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Charles Schumer
  U.S. Senate Senate Minority Leader Schumer on Coronavirus and 2020 Election  CSPAN  November 10, 2020 2:04pm-2:16pm EST

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much to gain from burma's democratization and we have much to lose if it slides back into authoritarianism or further into the grasp in orbit of china. as americans, mr. president, or political practice here at home can feel intense and we think our elections are charged and contentious but when you look at democracies that are just getting off the ground around the world you remember how blessed we are to live in a republic as we have for centuries inside the forces of democracy and freedom all around the world. we get to live in a country where our institutions of self-government have held up for more than 230 years, where the rule of law and our constitution are paramount. may we never take it for granted and may we continue to support those around the world who seek to emulate our example. >> now, mr. president, on generate 20 the biden harris administration will s begin its work with the mandate secured by the largest number of votes ever
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received by a presidential ticket in american history. its task, of course, will be daunting. the darkest days of the covid-19 pandemic are unfortunately ahead of us. more than 100,000 americans have been diagnosed with covid a day in more than 1000 americans are dying. soon, thankfully we will have an administration actually acknowledges the healthcare crisis and an administration that takes its job seriously that will listen to the council scientists and doctors and work to improve the lives of all americans regardless of who they voted for. already the incoming administration is preparing to hit the ground running and yesterday the president-elect announced his covid-19 task force in a group of the nation's top public health experts and scientists who advised the incoming administration on policy. today's senate democrats will receive a briefing from one of president-elect biden's scientific advisors former surgeon general.
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they expect will be the first of many conversations about how the senate and the incoming administration can work together to get covid-19 under control and on the retreat. because the truth is the executive and legislative branches will have to work together in the coming months to crush this virus and put our economy back on the right track. nearly 15 million americans have now lost their jobs and by extension any of them have lost their healthcare coverage. medicaid enrollment has spiked across much of the country adding to stress to state programs already beleaguered by the demands of covid-19. democrats have a plan to the heroes act to strengthen and secure medicaid for the duration of the crisis congress should pursue a strong comprehensive covid relief that actually meets the needs of the american people. yesterday, however, the republican leader suggested the republican majority will
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continue to pursue its policy of targeted relief, in other words, inadequate relief. he seems to suggest that the development of a possible vaccine was actually a reason to pare back on aid to the american people. let's beg clear, getting this country vaccinated will be a massive undertaking and while i share in the hope that cyesterday's news brings we cannot pretend this pandemic is nearly over. regardless of this news, it is likely the coming winter months will be the worst yet in the henation suffering from the uncontrolled spread of the virus now and with hospitalizations all across the country hospital and healthcare providers are again overwhelmed, temporary morgues are once again sadly being pressed into service. we all look forward to the date raen vaccination is widely available but we do not have the luxury of waiting to grapple with the current effects of this crisis on till then. we have to act now to prevent
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the immediate crisis that is coming this winter. while the incoming administration prepares to take on the research of covid-19 congress must as well. leader mcconnell and t senate republicans must come to the table in good faith and work with us on a bipartisan bill that meets the needs of all our country. the house, of course, is democratic and senate needs a bipartisan bill to pass something and you have to work in a bipartisan way. we all went to the american people. on another matter, i don't think many of us expected that president trump or many of us expected president trump to leave office at the presidency with grace. it's a quality he is not once been demonstrating during his long career in business or very short career in public life. but the extent to which the republican party is legitimizing the president's assault on our democracy is infuriating and deeply, deeply wrong. the president does not merely bring well-funded legal
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challenges but is not simply taking advantage of the ability to request a recount in states but declaring himself to be the winner of an election that he lost. he is claiming two in states that he lost. his legal team's filing scores of frivolous and unsubstantiated lawsuits. he is p undermining faith in our election and poising our democracy during one of the most delicate moments in our constitutional system, something we treasure, the peaceful power. the president has fired the secretary of defense, threatening the continuity of a national security policy because he is having a temper tantrum. not only does is put at risk smooth transition in one of the most sensitive and critical areas of our government but it creates an opening for our adversaries to take advantage of instability and inexperience. the current attorney general of the united states has made a show of authorizing federal
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probes into suppose it election fraud and lending of an ear of false creedence to the presidents illusions and it violates the long-standing tradition of avoiding even the appearance of law enforcement interference in our elections and almost immediately attorney general bars decision prompted the chief of the justice department's election branch to resign in protest. the government services administrator, gsa, has still not signed the paperwork necessary for the biden transition team to begin its work and here in the senate the republik and leader in several republican members are trying to give their president air cover. yesterday in the same breathre that leader mcconnell celebrated the reelection of said republik and senators he c declined to congratulate the winner of the presidential election because the election results have not been officially certified. the political right is eagle to
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celebrate the right while delaying judgment and casting doubt on the results. indeed the republican leader cannot even mention two words joe biden who regardless of what were public and senators may think will be the next president of the united states. to republican members of this chamber have called on their own secretary of state, fellow republican to resign for no other apparent reason than the fact that president trump did not win their state. they allege the secretary of state did not deliver honest and transparent elections and that's a stunning chill and that is the kind of thing you hear about in banana republic a dishonest election. surely the united states senator would have evidence that in the world premiere democracy and entire states election was not conducted honestly as they say. surely you must think that both senators have incredible
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substantial and weighty proof of such a scandal and alarming allegation but you would be wrong. those two senators provided no evidence, not even a shred, to backup their claims. three lonely republican senators, three in total have congratulated the next president and vice president of the united states on their victory and called on the nation to comeet together. the rest have been silent or outright sympathetic towards the presidents completely unsubstantiated claims of election fraud. look, here is where we are. every major media outlet, including fox news has projected that joe biden will be the next opresident of the united state. kamala harris will be the next vice president to the united states and not because the media declares it to be but because more than 76 million americans voted them into office and there's been no evidence of widespread voter fraud or any invitation the results might flip and not one but several states. the country is ready to move on
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from four years of tumultuous and incompetent administration. the institutions of our government will insure it on january 20 matter what the current president claims.e they cannot insure faith and our democracy in the hearts and minds of the american people and that is the project for both parties to confer legitimacy on an election which yes, at the country will be disappointed but "after words" the entire country must pull together. every day that goes by without the republican party acknowledging and accepting the results of the election is another day americans face in our democracy a crime. finally, on veterans day tomorrow we will all probably observed veterans day, chance to honor our veterans, heroes who come from every walk of life, every color and creed joined by a commonwealth of countries and uncommon love for the fellow americans. this week we sayu, again thank you, thank you, thank you to
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every veterans for their service. like so many things this year veterans day will be different we cannot come together as we normally do and we hold in our thoughts the prayers of the the united states whose lives have been touched by this awful disease and we give special thanks to many veterans who worked as teachers, healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, community leaders and the very heroes who are keeping our communities going during these tough times. we in the senate have a solemn responsibility to make sure they continue to get the help they need. finally, always a little different when we observe a veterans day in the aftermath of an election and we must never forget our freedom to speak freely, assemble peaceably, choose our leaders, forger testimony have been secured time and time again by the sacrifices of americans who have worn the uniform. >> we take you live down to the senate floor here on c-span2 part of our 40 year commitment
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to covering congress but today in the senate work on the nomination of james to the district court judge of the northern district of ohio. both are excited shortly. you are watching live coverage of the u.s. senate on c-span2. senate will be in order. the question is on the nomination. is there a sufficient second? there appears to be. the clerk will call the