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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  December 4, 2016 10:14am-10:31am EST

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that day. this afternoon on real america, u.s. army film directed by frank capra "know your enemy, japan" depicts japan trying to leave world through military conquest. >> the rest of the world would capitals ofe japs their commands. survivors instory, the u.s. arizona where 1000 hundred -- 1177 crew members were killed recall what they witnessed on that day. at 6:00 eastern on american artifacts -- >> the misery was commissioned inmissouri was commissioned 1934. but is mostly remembered for the surrender of japan at tokyo bay. sites --l tour attack we will tour attack sites on the
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island of oahu. for our complete schedule go to >> all weekend long american history tv joins telecommunication cable partners to showcase the history of tempe, arizona to learn more but the cities on our current tour visit tour. we continue now with our look at the history of tempe. heree arizona collection at the library preserves and accessible papers of 14 members of congress from arizona. the goldwater papers and the haden papers are the two largest archival collections that document the work of the arizona congressional delegation.
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haden is an interesting individual because his father, was the first white settler of tempe in 1870. he built his home along me than raging salt river at a place that is now called mill avenue after the mill that he built across the street from his homestead. hayden's sonull was born in tempe and went on to attend the arizona church here u.s.mpe, then became first congressman in 1912. later, senator from arizona until 1969. hayden is-- so carl truly a son of tempe. barry goldwater lived in
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scottsdale. he always had a strong relationship with university. ultimately, he brought his papers here. we have been very fortunate to have these great archival resources for our students and faculty and visiting scholars. inspection,able for research, and interpretation. carl hayden, third is 57 year career in congress, first in the house of representatives and the senate was known as the silent senator. he had the reputation of being the workhorse, not the show horse for his work in congress. very goldwater -- barry goldwater was a longtime senator and many described him as the show horse. what that really means is when you look at carl hayden's career, he was responsible for
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cosponsoring and writing a huge amount of legislation that benefited the citizens of arizona and the citizens of the non-states. his legacy was for a much a legislative legacy. arrangingings like for the passage of legislation act,y hayden-cartwright which change the formula for federal highway construction from a population-based funding to a area or square mileage-based funding. that bill ultimately really westited the states in the where there were large expanses of land yet to be settled and have a construction could proceed with that type of funding. barry goldwater was really a person who is an icon for the western united states.
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clearly individual that is remembered for his presidential campaign. in which he presented a new vision for conservative republican politics. the showr a much horse. he was a person that represented the freedom of the west, the rugged individualism of the west. he had a strong job and -- strong jaw and bright eyes and reminded people what it was like to live in the western united states. through his presidential theaign, and his work in united states senate, he was a person who represented the interests of the west to the general population and presented a new idea of what the west could be. the first material we will look at today is this lovely handwritten ledger which presents the first minutes of the arizona territorial normal
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school. father was thes first president of the territorial school. you can see his signature at the bottom of the first minutes of the normal school on july of 1885. so being a leading citizen he saw the great opportunity to bring a great educational institution to tempe. normalhen, attended the and went on to stanford university. u.s.came our first 1912 thentive in became an important member of the united states senate. i have selected some materials from the haden papers -- hayden papers.
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this file has to do with highway construction and planning. we can see it is a fairly typical file containing publications about the topic he is working on. , andve draft legislation correspondence from constituents. this letter going back to the secretary of the treasurer of the arizona hotel association in 1956 talking about the implications for route selection as they built freeways and highways using the federal highway fund that resulted from the hayden-cartwright act. this is a typical file where we see the letters written by him in response to the inquiry from the arizona motor hotel association. it is representative of the kind of work that senators in congress to every day on behalf of the citizens of their state and district.
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served inyden congress at a time when political figures were larger than life hero's. certainly, the senators longevity in congress made him well known amongst arizonans. much smaller place. there weren't a lot of people in arizona. everybody knew everyone and everyone knew about carl hayden in the days he served in the congress. so, after his many years of service when he was 80 years old , the citizens of arizona were given the opportunity to sign this wonderful book offering the heartiest congratulations on the occasion of his 80th birthday. come ands invited to find these books. we have about eight of them. every large heavy books of signatures and address and contact information for
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individuals who love carl hayden and wanted to wish him a happy birthday. this book for me symbolizes the value of his public service. arizonaway that citizens really honored and loved carl hayden because of what he did for them in the percent our interests. hayden wasnator preparing for his last campaign for the senate which occurred really in the fall of 1962. whoupporters of the senator were concerned about his ability to win the election given the increasing dominance of republican politics in arizona created an event called "the carl hayden golden anniversary which 1000 democratic supporters were invited to the westward hotel in
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downtown phoenix to honor senator hayden. that event wast president john f. kennedy who was accompanied by vice president johnson and a large number of members of congress. we are very fortunate to have received video of that event. the twohave here is inch video that was recording the event when carl hayden was honored at the westward by president kennedy in november of 1961. two inch video is rarely seen these days. there are very few surviving machines that can play this type of videotape. the work to digitize it and conserve this kind of video as very skilled and professional work. to have beenate
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able to recover this video and it is now online available for downloading. anyone globally can actually see president kennedy talking about him talking mynd meeting william jennings bryant on the train to washington, d.c. in 1912. it is a wonderful time capsule , a vice president johnson and president kennedy's remarks about his career. to have that in video for all to see is a wonderful treasure and a great object to study for political scientists and historians. one the nomination but had to wait until the 12th of december 1911. barry goldwater was the republicanon
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nomination for the election to the office of the president of the united states. that set off many months of campaigning across the united states. in addition to his senatorial materials every large collection -- we have a large collection of his campaign materials. i selected a couple of items regarding his campaign. we have some classic photographs from the campaign where we can see him doing the hard work of trying to become president in 1964. one of the interesting things about the senator was his interest in using media to assist his campaign for president. so there were many, many television appearances. toms were actually made support the campaign. factmotion picture film in is a very important film in the campaign that was known and had
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the title "choice." this film has been digitized and is available for viewing. we have hundreds of motion and audiolms recordings of senator goldwater's run for president. many appearances before and after the campaign. popularity of the that he demonstrated through his for the presidency in 1964, he was able to meet with a number of distinguished individuals and other public servants. he met with many presidents before and after his campaign. from its collection we have selected a few photographs of meeting a number of presidents. --e we have very goldwater
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barry goldwater and president gerald ford speaking briefly outside the oval office. mounted and a bears president ford's signature. ofe we have a meeting senator goldwater and president eisenhower. a little on fact about goldwater's campaign was that he actually met with president farmhower at eisenhower's in gettysburg, pennsylvania. so the two of them were close allies in the 1964 presidential campaign. of themsee the two shaking hands in the photograph. we also have a nice photograph of barry goldwater with presidents and in the white house. they were rivals, political rivals in some ways.
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as richard nixon became president, they became important allies with efforts to move forward with republican legislation. we collected these materials because they support the researching of our faculty and our students. they also demonstrate the important role that senators and congress play in representing our interests in washington. much of the environment in arizona occurred because of projects like the central arizona project. the system that brings water from the colorado river to the , that watertucson supply enables development and growth in the state of arizona. so, having these materials he reminds us of the importance of our democracy. reminds us of the important of effective representation in congress. they tell us detailed stories
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about our families and our neighborhoods and the governments that work for us. >> this weekend we are featuring the history of tempe, arizona. and other about tempe stops at the cities tour on you are watching american history tv on c-span3. >> next, christine hefner, former ceo of playboy enterprises, talks about comedian lenny bruce's life and legacy. she focuses on social commentary in his standup routine and how he pushed the boundaries of free speech. this is part of a two day conference commemorating the recent acquisition of lenny archival collection at brandeis university. this is about 30 minutes.


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