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tv   Mississippi State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 29, 2016 5:45am-6:18am EST

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and we have accomplished what many people would think is the impossible. we've actually reduced the average wait time down to four minutes at the dmv. [ applause ] four years ago my administration conducted an exhaustive regulation review process that has modified and eliminated 368 regulations. in addition, i have just completed a review of every executive order issued by a utah governor since statehood. tonight i am pleased to announce that i will repeal 52 of these executive orders that are no longer necessary. in washington, d.c. we have a president who thinks it's okay to bypass congress and create laws by executive order. well, that's not the way we do it in utah.
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[ applause ] as governor i will not issue executive orders to bypass you, the legislature, or the will of the people. here in utah we believe in the rule of law and the three branches of government. to my friends in the legislature i need your help. if we truly believe in limited government, now is the time to show it. i see that a large number of bills have been filed already and have been opened for this session. some say it might be a record number. most of those bills add a few lines to the state code to fix various issues. but tonight i'm calling on you to do something entirely different. i've instructed my cabinet to work with you to find areas of relevant state code that can not only be updated and improved but
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where possible deleted altogether. [ applause ] let this be a session where we cut unnecessary red tape in government. let's shrink the size of the state code. please know that you have a willing partner in my legislation to accomplish this laudable and much overdue goal. we cannot simply wait for the next xenafits or tesla to come along and conclude that many laws are onerous and unnecessary. we must streamline government today to allow the 21st century economy to continue growing uninhibited by outdated laws, rules, and regulations. while our economy may be tremendously strong today, there are in fact challenges on the horizon. the federal government still controls and mismanages too much
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of our back yard. and we live with the daily threat of a presidential monument declaration. i'm encouraged by the work of representative kevin stratton and others on this issue. i'm also an enthusiastic supporter of the public lands initiative by congressman rob bishop, congressman jason chaff fets, and senator mike lee. i believe these are critical steps to help resolve this long-standing conflict and improve our self-reliance. and of course self-reliance is not just an issue for our public lands. it should permeate everything you do in state government, especially in our annual budget process. while a $528 million rainy day fund is extraordinary, there are other things we must do in order to preserve our state's unprecedented fiscal stability. first and foremost, my proposed budget calls for no new debt and no tax increases. in addition, it pays off $350 million in existing debt.
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bringing the total debt paid off by the state over the last five years to over $1.4 billion. we all know that being prepared for the future means being fiscally prudent. that's why when measured on a per capita basis it is good news to know that utah spends the fewest federal dollars of all the 50 states. these are just some of the reasons why just this past month we have once again been rated as one of only nine states in america with a aaa bond rating. think about that for a moment. 41 other states have a tarnished bond rating. the united states of america recently had its own rating downgraded. but not here in utah. and don't think for a minute that this recognition does not
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matter. it saves the taxpayer money. aaa is the best you can get, and here in utah we won't settle for anything less. [ applause ] for all the challenges utah faces it is important to remember that there are 49 other states out there that would love to trade places with us. political gridlock is everywhere in this country. but here in utah we know how to come together. and in spite of our differences get things done. i believe there's never been a better time to live, to work, and to raise a family in this state. so to answer the question i posed earlier, the state of our state is strong. it's outstanding. but it's much more than that. the events of last week's tragedy with officer barney impacted us profoundly but
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equally important was the outpouring of public spirit we all witnessed. we will never forget the 50-mile-long motorcade. the streets lined with children holding flags and neighbors and friends on overpasses saluting one of their own. i've never been more proud to call utah home. yes. [ applause ] yes, the state of our state has never been stronger.
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as i watched utahns mourn together, i realized something more important. i realized the state of our state is strong because the state of our people has never been stronger. as utahns you are united, you are compassionate, you are inspiring, you are extraordinary. i am proud to be a part of this great state. i'm proud to be a utahn. it is indeed an honor for all of us to serve. may god bless our great country in this difficult time. may god continue to bless the great state of utah and her people. thank you for your service. thank you very much. [ applause ]
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w.h.o. radio, des moines, iowa co-casting with c-span. >> here in the state of iowa. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> hello, iowa! >> the republican party of iowa. >> in iowa. >> in iowa. >> in iowa. >> in iowa. >> here in iowa. >> in iowa. >> i'm so pleased to do this with wonderful friends in iowa today. >> if you had told us one year ago we were going to come in third in iowa we would have given anything for that. >> well, it is good to be back in iowa. >> people didn't know much about the iowan caucuses. >> was this an average caucus? >> that's hard to say. it's the third one i've been to. they're all different. ♪ >> it is good to be back in
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iowa. >> and thank you, iowa, for the great send-off you're giving to us. >> you've got to show respect for iowans. they're discerning voters. >> and i want to thank the people of iowa. >> i want to thank all the people of iowa. >> iowa is the first. >> i love you all. now, if i lose iowa, i will never speak to you people again. >> ahhhh! >> as iowans are scheduled to caucus on monday, we'll take you to the city of carroll, iowa, where former florida governor and presidential candidate jeb bush will talk to voters. catch that live at 1:45 p.m. eastern on c-span. illinois governor bruce rahner gave his second state of the state address in springfield. he outlines plans to reform the state's pension, education, and criminal justice systems.
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this is just over half an hour. [ applause ] [ applause ]
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>> mr. governor, please proceed. >> thank you very much. president culling-ton, speaker madigan, leader redono, leader dirkin, lieutenant governor sanguinetti, attorney general madigan, secretary white, comptroller munger, treasure fraricks, members of the general assembly, thank you all for your service. to our distinguished guests and
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to the media, thank you for attending today. to the members of our national guard our servicemen and women and our veterans, thank you on behalf of a most grateful state. [ applause ] a unit of our guard will soon deploy to afghanistan. let's keep them in our prayers. to our firefighters, first responders, corrections officers, and all those who keep us safe and protect us, thank you. [ applause ] to our state troopers, to our
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state troopers and all our local police officers from our smallest towns to our biggest cities, thank you. [ applause ] the illinois state police do wonderful things to be able to build relationships between our police and our communities. from midnight basketball leagues to citizen police academies to statewide holiday toy drives, our state police officers are giving back. among many of their community initiatives, illinois state police officers participate annually at the american legion youth camp. and they sponsor the team illinois youth police camp in metro east, which they hope to replicate in the chicago area this year. i want to recognize master sergeant john merryfield, who leads the illinois youth police camp and is with us today. [ applause ]
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thank you again. thank you again to all our officers for your service and your sacrifice. we deeply appreciate you. this past year we've seen major storms, deadly tornadoes and recently record flooding. in every instance our emergency management team has been there with timely assistance working hand in hand with the impacted communities and local officials i am constantly in awe of the way our communities come together in times of trouble. this spirit of illinois is what inspires me every day. james joseph, our aima director, is with us. for all you do, all our emergency responders and all our personnel, all you, do please accept our deepest appreciation. thank you. [ applause ]
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today we're gathered to discuss our great state of illinois. our stuntopportunities, our challenges, our goals for the future. we were all elected to do a job. our job is to improve the quality of life for all the people of illinois. that means more economic opportunity to increase real incomes for all families. higher pay and lower cost of living for everyone. the key to that is excellent educational and vocational training combined with multiple career opportunities made available by companies competing to hire workers. illinois's a wonderful place. our people, our work ethic, our sense of community, our dedication to helping each other, our commitment to giving back, absolutely extraordinary. it's what makes our state a great place to live. we have the hardestworking
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people in america. we have the best strategic location of any state. the most fertile fields, best agriculture. we have the heart of transportation in america.
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