by doing this act of civil disobedience. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on cspan's q&a. the prime minister of vietnam delivered remarks at the heritage foundation. part of his visit to the united states. which included a meeting with president trump. following his remarks, the prime minister took a few questions from the audience.
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[ applause ] [speaking in a foreign language] >> good afternoon. i oversee all the foreign defense policy at the heritage foundation. it's my pleasure to welcome the prime minister of vietnam. and it is an honor to host you, sir.
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[speaking in a foreign language] [ applause ] >> i am also very pleased to recognize the ambassadors here today. he and his staff made today's event possible. [ applause ] [speaking in a foreign language] >> the american side, i would like to acknowledge u.s. ambassador to vietnam and deputy assistant secretary of state patrick of murphy. welcome and thank you so very much for being here. [ applause ] [speaking in a foreign language]
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>> of course, i would be remisnot to recognize the founder of the heritage foundation and our interim president ed fulmer. he believed in the potential of america's transpacific relationship long before there was a trade agreement named after them. he established and continues to chair the asian studies center to nurture them, thank you, ed. [ applause ] [speaking in a foreign language] >> ed, thank you for allowing me to do the honors today. the u.s./vietnam relations have been on a study deliberate
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trajectory for more than 20 years. and for good reason. we have a range of converging interests from economics, to security, to geo politics. and while we have our differences on human rights, for instance we have developed a relationship that allows us to discuss them with one another with productivity and without rancor. [speaking in a foreign language] >> mr. prime minister, despite the changes here in washington, and hanoi for that matter, i see your visit to washington as the next logical and important step in this evolving partnership. thank you so much for allowing heritage to be part of your
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visit. [speaking in a foreign language] >> please let me invite you to the podium. [ applause ] [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: thank you very much for that introduction and distinguished participants, distinguished ministers, representatives of the u.s. government, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends.
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[speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: at the inviitation of president donald j. trump i'm leading the delegation on this official visit to the united states. we have been having a series of meetings and activities in new york, as well as here in washington, d.c. today. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: i have had a series of meeting with american secretaries, members of the cabinet and a number of major u.s. corporations. i also just before coming here had a very fruitful and successful meeting with president trump himself.
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[speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: i fully concur with you, what you said earlier, that the relationship between vietnam and the united states is entering a new state of development, opening up new opportunities for advanced cooperation. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: i also took the opportunity of my visit to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our membership to the united nations in new york and i have with me today the permanent representative of vietnam to the united nations. [speaking in a foreign language]
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>> translator: let me start by thanking you for giving me the opportunity to speak here at the world renowned heritage foundation on the topic of opportunities and challenges for peace, security, development in asia pacific and the development of our comprehensive partnership. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: in the 1776 declaration of independence of the united states of america, president thomas jefferson wrote that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their
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creator with certain unablianable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. [speaking in a foreign language] [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: halfway around the world and more than a century and a half later, that letter and spirit was echoed in the declaration of independence
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that gave birth to the republic of vietnam in 1945 in which president ho chi minh reaffirmed that all peoples on earth are born equal, they all have the right to live, to be happy and free. this is to show that at the dawn of the independence of the united states and vietnam, our founding fathers, though hundreds of years apart, did, indeed, share core value and principles. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: and a very interesting coincidence is that our two national founders, president jefferson and president ho chi minh both passed away on our independence days. [speaking in a foreign language]
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>> translator: as we meet here today in a nation where women power is valued, i wish to tell you that two millenia ago the vietnamese people struggled for survival and the pursuit of happiness were started by two women leaders. all vietnamese all take pride in the uprising by those sisters. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: i believe these core historical values are the
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solid foundations for our two countries to build a sustained substantive and lasting partnership. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: if only a few decades ago the vietnam and the united states were on the opposite front lines of a devastating war, today we have become comprehensive partners, engaged in all rounded cooperation from economic, social and cultural to defense and security. [speaking in a foreign language]
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>> translator: i would like to take this opportunity to thank the pioneers of these partnership, the individuals who have worked tirelessly for closer bonds between our countries. we always treasure what our american friends have done. we're particularly grateful to president clinton, george w. bush, president obama, to the first american ambassador to vietnam, pete peterson. to senators jeohn mccain, john kerry and all friends near and far. and i can see here many familiar faces, good friends of vietnam for many years. [speaking in a foreign language]
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>> translator: looking back at the history of upheavals in our relationship at the past 20 years of cooperation i would like to say to you and also president trump, that we have thrived beyond our own severals, having not only risen above the past and looked to what's the future. but also embarked upon a journey together to shape a brighter future and write a new chapter for our bilateral relations. contributing to peace and shared prosperity in asia pacific and beyond. [speaking in a foreign language]
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[speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: just before coming here i held talks with president trump. and prior to that had a series of americans with american secretaries and politicians to
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discuss ways to strengthen our partnership. we agreed on range of collaborative actions to realize the twin objectives of growth and jobs beneficial to both sides. we will encourage our businesses to better connect our two markets in a way that would bring the most benefits to our people and to our businesses. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: the heritage foundation is an independent research institution, having positive influence on america's
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policy making process. your initiative and recommendations have been implemented. the foundation's core principles and values are crucial to social progress here in america. your insightful analysis, policy recommendations, and initiatives, are useful sources of information and reference for many nations, as they integrate in today's globalized world. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: i hope your work can also provide us with critical information and advice as we strive to build a government that is lean and clean, enabling and action oriented that is moving forward together with the people and the business community. and one that is america's
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comprehensive partner today and long into the future. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: during his visit to the united states, general secretary quoted president roosevelt as saying believe you can and you're halfway there. today with the belief and resolve to work together, i wish to share with you my thoughts on some major issues facing us, as well as ways to advance vietnam/u.s. relations. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: the opportunities
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for and the challenges to see security and development in asia pacific. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: this vast region embraces the world's leading economies, including, united states, china, japan and aaccounts for 55% of global gdp and poised to advance global value chain, all in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. [speaking in a foreign language]
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>> translator: vietnam has been working responsibly with countries in the region to translate these opportunities into strong dinism for growth. the threats of terrorism and violence extremism, unilateral power politics, the increased pressure from resource scarcity and a thirst for new resources. complex and unpredictable elements in the south china sea. [speaking in a foreign language]
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>> translator: these are challenges that are beyond the ability of any single power to advance. nor have they be advanced would only selfish interests in mind. [speaking in a foreign language] [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: these challenges compel nations to form collaborative mechanisms that are based upon international law and designed in such a way that insures a balance of interest among parties. and helps shape and open regional architecture involving
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all nations, big and small within and outside the region. and abiding by the principles of peace, stability, equality and cooperation in line with a shared goal of prosperity and development in this region. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: indeed, asia pacific is growing to become the new center of power. crucial in the formation of a new world order. as senator john mccain put it when he spoke here, quote, the united states recognizes much of the history of the 21st century will be written in the asia
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pacific region. and that's an unprecedented era of peace and security has enables hundreds of millions of asians to lift themselves out of poverty and transform the economies of the region. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: i tend to agree and i welcome all nations, including the united states, to play an active part in showing the principles of maritime safety and security on the basis for respect of international law. [speaking in a foreign language]
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>> translator: we appreciate the support by the u.s. administration, as well as american politicians and scholars for the peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with the international law, including the 1982 law, respecting diplomatic alliances and not changing the status quo. we appreciate the support for the full and effective implementation of the declaration on the conduct of parties in the south china and sea. [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: second, about the growth of vietnam/u.s.
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comprehensive partnerships, it's vietnam's policy to develop mutually beneficial comprehensive and lasting cooperation with the united states on the basis of respect for each other's independence and sovereignty. [speaking in a foreign language] [speaking in a foreign language] >> translator: as an asia pacific nation, vietnam shares maritime boundaries with six
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asean countries and china. it's important to abide by international law. more than probably anyone, we appreciate the value of cooperation for peace and shared prosperity in compliance -- 20 minutes left in this conversation but we have it archived in our video library. you can find it there. we have to leave it here now to take you live to capitol hill for a senate crime and terrorism subcommittee hearing. looking at how best to coordinate congressional versus criminal investigations, especially in the ongoing russia investigations and the best strategies for how congress and the executive branch approach the investigations going forward. the chair is already in -- seated there at the dais, lindsey graham of south carolina.
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thank you all. we're bring the meeting to order. senator whitehouse is on his way and i can't ha and i've been told he's okay with starting. respect to conducting investigations and discuss best practices for observing the integrity of each process. we have an


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