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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Delivers Remarks on Senior Citizen Policy in FL  CSPAN  October 13, 2020 2:56pm-3:39pm EDT

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a monumental step still at it. also this tweet from the president yesterday. republicans will be providing far better healthcare than the democrat come democrats at far lower cost and will always protect people with pre-existing conditions. julie rovner, what we note that any potential republican or white house led healthcare plan? >> guest: not very much. the president did finally have a big and failing. he made speech in north carolina of his american healthcare plan -- ♪ ♪ ♪ bring me your higher love ♪ >> good afternoon, broward county. welcome to the call sector south was focal point senior center here in pembroke pines. my friends, i have been waiting for two years to be able to welcome someone who i know will be our next president of the united states, joe biden.
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[applause] i say 32 years because we back when i was a student at university of florida i was a member of students for biden in 1988 and where my biden for president button on my backpack all over campus. and so the thrill and opportunity to thank you all for joining us today here in pembroke pines and welcome our next president joe biden to our district and our community here in south florida is just absolutely amazing. because the stakes in this election are so high for all of us. but for our seniors it's all about family, , health, safety d survival. we have witnessed an epic failure by donald trump to confront and manage this pandemic. just look at our lives right now. look at that gathering we are in midst of. grandparents can't safely see or hug your kids or the grandkids.
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we've had more than 15,000 needless funerals here in florida. funerals which by the way we can't fully attend as families because this by race isn't truly under control. our economy which is so tied to travel and leisure is being ravaged. and from the beginning trump has failed to take seriously leaving a record of death, deceit and the nile in his wake. he left seniors to infer themselves with no plan to contain this deadly virus. even when chuck manages to respond to this crisis he put seniors in more danger. about one in three floridians rely on that about one in three older floridians rely on social security as the sole source of income, and over 4.5 million count on medicare. yet donald trump's executive orders threaten the survival and stability of these critical
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programs. make no mistake, neither of these men walked into the white house without the blessings of florida seniors. am i right? yes, there's no question about that. [applause] much is made in the rise of the youthful and thank god for it but it is residence who are 65 and older who still make elections here in the sunshine state. there's no doubt about that. the road to the white house travels through florida, and about three-quarters of our seniors turn out at the polls every single election. so while trump closes down the government spent the next great force, lies to americans about the threat it poses or pushes another quack cure, joe biden has a plan to get covid-19 under control. and for the long time security of our seniors, joe biden has a plan that strengthen social security compared to just a few weeks ago when shockingly donald trump made it clear he would shred the funding mechanism for this vital safety net for our seniors. you just can't make this stuff up. this man wants to try to win
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florida and he would shred that vital safety net. joe biden rightly says this tha battle for the soul of our nation. and there's no question about that. in that battle joe biden will not have vital programs like social security to fall victim to this. it is a life-saving program for millions of american senior citizens. so let me be very clear. joe biden won't sacrifice social security or threaten the future of medicare. joe biden will protect social screw with all the political muscle he can muster. the inadequate response to the coronavirus pandemic has caused a crisis in our nursing homes and long-term care facilities. as trump continues to sit on his hands, joe biden released a planned increase safety and oversight and transparency so our loved ones can be cared for with the dignity that they deserve. when it comes to protecting medicare and lowering prescription drug costs, you know joe biden will go to bat
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for florida seniors because he's done all disliked her protecting seniors isn't just some reality show gimmick and joe biden -- then moved on from the next day. protecting seniors is who joe biden is. it's who he's always been. from the villages in central florida to sunrise lakes and kings point in broward county, in their heart of hearts our seniors know that they can truly count on joe biden. they can, joe biden to protect sources could become preserve medicare and make their medications less expensive and more affordable. and deep down seniors know they can count on joe biden to take of this virus it safely reunite them with their friends, children and grandchildren. florida seniors know they have a friend and ally in joe biden because he's always stood by them and even in a crisis like this one he will never leave their side. that trust will show itself on election day. it already is. i just know it. 21 days, my my friends. on to victory for florida, , for
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florida seniors and for all of america. 90 so much. [applause] -- thank you so much. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> please welcome commissioner toby foyer. [applause] ♪ ♪
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>> hello, my name is toby foyer. i was born in the bronx. i grew up in new york city. i i got married and had to make wonderful children. i worked 25 years at brooklyn college in administration and moved here to broward county in 1998 to allegedly retire. well, it wasn't much, much of a retirement for me. i immediately became involved with my condo association of my local community, and i served eight years on the city commission. i like to call myself a professional volunteer. i work with florida america, the western music society, western friends of the library, and the american association of university women, to name just a few. in short, i like to stay busy.
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we often hear people say this is the most important election of our lifetimes, but for florida seniors, this really is the most important election we will ever vote in. like so many seniors i paid into social security for my entire life, and i planned my retirement around that income. but now donald trump is threatening to defined social security. some of my neighbors depend on social security -- defined -- as their sole source of income. and for a president to break his promise to us is unconscionable, especially now in the middle of a pandemic. before covid-19 and my weeks were jammed with so many things, meetings, social gatherings, trips and so much more, but then everything changed. covid-19 has turned my life upside down. meetings are over zoom now and i
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try to keep in touch with friends over the phone, but it is simply not the same. i am incredibly fortunate to be living with my daughter who works from home, but i don't ever leave my house and less it's to purchase groceries and essentials every two weeks. the simple truth is, i -- it didn't have to be this bad. none of us want to live our lives at home in front of the computer screen. and if donald trump had not lie to us and he had decided to take this virus seriously, things might be different for florida seniors. but this administration has written seniors off as expendable. well, guess what? we are not and we won't. the president has been a disaster for seniors. we deserve better. we deserve a leader who cares about us.
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i know joe biden will look after us. i know joe will protect and strengthen social security, and i know he will always -- lower the course of prescription drugs and know he has a real plan to be covid-19 so that our friends and neighbors, we could see them again. our kids, our grandkids, and get life back to normal as soon as possible. joe biden will always fight for seniors, and that's why i encourage you and ask you to please get out to vote either by mail or in person for joe biden and kamala harris the our next president and vice president of the united states. thank you so much. [applause] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> please welcome the next president of the united states, joe biden. [cheers and applause] >> hello, hello hello. good to see you all. please, please take your see if you have one. thank you so very, very much. it's good to be back in florida and i want to thank my good
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friend debbie wasserman schultz, congresswoman. she's been a tireless -- where is debbie? there she is. thank you debbie. you've been a friend a long time and thank you for all the encouragement. toby, i also want to thank you. toby moved from a high rent district and brooklyn comes at the highest with district in america right now these days. good to see you. and i want to thank you for that kind introduction. it's wonderful to be here with all of you to hear the stories come talk about how we're going to get through these tough times, difficult times. today, today's story is certainly one in south florida. we are all living some version of it right now with some of the most important part of our lives being put on hold. the same story being moved by people like carl who many of you know well.
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carl is here today i'm told. i don't know -- [inaudible] >> hey, carl. how were you, man? good to see here. light was shining light in my eyes looking at you, man. i apologize. carl is 39 -- no, 93 when he acts like he's 39 years old. doing so much in this committee, a few thank you all decided to rename this community center in his honor. i've heard wonderful things about you, , and look forward to say hello to you privately. i had the pleasure of meeting carl back in 2012. he may may not remember it but his stories with his community and this country is all about your carl is a sign of an immigrant. carl served our nation honorably in the second world war, that is sweetheart and needy, the been married now for 67 years. together they built the family, four children, seven grandchildren and more than 30 years they made their home here,
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staying engaged in all the local issues. catching sunny matinees and performance at the art center and the center, and socializing with neighbors and to join nights in the town and a couple times, to a three times a week going out. but their story like so many others is a a quintessential american story these days. it has been interrupted this year. carl and anita have been out i'm told to a in seven months and there are no more standing matinees other than getting groceries they spend most of their time in their apartment like so many people do. it's harder than ever to spend time with the people you love, other than on zoom or on a computer connection. we have all felt the scent of interruption in our lives and we all know that this isn't normal, that things didn't have to be this bad. they didn't have to be this bad. we look around at our neighbors and we know people are hurting. a lot of folks are worried about
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making the next rent payment or next mortgage payment. they are not only, whether or not they can purchase their prescription drugs or put food on the table. we sealed off a lot of people at the very top doing better than they have ever done, and wonder an awful lot is who's looking out for me? who's looking out for me? that's been the story, the entire story of my give donald trump's presidency. the fact that he has never been focus on what matters. he's never been focus on you. his handling of this pandemic has been erratic just like his presidency has been. and it has prevented florida seniors and people all across this country from giving the relief that they need. donald trump had not just been willing to not do the work. i think it's that jan that i'm not sure he cares about delivering any real help. i think it's both. people safenet willing to do the work. i don't think he cares much
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about it. while we are losing precious time with your loved ones he's been stuck in a sand trap on one of his golf courses. and when he does decide to lift a a finger it isn't to help you. it's to propose new tax cuts for millionaires. that's not hyperbole. that's not hyperbole. 100 wealthiest billionaires in america are expected to get another $30 $30 billion tax cue is proposing. we know what happened the last time that tax that was passed in 2019, after 2017 when he came into office. pharmaceutical companies got billions of dollars in tax breaks. and then they turned around and raise rices are medicines that you rely on to stay healthy. and they are still doing it even during the pandemic. quite frankly it's unconscionable but trump doesn't really care about lowering the healthcare cost because he is beholden to help health insurae companies in the drug companies. after all, he's asking the united states supreme court as i speak, asking right now to strike down the entire affordable care act which would
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eliminate seniors ability, most of you are on medicare, but it would eliminate your ability in the act we passed i was able help put in place, was you have preventative services, annual checkups and mammograms for free under medicare. if they get struck down that gets wiped out as well. the rising prescription drug prices for many seniors and put medicare trust fund at risk. and by the way, we should talk about the medicare trust fund, i see the republicans want to eliminate it but remember debbie will remember, when he's not a bad guy in terms of his personality when the former speaker of the house became speaker, , what did they do? they propose half a billion dollars cut in medicare from the start, right off the bat. these guys mean what they say. this president -- debbie pointed out, he wants to terminate the tax, is dedicated to financing sources to become terminate it.
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social security actuary, not joe biden portable think tank for a newspaper, the actuary, solstice could he says, that would bankrupt social security in just a few years, putting those monthly checks for tens of millions of seniors who rely on, many of them do a thing to rely on, at risk. all this president knows how to do is play games with people's lives and families futures. last week he announced he was quote walking away from the negotiations that were never, inevitably fully engage in. he never fully engaged with them. them. to provide any additional relief for american families. debbie working like the double in-house passed the heroes act. they passed two of the pieces of legislation earlier to provide for the ability to keep people from going out of business, people being kicked out of the homes. he turned his back on small businesses are struggling to
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keep their doors open. he turned his back on firefighters and police officers and first responders who depend on local budgets but local budgets are being broken and have to be balanced. i will just take, make no here. when we inherited the largest recession, the greatest recession since the depression, what happened? president put me in charge of the recovery act, $800 billion. first thing i was able to do when i i was able to manage it myself was that put $147 billion in state and local authorities be able to balance their budgets, not have to fire police officers or firefighters come not fired first responders, not too close to health clinics. local governments or straight to the breaking point turkey turned his back on educators and school children, took away support from ppe and cleaning supplies and ventilation you to reopen school safety which we could do if we funded it. he turns his back on every single worker whose job hasn't come back. and now he says he wants a deal.
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one day he's tweeting relief package is too big, the next day saying it's too small. it's all a game. he thinks he is still on his game show. no, , really, he asked that way for real. this is a fluke again he is playing. his latest gimmick he wants to mail seniors at $200 prescription drug cash card with his name on it so you get it before election with his name on it. but what he's going to do is he's going to raid medicare trust fund to pay for that $200 which seniors have already spent by paying money into. he thinks he can take the money out of your pocket with one hand and put it back with his name stamped on it on the other hand. and call it a gift. it's dishonest. it's reckless and it doesn't actually help anybody. in fact, all it does undermine the medicare trust fund and
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increase overall out-of-pocket cost for seniors. let's be clear about this. donald trump has tried for almost four years to lower come he says he wants to lower drug prices, okay? but he hasn't done a single thing to do it. in fact, the house of representatives passed a bill, debbie supported, the brink of prescription drug costs across the board giving medicare the power in washington the power to negotiate, to negotiate to the drug companies and say if an aspen is going to cost him being charged, i'm making this up, if an aspen will cost two cents an aspen, they say will only pay you a penny, they are either going to do or not. they will have to do it. we have been fighting to get debbie and i and others have been fighting to do this for years. we lower drug prices. what did president trump do? he said if it passes he will
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veto it, threatened to veto it. folks, donald trump's chaotic and decisive -- divisive leadership has cost us far too much. 215,000 dead from covid-19, and rising. experts say we will lose nearly another 200,000 lives in the next two months unless he fundamentally changed courses. i prayed pray for his recoverye got covid. i hope that we could come out of it, but what is he done? he has just double down on misinformation he did before making it worse. so many lives have been lost unnecessary because this president cares more about the stock market than he does about the well-being of seniors one day before recross the threshold of 200,000 this, you may recall this, the president was president was at a campaign rally and insisted that the virus was, and the quote,
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affects virtually nobody quote, just elderly people with heart and other problems. nobody, think about that. who was he talking about when he said it infects virtually nobody? he is talking about america's seniors. he was talking about you, talking about my family. you worked hard to whole life contributing to society, building a family, building the country, serving america. you deserve security, deserve respect and peace of mind but you are not getting it. by the way, if this wasn't so bizarre you would think, if i tried to make a movie talking about something like this in america you would think i was making it up. because donald trump is simple, non-joe, you are expendable. you are forgettable. you are virtually nobody.
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that's how he sees this. that's how he sees you. it's no surprise, this is the same and it looks in the mirror -- put their lives on the line, causing losers and suckers. i carried this card with me everyday for the last 15 years, it's my schedule. the back of the schedule i have black box that says daily troop update. the number of troops who died in iraq and afghanistan, 6924. 6924. roughly 6900. 924 because of you one of these fallen angels left the family behind, deserves to be remembered. everyone. u.s. troops wounded in iraq and afghanistan, 53,000 as of today. 194. everyone. with only one sacred obligation
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in america, to care for those we sent to war and equip them when they come home take care of them and their families. and what did he say? losers. my son volunteered to go to iraq for a year. before that he had been in kosovo for eight months. best of my knowledge the only foreigner has a war monument and a major highway in that country named after him for his contribution to help them set up the criminal justice system. then he volunteered to go to iraq as attorney general for a year. my son was not a loser. and all those left behind come he passed away but all those he left behind, they are heroes, they are patriots. i imagine that's one of the reason why six 4-star general and a lot of others endorse me to use to work for him because they know where his heart isn't.
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that's how he sees us. that's the attitude has brought through this whole crisis. this is the same man you may remember when he was told we were averaging 1000 lives lost per day. remember what he said? he said it is what it is. such concern and empathy. it is what it is. well, it is what it is because he is who he is. that's why it is what it is. this president as debbie referenced, back in january when he was being briefed by the intelligence community he said i never read the briefing. didn't know what was in it. didn't have time. well, his ego moved in to try to convince the famous journalist to write something good about him. what happened? bob woodward interviewed him.
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he acknowledged that he knew it was a dangerous and highly communicable disease, but he did nothing. he didn't do a thing. he didn't tell you. he didn't tell any american. why? he told woodward on tape, told bob woodward he didn't want to panic the american public. americans don't panic. trump panics. his reckless personal conduct since his diagnosis is unconscionable. the longer donald trump is president the more recklessly seems to get. thank god will have three weeks left to go to dr. fauci, most respected doctor in the country on this disease, referred to the president announcement on the supreme court in the rose garden
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using the white house as a backdrop for political events, he said it was a super spreader event. and how is trump responding? he's running a national ad quoting dr. fauci out of context. without you said way back in march, referring to public health officials across the nation, he said, quote, i can't imagine anybody could be doing more come in the quote meaning public health officials. at the trump campaign, which is not unusual it does i got a piece the company trump campaign has deliberately lied. they have put dr. fauci in their ad, asserting that he was talking about trump when he said he couldn't have done any more. but how cheap is a man of integrity -- but dr. fauci is meant of integrity. after the ad came out he said ii
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did not give permission to use that quote and i wasn't referring to the president. even after dr. fauci said that come he didn't say that about the president. trump ad campaign said they would continue to use the add, knowing, knowing it was a lie. can any of you ever remember anything like that in the president to campaign the mainstream candidate, and as a consequence the months of life, misleading and responsible action a part of donald trump, how many into chairs around the dining room table tonight because of his negligence? how many people hearts are broken? how many people have trouble going to sleep at night, can't just reach over and touch?
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they can hear their sons or daughters voice on the phone. well, he throws super spreader parties at the white house, republicans held each other without concern of the consequences. how many of you been unable to hug your grandkids in the last several months? i got six of them. two have been been my deceased sons boys, children, , a boy and girl, live not far from it. billy ray conceded, i stand on the back porch and a standdown and i bribe them with häagen-dazs bars. but every single day i contact them. i can't hug them. i can't embrace them. and i'm luckier than most because the are nearby, those two of the six. my grandkids, your grandkids,
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hope will grow to treat one of the as kindness, respect and empathy. qualities the president has never ever shown. it has become painfully clear as careless response has caused one of the worst tragedies in american history. the only senior that donald trump cares about, the only senior is senior donald trump. doesn't seem to do anything for him. and by the way, minority communities are getting particularly hit by this. we realize as of about a month ago, on a percentage basis one in 1000 african-americans in all of america have died. the estimate is by the end of this year one in 500 african-americans and american will die. one in 500.
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if he doesn't do something quickly and we hit 400,000, that is more people, same number of people that died, 400,000 dead, then world war ii. in less than a year if he doesn't move. the only one double trouble do anything for his donald trump. look, folks, you all know this. we are so much better than this. we can contain this virus. we can fully reopen our economy we can bring congress together to pass real relief and implement a comprehensive agenda to build back better. my economic proposal, and by the way it's not a liberal think tank for democratic think tank that says this. and if the analysis put out my mood is, a wall street firm,
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projects that my economic plan will create 18.6 million good paying jobs between now and in the first term. 7 million more jobs than the president's plan, and create a truly more dollars in economic growth and the president's plan. it's solid, it's real. here's how my plan works. we are not going to raise taxes on a single solitary american making less than $400,000 a year. will not pay a penny more, it security. i'm going as big corporations and wealthy to pay their fair share to straighten out the tax structure. that money will allow us to invest in working people who carry with it i don't know if it with me now, i don't, a card that lists all of what is in the tax code. we went ahead, president's tax
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plan, barack and i'm suggesting we reduced corporate tax from 35% to 28. 28. i was a consensus. he reduced it to 21 do you know how much the cost? $1.3 trillion. we just take it back up to 28 and it will generate $1.3 trillion more. .. cut the tax and 35 to 21.
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the senate racing back to 28%. $1.3 trillion over the next decade instead of doing big corporations hundreds of billions for buyback in their own stock, moving overseas, we should invest in cancer, diabetes, all levers and parkinson's i propose giving national institutes of health $50 billion over the next four years, cancer, diabetes, old-timers and parkinson's. if we do not find an answer to alzheimer's within the next 19 years, every single solitary bed that exists in the u.s. now will be occupied by old-timers patients. my dad used to have this expression, joe, if everything
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is equally important to you, nothing is important. where our priorities? our priorities are to make sure everybody in america has an equal shot. it's about you, what's fair, about what our priorities should be we can deal with cancer in these other diseases but donald trump has no interest. he wants to do the opposite. proposes more tax cuts. donald trump, ease the burden on major costs in your life including a financial burden in caregiving for many families without caring. right now, as you probably know, 800,000 americans are eligible for home community care, signed up for, an average of five years waiting. for some, five years, my plan
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makes investments so the state can clear the waiting list. the pharmaceutical companies to allow medicaid to again use it norma's party and negotiate prices and bring the cost down for everyone. giving all americans access they also hate my doing, so do the drug companies. the experts to set prices, life-saving drugs that cost an arm and a leg figuratively and literally. they have no competition, the board was set up and say this is how much you been charged based on what you've invested, will not be able to raise the price of the drug without taking other action that has required you to improve the drug. it can only be raised with medical inflation.
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independent analysis found my land/cost by 60%. how many of you know somebody who's had to sell things just to get the drugs have grown up exponentially? we are going to protect social security and increased benefits for millions of seniors to protect your pension including pensions, so many floridians earn and deserve. folks, i will end with this, i am confident as bad as things are, how can i get better? i am absolutely confident we can do this and more. we just have to come together. a proud democrat and willing to govern as an american president. going to work as hard for those who vote against me as those who voted for me. that is the job of the preside president. a duty to care, to care for everyone.
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after all we've been through, all america has accomplished, all the years we serve as a beacon to the world, we cannot let ourselves remain divided. we have to vote. go to i will can still request your vote by mail ballot. deadline is october 24. request your ballot if you haven't already, mail it or drop it in a drop box today and tired of us all walking around with our heads down as if there's nothing we can do. this is the united states of america. there's not a single thing beyond our capacity, nothing we've ever decided to do, is not accomplished. we've done together. remember when we were kids, you had to learn about john kennedy going to the moon, everybody
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remembers the different pieces of it. they used to kidney in the senate what i was the. answering the unasked question, why was he doing? he said because we refused to postpone. refused to postpone one more day within our capacity as america americans, there is nothing beyond our capacity. no limit to our future. we got to stand up, lift our heads up the only thing that can america is a america itself. everybody knows what donald trump did. who we are, we choose hope over fear. signs over fiction. yet, truth over lives. we can do this and i promise y
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you, may god bless you all and may god protect our troops. [applause] thanks. [applause] every time i used to walk out of my grandpa's in pennsylvania, he would yell joey, keep the faith and my grandma said no joey, spread it. thanks, everybody. [applause] ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ got to make the world know >> today a debate between the candidates running for west virginia governor. jim justice and democratic candidate participate in the
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televised debate. live coverage begins 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. democrats take for hogan senate seats to gain control in the next congress. in montana, steve and governor steve bullock debated saturday. president trump won montana by 20.4 years ago. the entry into the race was the senate seat and play for the democrats. ♪ ♪ >> this is the race for u.s. senate. welcome today's u.s. senate debate on the television network. our focus today is montana's 2020 u.s. senate race, one of the most closely watched in the entire country and it looks to


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