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Charles Schumer
  Senate Majority Leader Schumer Reacts to Senate Impeachment Trial  CSPAN  February 9, 2021 9:37pm-9:41pm EST

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and the nays are 44. in pursuant to s rose 47, the senate having voted affirmative on the foregoing question, the senate shall proceed with s the trial as provided under the provisions of that resolution. >> mr. president, i ask unanimous consent of the trial adjourn until 12:00 noon tomorrow wednesday, february 10th, and that this order also constitute the adjournment of the senate. a. >> without objection, we shall stand in adjournment until noon tomorrow. following the closing of the senate, majority leader schumer spoke briefly about the days arguments.
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[inaudible] the argument was one of the most [inaudible] the senate impeachment trial of former president trump continues tomorrow live at noon eastern on c-span2. you can also watch online at or listen live on the c-span radio app. the next steps of the trial include house impeachment managers and donald trump's defense lawyers using up to 16 hours a piece to present their arguments over the next four days. after that four hours will be devoted to both sides answering
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written questions from senators. it's also possible there could be an additional two hours of debate equally divided on whether to subpoena witnesses and additional documents at the request of house managers. senators would then have to vote on that motion which requires a simple majority. finally, the trial concludes with four hours of closing arguments equally divided before a final vote occurs on the one article of impeachment incitement of insurrection, a conviction would require two thirds of the senate.
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