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tv   Senator John Mc Cain Delivers Pearl Harbor Anniversary Remarks  CSPAN  December 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. eastern. we take you to wednesday's ceremony from the national world war ii memorial here in the nation's capital. 2016 march the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. the surprise attack led to the u.s. entry into world war ii. coming up next a ceremony commemorating the anniversary. the event honored veterans. john mccain gave the keynote address. gentlemen,ies and please be seated. we will go through the reading and presentans their quilt of valor.
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if the veterans can stand, please do so. if not these remain seating. humorous part of the airfield artillery and that it are changed to the united states artillery, second section battery. he was there during the attack as aater ordered the ship -- er turned to go star and twoonze bronze stars and a purple heart survivor. the second world war ii veteran is mr. johnson, joining the navy at the age of 19. inwas on the uss st. louis
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pearl harbor. they were the second ship out of the harbor. from there he was transferred going to the station in san francisco bay. mr. freeman johnson. our next is harold mainer. the ship was stationed and on the at pearl harbor time of impact. ladies and gentlemen, mr. harold mainer. our next is lieutenant general
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-- united states retired -- graduated in 1945. he separated from the army in aftereturn to serve president harry truman's executive order to integrate united states forces. rise andad to the ranks. the seventh core in europe. gentlemen, lieutenant general. our next is edward davis. on december 7, he witnessed firsthand the bombings taking place. he was involved in intense
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combat. edward davis. our next veteran is mr. jack maroney. served in the united states marine corps during world war ii. the antitank aircraft guns -- ng the uss -- he served in oak an hour, and nagasaki. she served -- he served as a pharmacist second-class. retired air force chief officer,
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in 1940. arriving at his first station in who -- in-- in a law oahu. he helped defend an american b-17, to land on the tarmac. a proximately 1500 yards away. our next world war ii veteran joined in 1944 in boston. the first assignment was to march in a ticker parade behind a beef event in it and new uniform. week traininge 12
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course to determine where she was needed. serving as a private first class in the united states army throughout the operations during world war ii. mr. salvatore. miller is a veteran of 22 years of military service. he served in world war ii. as a crew chief in the headquarters company. mr. harry miller. serving with the army air forces , assigned to the bomb squadron.
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23 missions from germany 1944. listed in the navy and assigned to crew the uss navy -- consisting of attacks in gilbert islands. our next world war ii veteran began his federal service in june 1943. his military direction includes european african middle eastern campaign with a normandy invasion and bronze stars.
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the reverend richard young joined the u.s. navy on december 7, 1941. remained to the battles of midway and quad canal and transferred in 1942 to participate in the invasion of sicily. the reverend richard young. joined the u.s. navy in 1944. force officeask open our in june 1945. the ship earned one battle star.
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mr. cecil frances served in the united states navy during the ussas a first-class on the -- he served as a striker. ladies and gentlemen, cecil frances. serving in the united states navy, was a fireman in the engine room. mr. donald served as a seaman first-class. pickard.d ryan commences
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service at a naval training base . after completing specialized training in mississippi, he was assigned to the naval armed guard on the third gun aboard the liberty ship. to november43 1943. he was assigned as a fire control and. mr. william ryan. mr. neil brown served in the united states army during world war ii. stationed in the philippines throughout that time. mr. neil brown. especially a supply, he was a seamen first-class.
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our next guest is mr. monroe -- the squadron bombing of japan that completed 30 missions as a radio operator and command -- and mechanic. ladies and gentlemen, mr. monroe carter. mr. donald ritter was a corporal in the united states army. his unit was responsible for monitoring and providing security for railroads around western europe. colonel james --
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a private the army as in 1940 two and retired as a colonel in 1972. he participated as the leader of an infantry platoon. as the intelligence officer -- mr. sanford served in the united states army during world war ii and was signed as a quartermaster specialist. the united states army air corps after graduating from high school in 1942. assigned to the 51st fighter squadron of the 10th air force.
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and our last veteran today was drafted into the army in 1941. he served as the first wave of troops to hit on d-day. there was a sharpshooter firing down. firing of the men was so severe, later he was found -- that metalwearing for the last 70 years. it is time to introduce the master of ceremonies.
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the weekday morning news anchor. throughsee him monday friday on wake up washington. a local emmy nomination for primetime special. >> good morning ladies and gentlemen. sot a beautiful day, it is great to have blustery conditions. i am so honored to be your master of ceremony. announce ouro official party for today's commemoration. for today, speaker
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truly an american hero. an american statesman and all around wonderful individual. it is a true honor to introduce --reat american henner american hero, john mccain. we also have a very special distinguished guest with us .oday the current governor of indiana at the future vice president of the united states of america. vice president-elect, michael pence.
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we have several guests here today. who without their hard work this memorial would not be possible. guests, we are truly honored to have here today. the congresswoman launched a long legislative battle to have this world war ii memorial built here on the national mall .espite setbacks she never relented in 17 years of work to make this happen. a congresswoman from this -- from the great state of ohio. another person. may this memorial possible with
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this hardware, their generosity and tireless commitment to veterans. the founder and ceo of fedex, mr. fred smith. caring for this beautiful world war ii memorial is a large task. as you can see it is one of the speed a full places in washington dc. the national park service is a big part in making sure it maintains its beauty. today, national mall memorial park superintendent as well. the chairman of the board for friends of the national world war ii memorial, mr. josiah bunting the third.
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representing the maritime administration and a great friend of the national world war ii memorial and world war ii honorable paul chip -- and from the military district, michael -- mander
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>> ladies and gentlemen please rise for the presentation of colors.
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♪ ["star-spangled banner"] ♪
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♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the invocation.
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a pearl harbor survivor and world war ii veteran, the reverend richard young. >> let us pray. today inather here remembrance of december 7, 1941, when our pacific fleet was struck by a surprise attack from atation with whom we were wit peace. we can still remember the angry of scores of planes, the heavy response from our misses of bombs.
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we are grateful with the help of we brought the ensuing war to a successful end and all animosities have faded the passage of time. learnyed the lessons we will never pass away. we confess you gave us a wonderful world large enough and productive enough that all of us can have a good life. we have made it into a world where -- today we humbly pray that you would hasten the day that your prophet isaiah -- when, when you are your children will live together as peace -- live together in peace and there will be no war.
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in your great and holy day -- holy name, amen. >> thank you, reverend young. on the morning of december 7, japanese lean -- japanese planes dropped a bomb in an unprovoked act of war against the united states. near simultaneous attacks made on the philippines and wake onand in the midway, attacks hong kong and singapore, claiming the lives of 2400 americans.
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it could not shake our resolve. smoldered,attleships patriots enlisted in our armed forces, volunteering to take up the fight for freedom and security. on this day we pay to be to all the souls lost. and we knew our dedication to the ideals for which they valiantly fought. gratitude, weemn recall a sacrifice of all those who served in world war ii. especially those that gave their last full measure of devotion and the families they left behind. freedom heirs to the
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and prosperity, we pledge to uphold their legacy and honor. thank you for being here to commemorate the special remembrance day at our world war ii memorial. it is my privilege to introduce the superintendent of the national mall and memorial parks . >> please be seated. >> good afternoon everyone. on behalf of the national park service it is my pleasure to welcome you to the world war ii memorial. for this to commemoration of the 75th anniversary on the attack on pearl harbor. e gather to remember and
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honor the individuals who died on december 7, 1941. the opening chapter of the war in which four hundred thousand servicemen and women would make the supreme sacrifice. the national park service is proud to work with the friends of the world war ii memorial. our partners in managing the memorial. the national park service thanks ourfor your service to nation and we share in your mission to ensure the legacy and sacrifices of world war ii veterans are not forgotten. also with sr 30 veterans, including seven survivors.
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a third of these veterans join us as a part of a commemorative bite. welcome to all of you. your presence reminds us of the solemn chapter of the american with but also inspires us your great current, resolve, and commitment. a story that helps define our nation. is my honor to welcome all of our platform guests, including vice president mike pence. senator mccain, the congresswoman, maritime administrator. commander pumphrey.
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thank you for being with us. to thank the staff and the volunteers of the national who maintain this memorial and educate the 4 million visitors who come here every year. the nationalnow park service is celebrating its anniversary in 2016. i cannot tell you what humbling honor it is to serve with these men and women. i think everyone for their staff and volunteers. i want to offer a very special welcome to those of you who have chosen to join us. especially car -- especially former and current members of our military service.
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i don't think we can sufficiently express our gratitude for you for your service. this included an appeal that our whole nation will remember. the nature of the previous days attacks and pearl harbor. this is part of the purpose of the nation's national memorial. this place commands our not only as testimonial of what happened on december 7, 1941 in oahu. also because it helps us understand the monumental trial and sacrifice that has shaped our nation and our governments and our society.
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we can recognize the passion around 75 years ago. and their own political dialogue today around issues of freedom and justice and citizenship and national security. world war ii holds vital lessons . even amid national clients -- national crisis and national understand theto what joins us together. a nation that claims greatness must be willing to look within itself and pay the price for standing up for high ideals. the gold stars behind me representing the more than 400,000 american deaths in the course of world war ii are a sobering reminder of how costly
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this can be. and the national park service is extremely proud to be the steward of this memorial. and to this legacy. i can promise you we will be here every day, watching over this, taking care of it, protecting it, and passing on to futures generations of america. and for citizens around the world who visit us. a memorial that we preserve here. it is our birthright as a nation purchased at an unimaginable cost. withhen we will care for all the reverence it demands. thank you for being with us.
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>> we have some special recognitions of the guests we have here today. we have a privilege of being -- of the executive root -- of the executive leadership. would you please stand to be recognized? a very special group of americans are here who are willing to give their time and that world ware ii veterans receive the proper recognition and the honor they so rightly deserve. they are honored with us today all the way from the great state under the leadership of mr. allen. for all the volunteers please stand to be recognized. thank you so much.
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we would like to recognize the the membersthe best who honor and preserve -- will the board of directors please stand to be recognized? ladies and gentlemen we are so fortunate to have mr. josiah veteran, ae vietnam former professor, a former superintendent of his alma mater. us a great knowledge and appreciation of our military and its veterans. pleasure togreat welcome him to the podium.
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>> in liberating strife, their country loved and mercy more than life. one of the interior versus not so well known of america the beautiful. today we commemorate the brave heroes who sacrificed supremely in their survivor -- and their survivors. in their families and veterans of all of america's wars, but particularly the great war from 1941 to 1945. the important thing to quotes our greatest allies is
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succeeding generations not be allowed to forgive their thisfice and example area is the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. 75 years from now, will the same commemoration be understood as an important milepost. on a continuing passage of the greatest experiment in democracy in history. we must leave here today in the spirit of evangelizing it by half that sacrifice so the , theeding generations children in our schools and high continue tocolleges by thend be exalted
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history of our country and particularly by the supreme sacrifice of those whose families, friends, and admirers joined us today. god bless our country. >> we are so very fortunate to have with us today the united states navy ceremonial band, who will now perform a tribute to our veterans.
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♪ ♪
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ladies and gentlemen, the united states navy ceremonial band. today we have a special guest with us to read his great-grandfather's's historic day of infamy speech. mr. elliott roosevelt the third,
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who is also a member of the board of directors of friends of the national world war ii memorial. >> thank you for your presence to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. on december 7, 1941, without , japanese warplanes to send it on the american pacific fleet, catching it by complete surprise. in the aftermath of the bombing passes, ships and aircraft and to the -- and 200,003 americans lay dead or dying. was the worst naval disaster -- 2003 americans lay dead or dying. it was the worst naval disaster.
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fdr just congress. president roosevelt assured, comforted, and embolden the american people. i share some of those words with you. mr. vice president, mr. speaker, members of the senate and of the house of representatives. 1941, a day that .ill live in infamy the united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked public air forces. causing severe damage to the american naval and military
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forces. i regret to tell you that many american lives have been lost. statesple of the united will understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nation. as commander-in-chief of the army and navy, i have directed all measures be taken. but always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us. no matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated dish premeditated invasion, the american people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.
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so help us god. i believe i interpret the will of the congress and the people and we will not only defend ourselves, but make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never endanger us. hostilities exist. there is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory, and our interests are in grave danger. with confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounded weermination of our people, will gain the inevitable triumph.
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i ask that congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by japan on 7 1941, a state has existed between the united states and the japanese empire. within the hour congress declared war on japan. the following day congress declared war on germany and italy. later, it is difficult to appreciate the gravity of what had just occurred. the attack on pearl harbor thrust united states into a struggle that would end our victory and conquest.
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the lives of the american people and the lives of their descendents, born and unborn, would that if dignity, liberty, and rule of law or under the forces of tyranny, oppression, and genocide. the decision by japan, germany, and italy to go to war with the aited states reflected fundamental misunderstanding of the american character. at the most basic level our theies underestimated commitment to freedom. understanding this and knowing that no totalitarian state can match the spirit and human -- fdr never wavered in
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his confidence the united states would prevail. in the aftermath of the attack, the man who was notable for the steadiness of resolve in the absence of hesitation, in her weekly radio broadcast, eleanor roosevelt reflected the feelings of the american people. we know what we have to face, and we were ready to face it. whatever is asked of us i am sure. we can accomplish it. we are the free and unconquerable people of the usa. in subsequent months, the military will transform itself from a combat power transferring out of romania into a battle fightingsuperbly led
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force and more technologically capable than any other in the world. the american economy would transform and expand into a colossal engine of war. not only the american military, but the militaries of britain, russians, and others to gradually overpower that which cannot approach the overwhelming american output. me who received the unearned gifts of freedom paid for by the service of all americans during world war ii, our obligation is to remember and honor those who gave their and the pearl harbor subsequent battles of world war ii. our obligation is to remember and honor all those who sacrificed for our nation's uniform.
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our obligation is to preserve into the future the delicate experiment that is this republic. before asking congress to declare war against japan, fdr concluded his remarks on an invocation to the almighty. we see the many factors to size of to victory with lay beyond our power. and a critical fortitude of the british and the tremendous tenacity of the russians. the separated a 40 by the oceans, which provide the net that provide the united states with this -- united states with the necessary time to mobilize. united states was the only country with the breath of assets and industrial capacity, and agricultural capacity, the scientific base and critical raw recognizingated
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god's silent agency, we are humble, acknowledging the limits of man and our dependence on a just living god. we are grateful, knowing it is by his grace we live in freedom. and we are committed, conducting our affairs with virtue and our creator will bless our future as he is blessed our past. at other critical junctures during world war ii, god hand was on our shoulder. may it be always.
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x john sidney mccain the third, -- henior senator followed his father and grandfather, both four-star admirals and world war ii veterans in the united states navy, graduating from the united states naval academy. he became a naval aviator, flying aircraft carriers. during the vietnam war he was almost killed in the 1967 fire. on a bombing mission he was shot down and seriously injured and captured by the north vietnamese . he was a prisoner of war until 1973, having refused a
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repatriation offer. elected to the u.s. house of representatives in 1982, senator mccain served two terms and then was first elected in the united states senate in 1986. congratulations. appropriate is it to have this great american hero, statesmen, and patriot here today at the national world war ii memorial to commemorate pearl harbor remembrance day. senator john mccain. [applause] mccain: thank you. thank you very much and thanks for that kind introduction.
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i'm honored to be here today with all of our members of our greatest generation and all of our friends and supporters. i think it's worthy of the presence of our governor, former member of congress and vice president-elect might -- elect mike pence. thank you for being here and continuedfor your service. mike has a son who is a naval aviator. unlike me, his son's landings would match the number of takeoffs. so it is a privilege to be here and join you in commemorating the events of december 7, 1941 to theour respects sacrifice and heroism displayed that day.
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it has continued for three quarters of a century. of the dates on which history will swear on its great hinge and the world was forever changed. for some of us it is a personal memory. old, playing in the front yard of our family's home. a navy officer shouted that -- shouted at my father that the japanese had bombed pearl harbor. i rarely saw him again for the next four years. ,e commanded submarines
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surviving depth charges and other terrifying under caesar counters. my grandfather held commands in the pacific. first of all land-based aircraft and a carrier task force. of the uss the deck missouri. he came home from the war, burdens andom the died the same day. sea,ver my father was at the job of raising my brother, sister, and me fell to my mother. she give us her deep interest in the world. in about two months we will celebrate her 105th birthday.
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many american families were changed that day, many endured the pain of separation from suffereds, and many the pain that time never .ompletely heals the loss of children, parents, and siblings. the compassion of the american beginning of our country's rise to its preeminence among the nations of the world. we maintain to this day to our benefit and the benefit of humanity. began when the officers and sailors at the pacific fleet, alarm.8 a.m., by the
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a little after eight the first torpedo bomb struck a gun to her it on the uss arizona and glanced off the deck without seriously damaging the ship. minute or two later another bomb struck the ship and detonated its magazine, starting that would send the and 1100 and 77 men, over half the casualties , to the bottomay of pearl harbor bay where she remains to this day as a military cemetery. of arizona was a flagship friend of my grandparents, parents who raced to the bridge at the first warning. the arizona's last skipper,
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captain ben franklin falkenberg joining there. both men fighting valiantly and perished in the fire. of valor ands self-sacrifice were witnessed that day on the arizona. and on other ships of the fleet. in the cockpits of outgunned hocks and war hawks and dive bombers. we were defeated by our enemy for a moment. it will not diminish the nobility of the sacrifices made by americans that day. for the sake of duty, honor, or country. they set the first example in a long campaign.
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many battles followed and with their allies we defeated our enemies in the pacific and in europe. we defeated our cold war adversary. we will prevail over the challenges we face today. it began with the courage and of those americans who answered their summons to duty, who gave all the duty asked of them. it's important we keep the memory of their patriotism alive. it's important that we card against the complacency that is always a threat to our security. for decades they say hot oil bubbles to the surface. it is not only a living ontament to the destruction
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december 7, 1941. it was a warning that freedom was never achieved. they must do their duties always to be watching and to provide thethe common defense, with resources at our disposal so the best men and women in america will not be forced to provide for it with their lives. thank you all for remembering and inviting me to join. >> thank you senator mccain. ladies and gentlemen, at this time we will have our brief presentation. as ourremain seated world war ii veterans be
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prepared with the wreaths. we will have the chaplain benedictionve the come accompanied by the united states navy ceremonial band. >> let us pray. hath bound the restless waves and who binds our hearts and spirits one to another across the years in the miles. as we remember with profound gratitude a devotion to duty and the heroism of so many at and on that greatbor and terrible day 75 years ago. and as we prepare to go on from this historic occasion and sacred


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