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tv   New York Citys Bellevue Hospital  CSPAN  June 4, 2017 12:55am-2:01am EDT

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where he was expected, he caused worry and angst amongst the union troopers, calvary especially. >> you can see the entire program at 9:00 p.m. eastern on sunday. american history tv, only on c-span3. >> new york city's bellevue hospital was founded in 1736. it is the oldest public hospital in the united states. next, on american history tv, a pulitzer prize winning historian talks about his book, "bellevue." the lower east side tenement event hosted this hour-long event. >> it is a privilege to ouroduce david ocean ski, speaker this evening.
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graduate- he got his , where we were the much overlapping. we are both in sort of medical fields, too. not real doctors, as our parents would have probably told us. [laughter] at nyu'sa professor department of history and director of the division of medical humanities at the nyu school of medicine. in 2005, he won a full enterprise in history for his story."lio, an american his other books include one on one on jimy and crow. writing fortable
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broader audiences, his works have appeared in the new york times and the wall street journal, and it is a privilege to welcome him here to the museum. [applause] >> i think this does work, can you all hear me? ist i would like to do first to get the pulitzer thing out of the way. everybody asks, it is the question that is usually first or second in the question answer period. i wrote a book on polio. the pulitzer is the only price where they do not announce the
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finalists in advance. for example, the national book award, there are eight finalists and they all eat at the same ner,e at the awards din one winds and the other seven act like they are happy for him. [laughter] >> but for this, they announced the finalists the same day, which i think is not particularly fair. to make a long story short, a reporter called me up and asked me -- he told me i was one of the three finalists and i was surprised because you're not supposed to know that information. who the other two finalists were, and he said, one is at harvard working on slavery and the other is at princeton and working on democracy. i was at the university of texas with polio. i thought it was a complete nonstarter. on the day the price was
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my wife was in new orleans visiting one of our children, certainly we were not going to win. i called her up, she was in a department store and i said, we won. and the store manager was standing there and said, what did he win? and my wife said, the pulitzer prize. and the guy said, i thought it was powerball. [laughter] >> there are limits to every award. event, i will get to the point. i grew up as a baby boomer in queens, new york. thank you. you want the street? [laughter] to me, bellevue, i will say it, it was sort of the crazy house. that is what was known for. it had this gigantic psychiatric
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building. eight stories high, 600 people. it really was the depository for people who had been taken off the streets.
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