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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  June 15, 2016 3:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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mentioned this to you or not but a couple of months ago we had the opportunity to travel to saudi arabia and visit with deputy crown prince, the crown prince and others in the royal family as well as the foreign minister and other members of the government. one of the questions of the crown prince, i believe, the situation in libya, in syria and when it came specifically to the situation libya the question was asked how do you think it compares to syria and i believe syria will be a piece of cake compared to libya should this collapse occur. perhaps you already mentioned that and i don't want to mischaracterize the statement. could you explain how that could be the case and whether or not you agree with comments that such comments like you look at the crown prince's remarks that libya -- syria is a piece of cake compared to libya, and
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could you compare that to comments made yesterday by the president saying that isis ranks are shrinking and morale is sinking. could that be consistent with what you're seeing on the ground in libya? >> i guess you were there ten weeks ago roughly? the government of national accord has been in place that amount of time in tripoli. they have increased support domestically. i would note it has been ready to support the cabinet. they had not been permitted to vote by a minority. you have seen support for the government grow. the libyan people expect more out of the presidency counscil than they've gotten. that's normal and natural. people all over the world want more out of their governments than they tend to get and there's frustrations with what the government can actually do.
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the government needs to do more. progress being made is made on the ground, sir, every day right now. there's lots of ground for pessimism and lots of ground for optimism and real progress. if we were today in a situation where you had still competing governments, no government of national accord, no political road map forward, no progress against daesh, no prospects for getting oil turned on again and addressing the mismatch we would be in a much worse situation, much more threatening situation than we're in. can it be reversed? y yes, the situation is fragile. we can't say we're in a safe place, that libya is in a safe place. libyans have to address grievances for the common good and it's our job as the united
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states to try and encourage them to do that, to encourage other countries to help tem do that and be part of an alignment and unity building process. that's hard to do in any country. very hard in libya. it is beginning to happen and we're seeing positive results as a consequence. >> i apologize if i'm asking you a question already covered here. >> the request for libya was down from $35 million in fy-2016 to $20 million in 2017. why is that the case? our focus is on delivering to communities, helping the government through the transition, public financial administration, which i mentioned earlier is the kind of thing we're doing, working with the constitutional drafting assembly to get the constitution process completed. we're trying to act as other
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activities working with the u.n., the e.u. and a number of other countries rather than do it all ourselves. these modest amounts are there to help fill the territory where there are gaps and to provide some impulses to help them go forward. but the core of the work right now has been political first. it's political, security and then it's development and all three of those things will have to go together. if libya gets its act together successfully, if the libyans continue to come together, they should again be able to. finance these activities. they have to begin pumping their oil again close to the 1.5 million they use d to pump, at least a million barrels a day. and then they can work through creating a national budget and starting to invest in their own infrastructure and projects again. so we're trying to jump-start things. but the vast preponderance of the funding is likely to come
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from libya as it should. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> i'm encouraged by some of your comments. this is not an easy situation, particularly the three goals that you mentioned including that people see benefit. that's critical in libya. you mentioned the oil flow is part of that. you mentioned security is part of that. the oil flow to help the people of libya then they see the benefit of it. it goes to fuel corruption, they don't. if security is there to help the welfare of the general population, they see the benefit. so i just really want to underscore my request, and i
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know the administration is committed to democratic institutions and the countries that we work in in fighting corruption and dealing with those issues. but to me, unless it's in the priorities from the beginning, it gets lost as we go through the process. so i want to underscore your commitment as our representative on this it will be clear as you go through the process of reconciliation in a unity government there's accountability in there for the governorance so that the people of libya can see the benefits of what is going on, there there can be the support for a unity government to succeed and we really can have a long-term stability in that very important country in the region.
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>> at some level it's such a profoundly true statement about these countries in north africa and the middle east that have such a preponderance of younger people. the degree to which they're interested in political dialogue, reconciliation and finding a way forward is very impressive. the interim government, the government of national accord has to be successful enough to give the new libya a chance to bill. everything we do needs to be consistent with the values you expressed and the values of the american people at its foundation similar to those i've been exposed to. >> senator menendez. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. winer, thank you for your
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work in this regard. i think this is particularly important hearing because we should be riveted on what, if anything, the united states can do beyond what it is doing to assist the libyan people in building a country a mad dictator had systematically dismantled over the course of four decades and ultimately how to bring libya into the community of nations with accountable institutions and respect for human rights, security for law abiding citizens and a productive economy that contributes to not only detract global resource and other markets. but this complicated reality and the ground is one that had been centuries in the making. it is a transactional society with hundreds of militias competing ethnic and tribal affiliations, very competitive loyalties that can include home grown and foreign born radical islamists seeking to spread jihad.
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gangs stealing oil and wealth and engaging in violence. tribes in states of cold wars against one another for generations. regional actors in three distinct libyan regions exploiting or protecting natural resources like oil and water to mention some. what could an intervening party like the international community have imposed on these competing and conflicting groups to bring them to a resolution? we had a democratic process that provided relatively free and national elections in 2012, peacefully transitioned power from one elected body to an elected body, seated a parliament that established government within the first year of the anniversary of gadhafi's death. what can be done by the international community to
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impose upon these parties a -- the ability to achieve the goals that we all collectively want? >> thank you, senator. all the problems are real. they should not be glossed over or treated lightly. the challenges are substantial but it has a group of people who are patriotic, have education, and are distributed in many different parts of the country. national dialogue, political mechanisms are central to the future of the country and having the country emerge from this fragmentation it's just gone through. our work is to align countries in the region, all of their neighbors and regional players as well as europeans and us in
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support of common approach to strengthen national institutions so they can combat at least some of those threats you just articulated. long enough for libya to evolve to its next phase supported by the considerable and natural wealth it generates from oil at 1.5 million barrels a day at its current capacity which could go up to two, i'm told, by oil experts. >> let's talk about that. if our goal is to bring other nations in the region in harmony with that goal, then it seems to me that's a concern insofar as despite pledges to support the diplomatic process in the government of national accord, there have been reports newman run allies including egypt, qatar, the united arab emirates and turkey have violated the arms embargo against libya. supplying to both sides of the
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conflict. the administration has expressed a willingness to consider loosening the embarembargo. how can the administration ensure that its allies are abiding by international law and not undermining the government? and you how can the united states ensure that the government of national accord is strong enough to control any arms that are supplied? >> lots of questions embedded in that situation. let's start with the arms embargo. we've made no findings about violations. in march or april there was a report which described the issues you've raised without making the final findings. we talked, i've talked, all the countries you've mentioned about the need not to support competing forces but a unified government of national accord.
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and i believe we have considerable alignment on that. i was just in the region last week on these very issues. the idea behind the exemption to the arms embargo is a un forwif set of weapons that can provide integrated counterterrorism capabilities to address the threat from islamic state and other forces near term and medium term and to do so in a way trackable and traceable and subject to oversight so it doesn't disappear, go to bad places, go to the wrong people. that's the idea. to have any exemption get notified so it's visible, can be seen by the other supreme court councilmembers and the whole world and then as a result of being transparent be more subject to oversight and
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accountability for the libyan people and the world. >> if i may -- >> yes, sir? >> that takes a conditioned precedent that the gna is sufficiently strong and capable enough even given that process to ensure that it can control the arms that it split. have we come to that conclusion? >> any country providing the weapons to ensure that. it can be a shared responsibility. i'm happy to brief you on that, senator. >> i would look forward to that. i used to hold up weapons sales because i feared that, in fact, they didn't have the wear withal to do that and we lost a lot of weapons to isis and other -- and i'm not talking about libya but other locations.
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we need not do that again. >> just to follow up on that, what is occurring relative to daesh or isis in that we had estimated 5,000 to 6,5 troops there. are they blending in with the rest of the country? what do we think is occurring with the rest of daesh? >> mr. chairman, i still have a fragmentary picture of what's going on because the situation is so dynamic. i've heard reports of elements of daesh bleeding away to the south and to the west, both, in connection with the current offenses by forces to the east and west of cert. they've lost several hundred fighters, about the state of play he told me that the forces of the government of national accord had come in to the west and now had geographic control,
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that they still did not have control but about seven kilometers east of cert, there had been mines laid and improvised explosives, repeating their ability to get the rest of the way into cert. i'm hearing a very substantial losses of personnel by the is m islamic state in cert to the forces aligned as they've enter ed and regained that territory. that is the core of what we have seen so far. now before this happened we were seeing something very interesting. daesh is predatory and doesn't generate income or wealth of its own. it steals it. cert had been devastated in the revolution. it was resource poor. there were grievances that were
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legitimate because it never came back after the revolution to oust gadhafi. they were beginning to affect its success. now i fully expect that the successes of the past few weeks will be responded to by elements of dash and there's domestic, al qaeda that we should not forget them. there's anbar al sharia. they're still there. so the fight against terrorism in libya is by no means over. it will require a sustained effort but the financial sustainment of isil is dropping away and there's different types of daesh, people who are core believers and others who think it's a better opportunity or paycheck this week but something else may be better next week. >> one of the things that we
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typically have to expend a large amount of resources on is building up a military through training and making sure there's a unified force. what is happening in tripoli and throughout libya by us or other governments to build up a trained military force that can, in fact, do the things that we know need to be done there? >> the presidency council has been in place for about 75 days in tripoli. they announced a presidential guard. they have yet to ask foreigners for help on that. i expect that will come. they began organizing the effort against daesh and cert, the operations room to take them on which we have seen has been remarkably successful though no one should be overly optimistic
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that it's all over. it's not going to be. he's undertaken efforts in derna which previously were preceded by libyan extremists kicking out foreign extremists. the picture is not a simple one. we have to collectively, we being a collective not just the united states, support the creation of uniformed uniform police and military that can provide security and the need for local security in addition to national security as we have in our own system. and that's a multiyear project. the next year, year and a half, whatever the term of its existence.
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>> we're aware that outside of cert, actually out away from the city interest were training camps that had thousands of daesh people in them and they were, as i understand it, not near urban populations but out in training camps. and we, of course, were waiting for a unity government to be formed and didn't want to be involved there without that occurring. but was there an opportunity missed to do severe damage, if you will, to da while they were out away from cer it t t o that ever the case? >> the united states has some criteria by which it evaluates when it can engage against terrorism, and a critical
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element of that criteria is imminent threat to americans and there are other comments to it but that's a very important one. the president has demonstrated his willingness to take action as we did in february, as we did against the united states earlier and as we did against another terrorist figure before that. the administration continues to be ready to take action. when that action is warranted by the situation and meets the cry tear yeah the president has set for such action. that's all i can say. >> it sounds to me like, yes, there was that opportunity, that, yes, they were in training camps out away from cert and at the time we didn't feel those conditions that you just described existed and that they
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moved back into the urban areas. but the criteria was not there for us to take action if i'm hearing what you're saying. >> i can't address it further other than the islamic state has been substantially pushed back. >> are there any other -- i think -- any other questions? do you have anything else you would like to say or feel like you might have left an impression you didn't want to leave because you were cut off? >> senator, i think the most important, mr. chairman, i think the most important thing i want to leave you with, i feel we do have a strategy and the strategy is to counter fragmentation, to counter kchaos by working to ge libyans and their neighbors and the region alliance in a
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transitional way to bring them together in a process of reck reconciliation. i think the questions you and your colleagues have asked me today have been to the point and i welcome the opportunity to testify before you. >> well, we thank you very much for your service to our country, and we're going to leave the record open until the close of business friday if you would promptly respond to any written questions that will come by the close of business friday. you can respond after they come in, of course. i would just, again, as i said in my opening comments and this certainly isn't directed at you in any way. it's directed at our country, i felt like our involvement in libya was very poorly thought out. the legal basis that was thrown out by mr. ko from yale was p t
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pretty unbelievable to me that we weren't involved in hostilities while we were bombing the country. that was very difficult to digest and then for us to decapitate a government and leave it there and here we are in the year 2016 after this occurred in 2011 i think speaks to what senator cardin said and that is that when we go into these engagements, we need to at least be thinking 30 days out after and in this case certainly that's not what occurred. there have been a lot of people tortured, a lot of lives ruined. a lot of problems that have been destabilizing and has bled into europe now. i think we can learn from this. it still appears to me that we have a really light touch, very,
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very light touch in a country that as senator gardner and senator markey mentioned could, in fact, breed problems far greater than syria by some on lookers that are in the neighborhood. it still doesn't appear to me we've come together around something that has a sense of urgency or seriousness to it relative to the negativity that can occur if libya fell. i don't know if you want to respond to that or just agree with me and wish more was happening. >> senator, we're doing the best we can. mr. chairman, i'm doing the best that i can. >> you know this isn't directed at you in any way. >> thank you, sir. >> with that the meeting is adjourned.
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tomorrow we'll have live coverage as cia director john brennan testifies on the agency's intelligence activities and its ability to meet diverse mission requirements. our coverage of the senate intelligence committee hearing starts at 9:00 eastern. after the surrender the united states faced more than a decade of challenges during reconstruction. in policies instituted at the time had a lasting impact on
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american history. this saturday starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern, american history tv on c-span 3 is live from gettysburg college in gettysburg, pennsylvania, for the annual civil war institute summer conference as authors, historians, and professors examine topics that confronted our newly unified country such as freed peoples refugees camps with abigail cooper, assistant professor of history, reconstruction in the north with andrew slapp at east tennessee state university, and the post civil war career of grant with brooks simpson, professor of history at arizona state university. also hear conversations on the return of the confederate veteran and the origins of the lost cause. the annual civil war institute summer conference live all day saturday beginning at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 3's american history tv for the complete american history tv weekend
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schedule go to i often say that 50 is not the new 30 and 60 is not the new 40. 50 is the new 50, and it looks good and it's okay, and that people ought to own their age and we ought not be talking about being over 50 as the decline. >> aarp ceo jenkins talks about the health and financial challenges older americans face and what aarp is doing to assist them. she's also author of the book, disrupt aging, a bold new path to living your best life at every age. >> the fastest growing age segment in this country is people over the age of 85 and the second is over the age of 100. and so when these programs were put in place, life expectancy was 67 or 68. and so not only are there more people in the system, they're living longer. and so we have to be able to
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look at these programs and make meaningful adjustments that's going to allow people to live with dignity at a much longer period of time. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. the global alliance for terminating al qaeda/isis hosted a discussion at the national press club about combatting isis and al qaeda. panelists included the political adviser to syrian president bashar assad who defended the syrian government's position on humanitarian aid and cooperation with other countries. this is nearly two and a half hours. >> in the name of god, the most merciful. thank you all for coming today and good morning. i do ask everybody to stand for
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a moment, one moment, for the victims of 9/11, the victims of isis and al qaeda in baghdad and san bernardino, in boston, in beirut, in baghdad and mosul and afghanistan, around the globe. the children who have been burned alive in the cage. i do ask everybody to stand up for one minute as respect to the american heroes who are fighting isil/al qaeda in iraq and who is fighting isis and al qaeda in iraq. please stand up for one minute.
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i'd like to introduce myself. i'm the founder of global alliance for terminating al qaeda and after a couple weeks, a couple months actually, isis invaded iraq/isis. which is isis and a new version of al qaeda like windows 7, windows 8, windows 10. first of all, i'd like to introduce as the organization as a nonprofit organization in florida.
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a nonprofit organization. we are limited in budget. we don't have much money. but our message so powerful. we're not associated with any government or any group. today when i talk, we give our opinion but my guest speakers themselves. they give their opinion. i want everybody to be clear on that. we are as gafta. we have our own mission, our own go goal, our own vision and we believe we are unique in our vision. we believe we can terminate the evil isis and al qaeda from the face of the earth.
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and i've been inspired by president obama, yes, we can. that's what he said. yes, we can terminate them. if we know what we are doing and focus the light on the problem. it's very complicated. it's not an easy job to fight isis and al qaeda you cannot fight them only militarily. you cannot, the accomplicomplic the region. products of too many factors from the ideology they carry, from countries it became a proxy war. it became a proxy war today and we've been stuck with the status quo. i understand. there's a lot of differences within governments, within religion, within societies, within everything.
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we have differences as human being god created us with differences. that's why we can solve our problems with differences but when it comes to eisis and al qaeda there's no differences. we all should unite to terminate this evil. we cannot do it unless we have the understanding of who is the good, who is the bad and who is the ugly? the good, the bad, the ugly. it's very important to know that. it's clear we have differences, but we in gafta, we have been inspired by a picture in the second war when roosevelt, the president of the united states of america, sitting next to
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stalin, a bad guy. stalin killed 20 million. stalin is evil. naked evil. but what makes roosevelt and churchill the head of capitalism to sit with the head of communists. simple answer. hitler. the bad hitler. the bad hitler makes the east and the west to be united. to terminate hitler and the nazis, the evil ideology of the nazi who burned 6 million innocent jewish and the world says we cannot keep silent. we cannot keep silent. our roosevelt, a hero. we're proud of roosevelt when he has the courage to stand. he said we have to be united to
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destroy the nazi and hitler. and they did and they succeeded. we have been inspired by this. today, ladies and gentlemen, we do not have stalin. we do not have stalin. but we have wars on hitler, isis and al qaeda. isis and al qaeda was on hitler. they occupied land for two years. it began in italy. every day pass we are heading towards a disaster. how come? the whole world, they condemn isis and al qaeda and until now we let them stay. how come? that's what makes our organization the birth of our organization has a reason. the tragedy we see the miserable
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have been done by this evil. criminal, fascist, dirty people not islamic, not islamic. that is the biggest mistake. who called them islamic state? it's not islamic. isis is not islamic. al qaeda is not islamic. islamic cannot be terrorists. terrorists cannot be islamic. we are sending the wrong message to isis and al qaeda, happy, inspired, happy to call them islamic terrorists. it's not a military war. a psychological war, the war on all aspects we have to be careful even when we use terminology with these criminals, be in their shoes.
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they said, look, they call us s islamic terrorists. ladies and gentlemen, i came from a city, i was born in baghdad. they call it baghdad. there's more than 20,000 terrorist terrorists acts. 20,000 the terrorist acts for a city like maybe new york city or like chicago. imagine in boston how we get panic here. imagine a city daily -- i'm talking with you right now, an explosion might be happening on one of the streets in baghdad. they don't put them in the news. within half an hour they clean the street. the traffic comes back again. nothing happened. just car accident.
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nothing. i salute baghdad because today in baghdad they don't call them terrorists. they're not terrorizing the nation. they're not terrorizing the people. it's a car accident. we do it even not in the news or the media. nobody pays attention. i salute baghdad as a city taking in 20,000 terrorist acts. the people of baghdad have the resilience and the determination to continue the fight against isis and al qaeda. teaching us a lot. today we are at the moment we should terrorize this evil. i know there's a political differences. i know in this meeting i see hundreds of calls, what's going
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on? are you sure what you're doing? yes, we are sure. yes, we have a mission. our mission to terminate isis and al qaeda. i say thank you. thank you so much. that is why i give warning specifically to the republican party. be careful when you insist to use islamic terrorist and i do salute president obama when he insists on calling them thugs and thieves and terrorists and not islamists. victims of isis and al qaeda ready to fight. i am ready to volunteer and fight physically as al qaeda under the leadership of president obama.
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who would like to volunteer? i bet you you're going to see thousands and thousands of american muslims ready to go and fight isis/al qaeda in iraq and syria, ready to do it. in every fabric of our nation from doctors in the hospitals, from congressmen, from -- all just fighting right now, muslim and american army. it's wrong to do that. i give advice to donald trump. you have wrong adviser. you have wrong adviser. do not insist or apologize to the american muslim and say, sorry, i meant islam. isis is coming from saudi arabia. if you take wahabism out, almost
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100% of the muslims around the globe against isis/al qaeda. the problem is it's a cult, 200 years old. the way they like it, how they teach evil, right now i'm talking with you, saudi arabia, keeping silent about scholars teaching hate, teaching killing. if you kill the shia, you could kill the shia, the christian, the jewish, the other muslim who is not your way. they're teaching that daily. saudi arabia is our ally. everybody knows this war became a proxy war. it's a proxy war. right now the differences in the area between iran, israel, sadih arabia, qatar, turkey, and some people to the side. the state department, they have a list of people who support
3:46 pm
isis financially and al qaeda all coming from saudi arabia and qatar. and turkey. thousands of trucks full of oil export via turkey. isis exporting oil. isis have a truce with turkey, a truce with saudi arabia, a truce with everybody, and they're doing business. and nobody stops them. and this country is our ally. it's a proxy war. it's a proxy war. our organization is trying to break the status quo, trying to break the status quo and create a new environment, a new environment. everybody i know, a lot of people bashar assad is the problem. okay. that's why i invited one of the guests to talk about her view. her view does not represent gafta view. our organization is trying to build bridges between where the
3:47 pm
problem is. the problem is syria and iraq, am i right? the iraqi people and the iraqi army, the peshmarga, the popular mobilization force fighting in iraq. that's why i invited somebody from iraq to represent the mobilization, the mass mobilization. he is representing and will come and talk. so we have the status quo. a lot of people said, bashar al assad is part of the problem. russia and iran, is anchored by almost a superpower like russia and iran. okay. if assad goes, who is going to take over isis and al qaeda? not the moderate opposition. the moderate opposition not even
3:48 pm
three person, four person on the ground. okay? so what we suggest, we have in gafta our vision. our vision coincides with rand paul and richard black, the senator richard black, the senator rand paul and congressman rand paul, and also we agree with chuck hagel who resigned as secretary of defense. i saw on cnn news he resigned because of the issue of syria. so another question asked, why syria? because isis came to iraq from syria. within minutes a second attack to mosul, the city of my mother, by the way, people are suffering right now in mosul. the city of my mother, and i'm in touch with them, they said they would rather to die than to live under isis. they need help. they need help. they need the whole world to wake up and please come and help us and save us.
3:49 pm
so we have the status quo. we terminated isis, we finished isis, and after one week, two week, one month, they're going to come back again. when you have a termite, you tend the building, you terminate the termite. and isis and al qaeda, if you want to destroy them in iraq, you have to destroy them in syria. you cannot do half jobs. you have to do complete jobs. it has to be a package totally. i know i'm limited in time. i know i'm limited in time, and i do have the signal light the time is over. okay? but we have a question and answer at the end of the program. the muslim imam represents imam
3:50 pm
hosseini, the american islam. he was invited national -- the dnc, they invited him one time, and it is on all the news, talking about, you know -- and he's very well-spoken, one of the founders of the iraqi opposition to isis in american. he was the one invited by president george w. bush. he's going to give you the image about the american muslims and islam, and he will tell you the real islam. not from isis, not from mohammedism, no. s thank you so much.
3:51 pm
thank you, very revolutionary speech you have given. good morning, everybody. peace of god be along you all. [ speaking foreign language ] it's an honor to be here with you in washington, d.c. to speak to you about the problem of the time, the problem of the generation, present generation, terrorism, and how can we solve it? how do we look to it? who is behind it? is it growing? is it getting less? who's getting interest? who's getting hurt? in this 15 minutes, i don't know how i'm going to do it, but let me give it a try, first i'd like to start with the verses of koran. [ speaking foreign language ]
3:52 pm
the holy book, is the say as the toe ran, the same thing he has said in the bible. i always call to ran bible, koran the same different cookies but the same dough. whoever killed an innocent person like he or she killed the whole of humanity, and whoever saved human being, like you have saved the whole humanity, so here we have a global goal. we have to unite against terrorism, because terrorism has no faith, no religion, it's again all the humanity, and we are not here as a shia fighting sunni, actually half of my family are sunni, and half of my
3:53 pm
family shia. i am from iraq, from -- a bridge, you know there's about 40% of the baghdad population, about 8 million people, 40% of them are integrated, marrying. so the problem is not sectarian, it's not religion, it's not faith. the problem is there's a new enemy, there is evilism. this is an enemy of god. its name is isis. this kind of germs, they re-create themselves, some kind of hollywood movie, you kill them. they come back again. they used to be al qaeda, then they become isis, and then -- and then what's going on? first of all, we are on a global mission. it's not only an islamic, it's not only a shia, it is a piece
3:54 pm
against evil and bloody evil like isis. second point, we have to have a holy history. there's a christianity and judaism here as the children of isaac, and there is the muslims and arab as the children of ishmael, brothers, son of abraham. whenever you come to dearborn, we have a museum. there's a similarity. there's 12 disciples from this side, 12 sons of jacob, 12 tribe leaders, 12 imams, there's a balance. what i want to go his name, john baptist. this is a hussein, imam husband san in karbalaa.
3:55 pm
there's a savior, his name is jesus, we are waiting for him to come and fill the world, i'm a muslim, he's waiting for him. it's not normal to say that, but that's what we believe that. we cannot deny one messenger, otherwise we won't go to the heaven. this is what islam means -- peace frismt this side we have a savior flame -- there's a holy plan, and then they're going to come and meet. he will appear in mecca. jesus will appear in jerusalem. they will play together, fill the earth with peace and justice. the problem is there's deniers for this holy plan of god. so the deniers of jesus and deniers of mehdi are united, so the believers of jesus and mohammed, the children of abraham should unite against evil and terrorism. and there is a time limit.
3:56 pm
see, there is a goal and there is a plan, and there is a time. we cannot wait! you waited a little bit for saddam. look what he has done to my people! i have lost so many people and friends and family members. why did we wait that long? is it because an interest? well, we should not prefer interests against the goal or again the value. if you don't do it now to terminate isis, they will grow up in belgium, in france, in california, in iraq, in lebanon, in syria, in pakistan, in india. all around the world. why did you wait that long? if you wait a little more -- by
3:57 pm
the way, there's something called super-bug they worry about in the white house. this super-bug has a strong immunity. by the way, 30% of the antibiotics is not helping and they are stop using it. why? back there's a bacteria got used to the antibiotic. with isis, getting used to. they get to europe, get to america. help us stop this bacteria. ice it will kill us all. so there is p,400 terrorists isis come and go from europe through turkey, to syria, to iraq t come on, it's going to be an ideology, there's going to be fairness, justice. turkey sending to us in iraq killers, isis, saudi arabia supporting them with money, and the west, some of them give them
3:58 pm
weapons. and israel treat injured wounded people. now, how can we win that battle? you cannot say to the world we are anti-isis but you help them! you have to mean what you say, and to say what you mean. this is what religious and faith and god is teaching us. you can not only worry about yourself. you cannot only on worry about your people. you have to worry about what god wants you to. god wants you to bring peace to the whole of humanity. why if there's one person getting killed in europe by terrorists, so many people getting worried. what about iraqi people. a couple weeks ago 300 people got killed and injured and wounded and, swear to god, you cannot figure out whose hands and legs are of whom. where is the world? why if there's one people getting killed in europe
3:59 pm
everybody gets worried? 300 people getting killed, is the blood a different color? it's the same color. we're all human beings. god said in the koran -- [ speaking foreign language ] -- all the human beings are one nation. we are all children of even adam. we cannot play double standard here dividing iraq, but uniting the world. we cannot do that. they want to create a country in the north, in iraq, and kurdish, and a sunni in the west and shia in the south. well, if you be that loose, then we won't have a united states of america. every state will go on their own. so there is a -- there has to be justice, and the justice has been to be based on value. you cannot have justice in the court without value. the law should be based on value. that value should be justice. so you should not only concerned
4:00 pm
about interests, you have to worry about justice, united nations, here they are. i mean, how you said us to fight unknown enemy? even saddam, the thug, the dictator, we thank the whole world to help to get rid of us, he was clear face. that's why they pick him up from the hole like a mouse, but isis, they wear masks. how you want us to find them? and when they kill us, which country should you sue? which government you should sue? where to go? it is a wild enemy, wild creation. we should help, the united nations should help us. why have you been waiting? you waited for saddam regime almost 40 years until he destroyed millions of people. now we see isis destroying iraq, and syria and the rest of the world. how much you want us to lose?
4:01 pm
if there's no peace in one spot, there would no peace in in the other. a new world order has to be applied in this world. world order based on spiritual power, see, we have in iraq we have popular mobilization forces. the he iraqi soldier fighting the iraqi argue, when he moved to the popular mobilization forces, he fights better, stronger, why? there's a nuke hear energy, and critical, and there's a spiritual energy. we have to kroo that energy, because a politician without faith or without god, it's
4:02 pm
fearless. and finally the world is going toward non-conventional politics. my time is over. trump is not republican. sanders, which i voted no, not democratic. so in philippines they choose a president from the people. so there is a people power. that's why we have the popular mobilization forces coming for the people respect work for the people and serve the people. god bless you all. thank you all for listening. >> thank you, imam. i forgot to show you a picture of my city baghdad. every time they have an explosion, they put a red dot on the place when they have it. that was in 2012. okay?
4:03 pm
and right now there's more dots, so all baghdad is red. i chose baghdad because for two reasons. 20 shows suicidals, and the people are still alive running without being terrorized it has a lot of mean in this picture. i couldn't have the time to do it or get it. isis burned a big family from 3 years old to is it, 13, with their mother and father, and they put them in a cage and burned them alive. that's why i see that picture, i couldn't bring it, because i
4:04 pm
become very emotional. that was a -- i cannot see it. i have the passion, since i've been tortured, i feel the pain. i feel the shoes of the child whog being burned. that's why i say i cannot deliver a more powerful nation that is the hewitt whole of the world. today we have a pleasure to have a unine person, a character. he's the one that in iraq, the mass popular forces fighting isis and al qaeda, and daily
4:05 pm
dropping to protect the christian, the sunni, everybody on behalf of the whole world, of the global. and also he's going to tell you that had you sani is -- he served three prime minister as senior divorce. because of his style. he's the one in charge of the trial, and all the big mission, the impossible mission, mission impossible? he was in it. it was a pleasure and honor to have him today. i do give the handle to mr. had you sani. >> thank you. in the name of god, the most compassionate, i'm going to talk
4:06 pm
about the mobilization. everyone has been talking about this new phenomena. when they were occupied and called to isis. the pmus, or mobilization forces unit was established by a game nile al nivity stani, nowhere else like some reporter, some of the media focus. he issued a fatwa for all the iraqis to participate. what they call not mandatory, means a volunteer basis to be
4:07 pm
protect your city, protect your homeland iraq. it was june 15, the fatwa was issued june 13, 2014. only a couple days later, june 15, 2014, it was backed up by an iraqi government council. they backed it up with the law. about the methodology and -- and implementology. for an average volunteer basis to go to the war to fight. he will receive the training with the coordination with the minister of defense. some happen tore an every time day. a 90 days contract than possible
4:08 pm
for renewal, then they go, they leave their job. to be part of this something. what's a number? about -- the number fluctuates, got up to like 200 -- all the way to 260,000. today the mpus or pmfs, about 185 or so on payroll. something very important. a lot of people thing it's backed up by iranian help. that's not true. first how they take place in the battlefield.
4:09 pm
we had the prime minister issue 40,000 from the provinces of -- and create these sunni cities. not only for the shia dominate. a lot came just to protect their city and homeland, but a lot of the pmus are from the sunni and christian sectors. something very important we need to talk about, the pmus is really honestly -- i'm going to be very frank about this to the media, i'm sick and tired every time i google the word pmus and shows a shia militia. it's not, and i made my case
4:10 pm
very clear these iraqi fighting to free the cities of iraq. mosul is a sunni city, right? kind of, right? but the shia are fighting to free it, for the people of mosul. same thing with the iraqis. we're making great progress, just a couple important bridges. coming from the main street and hoechfully three, four days, fallujah will be free of isis. the battlefields have been slowed down a bit. there is a protection to have a protection for the families, for the children.
4:11 pm
hopefully these folks will get out, and the battle just slow for the last 24 hours or so. people ask me about the organization. we're -- each and every of these people belong to an affiliation with the iraqi parliament party, that's okay. some belong to that's okay as long as they go with a good cause. 1200 people from at the city of fallujah participate in the war, today number 3,000 individuals from fallujah joined the pmus. that's a great number, by the
4:12 pm
way. fallujah was 326,000 individuals. it's a great number. today, what we called in arabic, we have to be united to fight isis. we them in the backyard, it happened yesterday. san bernardino in california, where do these thugs come from? i'm kind of upset about the media promoting offense, like my colleague and friends here when they call it, these are not --
4:13 pm
they do not represent islam just because they are evil, it's a cult and we have to stop it. and if you don't have the power, military, but you have the power, cyber, you know, media, social network, we have to fight them they're coming from europe, in belgium, france, san bernardino, and very soon here. we gave a lot of help already, and the american administration giving us great protection on the -- but hopefully when we get to mosul, hopefully we'll get more aid and more protection militarywise from the millennium tear administration.
4:14 pm
this is a fact, why? because we have not done a great job. i'm an american, i travel a lot, well, i flash my american passport. they don't like this. guess what? oh, and great deal of sentiments and hate towards americans now more than ever. you want to know why? i'm going to be frank and honest about it. a lot of these folks in the middle east, they believe that isis is an american creation. they believe in the middle east isis is an american creation. it's not, right? you agree? it's not an american creation, right? this administration needs to move me otherwise. they need to move me otherwise. if it's not an american creation, what is it snow how are they? where do they come from?
4:15 pm
>> they received training in 2014, i think west point report i read, about 3 to 4 thounz chinese train in istanbul, they move to mosul to fight with isis, do you believe this? a few thousand people from this country move to mosul to fight with isis? did we know this? have we done anything about it? we theyneed to pay attention to this. we're not going to gain the hard and mind of the iraqi people by helping the iraqi army that way. we need more support and more help that this ever. the blood of james foley, you have a lot of media folks here today, will not go in vain.
4:16 pm
last but not least, we is a lewd the iraqi army. you have fallujah, and the bad news, was it a record a couple days ago, end of may. about 2300 people in iraq were killed as a victim of isis. that's a great number, but 1800. a couple days ago, 2300 people were killed, and in iraq for may 2016. that's a big number, like we said, a couple of these people in this backyard, the whole world will turn upsitedown, right? we vow to the people of iraq, we vow to the victim, to the family, we will not let them go. we will continue fighting against isis until we reach the
4:17 pm
victory. hopefully we will never be victorious unless we are united. thank you. thank you all of you to be here today, actually. everyone knows how ones when it comes to the battle in iraq to fight isis, it's clear-cut. thank you, mr. obama. i do say it on behalf of gafta, thank you for america for standing with the iraqi people, with the kurdish people, for fighting isis and al qaeda. today we have an american soldier on the ground training the iraqi army. we salute them. we love them. they are the hero. and that's an echo to our
4:18 pm
slogan, united we stand, determines that -- when i see the american soldier next to the iraqi soldier together, training them, we love it. that's what we are heading for. thank you, mr. president. i love president obama, as a republican, by the way, i love george bush who went to iraq to liberate and knock down saddam hussein. i voted twice for them, but also twice for president obama. he is a character. i know the whole politics goes in this country, i wish he would go for the third term. i would vote for him as a republican. was isis today, so, okay, we're
4:19 pm
going to talk about -- such a complicated situation in syria. the aunt, the sister, the brother as such complicated, i could write a big book about it, and i cannot see where's the puzzle of that book when it comes to syria. such complicated. united states foreign policy is so clear, so clear, terminating isis and al qaeda. we salute president obama, and i love him. the confusing is about the syrian opposition gafta was our proposal, 95% of the real forces on the ground is isis and al news ra, the people of 9/11.
4:20 pm
the question is where is the stop sign? where is the stop? it's clear that they have to be terminated. the question we as americans, we love democracy, we promote for democracy, we stand for democracy, and that's the principle and the essence of our nation. that's why we love america. shia present an adviser to president assad, shia given an angular view, not to go with gafta. when he talked didn't notion to do with gafta. so who is within december i don't know that much about her, but i asked mr. mansour to come
4:21 pm
here to give the biography about shabben, and after that we're going to -- she's going to give a peach. after that, question and answer. okay? >> thank you. good morning. this is the part where you have to respond. so, good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you. it's my hon tore to present dr. uth hatchet ne shah ban, she's a reply and media adviser to the syrian presidency. the doctor sets an example december oops -- sets an example to women all around the world, those in positions where they
4:22 pm
can -- she's a nobel peace price nominee a reputable author and professor at the damascus university. without further ado, doctor shaban. and please hold any questions until the end. we'll have a skype q&a.
4:23 pm
>> good morning to you. allow me first to thank for inviting me to join you at the national press club at this important endeavor for global alliance against isis and al news ra. and allow me to thank the
4:24 pm
gentlemen for making their best to make this event take place. at the outset, i would like first to question with you two of the most important terminologies that have been circulated for the last five years in corporate media, before we start our discussion of the topic. the two terms are opposition and other armed opposition. i would liked to ask all of you, your excellencies, did you ever hear of an armed opposition of any country in the world? to my knowledge opposition is political opposition, but once arms are being taken, killing is being perpetrated.
4:25 pm
massacres, it's no longer opposition. it is a terrorist movement that kills and destroys. this leads me to question the fourth narrative that has been circulated also all over the world, but particularly in western countries about events in syria. since march, 2011 al jazeera that is oiled by qatar and al arabiya owned by saudi arabia, had been the major source of information about syria, although to your information, both al jazeera and al arabiya withdrew their correspondents right from the very two months of the war in syria, and they
4:26 pm
started to rely on what they called eyewitnesses. the same thing applies to the human right to the i don't know how many of you know that only one person, who lives in coventry, england is the one providing all this information about syria. that's what i'm trying to say is that the western media wli advertebra endly horrid deliberately truly irnoir what happened, and rye lied on regional partners and regional outless is by our adversities in
4:27 pm
the region in order to manage informed, and how can western people know what's going on in side offia, and how can they question their governments about their stance towards syria. however, living through the thing and thing for the last five years and we have reached a few important conclusions which i would like to share with you this morning. a few important conclusions about combatting terrorism and the best way to combat terrorism. this is the theme of this event.
4:28 pm
by certain coming, concern powers or certain parties. terrorisms in syria have support of cunning in the region and indeed some international powers, that countries are speaking out against terrorism, but in reality facilitating the arrival of terrorists, providing armments and providing money for these terrorists. although there is security council resolution, which call for combatting and undermining terrorism, but these have not been implemented.
4:29 pm
i had been struck by terrorism. until the afmath of that very difficult period, the syrian government tried its best to reach a definition of terrorism and to make an alliance of international powers against terrorism, but the call of the syrian got to define terrorism went unheeded. there are no listens hears. to define terrorism and main one strong stand. however, on december 17th, 2015,
4:30 pm
security council resolution reached a security council reached a resolution to defy the 3 it reached another resolution, which calls for a political institution for syria. however, the resolution it 253, which was taken under chapter 7 is hard ly but a political solution in syria cannot be reached without addressing the elements that led to the situation, which are terrorist elements led by isis. the government of syrian had
4:31 pm
been called for public. he turkeys, qatar and saudi arabia saudi arabia, and arming terrorism in syria, and unfortunately international powers. and put an end to this financing and arming and facilitating terrorism into syria. if you imagine syria without the 860 kilometer border with turkey, it would have been impossible to have such a war on sir contra, because all the terrorists, almost all the terrorists came to us through the turkish border. however, now we come to the resolution 2254, and the will of
4:32 pm
the russian and americans to try and implement this resolution. there are financing and facilitating terrorism into syria. so saudi arabia, qatar and turkey worked to abstage the talks and destroy the fragile truce since the end of february 2016. at ankara's insistence that -- and military groups allied to turkey began a fierce shelling
4:33 pm
campaigns on the -- turkey also injecting -- enjected over 8,000 terrorists into the northern part of syria and into aleppo in the last two months. unfortunately they perpetrated massacre there and everywhere. such as what joe biden said, the vice president biden who said in 2014, and i quote -- the turks, the saudis, emirates, et cetera, what were they doing? they were so determined to take down president bashar al assad and essentially have a approximate xwr sunni/shia war. what did they do? they poured hundreds of millions and thousands of weapons to anyone who would fight again assad. he also said turkey admitted it
4:34 pm
had led led too many into syria. they politics helped militants lynch to al qaeda between al nusra, and of course afterwards vice president apologized for saying that, but actually he said the truth about what is happening in syria. it's costing us lives, history, culture, identity. this is what's costing us. it's not an easy matter. anyway, the war -- what the
4:35 pm
united states decided to bring together is the international coalition of of 0 countries, all of you know this has happened about two years ago. unfortunately the united states was not ability to strike a trist, or was not willing. it's not for me to tell, but when terrorists drive over 200 kilometers in the desert in order to destroy the on city of palmy palmyra, we can't believe that the americans didn't see these terrorists in a flat desert riding to palmyra and destroying palmyra without hitting them and without doing anything to prevent them from doing so. while when the russians planes came, they struck at the trucks that are transfer oil from the north and east of syria to turkey and to europe. they discovered where terrorists are, and they struck them and
4:36 pm
actually with the syrian arab army with the help of the russian air force was been to deliberate, including palmyra, and huge parts from terrorists after the russian comes. the question is, why does the united states refuse to cooperate with russia in fighting terrorism in syria? and undermine isis and undermine p and the fact that opt putin and the foreign secretary lavrov called all the time upon the
4:37 pm
united states -- but as you heard, the spokesperson flatly refused this offer. the understand brought in 500 soldiers, and is koorpting with what it calls the kurdish democratic forces in order to liberate areas from isil, but only in order to put the flag of the kurdish party in these areas, which means in an effort to partition syria. we have been living in this countries for tens of thousands of years. 9 we never talk about these issues in syria. that's why this should not be allow the to happen and will not be allowed to happen in syria.
4:38 pm
unfortunately, what we heard from the united states is confusioned statements. so that the u.s. and russia can target them. the second is to close the turkey border. the understand refused to cooperate, and i can give you my analysis, because there's no such thing as moderate position. they are all killing people, they are all destroys our industries, they are all destroys or cities and villages. it's not the -- the realize tick organ is to target all those terrorists who are perpetrating
4:39 pm
acts of terrorisms. so it is an issue that i think exists in the media, and exists in the minds of the people in the funnels, thereon there is sports that it's supporting and financing, and other missiles to some groups. on the 27th of may, they spoke about two points. humanitarian assistance and cessation of hostilities or implementing the truth in syria. as i said, the implementation is a prerequisition for the implementation of 2254.
4:40 pm
because without fighting this terrorism, without undermining terrorism, how can you bring peace about, and how can you restore syria to be a peaceful and good country. they are not very happy with the humanitarian assistance. they have never been used to eat tin food and macaroni. syrian people are used to eat fruits and fresh vegetables, and fresh crops that they themselves grow in syria. the syrian people raise. we eid from what we grow and we wear from fruits, vegetables, the best, it has the bess start
4:41 pm
of sheep all over the work. so the syrian people are ability not only to feed themselves, but to feed million of people with them. when they are fighting terrorism, believe me they are fighting a cancer that will spread through the region and the world if we do not in addition yaf that international alliance it's from this perspective, i would like to thank gafta again for this commendable ever. again in isis, and again al nissa. we have a great experience now
4:42 pm
after six years of horrid ward to joan hands with whole other would like truly to -- and not taken isis, that undermine and get rid of isis, because between you and me, what the understand is doing is trying to contain isis in syria and in iraq. our enemy is the same. we would love to join hands with the international community with western people in order to get rid of this or rid 21st searchry disease. one thing is needed. we will definitely prevail,ing to hobblest in one thing, not to take it as a cover for geopolitical purposes and achieves geopolitical interests
4:43 pm
for some countries. i thank you again for inviting me, and hope to see you in person in syria after it is peaceful and secure and free of all the terrorism. thank you. >> okay. please i would like -- we're going to have a says for q&a t. okay, so in this session, i will take your question, number one, but please control everything, contain year emotions. to talk with her live to ask any question, so you ask the question, wand you can have the answer, okay. do you have any questions to our guest?
4:44 pm
all three has made a call to not call islamic terrorism, but you are still use isis. >> to whom would you like to send a question? . >> unfortunately -- >> no, this is good. can you see me? >> we don't call them that. you guys do. i'm sick and tired calling them islamic individuals. these are hard-core cult
4:45 pm
terrorism, vicious individuals killing humanity. we don't believe they are mussily to begin with. they've been called muslim in the media, left and right. a in phenomenon, saying while these people are not muslim to begin with. imam made it very clear, calling it islamic state many and iraq and syria, everybody else. the name has to change. >> yes, do you have me to liberate? yes, just a few seconds. islam means in air big peace.
4:46 pm
so a cult, they don't care about faith, they don't care about sects, they don't care about age. they did not be called islam. let me challenge isis, if they are a true muslims, clear -- because our beloufd prophet mohammed, and hi fame and followers, they have a clear shiny face. show us our ugly face if you really are islam. >> thank you. we have the doctor online with us live. thank you for gives us the time to be here. it's a pleasure to have you here. i'm going to give you the opportunity.
4:47 pm
pinches it's a pleasure to speak with you. i wanted to know where the syrian government is going to give the u.n. per miss to carry out eight drops, giving that the there's a man called amir abbacy. how does releasing people from the prison who have gone on to join isis, how does that fit in with a government strategy to defeat isis? >> thank you.
4:48 pm
>> sorry, we have technical problem. we have technical problem. who is in charge? so, okay, until we fix the problem with the skype, any question if and there's a big fear by so many human traern organizations that there will be more atrocities committed in fallujah by the forces, these forces. how do you respond to this
4:49 pm
investiga investigative? >> what type. >> beheadings, torture. >> i know, according to this investigation by abc, with the help of humanitarian organizations that these were committed by the forces. on i happened to play in it, made some money, you know. well, i mean there's always going to be some bad apples, honestly. look at the american soldier, what they did in iraq. remember the haditha case, the prison?
4:50 pm
i'm not saying these are perfect individuals. these people lost their lives, but i guarantee you, fill was in charge of about 20 cases myself that were actually activities done by the pmus. and a looked in each and every one cases. honestly, we never had enough evidence. and sometimes, honestly, you know, we don't have enough evidence, period, you know. a lot of the media, established by isis, it goes in the internet saying that, you know, the pmus did those things, you know? and we turn out it's what they are creating these images on facebook and social media. i mean, we don't have a clear case, but i will be happy to look into this. and honestly, it's going to happen. it's going to happen here and there. there will be some human rights violation here and there. this is not an easy war. this is a battlefield between a very vicious, you know, criminal, isis, you know?
4:51 pm
we can't be perfect. >> okay. just to be sure the skype is running good, because we have a problem with the sounds. okay. >> can you hear me? >> yes, right now, yes, we can hear you. yes, we can. >> i think -- let us do it with the audio if we can do it with the audio. >> yes. >> i would like to participate with you in this panel, even if it is without picture. >> no, dr. shaaban, we can see your picture. right now we fixed the sound. i think we are okay. we can hear your voice, okay? keep going. you can answer the first question. >> yeah. for the lady who -- from "the daily telegraph" who asked me about the syrian government not allowing air drops, i would like to tell her that these are our people in syria and we are trying our best with the u.n.
4:52 pm
representative here to try and find the best way to make all medicine, all food, everything reach every single citizen in syria. by the way, the u.n. envoy here is the one who was discussing with our official that it is impossible to drop, for example, children vaccine or other important medicines from the air, and it is very costly endeavor and it is very dangerous, and it is not secure. and there is no need for that so long as we, all of us try to reach every single syrian citizen. i hope you will put aside a lot of what is circulated in the media, because it's all targeting the syrian government and whatever it does, and the syrian people. as for what you asked me about the sednaya prison, i have no knowledge of this case. but i can tell you that since the beginning of this war, there are many -- there were many decrees issued in order to allow
4:53 pm
other people to get out of prison or to reach reconciliation with the syrian people and with the syrian government. and if someone of those turned out to go and be a terrorist or join isis -- somebody from norway the other day while joining isis and killing people. do we say norway is responsible for this terrorist who joined isis? i mean, this is only a logical question to ask. there is no doubt, there should be no doubt in your mind that the syrian government is the one, the syrian arab army, the syrian people are the ones who are fighting isis, fighting terrorism, because this terrorism has knocked syria 100 years back. it destroyed our schools, it destroyed our hospitals, it destroyed our factories, it destroyed our land. so, it's only sensible that we are desperately and very
4:54 pm
strongly against this terrorism that is hitting syria. >> thank you, dr. shaaban. thank you. >> thank you. >> we have another question. you're going to have a lot of questions today, and we have one hour. we're going to get to everybody, okay? so, please, one by one. >> i'm ready. >> thank you. thanks so much. >> dr. shaaban, i'm a syrian citizen and an analyst in the center of religion and geopolitics, tony blair faith foundation. he my question to you is, as a syrian, what are the concessions that the government, syrian government, is willing to do in geneva in order to overcome, yes, the turmoil the syrians are feeling, but what is the political solution? when you talked about political solutions with their concessions -- look at tunisia. there was concessions from both sides to come into a solution. so, please -- >> thank you. thank you so much. dr. shaaban. >> i assume that you follow up the news, as you are a journalist and tony blair
4:55 pm
foundation, and i think you should have known that in the last meeting in geneva it was very hard delegation that withdrew from the negotiation and who refused to meet with the syrian delegation, and they left geneva while our delegation, the syrian government delegation, the country's delegation stayed in geneva and talked with them until the very end. we are very constructive, we are very positive. saying concessions is the wrong word, because there are not concessions that are being asked to make. what we want is, all of us to make our country a better place for all the syrian people. but to be put in a position that is ordered by turkey to leave geneva, and they leave geneva, and to be ordered by saudi arabia, i don't think syria is a first priority. i think you should ask these people how can they get rid of
4:56 pm
the orders that are given to them from outside and how can they put syria first in order to bring peace into syria. thank you. thank you, dr. shaaban. next question. please introduce yourself every time. >> hi, i'm elian al hamisi from press tv. is there a complete plan by the resistance front to combat terrorism or is the resistance front still on defense? >> is there -- sorry, is there a willingness on the resistance front to approve terrorism? to combat -- >> is there a resistance plan, a complete plan to combat terrorism, or is the resistance on the defense still? >> no. the resistance comes if you mean by syria, hezbollah and iran and iraq also. this is all what they are doing. all what they are doing is that they are combating terrorism. but as you can see, there are so many complicated issues in the region and with regional power, financing, arming, as i said in my speech, facilitating
4:57 pm
terrorism. we have a big problem. otherwise, you know, if we close, if the international community were able to close the syrian/turkish border today, half of terrorists will be undermined immediately in no time. so, it needs the will of regional and international power to have one alliance, real alliance, as gafta is saying, global alliance against terrorism. it's very difficult for the resistance front to approve terrorism while others are feeding into this terrorism all the time. thank you. >> next one. okay, we'll go this one and after i come to you. >> mohammed kenasari from turkey's agency. there are tons of reports suggesting that the isis oil and natural gas used by the regime in exchange of electricity and other utilities returned to isis, i was wondering your position on that.
4:58 pm
and if not, if you disagree with that, how does isis get the electricity and other facilities? thank you. >> i think the best person to point this question to is the turkish government, because it has been proven and no doubt that the turkish government -- >> excuse me, excuse me -- >> -- who is buying oil from the terrorists in syria, it is the turkish government who is making billions of dollars out of this. and those who are making billions of dollars out of blackmailing europe about refugees while it was turkey who started the whole syrian problem about refugees. i stop at that. thank you. >> okay, because we have too many question, please, just listen. go next one after. maybe we will take you again. okay. let's start with this. i'll come to you after. go ahead, next. >> i'm from the tower. >> where, please? >> from the tower. >> from? >> the tower.
4:59 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] is this better? >> yes, okay. >> this would be a follow-up -- >> put it up against your mouth. it is better, yeah. >> the u.s. treasury department said in december that isis is selling a great deal of oil to the assad regime. and secretary of state john kerry said in november that assad has "cut his own deal with isis. they sell oil, he buys oil. they're symbiotic, not real enemies in this." how then can assad be a part of a coalition to defeat isis when his government seems to be assisting the group? >> okay. dr. shaaban, there's a question. >> i really didn't understand the question. i'm sorry. >> can you repeat it again, please? >> if you can repeat it, please. >> the question is -- >> thank you. >> say it loudly. >> the u.s. treasury department said in december that isis is selling a great deal of oil to the assad regime. secretary of state john kerry said in november that assad has "cut his own deal with isis. they sell oil, he buys oil. they are symbiotic, not real enemies in this."
5:00 pm
how then can assad be a part of a coalition to defeat isis when his government seems to be assisting the group? >> thank you. >> well, the answer is in the question. there is no question that the syrian government never buys oil or sells oil to the terrorists. the syrian government, the syrian arab army, the syrian people are engaged in full battle, and we have paid with hundreds of thousands of martyrs against terrorism. there are so many unfounded views that are expressed in the media. i don't think you have to believe all of them. thank you. >> right now to the next. this is the first time she ask. >> dr. bouthaina shaaban, we're with al jazeera here to listen to you and broadcast your views. so, we did not boycott the syrian government. my question is, you just said that all terrorists, and i'm quoting you, all terrorists, all


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