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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  December 18, 2016 7:49pm-8:01pm EST

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website to see our upcoming schedule or watch a recent program. lectures of history and more at >> american history tv is in scott still, arizona. coming up, learn more about winfield scott and how he founded the city of scott still -- scottsdale. ofa lot of people think winfield scott as a fiery preacher, but what people don't know is he was a fierce warrior in the union army as a young man. he was born in michigan, but grew up in western new york. he had just graduated from seminary school and had been assigned to a church when the
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civil war broke out and linking called for volunteers. he wanted to get into it so he went back to his hometown of new york and started recruiting and raising his own company of soldiers. i think he recruited about 33 of his own cousins out of his bible study class and recruited the town band and they would go on to stay with him in the army and to be one of the most celebrated army bands in the union army during the war. he took part in the battle of gettysburg and spotsylvania and the wilderness. three of the bloodiest battles of the civil war and he was in all of those and cited for bravery in every one of them. he was shot five times total. he was badly wounded and was lying there. he had a bible in his coat
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the bullet.hat spit then he took a bad hit in the leg and they left him in the field for dead. he picked up his rifle and aimed it at them and he said get me to a hospital. you can get more with a kind word and a gun than just a kind word. preacher,the fighting they cost in the fighting -- they called him the fighting parson. his wife wanted to come to the battlefield and take him home. meeting withvate president lincoln and he wrote her a pass to go out to where the fighting was. she picked up her husband and took him home.
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he had been shot pretty bad. he would have a lifetime of pain and such. he went out and started establishing churches around some of the western states. then, a few years later, he decided he missed the army. he could not be a fighting man anymore so during the indian wars, the apache wars here in arizona, he enlisted as a chaplain. he got to arizona because he was stationed there. he came up in 1888 with the army and he immediately thought, this is a place i want to be. of the riverim nile country and i think at heart he was a farmer. here. the opportunities he rode horseback -- or actually on this mule.
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all overthat the mule the valley looking for just the right place. he wanted to start a community that was more religious than phoenix, which had a reputation at that time. the army kept him busy. he bought a whole section of land right in this area just north of here for $2.50 an acre. he would later sell part of it as $25 an acre -- he would probably -- he would later sell part of it for $25 an acre. he became well-known. he went to california in the santa barbara area and tell them about the wondrous wonders. they believed him because he had a national reputation for integrity. he started moving in here from they startedd -- moving from california to the midwest and he was right.
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the weather was good. it was a good place to live. they did not have stoplights and they only9 had 400 people here in 1940. it was a slow growing place. mostly farmers. it used to be the center of town where we are. this was the first school house in scottsdale, built in the early 1900s. all this area here where i am standing now, before the civic plaza over here and all this, bodeo.s a the town was still really small and 1942. it is been -- it would grow to 2000 by 1950.
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it would grow especially after world war ii. they were trying to decide what can we do and not of white, he was the first mayor of the town let's malcom white said, be western. world'sd the phrase the most western town. the because there was no place else in the valley like scottsdale with all that frontier look on it. at that time, they didn't have stoplights or anything. just a few stop signs here. this is a statue of the founder winfield scott. his wife and his army mule. because he was such a remarkable person, he should not be forgotten. i like telling the story of
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winfield scott and all he was in this town. but i will tell you, i wouldn't want him after me with a rifle. he was one bad boy out there on the battlefield. this weekend we are featuring the history of scottsdale, arizona. learn more about scottsdale and other stops on our cities tour at for -- cities tour. you're watching american history tv. announcer: each week, american "reelamerica" provides content for public affairs issues. awaits itsip 7 pilot. three long, arduous years of study of training and waiting.
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[rocket noise] >> 3, 2, one, roger, back up clock is started. 102-108, oxygen, 100 amps 2-7. to john glenn now belongs an
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awesome panorama. the world curving beneath him. it was beautiful. the voyager. behind, a journey of 81,000 miles through three days and three nights in just four hours and 56 minutes. at 3:04 p.m. eastern standard comes to restip 7 along the united states and john glenn returns to the people of earth. a change of clothes, a breath of cool air, a short debriefing, leaves, headed for the aircraft carrier randolph under the golden splendor of his
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fourth sunset of the day. ♪ , a professor talks about the persuasive rhetoric of eight of hitler and franklin d roosevelt in the 1930's and 40's. he argues that both men led nations that had to be convinced to go to war. this is one hour and 45 minutes. is randalls speaker , who did his phd at northwestern university, has taught at the university of mines, calvin college


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