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tv   2016 Iowa Republican Caucus Meeting  CSPAN  February 1, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm EST

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>> don't lose it. >> thank you. >> if i could have your attention, please. in about two minutes, the doors are going to close, which means no more people will be in line to be able to register. which means we will be able to get our caucus process started. in the meantime, once again i'm going to ask you to try to slide together. we do have a few more people to get in. another thing that we need, we
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have surrogates for all candidates except for three. we have someone speaking for all 12 candidates except for three of them. we have nine out of the 12. i'm going to tell you who those candidates are. if someone from the audience wants to come up and speak for that particular candidate, they will need to come forward, give us your name and we will give you the parameters. you get -- not 30 minutes. excuse me. trust me, phones, it folks, it' long day. you get three minutes. but there are three candidates. if someone would like to come and speak for one of the three, you we need one person for each three. kasich, gilmore or carly. if anyone would be interested in speaking for either of the three of those candidates, please come down and see me. the other thing that we did not get it announced, we were going
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do it as people leave, on the table in front, it could be done now if you would like to, are the nomination papers for various offices. so if you want to come up and sign them. steve king has some here. chip baldimore, the governor, jerry bane. there's a couple more. if you want to come forward and sign them, you are welcome do that now while we're waiting. otherwise, there will be time after the caucus to do that also. we will try to proceed just as quickly as possible. thanks a lot for your patience.
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>> good evening, everyone. the time has came. we can get started. 15 minutes late. but look around the room. what a crowd. great. very great. i'd like to welcome every one of you here. i'm the chair of the boone county central committee and a member of the state central committee. i'm addressing you tonight on behalf of the boone county
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republican party to welcome you and to review some basics before the official business of the caucus is conducted. let's first begin with our pledge of allegiance. the pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. we're going to talk about the purpose of the caucus. we are here as republican neighbors to first conduct a presidential poll. secondly, to elect precinct
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people. thirdly, to elect delegates, alternates and junior delegates to the county convention. fifth, to discuss and submit platform issues to the county convention. there's never a meeting like this where there aren't some rules. and i'm going to go through them. they're very short. but it's very important that everybody understands them and that we all obey and go by them. first off, no signs of any kind will be allowed inside the building except those posted by the owner of the building. secondly, no noise making instruments of any kind will be allowed inside this area. thirdly, people who attend -- excuse me. people who attempt to disrupt the procedures will be removed from the building. fourth, members of the media will need to check in, receive credentials and stay in the media area until the caucus is concluded unless prior
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arrangements have been made. and last, only boone county residents who have checked in and received an official ballot will be allowed inside the precinct areas. as of now, we have ten reps that will be speaking. we still need two more. and you've probably got three or four minutes if someone else wants to come up. we need someone from gilmore and someone for car ll lly fiorina. they can do it, otherwise that opportunity will be gone. each of you as a registered republican has a presidential ballot. they will be marked and collected during precinct business. as your precinct finishes, you will be allowed to leave.
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but polilease respect the other precincts that are still conducting this business. if you plan to submit a platform suggestion, please take a fill out an index card as soon as precinct business begins. you can get the cards as soon as you want from the captains -- or the chair people at the tables. you can start writing them down. it will save time if you have something, unless you have them prewritten. if there is any discussion about the platform suggestions, they will be limited to two in favor which includes the initial presenter and then there will be two opposed to that particular platform suggestion. everyone who is talking about platforms will be allowed one minute to speak. at this time, we're going to hear from our presidential candidate representatives. and they are here in the order
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that they signed in. there's no special treatment given to anyone. they will be given three minutes to discuss and talk about their candidate. if you would give them your utmost attention. thank you very much. and first we start with congressman steve king for cruz. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you, gary. thanks for the welcome. this is a great big night for iowa. we get to make a recommendation to the rest of the country on who we think should be the next president of the united states. i can't say enough about you all being here and filling this gym tonight. i'm here speaking on behalf of ted cruz. you will know that i have not endorsed a presidential candidate in eight years. i said it has to be a conviction. well it came to a conviction for me on november 13th.
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a announced november 16th. i've been working with the cruz campaign ever since. here are things that come with a president cruz. first, he is a full spectrum constitutional christian conservative. it's in his bones. and he was spoon fed the constitution and bible at the kitchen table. i know about what that is like. it goes into you and it stays and your convictions will allow you to face down about anything if it goes deep in your bones. here is what you get with ted cruz. he has been a fighter that has fought for each of these things in a public arena. he defended innocent unborn human life. he's done so before the united states supreme court. and did he so with a partial birth abortion case successfully. he has defended marriage before the court between a man and a woman. he believes it. he has been active. he has been a fighter. he has defended religious liberty in a number of ways as well before the courts as well as the second amendment. you know the hiller decision,
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the first time we won anything for our gun rights, it was ted cruz that put that case together that protected at least the right to keep and bear arms to a degree. and then along the way, i put a lot of my effort into battling obamacare. i want obamacare ripped out by the roots. ted cruz has fought it as hard as anybody in the united states senate. he will do that and push the congress to repeal it word for word. he has taken on the washington cartels. he has fought amnesty every step of the way and his immigration policy has signed off on by jeff sessions and steve king and ted cruz has signed that policy as well. he will tear to shreds the iranian nuclear deal which is a terrible nuclear deal. the question you might have is, what about ethanol? i sat down with ted cruz on this mid-summer. i wanted to convictince him my was the right way. it is to a degree.
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but he said, i have written a business to phase down the rfs over five years. not a bankrubruptly end it. it sunsets in 2022. i will tell you it's gone anyway. what ted cruz has done -- he said i will tear down the blend wall. will use antitrust laws to make sure ethanol will be sold at the pumps in order to shut down the petroleum industry that's trying to shut us down. there's a better future for ethanol with ted cruz than anybody else's plan. we need a constitutional conservative. i believe in him. i ask you to vote for him tonight. thank you very much. [ applause ] thanks, congressman. thank you very much. our next speaker will be ashley rungey. she will speak for senator rubio. ashley. [ applause ]
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>> good evening. my name is ashley rungey. i hope you will join me in supports senator marco rubio tonight. i'm voting for marco because i believe he not only will unite our party but has the greatest chance of beating hillary clinton or bernie sanders in november. marco believes in american exceptionalism ands apresident he wi he will reverse disastrous policy. he is committed to securing our borders. i have heard marco speak. i'm convinced his faith has been a great influence in his life. as president, marco's christian values will guide him in making the best decisions for our country. 2016 is a pivotal point in the direction of the united states. i want a president who believes in america, who will uphold our constitution and who will unite our country. please join me in caucusing for marco rubio tonight. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> thank you, ashley. third speaker will be denny hammond, representing donald trump. [ applause ] >> good evening. welcome, my name is denny hammond. i'm representing donald trump for president. there's a lot of things that i have that support for donald. i'm going to give you a few of them. first of all, folks, washington is broke. we've got to fix what's going on out there. we've had -- they've had their chance. congress to do things. it doesn't seem to get done. donald is a doer. he will get it done.
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a few things that i think to point out to show that he's going to do such things may follow. first of all, his tax plan. he will lower the taxes in the middle class. he will take his business experience and uniquely qualify to grow the economy. he has dealt with the world leaders throughout his business career and most importantly, he knows how to negotiate. also, mr. trump understands the illegal immigration program and problem that we have. we have to build that wall. there isn't a candidate out there that doesn't agree with that. he will get that done. he will make mexico pay for it. he also has to take care of the syrian problem. we have got to stop this illegal immigration coming into this country. the insurgents need to be done
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before they get into the country, not after. it makes it simpler to stop it before it begins. number three, mr. trump, usa remember, is a self-funding campaig campaign. he has not taken money from special interest groups. he is not doing this for the money. he won't have to owe any favors to anybody in washington for any paybacks. that to me is very key. he is free to make decisions on his own and that are in the best interest of america. also, mr. trump knows that it's smart to benefit the american people and he will do that by cracking down on china, mexico, japan and bring these jobs back to america. i'm in the car business. i know this personally. our gm products are built all
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over the world. we need to bring that back here. he has had that negotiation process done through his entire life and knows how to deal with those particular people. to maintain what he has built and to want more than he has and to continue to grow, he knows how to negotiate with the world leaders and to bring everything back here so that we can get america going again. also, mr. trump wants our military -- he has to build this up. we look weak around the world. he will build the military back to where it was. we also will take care of our vets. he has done that in the past week that you saw. i'm sorry. my time is up. i hope you all vote for mr. trump. thank you for your time. [ applause ] >> thank you.
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next, pete wasberger will speak for governor bush. pete, i can bring it to you over there. do you want to speak from where you are at or do you want to come up front? >> i hope the time i spent walking up here wasn't deducted from my allotted time. greetings, my fellow republicans. tonight i am honored to speak on behalf of governor jeb bush. i'm not going to follow the script that the campaign gave me.
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instead, i want to tell you why i support governor bush based on my own perspective. before i get to that, the campaign hierarchy insisted that i mention governor bush's outstanding record in florida as a governor. okay. i've mentioned it. but i'm realistic enough to know that if you are talking outstanding governors, everyone in this room knows that no one can compare to our own terry branstad. this campaign has disappointed me. the divisiveness of it is
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disgusting. part of the reason governor bush is not doing well in the polls is because for the most part he stayed above all of that. that's a fine example i think for all of us. we must be a party that reaches out to those who do not strictly adhere to all of our values. governor bush does this. but this does not mean that his own values and the ones he will support as president are significantly different from any of ours.
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we need to have a strong yet reasonable voice for our values. otherwise, we risk letting those values be subjugated. the average voter on either side is looking for that reasonable voice. we must not alienate them. i am not evangelical. but the impression of evangelism that i have is that it's a philosophy of reaching out with love to those who do not share all their views in hopes of gently getting them to at least listen to those views and beliefs. in my opinion, based on personal and political experience that goes back more than a half
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century, all of our potential nominees, jeb bush is the most qualified to reach out with the voice of reason which america craves. yet we will not betray any of the values that we, the base of the republican party, cherish. one more very personal note. governor bush is the tallest of the candidates. yet if i am to be an example in any form, let that form be the fact that i have managed to overcome my personal prejudice and still support him. thank you very much. [ applause ]
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>> thank you very much, pete. our next presenter is for dr. carson. rita davenport. [ applause ] there you are. okay. >> thank you. all right. hi, neighbors. i'm rita davenport. i'm caucusing for dr. ben carson. my husband jeremy and i are life long iowans and residents of boo boone since 2002. i work right here at the college. i'm proud to say my family has lived in iowa since the late
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1800s. others of you may know i'm a longtime member of the republican central committee for precinct one. even before i came to boone i proudly served on committees beginning in 1990. i know that working at the local level is how things get done. and i believe, of course, that government that is closest to the people is the best kind of government. i also believe in the grass-roots work for change. if i see something that i think should be changed, i will not just talk about it, i will work to change it. the proof, i started volunteering with the national draft ben carson for president movement two years ago. this evening i'm joined by these wonderful ladies. we have brandy lee and her daughter abby lee. they are also part of that effort. i'm glad to stand before you this evening to say that all of that clamoring we did from
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thousands of volunteers across the united states worked. the result, dr. ben carson is a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. now, i need to tell you why i support dr. ben carson. tonight, everyone will say their candidate is the best choice. they say their candidate will fight for whatever you want to hear. like a politici unlike a politician, dr. carson's moral compass does not bend. dr. carson has the strength, judgment, clarity and trustworthiness that can inspire america forward. those of us who follow dr. carson know that he does not bow to political correctness. he is a humble man. he is more likely to talk to god in prayer than to talk about himself. we need a leader who prays. we all know dr. carson's story,
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only in america could a boy from the streets of detroit pull himself out of poverty through hard work, prayer and determination. dr. carson is the man with the strength and judgment to keep america safe. he has this unique distinction and qualification of all the candidates. dr. carson really has had 2:00 a.m. calls where he would frequently have to rapidly analyze complex information and situations to make literally decisions that could mean the difference between life and death. some people worry that dr. carson isn't loud enough. but you don't heal the sick by yelling. our nation is sick. we won't heal it by yelling either. the task before us will require judgment and a good diagnosis for how to revive america. god has blessed america. god has blessed dr. carson. just as he has blessed many of the candidates currently running. dr. carson has seen sickness and fought it.
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our country is sick. they are looking for the government to take care of them. families are breaking down. our country is sick. more importantly, dr. carson has the strength to inspire us to be that shining city on the hill again. only in america is a story like dr. carson's possible. i'm caucusing for dr. carson because i want that same opportunity for my family, for my neighbors and for millions of people i will never have met. i'm proud to stand here tonight and ask you to not only think with your head but to act with your heart and join me. let's make today the day when we the people stand for what's right and set america back on the path of righteousness, success and opportunity with dr. carson, united states of america is in safe hands. [ applause ] thank you, rita. thank you, ladies.
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next we will have a representative for senator santorum, charlie kastolnick. >> thank you. tonight, i'm here to vote for rick santorum. a faithful husband, a home-school dad to seven children and a former u.s. senator from pennsylvania. our top priority tonight must be to vote for the person who is prepared to be commander in chief on day one. rick has the most foreign policy experience of all the candidates. he served eight years on the senate armed services committee. he helped modernize our military and authored sanctions on syria and iran. rick is the only candidate isis has targeted by name as their enemy. at home, our conservative values are under attack. not only by foreign fighters but also by the political
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establishment that wants us to remain silent about our moral values. yet we can't have limited government without a moral code that binds us and constrains our passions. morality and natural law are the basis for our constitution and our american way of life. the stop fighting for these is to compromise the very rights endowed by our creator that led to our founders to revolution. despite what some candidates may say, no government, neither federal nor state, can justly passi civil laws that conflict with natural law. we don't need to compromise. we need a warrior to fight for them. there is one candidate in this race whose care is beyond reproach, whose achievements for our movement are many and who can be trusted to lead us into battle and win. rick santorum fought to end
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partial birth abortions. he forced the only vote on a federal marriage amendment. he ended a federal entitlement. he created health savings accounts. he also defeated two democratic incumbents in two separate elections in a purple state. despite being outnumbered by a million democrats. rick hasn't just fought. he has fought and won. tonight we have the privilege to be the first in the nation. we don't follow polls. we determine them by voting for rick, we signal to isis that we're prepared for war. we signal to iowans that republicans care about our economy while some candidates promise to end the renewable fuel standard, and weaken our economy, rick will protect the rfs. we signal the future campaigns that work ethic matters. rick has outworked every our candidate holding 300 public events and reaching all 99
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counties six months ago. we also signal to the political establishment that iowans will not surrender our moral values and that we found our warrior. rick santorum is the candidate we have been looking for. join me tonight and cast your vote for senator rick santorum. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, charlie. governor huckabee's speaker will be justin young. [ applause ] >> my name is justin young. i'm hon toward be here in iowa. i'm a louisiana grass-roots chairman. i'm obviously a few miles from home. one thing we noticed when we were in louisiana, we got to see governor huckabee up close when he was governor.
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i remember when the clinton democrats tried to shove tax raises -- raising taxes down the throats of arkansas people. governor huckabee got up at a press conference, stood up and said -- created a tax me more fund which was a press conference so democrats could voluntarily pay for taxes instead of having the good people of arkansas pay those taxes. i also remember during hurricane katrina when governor huckabee had a people first paperwork later approach when my fellow louisianans were coming into our arkansas needing food, shelter and just to be loved and respected. governor huckabee stood up to some folks in washington who wanted everybody centralized like they were at the astro dome. he stood up and helped our people in louisiana.
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i'm personally very grateful for that. you guys have seen him here in iowa. you know him. he has been here several times. he has been to every county. he is the same fellow here that he is at a fund-raiser in new orleans or a fund-raiser in new york city. you are never going to see him change based on that. he will protect social security and medicare. he has supported fully the fair tax, which would truly eliminate the irs. he has been a big supporter of agriculture, not just in iowa but in arkansas when he was governor. he is a great person. many of you have got to know him and his wife. they're as real as you can get. i remember when his wife was at a function in louisiana. she was asked what did she miss about the -- about him being on fox news. she just replied, the paycheck. you know, she was just -- they are those kind of people.
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they are the people you want in your living room. they are the people you want leading america. i think -- i don't think you will find a better person, better candidate. you won't find a stronger leader when fighting the democrats because he has done it. he has beaten them time and time again. the clintons would send people -- send supporters into arkansas, send surrogates and come in and speak for them against goch nvernor huckabee ae consistently beat them. i thank you for your time. i thank you for participating in the process tonight. it's great to see such a great crowd. i urge you tonight to vote for governor huckabee and to help him make it back here so that we can beat the democrats and get the 270 electoral votes that's required to send the democratic party back home. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you very much.
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our next candidate is governor christie who will be represented by representative chip baltimore. >> thank you. you know, what a great night to be a republican in boone county and all over the state of iowa. congratulations and thank you for coming out tonight. i got a text from a friend of mine. i asked, what are you doing tonight? she said, i'm staying home and watching mindless tv. i didn't know the democratic caucuses were on tv. seriously, i'm here to represent governor chris christie and to ask for your support for christie. i first met governor christie five years ago when he started coming to this state. i can honestly tell you, there has been nobody in this slate of
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candidates that has done more for the state of iowa than governor chris christie. he has come here repeatedly over the last five years, campaigned for the governor, the lieutenant governor, senator grassley, congressman king, congressman young and all of the other great candidates up and down the line. he has come here consistently to help raise money, to raise awareness, to push the vote and to get people out. that's what governor christie does. one of the first things i learned about governor christie was something that resonated with me. he was the original tell it like it is candidate. he was somebody that was going to tell you what he thought, exactly what he felt, and exactly what he knew regardless of whether or not you wanted to hear it, because he is not going to be the kind of guy to sit there and pander to you. that res natuonates with me beci appreciate that. not only that, he backs up what
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he says with accomplishments. there's not a single more accomplished candidate in this field than governor christie when it cops to actumes to gett done. governor christie is the governor of one of the bluest states in the country but yet one of the first things that he did was go and balance a state budget that had an $11 billion deficit. $11 billion. that's almost twice the size of the state of iowa's entire budget. that was their deficit. he has balanced that budget every year for the last six years despite the fact that he has a democratically controlled legislature. as a u.s. attorney, he is one of the only candidates in this field that has actually fought terrorism on the front lines. he's prosecuted terrorists and he's done it successfully. he knows how they operate. he knows how to find them. he knows how to defeat them. he is the guy that's going to stand up to putin or any of the
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other world leaders and tell them exactly what he thinks and exactly where america stands. he is known as the governor that has vetoed the most tax increases in the country's history. he has cut taxes in the state of new jersey. he has balanced their budget and he supports things like the rfs, renewable fuel standard because in iowa he knows that it's invaluable when it comes to making our economy work. governor christie is accomplished, you know where he stands, he will let you know where he stands and he will put his democratic opponents in their place and he will win in november. i'm pleased to ask you to support governor christie tonight. thank you so much. >> thank you, chip. our next candidate will be rand paul and brian kraft will be
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speaking on his behalf. >> thanks, gary. i have never done this before. i'm nervous as hell, to be honest with you. but you know, i have been -- i have lived in boon for over 20 years with my wife and my family, and i'm not a paid politician. i'm volunteer. i do this because i'm passionate about liberty and i'm passionate about freedom. and what i want to share with you tonight is real simple. what keeps me awake at night is some day the thought some day i'm going to have to look my kids in the eye when they say dad, what did you do to defend liberty, what did you do, i can't get a job because our economy's been wrecked, we have a huge debt that i didn't
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contribute to, what did you do? and so i'm here to say the reason i'm here is to promote liberty and i think rand paul is the best person to do that. you know, the real threat to our freedom is not from men hiding in caves wearing turbans. the real threat to our freedom is men wearing suits and ties in washington, d.c. and so i just have a few more brief comments here. here's one quote for you that i want you to think about who said this. when people speak to you about a preventive war, you tell them to go and fight it. after my experience, i have come to hate war. that was dwight eisenhower.
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so just a couple of parting comments. vote your conscience, okay? vote who's going to give you maximum liberty, whoever you think that is. i think it's rand paul. and the last thing is, if you think washington -- if you think electing someone here is going to fix washington, you're mistaken. washington is broke. we need to fix government here in iowa. we have an amendment called the tenth amendment. it's the states' rights. we can pretty much say anything the federal government does that we don't like, we don't have to follow it and that's something we all need to keep in mind. i hope you will join me with supporting rand paul. thank you. >> thank you, brian.
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and our last but not least representative and candidate is governor kasich and rachel mckinney will be representing him. rachel? >> hello. i didn't come here expecting to speak tonight. you can see my fancy yellow paper compared to the printouts that other people have, but i wanted to leave my day behind and come like you to the most optimistic place i could think of and that would be the iowa caucus. we are actually making change happen here. so i came to speak about that kind of optimism, the kind of optimism that i feel when i think about what john kasich could do for our future. like most of you, up until a few weeks ago, i didn't know who john kasich was, but the more i read about him, the more i am sure that he is the only candidate who could lead our country in the right direction. i'm optimistic about what he could do for our economy.
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in his state of ohio where he's governor, he's closed an $8 billion shortfall without a tax increase and in fact, he has cut taxes by $800 million. unemployment is going down in his state. and he has served not only in the public sector, as governor and a congressman before congress was so broken, but he's also served in the public sector as well in lehman brothers as the managing director and he has the common sense to know how business works and how to create an economy that can let business do its job. he believes in defending the second amendment but also working to improve the mental health system to keep our country safe. now, most of all, he's electable and if you want to put a republican into the white house, we need someone who could reach across the aisle and draw in
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moderates, and i truly believe that john kasich is the candidate, as proven by his recent endorsement by the "new york times." now, i didn't come here to speak today. i came to vote. to vote for us, for my children, for our future. i vote with my conscience, a conscience that cares about our country, staying in the shape that it needs to lead the world. i came here to vote for kasich for president and i hope that you will join me. thank you. >> thanks, rachel. i just want to tell the reps again, thank you very much for taking time out of your day and being brave enough and strong enough to stand up for your beliefs and sharing it with the individuals that are here, because that's very important. that will be the last time they are going to hear something until they cast this next ballot. so once again, thank you for
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your time and your efforts for doing that. it's now time to start the precinct business. thank you for coming and i encourage you to stay and contribute not only to the presidential outcome but also matters facing all of us in boone county as republicans. i would like to stress and i mean really stress how important it is for iowa to retain first in the nation caucus status. it's very important, folks. and what you're showing here tonight helps. thank you. the results of the caucus will be posted for you to view as you leave the gymnasium this evening. the results posted will be only for the precincts that are meeting here at des moines area community college.
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everybody understand that. it's just the precincts here where we are going to post the results. there will also be a total sheet that will combine all of the six precinct ths that are voting he. if you want to find out what they are, you can go back home and you can get it on tv, you can pull it up probably on your phone as the results come in, but we will only have the precincts for this particular location. lastly but not leastly, and probably one of the most important things to me, i have three people i want to introduce. if they would step forward. kay rice, ellen nystrom and mary beth waldman. these three people helped comprise our county central committee exec committee and trust you me, if it was not for these three ladies, the organization would not be what you are seeing here tonight.
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they have worked tirelessly and i can't thank the three of you enough for that. yes, we have the rest of the central committee and i don't want to slight any of the rest of them but the hours and hours of work they have put in, once again, please give them another round of applause. thank you very much. last thing that i want to do is thank des moines area community college and tom lee for allowing us to take over their gymnasium and their atrium. they have been very good to work with, they adjusted schedules, they moved classes around so as a boone citizen, we truly have a gym here at des moines area community college and if you get a chance to tell any of them folks thanks and how much you appreciate it, i know it would go a very long ways. at this time, i'm going to turn it over to the temporary chairs and secretaries of the six precincts. thanks again, folks.
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>> the caucus will now come to order. if you can't hear me, do this. okay. we are now at this time going to pass around the brown envelope. this is for donations to the boone county republican party. every year we have a lot of expenses so if you could put something in, it would be deeply appreciated. if you put in more than $25, put your name, address, phone number on the back and the amount, okay? i will start it on the end and
9:02 pm
just pass it back and forth. okay. the first order of business is to elect a permanent caucus chair. the chair will be responsible for conducting the business during this caucus. >> nobody's nominated. >> right. >> okay. >> so you just want to say you would like to nominate? >> i would like to nominate kathy. are there any additional nominations? >> it has been first and seconded that i will become your permanent chair at the time. i'll take over the caucus at this time as permanent chair. >> kathy is elected permanent
9:03 pm
caucus chair. >> okay. now, the next order of business is to elect a caucus secretary. i would like to elect becky as the permanent caucus secretary. second. no other nominations? in favor? >> aye! >> opposed? becky will be our secretary. right now, i will be passing around nominations slips. these slips are for the candidates that will be running locally and state-wide for the republican party. if there are two names running for the same position, you may still vote for both. so please be sure and write your name on any nomination slips that you can.
9:04 pm
>> want me to pass out pencils? >> no, the nomination slips. would you see if you can find the nomination slips? at this time, you can take out your ballots, vote for your candidate, and when you get finished, pass them down to the end of the row. >> nebraska neanybody need a pe? >> okay. you can pass them or i can take
9:05 pm
them here. just set them here. >> is that okay? >> yep. as long as we get all of them, yep. >> i can leave it here? >> leave it here, yes. >> thank you. >> okay, i would like -- john nearum, brian berryall, tom putn putnam. okay. i need them to come forward. they're going to count the ballots. >> the nomination papers are on the table. >> thank you.
9:06 pm
okay. would you take this, these are some of the ballots. they're supposed to pass them down. >> do i need to collect ballots? >> need to collect the ballots. what you do, you will go find a spot over here in the corner. you have to stay in here to count because then anyone's allowed to watch you. so you will probably have a camera on you. they just can't bother you. okay? >> want me to collect those ballots? >> yes. go to the end, start collecting and meet tom putnam. >> we can hardly hear you up here. >> i know, it's very hard. i'm sorry. >> where do the ballots go? >> give it to brian. there's four guys collecting. they are supposed to pass them
9:07 pm
down to the end. i got to give this to the boys. we aren't going to start again until it settles down. >> right. can't hear anybody. i sent him to do the counting so he'll be over here in the corner. stay here, because we got to finish. you got a ballot when you came in. that's the only one you get. oh, i'm sorry. the nomination, i'm sorry.
9:08 pm
>> ballots? >> his nomination papers. where are they? they're out on the table. they're out on the table. thanks, bob. thank you. >> does it matter?
9:09 pm
i can count them. >> i already have four, but thank you. okay. here's the envelope. the yellow slip that i gave to john will go in here and i will put all the ballots in here. from there, you will give it to the gal in the turquoise, ellen nie nystrom or mary beth waldman. if you can't find them, come back to me. then they record it on their -- right >> do i give this to you? >> yes, i keep that here. as soon as it settles down, we are going to get started here.
9:10 pm
thanks. are you in two? >> one. >> one. all right. anyone in two move down so you can hear me. if you're in two, move down so you can hear me. >> you should just talk louder. >> i'm trying. i'm trying. >> you're doing a good job, kathy. >> you're on the mike.
9:11 pm
>> here's huckabee. christie. >> ben carson? >> ben carson right there. >> kasich? >> bush. carson. >> over here. >> cruz. where's he at? >> trump? >> cruz. >> cruz.
9:12 pm
rubio. trump. >> huckabee. rubio. >> carson. rubio. christie. >> trump. >> carson. >> carson, right here. >> christie. >> ben carson. >> christie? >> right there. >> carson. >> christie. right there? >> trump. rubio. carson.
9:13 pm
carson. donald trump. trump? >> christie. rubio. >> carson. >> right here, carson. >> christie. >> cruz. >> trump. >> cruz. jeb bush. >> rubio. >> rubio. >> right here. >> christie. >> rand paul. >> rand paul. >> paul's up here. right here. >> huckabee. >> donald trump. >> kasich. >> kasich's over right here.
9:14 pm
>> cruz. >> christie. rubio. donald trump. >> rubio. >> marco rubio. all right. let's get started. >> let's check and make sure they're all the same. chri christie's good. >> kasich. >> ben carson there. >> marco's good. >> huckabee's good.
9:15 pm
>> should have grabbed bush. it's quicker. >> cruz is good. >> let's start at the top and work our way down. okay. we got bush. >> right here. >> count bush. count in front of everybody. >> three, four, five, six. >> everybody agreed, six? you see six? >> yep. >> all right. >> ben carson. >> one, two, three, four, five,
9:16 pm
six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. >> everybody agreed it's 20? chris christie? >> christie. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. >> everybody agree that's nine? >> yep. >> ted cruz. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,
9:17 pm
19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42. 43 -- >> where did those come from? >> they were in somebody else's. >> 44. >> who's this? >> marco rubio. >> this is marco. one, two, three, four, five,
9:18 pm
six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26. >> everybody agree, 26? >> yep. >> do we have anything for carly fiorina? >> no. >> i didn't think so. jim gilmore, i didn't see any. >> no. >> mike huckabee? >> right here. >> want to count those, brian? >> one, two, three, four, five, six. >> six? everybody agree? >> yep. >> john kasich. >> right here. >> one, two, three, four. >> everybody agree? >> yep. >> rand paul. >> right here. one, two, three, four, five.
9:19 pm
>> everybody agree? >> yep. >> rick santorum. >> one. >> everybody agree? >> yep. >> donald trump. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14 -- these are precinct three. where was i? start again. get it right. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26,
9:20 pm
27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42. >> all right. no writers. everybody agree with those? >> yes. >> all right. i'll give this to her. she can seal it up. it's kind of cool. kind of came out about what the poll says. >> mind if i look?
9:21 pm
>> very interesting. >> yeah, it is. yeah. >> there's all your votes. >> i just have to sign it. >> you guys need to sign that. i don't sign it.
9:22 pm
>> don't leave. i have to get some information from you.
9:23 pm
[ indistinguishable ]
9:24 pm
>> anybody else? ballot? ballots? ballots? thank you, sir. thank you. ballots?
9:25 pm
9:26 pm
9:27 pm
9:28 pm
>> thank you very much. i'll poet them right here on the window in just a little bit. all right?
9:29 pm
i'm just going to grab my computer.
9:30 pm
>> good for you. glad to hear it. okay. there's ellen. ellen, look what i have. ready? >> okay. here we go. what's it called? can you tell me?
9:31 pm
>> yes, i can. right here. >> iowa 2016. >> got it? right there. got it? got the codes in my back pocket. codes. >> all right. we've got them all totaled? >> yes, on the orange sheets. >> okay. >> want to start with four? >> you can start with four. that's fine. as we do them, could you -- >> verify? >> if you could just say the precinct code. >> gladly. this is boone four, precinct four.
9:32 pm
2669918 precinct code. >> 26699 -- >> 18. >> 18. boone 44. okay. come on. >> do we have a total? >> i do. i have total votes for the precinct. you want the total vote for the precinct? 174. >> okay. >> jeb bush.
9:33 pm
ben carson, 14. chris christie, six. ted cruz, 56. carly fiorina, zero. jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee, ten. john kasich, one. rand paul, 12. marco rubio, 29. rick santorum, five. donald trump, 41. >> zero -- >> there are no others. >> bush was zero. carson was 14. christie was six. cruz was 56. >> yep. >> fiorina was none. huckabee, ten.
9:34 pm
kasich, nine. rand paul 12. rubio 29. santorum five. trump, 41. >> yep. total 174. >> [ inaudible ]. >> double-check. i got 174.
9:35 pm
maybe they didn't think there would be that many people. >> oh, yeah. >> there you are. thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> this is fourth ward, right? >> this is fourth ward. >> you're right. ready to do the next one now. we have successfully done that. all right. now i got to go back. >> how about three? okay. three. total -- >> wait a second. i have to get the precinct. >> they have less than four.
9:36 pm
boone, three. >> 3952102. >> that is correct. ready? >> what's the total total? >> 170. >> okay. >> jeb bush, five.
9:37 pm
ben carson, 15. chris christie, nine. ted cruz, 48. carly fiorina, one. jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee, five. john kasich is nine. rand paul is eight. marco rubio is 42. rick santorum is one. donald trump is 27. zero on the others. >> okay. want me to read them back to you? five is bush. 15 is carson. christie's nine. cruz is 48. >> yes. >> [ inaudible ] is one. gilmore zero. huckabee's five. kasich is nine. paul is eight. rubio's 42. >> yes.
9:38 pm
>> santorum's one. and trump is [ inaudible ]. >> that's correct. for a total of 170. >> again. >> they probably just didn't expect this many people. aren't we lucky. >> wait a minute. total's 170. not 174. >> it was 174 on the last one. >> oh, okay. all right. okay. >> this is why i'm here. you know i had to be here for some reason. i'm going to sit down. this is taking longer than i thought. time to get comfortable. okay. next. rp six. they didn't total. be with you in a minute.
9:39 pm
>> which one are we doing? >> six. >> 168. okay. 168.
9:40 pm
okay. ready? >> yep. >> jeb bush, four. ben carson, 13. chris christie, four. ted cruz, 58. carly fiorina, zero. jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee, six. john kasich, four. rand paul, nine. marco rubio, 31. rick santorum, one. donald trump, 29. zero for others. >> bush is four. carson's 13. christie's four. cruz is 58. fiorina and gilmore are zero. >> correct. >> huckabee is six.
9:41 pm
kasich's four. rand paul is nine. marco rubio's 31. >> yes. >> santorum's one. >> yes. >> trump is [ inaudible ]. >> correct. for rp six. >> i think i can say yes, it will tally it for us. >> just make sure. 159.
9:42 pm
the computer again. >> we're all in? >> yes. yes. we have done three. we have three to go. >> thank you. we are doing second. boone two.
9:43 pm
boone two. total? >> nope. won't do it. sorry. >> i have 163 the first time.
9:44 pm
163 twice. that was it. ready? >> yes. >> jeb bush, six. ben carson, 20. chris christie, nine. ted cruz, 44. carly fiorina, zero. jim gilmor, zero. mike huckabee, six. john kasich, four. rand paul, five. marco rubio, 26. rick santorum, one. donald trump, 42. others, zero. >> bush six, carson 20, christie
9:45 pm
nine, cruz 44, gilmore and fiorina zero, kasich four, paul five, rubio 26, santorum one, trump 42. >> yep. [ inaudible ]. >> that was for boone two. which one is next?
9:46 pm
all right. boone one. >> we have a total of 115. >> okay. >> jeb bush, three. ben carson, 22. chris christie, four. ted cruz, 50. carly fiorina, two. jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee, two. >> two? >> two. john kasich, one. rand paul, two. marco rubio, 19.
9:47 pm
rick santorum, one. donald trump, 13. ready to go back through? >> just a minute. okay. i'm just going to say the numbers. three, 22, four, 50, two, zero, two, one, two, 19, one, 13, zero. >> correct. let's see. what do we have here, ellen? last one. >> last one? >> we have one, two, three.
9:48 pm
>> we're on fifth. precinct five. >> okay.
9:49 pm
>> ready? >> yep. >> all right. jeb bush, one. >> what was the total? >> i'm sorry. 112. >> okay. >> jeb bush, four. ben carson, eight. chris christie, two. ted cruz [ inaudible ]. 36. carly fiorina, zero. jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee, six. john kasich, zero. rand paul, four. marco rubio, 15. rick santorum, one. and donald trump, 36. >> four, eight, two, 36, zero, zero, six, zero, four, 15, one,
9:50 pm
36. >> that is correct. >> all right. they're all reported. >> okay, let's start following this out. i i asked for a marker. we'll be posting in just a few minutes, folks. >> ooh. >> i know it. i'm in search for a marker. >> well, i texted her. she went over the bin right there if you want to grab one. >> thanks. i thought i had one in my bag. i don't.
9:51 pm
>> you want to write them in? >> sure. >> and tell them to you. >> i can't do a total. i'll do the last one. >> this is five. >> yep, just keep them like that. yep. four. >> 8, 2. >> is it 6? >> sorry. >> user error. can you believe i did that? what was that? that didn't sound good in the hallway. what happened? [ laughter ] >> it's funny, whatever it was. okay. there i go.
9:52 pm
okay. there i go. chris christie. >> 42. >> 2? >> 36, 0, 0, 6, 0, 4, 15, 1, 36. >> should we put a total down at the bottom, just so we can get them all right? >> we could, i suppose. >> where do you want that? >> well, let's just forget it. we'll put it together. >> all right. the next numbers. >> you folks need to stand back a little bit. we will be posting these, okay? we will be posting these.
9:53 pm
please let us do our work. this is for boone, 1. they're going to be posted right outside the gym, okay? >> this is 1, right? >> okay. 3. >> yep. >> 22, 4, 50, 2, 0, 2, 1, 2, 19, 1, 13.
9:54 pm
>> good. >> 6, 20, 9, 24, 0, 0, 6, 4, 5,. >> i wonder if i could -- >> excuse me for just a minute, dear. just a little loud to concentrate with some of the noise. >> we appreciate. just stay a little quiet. it's hard for us to hear with everybody chatting. if you can just stay a little quieter, that would really help
9:55 pm
us out so we can finish this up. thank you. >> thanks. >> 26, 1, 42. >> okay. >> all right. this is -- >> yep. >> 4, 13, 4, 58, 0, 0. >> yeah, sorry. 6, 4, 9, 31, 1, 29. good.
9:56 pm
>> all right. 5, 15, 9, 48, 1, 0, 5, 9, 8, 42, 1, 27. >> yes, it is. it is the one.
9:57 pm
thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. no, thank you. all right. let's do four. >> 4, 6, 56, 0, 0, 10, 1, 12, 29, 5, 41. >> okay. get your calculator right now. we'll do the total page. almost, folks. all right. we're so close. >> you've been watching live road to the white house coverage on c-span3.
9:58 pm
that wraps up this iowa republican caucus at the des moines area community college in boone, iowa. it looks like ted cruz won this particular caucus. caucuses are taking place throughout iowa's 99 counties tonight. we are going to continue with our regular c-span3 program schedule in a moment. we want to let you know there is more live coverage of the iowa caucuses tonight over on c-span. we'll have election results, candidates' speeches, and we'll get your reaction. again, that's live over on our companion network c-span. every election cycle we're reminded how important it is for citizens to be informed. c-span is a vehicle for empowering people to make good choices. it really is like you're getting a seven-course gourmet five-star meal of policy. and boy do i just sound like a nerd right there. but it's true.
9:59 pm
>> to me c-span is a home for political junkies and a way to track the government as it happens, whether it's on capitol hill or in the agencies. >> most seem to have a television on their desk and c-span is on. i think it's a great way for us to stay informed. >> i urge my colleagues to vote for this amendment. there are a lot of c-span fans on the hill. my colleagues, when i go back today, they're going to say i saw you on c-span. >> you know, you can get something like the history of grain elevators in pennsylvania, or landmark supreme court decisions. >> i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! >> there is so much author that c-span does in terms of its programing to make sure that people outside the beltway know what's going on inside of it. >> i am proud to announce -- >> i announce my candidacy -- >> i am officially running -- >> for president of the united states! >> i'm a reporter who covers
10:00 pm
politics. so many of my stories in "the washington post," c-span has been part of my research, providing me with quotes and insights about people. >> there are so many niches within the political blogosphere. and all of those policy areas get covered. >> how many nuclear warheads does russia have aimed at the u.s., and the u.s. have aimed at russia? >> it's a place i can go that let's me do the thinking and do decision-making. >> we follow tons of c-span, watch house meetings, senate meetings, all kinds of stuff. >> good morning, everyone. phone lines are open. so start dialing in. >> the interaction with callers on c-span is great. you never know what you're going to get. >> you're right i'm from down south. >> oh, god, it's mom. >> and i'm your mother. and i disagree that all families are like ours. i don't know many families that are fighting at thanksgiving. >> and welcome to book tv's live coverage of the 32nd annual miami book fair. >> c-span2. on the weds i


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