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Charles Schumer
  U.S. Senate Sen. Majority Leader Schumer on Power- Sharing Agreement ...  CSPAN  February 3, 2021 7:38pm-7:47pm EST

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their remarks all time on the budget resolution be considered expired. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection,so ordered. mr. schumer: if there is no further business to come before the senate, i ask that it stand adjourned under the previous order. the presiding officer: the senate stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> the u.s. senate gasoline out for the day lawmakers continue debate on a budget resolution in response to the coronavirus pandemic president biden $1.9 trillion covid-19 plan has another direct checks to americans, weekly unappointed benefits and the increase of minimum wage to $15 an hour. debate on the budget resolution is expected to continue tomorrow. watch live coverage when they return on c-span2.
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and a look back at some of today's debate on the budget resolution in the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic beginning with senate majority leader chucken schumer. >> madam president i'm happy to report this morning the leadership of both parties have finalize the organizing resolution for the senate we will pass the resolution through the senate today which means they can probably set up and get to work with democrats holding the gavel. for the information of the senate, the democratic caucus has announced its committee membership for thehe next two years. i am confident our members are ready to hit the ground running on the most important issues that face our country. senate democrats are not going to waste any time taking on the biggest challenges facing our country and our planet. ivory instructed the incoming
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democratic chairs all relevant committees to begin holding hearings on the climate crisis in preparation for an acting president biden's build back better agenda which includes major climate legislation. it's long past time for the senate to take a leading role combating the exponential threat of all time, climate. as we know climate change touches virtually every aspect of our economy and involves virtually every aspect of public policy. so as abide in the administration prepares a whole government approach to combating climate change the democratic majority will pursue a whole senate approach as well. some of this work is already started, two years ago senate democrats established the special committee on the climate crisis, i promise any action we take on infrastructure inra particular will prioritize green infrastructure in the creation of green jobs and create many
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jobs, good paying jobs we will. personally i have introduced legislation to speed our country's transition to the clean cars that has the support of the environmental community, the labor union and the car manufacturers. make no mistake in several different ways this democratic majority will compel the senate to forcefully relent and urgently address climate change beginning in all of the relevant committees. as we set up new committee structures i look forward to working with the new democratic chairs on ways there committees will address the climate crisis. i look forward to speaking with my colleagues on the other side of the aisle about finding common ground on this issue and most importantly i look forward to propelling the chamber into action on a crisis that concerns not only all of our futures but the futures of our children and
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our grandchildren. it is our solemn obligation to leave behind the planet upon which future generations can grow andpr prosper. now on covid, yesterday afternoon the senate took the first step in preparing a rescue package for an economy and a country that is still in the throes of crisis. the $1.9 trillion budget resolution is designed to meet the needs of a country that has been devastated by disease and recession for nearly a year, it is been such a n long time, we need real help unlike most crises which affect one particular sector of the economy or another one part of the country or another the covid-19 pandemic affects the entire country and nearly every aspect of american life there is not one person in america in my judgment whose life has not been significantly changed by this awful crisis the challenges we
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must overcome our manifold, we must produce a bill that addresses each of those changes and b challenges, housing, agriculture, education, help for the unemployed, small business, or healthcare systems, our state and local t government and we cannot fall short of the need in each of those areas, history has taught us hard lessons about the cost of small thinking during times of big challenge and about the cost of delay during moments of greatle urgency. secretary ellen held the democratic caucus yesterday that it is her belief if congress fails to dedicate the necessary resources to meet the needs of the american people and survive see long-term in our economy and country will be in the covid crisis for years. the income inequality and wealth inequality me that plagues our nation what has been exacerbated by this crisis because it is
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certainly the lower half of the american people who have suffered the most needs to be remediated and that's what we aim to do. we - must not repeat the mistaks of the past and due to little, too reluctantly and too late, we will not repeat those things of the past, simple to help the american people and the american economy and do it fast. over the next two days the senate will be in session for debate on the budget resolution. there will be an open bipartisan amendment process participation from both sides of the aisle in that process but i urge members not to lose sight of what this legislation will mean for the iraqi people, americans have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, this rescued package will extend and enhance employment benefits, for parents who have spoken too so many who
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are desperate for the day they can send their children back to school safely this rescue package will include resources for schools to make that happen quicker, for teachers and firefighters and bus drivers and nurses worried about the fate of their jobs, this rescue package will follow through on providing aid for state and local governments for restaurants and bars, for theaters and farmers, for small businesses of every strike this rescue package will make another round of federal loans and grants available to you. and for every american struggling to make ends meet month by month has fallen further behind on the rent or the mortgage who has had the power or the heat or the water shut off, for every american who has had to choose which meal they were going to skip that day, this rescue package will send direct d assistance in the form of a check.
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and of course, the rescue package will support the production and distribution of the vaccine, that is the key to ending the crisis. the pastor administration in terms of distribution and working with the states to get these vaccines out has been one of the greatest failures of any presidency. the new biden administration is focused on getting and making more vaccines, getting them out quickly, getting them out fairly and doing it effectively and efficiently. we have to help get that done. i alongside the democratic committee chairs is responsible for drafting this legislation will be meeting with president biden at the white house and a few hours from now. our caucus is easier eager to discuss next steps in united to deliver and rescue plan to provide the american people