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Charles Schumer
  Senate Majority Leader Schumer on COVID-19 Relief Bill  CSPAN  March 6, 2021 1:18pm-1:31pm EST

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and talking to your employers. second, the republicans are saying we want to continue the $300 per month after march 15th. send it on july 18th. of things turn south which no one is predicting, not a single economist, a lot of us would be willing to work with the other side of the aisle to an extent but there is no reason to do that. with regard to your tax cut it is a tax increase on small businesses. >> senator wyden's amendment passed so the bill extends jobless benefits through september 6th and makes the first 10,$200 of jobless benefits nontaxable for households making less then 150,$000 a year.
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again, this $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief bill goes to the house for final action. watch the house on c-span and the senate on c-span2. >> the party's saturday workers. >> okay. okay. thank you for all coming and look, a great day for the country. we had to pass this legislation. we made a promise to the american people that we would deliver the real relief they need and we have fulfilled that promise. nobody said passing one of the largest, perhaps the most significant bill to help the poor and working people in decades was going to be easy particularly with 50 votes but it is done and i said from the
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beginning we were going to power through, not let anything stop us until we get the job done and by god, here we are. i am so proud of my caucus. i love each one of them. they are so great. you know what unites our caucus? everyone knows, especially the 50 votes we have to pull together, we have a leadership team, it has elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and joe manchin and mark warner, because we all have to talk to each other and realize we need each other, that is the secret to the success here. the caucus unifying, every
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person realized we needed every other person to have this victory. it would be nice if republicans would join us but they didn't. i thought it was a little bit hypocritical of mitch mcconnell to say we did it bipartisan. when trump was president, democrats in the minority, works to get something done. now we are in the majority they don't seem to want to work with us but we are going to get it done anyway. we prefer them to work with us, we want them to work with us, maybe they will change their mind after this but we are going to get it done regardless. americans needed and that is what we did. we didn't let anything get in our way and i was confident from the get-go. i told that to the president. he called me. i said i knew we would get this done and i appreciate being under joe biden's leadership. he put together a great plan that was just right, strong, also popular so we have the
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strength to get it done even if we just did it with our own 50 votes. this is a very fine day. one of the things i feel proudest, we told the american people, the election campaign and those in the georgia campaign the democrats could get government to help them, whether as a check or vaccines, and keeping our progress. that will change america. people will have much more faith in government doing things and more faith that we can get them done so i feel very good about that. feel good about moving on. that is all i am going to say and answer your question. >> have you spoken to speaker pelosi in the last 24 hours
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about -- >> our staffs have been in touch and she knows about it and wants to test it. >> what happened yesterday morning? why did you not sort out your differences with joe manchin ahead of time? >> people have new differences all the time but the overwhelming point is everyone in our caucus realizes we have to pull together and get it done and we are a team. sometimes it takes discussion. sometimes it takes work but we don't let our differences stop us from achieving success. >> shouldn't that have been resolved in the front end? >> people come up with different ideas at different times and still have to take everyone into account and pull together as a team and that is what we did and no one will pay attention to the fact -- i don't know, no one. that 8 hours is meaningless compared to the relief the
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american people will get into help us get to that, unity, unity, unity. that is how we got this done. >> do you expect the house to pass what the senate just passed including amendments that may not be as palatable? >> i spoke to a number of people in the house over the last few days, they feel like we do, we have to get this done. it will not be everything everyone wants. no bill is especially a massive comprehensive bill like this but the beauty here within our caucus and between democrats and the house and senate, what we pull together and accomplish something. that is true the caucus and of the house and senate. >> you think the president will be signing up before the march 15th -- >> i definitely do.
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no doubt about that. that is what we saw, everything we said we would do. we put together things the american people wanted. no matter what happened, we were about stopping power through and get it done and we did. what is bad? nothing. >> you set a couple times, this will push americans over the finish line. was at the last covid-19 relief bill? >> part of it will depend on covid-19? how long will it last? will there be a new strain? the economy has underlying weaknesses. how deep and we are those? number one lodestar will be helping the american people. if they need more help we will do another bill. >> is this parallel 22010 when democrats pushed forward a
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stimulus -- 75% of the american people want this, 55% of republicans want it. joe biden, the house, but the american people know the important parts of this bill but this is what they ask for, plane and simple. >> this could take bipartisanship -- >> when republicans see, we want to do it with you but if we can't do it with you we will do it without you now they know we mean it and that we are capable of doing it. the bottom line, they pull their hands and say no.
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anything else i am leaving out? thanks, everybody. i said at the beginning we could do all 3 things at once. and impeachment trial, that is done. next week as i put on the calendar merrick garland, marcia fudge and epa nominee, and another nominee, next week we are focusing on nominees at the very beginning, and a new president for a month, we pass the most important pieces of legislation in decades. the american people have been showed what trump was really like and we are filling up his cabinet. i am proud of my caucus. i love, truly love my caucus. >> even joe manchin? >> absolutely. everyone. i love bernie, you have to look
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at people, look for the good in people and we couldn't come together we wouldn't get this done. any one of us couldn't get it done. i have nothing bad to say about any single member of my caucus. how could you and by the way all the amendments, they tried to put those blocks in our path, every single important vote every democrat voted to block those amendments, they tried to trick us and everything else. an amazing testament to this caucus. every single vote. you saw the votes they put forward. not one did they defend on any important vote. if you dissent, they came to us and it was okay. it wasn't a killer amendment or we didn't need their vote. >> senator murkowski or any other republicans -- >> i have a very good relationship with them. >> do you expect immigration
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infrastructure to get started on? >> thank you. >> the senate passed $2 trillion in covid-19 relief this afternoon. the vote was 50-49 after working all night to get through amendments. the senate was in session debating the bill for 25 continuous hours. the bill now goes to the house which will consider the senate changes next week. the house has a vote on the revised bill likely next week. >> you are watching c-span2, your unfiltered view of government. c-span2 created by america's favor television company brought to you by television companies who provide c-span2 to viewers as a public service.
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