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tv   Washington Journal Jessica Taylor  CSPAN  October 7, 2020 1:29pm-2:02pm EDT

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becomes more republican or more democrat. whether we're more liberal or more conservative more red or more blue. i think the choice in this election is whether america remains america. >> as joe biden has said from the moment he entered this race, it's about the soul of our nation. who we are. what we stand for. and maybe most importantly, who we want to be. >> watch the vice presidential debate between vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris live tonight at 9 p.m. eastern from the university of utah in salt lake city. watch the debates live on c-span, listen live on the c-span radio app and go to for live or on demands streaming of c-span debate coverage there's also a link to each debate question and answer. see social media feeds on debate happenings and reaction and
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watch our presidential debate video from the c-span video library. >> with just four weeks to go now until election day, 2020 we take a look at the battle for control of the senate we're joined by jessica taylor of the nonpartisan political report jessica taylor it will take a net game of four seats for democrats to take the senate, three if they also take the white house.s how likely is that outcome as you survey the senate battlefield today? >> you know in july we were saying thatel democrats had a slight edge. and i think that that edge has now really grown. and especially over the past, you know, very tumultuous week with trump that clearly turned off a lot of voters we're seeing that reflected in. national pols of the presidential race, and sunday's nbc washington journal poll, that had him up 14.
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but excuse me joe biden up 14. cnn poll had him up 16. those kind of numbers have a major effect on down ballot senate races and you know republicans strategist that i've been talking to yesterday, that are working in these races, i mean, you know it's just -- they're like the numbers are just bad everywhere. there's a lot of pessimism that i'm hearings sort of you know because we have now less -- you know today is four weeks from election day. there's not a lot of time to turn things around especially when a lot of people are already voting. and so you know those you mentioned they need four seats -- if joe biden does not win three seats if they do not. i think at this point the livelihood that biden wins is slightly greater than if the senate flips so they're looking at three seats. i think of that really as four because the seats that democrats are most likely to lose is in alabama with doug jones. though that leads them with a negative one so they need four seats and those four most like
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lie seats are arizona, colorado, maine and then f probably north carolina although there's been son scandals there that i have kind of shaken up the race but democrats haven expanded battle field we have ten republican seats that we consider competitive. and you cann see just the superpack spending over the past week when, you know, places leak the senate leadership fund that that's aligned with senate leadership is spending in places w like kansas and south that's sort of tells you how really bad things are for republicans everywhere. >> you use the term tumultuous week earlier you mention north carolina what's happening there in that key race for thom tillis seat. >> it was on slot of news, of course, if you were following the news that day and night, of course, we started in the early morning with the news for president trump and first lady melania covid diagnosis.
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later on that evening, we learned that north carolina senator thom tillis republican incumbent very much in trouble there has also tested positive for the virus. so he is now having to quarantine. that he also sits on senate judiciary committee begin hearingte the confirmation hearings for -- for judge amy coney barrett that's supposed to begin october 12th. and then so you know if that wasn't enough, then we have a scandal that broke with the democratic nominee former state senate cal cunningham admitted that he's sent elicit text to a woman not his wife, you know if you want to get out the news i think friday night if you want to get out bad news friday night was probably best time to do it buts this was on front page of charlotte observer over the weekend raleigh news observer i think it's still he canceled at a --
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forum last night that he was supposed to be at so we haven't seensu him in public answering questions since then so puts into doubt i think in north carolina was sort of the tipping point state for democrats to win the majority how much does this scandal affect that? we really haven't seen a quality poll coming out since then. live collar poll that can sort of test the fallout of this. you know, ting there's a big question you know if -- is there l more to drop, of course, of this scandal of this. was there -- you know, more than just texting was there an affair? how long did this go on because some of the text messages suggest he was talking about 100 days from the campaign so suggest this was happening while he was campaigning. and then there's also even the possibility of a court-martial perhaps because he's in the reserves. the wife of this woman or excuse me the husband of this woman he was texting also in the military. so you know there's military
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repercussions that could come into play as well. so this is a headache that no candidate or party wants, you know, just weeks away from the election so i think that that's a, you know, arose a lot of uncertainty into this race. but again the good news for democrats is that they still have multiple seats following that one that are very much in play. other tossups that we have are iowa, joni earnest, montana, steve dane, georgia, david purdue and sort of i think almost there is south carolina where lindsey graham finds himself the senate judiciary chairman in a tough race so good news for democrats there are more seats because they have expanded battlefield beyond just that. so if something happens in north carolina, they have alternatives in a s way. and then, you know, these sort of scandals move numbers.
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there's more of a nationalized election sort of about the party and more of a backlash against republicans. so -- >> jessica taylor our guest this morning i want to point viewers to cook if you want keep track of the race ratings that we're going to be talking about in the senate races a very easy chart there to find to see where cooke political and jessica taylor rank these races right now we're going to be talking more about race ratings but do want to give viewers number to call in if you have questions about senate battlefield or a particular race now would be a very good time to call in. republicans 202748001. independent 2022478002 jessica taylor beginning to talk about lindsey grahamou the chaimplet senate judiciary committee where amy coney barrett will be having her hear physician republicans moving forwards with those
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hearings next week is fashion jamie harrison the democrat in that race over the weekend they held their debate and one of the issues that came up was the supreme court nomination here's a little bit from that south carolina debate. >> sometimes listening to senator graham is like playing monopoly he changes rules every time he place. senator you said, use my words against me and you said it after the kavanaugh meeting not before the kavanaugh hearings after the kavanaugh hearings in your words your promise was that no judicial nominee should be considered or proved or what have you in the last year of an election and you even named president trump when you said it. and so this was my thing you know my grandfather always taught me i said jamie is a man only as good as his word senator how good is your word when you made a a promise to american people and even more you made a promise to the folks in south carolina.
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that you wouldn't be doing what you're doing right now. and that's the problem that i have greatest i think the greatest that you could do as a public servant to betray trust of the people that you took to serve and that's what you have done. now just be a man of it and stand pup say you know whey change my mind i'll do something else but don't go back and blame it on somebody elsedo for a flip-flop that s you're making yourself. >> so if i may i said in august if an opening comes about, we'll see what market will bear bare this will get confirmed because president has the constitutional authority to do and here's what i can seeing judges. when president obama was honored that he won election and voted for two people i wouldn't have chosen and i've watched the democratic elparty try to destroy one conservative judge after another harrison encouraged filibuster of gorsuch and cheered on the
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destruction the brett kavanaugh all i canin say is that amy barrett is. highly qualified and chairman of the judiciary committee, the president has every right to do this. and if you're counting on mr. harrison to vote for conservative judge you're making a mistake of high proportion you can kowngts on me for conservative judges. >> jessica taylor of political you have that south carolina senate race in the leads republican category, did this weekend's debate make any difference? >> i think it did. you know this is a first chance of voters had to sort of see these two men up against each other. and another interesting that you may have seen on that video jaime harrison brought his own plexiglass screen because he met with senators who have tested positived recently he tested negative but ofng of course as we know testing, you know, even if you've been exposed to someone with a virus you're
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recommended to quarantine. since he was doing that mr. harrison wanted to take extra precautions to see in the vice presidential debate happening on wednesday. and you know jamie harrison caught fire down there. he's a really inspiring story, came from poverty and one of the, you know, poorest cities in south carolina, orangeburg ended going to yale and georgetown was, you know, raised by a single teen mother and his grandparents and he's, you know, he's been airing ads since spring really and hasn't gone down, and at this pongt you know he's spending just, you know, what i think last week he was over 7 million dollars on tv ads he's been one of the biggest fundraisers for democrats you know and lindsey graham has clearly seen this because last week he was sort of going on fox news really begging for money. and harrison you saw in that
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clep he's hitting for sort of switching his positions. i think lindsay gram is one of the most fascinating politicians out thereef this sort of very short-lived run for the presidency in 2016 he called president trump, you know, a race bating zen phobic religious bigot now closest allies underingo a major evolution in fast few years. he was hit, you know, always conservative back in south carolina were kind of skeptical of him. because pushed immigration reform part of the gang of eight, and then now he's really much trump's ally so i think he's underperforming with republicans and i think he really hopes now that he's the face of these kifnlings confirmation hearings for judge barrett he can solidify his standing every question in that debate he ended up turning back to about judges and the supreme court versus jamie harrison
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wanted to focus on coronavirus and state hit and how he could fix it so i think this is one of the mostings solid republican at the beginning of the year it was not supposed to be this competitive, and you know i think a lot of that is credit to the really strong campaign that jamie harrison is running. he's the former state party chairman there in south carolina. used to work for jim clyburn in the house as floor director and i think it is really -- this is, you know, of course, south carolina has a, you know, very throughout racial history and if he wins actually south carolina wowblg the first state to have two black senators that place where the civil war start. >> dozen this cycle we want to hear which ones yowpts you want to talk about jessica taylor
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with us until about 8:45 eastern this morning. so go ahead keep calling in we'll start with david out of philadelphia democrat, david, good morning. >> good morning, my question and topic is generally about the travel ban in particular. i know that the republican members of the senate and donald trump has been tagging joe biden saying that he said that the president was zen phobic and i believe that's determined that it's been false. you just said that lindsey graham has called president trump zen phobic president obama was calling him based off of his record with the muslim ban things of that sort. and it wasn't specifically for
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the travel bans that was instituted in the beginning of the year. and also the airline -- >> take this up jessica taylor this issue of handling the coronavirus very much an issue in in of these campaigns. >> absolutely. i think that this is just overshadowed everything really up ended campaigning as we know it. you know, from march forward these campaigns had to, you know, sort of transform and to a lot of online ventures. now we do see candidates going out more. you know but a lot of republicans as we was seen, you know, this issue furniturely take a very partisan divide, we seee a lot of republican candidates out there that are not wearing masks. that are not adhering to social distancing while mostly democrats have been very careful on that issue if they're holding events outdoors requiring mask and different things certainly some republicans are taking precautions. but there's a lot of them just because, you know, again
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unfortunate sort of partisan connotations i think that's been set by the top down by the president, and yes the president is like the point too that china travel ban but i think it is more than that. because you know, we even had, you know, listen one of the i senators that is very vulnerable is georgia senator kelly she was appointed to the seat at the beginning of the year. ironically she was appointed over the white house objections and orderwa to appeal to suburbn women, of course, there in the very growing, changing atlanta suburbs has become republican achilles' heel we saw that in 2018 housech democrats took back the house pep and now that sort of their path to taking back the senate and states like this. so i mean georgia has two races this cycle. but in that special election which is actually a jungle primary in all party primary, that will happen on election day 21 candidates that will appear on ballot regardless of party
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the top two vote getters will advance to a january fifth 2021 runoff. sop depending upon how other senate races shake out that could be, you know, a majority maker. and she is -- have been having to run so far to the right to prove her conservative bona fide that she's also being challenged from the right by congress by doug collins ranking member on the house judiciary committee that was, of course, one of the president's defenders during impeachment proceedings, and you know she came out this weekend after trump was diagnosed and repeatedly on twitter sort of blamed this on china. but i think that most americans we see joe biden is having the advantage on handling the coronavirus who would do better on these things because i think that okay yes this virus may have come from there. but once it was here and america we did not see leadership from the topre and the white house of how to, you know, implement very
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quick stiesing. testing to, you know, proper procedures like people like dr. fauci as we learn more about the virus pushing for mask and social distancing. and you know the president also, you know, wanted to open things up very quickly that allege resurgences in many places and so we're still seeing republicans i think this is -- one of the biggest things that i think has not only hurt the president. but it's hurt race face down ballot. >> youhe mentioned at the top of the segment republicans best pickup opportunities this cycle coming in alabama, the seat of democrat doug jones there sharon is in coleman, alabama a republican sharon good morning to you. >> hi folks thanks for taking me call and you spoke clearly about what i had said when i called in. ms. taylor, i don't know if she's partisan or what, and it's okay if she is.
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but she keeps implying it's not just her but other facets of the media doom and gloom behind in polls, and i've always wongdered why it is not broken down more evenly with democrat senators behind inre polls. there are democratic senators who are beingbe challenged and it's getting closer. and i would like for her to speak on that some too. >> jessica taylor do you want to talk what about you do as rating -- dges well a lot depends on which senators are up and senators have six year terms, and for instance in 26, 2018 last cycle it was mostly democrats that were defending seats in very republican territory. so you know even though democrats largely had a very successful midterm again flipping the house, they lost, you know, states and they lost
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democratic senators in missouri and indiana and north dakota. and so you know again they were defending a very -- democrats that were in red states. it's really the opposite this time around there are almost republicans are defending almost double the number of states so there's 23 republican seats up compared to 12 for democrats. and you know most a lot of those states we have two states that are republican incumbent and states that president trump lost and that's cory gardner in colorado who is probably the most vulnerable republican incumbent we currently rate his raceba actually as lean democrat giving edge there to former democratic governor john hickenlooper and thenc maine and susan collins toughest race of her career. against she's running against state house speaker, derrick gideon also an added sort of
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wrinkle there because maine has ranked choice voting so if -- she's not getting a majority then they go to who ranks someone the second. and there's a couple of third party candidates thatt could really sort of, you know, complicate things there. and you know, it's when we look at just the sheer money that is being spent, you know, there's really only two republican offense of opportunities and that's in alabama which again i do think will flip doug collins you see doug jones there. won this special election in 2017. this was the former seat of attorney former attorney general jeff sessions. he defeated republican roy moore there in a very close election but, of course, there were, you know, sexual misconduct allegations against roe moore that really i think tipped that race. and then the others sort of observancive opportunities in michigan, of course, state that president trump won in 2016. democrat gary peters there
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running against republican john james who is an african-american veteran. and so that's a state that we rated lean democrat at this point but again, you know, we -- you know we have the political report we are nonpartisan and you know we've been around since 1984 we're one of the most respected nonpartisan publications out there, and youu know wee talk to republican and democrat strategist looking at polling it is not just the public polling is showing this. but you know polling again that we see privately from republicans also shows this, and you know very dire straights. so you know, when friends since you know in 2014 when a year that republicans flipped the senate it was very different a lot of it just depends on the climate. and you know if joe biden wins, and this year then his first midtermif election in 2022 typically we see, you know, incumbent presidents loose seats in first midterm election and
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which seats are up unfortunately for republicans and what is already turning out to be a difficult year for them, they drew some very difficult seats. and these are, of course, senators that were first elected in 2014 which was one of the best republican years for them in recent memory last time they flipped senate control. >> about 20 minutes left with jessica taylor this morning at the cooke political report cook and find jessica taylor on twitter pretty easily at jessica taylor. our discussion earlier about south carolina and lindsey graham getting a lot of attention onet social media, kan beau canon writing in this morning there are republicans that i know who are not supporting graham they seeri tht he doesn't care about the citizens of south carolina and only about pleasing trump. it's sickening is what she writes is the bait performance was weak as peeved by his nonanswer to the judge question. and i wongd where steve out of charleston, south carolina, and independent thinks of those
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comments. steve go ahead. yeah john briefly i called in on independent line and looking forward to the constitution party on your show at some point. and he may have been on there and i don't get to watch every day. but anyway back to lindsey graham and jamie harrison he has a deep, i don't know where all of his funding coming from that's a big question. but i'll say this down in south carolina, on the coast of the political demographics changed over yearsas on the coast down here more and more people are voting blue so cunningham in the house and presidential race on the coast it is we go blue, and however when you move away from the coast and start going up state, people are deeply concerned about abortion. pro-life, military, immigration, economy, veterans affairs those kind of thing once you start moving upstate those things become much more important than
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things jamie iss pointing out ad i would, in fact, i tell you lindsay is scared he acts like he's deeply concerned like you say he's been begging for money every time i turn on the tv on his face pops up. i don'tn like network televisin because it is a sewer but on youtube ads pop up so he's getting a lot of money from somewhere -- i don't know where. but he's giving lindsay a good money. his >> jessica taylor can maybe help with following the money -- >> i mean, democrats have really built a bebehemoth funding with justice ginsburg death on the 18th in hours following that there was, you know, i believe over, you know, in the about 72 hours following her death there was about 72 -- excuse me 200 million dollars that were, that was brought in through act blue given to many ofof those senate candidates. and you know republicans have really struggled to have an
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alternative to sort of catch up withic that online money. and i think a lot of republicans they rely on more of big events fund raisers to sort of get their money and that's curtailed in this age of covid. they have a when red platform they recently debuted but again has not been able to sort of camp up to act blue so yeah a lot of it certainly is coming in from out of the statea and lindsey graham has sort of become this very -- partisan, you know, sort of figure given that he's now sort of everywhere with the president and on fox news a lot and different things. and i want to say to one other thing the call or said he was talking about to the upstate is being more conservative. actually i went to college there in upstate in greenville, south carolina from university and it is even an area that is changing. the upstate there in greenville, in south carolina you do see i think it is becoming sort of more suburban higher educated, you see a lot of white college educated women those are the
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people that jamie harrison needs to pick off i think that he can again in those changing suburb. yes very conservative pongts bob jones university is there as well so there are a lot of social conservatives that he's not going to get. but i think there are a lot of women up there especially that are frustrated with trump they're sort of frustrated with his t antics and you've sort of sawed that on display in last week's debate and, you know, with graham being so closely aligned to him again sort of that -- you know, sort of flip-flop that he made on confirming judges in time line such a, you know, quick electoral timeline, i think that's sort of has an effort and you know focus groups that i've talked to people that's coming up. you have again i think the upstate is changing there you mention charles and, of course, the first district that joe flipped that i think is becoming the more democratic area of the state or, you know, at least more of a swing district but i
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think it's trending toward democrats. and then you have york county there too that is right along the border that's almost a charlotte excerpt i think those are places to pick up votes so while south carolina doesn't have sort of as many urban senators as a north carolina or a georgia. there are pockets there that i do think are changing and there's a lot of peopleoe moving in from out of state too that are, you know, i think south carolina is a changing state. again it is not changing fascism other states in sun belt but it is one to watch. >> florida this is ralph a republican ralph thanks for holding. inch yeah. thanks i call in republican line more of an independent i'm calling because since president obama was in office, actually republicans come off quite the say spiritual religious, however, i have not learned how to be saved. i've not learned from the republicans how a person is to react in these times. and i just wondering why is this become enough so spiritual and
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no advice on how to live together, how to be b a better has been intrump office he's gone down hill and one meant to you if i may, i'm not so much educated but i was thinking educated person would have a hard time listening to c-span, and like these callers there's so much misinformation. and just really difficult toward c-span now too. >> how would you change thingings dow not want to hear from callers as much? >> if they'll fact check some callers and call in and say covid is no big deal. i got over it. give some information. you guys try to pull up things that counteract some things they say. but missings innt is so horribl. a person of any understanding in education or not want to listen to this. >> do you think misinformation
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is worse today than it has ever been? >> i think it is really the worst it has ever been i've been in situation sleep, prison, drug abuse i've woke up and i just not seen people, people are not got in situations that i have. they've always had same jobs very king the. but h not grown spiritually at l i think donald trump is come in and taken this misinformation and just made this -- country into his own party. that's just really disheartening so yeah, misinformation is -- a person to be suit their own -- >> ralph in florida this morning out of virginia woodbridge, virginia this is jeff a democrat how much attention are you paying to the mark race in virginia? >> not too much. mark warner probably has locked up my watch a couple of of the debates they've had already and
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i want to say virginia is solidly blue i have a couple of questions for the guest, thank you for coming on. flurm one would be ticket splitting you see polls where like in arizona mark kelly sup by a significant margin against mark, but the presidential race is tightened there so how much ticket do you expect especially in races like arizona, north carolina, montana where steve might upset steve gaines how much ticket splitting do you see and my other question is, for the electorate on election night. what senate race do you see is being a major upset that would surprise probably the republican party if you look at the way things are trending especially, you know, reading polls and seeing where fund raising is and the energy, race is like in mississippi with texas and actually south carolina with jamie harrison all great kaingts. do you see major upsets on the horizon and then just one final
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comment, youon know, i have to agree with the last caller regarding thent callers this morning. the president is a major superspreader not onlyin covid t misinformation in this country and very sad to see. but thank you. .... s sad to see. thank you. host: questions out of woodbridge. which ones do want to take first? guest: ticket splitting is something we used to see happening far more often going back to post-watergate politics very often people would split their ticket and might vote for state and the president of one nominee and the senator of the other party but it is almost evaporated now. for instance, in 2016 every single senate race was the same way as the presidential result. >> you can find this entire washington journal at our website c-span .org but right now we take you live to capitol hill where u.s. comptll


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